StepMom Looks For Hotel Sex With Son

StepMom Looks For Hotel Sex With Son
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She picked up her journal, the one she had kept ever since she had learned about adult life, and as she turned the page she smiled as the memories came flooding back to her as she recalled the pleasure and knowledge they gave her.

Her smiled widened as she came across an entry entitled "Hi I'm Candy f*** me." ***** . Julie sat in the sterile lounge of the airport hotel in Gatwick staring at the giant wooden aeroplane suspended in the bar area. She was more than a little pissed off as though she thought she had been clever in catching the earlier transatlantic plane via Gatwick, but with delays and cancellations meant she now had a fourteen-hour wait before catching the connector to Brussels.

She knew at 32 she was still in excellent condition and wished for a moment she wasn't as she tried to bury her head and act interested in her book as yet another middle aged businessman tried the same old pickup lines once they spotted an attractive woman on her own. Julie sensed someone moving over to her and the retort of "No thanks I am waiting for someone" froze in her mouth when she looked up to see an attractive curly haired blonde face smiling down at her.

"Jeeeez, don't these guys give ya the creeps" said the woman in a broad American accent, and introduced herself as Candy and asked if they could sit together as protection from what she called 'The circling sharks'.


Julie nodded and smiled pleasantly at the woman as it slowly dawned on her that she was one of the air stewardesses from the plane Julie had just got off. "Sorry I didn't recognise you without your clothes on" Julie said, quickly followed by, "Errrr what I meant was without your uniform" as she started to feel her face colour.

Candy laughed and said with a wink that it could be arranged if she wanted or maybe they had met in a previous life. The easy laughter broke the ice and soon the two of them were alternating between talking in hushed giggles like little schoolgirls and chuckling out loud with laughter as they swapped tales of life and men.

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Just as Candy was describing a particularly sordid tale of a stopover in Jamaica, she stopped in mid-sentence and nodded towards two guys who were staring and winking at the two girls. "Looks like the sharks are getting ready to try to feed" laughed Candy, "What do you say to grabbing a bottle and going to my room where it's a bit safer?" Julie stood in the lift staring at their reflection feeling a little scruffy in her jeans and old and worn man's bomber jacket in comparison to the smartly dressed, slightly older woman.

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Julie's apologised for her appearance and the explanation that all her stuff was still packed was brushed aside by Candy as the lift continued to rise. Candy threw the door open to her suite with a flourish and Julie just stood at the doorway staring at the size of the room.

"Wow," said Julie "They must pay you airline people well." Candy laughingly replied "Well honey there has gotta be some compensations for sucking the general manager's little pecker," and with that she invited Julie to make herself at home while she got changed. Julie was standing gazing out of the large window as she heard Candy move to stand behind her. Looking at the reflection in the window Julie realised that Candy's idea of changing into something more comfortable was a miniscule silk kimono.

Julie turned and took in the woman's full figure admiring the fullness of her breasts and the curves of her body. Candy watched intently as Julie's eyes roamed across her body and she felt her nipples harden and begin to poke through the thin silk material.

As they went to sit on the couch Candy slipped and the drink she was holding splashed all down the front of Julie. As the drink started to soak in, Candy looked in horror and insisted that Julie get her wet things off so they could be dry for her to travel the next day. It was Candy's turn to watch Julie as she shrugged out of the jacket before quickly unbuttoning her blouse.


Kicking off her boots Julie shimmied out of her jeans and stood there in just a white thong and bra. "I think you have some on your bra," said Candy reaching out and touching Julie's chest. She felt her nipples start to harden at Candy's touch and stood quietly as she proceeded to unclip the bra and cupped her breasts. Candy ran her thumb across Julie's nipple and smiled as she watched her shudder with pleasure.

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Still rolling her thumb across Julie's nipple she bent and kissed her softly on the mouth, still now sure whether she was dealing with a woman not initiated in the pleasure of girl/girl love. The ferocity of the return of the kiss dispelled any doubts form Candy's mind as their tongues danced in a duel. Candy sank to her knees and tugged frantically at Julie's thong, sighing as she revealed her pubic mound.

Pausing only to inhale her sweet fragrance Candy pushed Julie backwards onto the bed whose legs fell almost naturally akimbo. Burying her head between Julie's thighs Candy began to lap contentedly at Julie's wet pussy. She smiled inwardly as she heard Julie begin to moan as the first orgasm built in her body and continued to probe deeply driving Julie higher and higher. Suddenly Julie screamed and Candy felt the juices flood onto her tongue, which she swallowed with delight.

