Two cute college sorority lesbian amateur use double ended dildo

Two cute college sorority lesbian amateur use double ended dildo
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This is part one of a several part series involving the fictional character Peter Pan. These obviously contain underage sexual acts, so if this offends you, please do not read this series. In this series, Peter is 15 years old, and is beginning to discover himself as a unaging boy, who is forever becoming a man. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Neverland has always been the home to many different types of humans and creatures from pirates to indians and mermaids to fairies.

This mystical island holds many different secrets that can only bewilder those who have never experienced them first-hand. However, out of all of the riddles this island beholds, one is more majestic then them all: the fact that anyone who is on this island will never grow older.

Which leads us to the beginning of our story. Deep within the forests of Neverland, there is a group of boys who are called the Lost Boys. The Lost Boys live in their fort that is built into a large tree, and the location is secret to all except the fairies and the boys themselves. The most magnificent of these boys is their leader, Peter Pan.

Peter, if you asked him, would tell you that he was more special then any other boy in the universe. And he would be partially correct. Peter is a 15 year old boy, who like everyone else, will not grow up. Even though he has the ability to leave Neverland, he chooses to live as a boy forever. He spends his time on the island fighting pirates, swimming with mermaids, and flying amongst the fairies. Peter absolutely loves his life.

But he is soon going to learn to love his life even more. Late one night, Peter couldn't sleep so he decided to fly around the island for a little while. While he was flying around the bay, he heard the mermaids giggling and splashing in the water and flew down to see what game they were playing.

As he got closer to the water, he noticed that the three mermaids that were splashing around had all taken their tops off. Now Peter wasn't completely oblivious to the differences between boys and girls, however he never learned the purpose for these differences. Knowing he shouldn't be watching the mermaids like this, he flew down behind one of the large rocks that was just off the shore.

Slowly Peter poked his head around the rock, and became amazed at the sight he was seeing. For the first time in his life, he got to see bare breasts. Better yet, he was seeing three pairs of them. Taking in the moment, Peter just hovered behind this rock, and stared. The three mermaids at first were just splashing around, swimming around each other, and jumping out of the water, all the while laughing. The one mermaid Peter was watching most intently was the mermaid who kept jumping up on the rock underneath the waterfall and sitting underneath the falling water.

She was thin, as they all were, and had whitish-blonde hair. Her tail was grayish-blue, and it sparkled in the moonlight.

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But the real reason Peter was so intent on watching this mermaid, was that she had the largest breasts of the three. They were much bigger then what he would be able to hold in his hands, but held firm against her body.

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He didn't know why, but he had a strong desire to go and hold them in his hands. As he was staring at this blonde mermaid, Peter almost forgot that there were two equally beautiful mermaids swimming in the water still. As he looked back down at the two in the water, he saw that they were doing something he had never seen done before. The two mermaids were holding each other in the water, and putting their lips together. Immediately Peter felt a stir in the lower part of his tunic.

This isn't the first time this has happened, but he still did not know what to do with it. He just knew that when his penis grew to its longest length, it was longer then the distance between his wrist and the tip of his middle finger, and he could barely fit his whole hand around it.

He knew his was bigger then most others because him and the other Lost Boys had compared each others. The two mermaids, which Peter was fixated on, started holding each other tighter and tighter, and even started sticking their tongues into each other's mouths. The one mermaid had slightly pale skin with bright red hair, while the other had a darker shade of skin with pitch black hair. Both of their breasts, which were currently smashed together at the nipples, were about the same size; smaller then the blonde's but still good sized.

After a few minutes of them devouring each other's mouths, the black haired mermaid took one of the red haired mermaids breasts into her mouth and began sucking on it, while massaging the other one.

The red haired mermaid then began to moan and scream. Peter became worried and was about to go see if she was okay, but before he did the red haired mermaid groaned, "Keep going!" Realizing she was fine, Peter continued to watch from behind the rock he was hovering by. He still had an almost uncontrolable urge to fly over and get in between the two of them, and try it on his own, but he resisted and continued to think about the warm feeling he was having.

After a little while longer of this, the blonde mermaid jumped from her rock and swam to join the other two. What Peter saw next really made a fuzzy feeling run through his entire body.

All three of the mermaids stuck their tongues out and touched their tips together in the center. Seeing this made Peter uncontrollably, and unaudibly, moan, causing him to cover his own mouth.

He didn't know what came over him. Then he watched as the three mermaids began to start putting their lips and tongues together again, while the third would lick and suck on the nipples of both mermaids. The three kept switching roles until finally, both the black and red haired mermaids each took one of the blonde's breasts into their mouths.

Jealousy quickly swept over Peter, but he just watched in awe. The blonde mermaid just dropped her head back and let out audible moans and gasps, with the occasional scream. Peter didn't know how long this would last; all he knew was that he never wanted it to end. Just when he was getting more comfortable with his spying, he heard the blonde mermaid say something.

