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Hot blonde babe gets her pussy licked
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[b] I met Jackie at a car wash.

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She was sitting on a bench out front, and she was crying. I tried to ignore her but she looked so pitiful. I finally got up the nerve to sit down beside her and ask if there was anything I could do to help.

She never looked up, nor did she acknowledge me. After a few ackward minutes I got up and walked over to the observation window and watched as cars passed through the wash.

I had taken the afternoon off to run some errands and fully intended to go home after getting the car washed and picking up some items at the hardware store. Funny how life can throw you a curve. I heard a faint voice behind me say " My name is Jackie. I'm sorry I was rude before but I'm just having one of those bad days.

Oh God, I'm really having a bad month". We both laughed, and I introduced myself. " My name is Mitch, and I really didn' t mean to bother you. I just can't bear to see a beautiful woman cry". She laughed again and said, " I look a mess. I have been so depressed lately and it all just caught up to me this afternoon. I have been job hunting and I'm not having any luck. I've been to every hospital and clinic in town and they all say the same thing - "Don't call us we'll call you".

I told her how sorry I was for her situation and offered to try to help. My ex-fiance' sister is a nurse at St. Benadictines and I thought it would be a nice gesture if I could at least get her an interview. I have to admit I was enamured with her looks. We exchanged phone numbers and said goodbye. I'm a fairly stable guy.

Not bad looking, I'm 5' 10" and weigh in at 185 soaking wet. After graduation I went to work for an engineering firm and have been there for 11 years. I was engaged to a woman for five years and really thought I would be happily married with kids by now. My fiance' and I lived together for the last year we were together and we found out just how incompatable we really were.

I have dated for the last few years but nothing serious developed. That's how Jackie and I met. She did indeed get a job from my introduction to my almost sister-in-law.

I wasted no time taking advantage of my heroic efforts in assisting her to get a job and hopefully back on her feet. I asked her out two weeks later. We dated several times, usually dinner and drinks and an occasional movie.

I learned she has two daughters, Jessica 12 and Misty 8. Her husband died 5 years ago from a sudden heart attack.

He left them with a minimum amount of insurance and she has done her best to hold things together ever since. On occasion we would end up at my apartment and have drinks and thankfully great sex. We throughly enjoyed ourselves, typically passing out from exhaustion after our sessions. I was developing very strong feelings for Jackie. I had not as yet met her daughters. One evening I received a call from her youngest daughter Misty. She was frantic, she told me her mother was very sick and needed help.

I asked her to call an immediate family member ( she has a sister and brother that live in our town ). She said she had already called them and that they refused to help.

I thought this strange but agreed to come right over. When I arrived I was shocked at the condition of the house. It looked like a tornado had just come and gone. Misty met me at the door, she was absolutely beautiful even though she was crying and on the verge of hysteria. I asked her where her sister was and she said she was in her room and wouldn' t come out. I found Jackie in her bedroom lying on the floor between her bed and the wall.

She was passed out drunk. Little Misty told me her Mom had been doing so good until tonight when she came home with a bottle of her favorite drink - vodka. I found an almost empty fifth lying under the bed. I managed to get Jackie up onto her bed and asked Misty to bring me a warm wet wash cloth. I washed her face and and cleaned her up, helped her to get into her nightgown and put her down to bed.

It was around 10 PM and I told Misty I would stay until her Mom was better. I asked her if her sister was ok and could I please see her to make sure she was alright. We knocked on her door but received no response. I opened the door and saw Jessica sitting on the edge of her bed brushing her hair.

When she turned to look at us I was almost taken aback. Misty is beautiful, but this girl is drop dead gorgeous. Unlike her sister, Jessica has long dark brown hair, almost black, that falls well below her shoulders. She has the biggest darkest eyes that just burn right thru you. The look she gave me told me in no uncertain terms she didn't like me and wished I would leave. Her left cheek still bore the imprint of her mothers hand where it was obvious she had been slapped.

