Gay male medical porn Levon Meeks is lending Gabriel Kelly a forearm

Gay male medical porn Levon Meeks is lending Gabriel Kelly a forearm
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"How early did you get here?" Amanda asked, taking off her jacket. "Don't even mention it" I sighed, realizing that I had been so busy running around the lab that I totally lost track of time. "Came in at 6 so I could get 2 runs in today" I answered, setting my timer.

"How long's the incubation?" "45 minutes" I answered. "Can't really take a break though, I gotta write up the assay and go over it later with Nick and Linda so they know how to run it." The rest of the morning was extremely busy and strenuous. And thank god both my techs were very understanding of the situation, willing to stay a little longer to ensure it was all done, even knowing we'd have to repeat it all again next week.

By the time I was ready to leave work, I was completely exhausted. The extra long day had sapped all of my energy and the only thing I was looking forward to was sleep. "Lily, could you come in my office for a second?" my boss instructed, catching me before I headed down the elevator. "Sure" I answered, putting on a fake smile. "Now I realized that you have our techs running the assays as well.

That's not what I instructed" she said. "This project is still in the beginning stages and I trust YOU to get it done, not anyone else." I was ready to slap her in the face right there. Not only had she not mentioned anything to me about not letting Nick and Linda work on it, but she had conveniently waited until we wasted an entire day to tell me. I was absolutely fuming! The only thing keeping me from bitching her out was the presence of her son, watching the two of us talk.

"You should be proud that I entrust only you with this project" she smiled, knowing exactly what she was doing. "Could you hand mommy that folder?" she asked, using him as shield to prevent me from acting out. I stared blankly as her son Sean begrudgingly got up out of his seat to follow her mother's instructions. I would've felt slightly bad for the kid about having Karen for a mother, but there was nothing to sympathize about. In the few times I had met him, he had always been obnoxious and annoying, used to getting his way and being a "mommy's boy." In a sense, everything I found cute and innocent about Timmy was absent in Sean.

Watching him use his pudgy little fingers to hand his mother the folder of papers only exacerbated my anger. "I'll redo the trial we did this afternoon and everything will still be ready by the end of next week" I said, trying not to lunge at her throat.

"Good! That's great to hear then! Well, carry on then" she said, shooing me away with the back of her hand. As I left the room, I distinctly felt the contact of a balled up piece of paper hit my back, followed by the quiet snickering of both my boss and her son. "Just walk away! It's the weekend now!" I said to myself. The drive home reminded me why road rage was always going to be a problem.

As long as there were shitty jobs and shitty bosses out there, there would always be shitty drivers on their way home as well. Even my attempt to go to sleep early was ruined by the ringing of a skype call from my Ipad. "What's up sis?" I asked still half asleep. "Uuugghh! Just like that honey!" My sister's moans instantly brought me awake, quickly glancing at the screen.

"What are you up to?" I asked curiously, only being able to see her face. Jen quickly turned the camera the other way, letting me see my nephew with his mouth full of my sister's toes.

I could see from the surroundings that they were in Chris' room, no doubt the safest place in the house for them to fool around at this hour of the day.

"Are you guys about to fuck?" I giggled. "We already did…multiple times" she laughed. "Chris just wanted to play with my feet some more so I thought I might as well as call and see how you're doing.

Say hi to your aunt honey!" "Hi Chris!" I waved, seeing him smile back at me. "I miss your hard cock!" I said, telling the truth. "Get your own!" my sister replied with a giggle, turning the camera back on her.

"Seriously, how's it going with…Timmy was it?" "Yeah, it's Timmy. It's going okay, but a little slower than I liked. He seems really shy and afraid to make any advancements of his own" I answered. "Chris was the same way at first" "Then what changed?" "Well, have you kissed him yet?" "Hmm. Just lightly, on the cheek and forehead. Should I start making out with him?" "Well you shoud…uugghh!

YES! Go Deeper!" she moaned, switching the camera around again. Chris had moved from her feet to my sister's pussy, eating her out as the two of us talked. "You were saying?" "Oh yeah. You should start off just with casual kisses, like you're doing now. Maybe, when he does a favor for you, reward him with a hug and kiss.

If he likes it, he'll naturally want more" I nodded my head, agreeing completely with what she said. "But how will I know I've got him hooked for sure?" "Show him your ass!" Chris responded.

"When mom let me feel her ass, that was it. There was no turning back from there. I was okay with just making out before that. I mean…I still wanted more, but I was content with just making out. But when mom let me play with her ass, I just knew I had to fuck her" "Well there's your answer" Jen giggled, shoving my nephew's head back to her pussy. "No more talking for you honey, not until you make mommy cum again!" "How should I " "Oh Fuck!

Yes! I'm sorry I gotta go sis-" she yelled, dropping her phone. She didn't even bother turning it off. I could still hear her moans and instructions in the background, making me more and more jealous at how satisfied she looked! Still, I was happy to hear their advice, especially Chris'.

Timmy might be a few years younger, but he had already shown all the same teenage instincts. If what Jen did on Chris worked, I'm sure I could do something similar. "I'd have almost an entire day to try tomorrow!" I thought, smiling to myself as I went back to sleep.

I awoke the next morning much later than I had hoped for, barely getting enough time to brew my morning coffee before there was a knock on my door. "Coming!" I yelled, rushing to answer it. "Hello Heather!" "Ooh are we too early?" she asked, seeing me still in my pajamas bottoms and an oversized T shirt. "No! Of course not! I've just been lazy and haven't changed yet!" I smiled, lying my ass off.

