Young schoolgirl huge boobs hard fucking anal

Young schoolgirl huge boobs hard fucking anal
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Perfect Wife - Diary of a bad time 8-9 Aug 2009 I was in a central Manchester hotel celebrating a business success with my husband Paul. We'd had a bottle of wine with our meal then headed to the bar where we downed a couple of shorts before ordering champagne. Paul doesn't drink much so I was feeling pretty good after two vodkas and most of the wine and bubbly. I blame the alcohol; it made talk about how I longed for my ex lover's big hard dick right now.

My husband had set me up for an affair with a beautiful man who I'd loved for over three years; he was the one who had taught me what real sex was. He is the father of one of my twins and second father to the other. The affair had recently ended but he still visits at least once a week to see the twins or take them away for the weekend.

The champagne was empty so I went to the bar to order a couple of coffees before we retired. Another customer asked if I wanted a drink. "No Thanks I'm with my husband". He followed me back to our table and ignored my husband while blatantly coming on to me.

Paul's look told me that if I wanted to take this guy to bed he'd be ok with it. I didn't really fancy him though, he was trying too hard, he was much too young, in his early twenties and he was too short and not particularly good looking. I tried to be polite by introducing Paul and displaying the rings on my left hand hoping he'd get the hint. He took it as a hint to stay, the coffees came and he edged onto my seat pushing me along, he introduced himself as Mike.

Although he was pushy he was a good conversationalist, his dialogue was aimed more at me but he began including Paul. He owned some web sites, which is a direction we were just beginning to explore so we grilled him about promoting our business online. The cheeky bastard began stroking my thigh under the table. I moved to nudge him away but could see the excitement in Paul's eyes so I hung back. Encouraged he slid his hand further and further up my thigh, his fingers were under my skirt hem now and I was a little tense as he crept towards my panties.

This shouldn't be happening in public, it shouldn't be happening at all and again I was on the verge of protesting when Paul excused himself ostensibly to go to the toilet. I think that was an excuse so Mike could make more headway 'getting his hand in' so to speak. The moment Paul had turned his back Mike was all over me.

One arm pulled me toward him, he planted his mouth on mine and he pushed my skirt up my thighs and pushed his hand down between my legs. My god this was so embarrassing, people could see what was happening but even as I went to push him away my knees parted. He slid aside my panties and began teasing my pussy lips, easing them apart with his fingers and stroking his thumb over my clitoris.

His mouth covered mine, his tongue probing, pushing and darting between my lips and flicking my tongue. His other arm was right over my shoulder, his hand down my blouse and fondling my breast. I know what Paul wanted but I really wasn't sure that this should go any further, then he pushed a finger inside me.

I gasped and then again when a second finger followed and he massaged my vagina and clitoris. Heads turned when he said in voice loud enough for people sitting close by to hear "That's a sweet juicy cunt just begging for some nice black dick, loose your hubby and we'll do something about it". Many eyes followed Paul as he returned so when he sat down there were quite a few people watching and expecting fireworks.

We had just about everyone's full attention, Mike was still groping me, one hand causing devastation between my legs, the other stroking my breast, he broke the kiss and turned his head to Paul and said "you wait here, your wife and me are going for a fuck".

The embarrassment was both much worse and much more exciting than that first time in a motorway car park as for the second time in our live I walked away from Paul with a stranger. This time at least 16 people knew exactly why I was leaving with Mike. My heart pounded and my stomach fluttered as I walked out of the bar.

His hand caressed my bum and he held the moist fingers of his other hand under his nose as people watched our departing backs. The way he acted, the way he was treating me left me with the impression he was not a particularly nice man and for some reason that made me desperately want him. In the room we kissed and fondled and I was getting very hot, wet and excited. As I began to undo his trousers he said " I don't use condoms, you got a problem with that?" When I said yes he began to walk to the door and said, "Up to you".

God I was so excited and needed his dick right then. I've never felt like that before, I blame the alcohol but the thought of missing a fuck with him had my heart thumping and a terrible a sensation of loss swelled in the pit of my stomach. I don't remember but I must have called him back because he turned with a grin on his lips and slid his pants down until his dick sprung up, hard and erect. Over the last three years I had twice played being a prostitute and what I learned then told me that Mike's dick was about average.

He was probably a couple of inches longer, maybe a bit more than Paul was, but tiny compared to my ex and minuscule compared to his friend Ahmeed. I'm comparing dicks like a size queen. Don't misunderstand, it was the alcohol making me feel that way.

I know that I'd been very lucky with my ex, he'd spoiled me and my husband is a fantastic lover now, he's learned an awful lot over the past few years and meets most of my needs - honestly. He just doesn't give me that completely fulfilled feeling that my ex had always managed. Mike had not been circumcised which disturbed me a little. I am not very worldly as far as men go, I'd only ever had 'unprotected' sex with five men in my life, all but my husband in the last three years.

