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Boquete de Coroa casada em gostonegro
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Haunted by the Futa Ghost Chapter Seven: Princess Double-Teamed by the Futas By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 I savored my Ōjo-sama's breasts rubbing on mine as she lay atop me on the onsen's edge. Our lips devoured each other. Her hips moved, rubbing her hot flesh against mine. The little pearls in our clams brushed, kissed, sparking pleasure through my body.

She moved her hips, undulating like she wished she had a cock to fuck me for real. And I wished I had a cock to fuck her. The cicadas sang around us in the warm, summer evening.

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Their chirping cries celebrated our love. My tongue brushed Mitsuko-hime's. My hands slid up and down her wet back, brushing her long hair and then down to grasp her round butt, pulling her tighter together.

Mitsuko-hime broke the kiss. Her nose brushed mine. I saw such sadness in her eyes. "What, Ōjo-sama? What grief weighs on your heart." "I don't want to be sad with you," she whispered, her finger tracing my cheek. "I savor our time with you." It had been a three full cycle of the moon since we had kissed, spring gone and summer upon us. I treasured every moment with her.

I hated seeing her sad. I only wanted my Ōjo-sama to have big smiles on her lips. "What is it?" "My father has found a suitor." She bit her lip. "He says I'll be married on the next equinox. I'll have to leave, to go to his castle. It's three provinces away." "No," I gasped, clinging to her.

My heart quivered. "If only you were a man," she whispered.

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"There must be a way. You're a miko. Isn't there a kami you could pray to?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 500 years later. Yoshiko found herself possessing Sayuri's body, inhabiting the futa-ghost in her dreams.

Yoshiko had to find a way to communicate with Sayuri, to discover what was going on. Ever since Sayuri's spirit had made love to Yoshiko in the bathroom at her school, she was different. She was a futanari. She now possessed a throbbing girl-dick that sprouted from her clit whenever she grew excited. And that excitement led Yoshiko to fool around with her best friend Lori. Now Lori was also a futanari, but she didn't want to stay that way. Lori was in love with her boyfriend, Chris, and was afraid he would freak out when he learned what happened to her.

Well, she did have a bigger cock than him now. And boys could get weird about stuff like that. Not that Yoshiko had any direct experience The nineteen-year-old was a lesbian. Chris was her friend, nothing more. She liked him, even cared for him, but she never wanted to sleep with him, even if he was one of the most handsome guys at their school, Redwood Academy.

Sayuri-chan, you have to listen to me. I need your help. But Sayuri was too caught up in her memories. Or maybe Yoshiko was just reliving the futa-ghost's memories. That she was passive right now, just experiencing what Sayuri did. She felt Mitsuko's lips on hers, the warm water of the hot spring about her legs, the touch of the strange dildo on her pussy.

The Japanese princess had brought it to pop Sayuri's cherry. Yoshiko couldn't change anything. She was helpless. She trembled with Sayuri as the dildo, made of your yellow itadori fibers bound together by beaded cords in the middle. It made a thick toy, soaked soft by the water. It rubbed against Sayuri's pussy, Yoshiko feeling the delicious trembles. Mitsuko broke the kiss.

"Just relax, my sweet Sayuri-chan. We may not be men, but we can pretend we are with this toy." You don't need to be men to love each other, Yoshiko screamed, but Sayuri didn't hear her. "Just relax, my sweet miko." Mitsuko rubbed the toy up and down Sayuri's body. The shrine maiden, called a miko in Japanese, shuddered, her body trembling.

Yoshiko felt the pleasure of the fibers. They made Sayuri's pussy tingle in an exciting way. Is there something on the toy making her tingle? It's nice. Feels more intense. "Ōjo-sama," moaned Sayuri, her small breasts quivering. It was strange to Yoshiko seeing such small breasts on her body. Hers hadn't been that tiny since she was twelve. Her tits were large, the biggest in school despite her petite frame. Half-Japanese, she had big tits and round, blue eyes that betrayed her Caucasian heritage.

Other than that, she looked fully Japanese, her hair black silk, her skin pale olive, almost the same hue as Sayuri and Mitsuko. "Relax and let me prick your maidenhead," moaned Mitsuko-hime. "And then you can take mine. At least we can give that to each other." "Yes, Ōjo-sama!" Sayuri kissed Mitsuko this time, hard, aggressive, the pleasure relaxing her. Heat burned in her pussy.

