Dumbass straight guy dupped into gay blowjob

Dumbass straight guy dupped into gay blowjob
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EPILOGUE We spent the rest of that night fucking. Nicole showed me mercy and allowed me a couple naps along the way, but I was shooting blanks for most of it. I still can't get over how much sex that girl needs. Beyond that, I'm just happy that she's so good at getting me hard even when I think I've reached my limit. I ended up booking the hotel room for another night and we got more than our money's worth out of it. I can't really say things returned to normal over the next couple of weeks at home only because what we were doing was so far from normal that we couldn't really be sure what that was anymore.

We did, however, find a routine that seemed to work for us. Nicole played at being a wife to me, but she was still very much my daughter. I acted the part of the husband to appease her, though there was an unspoken understanding that I couldn't simply abandon my responsibilities as her father. Nicole slept in my bedroom, making good on her promise to fuck me every night no matter what.

She left her room the way it was to keep up appearances in case we ever had guests. Despite the fact that we were fucking, we often indulged in the voyeuristic sex games we played when we had been only fooling around at arm's length. We both enjoyed jerking off together as much as we ever had. It became a loose rule that we would only masturbate and give each other oral sex during the day and save the fucking for after dark.

My whole day felt like one long foreplay session. Things at work had even improved. It turns out that it was all the guilt and moral quibbling that was distracting me, not the sex. Once I had accepted my sexual relationship with my daughter, and stopped questioning everything we did, the rest of life just sort of fell neatly into place. Sure, we had to keep things hidden and I couldn't share the details of my newfound love with anyone, but it didn't matter.

I was whole in a way that I hadn't been in a very long time, and I didn't care about society's condemnation of the intimate life that Nicole and I were creating together. Life was good.


When I got home from work that Friday, I was looking forward to a weekend of non-stop naked fun with my baby girl. We must have fucked over a hundred times already, but I couldn't wait to be inside her again. Nicole greeted me at the door with a perverse twinkle in her eye. I was a little disappointed that she was still had on the jeans and sweatshirt she wore to school.

"Go straight to the bathroom and take a shower," she instructed as she took my briefcase and jacket. "I've got a special night planned for your birthday." "My birthday's not till next week." She kissed me, grinding her body against mine. "I know, but I couldn't wait. Now go get cleaned up!" I did as I was told, trying to guess what my little girl might have cooked up for tonight. Maybe some sexy new lingerie? Or perhaps she learned a new bedroom trick she wants to show me.

I showered and shaved (she says she doesn't mind when I give her whisker burn while eating her out, but I know she prefers it when my face is nice and smooth when I go down on her). I was dabbing on a little cologne when Nicole came in with a shit-eating grin on her face.

She was wearing the slinky robe I had bought for her a few weeks back. I could only imagine what she did or didn't have on under it. "Ready?" "You tell me," I quipped as I reached for my own robe. "You won't be needing that." She took something out from behind her back.

"This is all you'll be wearing tonight." Dangling from her finger was a black, silk blindfold. "Kinky," I said, trying not to sound nervous. I didn't like the idea of giving up control, but I knew I'd willingly put myself in my daughter's hands and be safe.

"Oh, you have no idea," she teased with a promising smile. My nymph of a daughter moved behind me and affixed the blindfold, making sure I couldn't see anything. She hugged me from behind, moving her hands up and down my body, coming tantalizingly close to my growing cock, but veering away at the last second.

How had she become such a skilled temptress at such a young age? Nicole took my hand and led me toward my, rather our, bedroom. Was she going to try to tie me up? Drip hot candle wax on my nipples? None of that really appealed to me much, but if it was what she wanted, then I was game. She had me lie down on our bed and I immediately noticed something was different.

Satin sheets. The cool slickness felt great on my skin. She positioned me on my back and gave me a sensual kiss on the lips that was over too soon for my liking. I heard her lighting candles, then came the soft sounds of her shedding her flimsy robe.

My imagination ran wild. The next moments stretched out in silent torment as I anticipated what might be coming next. I felt the bed shift as she crawled up onto it and made her way up between my legs. My cock was stiff and it jumped with expectation when I felt her warm breath caress my hairless balls. "Happy birthday, Daddy," she cooed just before she began licking and sucking my scrotum.

Her tongue was adept like no other woman I'd known. Sure, I'd taught her a few things along the way, but she was a natural when it came to giving me pleasure. I wanted to grab her and fuck her, but I held back and tried to simply enjoy the treatment she was serving up to me on this special night.

