Papa einen kleinen Jungen ficken

Papa einen kleinen Jungen ficken
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It was about nine in the morning and the neighborhood was still relatively quiet. I stepped onto the porch with a cup of coffee and waited. Any minute now my daughter should be pulling up. It was one of those typical summer days. School was out for the kids and I had the whole summer off to spend with my daughter. I'm a fifth grade teacher for Appleton Heights Elementary school. As for my daughter, Amber, I get her every summer. My ex-wife got divorced when Amber was four. I was twenty-two and she was twenty.

What can I say I loved the woman but we just had problems that we were never able to resolve and perhaps too young to have gotten married in the first place. It wasn't a hideous divorce like many couples have. No, this was simple.

We parted everything down the middle and disgust how we wanted to do custody of Amber. We decided to leave her with Sarah, Amber's mom, for the school year and her with me on summers.

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It worked out in two ways for us. One, Sarah ended up moving to Virginia a few states away and two, with me being a teacher I got the summers off and got plenty of time to spend with her.

Sarah was a good woman and when we discussed the custody she was very open to my opinions. We settled on no child support since we both would have her and when she turned fourteen she could decide where she wanted to live.

If with me then it would mean a mess of changing the whole child support thing. We decided that would be a mess we could all avoid. Of course I still sent what I could. Sarah gladly accepted it and it all went to Amber. Eventually, Sarah remarried a guy that had two kids of his own and owned like eighty fast food restaurants and my support was no longer needed. At least financially. Fourteen was the magic number for me.

This was the year Amber turned fourteen and the year I hoped she would decide to live with me. I hoped to build a better relationship with her, a more fulfilling one.

As I waited I looked over to the McToolie's yard just in time to catch their twelve year old daughter walk outside to get the morning paper.


She had a nice little body for her age. Her breasts weren't real big but they were prominent. And she had a really nice ass. I watched her lithe form as she walked over and bent down to get the paper.

I felt my cock stir in my pants and begin to harden. She turned around and looked straight at me and waved. We have gone through this same routine for the last year and by now I swear she knows that I look.

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I spent most of the summer last year hiding my hard ons while she came over for sleepovers with my daughter. I continued to watch her all the way until she went back into her house. Now the youngest person I had ever been with was my ex-wife.

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I was eighteen and she was sixteen. Perfectly normal right? Now sure I admit I had the occasional thought about Jessica McToolie ever since she was in my class last year. It was then I really took notice of her.

Some of the kids that came through my class every year had some banging bodies. And those bodies always made my cock harden. Sometime I wasn't able to leave my desk because of it. I didn't feel it was wrong but there are those that do so I never acted on my impulse. Now, getting laid isn't a problem for me. I'm thirty-two with all my hair and even though I'm just a grade school teacher I have done really well for myself.

I own my home outright and my car a Mercedes SLK-Class. I dabbled in the Stock Market and came out successful. But one marriage was enough for me.

And quite frankly I enjoyed the single life. A little pussy here and there when I needed it was great and in the morning I went back to my single life. A house without a woman was something I was used to. It wasn't much different when Amber came to visit, so it wouldn't be something hard to get used to should she want to stay.

I had just finished my coffee when a white SUV pulled up in front of my house. I jumped up off my chair, completely forgetting about my hard on and walked toward the vehicle. Amber got out and slammed the door. She walked right past me with a Hi Daddy and went right into the house. I looked at Sarah with a looked asking What the hell is that all about? "We had a fight on the way here," she offered.

"About what?" I asked curious. "Well she is fourteen and she knows she gets to choose where she wants to live." "And she doesn't know." "She doesn't want to hurt me or you with her decision." "Well I hope she doesn't stay angry," I said looking back toward the house. "Just give her a little time to cool off," Sarah instructed.

I turned back to her and said, "Yeah I guess so. So how are you doing?" I decided to change the subject and do some catching up. "I'm alright. Same old, same old," she answered with a smile.