Only one had not been circumcised, that was the night I conceived so I was not in a state to care. My two early experiences and two nights prostituting myself didn't count because they wore condoms.

We kissed and fondled each other's nakedness. With a gentle pressure he pushed me to my knees. His foreskin was pulling tightly with about a quarter of the damp head poking through the sleeve of tight skin.

I took his erect dick in my hand and it just slid back and rolled over his corona to expose a damp head that reeked of concentrated man.

If he'd been clean things would have been wonderful but I hesitated when I noticed a white crust. I went to scrape the grunge away but he grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed his dick into my mouth.

The thought of that putrid muck in my throat was making me feel quite sick. That distasteful moment soon abated as I got used to his powerful taste, I began to feel excitement again and work my magic with my mouth. The alcohol made me long for him, his actions made me feel so slutty and naughty and my embarrassment downstairs, so hot and the fact that he was someone I'd only met twenty minutes earlier made me feel really wicked.

Stupid, given the prevalence of STD's and what I thought to be unhygienic penile habits but we fucked bareback, he came inside me and held himself there until his dick began to shrink and he withdrew. It was not as memorable as I'd hoped and I was disappointed, his style was fuck hard and blow seed rather than loving.

He didn't make me cum, he didn't have the recuperative powers of my ex and I didn't feel fulfilled. Mike didn't want Paul in the room and he was getting quite offensive. "I'll put buckets of nigger baby batter up that juicy white cunt of yours tonight but I ain't fucking no slut wife with her husband watching, fuck him 'till morning". He was scaring me and I told him I was not going to leave Paul out.

Mike looked very angry and I was getting more frightened, bravely I told him to go, he shrugged and agreed to let Paul come up. The next morning while Paul was taking a shower Mike and I fucked again before we vacated the room. I don't see three fucks as the promised 'buckets of baby batter' so I guess his comment was an exaggeration or maybe I expected more than he was able to give. On the way down in the lift Mike said he'd like to see me again, "your husband don't mind me fucking you, he don't mind who you fuck, we should do it again".

After a little whispered chat with Paul and lots of disgusted or interested stares from other people in the lift I asked him if he'd like to visit us at home next weekend. 15-16 Aug 2009 My ex had taken the twins and the weekend went pretty well, I kept Mike hard quite a lot of the time and by Saturday evening when we walked to the pub we'd already fucked three or four times. Most of the villagers were used to our mixed race twins and me having a black lover, Mike was charming and was easily accepted.

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He spent a lot of time pushing his web sites, which turned out to be porn sites. He laughingly told a few people that I could be his next big star. He left mid afternoon on Sunday with promises to return next Saturday. I was considering if I should tell him that I didn't want to see him again, there was just nothing there, no passion, he wasn't a good lover and wasn't satisfying me and his joke about me being his next star worried me.

I talked about it with Paul but we got side tracked when the thought of me being in a porn movie got us so excited that we just had to fuck there and then. Afterwards we reached the conclusion that it was just bravado or that he liked embarrassing Paul or he was using a very tactless form of internet marketing.

Porn films, especially interracial porn films were made in California so I had nothing to concern myself about. We decided that I'd try to teach him a few things next weekend and break it off if it didn't get any better so I arranged for the twins to spend the weekend at my parent's house.

22-23 Aug 2009 Saturday was quite good other than him refusing to use his tongue on me, "No way am I'm licking out a cunt" and he insisted on using a rubber sleeve that he slipped over his dick just behind the head. It was about two inches long with rows of short hard spikes. I don't enjoy toys much so I was unenthusiastic but the extra girth those spikes gave him was wonderful.

For the first time I began to enjoy him and a couple of times I was very close to cumming, but it just didn't happen and again I was left frustrated. It started going bad after lunch on Sunday. He told Paul to sit in the bedroom chair while Mike and I fucked, he'd obviously got over his concern of being watched.

Mike was being very forceful in thrusting that spiked thing hard and fast, he grabbed my left breast and squeezed hard, I held back a squeal. He snarled at Paul, "Hey wimp, come lick my ass and balls while I'm fucking your wife". When Paul didn't move Mike lashed out thumping me brutally several times in the left breast.

I honestly thought he'd killed me, I tried to scream but could get no air, I tried to pull in a great lung full of air but I couldn't breath, the pain was incredible. During this agony he grabbed my throbbing breast and squoze and screwed it, he rammed his hard and spiked member into me thumping and grinding his pelvis hard against mine.

Paul was standing beside us pulling Mike by his shoulders saying "Hey that's enough". Mike lashed out at Paul, pulled out of me then began hitting Paul to the ground. He kicked him then pulled his knife from his socks, holding it under Paul's chin then said, "Do as your fucking told and no one will be hurt. much". He turned back to me, thumped again then squoze my painful breast very hard and I did manage a kind of squealing scream this time.

