Cuckolding milf drilled in front of husband

Cuckolding milf drilled in front of husband
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"Fucking hell". Famous last words. But when its last period English on a Friday and you have a fucking stuck-up teacher with a "doctorate" that is giving you a tonne of shit, it tends to be what comes to mind. Unfortunately for the one David Creston it was what earned him his first detention in his 13 years of high school. Not like it was really his fault either, one tends to enjoy talking dirty with his hot girlfriend a little too much on Fridays.

But that normally happens much later at night; whispering to each other in the middle of school was quite a novel and sexual experience.

David Creston and Amy Rae had been going out for about three weeks at this point but that hadn't stopped them from playing around a bit; but with neither of them having much experience, as they were both still virgins, they had not done much more than kissing in secret, having good values and all that jazz schools liked to force down your throat, however words weren't the only thing that were going to be going down throats if David kept up with the dirty talk.

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I really need to keep on track with this story, but it's hard to forget that 5'10 babe with great, perky tits. They were at least a C, hell maybe a D.

She had a great, fit physique and above all else she was incredibly flexible, a fact that David had spent many nights thinking about, fantasizing about all the different, weird and wonderful positions he could put her in as he imagined fucking her tight, wet virgin pussy.

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So when you're removed from class and sent down to the Dean's office because this bitch of a teacher, who thinks you're mocking his great work of personal poetry, it tends to suck. So there David was a smart 6'2 athlete and captain of the football team, walking down to the Dean's office and preparing himself for the biggest telling off of his life.


Like good old Dr. Bather, Mrs. Dickenson also happened to fine connoisseur of the art of language. "Fuck." So he didn't go. "Fuck it." He thought, "I'm a god damn rebel now am I? Well I may as well act as one". Well, 10mins bunking class isn't the most interesting when you're a new player in the sport of rebelling.

Up until the point a small chirp came from his pocket. "Where the fk r u?" "cbf with this anymore" "I'm coming to get u David" "amy no! not u 2!" That didn't stop her, and in a mere 2 minutes she was staring him down in the hallway between B and C block.

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He turned from her and went straight into the guys' toilets, his refuge. Funnily enough that didn't stop her either and in seconds he was being pressed up against the wall, his cock being uncomfortably pushing into his thigh by the closeness of their bodies. "Amy. I can't go back there." She didn't reply. Instead she looked down at their closeness and whispered something along of the lines of "That dirty talk was fucking hot; you wouldn't mind continuing would you?" Dumbstruck, he stared into her great blue eyes, searching for words.

"Didn't you know I liked dirty stuff? I thought I told you." She had. "Didn't I tell you I've always wanted to have sex in school? She had.


"What are waiting for David? He didn't know. "I've wanted you since we were 13 David, I've spent soo many nights then fingering myself over you, and I want sex soo bad right now.

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I want you to touch me. to fuck me." She whispered to him erotically. He ran his hands over her thighs, feeling for the first time the forbidden areas he had spent many long nights thinking about. Mustering his courage he found the voice to say, "Did I ever tell you I've always wanted to see a girl fingering herself?" into her ear as Amy grinded her hips into his.

Pacing back she removed her school tie, slowly and deliberately, building the rising pressure he was feeling in his pants. She could see it forming an impressive bulge in the material of his school suit pants. She had wanted it for soo long, to feel his great shaft inside her. Already getting wet at the thought but wanting to tease him more she removed her top and skirt in an insanely erotic way, rubbing down her breasts, thighs and ass in the process; unable to keep her fingers from gently rubbing her aroused self.

David could only stand there gaping at Amy's slim and toned figure standing before him when he realised this was probably the best time to reveal his amazing six pack and gorgeous biceps to Amy's thirsty eyes. He had been working out for months now and more recently with Amy at the local gym in preparation for summer. This also provided a great excuse to watch Amy sweating, bending over to lift weights, seeing her muscles flex and if he was lucky, to stretch out with her an her amazing flexibility, but that story is later.

Right now she was standing there in her underwear, revealing an erotic display of skin, posing with one of her legs up on the sinks. She brushed past him, gently grabbing him dragging by the crotch into one of the cubicles. Letting go and leaving him watching she sat in a reclined position and started rubbing at her wet pussy lips through the material of her pink lace panties. David could make out the glorious shape of Amy's pussy lips as she traced lines down her womanhood. She had always wanted someone to watch her finger her own pussy, a desire that rivaled her want to have sex anywhere she could.

