Neighbor boy fucks horny aunty

Neighbor boy fucks horny aunty
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I met Edie in a small bar. She is a attractive 34 year old, never married with a hot hour glass body and long dark hair. She is there with a group of friends, when we first met, there was something familiar about her. I recognized her in the way that you know you've seen someone before but can't put your finger on where you know them from. As the night went on I asked Edie to dance and we spent time on the dance floor and we talked during some much needed rest breaks between dances. It is during one of these conversation breaks that I discovered where I knew her from.

She also frequented another bar that I liked to hang out in. She is wearing a tight fitting black dress that really flattered her body and revealed her shapely legs legs that I couldn't stop looking at.

During our last conversation break I discovered she is not dating anyone and has not had a serious relationship with a man since three years ago. We left the bar going to my penthouse at the Lake Cliff Tower in downtown Dallas. After entering the penthouse, my next move turned out to be not at what she expected.

I leaned in close and in the guise of pulling her closer to me, I open my palm and cover her breast with it, squeezing and molding it. She has firm breasts, tender and soft with jutting small nipples.


Edie is too shocked to do anything at first. She just closed her eyes and let me touch her. Then suddenly she pushes my hand away without saying anything. She hears me chuckle in the darkness, but I didn't say anything either. After another drink I walked down the hall with her, leading her towards the master bedroom.

She went willingly enough because I was giving her compliments. Suddenly she realized that I was directing her to walk into a dark bedroom.

" Um, John? Why are we here?" " I want to show you the master bedroom, it's great," I said soothingly and continued to speak in a gentle manner until we were in the bedroom with the door closed, surrounded on both sides by low lights and a king size bed.

Smoothly, she pulled her long hair back and tied it into a tight ponytail. " Shhhhh." She whispers. " I have wanted to meet you for a long time." " I wanted to meet you too." I said. " Shhhh." Edie repeated. With some determination, she reached over until her hand rested on my chest. She begins caressing my hairy chest, slowly swirling her hand back and forth, half expecting me to grip her wrist and stop her. When I didn't, she became even more brazen.

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She brought her eager hand down to touch my soft belly. She hears my sharp intake of breath, as her fingers dared past the loose fabric of my soft shorts and came to rest on my lower thigh. With her own breathing becoming agitated, she kept making soft, short circles on my thigh, drawing my shorts back a little more with every revolution. " Do me a favor, lay back." For a moment, she worried I wouldn't do it.

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Moments later, she watched me lay back on the bed. She reached further across my leg, invading beneath the fabric and brushing over my thick pubic hair for a few moments, before her fingers came to rest on my warm monster.

" It's so big." She whispered dreamily, feeling it suddenly twitch under her tender touch. She ran her fingertips across its length, hearing my low moan. I pushed her away and got up off the bed, I stepped in front of her, and knelt down between her wide spread feet.

Put my hands on her knees and caressed them, thumb and fingers in a circular motion. She watched as if fascinated by it, then I leaned down to kiss each one, running my tongue over them and smiled up at her. Now she knew what I was meaning, she is trapped, knees wide apart and held, arms on the chair arms. " John what are you doing, stop this right now!" She told me.

I continue kissing her knees and begin rubbing my hands up and down her shapely calves. As I'm kissing and licking her, my hands slid up to her upper thighs, my touch is light and feathery, she wriggled as much as she could but she is stuck, she couldn't do anything to stop me. She is worried, now she knew why she was here and she is getting what she is here for, there is no one around for her to call, my penthouse is on the top floor of the building and no one nearby.

I didn't speak or answer her, I just kissed and licked her, caressed her, my fingers fluttering around her soft toned thighs. Her short skirt is riding higher as my hands disappeared and reappeared, fingers gently drumming her skin, hot breath on her knees, soft lips kissing and soft insistent tongue licking. She tried to hump her backside up and down to dislodge me but it is useless.

At that point somehow she resigned herself to her fate and that allowed her body to accept its defeat. She is at my mercy, I had conned and tricked her into this, she had been captured just like that and now I'm having my way with her.


