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Teen twink cute gays sucking cock
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Waking up at three in the morning in the bed of Austin Reynolds was an experience in itself. I woke up confused for a minute and looked over to see his face right in front of mine, sound asleep.

I didn't even think anything of our experience the night before, or our mall excursion as anything special or different, just a jock getting his way. I began to pull on my jeans and shirt, and was tiptoeing across the room when I heard him stir. I stood there still for a minute, because I didn't want to wake him up. "Where do you think you're going freshman?" he said, in a sarcastic voice. I rolled my eyes and turned around. "I, uh, didn't want to wake you so I thought I would go and get some more rest for my first water polo practice tomorrow" I said.

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"Come back here" he said, motioning with his arms, "You don't want to go back out there right now, the boys will give you hell for sleeping over" he said.

"Why?" I asked. "They are the only ones who know about who I really am, and anyone not leaving my room, they also know what that means" he chuckled. Figuring I had just earned myself a new reputation as Austin Reynolds newest hit-n-run, I tiptoed to his bed. "And those need to come off" he said, indicating my clothes.

With a hint of humiliation, I took them off and came back into bed. He pulled me down into him and placed me next to him, pulled the sheets over us and then placed his arm under my neck, and pulled me into him. "Jeremy, I like you"he started, "and I like what we did last night" he said.

"Me too" I said. "What's wrong, you sound hesitant" he said. "Well, I don't know, but I don't like feeling like an object, and you being the head of this fraternity and all, I don't know it just feels like you're to popular and good looking for me" I said. He chuckled, which didn't help. "Jeremy, I'm naturally cocky, but I can give that up for someone like you, if that meant having you".

"Having me?" I asked sarcastically, "I just don't want to be an item on your trophy shelf". "Jeremy, I have no items on my trophy shelf that are form relationships, I want you to be my first grand trophy" he said. I don't know why, because being idolized was everything I was against, but he was making me feel really good. "We will see if I want to be on that shelf Austin, let's just say, your outlook is good so far" I said.

"So that's a maybe?" he said. "Yes" I responded. After a few seconds of silence, he pulled me back into him and we fell asleep. I woke up later that morning and looked at the clock, I had a good three hours until my first practice. When I woke up I also found Austin gone, and he was in the shower with the bathroom door open. I stretched and slowly got up and went into the bathroom. He turned around and flashed his perfect teeth into a huge smile.

I could not get over his perfect features. "Hey" he said, and motioned for me to join him. I opened the shower door and came in with him. He hugged me form behind and kissed my neck. "Good Morning" I said with a sarcastic tone, as I felt in dick slowly growing into my backside. I felt mine start to grow too. "You know Jer" I winced when he said that, because only one person ever called me that before, "I want you to know I'm serious about what I said last night, so to prove it, you're the only person that will have access to me, if you know what I mean.

I'm done screwing around with other people". I was somewhat taken aback. "You don't have to do that" I stammered. "Oh yes I do, I want you more than I have ever wanted anything". I turned around and planted one on his lips. Part of me kissed him to shut him up, but the other part kissed him because that's what I felt like I needed at that moment in time.

He began to kiss me on my neck, and traveled down until his tongue met my dick, and he began to tease me. I began to squirm and looked down at him, to see his perfect eyes looking right back at me.

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I heard a chuckle escape his lips, which was followed by him slowly taking my dick into his mouth, and then rhythmically bobbing his head on it. He grabbed my balls with one hand and began to lightly squeeze them, and used his other hand to move up and down my shaft, while swirling his tongue on the head. I was enjoying every bit, but began to feel my orgasm sooner than I had anticipated, and before I knew it, began to cum fervently into his mouth.

He didn't miss a beat; he began to swallow some, and caught the rest in his hand. He then stood up and spun me around, putting my hands on the shower wall, wiping my cum on his throbbing dick.

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He began to push his dick into my awaiting hole. As he pushed in. he placed his head in the groove of my neck.

As he picked up pace, he began to bite my neck. Our grunts and moans were no longer kept a secret. He began to pound harder and harder, moaning into my neck as he nibbled more and more. The feeling was amazing. I felt some sort of domination by him, and I was loving it. As he ground into my ass, I felt every flex of his abs against my back, and the flex of his arms as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

He pulled my tighter into his body, pushing his dick farther into me, and then pumping it in and out. I was in heaven, the situation was so erotic. As he pulled me harder into him, I felt what I had been waiting for. He bit harder into my neck as he exploded into me. We were both shouting and moaning. When his orgasm finished, he collapsed onto my back, shoving me into the wall.

As we both stood there panting, he began to kiss my neck, and turned my head to kiss me. We finished our shower kissing and washing each other off.


After we got dressed he walked me out of the house, where I tried my hardest to throw cat calls from the other boys off my shoulders. He kissed me again, before closing the door to me. As I turned from the door, and walked down the steps of the frat house, I couldn't help smiling. I was so happy. I looked back to his window and saw him looking back at me. He smiled and waved.

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The walk to the dorm seemed shorter than it actually was, and before I knew it I was back up to my door and turning the key in the lock. When I opened the door, I found a bag on my bed and Blaine's bed empty. I walked over to the bed, picked up the bag and opened it. It was a brand new Speedo, with the schools colors on it, and my name on the ass. I opened the card and read the note left by Blaine.