Come on, Sayuri-chan, Yoshiko moaned. I know this feels good, but we need to talk. I can understand Japanese right now, so hopefully you can speak English. Sayuri-chan only groaned, her arm hooking around Mitsuko's neck, tightening their kiss. Both Japanese girls moaned and sighed, tongues brushing as the toy kept rubbing on Sayuri's pussy lips, pressing on her hymen and nudging her clit. The little bud throbbed and ached. Yoshiko would have moaned, too, if she were in control of Sayuri's body.

The toy felt so good despite its rough appearance. The water had softened it, and that delicious tingling sensation only increased. Sayuri-chan, don't ignore me. I know you're excited, but this already happened. These are your memories. I need your help in the present. Mitsuko broke the kiss. "Ready, Sayuri-chan." "I am." Sayuri-chan swallowed. "I love you, Mitsuko-hime." The princess smiled, her small breasts glistening with condensation from the steam rising about them.

Her brown nipples hard. "I love you, too." And then she thrust. Yoshiko and Sayuri both shuddered, feeling the thick toy spreading open virgin pussy. The hymen resisted, pain flaring despite the tingling delight.

Sayuri groaned through clenched teeth, her head throwing back as Mitsuko kept pushing and pushing.


The cherry popped. The toy pressed into Sayuri's folds a few inches. Pleasure rippled through the shrine maiden and Yoshiko. They both felt the fibers rubbing on Sayuri's wet flesh, the tingling delight swelling deeper in her. It spread her pussy open, her legs kicking through the hot spring's water. "Mitsuko!" Sayuri gasped in throaty pleasure. "That's. You're in me." "Yes," Mitsuko moaned, her groin pressed against the end of the toy like it was her cock.

"You're my woman, miko." "Your woman, Ōjo-sama." Mitsuko humped her hips forward, pushing the toy deeper and deeper into Sayuri's untouched depths. The fibers tingled. Yoshiko gasped and Sayuri shuddered as the beaded cords wrapping the center popped into her cunt, the fibrous balls rubbing on her pussy walls.

It added a new delight, making her shudder and gasp. The pleasure rippled through her pussy as the toy bottomed out in her, filling her depths. Yoshiko drank in the pleasure. As much as she wanted to get Sayuri's attention, she enjoyed the delight the ghost's body experienced too much right now to try harder.

That toy is so good. "You're in me," moaned Sayuri. "Oh, Mitsuko-hime. That's wonderful. Oh, yes. Oh, wow. I. I feel so spread open." "Mmm, good," Mitsuko purred, her voice throaty. She pulled the toy back, the beaded cords massaging Sayuri's pussy walls before popping out. Her cunt clenched on the toy as it thrust back in. The friction greasing her. Mitsuko groaned, still holding the toy against her groin, pretending she was fucking Sayuri.

The shrine maiden leaned back on the rocks surrounding the hot spring, undulating her hips as the princess rammed the toy over and over into her depths. Yoshiko loved the feel. The way the beaded cords rubbed on Sayuri's pussy walls, adding such a wicked delight. And Yoshiko loved how Sayuri's pussy tingled. The toy had something on it or in the fibers that made everything feel a little better.

"Fuck me with your cock, Ōjo-sama," groaned Sayuri. "Oh, I wish it was a real cock," panted the princess. "That we both had them. Futanari. That would be wicked. Then you could be my husband and wife. My father wouldn't have to find another." "Yes, yes, yes," gasped Sayuri, her breasts jiggling as she writhed. "Just keep stirring my cauldron with your thick stick, Ōjo-sama." "I will.

I want you to boil about my stick." So do it, Yoshiko moaned, trembling inside Sayuri. Mitsuko's small breasts also jiggled, water splashing about her waist as she reamed the dildo in and out of of Sayuri's cunt. The tingling friction sent rippling waves through her body that Yoshiko also enjoyed. The beaded cords added such wonderful delight, pressing hard against Sayuri's sheath, teasing her, driving her wild. Sayuri's hands reached out, cupping Mitsuko's breasts.

She pinched and rolled nipples, both nubs feeling delightful between her fingers. Mitsuko groaned, her beautiful face twisting in pleasure, her slanted eyes burning bright. Yes, yes, pound her. Make her cum. Make us both cum. This toy is wonderful. "Ōjo-sama," panted Sayuri. "Something's happening I think." "I'm sirring your cauldron to a boil." "Yes, yes, yes," gasped the ghost. Her fingers pinched and rolled Mitsuko's nipples.