Seduced if you want to call it that, her predicament showed its ugly hand. I moved away from her, she stood up and I walked behind her, reaching down I casually undid the five buttons on her blouse, sliding my cool hands inside finding her nipples, if she could have jumped she would have hit the ceiling. I squeezed them through her very thin lacy bra; she feels them harden, if there's one thing that turns her on, is having her nipples ravaged.

I'm doing just that! " Stop it John, this is wrong, you will be in serious trouble, jail even, think about it!" She yelled through her arousal. I kept up my assault on them; I seem to know her body is hard wired for sex, receptive to a man's touch, a man's manipulation, a man with the worlds knowledge of seducing a woman is undoing her.

She has never experienced a man that is a master at seducing a woman and a master at sexual arousal. She hears a grunt, she knew her eyes were tight shut against what I was doing, but they popped open when she heard that loud snort and it came from her, she is gasping, the bastard made her do it. Then she Arrrrghed! " Stop it John, please?" She begged. But I wouldn't and didn't, I knew her somehow, I knew exactly what her body craved, wanted, needed and what her body was for, I had read her, understood her, I was raiding her, she is being carried off to where, she was yet to find out, vanquished by this older man.

My hands as I pushed down onto the bed, she is spread eagle on the bed. I appeared in her line of vision, straddled the her, I pulled her blouse to one side, snapped her bra in half and collected her rock hard nipples. She looked up at me and whispered pleadingly. " Please John stop this while you can, its not too late, please?" But she already knew the answer would fall on deaf ears. Two squeezes is all it took on her tender nipples and I forced a groan from her.

She hears her breath being sucked in, gasping out rapidly. " You say you want me to stop Edie, these aren't agreeing with you are they?" Before she can respond I squeeze and roll them again, all she gave is a long moan. If she could have seen herself from above she would have seen her eyes closed in defeat, her nipples being rolled and tormented, her butt would have already been glistening, getting wet, ready for the up coming intrusion of a cock.

She feels something hot and warm on one nipple then the other, she managed to open her eyes and she saw the top of my head going from one to the other. My hot breathy mouth taking one followed by the other, it is sheer heaven. She hears herself moan, " Oh John, what are you doing to me?" Here she is, thirty four years old, never married, not dating anyone, has never been in a long term relationship and is being utterly and resoundingly made to love, She loves what this older man is doing to her.

" I'm only doing what you crave and like Edie, I have a lot to give you, I want you to have it, I want you to take it, share it back with me, and enjoy it." " But I have never had a lover; I have never dated a older man!" " Yes that is a bit of a drawback," I said, " but, we can't have everything in life?" " John." She stopped, her voice died in her throat, her panties went as I ripped them off, she looked down and her skirt is up around her waist, her blouse wide open, her tits are pointing at the ceiling ready to blast into space.

I'm now kneeling between her legs, I bent my head and simply kissed her pussy lips and off she went, BOOM BOOM! My tongue dragged over her clit and she is gone, no more able to challenge me, ready and willing, unable to say yes, but she is ready!

She is ready to be ridden now by her very own jockey in the shape of older man.

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My 6 ft 4 body towers over her 5 FT 5 body. She knows I have six ex-wives and have lots of girlfriends and lovers. She has batted her eye lashes at me a few times and swayed her hips enticingly for me. But she never intended this to happen, it was all for fun and not for me to take action on. I noticed her innocent actions and decided that she was a sexy woman and given the opportunity I would take her.

What she also didn't know, a friend of hers called me arranging for me to take her! Her unintended teasing and our conversations at the bar, she had discussed parts of her sex life with me. She revealed she had a sex drive that intimidated most men, they have trouble keeping up with her and certain places on her body are very sensitive. She did not know about my sexual prowess. I kneel back lowering my head sliding my tongue up inside her, her pussy spasms as I tweak her nipples with my finger tips, it made her moan, I'm driving from her any vestiges of resistance.

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I drove her over the top of ecsatsy. " Please John," She moaned. " Yes Edie?" I replied softly, knowing she is done for, I had seduced her completely and now she is ready to plead.

