Koleksi Bugil Foto Tamy Ardian

Koleksi Bugil Foto Tamy Ardian
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Tai and Bo Tai came into Bo's bedroom dressed in a little yellow outfit that hugged the curves of her body.

The top was a tight fitting yellow chemise with spaghetti straps that allowed the tops of her breasts to show. Her boobs were creamy where they showed over the top of the shirt and her nipples pushed the thin material out suggestively.

The rest of the shirt clung on her thin torso and ended above her navel accentuating her flat smooth tummy. The bottom was granny pants that showed half of her rounded buttocks.

The front had her sex encased to the point where it was easy to see that her pussy was fat and clean shaven under the material. She was smiling as she came up to Bo and she was carrying a bag. "You look great Tai. What do you have in the bag?" Bo asked as he studied the good-looking woman with the mischievous grin on her face.

"Well this is my time to spend with you so I brought us a game to help pass the time," Tai answered as she reached into the bag and took out a deck of what looked like playing cards and one dice. "What kind of game?" Bo asked. "It is simple really.

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We take turns drawing a card and then we roll the dice. The card indicates what we are allowed to do and the roll of the dice indicates how long we can do it for. Take a card and I will show you." Bo took the top card off of the deck and looked at it.

"It says lick nipples." "Now I roll the dice to see how long you can lick my nipples." Tai then rolled the single dice and it came up a 2.

"You can lick my nipples for two minutes" With that she took out an egg timer and set it to two minutes. The timer started ticking as Tai pushed the thin straps of her top down over her shoulders and pulled her shirt down until her breasts were exposed.

She got onto the bed with Bo and lay next to him. He looked at her golden mounds as they centered themselves on her slim body. The nipples were already hard and the thought of licking them sounding like a good game to him. He got over her and smiled as he lowered his mouth onto her left breast and sucked it into his mouth and started to suck the pebbly nub into his mouth. "No!" she yelled and pulled away.

"You can lick but you cannot suck. Those are the rules. Bo let the nipple slip from his mouth and stared at her with a quizzical look. "But what if I do suck? "Then you lose your turn." "Sounds like a stupid game but I will play along." Bo then stuck out his tongue and started circling her little pink nipple with his tongue.

Tai pushed arched her back to give him better access and started to moan a little as his tongue teased her. Bo switched over to her right breast and repeated the process there. Her firm breast was so inviting that keeping from sucking as much of it as he could into his mouth was becoming difficult. His hands started to stroke the outside of her thigh working its way up to her panties.

"No! You can't touch anything on me but what the card says." Bo pulled away from her boob and removed his hand from her thigh. "I don't think this game is much fun," he said rather annoyed that he wasn't allowed to enjoy her body freely. Just then the timer reached the end of two minutes and rang its bell.

"You don't know how to do it. Let me show you.' Tai sat up and took the next card from the top of the deck. "It says' back rub. So now you roll the dice and see how long I get to do it.' Bo rolled the dice and it came up four. "Okay over on your stomach and let me rub your back." Bo turned over and Tai got on top of him straddling his back. With her top still pulled down she leaned over and started tracing outlines with her exposed breasts on his back.

"Aren't you supposed to be using your hands?" he asked as he enjoyed the sensation of her full tits rubbing on his back. "It doesn't specify so I can run your back with anything I want." "Great game," Bo murmured as he enjoyed her warm breasts pushed against his muscular back. "How do we determine a winner in this game of yours?' "Oh that part is easy.


The first one to come 'loses' if you can call it that." "Great. Then make me lose." "You don't want to lose this game, Bo. The winner gets to use the loser as a slave after we are done." "Yeah, whatever," was Bo's muffled response. The timer went off and Tai sat up once again.

"Okay that was just a practice round. Now we have to get serious." Bo turned over and smile at her as she put her top back in position. "I think I am gong to like a game where the loser gets to come first," he said grinning up at her. "Get serious Mr. If you lose to me you are going to regret being my slave.