She gently suckled each of my balls in her warm mouth, then flitted her tongue down lower coming dangerously close to my asshole. It wasn't something I'd ever asked for, but if she went there I can't say I'd be unhappy about it. Just before reaching that ultimate nether zone, she worked her way back up, licking along the length of my shaft and finding my cockhead.

The tip of my girl's tongue tickled along my piss hole, and ran circuits around my flared crown. It was strange not being able to see her doing it, but that only meant I was all the more focused on the actual sensation of it. Who'd have guessed that my 17-year-old daughter would be able to teach this old dog new tricks in the bedroom?

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"You like that, Daddy?" Her voice was sultry in a way that it had never been before. "Mmm, I love it. If you're not careful, I'm going to cum too soon." "We wouldn't want that now, would we?" Her lips kissed the tip of my cock, and seconds later I was in her mouth. I wasn't lying when I said I might be close to going off. It usually took me longer to cum from a blowjob than from fucking, but something about tonight, maybe the sheets or the blindfold, had me on a hair trigger.

I wanted to stay in the moment and not resort to mentally reciting baseball stats, and so I focused on what she was doing to me and whatever was going to happen would happen. She suckled the head of my cock for a few seconds before taking me deeper. My shaft slid between her soft lips, and past her teeth. I felt the tip of my dick against the back of her throat, and then it went further. There were a lot of things my baby girl was good at, but deep throating was not one of them. At least not before tonight.

I realized that this was most likely my special birthday surprise that she couldn't wait to show me. I didn't know where she picked up this new skill, but I was ecstatic that she did! I'd never felt my cock taken completely like that before, and it all but blew my mind. Nicole's blowjobs were excellent before, but now they were absurdly amazing. I heard her gag a little as she took in the last inch of me, and even that sound was a new kind of turn on.

I never wanted to do anything to hurt my baby, but the idea of her choking herself on my cock was almost too much to handle. "Oh my God, Nicole, that's incredible.

Don't stop." As soon as I said the words she slipped my cock out of her mouth and I instantly regretted speaking up. She began kissing her way down my erect shaft and I decided to keep my mouth shut from that point on. She began tonguing my balls again, which was wonderful, but not as good as the deep throating.

I waited patiently for her to go back and do that again. I didn't have to wait long. Her mouth left my balls and wrapped around my head once again. My guts clenched knowing what was coming. Inch by inch I slid deeper into my daughter's mouth and then into her throat. She gagged right away, worse than before, but kept going until she'd taken me all the way. Damn, I couldn't help but be proud of that girl.

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Then the world flipped upside down. As I reveled in the feeling of being orally engulfed, I felt my balls being licked. How was she doing this? As I tried to piece it together, the tongue moved back down below my balls and once again played across the area just north of my asshole. This was impossible. Unless… Unless Nicole wasn't the only one in the bed with me. There was only one person she would trust enough for this… I ripped off the blindfold. In the flickering light of the candles, I could see Nicole at my side with my cock as far down her throat as it would go, and her friend Becca there between my legs as close to licking my asshole as she could be without actually doing it.

She looked up and caught my eye. "Hello, Mr. Palmer. Happy birthday!" "Oh, fuck," I muttered half in a daze. Nicole came off my cock and smiled.

"Surprise!" She looked so cute with the drool running down her chin that it was hard to be as angry with her as I should have been. "What the hell are you two doing?" "We're sucking your cock. Duh!" My daughter licked the bead of pre-cum that had appeared. "Don't even try to lie, Daddy. I know you've been thinking about Becca ever since you saw her using my dildo in her pussy that day." She had me there, but that wasn't the point. "Do you have any idea how much trouble I'll get in if anyone finds out I was messing around with an underage girl?" "Nicole is only seventeen," Becca pointed out and gave my balls a soft kiss.

"Same as me." "Yeah, but that's different.


She's my daughter." "And that makes it better?" Becca knew she had me there. My brain was so muddled I didn't have any chance of forming a rational argument under the circumstances. "Don't worry about anything," Nicole purred as she stroked my hard-on. "Just relax and let us take care of everything." Becca moved up next to Nicole. They both had on lacey bra and panty sets. I could almost see them out shopping for them together as they planned this whole thing.

The two of them together looked more enticing than anything I'd ever seen in my whole life. It was hard not to think of them as two little girls dressing up in their mommy's lingerie and playacting at being seductive temptresses. I had to hand it to them, they were damned convincing. My heart beat a little faster as I watched the two of them embrace, pressing their scantily clad bodies together, and kiss.