I asked her if she was ok and she simply nodded turned away and continued brushing her hair. I closed the door and asked Misty if she would like to get ready for bed now. I assured her I would be here in the morning when she awoke and that everything was going to be ok. She hugged me and thanked me, she began crying and told me how worried she was about her mother. She told me her mother had been in and out of the hospital many times and would sometimes be gone for weeks at a time.

Sometimes one of her mothers boyfriends would stay with them but usually they had to stay with their Uncle. I heard Jessica say loudly thru her bedroom door. "That's enough Misty, no need to tell our life story to a stranger". Misty whispered to me, "Please don't let our Uncle come here. He just yells and makes Mom so upset. And Jessica hates him". I told her to go and get ready for bed while I looked in on her Mother.

A short whle later both of the girls bedroom lights went out and I took up an all-night vigil next to Jackies' bed. After an extremely uncomforable night the morning was not any better. When Jackie woke up she was furious that I was there. She began to berate me and tell me I had no business meddling in her families business. She told me to get out and that she never wanted to see me again.

Needless to say I left with hurt feelings, anger and a feeling of despair for the whole situation. Several days later I received a call from a very apologetic Jackie. She told me the whole story of her addiction to alcohol and about her many stays in re-hab.

She really thought she had it under control. Looking back now I realized that what little we did have to drink seemed to effect her more than it did me.

She promised me she would resume her meetings at AA and would be ok. We resumed dating and everything seemed fine for about two weeks. It was Sunday night, one of those dark, cold, rainy nights that all you wanted to do was stay indoors and read or watch TV. Misty called and was crying. She asked me to please come quick and that her Mother was drunk and fighting with Jessica. Thus began a year long series of one episode after another of "Mitch to the rescue".

Why did I stay? Was I looking for trouble and heartache? I think I did it as much for the girls as I did for Jackie. I can't fully explain it. I thought I loved Jackie. When she was sober things went incredeibly well.

We made love, we laughed, we spent time with the girls. Misty enjoyed having a suedo family, Jessica kept all of us at arms length.


Time went by. At times I felt trapped. At times I was estatic. I began staying with Jackie more than I stayed at my own place. If I was there I could usually ward off any binges I knew she was about to have.

She would become sullen and depressed after a few weeks and this was a clue of things to come. At some point the honeymoon ( so to speak ) was over for Jackie. I was just another person in her life that kept her from doing what she really wanted to do- drown her sorrows. Her fights became "our" fights. I grew closer to the girls and farther and farther away from Jackie. She began not coming home from work. She would stay out until 2 or 3 in the morning and then come home drunk.

The fight was out of me by this time. She was no longer the beautiful girl I met a year ago. The girls were always upset, and little Misty was always the one to come to me after Jackie passed out and went to bed. She would cry and beg me not to leave. She could sense that I was on the verge of calling it quits. It became the girls and I. We did everything together. I was there chauffer, lawn boy, homework helper, fashion decider. Jackie became jealous. She fought all of us constantly.

I did not know what to do to help her. Re-hab to her was out of the question.


She was not about to be taken away from her crutch. I begged, we begged, we pleaded. She sank deeper into despair. The girls and I got closer than ever. One night when Jackie came home it was obvious she had been with another man.

She smelled of it. She was proud of it. I had all that I could take. This was the final straw. I began packing. Jackie laughed and yelled and began slapping me telling me to get out. She didn't need me and had never needed me.

The girls were both pulling on me and Jackie. Begging for me to stay and for her to leave me alone. Jackie began hitting and slapping the girls. This was more than I could take.

I had to physically restrain her. I held her down and pinned her on the bed. The girls helped. When she finally calmed down and began to sober up she was completely distraught.