Dear Jeremy, this is my way of apologizing for my behavior last night and hope there are no hard feelings. Sincerely, Blaine. I smiled. Somewhat selfishly, I was happier to the fact I didn't have to buy myself a Speedo, than his apology. I mean, I wasn't hurt by his actions last night; I just didn't have enough effort to care right now. I stripped and pulled on the Speedo, pulled my shorts over it, grabbed a towel, and walked to the spot I was told for practice.


It was there that I met the team. They were a cool group of kids but I didn't immediately click with them, not like I had with Jake and the other boys when I first started playing. We went for a run and then it was into the pool. They knew I had gotten a full ride, so I already had expectations to live up to.

The coach threw me a ball when I got into the box, and I threw it and the game was underway. These guys were good, so I had a harder time blocking goals then my first time in high school, but my high spirits and happy character helped me out, and after our mock game, they were all pretty impressed.

It was beginning to get dark by the time I got back, because I had stopped to eat on the way back. When I got to the room, Blaine still wasn't there. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the light.

I was startled by what I saw. There was some random guy standing in the small communal shower jacking off. He was tall, very thin and lanky, and had a huge cock. He was really into it, and apparently hadn't noticed the change in lighting.

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I stood there slightly horrified, because the door had been locked to the dorm. I cleared my throat and you would have thought the guy jumped through the roof. I looked this guy over again.


He seemed older. He was very handsome in the face, and now that I looked again, had a nice body for an older gentleman, but he was still very thin. "Hello" he said, somewhat nonchalantly. "Who are you?" I asked bluntly. "I'm Sean, Blaines father. He gave me a key, seeing as how I pay for this place". "Oh, well what brings you from New York to a.um…college dormitory" I asked. "I just wanted to get out of the city and stay somewhere else" he said.

This didn't add up to me. Blaine's family was very well off. Even if his dad did want to get out of the city, he could stay anywhere else.

'Blaine has told me so much about you, I just had to meet you" he said. I quickly glanced down and noticed his penis was still extremely hard. "Um sorry I had to take a shower, I just got back form water polo, but ill let you finish" I said. "Oh no need!

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There's more than one head in this stall, just join me" he said. I couldn't turn him down. I mean he paid extra for an old RA bathroom and paid for my room. I slowly walked into the shower, picked a head directly across from him.

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"So Blaine tells me you're one hell of a water polo player" he said. "Oh I guess" I said. "You know, I've always thought male water polo players were very handsome. I mean my god, those bodies" he said.

He was still hard as a rock. Jesus did creepiness run in the family. I closed my eyes as I lathered my hair, and felt the product wash down my body when I came back under the warm water. My heart dropped when I opened my eyes. He was standing directly in front of me. "Uh Mr. Austin?" I stammered.

"Listen right now and listen good" he said, stepping closer, his horse cock pressing into my thigh. His breath was hot on my neck, and all I could do was stand flat against the shower wall horrified. "Blaine has told me about you and him, and how you just blew him off; my son seemed pretty hurt about it" he said in a violent whisper. "So until you learn some respect, you're mine now. When I come to town, you do whatever I say. When I say jump you jump" he said. I felt the terror build in my throat.

I wanted to scream, do something, but I was stuck in place. "Now you see this huge cock?" he said. I slowly nodded. "My son has a big one too doesn't he? That was his gift from daddy.

Your gunna get on your hands and knees and take my fat cock in your ass and you're going to like it." I felt a tear roll down my face. "Didn't you here what I said? Take my fucking cock" he shoved me on the ground and grabbed me from behind. With no warning or grace about it, he shoved all of his length into me, nearly splitting me in two.

I screamed and he began to hump me furiously. I felt my dick almost leap inside me. I was sobbing and the pain was excruciating. He lasted not a long time and exploded inside me. He stood up, spit on me, and then left the bathroom. I began to sob on the ground, and felt his cum slowly leak out of me. I don't know where this came from, but at that moment I had a genius idea, even in all of my misery. I grabbed a tissue from a box by the shower, and wiped his cum onto it.

I got out and grabbed a plastic bag that I had thrown away when I first got here, and shoved the tissue into that. I left the shower on and entered my room. Blaine's dad had gone. I opened my desk and put the bag into a mini safe my parents bought me. I put some papers over the safe and closed the drawer to my desk. I went back and finished my shower, essentially numb. My moves were almost robotic, unhuman. I turned off the shower and stood there for awhile.

I then went into the room, crawled into my bed, and felt my whole body shudder as a huge sob escaped my body. I cried myself to sleep. I awoke two hours later to the lock moving. I felt my body tense as I immediately shut my eyes again. I heard two pairs of feet enter the room. "He is asleep, were fine" I heard Blaine say. "Ok" a familiar voice said. I heard the two walk to Blaine's bed, loose their clothes, and get in. A few minutes later I heard moans and giggles.

"Fuck Blaine you're so fucking hot.

Fuck me" I then remembered that voice. I was Aimes, the guy who I lost it to, and the first guy I ever fell for. He went to this school but the other campus. I remember he took an interest in Blaine when he saw him picking me up form the airport.

Asshole. Throughout all the misery of the night I saw one silver lining. I had a tissue with Mr. Austin's cum on it, and it finally clicked why my numb mind had done that. I turned 18 in two months.