Teen babe facesitted by her busty friend

Teen babe facesitted by her busty friend
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Stacie slowly came round, eyes opening slowly. Her head fuzzy from the cocktail of drugs she had been fed. As she came to the realisation that she was naked she tried to jump up, but found her arms and legs bound to the wooden bedposts.

Naked and vulnerable, she looked at the three men in the room, all studying a table of objects that she struggled to see. Vince, the biggest of the three men grinned, "look who's waking up, time to place your bets gents!" On the table was an array of sex toys and phallic shaped items, shaving foam bottles, candles, bottles and dildo's, arranged in size order.

Jon, the man with the gap toothed smile put a wad of notes down next to the deoderant can "I'm stickin that in her, and that's all that tight little cunt can take!" "Stacie stuggled to take this in, the realisation that she was going to be raped had hit but what were they talking about now?" The ginger guy looked thoughtful, and eyed Stacie slowly, "I think that bitch can take more" He strode over to the bed and thrust a dirty finger into her tight, dry cunt.

Stacie yelped, the burning sensation at the unwelcome intrusion taking her by surprise. "Hmmm…I think maybe this one will be as far as it goes" placing his money by a large black dildo.

The biggest guy laughed and shook his head "you guys gunna have to learn, a cunt can stretch, and if it don't, fist the fucking thing till it does!" He threw down a wad of cash next to a fat pillar candle, the largest object on the table. Vince clapped his hands together, "let's get started gents!" he picked up the smallest dildo, barely bigger than his finger and headed towards Stacie. She couldn't breathe now, fear shook her and she pleaded to be let go.

But vince was enjoying her fear and started to brush the dildo up and down her pink pussy lips. "mmmm all shaved eh? Who were you expecting to fuck tonight hunni?" He pushed the dildo into her sweet pussy and met resistance, Stacie bucked her hips in protest but he simply pushed further and the dildo was forced inside her.

She started screaming, with fear more than pain. Vince was annoyed "Yo Steve, shut her up will ya?" Steve grinned and unzipped his pants, his hard cock thick and long.

"you wanna suck this hunni?" Stacie shook her head furiously but he laughed and kneeled over her on the bed, forcing his cock into her mouth. Vince was already onto the next dildo, twisting it into her dry pussy painfully, wondering if they were gunna have to get this bitch wet to go any further. Stacies sobs were muffled by Steves cock in her mouth, laughing, he straddled her face and sat down, forcing his cock all the way down her throat.

Her eyes popped out and started to water furiously, her body went mad, bucking and jerking, struggling desperately to get free as Vince forced an even bigger dildo inside her. "shut up bitch, or you're taking my balls too!!" Pulling the dildo out, Vince began to worry about his bet, this was the tightest little cunt he'd ever experienced and he had a sudden urge to fuck it.

Unzipping his pants he took out his cock, hard from watching this young bitch get her skull fucked. "hey" Jon said, "I thought we weren't fuckin her?" Vince, clearly the leader of the pack ignored him and pushed the head of his cock against her pink pussy lips.

It wouldn't go in so he spat on his hand and rubbed the tip of his cock. It took sheer brute force to get that cock inside her, he kept pushing till he was all the way in.

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Stacie felt herself burning down below even as the cock in her throat choked her and tried to scream. "That's it" Steve said, you're taking my balls bitch" Prising her mouth open even wider he stuffed his balls in her mouth and smiled as he saw her struggle to breathe" "Geeeaaaaah&hellip.fuck this is fucking tight" Vince was in full swing now, thrusting in to her hard and fast, feeling himself start to come, pushing his cock into her as far as it would go, shooting his load straight up her.

"FUCK! That was hot!

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Okay Jon, grab your deoderant can boy!" Jons eyes lit up and he grabbed the can excitedly, this was a fantasy of his that no girlfriend had ever let him fulfill!

He knelt between her legs and looked at her swollen pussy, now red and sore, spunk now dribbling out. He took the can and tried to push it between her legs. It was far too big for her small opening and it wouldn't budge. He started to screw it in, turning the can and was relieved to see it start to go in, slowly, very slowly. "you gotta get it all in boy" Vince taunted.