I will make you do things you don't want to." Tai had such a stern look on her pretty face that Bo had to laugh. The thought of this gorgeous woman making him do something he did not want to do was a turn on. This sounded like a game where everybody won. "Okay, I get to go first since I am the girl," Tai said and drew another card from the stack. She turned it so that he could see it. It read "whipping" "Roll the dice sir and determine how long I get to beat you with the leather device of my choice." "Hmm" thought Bo.

This could get serious. He rolled the dice and it came up two. Bo took the timer and set it to two minutes while Tai rummaged in her bag and came out with this short, light weight cat-of-nine tails.

"On your tummy, Buster." Bo rolled back on his tummy and Tai stood next to the bed with the whip as the timer ticked away.

She reared back with the whip and brought it down hard on Bo's tanned back. He jerked as the whip hit into his back and was thankful that Tai had thin little arms. He looked up at her and there was a gleam in her eyes indicating that she was really enjoying this. "Take that you bitch, "she yelled as she hit him again somewhat harder this time. Bo could feel the fire start in his back.

She hit him several more times with each stroke coming faster as the timer ticked on. "Turn over" she commanded. Bo did as she said and she brought the whip down on his hard flat stomach.

It had hardly landed when she started another stroke and landed it on his chest. This was beginning to hurt. Just then the timer went off and Bo was rather glad.

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Tai was standing over him breathing hard from her exertions. She was quite a sight as she stood there heaving. If he had any doubts that this was turning her on the damp spot on the crotch of her panties laid that to rest. "Bitch. You called me a bitch! Give me one of those cards and we will see who the bitch is." Bo said not really angry but getting into the spirit of the game.

He took a card and read it and smiled.

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He showed it to her and it said' Intercourse' "Go ahead and roll the dice and take those panties off. I will show you who the bitch is." Tai rolled a six.

And Bo smiled. She slid the panties over her shapely hips and let them fall to the floor. Bo took his boxers off and started stroking himself to make himself fully hard. "Remember you can only touch the part that the card says you can," Tai said. "Well then get on all fours and brace yourself, Baby. I am going to intercourse you pretty hard.' Tai climbed on the bed and got on all fours leaning on her elbows with her round little ass up in the air for Bo to assault at his will.

She set the timer to six and braced herself.

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Bo got behind her still stroking his now erect cock. He took a minute to look at her naked pussy lips protruding from her rounded thighs. There was moisture seeping from her slit which was good because he intended to get full use out of this card. He guided the bulbous head of his cock to her exposed shaven opening and snuggled it into her pussy lips. Then being careful not to touch anything but her pussy with his cock he thrust forward driving it into her. Tai cried out at this assault and then buried her head in a pillow to muffle her moans.

Bo started banging her little love box with the vigor of someone with a time limit. Each thrust pushed her forward but she always braced herself and took what he had to offer. After a couple of strokes her pussy started to get really wet, as he knew it would. Tai was not anything if she wasn't a good juicy fuck.

He could feel her pussy start to spasm on his cock and thought that the game was going to be over rather quickly when the timer went off.

Disappointed Bo withdrew his now glistening cock from her ripe little cunt. Tai flipped over and looked up at him. She lay there are looked up at him until her breathing came under control a bit.

"You Fuck. You didn't have to bang me so hard." "Oh yeah like you didn't have to whip me so hard." "That's okay, Bo. Soon you will be my slave and I will pay you back for this you big dick. Give me a card." Tai pulled her panties back on as though that were going to help her regain control. She took a card from the top of the deck and smiled. She turned it to Bo and he could read one word,"anal" "Roll the dice and assume the position Big Boy," Tai said with a grin.

"Payback is a bitch" Bo sighed at the irony of it all and rolled a two. At least that was hopeful. What could she do back there in two minutes? Hell she wasn't equipped to do much of anything in that regard. As though to prove him wrong Tai pulled out a dildo from the bag and started lubing it up with a tube of super glide. Bo took the same position she had just had and started the timer. Tai turned on the dildo's vibrator and brought the end of it to Bo's ass.

It was a shock to have the buzzing thing placed between his butt cheeks but she was not going to stop there. Applying pressure she inserted the slick vibrating dildo up his ass. As though she knew what she was doing she pushed it in just far enough to have the end of it massage his prostate. With his dick already hard from his recent fucking of her and this stimulation in his most sensitive spot, Bo could feel his come well up in his balls.