Because of my sister's interruption, I actually had trouble falling back to sleep, forcing me to rub myself out twice before I was finally tired enough to doze off again. "Come in!" I said, scooting Timmy inside.

"Do you want a cup of coffee or " "I would love to, but I gotta run! I'll be back sometime in the afternoon or evening, is that okay?


Otherwise, just send him home, he should be fine for a few hours. I just-" "you just worry because you're a good mom" I laughed. "Don't! He'll be fine with me!" "Great! Listen to Lily and don't cause her too much trouble!" she waved, turning around to leave. "Morning kiddo!" I smiled, holding him in for a hug. "You eat breakfast?" "Yeah. I already had some" he exclaimed. Just from his tone of voice I could tell he was excited for today, probably just as much as I was!

"Well…" I paused, looking over at the clock to see it was already late morning, 10:36. "I was supposed to do laundry today. Do you mind if I quickly run downstairs and throw this load in? It'll just take a second!" Timmy's expression changed immediately, remembering what he had done 2 days earlier. "Uhh could I help? I help mom with the laundry so I'm good! I promise!" he stammered, speaking quickly.

"Sure" I smiled. He followed me closely as I made my way to the bedroom. I could feel just how nervous he was, terrified of me "finding out" what he had done. "Grab the basket and put it on my bed. I still have a few dirty clothes left about that I have to clean" I giggled, looking around my room.

I had always been a little messy. I guess because my parents cleaned up after me when I was young, I never really developed a good habit of it as I grew older. My place was by no means a pigsty, but there were also the occasional stray sock or bra to be found on my closet floor. "Uhmm… what's this Lily?" I turned around to answer him, almost bursting out with laughter.

He had my vibrator in his hand, grasping it like the handle of a sword. I guess after my alone time last night, I had forgotten to put it away! "What do you think it is?" I smiled, getting turned on from the sight of his innocent hands holding something that had literally been in my pussy just hours earlier.

"uhm…I dunno" he answered, looking at it strangely. "It's used to give a massage" I answered, walking over to him. I twisted the knob on the bottom, causing it to begin vibrating. "Whoa!" he exclaimed.

I naughtily placed the tip on his palm, letting him feel the sensation it provided. "Does it feel good?" I asked. He was still too confused to know how to respond, just nodding his head simply to agree with me.

"Here, you can play with it!" I smiled. I watched as he curiously explored the toy, oblivious to its real purpose. It didn't take long until he brought it up to his face, feeling it vibrate on his chin. And then gradually, he moved the vibrator to his mouth, letting it pulsate against his teeth. "It feels funny!" he chuckled. I was so turned on to see it in resting on his lower lip! "It feels funny on your tongue too!" I said, pushing it deeper in his mouth.

Even when he tried to speak, I held it there for an extra few seconds, satisfying my desire. I wanted to rhythmically push it in and out but thought it would be too much, too fast.

Besides, if everything worked out okay, I'd be having plenty of chances to show him how it's used another day! "Come on, help me find all my dirty clothe!" I said, taking the vibrator away and turning it off.

I went to my closet, digging up a few more pairs of dirty underwear that needed washing. I was moving quickly at first, but when I realized that my t-shirt had slid up on my back, revealing my ass more, I decided to slow down. Knowing there was no doubt that Timmy was watching, I even tugged my pajama bottoms down lower, making sure my white thong was clearly on display.

It was the first time in my life that I wished I had a tramp stamp, just so that it would attract his attention more! To make it even more obvious, I went from just leaning down to getting completely on my knees, sticking my ass out for him to enjoy.

It felt so dirty! When I had teased him enough, I turned around; placing the few pieces of clothing I collected back in my laundry basket. Immediately, I noticed that it had been conveniently shuffled, with all my clothes from the yoga session on the bottom. Timmy kept glancing up at me, hoping that I wouldn't notice.

"What's up? You look a little…off" I said, teasing him. "Ohh uhhh…I was just looking at all the different colors of your…your-" "my underwear? " I giggled. "Yeah! Quite colorful, right?!" I smiled, holding up a few different pairs.

"How come they're not all the same?" "What do you mean?" "Like your bra and.and underwear don't matching" he asked cautiously. "Oh! Girls don't usually wear matching ones unless they know they're about to get fu" I answered, stopping myself just in time. "We just usually don't'" I answered. "What you don't believe me?" I giggled, seeing the hesitant look on his face. Timmy playfully shook his head no, smiling back at me. "I don't have matching ones on now!" I boldly proclaimed.

"Really? You're just saying that!" he shot back. "Wanna bet?!" I giggled. "If you can guess what colors I have on now you don't have to help me with lunch, but if you get it wrong…" I smiled. "How does that sound?" I could see the gears turning in his heard.

He really only needed to guess my bra color as he had just finished enjoying a show of my white thong line. But what he didn't know was that it was virtually impossible for me to lose. "Ok, deal!" he said confidently. "So what color bottoms do I have on?" I teased. Timmy's smile grew wider, looking upwards and pretending as if he actually needed to think about it.

"White" I faked a gasp. "Lucky guess!" "Well, am I right?" I smiled, turning my hip towards him and lowering the waistband my pajama bottoms. I made sure to pull them down farther than I needed to, exposing a decent amount of my luscious ass.

And as Timmy continued to stare, I kept it exposed, even ever so slightly shifting my body so that he could get a better view of my ass instead of just my hip. "Now my bra! Guess!" I smiled, knowing I had a trump card. I could see him seriously racking his brain now, looking up and down my body for clues. "Well? What do you think?" "I'm not sure if you're trying to trick me or not" he said hesitantly.

