Milf bondage blowjob When he came we and we were pleased we took him

Milf bondage blowjob When he came we and we were pleased we took him
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I am your typical middle aged mom. I was sexy once but after a couple kids my breasts had grown to a full D cup and were sagging a bit. My tummy was no longer flat and my ass was more than a handful as I weighed in at 160 for my 5'6" frame. My long blond hair was usually just pulled back into a pony tail because that was the easiest thing to do. I am, in a word, average. But I suppose I lost the right to call myself average a couple of years ago. It was the day I took off work early to get some work done at home.

When I got home I was expecting to be alone. My 10 year old was at a friend's every day after school and my 14 year old son was supposed to be at homework help that day after school. Needless to say I was surprised when I passed my sons room.

I saw them before they saw me. I saw my son, a gangly athlete who was well toned for his age, sitting on the edge of his bed with his pants at his knees and cock standing straight up. His girlfriend, a beautiful dark haired girl with perky b cup tits and athletic body, was next to him with her shirt off trying to figure out how to stroke his cock. I was quiet, and just watch the two teenagers try to figure things out. I could not believe I was actually starting to get turned on as I watched them fumble around.

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The observing came to a stop when my son looked up. "Oh shit Mom, you were supposed to be at work!" He yelled as he desperately tried to pull his pants up. His girlfriend was scrambling for her bra and shirt. "Relax" I told them, "you are not in trouble." I told the girlfriend to put her shirt back on and go home, I would not be telling her parents this time. I then turned to my son, whose cock was still rock hard and standing straight up. I started with the lecture of how to be safe and respect women etc.

when he interrupted me. "Mom, my balls are starting to hurt." I stopped for a second to process it, and then realized he was having a severe case of blue balls! I did the only thing I knew to do, I helped. I sat next to him and asked if he knew how to fix it. When he told me he didn't I did the only thing I could. I licked my hand for lube, grabbed his cock and started stroking.

He tensed up at first, looking at me, and then relaxed. He had a nice cock for his age, about six and a half inches long and thick enough for me to hold.

I stroked him like that for several minutes with no progress. Then strange thoughts filled my head. I started thinking if he came as much as I thought he was going to then he would probably get some on my blouse. When I stopped stroking to actually take my shirt off my son watched closely. I explained to him what I was doing and he still looked like he had a hard time believing it.

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With my tits bare I started stroking him again, nice and slow. Before long I felt his hand reach up and feel my tit. Unconsciously I shifted my body to give him a better angle to play with it.

"Are you close to cumming yet?" I asked him. He just shakes his head back and forth in an emphatic no. Not wanting him to hurt from not cumming I decided to take the next step.

With my tit still in his hand I leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth. I knew I crossed a line but I figured that line had been crossed a long time ago. My son groaned as I took him in my mouth. I thought for sure he would cum quickly once I started this. I was wrong. He was groaning like he wanted to cum, but not even the coppery taste of pre-cum was starting.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do next if a blowjob didn't do it, but my son indicated his idea. With one of his hands bracing him in a sitting position, he took his left hand and rubbed down my back. Next thing I know the zipper on the side of my pencil skirt is unzipped and he is trying to slip his hand inside my pantyhose!

I don't even consider stopping him at first, my pussy is getting wet and it feels natural to have a hand on my ass while sucking dick. I didn't stop him until I felt him snag my nylons. With that I pulled my son's hand off my ass and stood up. My son looked at me like he was in trouble as my skirt fell to the floor. The look on his face melted me. "Fine" I told him. I pulled off my nylons and panties for him, explained I couldn't afford to have him ruin my nylons.

As I pull them off my son gasps "Mom! You shave!" My face gets hot as I am self-conscious for the first time. I then tried, unsuccessfully, to put on my stern mom face. "Yes I do, it's so your father will touch it.

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Now let's take care of your problem." With that I climbed onto his bed to start sucking him again. I could not believe how hard he was, I was even more in shock that he hadn't cum yet. My son's hands were all over my naked body. Groping my tits and ass he was all over. Eventually he found my pussy and if he was surprised it was wet he didn't act like it. With a little subtle maneuvering I rolled my hips to let him play with me a bit easier.

Not sure why I did, but it definitely advanced things between my son and I. As my hips rolled his middle finger penetrated me. I groaned as it went in. He started to pull it out while asking if it hurt me. I quickly took his dick out of my mouth and told him it actually felt good.


Then I gave him instructions on how to slip it in my while rubbing my clit. It felt so good I forgot who was doing it and why I was in that position to begin with. I was brought back to earth when my son gently reminded me that his balls were still aching. A decision had to be made, and in the heat of the moment I made the wrong one. I pushed my son onto his back. To his surprise I then straddled him, guiding his cock into my wet pussy. "A blowjob wasn't working so this is all that's left.

Just let me know before you cum because we are not using protection." I tried to be as matter of fact as possible, but I was horny enough by then it was an act, I wanted to fuck his brains out. (As a side note I did learn later that I did take his virginity, but he appreciated the experience before he finally had sex with his girlfriend.) I knew as he slipped into me that I shouldn't, but he felt so good.

We both groaned as he slipped in. When he was in me as far as he could go I ground my hips into him, trying for a little more. I then slowly let him slip out, but before he came out completely thrust back down taking him deep again.

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I closed my eyes, pretending I was not fucking my son. As I fucked him harder he was hitting me in just the right spot, I could feel my orgasm building. I also knew my son had to be close.

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I could feel it in my back, then like a lightning bolt it shot through my body until I exploded in an orgasm. My pussy tightened around his cock as I took him deep inside me. "I'm cumming! Don't stop!" I screamed while at the same time feeling him shoot his hot cum inside me. Even knowing what could happen I could not stop myself from keeping him in me until I was done. I slowly slid my son's cock from my pussy until it popped out completely, with a trickle of his cum leaking with it.


The weight of what we had done was stating to sink in with me. I quietly asked my son if his balls felt better while I gathered my clothes. I'm not sure if he answered or not as I was rushing out of his room to my bathroom. As I got into the shower I started thinking. I had a revelation, I enjoyed fucking my son.

It had been a long time since I had fucked anyone but my husband and it felt good. I realized I wanted to fuck him again. I closed my eyes and imagined him in me again as I rubbed my pussy in the shower. After I came I got out of the shower and got dressed. It took a while before my son and I could look each other in the eye so supper was kind of weird.

That night I fucked the shit out of my husband, made him a happy man. It also made it so when I found out I was pregnant a couple weeks later I had no idea who the real dad was.


I did fuck my son a couple more times while I was pregnant, under the guise of teaching him how to do it. Eventually he scored with his girlfriend and we stopped.

We have not done anything since, but some days I still long for my son's cock inside me.