He didn't release the pressure but growled, "If your fucking husband don't do what I tell him you'll know real pain" and he squoze harder. I screamed again and he rammed his hard rubber sleeve into me and began gyrating his pelvis. I whimpered to Paul "Please" so my husband knelt behind him.

The pain must have made me clench up because those spikes were seriously hurting my vagina, tearing at the flesh. Sometimes he'd pull right out and scrub the spikes hard against my clitoris. Eventually he did cum, he stood, dressed and before he left he said "Next week you're going to dress real sexy 'cos you're coming to Manchester without that fucking cuckold wimp and you'll get some real fucking".

Then as an afterthought, "Oh and don't go fucking complaining to no one or I'll fucking find you and cut a souvenir off your pretty face". Then he noticed the photo of the children on the dresser, picked it up and looked at it for a few seconds then smiled and said, "Nice kids". We'd never know such violence and threats and were scared stiff, we talked about calling the police but I was convinced that they'd not do anything because we'd invited him or of him getting to the twins before he was arrested.

Maybe he was in a gang and his friends would get us even if he were to be arrested so we didn't tell anyone and we began living our lives in fear. 29-30 Aug 2009 The following Saturday morning when alone I drove to Manchester I'd dressed in the clothes I'd worn the first time my ex had visited our house.

My vagina was still tender, my breast still sore, swollen and bruised but I looked hot. There was no pretence of consideration, when I arrived he looked me up and down and said "Nice" and I thought he was coming to hug me at the door so the shock of his fist slamming my left breast was terrible. People were passing in the street but no one offered to help me or even looked as I staggered back.

He pushed me up the stairs to a dingy bed-sit flat. Threadbare carpet, two ring cooker, water heater over a sink that only had a cold water tap, an old armchair that had seen better days and a wooden backed char.

In one corner was a dank bed that looked like it needed changing about a year ago. He threw me onto that bed; it smelled of urine, stale sex and rancid sweat, I heaved at the stench and he raped me again and again.

His rubber sleeve was not too bad at first but by early evening and the fourth time he'd violated me I was getting more and more sore. When I asked him to take it off he turned nasty again and callously thumped my breast and began to thrust with more vigour. As he violently fucked me he took hold of my throbbing breast twisted and crushed it hard. "You're a nigger loving white cum slut and when I've done here you're gonna whore for me and you'll get fucked by enough nigger dick to put a smile on your fucking miserable face.

You'll earn me some cash and it better be enough or I'll crush your tit so fucking bad." So once again I was being a prostitute, this time it was not my own choice but for real, and I was petrified of what he'd do if I didn't earn enough to please him. I offered him some cash to let me go, "Fuck that" he said, "You can give me the cash anyway but you're still my whore." He opened my handbag and emptied my purse and took my car keys." Before he took me outside I was told he'd be sitting in my car and to hand him the money after every customer and not to hang about but to come right down with the customer.

"Don't suppose you got any of these" and I was given an old box of condoms. Then I was told that if he flashed the lights it meant I was negotiating with someone he knew. I had to be very nice to them, not charge them, take them bareback if they wanted and have them cum in my cunt or ass or whatever and still I was to come down with them so I'd not have time to clean myself up.

I was already very sore but after seven hours another nine men had fucked me that night. At four am Mike locked my car and we went back inside when he said that I'd done well, pushed me on the bed and hard fucked my slack, sloppy and sore cunt again. After he'd cum he thumped my breast before I was allowed to sleep.

I'd had the semen of three of Mike's non paying friends plus himself sloshing in my raw vagina that night, my breast was terribly sore and throbbing, I'd been robbed and threatened and I silently sobbed myself to sleep. I was woken around eleven by someone rolling me to my back and pushing my legs apart, he lay on top of me. I was too tired to care or open my eyes and the smell of stale alcohol and bad breath made me turn away.

My god I was sore as he started to open me, I opened my eyes to see a stranger's face as he slammed his thick rampant dick into my tender cunt. There were five men including Mike, mostly young, some not yet out of their teens.

By two thirty I'd been fucked in every hole by all of them then they had some fun fucking me with a coke bottle. When they'd had there fill of me and gone Mike pulled a syringe from a draw, "You look upset, here, shoot this it will make you feel better".

No way, I shrunk away from him, grabbed my bag and car keys and dashed from the house. My raw vagina and ass leaked semen, my left breast throbbed, I'd slept in my clothes and I smelled how I imagined a brothel would smell the morning after, I'd been told to take some drug or other and I was so depressed that I'd considered suicide at least twice.

I cried all the way home. 4 Sept 2009 Mike phoned and said he expected me in Manchester by lunchtime tomorrow. Half an hour later when my ex came to collect the twins he noticed there was a problem but both Paul and I were unwilling to discuss it. 5-6 Sept 2009 Saturday came and Paul decided he'd come with me and talk to Mike about his violence.