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I giggled louder, finding it funny how serious he took it. "You think I would lie to you?" I asked, pouting my lips. "Well you could be purposefully saying that girls don't always wear matching ones, but you just so happen to be doing it todayso that means that it should be white" he said. "So your answer is white?" "Or…or you could be trying to throw me off and it's-" "Choose already!" I exclaimed, knowing it was all meaningless.

"Fine, I say white!" he answered. "Am I right?" I slumped my shoulders, as if to say "I dunno." Looking right at him, I slowly began sliding my collar aside to show my bra strap. Timmy was waiting patiently, his eyes completely focused on my collar bone for the answer.

Only no matter how far I let it drop down, nothing ever showed up. It wasn't until my entire shoulder was exposed that he noticed. "You cheated!

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You're not wearing a bra!" he exclaimed. His response made me burst out laughing. "I never said I was wearing one! You just assumed I was!" "Wait! No, you're just wearing one of these!" he exclaimed, holding up my strapless blue bra.

"Afraid not!" I giggled. "Feel!" I said, turning around pulling my long hair aside for him. Timmy hastily ran up to me, running his hand across my back as he searched for his evidence. He seemed so confident, so sure that he was right that his fingers even boldly went to my side, even touching some of my boobs! "Find anything you like?" I teased, feeling his hands roam my back. My words snapped him back to reality, causing him to quickly pull himself away.

"So I win right? Looks like I'm going to have a little helper for lunch then!" I smiled. "Fine, you win" he answered, rolling his eyes. "But how come you're not…not wearing a bra?" "Well I just woke up when you came over and didn't have much time to change" "You mean you don't sleep in it?" "I don't.

I can't say for all girls, but I don't" I answered, teasing him with a seductive smile. "Why…why not?" he asked. I could see his shyness returning again. "Because it's uncomfortable silly!" I answered. "It's so much more relaxing when they're free!" I smiled, grabbing my tits in front of him. Timmy's jaw just about dropped. Even with all the flirting already going on, this definitely caught him off guard.

Seeing him so dumbfounded only made me tease him more. I pulled my tits up high, towards my chin and then removed my hands, letting them drop back to their natural position.

Timmy moaned instinctively, clearly seeing what happened even with my pajamas covering it. "Well what do you want for lunch?" I smiled, ignoring the way he was staring at me. It took him a few seconds before his eyes managed to escape the attention of my tits.

Still, he looked lost for words, too stunned from what I had just done. "How about we make pizza?" I exclaimed. "Make?" "You've never done it before? It'll be so much fun!" I exclaimed. "Ok then!" "Alright, go grab your jacket. I'm going to get changed and then we can leave to get the ingredients" "What about the rest of your clothes?" "I'll put it in the washer later. Now, go!" I smiled. It felt odd driving the two of us to supermarket. For most of my life, it was always me in the passenger seat, with either my parents or sister driving me somewhere.

Now I was on other side of it, looking after someone else instead of being the dependent one. It felt refreshing. I kind of liked it. We started in the produce department, picking up a few onions, green bell peppers, and mushrooms.

I was a little surprised to hear that he enjoyed veggies on his pizza, unlike me when I was his age. I guess that's the benefit of having a nurse for a mother. Still, it didn't take long until his boyish appetite began to show as well. "What do you want for drinks?" "Uhm… can we get sodas?" "Should we get some snacks too and just pig out?" I smiled.

"Yeah! Could we?! That would be awesome!" he beamed. "Sure, as long as you don't tell your mom that I let you eat junk food all day!" "I won't! I promise!" he said, crossing his fingers to show me. "Pinky swear?!" I asked, holding up my hand. Timmy gladly wrapped his pinky around mine, pulling it tightly as we both laughed. "Go grab a two liter then" I said, sending him off.

While he scurried off, I went off to find the Ready-made pizza crust, grabbing a big jar of tomato sauce as well. "I got a pack of grated cheese as well!" Timmy exclaimed, rushing towards me with his hands completely full.

"Put them in the cart! Don't drop anything!" I giggled, finding his enthusiasm infectious. "Okay, let's get some meat now. Especially sausage, I love sausages" I said, staring lustfully at him. Timmy's face instantly told me that he recognized my change in tone, but the confusion was there too, having no clue about my play on words.

He helped me pick out some pepperoni and Italian sausages before we left, heading for the frozen food aisle. "Can we get ice cream?" "What flavor? Wait, let me guess. Chocolate!" I giggled. "Yeah, I like chocolate the most, but we can get something else too!" "How about we get Neapolitan for some variety" I answered, placing a box into our cart.

"You know what, with all this junk food, it would only make sense if we watch a movie too!" "Yeah! Movie day!" he exclaimed. "We might as well go full on and grab some other snacks too" I sighed. "So much for my workouts" I said, mostly to myself. "I…I can help you again later sometime" he said, scared of my reaction. "Could you? I was afraid you wouldn't want to again. It seemed so boring for you" I smiled.

"No, it was fine! I'll be glad to help you with yoga again!" he answered excitedly in a sigh of relief. By the time we left the supermarket, we had grabbed some whipped cream, candy, and some other snacks as well. It reminded me so much of some of my movie nights in college with my girlfriends.

Hopefully, the only difference would be instead of talking about other boys, I would be relentlessly flirting with one instead!

Before I had to ask, Timmy was already carrying the bags into the kitchen, emptying all our pizza ingredients on the counter "Aren't you a good boy!" I smiled, hugging him from behind and kissing the top of his head. "Make sure to put the ice cream away. I'm gonna change real quick" I yelled, heading off into my room. I doubted he would come look, but just in case, I kept the bedroom door wide open, hoping that he would walk in on me changing.