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Stacie felt herself being ripped apart but was gagging too much to make a noise, Vince's hot cum was pouring down her throat. "you gunna be quiet now bitch?" he asked, she nodded and she took his cock out of her mouth.

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She gasped for air, retching at what she had just swallowed and reeling from the pain between her legs. They watched in disbelief as the can was forced up inside her.

Jons cock was growing hard watching this and he ripped the can out, leaving her pussy bleeding. Steve picked up the enormous dildo with a grin "shes going to take this now no problem now shes bleeding" Bus his cock wasn't finished. "right lads untie her legs and hold em" They did as they were told and help her legs wide apart. Steve knelt between her and pushed her legs back so he cold see her pink ass, clearly never been fucked. Spitting on his cock he grinned and pushed the head against her ass hole.

Stacie was confused at what was happening, she could feel him prodding her ass but there was no way anything could fit up there was there? Her questions were answered as he rammed his cock clean up her ass, she felt herself being ripped in two as the unfamiliar sensation took her breath away.

She tried to gasp for air but in the next instant the dildo was forced up her and the two hard objects appeared to meet in the middle and fuck her so hard she felt it in her stomach. Her lithe body was stretched across the bed and she was helpless as she was brutally fucked in both holes. Steve couldn't believe the tight ass that he was fucking, every thrust was an effort and he took sheer delight in ramming her hole hard. He didn't stop till his spunk was shooting up her ass.

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Stacie was crying, her pussy and ass stinging and oozing cum. Vince has very patiently been watching this, and picked up the candle.

Stacie screamed and flailed her legs, kicking anything she could reach. "HEY!" Vince lay himself on top of her, pinning her down and showed her the fat candle in his hand. "Now you ARE taking this missy and you're taking it up your cunt. The only question is do I light it or not.


If you play nice and spread your legs, I won't light it okay?" Stacie was frozen to the spot. "Okay?" He asked again "Okay" she whispered, her tear-streaked face white with fright. "Now spread your legs for Vince". Shaking, Stacie did as he said. Now Tell Vince you want this candle in your pussy. "I…I w.w.want it in my pussy" He slid three fingers in first, feeling the warmth inside her, and slowly pushed his hand in and made a fist. "Oh yeah that feels real good Stacie, Doesn't it?" She didn't respond so he took his fist and punched upwards "Tell me it feels good Stacie" She was screaming at the pain from the punch inside her and couldn't reply before he punched again.

It winded her this time and he withdrew his fist and tried again with the candle. Ten minutes later she had blacked out, the candle was buried inside her pussy but she was bruised, bleeding and torn. Vince collected his money from the lads and they stood laughing at the young unconscious body before untying her.


The other lads were getting dressed but Vince was eyeing the bedpost curiously. The frame was wood and the ends were thick posts with wooden orbs on the end.

Vince dipped his hand in his pocket and fished out a dirty pot of Vaseline and started to grease up the orb. Steve and Jon looked at him curiously.

"Flip her over for me would ya?" he barked. They turned her onto her front and he slid two greased fingers up her ass. This woke her up and she instantly panicked. Catching on, Steve and Jon lifted her by the arms and carried her over to the bed.

Limp and weak, she could not fight. They positioned her over the bedpost and slowly lowered her down. Stacie was confused when they sat her on top of the bed post but confusion slowly turned to panic as they started to push. Vince angled her by her hips and pushed her down, he ass stretching to take the orb. Stacie screamed even louder as the orb slid in her ass, stretching it to the limit.


The men laughed at the spectacle of the girl impailed on the bedpost but pulled her off and threw her back on the bed. They left the room laughing and joking and Stacie passed out again. Some hours later she woke up, it was dark and cold and she cried with the shame of what had just happened to her, the pain was just and bad. She tried to move but realised she was tied up again.

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She opened her eyes to find another 3 strange men standing over the bed… `