Big fat dick fuckin her mouth

Big fat dick fuckin her mouth
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Let me start with some background info. My name is Jacob, and I'm a 16 year old high school student. I am 5'8 with an athletic build.

Let's start the story. (THIS IS A TRUE STORY) I woke up at 6:45 AM with only one thing on my mind: the PE teacher assistant.

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I took a shower, got dressed, and ate breakfast before heading off to school. I have PE class 5th period, so I had to wait pretty much all day to see her. But boy was it worth waiting. I finally arrived at PE class rushing to change into my gym clothes so I could see her. The moment came where my class all sat down in roll call order and the teacher did attendance. To everyone's dismay, the teacher said we were doing a 10 lap run around the school. He said after each lap, tell your number to either me or the TA (teacher assistant) so we can record it.

If your roll call number is 1-25 report to Sammy (the TA) and if your roll call number is 26-50 report to me. Luckily my roll call number was 15 so I could talk to Sammy after every lap.


Fuck yeah!!!, I thought. So after my first lap, I told her my number, and she wrote it down. Nothing happened. yet. Next lap around, I told her my number and she wrote it but as I was leaving to go complete another lap, I turned around and got a nice long look at her cute little ass hugging those short shorts. She noticed me and blushed. That gave me the motivation to finish that lap in record time. When I came jogging in to tell her my number, I "accidentantly" moved my hand to the side a little so that it would brush by her boobs as I left.

I said, "oh sorry Sammy" and she just blushed.


So eventually I finished the run, and we were just doing our routine cooldown lap where we just walk around the school. As I was walking, I noticed the lovely Sammy right behind me. I purposely started walking slower so we would be at the same spot.

She said, "You know, if you really want me that bad you can just tell me". "Uhhh" was all I could mutter out as now she was literally right next to me. "Go to the gym after school" she whispered. ******* The final bell rang after what seemed like a neverending period of time, and I ran as fast as I could to the gym. Of course there was no one there after school.

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There she was waiting for me. "So Jacob I've been noticing you've been all over me today" said Sammy. I couldnt even say a word, I was so nervous. "Oh come here already Jacob" as she pulled me over. I then instinctively started to feel and caress her nice boobs. "Oh yes Jacob that feels so good kiss me" said Sammy in response to this. I then proceeded to make out with her while still feeling her boobs.

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Now obviously I had a HUGE boner from this and it hurt it was so hard. I started lifting her shirt up and unhooking the clasps of her bra to reveal those sexy boobs. I immediatly took one of her 36 C tits into my mouth and started sucking. "Oh fuck yeah that feels sooooo good Jacob". While I was doing this, she managed to unzipper my shorts and pull my boxers down revealing my 7.5 inch cock. She then started giving me the best blowjob ever!! I dont even think I can explain how good that felt.

She was sucking my cock like a pro, like her life depended on it. Right as I was just about to cum, she stopped, and said "you need to save that load for later".

I took off her short shorts and panties to reveal that nice ass of hers and the ultimate prize: her sweet pussy. I started to spank that ass and she yelled in joy "oh spank me like i'm your slut fuck yesssss" I began to eat her out and she tasted oh so good.

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"Yes Jacob faster oh put your fucking tongue in me oh yes" "Jacob I'm going to cum soon, oh my god yes do it faster faster faster YESSSSSS I'M CUMMING as I got splashed in her sweet juices like I was in a waterpark. "Oh Jacob that was the best feeling of my life".

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"Now do me a favor and put that cock in me!" I inserted it into her tight pussy and before I could start she said, "wait! i'm a virgin, go slow." "How the FUCK could she be a virgin!?", I thought.

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I moved ever so slowly in and said, "are you read Sammy?" "Yes i'm ready go ahead". I shoved all 7.5 inches in her and she yelped in pain and dug her nails into my back.

I stopped for a minute then she said, "ok keep going". I began pumping her starting slowly and gradually going faster and faster. Her tight pussy felt so good against my throbbing cock. She bended in a position so I could go deeper in.

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She was hot wet and tight, I thought I was going to die from excitement. "Oh fuck me faster Jacob I want to cum with you." I began going faster and faster and faster, stimulating her and me even more. "Oh fuck Sammy your so tight fuck yes take my cock" I said. "Fuck my tight little hole Jacob fuck it harder!!!" said Sammy. I was on the damn near verge of exploding into that womb of hers. I could feel that famous feeling that I fell when I masturbate over her, and it was finally coming true.

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"OH I'M CUMMING JACOB CUM IN MEEEE OHHH FUCKKK YESSS" she screamed. "FUCK YES AHHHHH" I yelled as I unloaded what seemed like a gallon of semen into her womb, "Oh that was so good Jacob we have to do that again" she winked.

But I just thought one thing: Oh shit did I just get her pregnant? Part 2?