Bo lowered his head and gritted his teeth with his head between his arms. He could see a drop of precum form on the end of his dick and he drug it across the sheets to wipe if off. It immediately got replace with another. Tai continued to move the vibrating dildo in and out of his ass. Bo could feel the spasms in his balls start and he knew he was done for. Just then the timer went off and Tai pulled the vibrator out.

Bo stayed in position for a few minutes to collect himself and then turned over and lay on the wet spot he had created. "What's the matter honey?" Tai cooed sweetly. "You can dish it out but you can't take it?' Bo looked up at her as she still had the dildo in her hand and was smiling at him enjoying her superior position. Such a sweet woman until she could get the upper hand.

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Bo became more determined then ever to win this 'contest' "Shut up and give me a card.' She offered him the deck and he took the top card, read it and smiled. He turned it so she could see and she said, "Shit". The card said 'Oral" "Time to lose those panties, baby." Bo knew that Tai loved to have her clit licked and was good for maybe thirty seconds of that before she would uncork a screaming orgasm.

She rolled the dice and it came up three. With a sigh of resignation she removed her panties and got in position on her back. Bo took a pillow and placed it under her round ass so that her hot little quim stood up nicely for what he was going to do next.

He pushed her heels back until they were almost touching her butt and then put his hands on her knees and spread her wide open. "Start the timer Tai and prepare to lose." She started the timer and closed her eyes. Bo took his time looking down at her pink slit with the little clit already poking out. This was going to be too easy. He lowered his head and stuck his tongue out to give her slit a long lick from top to bottom.

He was in no hurry to make her come. He swirled his tongue around the edges of her hood and listened as her breathing quickened. Her hips started to move around uncontrollably and her breasts stretched the material of her shirt top.

He flicked at her clit with the tip of his tongue and she started to moan in earnest. He suckled her little man and could feel her juices flow out of her hot cunt onto his chin.

Her moaning continued to reach a higher and higher pitch as her hips raised to meet his mouth. He stopped and looked up at her writhing on the pillow and thought that this was a really fun game. As he went back to finish her off the timer went off and Tai pulled away from him and sat up. She was panting like a dog in heat but she had not come. Her pussy was all soppy wet and her clit was red and standing out from between her pussy lips. "You big oaf," she gasped.

"You like eating my pussy so much that you forgot about the time." Her chest heaved as she smiled in triumph at him. She was so close to coming that he could have reached down and put a finger in her and she would have exploded.

But that was against the rules. Realizing that he had fucked up Bo offered the deck of cards to her. She took a card and showed it to him;" hand job" Bo rolled the dice and it came up 5.

While Tai gave great hand jobs he thought he could stand it.

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He got on his back as Tai put her panties back on. Now when she pulled them up the wet spot made them translucent. Bo lay on his back and got ready to submit to her hand job. She got some lube in her hand and moved up beside him. His cock was already angry looking as gripped it with both hands. Bo started the timer as she use one hand to jerk off his shaft while the other made rotating movements around the head. Another drop of precum appeared at the tip and she used this as more lubrication knowing that he was close.

His shaft began to swell in her hand and she knew that she had him. Gripping his shaft tighter she ran her hand up and down faster wishing she could lower her hot mouth onto the end of his throbbing cock. She knew that would send him over. Bo closed his eyes and gritted his teeth once again beginning to think that this game was harder than he expected.

Her arms began to tire and her strokes were not as vigorous as the time went on. Shortly the timer went off and she released his cock and it fell wetly against his stomach. Bo let out a huge sigh-partly in relief, partly in frustration.

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Losing this game was starting to sound good. Tai had a disappointed look on her face as she whipped the lube from her hands. Bo's cock lay on his tummy and twitched from being so close to an orgasm. When her hands were clean she offered Bo the deck of card and he took the top one. His grin was huge as he turned it so she could read it: "Wildcard-anything anywhere" "Well Baby it looks like you ass is mine now" "Oh fuck! I knew I shouldn't have put that card in there." "Hey!

