Punishment rape hardcore gang rape

Punishment rape hardcore gang rape
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One hot sunny afternoon, the Stewart family was having a BBQ in their backyard, little did they know, they were being watched. They were also swimming and tanning. There was John Stewart, the father, who was grilling and soaking in some sun with his wife, Tammie Stewart. Their daughter Claire was about to dive off the diving board when her little brother Damian came up behind her and pushed her.

She fell into the water below and when she got out, Damian was going down! She scooped him up and threw him into the pool. It was time to go in when they got out of the pool, and started to dry off.

And the little "guest" they had wasn't careful and broke a branch when he was leaving and everyone heard it. They all looked in the direction of the noise but saw nothing.

After dinner they were all watching TV in the living room.


Claire went to bed first then Damian and everyone else. When Claire got to her room she got undressed and got ready for bed. The same man that was watching then this afternoon was watching Claire again. As she got undressed he could feel his cock getting hard in his jeans. He couldn't wait any longer and he whipped out his massive 10" cock and started to jack off to the lovely sight of the half naked 16 year old girl. She was very pretty. She had long bleach-blonde hair, sparkling baby blue eyes, perfect 34DD tits, she was skinny, and beautiful.

She was the girl all the guys thought about and jacked off to. When she climbed into bed he put his aching cock back in his pants and waited for all the lights to turn off in the house. It was around midnight when he decided to make his move. He quietly broke into Claire's room and locked the door. She started to wake up, since he turned her bedside lamp on, and quickly he pounced on her and she was fully awake now.

He covered her mouth to muffle a scream. "Shhhhhh. Scream and I'll kill you." he warned her as she stopped screaming.

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He slowly started to run his free hand all over her body. He tore off her shirt and gagged her with it so she wouldn't scream and he ran his hands down her naked body again, he took a nipple into his mouth and started to suck and nibble. He started to suck so hard she started to bleed.

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He looked at her and she started to cry, which only turned him on even more. He whipped out his amazingly huge dick and quickly ripped her gage out of her mouth and fucked her tiny mouth until her was good and wet, and her face turned red, he put her gage back in her mouth.

Then he moved down her body and shoved 3 of his rough fingers inside of her wet virgin pussy. He then rammed all 10" into her, popping her cherry, making her cry out in pain, which he smacked her hard across the face, and started to fuck her so hard she started to seriously cry. As he fucked her he looked around the room. He saw her hair brush laying on her dresser. He pulled out of her, grabbed her hair brush and shoved it into her pussy making her scream again and again her smacked her, hard.

He flipped her over and shoved his huge cock into her tight ass. And fucked her hard. He then switched to her pussy and shoved the hair brush up her ass. And fucked her until he exploded inside her, and was satisfied.


He warned her "Tell anyone about this and I'll kill you after I kill your little brother." and her eyes widened in fear and just like that he was gone. After he had left she quickly got up, wincing with every step because of her sore and aching pussy. She threw down the window and locked it. She then went to the door, unlocked it, and opened it.

Her dad was standing there. He noticed she was naked and was crying. "I heard you screaming, the door was locked. What happened?" he asked in a panic. She started to sob and her dad hugged her and they sunk to the floor. "I wish I could tell you." she said through her crying. Her dad hugged her tighter, and they just sat there. "Why cant you tell me? You can tell me anything, I am your father." he said. "No, I can't he said he would kill Damian if I told anyone." she sobbed and clung to her dad tighter.

"He raped you." he said barely audible. And in that moment he started to cry and the whole house woke up as they got up and got dressed. Her dad drove her to the Police Station. They gave a statement, she got examined, and they went home. When they got home they checked all the doors and windows to make sure they were locked. They set the alarm system for the first time in a year.


They barely got any sleep that night, but they got a call from the police they wanted to meet with Claire and her dad to get a sketch so they can catch the man who did this. They headed for the Police Station again. This time Damian and Tammie went with them, as it was safer than staying at home alone.

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They pulled up outside the station and went inside. She gave the best description she could and they compiled an image and she confirmed the image of the man. A few days later her dad took her to the shooting range to teach her how to defend herself. She was getting really good at shooting and had gotten enrolled in some self defense classes. In less than a month she was a certified gun carrier and a 3rd degree black belt. She could defend herself a little too well.

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No one wanted to mess with her. She was probably the most dangerous teenaged girl in North America. Months went by, nothing happened until one day.

There was a knock on the door and it was Captain Sweeny with great news. They had caught the man that had raped Claire. He was no longer a threat and would be locked up for a long time. He would never see the light of day again.

He would be sentenced to 150 years to life with no chance on parole. At this moment all the tension had lifted off of the family's shoulders and they could rest easy.

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They all got a good nights sleep that night and everyone was at ease and peace.