"Keep ramming your stick into my cauldron. I love it!" "I love you!" Those words did it. Sayuri's pussy spasmed about the toy buried in the depths of her pussy. She thrashed and groaned, bucking. Her pussy writhed about the ramming bundle of fibers, clenching down on the hard beads. Yoshiko drowned in rapture with Sayuri. She gasped in the ghost's soul, savoring the wicked memory, the delight of Sayuri's virginity lost at the hands of the sexy princess while steam rose around them.

Oh, that's so good. Oh, fuck, that's hot. I love it. That toy is wild! "Mitsuko!" moaned Sayuri. "So good. You brought me to a boil." "Wonderful," Mitsuko moaned.

She leaned over Sayuri and the pair kissed while the princess drove the toy into her lover's depths. Their bodies pressed wet and tight, silky skin caressing hot flesh.

Their tongues danced as they shared their sweet love. Yoshiko shuddered, feeling the depth of their emotions. It was such a beautiful thing. She understood why Sayuri clung to this love even in death.

Her heart panged. They were separated somehow. They had lost each other. Sayuri-chan, you have to talk to me. You have to hear me. But the pair kept kissing. Sayuri shuddered, her pussy clenching down on the toy buried in her depths as her body drifted on rapture. Yoshiko let out a frustrated moan. The pleasure was over.

It was time for Sayuri to talk to her. Why are you showing me this? Why did you bring me into your memories if it wasn't to talk with me? I need to know. Come on, Sayuri-chan. Help me give you peace. Give me answers. Why me? Why do you think I'm Mitsuko-hime?

But it was no use. The ghost didn't hear her. Mitsuko broke the kiss, stroking Sayuri's cheek. "Now it's my turn to become a woman. Pluck my maidenhead. Whomever my father chooses to be my husband, he shall never have my virginity. That I give to you." "Mitsuko-hime." whispered Sayuri-chan. Yes, it's beautiful, but it's the past.


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I need you to talk to me. I don't need to see your first time with a girl. I know it's hot and all. "So I just.use it on you?" Sayuri asked. Mitsuko nodded her head, eager. "I cannot wait. The sounds you made. You loved it." Yoshiko felt Sayuri's blush. "I did." Come on. Yoshiko beat her fist inside Sayuri's soul, struggling to get a reaction from the ghost. Instead, her fist burst out of Sayuri's chest for a moment.

Yoshiko blinked. She ignored the sensation of the dildo pulling out of the ghost's pussy and shoved her arm forward again. Yoshiko's hand shot out Sayuri's side. She wiggled more and her other hand popped out. She felt the wet stones of the hot spring's edge. Seized it, pulled. Yoshiko gasped as she hauled herself out of Sayuri's body. The pair were kissing again, the toy now held in Sayuri's grip.

Yoshiko groaned, spilling out and falling into the hot water of the spring. She spun in the water, her large breasts bobbing as she turned. And then she burst out of the water, standing behind Mitsuko. Sayuri-chan let out a scream. "Kami!" "I'm not a kami," Yoshiko groaned pushing her wet hair out of her face. "But you're eyes. They're blue." "Now you just have to make me feel good," Mitsuko said.

She didn't even notice Yoshiko The princess just leaned down and sucked on Sayuri's nipple. Is that how the memory is supposed to go? "And.and. Futanari!" Sayuri's eyes widened. "You're a futanari kami." "I'm not a kami," Yoshiko groaned, folding her arms before her.

Then she gasped as Mitsuko's ass poked into her hard, throbbing girl-cock. The tip slipped down, nudging at the folds of the princess's pussy, pressing on a cherry. Oh, god, that feels nice. "I'm half German, that's why my eyes are blue." "And where did you come from?" Sayuri asked, looking around. Yoshiko rolled her eyes. "I'm the girl you're haunting, Sayuri-chan." "Haunting.?" "Yes, haunting. You fucked me in the bathroom at my school with your girl-cock.

And ever since then, you've been molesting me." Her cheeks warmed and her dick throbbed against Mitsuko as the princess leaned down, nuzzling at Sayuri's crotch. "Not that I mind being fucked by your dick." "What?" Sayuri blinked in confusion. "Ghost? Haunting?" Yoshiko grew annoyed. "Remember? You thought I was Mitsuko-hime when you fucked me in the bathroom. You gave me my cock. And then I gave Lori one." "Rori?" Mitsuko suddenly gasped, her head snapping up, her body pushing back.

