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This story is about how things started I was only 13 and very confused I recall the first time things began between me and my dad I was only 13,I was home alone with him and he was watching tv as I walked by he patted the couch and said come on watch tv with me, thinking nothing of it I sat with him after a while he shut off the tv and turned to me and asked have you ever played truth or dare??

No dad i havent.he asked me how about we play then?

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I nervously answered ok not sure I wanted to play this game with my dad after all I had secrets an i didnt want to tell them, he went first asking truth or dare? I said truth, so he asked have you ever kissed a boy? turn truth or dare .truth he said do you love me?

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Yes of course I do silly he said.this went on for while and i relaxed thinking ok this is dumb! the next time he asked me truth or dare I said Dare.this is where everything changed for me, he grinned real big and said I dare you to take all your clothes off and lay naked while I touch your tits.I said do I have to? he told me well its part of the game and its the rules so I did as I was told I took off all my clothes and laid naked he started touching my tits real slow told me to close my eyes and then I felt his mouth on my tit real warm, I squirmed trying to move away but he held me down saying hold still, I started to get a little scared but he told me that it was all ok that sometimes girls have to help there dad's out and that is what i was going to do, I felt his hand move over my body and between my legs it was like small electrical shocks as he explored my virgin pussy, I wont lie it felt very good but i knew it was so wrong for him to be touching me this way but I knew better then to argue so i let him continue, he slid one finger inside me moving in and out rubbing over my clit tickling it lightly, he said he was going to stop but he wanted me to sit up and stay naked, when he removed his finger from me I sat up and he took his pants off and laid next to me and told me to put my hand around his dick and stroke him, I told him i didnt know he grabbed my hand and wrapped it around his dick and worked my hand up and down telling me just like this,I could hear his breathing getting faster as I stroked him, he told me how good it felt and what a good girl i was to do this for him, as I was stroking thinking ok this is easy he told me baby i want you to kiss my cock and then suck it like a sucker I leaned over and started kissing and sucking i felt him put his hands over my head and move me up and down then he pushed me back and told me baby watch daddy is going to cum, I watched as he shot his cum all over his belly, he got his breath back and wiped off asking me what i thought i told him it was wierd.

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and asked him if that was how a girl cam to? he told me not quite and that he would show me if I would just lay back and lay still and do what he said that if I said ok that i could not stop anything I had to finish not knowing at that time what it would mean I agreed, he laid me back and pulled me to the edge of his bed he spread my legs and started rubbing my pussy working his finger slowly inside, he knelt down and placed his mouth on my pussy kissing slowly and began licking up and down, it felt so good i started moaning and squirming he paused his licking and said feels good does it baby?


I moaned yes daddy soo good what is happening, he said you are getting ready for me.I had no idea what that ment but i liked what he was doing so i didnt ask he went back to licking and sucking I felt this warm tingly feeling building inside and started trying to move back, but my daddy grabbed my hips and said no baby go with itI started cumming my first cum ever screaming oh DADDY DADDY it feels good what is it DADDY DONT STOP, as i started coming down from my first high of cummingI saw my dad stand up and pull me forward a bit more and say ok now we have some real fun just like adults I started to panic and try to move back he grabbed me by my hips and said DONT FIGHT ME!

I told you we would finish this and you agreed, I said daddy no please not with you i dont want to.he told me thats to bad daddy is going to fuck your pussy im going to shove my cock all the way inside you untill I cum and your going to love it! I can do it easy or I can hurt you its your choice so what is it going to be?


I didnt answer so he slapped my leg hard! answer me NOW! ok I sobbed the easy way ill be good, I watched in horror as he grabbed his cock and lined it up with my pussy thinking it wont go in its to big!

he rubbed up and down getting it wet and then started pushing forward, I felt my pussy streatching around him as he moved forward, then he hit against my Hymen he told me ohhh babygirl this is going to hurt a little but you will be fine and you will love it once this part is over I said Daddy no please dont lets just stop!.He pulled back making me think maybe he was going to stop then he slammed forward right through my hymen I screamed it hurts please take it out it hurts!

but he didnt he started moving in and out of my pussy telling me what a good girl i was to make her daddy feel so so good!

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and that soon he was going to fill me with his cum but not untill I cam on his cock.daddy no it still hurts I dont want to cum for you!

he started rubbing my clit while he continued fucking my pussy and it stopped hurting, it actually felt good! I started getting that tingly feeling again I was moaning and pushing back against him, he whispered in my ear it feels good huh baby?

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I moaned yes daddygood baby cum for daddy and not 5mins later I cam so hard on his cock, screaming again im cumming daddy im cumming, good girl baby daddy feels you milking his cock, Im going to cum soon baby all inside you as i started to cum down from my orgasum I felt daddy start cumming he screamed AHHHH Im cumming he cam what seemed like forever inside me when he was done he laid next to me and said god you are sexy little girl I need you to clean me up now he told me to take his cock in my mouth again and suck it clean i told him it was gross but he told me to do it anyway so I did what he said sucking his cum, my cum and my virgin blood off his cock gagging a bit but I did it while he smiled and said I was a good girl when i finished i curled in a ball and I heard him say .I loved taking your Virginity baby girl, I didnt look at him I didnt know what to say just knowing what we had done was sooo wrong, and at the same time I had liked it.then another thought came to mind daddy cam in me what if I got pregnant?

and I just laid there shocked and scared.(to be continued?)