It was a sight I often enjoyed when watching porn, but this was really happening right in front of me. I never expected to see my daughter like this.

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It was strange and wonderful at the same time. Becca's bright blond hair contrasted with Nicole's modest brown shade. Their bodies were similar, but Becca's tits were at least a cup size bigger, and her butt had more curve to it. My daughter's hand drifted down to that plump backside and grabbed a handful of cheek. I wanted to grab my cock and start beating off to the scene playing out there on my bed, but I knew I'd cum in a matter of seconds and spoil the fun. The girls stopped kissing and began exchanging whispers.

Nicole nodded and looked at me. "Daddy, Becca wants you to lick her pussy." They both giggled at that. "I tried to show her how you do it, but I'm not as good at it as you are." "I shouldn't be doing this," I reminded myself out loud.

"Please, Mr. Palmer," Becca pleaded with a lilting whine. She pulled down the front of her panties, exposing a neatly trimmed patch of light pubic hair and the hint of slit. "I've never had my pussy eaten out by a man before, and Nicole won't stop bragging about how good you are at sucking cunt." "Maybe it would be best if I just watched the two of you fool around instead," I hedged, not really meaning it.

"Oh, don't be such a big poop." Nicole slid her friend's panties down off her waist. "Becca's pussy tastes really good, and I know you want it." She gave Becca a nudge. Becca climbed on top of me, shedding her panties along the way with Nicole's help. She kept going until she was mounted on my face. Her intimate fragrance filled my senses and I was surprised by how different it was from my daughter's. She dabbed her pussy against my lips. "Go for it, Mr. Palmer. Suck it." I stuck my tongue out and tasted the nectar wetting her opening.

There was no turning back after that. I grabbed her hips and pulled her crotch to my face. I took her young cunt into my mouth and began feasting on her tender pussy meat. There was a word used in Victorian porn for performing oral sex on a woman: gamahuche. For some odd reason, I felt like this word described exactly what I was doing to this girl better than any contemporary term for eating pussy. It was only after I had nearly become completely lost in Becca's delicious twat that I considered whether or not I should feel guilty for "cheating" on Nicole.

Sure, she was the lead architect of this unholy threesome, but what if she was having second thoughts now that it was a reality?

Hearing her squeal and clap her hands somewhere nearby allayed my fears and I gave myself over to the debauchery of the once in a lifetime experience.

"Oh my God, Nicole, your dad is totally sucking my clit right now. Un-fucking-real." Even with her creamy thighs clamped over my ears, I could still make out what was being said. "Do you believe me now?" Nicole grilled her friend despite being in mid-gamahuche.

"He's the best at eating cunt, isn't he?" "You came close, but your dad is definitely better. Oh, fuuuck, yes!" There was no doubt that my daughter was more than okay with me giving her best friend a tongue ride. More than that, I was quite certain she was getting off on it. I felt Nicole return to my cock and resume practicing her deep-throat techniques on me. I pictured Becca teaching her how to take a cock down her throat as she learned by gagging down the dildo that I had bought for her all those months ago.

How our world has changed since then. Becca gripped a handful of my hair and began humping my face. "Fuck! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum all over your face, Mr. Palmer! Suck it! Suck it! Suuuuuck iiiiiit! Aaaaaaah!" It was funny how she sounded a lot like Nicole when she came. I could easily tell them apart, but it was obvious how much they influenced each other while they learned about sex together. I kept my mouth locked to Becca's cunt until I knew she couldn't take any more, then released her.

She was laughing and panting and quivering from the waist down. "Oh, wow, Mr. Palmer. That was crazy. Fucking out of this world crazy." I kissed her inner thigh and gently nuzzled her swollen lips as she recovered.

She didn't move, content to let me continue playing with her as long as I was willing. I didn't want to admit how happy I was that Nicole had violated our pact of secrecy.

As good as messing around with my daughter was, this was even better. "You ready for this?" Nicole was wagging my cock back and forth, apparently offering it to her friend. "Not yet, I'm still feeling the buzz from that first one." Becca fell to the side in a heap of loose body parts.


I was gratified to see that her bra had come off at some point during the festivities. "I wanna watch you fuck your dad first. God, this is the kinkiest thing ever." "How should I do it?" Nicole asked as she wiggled out of her panties and bra. "Stand up…yeah, like that. Now squat down on his cock. Oh, yeah, perfect. I can totally see everything." Becca sidled up next to me so she could get the best vantage.

