Amateur teen twink rides dick

Amateur teen twink rides dick
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My wife, Sandy and I are in our late twenties and had started dating in out early to mid teens, through high school and got married just after we graduated, in the last few years we had started playing with a little fun bondage, no severe pain, skin damage (other that an occasional red ass from spanking) no torture and length of time usually only a few hours at the most. This Friday, Sandy was planning on going to her little sister's surprise sweet sixteen party and had planned on stopping at home for a quick shower after work and heading out, to pick up her sister and then heading to where the party was being thrown.

I had decided to give Sandy a little surprise by being blind folded and tied up naked on the bed for her amusement.

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I had talked to earlier in the day, as Fridays are usually my day off from the used RV lot that I work at, working four ten hour shifts on Monday through Thursday, so when I talked to her she had told me what she had planned to wear to the party, a short, black, leather, mini skirt, a light yellow, floral print, sleeveless top and her black and her new black and yellow floppy sandals.

When I talked to her I promised I'ld have everything laid out for her when she got home, even telling her I'ld pick out some sexy underwear for her to wear with it. she didn't trust my pick and said she already had some hanging in the bathroom, black silk panties that were drying on the shower rod, but wasn't planning on wearing a bra.

Her tits are still very firm, with large erect nipples when she's excited, and on the weekends, and when she's not at work, she rarely wears one, in fact on the weekends, at times we spend the entire time naked until Monday morning, unless we know someone is coming over, her family knows to call first as do all our friends.


She called a little after lunch time to confirm she would be home around 4:30 and leaving around 6 to pick up her sister. At around 2, I started getting ready for her arrival, by showering and shaving, including my pubic area, as she often keeps hers clean shaved for my oral pleasure, I decided to return the favor, carefully, completely shaving the hair from my pubic area and even around my ass hole.

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I finished and showered, then hung her complete outfit in the bathroom for her and returned to our bedroom. I laid out some of her/our favorite toys, a mid sized butt plug that we both have enjoyed from time to time, a tube of lube, and at around 3:30, I had strapped the wrist and ankle cuffs on my self after attaching my ankles to the posts at the bottom bed, I laid back, slipped the blind on and then reached back and clipped the wrist cuffs into the I bolts I had screwed into the bed board, leaving me naked and spread eagle on the bed, awaiting her arrival.

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I felt like half a day went by while I was tied there, my cock, stiff, throbbing and dripping with anticipation the entire time, when I finally heard the front door open and foot steps coming towards the bedroom.

I had left the bedroom door partially open, so I could hear her arriving.

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I heard the bedroom door open and a quiet gasp, I waited to hear her laughter or praise, but only heard silence, and eventually the bed move as she moved to my left side, then her fingers lightly trace through the puddle of precum that had accumulated on my stomach and in my belly button. Then her fingers tracing from the tip of my cock to the base, and cupping my balls for a minute or two before she wrapped her hand around it and slowly stroked it along my cock, gripping harder and pulling harder than she usually did, continuing for a few minutes before releasing my cock and returning her attention to my balls again, squeezing a little harder than I would have preferred, eliciting a loud moan to escape my lips before releasing them, her nails then scraping down from my balls to my ass hole, and then pulling away and climbing off the bed.

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I thought she was going to leave me hanging while she showered and then returned to me, but I was surprised when I felt something to the other side of me as she moved onto the bed near my head, then something pressed against my lips, and realized it was the butt plug, after she had me suck on it for a while, she removed it and I felt her climb off the bed again. a quiet squeal beside, before she climbed back on the bed and I felt her straddle my head and lower her bare ass on my face, still wearing her short skirt, I felt her hairless pussy lips as they landed on my nose and mouth, along with the base of the butt plug, which she now had in her ass.

I licked sucked her to the strongest orgasm I had ever felt her have, her juices coating my face, nearly drowning me as they gushed for what seemed like forever, she slumped forward taking my cock in her mouth, and moments later I filled her mouth with cum, which she swallowed and climbed off the bed. She left me there still tied, and I heard clothes rustling beside the bed and a few minutes later, the shower come on.

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