I even deliberately took my time, slowly slipping my jeans off for a skirt that was short enough to show plenty of leg.

I went with one of my comfortable big t-shirts, even taking the time to swap bras, changing to my blue lace semi-see through one. I wanted to make sure that when his eyes inevitably wandered down my shirt, he'd be in for a show. And last but not least, I walked over to my mirror, turning around and pulling my thong up, making sure it was easily visible from behind anytime I bent over.

"How's it coming along?" "I just put the ice cream away and set everything out" he exclaimed, showing me his handiwork. "Awesome! Let's get to work then!" I answered, opening the box of ready-made pizza crust. "Here, start spreading some of the sauce on while I cut the veggies!" Timmy nodded his head in enthusiasm, happy to help. As I slowly washed and chopped our toppings, I kept my eyes on him, marveling at his youthfulness.

There was no worries about work, or bills, or his body image; none of that. He looked so happy doing something as simple as making a pizza.

His innocence was such a turn on for me! The thought made me walk behind him, hugging his back as I helped him with the sauce. "Don't be afraid to put more. Who cares if it's a little messy!" I giggled, pushing my tits into his back. With my right hand I held onto his wrist, guiding it as he spread the sauce with the wooden spoon. I made sure to be gentle, letting him still feel like he was in control, not wanting to startle him. With my left hand I slipped it underneath his arm, letting me swipe the sauce with my index finger and playfully putting on his face.

"Stop!" he giggled, trying to block my hand from doing it a second time. Only the more he tried to struggle, the more I leaned into him, until my tits were jammed against his back. There was no way he couldn't feel them now! "oh no you don't!" I exclaimed, grabbing both his wrists to prevent him from getting me back.

In our embrace, I pulled both his arms down, away from the counter. And even though it wasn't my intention, our hands ended up around his groin and I could easily feel the erection he had in his pants!

"No fair! You're bigger than me!" he shouted, laughing the entire time. "Sucks to be you then!" I shot back, hugging him tightly. I was purposefully rubbing my forearm on the tent in his pants, pretending as if we were still wrestling.

"Ok, ok! I'll let you go!" I said, not wanting him to catch on to what I was doing. "Let me see where I got you!" Timmy turned around, smiling as he faced me.

He had a big streak of sauce on his left cheek, going from his cheekbone to the corner of his mouth. "Here, let me get it!" I said, reaching forward.


"Stop moving, I'm not going to do it again!" I giggled, feeling him back away. "You promise?!" "I promise!" I took my index finger and attempted to wipe it away, getting most of it. And as I removed my finger, I looked seductively into his eyes, tantalizingly sticking it in my mouth.

I sucked loudly, slurping on the pasta sauce so that Timmy could hear every sound. His face was blank, staring right back at me with that familiar innocent and dumbfounded look. "You still have a bit!" I giggled, pulling his head toward me. Then in one motion, I dipped my mouth, licking across the streak with my tongue. He reacted instantly, his body trembling from my touch. And because of it, I went back for it again, and again until any remaining sauce was gone.

"Hmm! Tasty!" I giggled, wiping away my leftover spit with my thumb. "Ok, I'll let you go finish as I chop the toppings!" I did my best to pretend nothing happened, focusing my attention on the large green bell pepper in front of me.

But I could feel Timmy's eyes on me. And sure enough as I looked out of the corner of my eyes, he was looking up and down my body, discovering for the first time that my legs were completely on display for him to soak in. Knowing he was watching, I casually washed my hand, wiping off the excess water on the side and back of my skirt, molesting my own ass in front of him. For the next few minutes I continued to tease him, always pretending to be ignorant so that he wouldn't feel nervous or embarrassed.

"Done?" I said, bringing over the small bowlful of veggies and meats. "Yeah!" "Looks good! Alright let's add the cheese now!" I smiled, opening up the bag. "How much should we use?" "Hmm. Let's just use all of it. I like my pizza extra cheesy anyways!" I smiled. "Awesome! I love when the cheese is extra stretchy too!" As we liberally spread some onto our pizza, I took the occasional chance to sample a few pieces first.

"I think you made the right choice with the variety pick! Taste some!" I said, picking up some on my finger and presenting it to his mouth. Timmy gladly opened up, tilting his head back and waiting for me to drop it in. Only I placed it in his mouth directly, making sure my fingers touched the tip of his tongue. "Get it all! Don't leave any left!" I giggled, resting my fingers in his mouth. With that Timmy, lightly flicked his tongue up, licking off some of the more sticky pieces.

I just about came right there! Feeling his tongue on my fingertips was so hot! Lost in the moment, I didn't even realize that I had pushed my index and middle finger deeper in his mouth, and was now rubbing his tongue with them. "Want more?!" I smiled. As confused as he looked, Timmy happily nodded his head, looking as if he was about to moan.

This time I didn't act shy anymore, sticking my fingers full on his lower lip. I made sure to release the pieces slowly, savoring each second. Timmy seemed to be just as turned on, licking his tongue loudly on my fingertips until eventually his lips were wrapped around them. He kept his eyes on me, checking how far I was willing to let it go.

And when I only smiled back, I began to feel his lips lightly suck! To make sure he knew I was okay with it, I removed my thumb, leaving just my index and middle finger in his mouth as I rhythmically pushed forward, as if I were fingerfucking his mouth. Any cheese that I was feeding him was long gone, both of us just enjoying the sensation we felt.

Every time I pushed forward, I felt his tongue circle the tips of my finger, sending waves of pleasure down my body! But before things got too out of hands, Timmy broke it off, letting my fingers slip out of his mouth.