"Now bounce up and down nice and slow. Fucking awesome." I couldn't have agreed more. Nicole was on top as much as I was when we fucked, but she'd never done it in a squatting position. Her pussy was even tighter than normal, and it provided an excellent view of all the action. I watched my cock repeatedly disappear into her heavenly cunt and couldn't believe how lucky I was. "Look at that, Mr. Palmer." Her hand made circles on my chest, zeroing in on one of my nipples.

"That's your daughter's pussy wrapped around your cock right now. Don't you love it?" "Mmm, I do. I shouldn't, but fuck I do love it." Becca laughed and licked my nipple.

"What about you, Nicole? What does it feel like to have your dad's cock in your pussy?" "I can't even tell you how great it is." Nicole didn't miss a beat as she bounced up and down on my erection, coating it with a fresh helping of juice each time.

"It's like for the longest time you had this impossible thing you wanted, and all of the sudden you have it for real. I love it so much. My daddy's cock is the best!" "You lucky bitch," Becca sniped. Her hand roamed down my belly, her fingers reaching to my pubic hair. "My dad is such a lame-o that even if I wanted to fuck him, he probably wouldn't have the balls to do it." She rubbed her friend's clit as she rode my cock.

Nicole slowed her pace so she could enjoy the added attention.

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Every guy fantasizes about having two girls at once. I admit that I'd always been a little intimidated by the idea. It's enough of a challenge to satisfy one woman, much less two. But I hadn't factored in the fact that there would always be at least one other person to help me out in that regard. Watching Becca play with my daughter's cunt as she fucked me was the most erotic thing I've ever experienced.

Even so, I had a feeling that apex was going to be topped at least a few more times before the night was finished. "I think your dad is going to cum soon," Becca tittered.

She brought her fingers up to my lips so I could smell and taste Nicole on them. "Are you, Mr. Palmer? Are you going to cum?" "Yes," I groaned. "Can't believe I've lasted this long…" "I want you to cum inside her." She put her lips close to my ear and whispered. "I want to see you cum inside your daughter's tight cunt." It was all too much to hold back any longer. I surged up off the bed, jamming my cock up inside Nicole as she slammed down to meet me.

She screamed, I yelled, and Becca cheered us on. I came so hard it made my balls hurt. Every muscle in my body was tensed as I pumped my girl's pussy full of cum.

The spasms continued even after I had spent my last drop inside her. As soon as I was done, Nicole jumped off of me and was on her back.

Becca quickly left my side. She moved between my daughter's open legs and began lapping at her pussy. It was almost like they'd practiced this move in anticipation of this moment. Nicole saw my quizzical look. "If you haven't figured it out yet, Becca's a perverted sicko. She's been talking about eating your cum out of my pussy ever since I first told her how we jerked off together." There was a loud slurping noise as Becca sucked my jizz from my baby girl's fuck hole.

She turned to me, a mix of sex juices coating her cheeks, and smiled. "Wanna try some, Mr. Palmer?" "Ah, no, thanks." "You don't know what you're missing," she said and went in for another big slurp. Nicole watched her friend sucking her pussy with decadent glee.

I could only imagine the things these two had gotten up to over the past years during what I thought were innocent sleep overs. I could never bear picturing what my daughter did with her boyfriends, but for some reason I had no issues imagining her playing with Becca. Right about then I noticed how Becca's ass was on display right in front of me. I acted on impulse, first wetting my finger in her sopping pussy.

"Holy fuck, Nicole, your dad just put his finger in my ass!" "He loves playing with assholes as much as we do. Don't you, Daddy?" "It depends on the asshole," I joked and twisted my finger. "Oh, shit," Becca moaned. "This is turning out to be the best night of my life." She went back to sucking my cum out of my daughter's cunt as I plumbed her asshole with my finger.

My cock should have been going limp at this point, but it was as hard as ever. Apparently the natural alternative to Viagra was two naked teenage girls in your bed. How many guys wouldn't want a prescription for that? "Are you ready to fuck Becca, Daddy?" Nicole asked. I'd never seen her so giddy with excitement before. "Only if you want me to," I answered. "We've been talking about this forever. I might even want it more than she does." "No fucking way," Becca argued.

"I've been wanting your dad's cock since the first time I saw him. Way before you started thinking about doing him." Nicole's face scrunched up in a peculiar way. "You know what? You're right. I never thought anything like this was really possible with my dad until you started talking about it." She grabbed her friend's face and forced her to look up from her crotch. "This was your whole plan all along, wasn't it?" Becca giggled. "You're welcome!" "Sorry, Daddy, it looks like we've been played." Nicole shoved Becca's face back down into her cunt.