Mike sat on the chair Paul and I on the bed. Paul began, "Listen Mike, there's no problem about having sex with Chris but this is going too far, your violence is." Mike jumped up, thumped Paul on the side of the head, he rolled over the end of the bed to end up in a heap on the floor.


Mike lashed out and kicked him a few times, turned to me and began pummelling my breast while he held a hunk of my hair to prevent me backing away.

My handbag had gone flying across the bed and my birth control pills fell out, Mike saw them and went ballistic. Shouting he battered my left breast harder and more viciously than he'd ever done before. Paul was just rising and was beaten to the ground again and thumped and kicked and told he was never to fuck me again.

I think that Mike was unaware of Paul being infertile and that I had the pills as an artefact of my previous affair but that didn't really matter right now. I was dragged to the dismal, filthy communal toilet along the corridor where I was made to kneel before the stained and reeking bowl and open each pill in turn and drop it into the toilet.

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He pulled my hair and with each pill I dropped he slapped or punched or kneed my breast. I was only thankful that Paul was unconscious in the bedroom so he couldn't hear my screams. Back in the bedroom Mike pushed his knife to my cheek and told me that if he ever finds out that I've been taking the pill again or fucking my husband he'd scar my face for good and really hurt us both.

He pushed his knife against my cheek and forced me onto the bed, he kicked my legs apart and began ramming my tender cunt with his engorged dick. After he'd fucked me he said "I hope you bought condoms 'cos I'm not supplying no fucking whore to fuck everyone".

I still had some left in the box I'd kept from last week. I took them out of my bag to show him, he nodded. I opened the box and looked inside and noticed that some of the packets were not inflated the way a sealed packet should be. I remembered last week that a couple didn't feel right when I took them from the box. Three packets had several small holes right through.

I showed them to Mike "So fucking what, it's up to you, you can use busted rubbers or fuck bareback, I don't give a shit, just get me the money".


As soon as Paul began to stir he was told to leave, there was blood running from his nose and he was doubled up as he was kicked through the door. Later, when I went outside to wait for my first customer Paul's car was still where we'd left it. He'd sat in the car and watched a group of guys enter the house and a while later they'd left and I'm sure he realised that they had all fucked me.

Now he watched me walking into the house with a string of strangers then coming out to hand the money I'd earned to Mike. For some customers I was eternally grateful to use condoms (not that many were what I would call nice looking) I used the good condoms first hoping they'd last the night. They didn't so I had the choice of none or to use the damaged ones so I slid the damaged ones over their dicks for what little protection they offered.

I know one broke because the torn end was hanging from my vagina after he'd finished and my last customer was over the moon because I had none left. I spent most of the Sunday satisfying six of his friends. When I left the house I was still not allowed to clean myself and I stunk of man sweat and semen.

Paul was waiting in the car. He'd sat there in agony, blood staining the front of his shirt for almost 24 hours while he watched his wife forced to fuck client after client. He'd sat there watching this horror, too frightened of what could happen if he called the police but hoping that I could feel him close by.

That episode had cost Paul a concussion, a swollen ear, bloody nose, black eyes and two cracked ribs. Driving home we decided I should start using the morning after pill so the next day we bought a few packs of Levonelle.

I began a regime of being a prostitute on Saturday, a gang banger on Sunday and on arriving home take the pill. We knew that this wasn't the way to use these pills but what choice did I have.

Paul and I didn't make love because we were both too frightened of the consequences of Mike finding out and I think the psychological effect on Paul was having serious repercussions.

We only hoped that he never found out about the Levonelle. My vagina was getting used to his rubber cock ring and taking so many men so I was not too sore but he still abused my left breast, at least once a week he thumped it and most every fuck session he squeezed and twisted it relentlessly.

The bruising and swelling never had time to die down so now it was so very tender all the time, probably half as big again as my right and was coloured purple, black, green and blue.

17 Sept 2009 Mike phoned and told me that I was to start coming to Manchester on Fridays from now on and stay over until Monday. My god what were we to do? This was getting worse and worse with no way out. 18 Sept to 16 Nov 2009 For the next few weeks there would always be two or three friends of Mike waiting when I arrived on Friday evenings. They'd fuck me and insert bottles and other things into me until it was time for me to go out and prostitute myself.

Saturday and Sunday Mike and his friends first fucked and played with me before I was sent out on the street for the rest of the afternoon. The evenings and nights, until three or four am were the same, first Mike and friends then anyone else. Then on Monday I was usually woken by someone pushing a dick or bottle into my cunt or ass and again had to take three or more men bareback.

19 Nov 2009 The Levonelle had let me down, I could feel it in my belly, I was sure that I was pregnant. I told Paul and we decided that given our fear of Mike's temper and threats that I should tell Mike as soon as possible.

20 Nov 2009 to 21 Dec 2009 I told him that I thought I was pregnant, "So fucking what, don't come fucking snivelling to me, you got yourself knocked up so you can have the black bastard, it's your problem, I don't want to know." Then a few seconds later "You know that if you give me any shit I'll hurt you bad".