"It's good right?" I smiled, not at all acknowledging what just happened. "Mhm! Yeah!" he exclaimed, happy to play ignorant as well. "Alright let's get the rest of this on so we can put this bad boy in the oven!" Throughout the process, I continued to flirt with him, getting Timmy more and more comfortable with my touch. He had also stopped trying to hide the way he looked at me.

I don't know if it was because he couldn't resist anymore, or simply understood that I was never going to call him out on it. Regardless, multiple times he stopped helping entirely, openly marveling at my cleavage from the front when I leaned forward, or my ass and white tailed thong from behind.

"I have to give my mom a call" he said, surprising me a little. "My mom told me to call her around noon time just as a check up" he added quickly. "Ok" I answered, knowing that he was lying. "Go ahead and use my bedroom. It might be too noisy here when I start cleaning up!" I smiled. It was so cute how he blurted his words out quickly whenever he was lying! I hurriedly finished up the pizza topping, stuffing it into the oven before following him quietly. I already had a good idea what he was up to, so I was not surprised at all to peak into the bedroom, finding him digging through my laundry basket.

His back was to me, probably too focused on the task at hand to keep a proper look out. He went through pair after pair, sniffing each one thoroughly and tossing my panties aside until he came across my sexy lace blue thong. I recognized the pair instantly; it was the oldest pair in the basket, which I wore a full week ago! When Timmy brought it to his nose, his expression was so much more intense than the other pairs.

"Uuggh!" he moaned, inhaling deeply again for a second time. There was no doubt that there would be strong musky smell to this pair, proudly representing my feminine scent. "I have got to start cumming in all my underwear from now on if he keeps this up!" I thought. I wanted him to be mesmerized by the smell of my pussy. He was so turned on that he pushed the thong onto his mouth, licking at it wildly before rubbing it all over his face. I was getting hot from watching, covering my own mouth so I wouldn't moan!

And unlike last time, Timmy quickly dropped his pants to his knees, his whitey-tighties with it. I was cursing myself for not being able to see his cock fully when he took a seat on the bed, unknowingly changing his position for my benefit. "Yes!" I gasped, seeing his hard on for the first time. It was almost exactly what I imagined it to be at his age. No, he wasn't overly developed with a "huge" cock, but he wasn't tiny either.

I couldn't judge his size accurately from my distance but knew it would be more than enough to satisfy me! As I drooled over the sight of his manhood, Timmy had grabbed another pair of my panties, wrapping it around his right hand as he began to masturbate with it. I was surprised at how bold he was being with me in the "kitchen" but then I remembered; poor boy! I must've teased him so much while we were cooking that he couldn't help himself this time! He had my blue thong balled up in his mouth, sucking on it as he grabbed yet another pair, my red panties, and brought it to his nose.

I was so turned on watching as he used three pairs of my underwear for his own pleasure, jacking himself. His hands were pumping furiously, going as fast as he could to expedite his release.

And just as I was about to send my own hand down my skirt, Timmy moaned loudly, his hand stopping abruptly.


I so desperately wanted to watch him shoot his load, but he had used my red panties to block it, catching all his cum in the fabric. His legs pulsed, almost bouncing his entire body up as he shot each load. I stood there watching, counting 6 times that he convulsed! "Shit!" he whispered, his mind quickly clearing from what he did. Timmy was scrambling now, trying to pull his pants up and cleaning off his hands at the same time, using my underwear like his personal cum rag.

I nearly moaned seeing him wipe streak after streak of his jizz onto my underwear until it was finally clean. He hastily grabbed all three pairs and stuffed them in the bottom of the laundry load, hiding them from the surface.

Thinking he was done, I was just about to leave when I noticed him digging through the basket again. I watched curiously, almost giggling as I saw him pull out a pair of my socks.

"UGgghh! Yes!" he moaned, sniffing them too. Then to my surprise again, he pocket the pair, sticking them in his jacket! With that, I turned around, leaving for the kitchen again before he would catch me. "Everything go okay?" I smiled mischievously at him. "Yeah, everything is fine" he answered. "Is the pizza done?" "Yup!

All we have to do is wait the 20 minutes for it to bake! It's going to be sooo good!" I moaned, closing my eyes. "Ok I gotta go put my load of laundry in the wash downstairs. Would you come with me?" I asked, mostly to make sure he wasn't around an oven by himself. "Okay!" I made sure to act completely oblivious, picking up the basket and placing my yoga mat over the top, completely relieving any anxiety Timmy still felt.

"There! Remind me to come back in an hour to put it in the dryer!" I said. "I will!" "It smells so good!" he exclaimed upon walking back into my apartment. I rushed over to the oven, checking to see that there were just a few short minutes until we could enjoy the fruits of our labor. "How about you pick out a movie we can watch as we eat!" I asked. "Can we watch Guardians of the Galaxy?!" he asked excitedly, pointing at my poster. "Haven't you seen it already?" I giggled.

"Yeah, but can we watch it again?" "Sure!" I answered, knowing I already had it downloaded to my collection. "Let me just grab my laptop!" By the time I had it hooked up to my TV, the pizza was ready to go, working out perfectly.

"Mhmm! Careful! It's really hot!" I said, using oven mitts. I carefully sliced up our personal pizza, letting the two of us hungrily dig in. "Your glasses!" I giggled, seeing them fog up from the heat. "I hate when it does that!" he chuckled, taking them off. "Let me see them!" Timmy handed his glasses over to me, smiling as he waited for me try them on.

"Your vision's not that bad" I said, noticing there was only a slight blur. "Timmy?" I giggled, seeing him stare at me without responding. "…you look really good with glasses" he stammered.

"Do I?" I teased, holding my hair up in a bun. "Do I look like a schoolteacher now?" I asked, putting up my serious face. "Yeah, you do!" he chuckled.