It's your game and your rules. So take off all of your clothes and prepare to meet your maker." Tai frowned as she got up off of the bed and pulled her top off. Her swollen tits bounced as they came free and swayed on her heaving chest for a moment. She rolled down her panties and slipped them off of her feet. "On you back baby. Let me see what you have in this bag that is going to finish you off.' "Wait. I have to roll first." Tai took the dice and rolled a six.

"Fuck me again" was all she could say. Without any further instruction she got on her back and put the pillow back under her ass. She pulled her feet up and spread her knees so that Bo had ready access to her sex. She watched as he dug in the bag and came out with a wand type vibrator. "Looks like your pussy is in for a rightful thrashing" Bo took the dildo she had used on him and lubed it up again. He then presented it to her butt and slowly slid it in as she squirmed at the assault.

He turned it on and the buzz was muffled as it ground away in her ass. He then positioned himself in between her legs and laid his cock on her pussy.

With one had he guided his cock into her slopping slit and with one thrust he drove it in to the hilt. Then he took the wand vibrator and turned it on. He placed the head of it on her erect clit and waited. With the vibrator in her ass, his cock all the way in her cunt and the vibrator on her clit, Tai went wild under him. Bo just hung on for the ride as Tai thrashed around under him like a wild animal.

She squeezed her firm breasts while her fingers rolled her hardened nipples around in what looked like a painful manner. In a matter of a minute Bo could feel her cunt start to contract around his cock. Her hips thrust up as though to buck him off. In another few seconds she was in the grip of an orgasm, yelping with the pleasure that it was bringing her. Again and again her cunt gripped mightily around his cock as the vibrators brought her to climax over and over.

Her pussy was leaking juice around his shaft as she screamed. Soon the timer went off and Bo pulled the vibrator away and slid his cock out of her. He lay in on her tummy as she continued to heave. He took the vibrator and placed it on the head of his dick.


In seconds his cock starting shooting out streams of goo onto her flat tummy. Tai reached down and rubbed his come into her tummy until her torso was covered with it. Bo shut off the vibrator and got off of her. He took the still buzzing vibrator out of her ass and shut it off. Tai did not move.


She just lay there covered with come and her exposed pussy all wet and red. Bo looked down at her ravaged body and said," well my little slave that was fun. And now your ass really belongs to me." "It always did you moron," Tai said with a smile. "That was about the nicest game I ever lost at.' With that she pulled him on top of her and wrapped her long legs around him.

Pulling his mouth to hers she stuck her tongue into his mouth and kissed him deeply. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Tai soaped up her sated body one last time and rinsed off. Grabbing a towel she stepped out to dry herself and there was Bo.

She held the towel in front of her in a modest fashion. "No need to be demure my little slave. You are mine now and you have to do what I say,' said Bo grinning. She smiled back and lowered the towel.

She had a good body and she knew Bo enjoyed looking at it. She arched her back to push her breasts and pubic area out for his viewing pleasure. "Don't you ever get tired of looking at naked women?' she asked already knowing the answer. "You don't have to sneak into the women's shower to get a peek you know." "No I never get tired of looking at your body and I know I don't have to sneak peeks. You are obligated to show me your charms whenever I ask," Bo replied. "I have an outfit I want you to wear my little slave.' With that he brought out a leather outfit from behind his back.

"Finish drying and put it on." Tai dried herself with the fluffy towel and took the outfit from Bo. It was obviously skimpy.

She knew that it would be. Tai took the leather panties and put them on. The Thing was hardly more than a thong with a leather strap going up her butt.

The front was like a crotch less thong meaning there was nothing more than two leather straps that outline her shaven sex. "Gosh now I feel all dressed,' she said. "Can the sarcasm and put on the top" The bra was like a bra but without any cups. She put it on and her tits pushed through the openings. The leather strap cut into her flesh under her breasts and pushed them up somewhat.

She engaged the clasp at the back and turned for him to see. The black leather was in sharp contrast to her fair skin. Her tits stuck out proudly and her nipples were still hard from the last fucking he had given her. Her firm butt was pulled even tighter by the leather straps. She looked a lot like a trollop but that was what he wanted. "Now my little slave. Go get me a drink and bring it out to me by the pool." To be continued with "The Three Girls and Their Slave"