During the first few weeks of my pregnancy I was still made to work from Friday evening to Monday afternoon earning money, fucking Mike and his friends and progressing from coke bottles to wine bottles. As I was leaving on the Monday I was told I had to be in Manchester by lunchtime Christmas Eve and to stay until the fourth of January.

It would be busy and I would earn a lot of money so make sure I bring plenty of condoms. 24 Dec 2009 to 4 Jan 2010 Abject fear made me spent 18 hours a day fucking a continuous stream of drunk, stoned and horny black men rather than being at home with my husband and children. I just didn't care what he did to me anymore except that I wish he would just stop thumping my breast like he did.

I was a machine for fucking, I was used like a machine and I thought like a machine. 8 Jan 2010 I was met at the station. I'd stopped taking my Audi after that first weekend because the passenger door had been dented. Tim, one of Mike's bigger friends held out his hand for me as I left the platform and said, "Act natural, we're filming this". Instant terror but he'd taken hold of my hand and gripped it tightly so I couldn't get away. Mike and another guy were pointing professional looking movie cameras at us and my heart began to thump.

My god he meant it. I was guided to a 4x4 and was driven out to the south of Manchester, Tim and I in the back seat. Of the other two, one was driving and Mike was filming. With the camera pointing at us Mike told me to suck Tim off. "Not on camera" I said. Thump, he'd lunged the camera between the seats to thud into my left breast, in a total field of screaming red agony all resistance instantly went, so as we drove through South Manchester and the lanes of Cheshire I was being filmed sucking a huge black dick.

We arrived at a grand house on the outskirts of a village. Inside were nine or ten other people, Tim, Mike and the other cameraman followed me in. There were lights and cameras everywhere. It had been on my mind since soon after we first met, I knew what was going to happen, I began to back toward the door.

The crowd behind me prevented me from fleeing, Mike grabbed my wrist, lashed out at my breast again with the camera and I crumpled to the floor. With both my hands cupping the exploding pain he kicked and I blacked out. I was still in excruciating agony when I came round. Mike said "I've had enough of your fucking shit, we're going to shoot this film before your belly gets too fucking big, it's up to you how much pain it takes. We can make a violent rape movie or do it nicely, either way you're going to get a fucking good banging on film this weekend.

We'll shoot another when you are really showing, seven or eight month, just before your black bastard's due so it looks like this one got you knocked up. It don't really matter, we'll always be able to sell a pretty white whore getting gang banged or raped by half a dozen big niggers." Friday night was really just practice and recording what was supposed to be an interview, it began by me showing my driving licence to the camera and them asking my name, date of birth and to where I lived.

"We don't usually fuck old women but you look so fucking good." The guy doing the talking was probably 22 or 23 but even so it rankled that he called me an old woman. Yes I'm 38 but I don't look much older than he is and I am being reasonable when I say I'm much better looking than he could ever be.

"Why are you here?" he asked. I'd been told what to say, "Because my husband is a little wimp cuckold with a tiny white cock who can't fuck to save his life and he always leaves me wishing I'd been fucked by some really big black dicks.

Now I can get my chance, I hope you guys are big enough for me?" "Is this enough for you?" Tim asked as he slipped out ten inches of thick black meat from his pants. "And this" the guy doing the talking said as he pulled out an even thicker black beast. All six were huge, all were longer than my ex and a couple rivalled Ahmeed in length and girth.

"Oh my, those are all just perfect, I'm really going to love being fucked by all of you." I had to pose with dicks everywhere, holding them pointing at my face or tongue out to lick, guiding them to my cunt or ass, holding either one or two, one in each hand as though I was wanking them off. After the preliminaries and the cameras were turned off I had to fuck all of them, the whole team, all fourteen people. I was raw and dripping when Mike and Tim took me to bed. They took turns each, swapping Mike's rubber sleeve.

It was not so bad when Mike fucked me but when Tim pushed his huge, thick dick in to me, those spikes hurt like hell even before they hit my cervix. Then it felt like someone had just poured hot coals up my cunt, he pushed past my cervix and those spikes screamed and tore and burned at that most sensitive part of me. 9 Jan 2010 I awoke on Saturday morning; Mike and Tim took a turn each to "get me ready for a good nigger fucking". When they'd both emptied themselves into me a guy was called in and he started to get me ready, I stood naked before him with my cunt and ass leaking semen, he looked me up and down, "That's got to go" he said.

My muff that had grown back since I split with my ex was shaved. I was pushed onto the bed, my legs were spread, my sex open to him, he wiped the semen that had leaked then he ripped each hair from my pussy and my ass. Next I was bathed and dried. I was then dressed in a pink tube top with no bra, the top was tugged into a position that hid my most of my bruising, pink micro skirt and no panties beneath and pink high heeled platform sandals that tied by criss-crossing ribbons to just below my knees.