Her smile was just like it was at sixteen when I met her and her body sure as hell hadn't changed. She had nice luscious breasts and an ass about as nice as Jessica McToolie's. I hadn't noticed my cock getting hard as I looked her over, but apparently Sarah did.

"You can't be missing me that much," she said with another smile. My face reddened briefly. "You better be careful with that thing around Amber." I was awestruck at the comment and really didn't know what to say. So I stumbled with my words. "Relax, I took her to get birth control last week," Sarah thought the inform me.

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"What?" It was the only thing I could say clearly. Sarah just smiled at me. "So what do you have planned for the summer?" she asked changing the subject. "Um, I'm not really sure.

I figured I'd leave that up to Amber to decide." "Good idea," Sarah said. "She's going through that stage where she wants some independence with decision making." "Thanks for the heads up." "No problem," she said.

Then she looked at her watch. "Well I need to get going. Bill is taking me to the Bahamas and I have a plane to catch." "Well we don't want you to miss that," I said as I reached down to grab Amber's suitcase. "No we don't." Sarah stepped in and gave me a soft kiss on my lips. It wasn't anything unusual, it was something she did every summer since the beginning. She got back into the SUV and drove off leaving me alone at the curb. I shrugged and headed into the house.

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Once inside I called for Amber and she notified me that she was upstairs in her room. So I trudged up the stairs with her heavy suitcase to her room. "What do you have in her a dead body?" I asked jokingly when I entered. "I don't know," she said trying to hide a smile. "Maybe." "Well if you do I've got a shovel in the garage we can use to bury it." "No that's okay daddy," she said giggling.

She jumped off the bed and threw a big hug on me, pressing her breasts tight against my chest. They were so firm and soft. I hadn't noticed just how nice they were until that moment. They were quite a handful if not a little more. "I'm sorry for not giving you a hug earlier," she said when she broke away.

Once again my hard on managed to escape my knowing and I felt it pulse beneath my pants. Had she noticed it pressing against her pussy?

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I left it alone knowing it would be too obvious to do anything about it. Instead I locked eyes with her and said, "It's okay honey. Your mom told me what the fight was about.

Listen you have all summer to think about the decision." "But I don't want you or mom to be mad with whatever I decide," she said holding back her tears. I put my hands on her arms and started to rub.

"Look neither of us will be mad. It's your decision and yours alone to make, you understand?" "Yes daddy," she answered after a few seconds of thought. "Now why don't you get unpacked? After diner we'll go out and get a movie and some ice cream." "Alright.

Dairy Queen?" she asked. "Where ever you want," I said as I lifted the heavy suitcase.


"Now where do you want this?" "Put it on the floor over there," she said pointing by the window. I put it over there and walked to the door turning just before I left. She was already unzipping the suitcase, bent over. She was wearing a skirt that was already short to begin with but showed off her attractive legs.

Legs much like her mothers. Only now it was showing a lot more. Her pussy lips sprung out from between her legs. It was hairless which meant she either shaved or just didn't have any. I was willing to bet the former. My calm cock was now back to life and I could feel that familiar stickiness in my boxers. Damn, I should be thinking of my daughter this way but when you see a pair of fat, juicy pussy lips you kind of can't help it. I stared for what seemed like eternity when she stood up and turned around.

I was in such a trance I hadn't noticed she was looking at me until it was too late. "Do you see something you like daddy?" she asked me with a big smile set on her face. "I, um," I stumbled. "I think I need to take a shower before dinner," I said then stumbled down the hall to my room. Once inside I shut the door and dropped my pants to my ankles.

My cock throbbed so hard it was hurting. I couldn't get the image of her pussy out my head. So I grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. It didn't take all that long and before I knew it I was spewing cum all over my floor.

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I shot a load followed by a second, then a third before it started to shrink. Fuck. I thought. I was going to have to find some way to get my mind off her if I was to survive the summer.

I took off the rest of my clothes, vowing to clean up my mess before I went down for dinner and hoped into the shower.