"But none of my teachers at school are that pretty!" "Aww! You're so sweet!" I exclaimed, planting a kiss on his cheek. "Ok hurry up and eat before it gets too cold! I'll start the movie up!" Once we had the movie going, we decided to move everything over to the living room where it was more comfortable.

I sat on the couch while he decided to sit on my carpeted floor, finding it easier to eat using the coffee table. Despite the fact that we both had seen the movie separately, it was still quite enjoyable watching it together. For the first half of the movie, both of us were too busy stuffing our faces and laughing to do much else.

Even I, who minutes ago wanted to grab his face and just start making out after he called me pretty, was fairly reserved. But that didn't last long! I got up to put our leftover pizza in the kitchen, using it as excuse to change seats when I came back.

Originally on the opposite end of the couch from where Timmy was sitting, this time I sat on the same end, with my legs right next to him. I gave him a few minutes to get used to my presence before I put both my feet up, resting them on the coffee table, just inches away from his hands.

Sitting behind him, I could tell from the positioning of his head that Timmy was taking glances at my legs and feet. Knowing he already couldn't resist, I didn't even have to do anything, just waiting patiently as he sneakily moved his left hand closer and closer on the table surface until it was right next to my right calf. To help give him that final push, I crossed my legs, making sure that his fingers made contact with my left calf as I did so. Again, I acted dumb, continuing to laugh and react to the movie as I waited for Timmy to take the next step.

It took a little bit, but slowly his hand began rubbing the side of my calf, enjoying the smoothness of my skin. I let him continue until the contact became too apparent for me to keep the false act up. "ooh that feels nice! Timmy! My muscles were feeling a little sore after a long day yesterday. Could you keep doing that!" I smiled.

"Yeah! Sure!" he exclaimed happily, seeing that not only had I not stopped him, but I asked him to go further! "Come sit up on the couch with me! You're done with your food anyways!" I said, tilting my body to the side so I could prop my legs up on the couch.

He gladly climbed on with me, sitting far enough apart so that I could easily place my legs on his lap. But before I did, Timmy had expertly grabbed a pillow, using it shield my calves from making contact with his hard-on. Oh well, it's just one more obstacle that I'd have to maneuver around!

"Don't be afraid to use your hands! I could really use a massage!" I smiled.

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I could tell that the more I watched him, the more nervous he got. So my best choice was to go back to watching the movie, casually making conversation with him at the same time. Gradually, and almost painfully slow, he gained confidence, his hands starting to grab and grope my calves. Soon enough he was rubbing his palms all over my leg, from just above my knee down to my ankles.

With my skirt on, he was leaning even more to side, trying to get an upskirt view of my thong and pussy! I did nothing to discourage him, even casually opening up my leg even more for his view. "Mhhm! That feels really good!" I moaned, making sure it sounded sexual. "Could you do my…feet too" I said, emphasizing the word.

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"Could I…yes! Yeah I could do them!" he panted, almost not believing his ears. "Awesome! Scoot back a little! That way I can put them on your lap!" I smiled.

As soon as Timmy moved, I kicked his pillow away, putting my ankles and feet on his lap, without any protection! He noticed immediately, but didn't make a big deal of it, probably scared to say anything that would change my mind.

For the first few minutes, I let him keep my feet on his thighs; safely away from the raging hard on that I had easily spotted. And what started off as an innocent massage quickly turned into more. His hands began by just gently pushing my soles and rubbing the top of my feet, with the true intention of relaxing my muscles. But it didn't take long until his fingers began to linger more on more on my toes, exploring every inch.

He glided his fingertips across my nails, feeling the smoothness of my pedicure before sticking them between the crevices of my toes, rubbing along the damp sweat that had formed. From the corner of my eye, I could see him, every once in a while, taking casual sniffs of his fingers. Seeing him in such bliss, made me want to join in too! I crossed my legs again, this time resulting in my left heel landing directly on his cock.

"Uggh!" Timmy moaned, looking over at me. I stared forward, looking at the TV while I kept a mischievous smile on my face. But when I felt his hands stop altogether, I had to speak up. "What's the matter, Timmy? Did you want to stop? It was so relaxing for me!" "! I…I.was just caught up in the movie! That's all!" he stammered, his hands returning to my feet. "Oh okay! Just let me know if you want to stop or if my feet get too smelly for you to handle!" I joked. "They couldn't possibly be" he moaned softly.

"What was that?" I asked, not hearing him mumble. "Nothing. I won't stop again!" he answered. This time when his hands returned to the routine, I noticed that he was casually pressing my heel into his cock as well! It started off subtle, but the more pleasure he felt, the more he couldn't control himself. Soon enough, he had abandoned his "massage", grabbing both my ankles and placing my feet flat, letting my soles rub against his cock. Despite his desperateness, he was incredibly intelligent with his approach, never putting so much pressure that it would be blatantly obvious what he was doing, yet enough that he could feel the pleasure as well.

Still, slowly, I could feel him losing the inhibition, the will to give in to temptation. The same thing was happening to me as I debated if I should just go for it now. "Should I just jam my feet on his cock and start giving " My thoughts were cutoff from the sound of an alarm. I was confused at first, looking for its source, when Timmy scrounged through his pocket and pulled out his phone.

"It's been an hour. Your…your laundry's done in the wash" he stuttered. "oh" I answered, not wanting to get up.

I could see the same look in his eyes, both of us wanting to pretend the alarm never went off. "I guess I should go get it" I said blankly, reluctantly getting up.