A towel was thrown over my shoulders and I was made up. I don't need much make up but this guy plastered foundation, colour, blusher, lip gloss, eye liner on me, he glued on false lashes and applied a glossy sheen to my cheeks and shoulders.

My hair was sprayed, blown and primped. I stood before a full-length mirror looking like a slut on the prowl for anyone wanting a good time. The dresser stood behind looking over my shoulder, "Hmm good enough to fuck". He pushed me forward and slid his dick into my vagina from behind.

I put my hands on my knees and watched the reflection of a big bald black artist fucking his cheap white tramp creation from behind. I was to walk from the end of the lane towards the house carrying a small designer bag in my right hand as though I'd been shopping and swinging my left arm so that the sunlight reflected off my engagement and wedding rings.

A guy (Tim) came from a car that was just in shot and walked over to me. "Hey beautiful, you want to have fun with some big black dick" I pretended to ignore him and continued towards the camera. Tim walked alongside me saying "come on baby, some nice big black dick, that's what you want and you know you'll love it". "No thanks, I'm waiting for my husband to come home. I've been trying to get pregnant and I'm fertile right now". Another guy came out of the bushes just in front of us, "You hear that Tim, she's fertile and I think she needs some nigger jizz to make sure she gets pregnant." They both dragged me to the house with me protesting that I was fertile and that my husband would be home soon.

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I was pushed through the door where I was to pretend to be scared (I didn't need to pretend) and object when Tim sat, withdrew his dick and told me to suck him off. He reached, took my hand and pulled me to him.

I shouted, "no, no, I'm married." I was forced to my knees and had his swollen member pushed between my lips.

"No please, my husband, please no". While I was sucking him the other guy took out his mobile phone and made a call. A couple of minutes later the other four men walked in. Soon they were stroking me, sliding hands between my top and my boobs, I flinched when one began massaging my left breast, A hand was between my legs and my very short skirt just didn't cover anything in this position. I was very conscious of the bright lights, the camera flashes and people moving about behind me.

Tim pulled me up and slid his thick dick up my tender cunt. My cervix was still sore and I gasped in pain but struggled not to show how much it hurt as he pushed deeper. I felt some pressure on my ass and then there was a thick black dick invading me there. Another guy came in from the side and forced his dick into my mouth and yet another took one of my hands and placed it on his huge shaft. Tim's dick started to jerk and he groaned "Oh fuck baby, your first load of nigger jizz".

"Oh please no, I don't want a black baby I want my husband to make me pregnant, what will he think of me if I have a black baby". He grabbed my ass and pulled me deep onto him, "Ahh fuck that shit, I'm cumming deep and I'm cumming good, just feel that nigger baby batter squirt into you." I'm not going to say much more about it, those who see the video won't need any description, those who don't can use their imagination.

I will say that I had to put on a good pornographic show or suffer the consequences and to my horror I really came, not once but lots and lots. I truly don't know why, maybe it was frustration, maybe excitement I really don't know. Neither Mike nor anyone else had made me cum in all the months I'd been serving him and I was sure that shear terror prevented me climaxing. I came today, I came good, with months of pent up frustration released. From Tim first cumming inside me to way past the end I was continually cumming and I really felt deeply fulfilled, I'd been properly fucked for the first time in months.

Semen flowed from my vagina and ass and was splattered over my body, I had the taste of it in my mouth. I just lay there and let the trembling in my body slowly fade while they reviewed sections of the film on a huge TV screen. They said they needed more cum shots, personally I think it was just an excuse, each of them fucked me again, some shooting across my face and hair, some across my body, some just pulling out and squirting onto my swollen pussy lips.

Some staying inside my vagina or ass while they came then pulled out and the camera zoomed in to show the semen leaking from me. I was shown the door and told to leave. Mike said he'd be in touch. I had no idea where I was and was still soaked in semen but I rang for a taxi and told the driver to take me home, all the way, I was in no mood for the train.

15 Jan 2010 Back to normal, Friday train, fuck Mike and his friends, prostitute myself, fuck Mike, sleep. Saturday fuck Mike and his friends, prostitute myself, fuck Mike and his friends, and prostitute myself again, fuck Mike, sleep. Sunday fuck Mike and his friends, prostitute myself, fuck Mike and his friends and prostitute myself again, fuck Mike, sleep.

Monday fuck Mike and sometimes his friends, train, home, weep in my husband's arms. 20 Jan 2010 Mike phoned and told me to sign up for one of his web sites. The film and a lot of stills had been posted. I asked if I could have his login details "Fuck that" he said, "I ain't no fucking charity, you want to see yourself getting fucked you got to pay".

$49 (about £32) later Paul and I were able to watch my first porn film. The link was right at the top of the main page, listed as "New" and "Featuring Chris Manton (there's no point hiding my identity anymore) in her first black gangbang" with a picture of my smiling and overly made up face surrounded by six huge black dicks.