"This bitch tricked me into fucking you just so she could get invited in on the action." I got up onto my knees and positioned myself behind my daughter's scheming friend. "Then I guess there's only one thing left to do." I drove my hard cock into Becca's pussy from behind. "Give her what she wants." It gave me chills hearing the way Becca cried out as I penetrated her with force.

It was a sublime combination of pain and joy. I wasn't sure how many years she'd been harboring this desire, but tonight was the night she got what she'd been wanting.

I hooked a hand over one of her shoulders and pulled her back onto my cock. The animal noise it evoked from her only inspired me more. I impaled her again, intending to hurt her only because I somehow knew it was what she wanted. Her whimpering cry told me I had achieved the desired effect. "Fuck her, Daddy! Fuck that slutty cunt till she begs for mercy!" Nicole was humping her friend's face as I rammed her from behind.

"Show her what it's like to fuck a real man!" I'd heard my daughter talking dirty more times than I could count, but she was almost maniacal with sadistic lust in that moment. "Fuck her cunt, Daddy! Fuck Becca's dirty whore cunt!" Nicole began shaking all over and making the kinds of noises I'd come to know so well. "Ah ah ah aaaaaah! Shit, yeah!" I watched my baby girl cum in her friend's mouth and once again tried to wrap my head around just how lucky I was.

Not only was the sexiest woman I'd ever been with, but she was opening up new experiences for me that I thought I was long past having any chance of discovering. Nicole turned around and exchanged a passionate tongue kiss with Becca, tasting her own pussy juices, then she turned again and lay on her back.

It took me a moment to figure out what she was up to, but as she wiggled her naked little body beneath her friend's, I sorted it out. It didn't take long for Nicole to settle into her new position. The girls were now 69ing, with my daughter's face only inches below where my cock was repeatedly plunging into Becca's cunt.

"How's the view down there?" I asked. "Amazing," she replied immediately. My daughter looked around my pumping shaft and gave me a wink before licking my balls as they swung back and forth. After about half a minute of us all enjoying our current sexual configuration, Becca spoke up. "You can cum inside me if you want, Mr. Palmer. I'm totally on the pill and everything." I wasn't sure what "and everything" entailed, but I was having too much fun to think about the annoying details, like how much trouble I'd be in if I knocked up this underaged sex bunny.

I would probably have blown my load in her even if she wasn't on birth control. I was just about at the bottom of that slippery slope. I couldn't go much lower…at least not until I had a granddaughter someday. "You want me to cum inside you?" I growled and plugged her good.

"Yes, Mr. Palmer!" "You want me to fill your dirty cunt with my sperm?" "Fuck, yes!" Becca dipped her head down and sucked Nicole's pussy for a few desperate seconds before coming up suddenly. "Holy sit, I'm going to cum again!" "Go ahead, cum on Daddy's cock," I said with deep-throated lust. I realized right away how strange what I'd said sounded, but it set Becca off like nothing else had so far. She began fucking me back like a wild thing in heat.

I looked down to see that Nicole was doing all she could to suck on her clit. Between my cock and my daughter's mouth, it was no wonder this girl was cumming so quickly. "Fuck me, Daddy!" Becca screamed. "I love it! I love Daddy's big cock in my cuuuuuunt!" She bucked her way through another orgasm, losing all voluntary control of her body for a few glorious moments.

"Go ahead, Daddy, cum inside her." It was Nicole's voice urging me on. I wasn't going to have much difficulty giving her what she wanted. I'd been on the verge for the past minute, doing all I could to hold out until I got Becca off. I focused on my cock and the reality that I was humping an adorable 17-year-old girl just above my daughter's face.

And if that wasn't enough, Becca reached around and spread her ass cheeks, giving me a beautiful view of her tiny pink rosebud. "Take it, you horny little slut!" I called out despite myself. "Take my fucking cock all the way!" I rammed into her deep and unleashed what I had left in my balls inside of her. How is it possible that cumming into a cunt can feel as inconceivably awesome as it does?

Nicole was pushing me back almost before I was done. I pulled back. As my cockhead slipped out of Becca's pussy, a stream of fresh jizz spilled out with it. Nicole was in the perfect spot to catch it all in her open mouth. Damn, if I only had a video camera at that moment! My daughter hungrily went for her friend's cunt and eagerly ate the creampie I'd just given her. Meanwhile, Becca was still holding her ass open.