"I'll pause the movie" he answered. " Ok, I'll be back soon!" I answered, racing out the door. "So close!" I cursed to myself, hitting the elevator wall. It was probably the fastest I've ever been in throwing my clothes from the washer into the dryer, setting the cycle for an extra long session this time.

"You're not cock-blocking me again!" I whispered, staring angrily at the inanimate machine. I entered my apartment to the sound of my bedroom door being slammed shut and Timmy hastily walking over to greet me. "Great! He's gotten himself off again! I'll have to start all over!" I thought. "Oh well, I like the challenge!" "Ice Cream?" I smiled.

"Yeah! I almost forgot we bought them!" I grabbed us two big bowls and spoons, handing one each to him. "Help yourself! And remember. Shh!!! Don't tell your mom!" I winked. "I won't! It'll be our little secret!" he said, zipping his mouth with his fingers and throwing the "key" away. I grabbed myself a bowlful of strawberry flavored ice cream and topped it off with some whip cream, while Timmy had the same but chocolate. "Alright Let's finish the rest of the movie!

The good parts coming up!" I had hoped he would return to his seat on the couch, but Timmy decided to take his first spot on the floor. However, that didn't prevent me from sitting close to him again, and again propping my legs up on the coffee table. "How's your ice cream?" "Good!

Mom never lets me have this much!" "Yeah? Let me try!" I exclaimed, leaning forward and opening my mouth. Timmy scooped a big chunk, gently feeding it to me. "Mhm!" I moaned, sucking the spoon clean. "Do you want to try the strawberry?" "Sure!" Now it was my turn to get a spoonful, making sure I got plenty of whipped cream on in it too.

I brought it to Timmy's mouth, but when he only ate half of it, I playfully dipped the rest of it on his nose. "Ah! It's cold!" he shrieked. I giggled loudly, scooping up some more ice cream with my fingers and lunging for his face, wiping it on his cheek.

And as I went back for even more, Timmy naturally tried to move away, grabbing his own bowl with him. When I got close enough again, I was met with my own face full of ice cream from his counterattack! It really was cold! "Got you!" he chuckled, moving so much that he had pushed my coffee table aside.

Not ready to admit defeat, I abandoned my seat on the couch, chasing after him until I had him pinned on the ground, with me on top. "Ok, ok! I give up!" he exclaimed, laughing loudly. "So I win then?!" I giggled.

"Yeah! You win!" "Good! That's all I wanted to hear!" I said, holding him there. "Let me clean your face" I smiled. Like earlier with the pasta sauce, I again used my tongue, licking wildly around his cheek to clean off the strawberry ice cream.

"Yum!" When I had finished, Timmy surprised me by licking my face too, making me giggle loudly in the process.

With all the moving around by both of us, it didn't come as a surprise when his tongue flicked across my lips, inadvertently kissing me for the first time. Timmy realized it immediately and stopped what he was doing, looking at me blankly. "I didn't mean " Before he finished his sentence I jammed my lips onto his, kissing him full on.

My mind ran through what Jen had told me earlier about maybe taking it a little slower, but I figured if he wasn't going to respond now, then he never would! "Uggh!" I moaned softly, kissing his dead lips.

I could feel Timmy struggling a little, trying to move away. But I was persistent, keeping his wrists still as I continued to make out with him, waiting for him to stop resisting.

To be honest, I had no idea how I would react if he actually were to push me away forcefully, but luckily it never came to that. "Lily, I…I don't know how" he stuttered, his face bright red. "How to kiss me?" He sheepishly nodded his head. "I've only kissed my mom before" "That's okay!" I smiled.

"Do you want to kiss me?" "Yeah. A lot" he answered, showing the faintest hint of a smile. "Then don't worry about the rest! Just do whatever comes natural!" I answered, placing my lips back on his before he could respond.

I made sure to be extra gentle this time, lightly kissing him until he responded back. I could feel his heart pounding in his chest, his breathing faster than ever. Yet his hands were no longer fighting me back, instead firmly grabbing onto the carpet; as if he just needed something to hold onto. I continued our oral embrace, gradually making my kiss firmer, letting him know my intention. I slowly began opening my mouth, lightly pressing my tongue on his upper lip.

I was methodical, not trying to force my way in, but instead, seducing him to invite my tongue in on his own. Soon enough, his mouth opened and my tongue met his for the first time. "Whoa" he gasped. "Did you like that?" I asked rhetorically.

Timmy didn't respond, only pushing his face upwards to meet my mouth again. "Let's move to the couch!" I smiled, pulling him up. I pushed him against the armrest, with me squeezed right against him. Again, I didn't have to initiate, with Timmy voluntarily making contact on his own. I could feel his enthusiasm growing, understanding that I wasn't going to stop or embarrass him. And each time he pushed his tongue against my lips, I always opened up, letting him freely explore my mouth.

Our tongues danced against each other, intertwining over our ice cream flavored spit. "Mhmm!" I moaned loudly, encouraging him to continue. The more I moaned, the more Timmy responded. Soon, he was grunting too, his tongue slobbering all over my mouth. If it was anyone else I probably would've laughed at how "bad' his kissing was. After all, he was everywhere, with almost no sense of purpose as his tongued darted anywhere it could reach. But coming from him, knowing how naïve he was to it all, it was actually a huge turn on!

I was getting his raw instinct; not something he copied from TV, or read about, or saw someone do. No, this was based off of pure wanton lust and I loved it! I could actually feel his drool dripping down my chin, landing on the top of my tits!

Doing my best my best to match his aggression, I held his head still, sucking passionately on his tongue, pretending like if I were giving a blowjob. When I stopped for a break, Timmy clamped his own mouth around my tongue, reciprocating my action. "Kiss my neck too! It's called a hickey!" I panted, shoving his head into place.