" Please don't tease me any more," She whimpers. " Please no more." I inserted my index finger into her slippery cunt and taking it out sucked it dry. " Umm.tasty cunt.I will enjoy fucking it." She blushed at my obscene gesture, I position myself between her legs and holding my cock I said, " Are you ready to take this." " I-I don't know," she said, closing her eyes.

" You will know very soon." I took hold of her legs and put them on my shoulders. Then holding my cock I search for her pink slit.

Finding it I rubbed the purple head of my massive tool on the pink opening. She shivers with fear and excitement craving for penetration but didn't express her desperation to me. Then suddenly I push the crown of my cock into the small opening of her cunt. She cries with pain. " Aaahhhhh." Inner folds of her cunt are resisting.

But I have no intention to stop. I took a deep breath and with a massive stroke push the full dimension of my manhood into her. " Aaaahhhhh," she cries again. " Please wait.OMG the pain." I grinned lewdly and start thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy mercilessly; not caring about her pain.

After fifteen minutes the pain started to subside, she started moaning with each thrust I slammed into her, digging her fingernails into my back. " We have a long night ahead," I said huskily. " No I can't." She whimpered. I slammed hard into her. " Ahhhh," she moaned. " I hate you." I placed my lips on hers and start squeezing her boobs.

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While thrusting my cock into her. It is going to places in her vagina where no man's cock has never gone before. She is feeling so good. Feeling a strong orgasm developing in her.

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She is enjoying this moment very much. My mouth is giving pleasure to her boobs and my giant cock is giving pleasure to her pussy. " Has any man ever fucked you like this?" I said. " No, most men don't have to. They are not an animal," she said rudely. " I am sure you are enjoying this animal," I said pushing my cock violently into her. Intense wave of orgasm swept through her and she screams, " aaaahhhhh." I increased my speed, my cock pumping in and out with great force.

Another intense orgasm swept through her. Just then I growled like an animal and started coming in her. She feels my hot semen filling her, she feels my throbbing, jerking cock. When I release her legs, I collapsed on top of her. My breathing is heavy, my body wet with sweat. She is gasping for air under my heavy body.

She laid still and tried to relax.

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After a few minutes I got up off of her. She looked between her legs, she seen blood and semen streaks on her inner thighs. She pulled the sheet over her naked body, her body is shaking. I return to the bedroom forty five minutes later, " You ready for session two, Edie." She shook her no, " No John, I'm body pussy is raw and sore." I climb on the bed flipping her onto her stomach then pull her up on all fours.

I position myself behind her, holding my throbbing penis, I proceed to enter her sore tight pussy from behind.

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Edie bites her lower lip to keep from crying out as I slowly push my cock deep into her dripping pussy. I start thrusting in and out as my massive cock grew harder with each stroke.

She is whimpering as each painful stroke goes deeper. As I push faster and harder the friction from my cock against her tender vaginal walls causes her to cry out in pain. The burning sensation of having her sore pussy stretched again is overwhelming.

I'm pulling back and driving in again and again. The first session was mild to the slapping of my balls against her clit, her clit is acting like a bumper absorbing the shock of the in thrusts.

There always seems to be another thrust on the way. She has never experienced sex with a man that is like a machine, with a long thick piston driving in relentlessly.

Apart from her initial protests she is all in, " Ah, ah, ah," as I took her again, her hips working to match my pace. She feels me leaning forward mauling her breasts, rubbing and squeezing them. It aroused her with the rough way I'm taking her. She has never experienced rough primal sex in her life, her body is reacting to each vigorous thrust.

She is vaguely aware that she is urging me on, telling me to continue doing what I'm doing. She is shocked to hear the crude way she is phrasing it. I kept on going, using her as my pleasure pit, slowly driving her out of her mind.


She feels the change in my action when I impale her to the hilt several times. She is silently wailing no, not yet, but then I'm spewing load after load. She is surprised but not displeased, when I didn't stop. I continue for a few more hard thrusts, finally driving her over the edge. She orgasms, pleasure washing through her like a surging tide, and as the tide died down she slumped forward on the bed exhausted.