She began crying and apologizing. She was almost incoherent. After about 30 minutes she passed out. After I got the girls calmed down and to bed I sat in the living room in the dark and felt totally helpless. I decided then that if Jackie would not go to re-hab that I would leave. I would contact family and children services and let the chips fall as they may. I loved this family but I was being torn apart.

This was no way for anyone to live, let alone the girls. This was not living. This was not what I bargained for. I had no future here as it was now. No love life. No love. This is the part of my life that I am not proud of but it happened all the same. I'm not sure how much time had passed but I had dozed off. I was wearing just my pajama bottoms as was my custom. I awoke when I felt someone climbing up into my lap.

It was Misty. She straddled me with her chest against mine. Her legs outside of my legs. She said, " Mitch are you ok?" I said, "Yes sweethart, go back to bed". Instead she put her head on my shoulder and hugged me tight. I could feel her warmth sitting on my flacid penis. I was very uncomfortable and could feel my member getting firm.

I quickly picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. I placed her in bed and covered her up. I kissed her on the forehead and on each eye and a quick peck on the lips. I told her I loved her and that we would talk in the morning. I closed her door and was headed back to the living room. I turned and opened Jessica's door. She was lying on her stomach and appeared to be asleep. She had kicked her covers off and was wearing her usual nitegown. It was all bunched up around her waist.

Her bottom covered only by her thin panties was exposed and I stood there staring at how beautiful she looked. Her long dark hair all over her pillow. I closed her door and went back to the living room. I tried to shake off the feelings I was having about both of the girls. I loved them both so much. I had learned what made Jessica tick. She was really a warm and affectionate girl.

But you had to prove yourself to her completely. She had been hurt so many times in the past. I admitted to myself that I had over the year had lustfull feelings for both of them. It was natural for me to see them at times not fully dressed. Just quick accidental peeks at them in their panties, or a door not completely closed after a bath. Nothing perverted to this point. I was Mr. Nice guy. Thats all they need is for me to further complicate their lives with these feelings.

I tried to control myself, I really did. After much pleading and begging and crying Jackie finally agreed to go into re-hab. It was the only way to save her life. She had lost so much weight and looked like a drug addict instead of an alcoholic.

How she had managed to keep her job thru all of this was a miracle. She was admitted on February 3, 1998. What turned out to be a 60 day stay at a place that I hoped could perform miracles. The first two weeks we weren't allowed to visit, call or write to Jackie. After that we made our regular Sunday afternoon visit. At first we were greeted with less than welcoming arms. But as the weeks wore on she began to see this was her salvation and looked forward to our visits each week.

We continued to do so during her entire stay. One night about a week after Jackie went into re-hab I was putting Misty to bed, she grabbed me and hugged me tight. She said, "I love you Daddy".

I told her I loved her more, then went out and closed her door. I can't tell you the feeling that came over me.

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I truly loved both girls as if they were my own. Life went on as well as could be expected for the next couple of days. I was their everything. They were real troopers and helped me with all the chores. I rarely had to ask for them to help with anything. This is the way it should have stayed. I had just gotten home from work and when I walked in the phone was ringing.

It was Jackies sister, Diane. We exchanged pleasantries and she asked if she could come by to see how the girls were doing. I was in no position to say anything but yes. I was certainly leery since this is the first contact I had from either of her siblings since I had known Jackie.

She arrived about an hour later and I was surprised at how much she looked like Jackie. Her hair was the same color as Jackies' and Mistys'. Yellow blonde I think they call it. A very attractive woman to say the least. We talked about all that had transpired over the last year. She was polite but seemed dis-interested in details. I think curiosity got the better of her and she came to check me out. When her curiostiy was satisfied and I thought she was about to leave she decided to give me one bit of family history.

She thought I should know that the girls Uncle used to care for the girls when Jackie was in re-hab and that he had molested both of them. She wasn't sure how far it had gone but this is what her sister had told her. The Uncle had a restraining order against him and he was not allowed to ever see the girls again. I thanked her for that bit of information and she left. The girls arrived a few minutes later and we prepared for dinner.