There were two versions, one in three sections and a continuous one, they were billed as 'See Chris Manton, a beautiful white MILF sucking and fucking and getting knocked up by six supersize niggers. Chris is a wealthy, married lady living in an exclusive area.

Coming home from a shopping trip Chris is waylaid outside her own house by one of our nigger fuck machines.


She protests bitterly until she feels his big black shaft sliding into her cunt. She loves all six of our supersize nigger studs to cum in every hole. 3 hours 20 minutes quality video.' Oh horror, my full name in the headlines.

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It was all there, huge black dick sliding into my swollen vagina and into my ass, me masturbating while I sucked, semen flying, me catching it and swallowing it, semen dripping from my hair, my chin, in streaks across my top and skirt. My vagina and ass gaping open after some huge, thick pole had just pulled out and his semen was beginning to run out and my looks of ecstasy. It caught me cumming and cumming while I was relentlessly fucked by six very well endowed black men and yelling out for more.

It had been cleverly edited so that my swollen and bruised left breast was never in camera shot. When it had ended the credits rolled up acknowledging the full cast, including the production and postproduction team and myself.

Then the interview with me holding my driving licence up to the camera and saying who I was, how old I was, where I lived and that I wanted to make this film.

Paul took a freeze frame, blew it up and filtered it and sure enough you could make out our full address on my licence. I phoned Mike and told him. "Don't fucking whinge, what the fuck do you expect, we got keep to the law and we want to sell this in America" he replied. Although I was horrified and frightened of anyone else seeing it the film was quite a good movie. If I didn't know how I'd been forced into doing it I'd watch it, feel sexy as hell and yearn for some big black dick. 22 Jan to 1 Feb 2010 I was phoned on Thursdays and told to get myself to Manchester on Friday where I was fucked until Monday afternoon.

Back home I'd get the occasional odd look in the supermarket and we began noticing unknown cars driving by our house and people wondering about outside. We learned to ignore the doorbell after I'd walked out a couple of times and was accosted with proposals of a quick fuck I was very careful to make sure the way was clear before I went out, we discussed selling the house and moving.

4 Feb 2010 My ex was concerned that I was never in when he came to collect the twins, he'd came to see me the week before because he was worried and commented on my now bulging belly. Today he walked in; he still has keys to our house and he's welcome anytime. "What have you been doing?

Are you mad or what? You are supposed to be looking after my child here and I see you've been making porn films". It all came out, the brutality, the threats, the terror, everything. My ex was furious, not really at me although he ranted about me not telling him, but Paul took a dressing down for not protecting me and not informing the police.

We told him how Paul was beaten whenever he attempted to defend me, about the cracked ribs, broken finger, broken nose, black eyes, split lips and other violence that Paul had sustained whenever he tried to put a stop to it. "Where does this bastard live?" We told him and he went.

An hour later he called to say the address was just a fuck house, a brothel where people rented rooms by the hour or day to fuck and no one would admit to knowing Mike, "where did you make the film?" I had no idea other than it was in North Cheshire near Stockport. 5 Feb 2010 On Friday my ex took me to Manchester along with Ahmeed and my husband.

Mike was sitting outside the brothel in his car. Paul pulled up a way along the road, he made a phone call and we waited about 20 minutes. During that time a couple of other cars parked in the street and three men appeared and just wondered up and down. We moved the car and pulled up just behind Mike. Paul (my ex) walked past Mike's car, turned at the front and thrust a long spike through the radiator grill. Walking towards the driver's door he lunged the spike into the front tyre.

Mike was jumping from the car and pulling his knife. Ahmeed strolled up behind him, reached over and lifted the knife from his grasp. Words were spoken, voices raised, Mike looked around and saw the people who had turned up in the last half-hour. My ex said something Mike nodded then my ex and Ahmeed walked back to the car. "It's over," said Paul. Following weeks We decided that I wouldn't have an abortion, firstly it was getting quite late plus it's not the foetuses fault she was conceived as she was and to us life is worth more than a quick operation.

We put the house up for sale and began looking for somewhere else and moved to Lancaster to my ex's house while we found somewhere new. I was tested for SDI's and although I had been infected with two different diseases I was very lucky to have nothing life threateningly serious.

Granuloma inguinale and trichomoniasis that were both cured with antibiotics. It's thought that we caught the trichomoniasis early enough not to effect the birth of my child, we hope so but only time will tell.

My ex phoned Mike up to tell him and to get some advice but Mike just told him to fuck off. Paul and I still don't have sex, the infections, and psychological damage didn't help, we're not over it yet but we're getting there slowly. My belly is growing and I often speculate what would I do if I received a phone call telling me to make that pregnant gang bang movie.

I still live in fear of Mike so if he ever does call me I'm sure I'd be so scared that I'd just have concede to his wishes. I've got used to being seen as a notorious porn actress now and I know that the movie or extracts from it are doing the rounds of the tube sites. For some strange reason I can often cum just by thinking about being filmed while six big and thick black men cum inside me.