"Hey girls, I think we have a visitor." 'Oh know,' Peter thought, he was caught. He quickly fully concealed himself behind the rock, not knowing if he should fly away, or face the mermaids.

However, as fast as the fear had swept over him, it vanished when he heard another boy's voice come from the edge of the forest. "Good evening girls," the boy said. "I hope you don't mind but I brought a couple of friends with me tonight." As Peter remained concealed, he heard the mermaids giggle without a response, then start to swim somewhere. Slowly Peter looked out from behind the rock and saw four indian boys walking towards the rock that was underneath the waterfall.

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Before they reached the water, all four of them removed their clothes, then swam out and climbed onto the rock. Once they were all on the rock, they say with their legs out, and leaning slightly back being held up by their arms acting as stilts. The first thing Peter noticed was that all four of the boy's penis's were hard, just like his.

This made him feel a little bit more comfortable, knowing what he was feeling was normal.


He even felt a little cocky noticing that his was bigger then all of theirs. The three mermaids then swam up to the rock and partially climbed onto the rock with the boys. What happened next made Peter once again have a shiver through his whole body.

Each of the mermaids took one of the boys' penises into her mouth, and started sucking on them just like they did with each other's breasts.

The blonde mermaid then reached up and grabbed the fourth boy's penis in her hand while she sucked on the other boy. She started moving her hand up and down on the boy's penis, and the boy moaned in approval.

In fact, all the boys were in approval. And this gave Peter an idea. He thought to himself, if she can use her hand on his penis, why can't Peter use his own hand? Not waiting to watch the conclusion of the event unfolding, Peter quickly flew to a secluded opening in the forest.


This opening was well known to Peter as he often would come to this very location to just get away for awhile. He even had a hammock set up between two trees.

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Once he landed on the ground, he wasted no time getting undressed. He quickly removed his tunic and his sword, then jumpled and flew over and landed himself into the hammock naked. Even though he had quickly gotten undressed and into the hammock, now that he was there, he felt awkward grabbing himself down there.

Finally when he worked himself up to grab his member, he extremely embarrassed for himself. However, all that embarassment went away when he started moving his hand up and down on his penis, and he learned how great it felt. He had a slight, but growing, tingly feeling working its way throughout his body.

As this feeling got stronger, he started to stroke faster, and it started to get so pleasurable that Peter had to close his eyes. After going for a short time, he abruptly stopped and open his eyes again. He had another idea. If the mermaid could use her mouth on the other boy's penis, why couldn't he do the same for himself?

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Without hesitation, Peter tried bending down to suck his penis. However, the hammock restricted him, not allowing himself to bend the whole way down. He thought to himself how this was an easy fix, and then flew up and hovered about ten feet off of the ground.

Then he tried it again while in the air. This time he succeeded. Peter was able to wrap his mouth around his own member.


He admitted to himself that this was not the most comfortable position in the world, but the feeling of him sucking and lick his penis made him quickly forget about the awkward position. He then started to do everything he could to make this moment he was in better. The feeling he had before was even stronger, so in turn Peter sucked harder, and even started using his hand on the base of his dick where his mouth couldn't reach. But he then abruptly stopped again. Except this time he did it because he had the sudden urge to pee.

Not wanting to pee in his mouth, he lifted his head. Unknown to him, while he was sucking himself he floated higher in the air and was now about sixty feet off the ground. Not caring about his height, he continued to use his and to stroke his member hard and fast as the urge to pee became stronger and stronger. Then the feeling overtook him.

Something from deep down inside of him had just erupted from the tip of his dick, as a wave of euphoria spread through every inch of his body causing him to violently shudder. He didn't know what was happening, but he did know that never in his life had he felt something so amazing and pleasurable.

This feeling lasted several more seconds as this eruption continued to spew white warm liquid over his hand and chest and some even onto his member.

Finally, when the pleasure ended, he made his way back to the ground. After landing, he was going to go and put his tunic back on, but as he did, he realized he had this messy liquid all over his body still. He decided he would clean himself off before rerobing.

He quickly took off flying through the trees to an area of water away from the mermaids. He landed on the soft sandy shore, and then slowly walked into the chilly water. He got about knee deep, when he realized that the moon was bright and was showing every bit of his naked glory to the world.

This made him smirk, as he was always proud of how he looked. He loved to be naked, and would often do things naked, as long as he was the only one around. Peter then reached down and cupped some water in his hand to clean this messy stuff off his body. He started with his chest and wrists, before making his way to his new favorite body part.

He spent a quality amount of time cleaning his dick. In fact, the quality time spent caused him to become just as hard as he was before. Knowing that becoming hard again would allow him to have another session with himself, he smiled and was ready to quickly fly back to his hammock and do it all again.

As he made his way to the shore, standing at full attention, he heard someone to his left gasp. "Why are you naked Peter?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hope you enjoyed the story.

This was my first story and am looking for any criticism. Also, I would like to know who you think the person at the end should be. Your choices are: Tiger Lily, the blonde mermaid, Tinkerbell, or one of the Lost Boy's.