During dinner I told the girls about my visit with their Aunt Diane. Both girls looked surprised. Neither one said anything about her.

After dinner, Misty asked me if she had told me about their Uncle. I told her that she had mentioned him but I gave no details. She asked me if she told me what he did to them. I told her yes but that she did not go into any details and that seemed to satisfy her for the moment. It all began so innocently.

I was down in the basement doing laundry. It was a Saturday morning and I had all the windows open downstairs. It was just one of those "almost spring" days and everything was going fine. I began sorting the wash, making piles of whites and colors. I began to sort the delicates from the regular wash and had picked out the girls blouses since they were thin and I didn't want them in with heavy clothes.

I decided it would be ok to wash their panties with their blouses and I picked up a pair of Jessica's panties and was about to drop them into the washing machine when I noticed a small stain in the lining.

I looked at them for what seemed the longest time and slowly brought them up to my nose. I inhaled her scent. It was enough to make me weak. A woman can't possibly know what this expierience is like. A young girls private parts had touched this small strip of fabric. I immediately became hard. I had to taste whatever it was that was on this fabric. I didn't care what it was I just knew I had to have it in my mouth.

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It was probably urine but I didn't care. I licked it, I sucked it, until it was wet with my saliva. I needed relief from my growing desire. I unzipped my pants and began storking myself. My eyes were closed and I was reliving every flash back of the brief glimpses of seeing her in the nude or in her panties. I wanted her. I wanted to feel her beneath me. I wanted to be inside her. When I came my knees buckled beneath me and I fell to the floor. I came in torrents. I held her panties in front of me to catch the seed as it spilled out of me.

As I was coming down from my euphoria I heard a gasp off to my left. Jessica was standing in the doorway at the bottom of the stairs.

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She started saying "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to bother you". She ran back up the stairs. I heard her running across the floor to her room. How could I have been so stupid. How can I explain this to her. We were weeks away from her Mother coming home. We had to get thru this somehow. I would have to talk to her no matter how embarassing it would be for both of us. I quickly walked up the stairs and went straight to Jessicas' door. I stood there listening for any sound.

I quietly knocked on her door and waited for a response. I heard a faint "Come in", and opened the door. She was standing in front of her dresser looking at me in the mirror. I began to apologize and tell her how wrong I was for not chooseing a more private place. I told her that I just got carried away in the moment and made a foolish decision. I tried to explain that after all I am a man and I have needs. I explained it had been a long time since I had been with a woman and I.she interupted and asked, "Who were you thinking of while you were doing that?".

I asked her what she meant and she said, "Those were my panties weren't they, you were thinking of me weren't you?". I stepped fully into the room and closed the door. I stammered and said, "Well no, I was just having a fantasy in general and I wasn't thinking of.

", she said, "I've seen you peeking at me sometimes when you think I'm not looking and Misty told me what happened on the couch one night". "You love us don't you, and we love you". She began to cry. "Misty has already begged me to climb into bed with you to see what would happen. We've talked and we know that men have needs". I was in shock. How could such a young girl say these things. She said, "You don't know the whole story about us. Mother's boyfriend before you was one of my Uncle's friends.

After Mom would pass out he would come into my room and climb into bed with me. He made me touch him and he would put his fingers inside me. Misty heard me crying and came into the room. He grabbed her and pulled her into bed with us. He did the same things to her.

He would make us touch him until he squirted his stuff all over us. Then he would make us take our sheets down stairs and wash them. We always had to take a bath before we went back to bed. I tried to tell Mother about this but she would just get hysterical and say that I was lying.

He did this three times, and each time I would tell Mother. She said that I hated everybody and would tell lies to keep everyone away. She said it couldn' t have been her boyfriend because she took care of him. She knew it was true but she placed all the blame on our Uncle and even had a lawyer give him papers to keep him away. I know he knew the truth but he wouldn' t tell on his friend. Mom broke up with him before you came along".