"Yes! Suck on it just like you did with my tongue!" I could hardly believe it!

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It had taken a few weeks of breaking in his shell to get here, and wow, was it worth every second! His tongue felt so erotic against my skin! We were both so lost that the ringing of Timmy's phone shocked us both.

"I think it's my mom" he panted. "I should get it" "Okay" I nodded, realizing that even if I forgot, I was still a babysitter first. I removed myself from his hip, letting him free to grab his phone on the table before sitting back down again. "Mom?" "You're coming back now?" he asked in a sad tone. Apparently Heather heard it too as he had to quickly explain that he wasn't upset to hear his own mom coming to get him!

"Give it to me" I whispered. "Hello Heather? How's it going" I exclaimed, trying to sound cheerful. As I listened to her talk about her day, I grabbed Timmy's head again, moving it back onto my neck.

He didn't complain at all, gladly licking and making out with it as I conversed with his mother. "Take your time! I'm happy to watch over him for as long as you need!" I said, winking at Timmy. He responded with a big smile, happy to hear me delaying his mom's return. "You sure?" Heather asked. Totally! Don't hurry at work on my behalf!" I said. "Ok! I'm gonna get back to the movie we're watching.

See you in a bit!" "Mhm! You're getting my shirt all wet!" "Oh I'm sorry! I " "I didn't say stop!" I giggled, kissing his lips full on. He kissed me back with the same intensity, our lips making loud smacking sounds that rivaled the volume from the music of the movie credits. He began running his left hand through my hair, enjoying the silky texture it gave while his right hand was pinned between our bodies. I could feel him trying to free it, but as he did so, the socks he stole earlier slipped out of his pocket, instantly freezing what he was doing.

"You could've just asked me" I smiled, putting them back in his pocket. "You're…you're not mad?" "Why would I be mad that you took these when I wasn't mad that my black thong was gone too?" I giggled.

"Did you enjoy them?!" I teased more. Timmy nodded his head, staring into my eyes. "Did they feel good around your penis?" His eyes lit up, surprised that I had guessed perfectly. "It felt amazing" he answered honestly. "And how about the smell? Did you sniff them?!" I whispered seductively into his ear, biting his earlobe tenderly. "They smelled…sweaty and stinky, but in a good way" he answered.

"I'm glad you liked it!" I teased. "Would you like the one I'm wearing now?" "I bet they smell even stronger!" "Oh god!" he moaned, holding onto his groin. I hadn't realized the effect I was having on him, but my words must've sent him over the edge, causing him to cum in his pants even without any stimulation! "Someone's quite excited by the idea!" I smiled, kissing him again. I knew he was going to be embarrassed cumming prematurely in front of me so I did my best to divert his attention, letting him focus on my mouth again.

Slowly I guided his hand away from the wet stain of his pants, moving it to my thigh and letting him feel up my leg. "Did you still want my thong? It's soaked with my juices!" "Yes! Could I please have them Lily?!" he moaned. "Why don't you go and take it yourself!" It took a little guidance from me before Timmy's hand bravely moved up my leg, disappearing underneath my skirt. I felt him fumbling around, looking for quite a while before he located my straps, pulling them down gently.

To help him, I lifted up one leg, placing my knee on his lap to give him easier access. "Keep going! They're almost yours…to do whatever you want with them!" Those last words gave him all the strength he needed, letting him tug it completely off my legs. "Oohh! They're so moist!" I giggled, feeling the crotch region of my thong.

"Smell them!" I instructed, bringing it up to his nose. Timmy did as I asked, inhaling deeply as he sniffed my fresh pussy juices. "Now Timmy" I said sternly. "I can only let you have these if you promise not to mention any of this to your mom. Deal?" "Yes! Of course I won't! I won't say a word! I swear!" he said, vehemently nodding his head.

"Good!" I smiled, tucking it into his pocket. "When you use these tonight" I whispered, "you're only allowed to think of me. Got it!" "No problem there" he chuckled.

"Good!" I smiled, kissing his cheek. "Your mom's going to be back soon and we need to clean up" "Ok" he nodded. "Lily?" he asked, as I scrambled to clean up our mess. "Yeah?" "Could…could I kiss you again sometime?" Now it was my turn to look dumbfounded, staring at him in disbelief from his question. Was he that innocent to believe what I just did was a one-time thing instead of a preview of what's to come? Because if it was, how adorable!

"Sure" I giggled. "Really?!" he exclaimed. "I won't tell mom! I'll never mention a word to her!" "Come here!" I said, grabbing his shirt when he was close enough to kiss him again. I kept it short but passionate, frenching his mouth for a few seconds and then letting go. "Does that answer your question?" With the newfound good news, Timmy was excellent in helping me tidy the place up, just in time for his mom.

"I hope he wasn't a bother" Heather said, motioning for him to come over. "Of course not! We had quite a good time didn't we?" "Yeah!" he answered, nodding towards his mother. "Uuhh that's so good to hear then! Thanks so much Lily, I owe you one!" "I just might take you up on that. I might need Timmy's help tomorrow with a few tasks" I answered, looking at him with a sly smile.

Author's Comment: I debated whether to take it a bit faster or not, but ultimately settled on this pace to my liking. It's a little slow and continues to build up, but I feel it's necessary for the story and makes it more satisfying as it continues. Also like I've stated before, Lily and Jen, despite being sisters, are still two different people, with different personalities and quirks. Thus their stories and fetishes will be different, even if some overlap.

And as always, I welcome comments and suggestions for what you'd like to see in future chapters or the story in general. Thanks!