Without thinking, I joined my baby in the carnal feast. As soon as my tongue swiped across Becca's asshole she squealed with delight. "Yes! More! Don't stop!" I had no intention of stopping and began giving her dainty butthole the full oral treatment.

With Nicole sucking her pussy and me sucking her ass, the poor girl didn't stand a chance. She was convulsing through another orgasm in a matter of seconds. Neither of us let up, and she went off for the third time in less than a minute. "Okay, okay! I give! I can't take any more!" We then arranged ourselves so that I was lying on my back with each of them cuddled up on either side of me. Everyone was pleasantly weak after our exertions.

Becca casually fondled my balls while Nicole lovingly toyed with my limp shaft. "Mmm, that was the best fuck I've ever had," Becca sighed dreamily. "I thought Nicole was exaggerating, but you've got a great cock, Mr. Palmer, and you really know how to use it." "How are you liking your birthday present so far?" Nicole asked me. "I wasn't so sure at first, but it turned out to be exactly what I always wanted." I squeezed the two girls tighter to me in a double hug. My daughter kissed me, working her tongue playfully into my mouth.

I could faintly taste my own cum and didn't mind at all. "I knew you'd like fucking Becca's sexy pussy almost as much as mine." "Almost?" Becca protested. "New pussy is always better, isn't it, Mr.

Palmer?" My daughter's friend came up for a kiss, and I was treated to the flavor of my jizz that came from Nicole's creampie. A guy could get used to being spoiled like this.

"Let's not fight, ladies. You both have equally amazing pussies, but if you two can get this old man's cock hard again we can give it another round and see if we can break the tie." Becca was going down on my soft tool before we knew it.

Nicole kissed me on the cheek.

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"I love you, Daddy." "Love you, too, baby girl," I said as she sunk down to take her place sucking my balls, now sticky with a mix of our bodily fluids. I stretched out and let the girls work on me with their mouths. My hand hit something hard under one of the pillows. I pulled it out and saw that it was Nicole's sex toy. Funny how it was this phallic bit of rubber and electronics that started it all. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ As soon as they got me hard enough, the girls took turns riding my cock.

They managed to get me off a couple more times before I passed out for the night. I woke up in the morning to the lovely sight of Nicole and Becca fingering each other. I jerked off as they mutually pleasured one another, then relaxed while they licked the spent cum from my belly and cock.

I briefly wondered if I could arrange for Becca to move in with us. The three of us fucked, sucked and masturbated until Becca had to go home for dinner. Her dad came to pick her up. The dopey schlub had no idea what I had been doing to his daughter over the previous eighteen hours. Nicole and I were naked again as soon as they left. She wondered with a wicked giggle if Becca's dad noticed that our house reeked of hot pussy. We spent the rest of the evening dozing in bed and making love each time we regained enough strength to do so.

Life was better than ever after that day. Becca would come by a couple times a week. Sometimes we'd all fuck, but other days the girls would play by themselves in Nicole's room. I loved hearing their girly screams of delight echoing through the house, and every once in a while I'd peek in and jerk off to whatever they were doing. They never minded putting on a show for me. I still had occasional doubts about what was happening, but the angst and guilt had pretty much subsided.

There were periodic long talks about what we were doing and where it was all going. The girls decided to go to the same college, which was only about two hours away. They managed to get assigned as roommates in the dorm, which I wasn't sure was a great idea when it came to focusing on their studies.

But they convinced me that I had to at least give them a chance. Nicole insisted that I should come pick her up most weekends and bring her home so we could fuck each other's brains out as much as possible.

Of course, Becca would be joining us every few visits. I had a feeling this plan wasn't going to hold up once they discovered college parties, and college boys. But, until then, I was going to enjoy the ride while it lasted. Like the night before their high school graduation, when Nicole and Becca appeared at my bedroom door naked. "Mr. Palmer, can we ask you for a favor?" the blond vixen asked innocently. "How can I say no when you're dressed like that?" This was followed by some giggling and nudging as each tried to get the other to speak up first.

Nicole lost the wordless negotiation.

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"Becca was wondering if you'd help us try something we've never done before." "Like what?" There was some more giggling and jostling before Becca turned around, bent over slightly and spread her ass cheeks.

I never got tired of seeing that girl's cute little butthole. "Becca wants you to fuck us both in the ass," Nicole explained giddily, before turning around and presenting her own pretty asshole for my consideration. Ah, yes. It was definitely going to be an enjoyable ride while it lasted, all thanks to my daughter's dildo.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ THE END