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I listened in utter amazement to all the things this girl had been thru. I started thinking that I should call the police. This guy needs to be arrested for what he's done. I knew that all of this would have to come out and that it would all be very hard on the entire family. Jackie interupted my thoughts. She said, " Daddy, you know Mom is not going to get any better don't you.

We have been thru this at least a half dozen times. Oh, she will be ok for a while, but it won't last long. Misty and I love you. We want to be there for you when Mother is not well". She came over to me and wrapped her arms around me. She put her head on my chest and held me tight. She said, " Is it ok if I call you Daddy? I have never felt this much love from anyone in my life".

I held her tight and buried my face in her hair. She looked up at me and with tears in her eyes, she stood on tiptoes and kissed me. I tried to pull away but she took my head in both her hands and kissed me again. This time with real feeling. I kissed her back but this time our tongues met. I don't know if you remember your first real kiss with someone you truly loved but this was instant arousal.

Our hands were instantly all over each others bodies. I was removing her blouse while she was unbuttoning my shirt. I unhooked her bra while she tore at my belt. I buried my head in her breasts and pushed her back onto her bed. Her breasts were barely more than a handful but none ever tasted so sweet. Her nipples were hard and she was groaning each time I sucked one into my mouth. I squezzed each breast hard while I kissed and sucked each of them. I kicked out of my pants and lay on top of her.

I let my hand roam all over her shoulders and arms. I could feel the goose bumps everywhere I touched. She still had on her little skirt so I let my hand rub the outside of her leg. I moved over so that I was laying beside her and let my hand feel the inside of her thigh. I ran my hand up under her skirt and stopped at the edge of her panties. Jessica was breathing heavily and making groaning sounds with every breath. I moved my hand to the top of her panties and began rubbing her belly with one of my fingers.

She was squirming all over the bed. I wanted so desperately to go slow so that I wouldn't scare her. This was about the only sane thought that I had. I placed my hand between her legs and touched her with just the tips of my fingers. She was extremely wet and let out a loud moan with each touch. I pressed my fingers harder into her, pushing her panties up inside her pussy. She broke away from my kiss and said, " I want this so bad Daddy, please don't hurt me.

Show me what I'm supposed to do". These were the first words spoken and I took them to heart. "I won't hurt you baby.

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I wan't to show you that making love doesn't have to be ugly or painful". I kissed her hard again and then moved down between her legs. I pushed her skirt up and then pulled her panties all the way down. She was just beginning to get pubic hair but her pussy lips were clean and puffy and wet. I began kissing her on the tops of her thighs and began working my way up. I could smell her juices and this drove me wild. I moved between her legs and began lightly biting her soft flesh.

She began groaning louder and pushed her pussy toward my mouth. She lifted her hips completly off the bed. I put my mouth completely over her pussy and drove my tongue as far in as I could make it go.

She grabbed my hair and began pulling me into her. I began licking and sucking and tongueing for all I was worth. I found her clitoris and concentrated on flicking the tip of my tongue as hard as I could. She dug her finger nails into the side of my head and let out a scream. When she came her juices began to flow out of her pussy and into my mouth and all over my face.

I came in my boxers. I suppose it was a combination of me rubbing myself on the mattress and licking that sweet little pussy. We were both completely out of breath and covered in sweat. I managed to crawl up beside her.

She was crying softly and then began laughing ( more of a giggle I guess ). She grabbed my face and kissed me all over.

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She began talking really fast, " I can't believe what just happened. That was fantastic. I have never felt anything like that in my life. What did you do!? Oh my God. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now it's your turn. What can I do to you.

Teach me Daddy. Show me what to do!". I grabbed her and kissed her hard on the lips. I told her that I just had my turn and showed her my soaked boxers. We both laughed and held each other. I told her that she just about scalped me and we both felt my scalp under my hair. Definte indentions were on both sides of my head but no blood. We laughed again and she rolled me over and got on top of me. She began kissing me all over my face again and I felt my self getting hard. She noticed it too.