Some of the stills or sections of the movie are used to advertise Mike's sites on the likes of blackdickclan, blackcocksluts and blacksridewhites. 14 Mar 2010 With the recession and our need to sell quickly we managed to sell out house for about £100K less than it was worth. We'd bought another one, isolated and surrounded by heavy security.

We had been staying at my ex's house since this horror finished, we moved back home to pack for our move in two weeks. I answered a knock at the door; Mike stood there with a pair of twins sexily hanging on to each of his arms. "I've been a couple of times, you weren't in, are you going to leave us standing here?" he asked. I was petrified and the fear showed. I was already incontinent because of both my pregnancy and what had happened with him, my bladder gave way and urine trickled down my legs.

Mike looked down at the liquid splashing between my feet and smiled, he said, "You've no need to be scared". Paul was now standing beside me, He's been working in the kitchen and I could see that he'd picked up a big carving knife. "You won't be needing that" Mike said, "I've come to apologise and to offer you a proposition, We can't talk here on the doorstep". I stepped back, Paul stayed where he was for a few seconds then moved away.

Mike and the twins walked in, I say twins, looking closer I could see they probably weren't. They were about nineteen, and wore similar clothing, they were both pale skinned and had white blonde hair in the same style and the same shape face. The shorter one had brown eyes and dark eyebrows while the taller, slimmer one had pale blue eyes and almost white eyebrows, a natural blonde. Both looked to be stoned out of their heads. "No not twins, but they look enough like it to be good for business, they're not as feisty as you either thank fuck, I guess that's the heroin.

Sorry they knocked you off the top spot" (Mikes web sites have a top 50 porn film category for the site) "but I guess it won't be for long, it's just because they're new" was Mikes response to my stare. "Look I'm really sorry, I tried to get you hooked but you were having none of it, terror was the only other way.

It's no excuse to a decent woman, these two are whores anyway but you really are so gorgeous and fuckable that I just had to have you in a film. The rest just came because every time I did something to scare you, you accepted it and came back for more, It just got a little out of hand". I was trembling, it sounded like he was trying to blame me for all the pain, the agony, the depression, the feelings of uselessness and thoughts of suicide that both Paul and I had because he thought I wanted more pain and abuse.

The guy was sick in the head and needed help. He reached into his pocket. Paul stepped foreword lifting the knife (he's not violent in any way but I think that right then he was ready to use that knife) and I backed away. Mike said, "I said you won't need that".

He took an envelope from his pocket and handed it to me. "Ten grand there, That's your percentage of what we earned plus a monkey for doing the film and we've given you a bonus 'cos we sold the film to four US organisations". I shook my head and handed it back to him, he was obviously trying to buy me so he could use me again.

"Don't be like that," he said as he pushed the envelope back to me. I backed away and he said, "If that's the way you want it" as he dropped the envelope back into his pocket. "Anyway three of the Yanks have asked if you'd go and do some sessions in the states, It's good money for you so we'd want some commission. We've also had enquiries from Japan and Russia as well as an awful lot of fans that just want to fuck you.

You could earn a lot of money for a few of weeks a year and fuck some of the biggest dicks in porn. You could be really famous, an international porn star. Even with the fans you could probably ask five hundred or a thousand a night, most'd be willing to pay anything you asked." I was weeping and shaking my head and was feeling filthy again, my body was trembling and all the horror was flooding back.

I backed away some more. "Ok" he said, "I can see you're still upset, you'll get over it, here's a phone number, ring it if you want to take the yanks up or do that gang bang we talked about". He glanced down at my bulge "still a few months to decide on that one. If it makes you feel any better I won't be there, I'm taking the girls to Nigeria for a few months." He dropped a card on to the hall dresser and turned to the door.

"I listened to that big black bastard that phoned me and we all been checked out, some of us needed some fixing up but in a month or two we'll all be ok if you want to shoot another film it won't be a problem.

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I don't suppose you'll want a fuck now for old times sake?" "That's enough, go, now" Paul said. As he turned to the door he said, "Don't forget the offer, the Yanks want to fuck you and we'd love a film to finish off your first one." Paul said "Just a second, are you two ok with the way he treats you?" Mike looked innocent, the girls glanced at each other, then at Mike, back to each other before finally looking at Paul.

The smaller one said, "Yuh he's cool" in a broad Glaswegian accent and the other had an east Manchester accent saying "Cool, we don hafta beg no fix no more an he takin us ta Nigeria wiv im" and shrugged. Paul slammed the door on them and now I know that no matter how much I fanaticise, I won't ever be making that pregnant gang bang movie or any other porn movie. We didn't notice the envelope on the hall cabinet until much later that night.

15 Mar 2010 I began writing this account, I guess it's what is called "Closure" in the USA. I know it will take much more than sitting down for a few days but I began writing it to see if it helps. In some ways it has, in other it brought back terrors that are best left to die, just as Mike should.