Not giving Julie time to recover Candy quickly delved in her bag and withdrew one of her constant travelling companions.

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Buckling the harness around her hips Candy flicked Julie onto all fours and pulled her to a kneeling position. Rubbing the head across Julie's wet pussy Candy enquired whether she had ever been fucked with a strap on before.

Julie quietly moaned that she had and was looking forward to being ridden by Candy and would love to return the favour later.

"This is kinda different" Candy drawled which didn't make sense at first to Julie. The meaning began to sink in as she felt a head slip into her pussy and at the same time pressure on her anal opening.

"Oh my" Julie managed to say as she felt the pressure increase. "Oh yes" said Candy in reply as she gradually increased the pressure as the head of one dildo slipped easily into Julie's pussy whilst the head of the other met a little more resistance.

Coating the head of the uppermost dildo with some gel that Candy had grabbed at the same time as buckling up, both heads began to sink in together. Julie felt both of the dildos sliding into her body; the pleasure and the pain were intermingled as her pussy gratefully opened to receive the dildo whilst her ass was a little more reluctant.

As she relaxed she felt both slide in opening her further and further. She moaned as she felt Candy's groin rest against her ass and felt Candy's breasts rest against her back as she whispered in her ear, "Now you are gonna get the ride of your life." Candy started to make little rocking movements with her hips and Julie began to love the feeling of perfect unison as the two prongs slide deep into her, then out filing both her holes at once. She felt the familiar tension building deep inside her body as the orgasm started to build again.

She was shocked but didn't resist as a moment later as Candy pulled her to her feet still with both plastic cocks buried in her body. Spinning her round Candy propelled Julie towards the picture window she had been admiring earlier and pressed her against the glass.


Julie moaned with pleasure as the cold glass pressed against her breast and tummy in contrast to the roaring heat raging through her body. Candy began to hump into Julie's body, gentle at first but soon frantically thrusting banging Julie against the glass. "Cum for me lover" she muttered as she drove into Julie's body each stroke lifting her up and onto the glass. As Julie felt herself lifted onto her tiptoes she watched a plane come hurtling down the runway and for a moment wondered if the passengers could see her being fucked.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" screamed Julie as the orgasm ran through her body from the tip of her nose though to her toes.

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Spinning her round so Julie was bent over across the table Candy continued to slam into Julie's body as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her.

Later as they lay resting from their exertions with Julie's arms round her from behind, Candy heard Julie murmur in her ear, "You didn't have to waste the drink to get my clothes off you know." Smiling as she felt Julie's arms around her she replied with a smile, "I know but I just wanted to make sure," Candy dozed for a while as she enjoyed the gentle caressing of her body from Julie's hands.

Candy awoke to the feel of a tongue licking her pussy and it took her a moment to realise where she was.

The moonlight still shone through the non-curtained window and she lifted the covers to see a shock of long brunette locks buried between her thighs. Candy admired Julie's tanned body that was without a white mark in sight as her tongue began to work its magic. Julie delved deeper and deeper into Candy's body licking deep into her folds tasting every drop if her pussy. As she felt Candy get wetter and wetter Julie introduced one end of the double-headed dildo she had found in Candy's overnight bag.


Candy groaned as the flexible dildo began to slide into her body and she laid back enjoying the feelings. Once Julie felt she had fed enough into Candy's willing body she moved round sliding one leg under Candy's body and the other over her chest. This exposed Julie's pussy wide and she lost no time in feeding the other end of the dildo that was embedded into Candy's pussy into her own soaking pussy.

As Julie shuffled forward taking each inch their pussies got closer and closer. Eventually they were close enough for their lips to touch and as if an electric shock had run through them both they jerked upwards. Julie gripped with her vaginal muscles and began to move her hips back and forward. This had the effect of thrusting in and out of Candy causing the dildo to buck and jerk as it went deeper and deeper.

With their legs entwined Julie thrust a hand between their bodies rubbing so that both clits were manipulated at the same time. Julie heard Candy's breath grow more laboured as she neared her climax and pinching Candy's erect nipple she twisted as Candy moaned and writhed, then as she came in a roar Candy threw back her head screaming "Hi.


I'm Candy. Fuck Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."