She slid over to my side and got real quite. She put her hand on my stomach and slowly moved her hand down to my boxers.

We stared into each others eyes and she continued moving her hand down. She placed her hand inside the edge of my shorts and moved down until she had my penis in her hand. She began moving her hand up and down until I was completely hard.

She said, "What do you want me to do Daddy. Show me how to make you happy". I lifted my self up off the bed and removed my shorts. I remembered the feelings I had just a short time ago when I held her panties up to my nose.

I wanted her so bad at that moment. I told her, " I want to be inside you baby, if it hurts just tell me and I will stop. I want to feel you beneath me and feel myself inside you".


I rolled her onto her back and placed myself between her legs. I rubbed the head of my dick between her pussy lips. She was still extremly wet and I had begun to produce the pre-cum that always appears. She began to moan and reached her arms out for me. I place the head of my dick inside her puffy lips and began to push my way inside. I had about two inches inside her when I felt resistance. She said, " Daddy, its ok I know whats going to happen. It's ok I promise". I looked into her eyes and pushed harder.

My dick began to bend and her face showed a grimace. I didn't want to hurt my baby girl but I wanted her so badly. I pushed hard and felt the skin give way. The tip of my dick hurt like it had been pinched and she had tears running down the sides of her face.

She was biting her lip but did not make a sound. I pulled out a little and held it there. She reached out and pulled me down on top of her. I lifted my hips and began to move in and out of her. She began breathing hard but continued to stare into my eyes. I could feel the bottom of her pussy. It felt soft and wet. I kept up a steady in and out motion. I could feel every ripple of the side of her vagina against my dick.

She began to push back when I pushed in. She moved her hands down to my butt and began pushing me harder each time I came down on her. I continued looking at her but her eyes were closed. We were both breathing hard. I was thursting fast now. In and out. In and out. She moved her hands to my back and dug her nails into my skin.

She began to groan loudly, like I was pushing the air out of her lungs with each thrust. Her pussy was squezzing my dick. I hit bottom every time now. It was painful but felt so good I didn' t want to feel anything else in this world. She wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me into her with each thrust.

Her pussy began to pulse, she began to make loud grunting sounds. Her head was bent back and her mouth was open. I knew that within three, maybe four more strokes I would fill her pussy with my juice. I tried to stop but my body had other ideas.

When I came it felt like BB's were squirting out of my dick. I could feel every spasm, every jet of cum. I kept shouting, " Oh my God, Oh my God!". I colapsed on top of her. Sweat was pouring off our bodies.

We were both so out of breath we could'nt speak a single word. She began to cry. She was sobbing. I began to cry. I hurt my baby. The last thing I wanted was to hurt my baby girl.

When I could finally speak I said, " I am so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. Please forgive me". She said, "No Daddy, it's ok. I loved it. It felt so good. I just want to make you happy too". We fell asleep and when I woke I quietly got out of bed and went to take a shower. When I came out of the bathroom I went into the kitchen and found Misty fixing sandwiches. She asked me if everything was ok now? I looked at her and recognized a knowing look on her face. I smiled and said I thought everything was going to be fine from now on.

Jackie lasted four more years. We did get married the year before she died. Everyone thought I was crazy, but I knew I would never leave my girls. Jackie died three days before her 39th birthday. I raised the girls with all the love a man has for his daughters and of course Jessica and I had our special relationship. We were very lucky that Jessica didn't get pregnant. I had a vasectomy shortly after we began sleeping with each other.

When Jackie was well I loved her with all I could give. Jessica understood. She loved her Mother and wanted her to be happy. Jessica is attending college out of state now. She comes home for summers and holdiays. Misty will be a senior next year. As far as I know she is still a virgin. Who knows what curve life still has in store for us all.