David's eyes connected with Amy's a she gave him a seductive wink as she moved the soaked panties to the side of her pussy, revealing her pussy lips to his eyes, along with the a small amount of hair from her recently trimmed pussy. He followed her fingers with his gaze as she parted her pussy to reveal the wet, pink interior to him.

Gently she placed a singular finger inside herself and let out a soft sigh. She spread her legs wide, giving David a full and unobstructed view of her finger slipping in and out of her pussy as she rubbed her clit with her other hand, quickly increasing the pace to start to bring herself to her approaching orgasm.

Normally she lasted for at least 15 minutes when she fingered herself on horny nights, but with her combined arousal of being talked dirty to for the better part of an hour and being watched by the love of her life as she finger fucked herself, she was already beginning to feel her climax approach after 3 minutes. "Fuck David, I'm creaming. Oh, fuck yeah" she sighed as her virgin pussy gushed with her arousal as her fingers kept disappearing inside of her.

David was in heaven, this was his dream come true, multiple dreams come true. He knelt down in front of Amy just as she reached her climax, his nose stopping centimeters from the erotic display before him, his hands resting on the inside of her thighs. Gulping, he knelt there, taking in the sight, her soft panting and the smell.

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Holy shit, the smell. A tender and sticky hand touched his own and as their eyes connected and David whispered "I love you", his hands were gently guided towards her ready and waiting pussy. "I don't know how to do this" he said, having no previous experience. "Just listen to what I say and maybe you can make me come again" she said, winking at him.

As his hand rubbed her wet, velvety entrance ever so softly, she shivered. "Stop teasing me" She said, biting down on her bra. He wasn't quite ready yet, remembering her teasing of him in her erotic strip down; so he played his the entrance to her pussy, spreading her pussy lips wider, all the time massaging her clit with his other hand. Tentatively he slipped one finger in, unleashing a soft moan from Amy who was busy playing with her amazing tits, rolling them around in his hands, absolutely lovely being fingered by her lover in the middle of school.

Hot and horny David felt his fingers become significantly wetter as he slipped in a second finger to the waiting pussy before him, and started picking up the pace of his fingers as Amy groaned for more, matching his pace with the bucking of her hips, grinding his knuckles into her crotch.

"Fuck David, I'm going to squirt, keep fingering me. Harder, oh yes! Fuck yes!" David brought his mouth up and clamped it over hers, stopping her from moaning to loudly, as he worked to bring her to her second orgasm of the day. Liquid was literally running down her leg, out of her soaked pussy, so he switched the location of his mouth and for the first time in his life, tasted the sweet nectar of his girlfriend's wet and ready pussy.

It was at that moment to Amy squirted; biting down on her bra again to stop herself from exclaiming in ecstasy and David felt a gush of pussy juice enter his mouth. Loving the taste he went to work flicking his tongue back and forth across Amy's' clit, licking up all he could and causing her to squeal in excitement as her stimulated her sensitive pussy.

Bringing his mouth back to hers, he did something incredibly naughty. "Did you just.?" she asked as she tasted a new and exotic taste in her mouth. Amy just smiled at him in her sweet and sexy way as David licked the excess pussy juice from his fingers, savouring the taste. Luckily for him Amy seemed to quite enjoy the taste too. "Fuck that's hot" he whispered to her as he took a step back to admire the sight of his girlfriend and love sitting with her legs spread wide for him to see her exposed, tight pussy and cupping her erect and perky tits.

"I told you I was a dirty girl, didn't I?" She said, standing up and advancing towards him. Her eyes fixated on his erect manhood that formed the bulge in his pants that he made no effort to hide. "This is it" He thought, thinking back to the different ways he had fantasized about fucking her, wanting nothing more than to feel her virgin pussy, tight and wet around his huge cock.

The bell rang.

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Fuck. Here he was, in front of Amy, her pussy waiting for his long shaft.

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Hot and horny and the fucking bell had gone. "Well. I Guess I'll see you later then" She said simply, pulling her panties back up and putting her shirt back on. "Mind doing my tie?" She asked seductively, standing before him with no skirt on and a large wet patch on the front on her pink lace panties that she had just pulled up.

"There's no way you're leaving here without returning the favour Amy" He said to her as he did her tie, holding her close to him, their hips pressed together again and with his hard shaft resting between her legs. "Guess you'll have to satisfy yourself with wanking for the time being. See you tomorrow!" As she slipped up her skirt, darted from his hands and blew him a kiss as she left the bathroom.

So there he was. Left standing, satisfied with the amazing day this Friday had turned into but ultimately looking for more.

"Guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow then" He said gloomily. "Fucking hell."