Yoshiko groaned as she felt the hymen stretch against her dick. "You have a cock, Sayuri." Yoshiko leaned out to look past Mitsuko's head as Sayuri looked down at her own crotch. Sure enough, her clit had turned into a dick, thrusting up from her thick, black bush. The tip bobbed, looking like a mushroom, beading precum. "It's wonderful," Mitsuko said and licked it. "Mitsuko-hime," panted Sayuri, her eyes wide as she shuddered. "What? How?" "I don't know how you got a cock." Yoshiko groaned.

The princess's virgin pussy felt so wonderful against her cock. "I just know you got one. You're dead. You're a ghost who's haunting me.

This is your memory. You dragged me into sleep to show this to me for a reason." "I'm.dead?" Then she moaned, leaning back as Mitsuko sucked noisy on her cock. "I don't feel dead." "Great," Yoshiko groaned. Her dick throbbed. "Well, I'm going to enjoy myself if you can't help me." "Enjoy.?" Sayuri's eyes widened. "Wait, she's the daimyo's daughter. You can't dishonour her!" "I know, a princess." Yoshiko seized Mitsuko's hips and thrust. The hymen stretched before Yoshiko's cock.

Her breasts jiggled before her as she pushed harder. Mitsuko groaned about Sayuri's dick, her hips wiggling. And then her hymen snapped. Yoshiko's dick dived into tight, virgin princess-cunt. Her eyes widened. Mitsuko was so tight. She engulfed Yoshiko's dick in heavenly rapture. She pushed deeper, savoring the velvety feel of the princess's depths.

She bottomed out, slapping into Mitsuko's rear with a wet smack. "Y-You just." Sayuri's mouth dropped. "Uh-huh," groaned Yoshiko. "Oh, and she's so wonderfully tight. You're going to enjoy fucking her snatch with your cock, Sayuri-chan." Yoshiko drew back and slammed into the once pure depths. Friction burned along her cock.

Her pussy clenched with each thrust. Her breasts bobbed and shook. She smiled at Sayuri shivering and writhing as the ghost enjoyed her blowjob. Mitsuko moaned lustily as she bobbed and slurped. She gave a noisily blowjob, her porcelain cheeks hollowing with each suck, her pussy clenching about Yoshiko's dick.

Which made pumping in her depths even more enjoyable. Yoshiko's strokes grew faster and faster. She loved being a futanari.


She could go her whole life like this. Being haunted by the futa-ghost didn't bother her one bit. She was trying to communicate with Sayuri for Lori's sake. "Oh, that's good pussy," moaned Yoshiko.

"Mmm, your princess has a hot cunt. I'm going to dump so much cum in her." "Oh, you are a wicked kami," groaned Mitsuko "You must be something naughty. Are you a kitsune?" "No.

I'm just a girl you made into a futanari. You're the ghost. You're haunting me." Water churned around Yoshiko's thighs as she kept fucking.

The rapture was wonderful. Pleasure spilled down through her body. Her ass clenched with each thrust, her pussy dripping juices. She stroked Mitsuko's sides, loving the silky feel of the girl's skin. And how hot her pussy was. Mitsuko's hips humped back, rocking into the thrusts.

The silky caress of her pussy sent rapture rippling through Yoshiko's body. Her breasts bounced harder and harder with every thrust. Sayuri's eyes were hot, watching them. "Like my big tits, Sayuri-chan?" "I." She nodded, her own body shuddering, small breasts jiggling. Her hands slid through Mitsuko's hair. "But I bet you love your princess's mouth sucking on your cock better." "So much better," groaned Sayuri.

"Oh, yes, Ōjo-sama. Oh, you're so wonderful. You're mouth makes me tremble.

Love my cock. It feels so good to have one." Mitsuko answered with muffled moans, hot cunt clenching on Yoshiko's dick. The friction boiled through her body. Every stroke brought her closer and closer to erupting her cum into the princess's virginal cunt.

I'm going to cum in a princess's pussy! That thought made Yoshiko shudder. She moaned louder, head dancing, wet hair clinging to her back and shoulders as she plowed the princess. She rammed her dick so deep, water splashing between them with each thrust. "Oh, I bet you're going to cum so hard into your princess's mouth," panted Yoshiko.

"Make her drink down every drop. She sounds so hungry for it." "Cum?" moaned Sayuri. "Yeah, your seed. It's thick and creamy. Your princess-slut will enjoy it." "Slut! You can't say that to her." Yoshiko laughed and slapped Mitsuko's ass, bringing a groan from the princess. "She loves it. Your princess-slut's going to cum so hard on my cock.

She'll milk my dick for all its seed. Oh, yes. I'm going to cum so deep in her." Sayuri shuddered, eyes burning with lust. "That's such a dishonorable thing to do to her.

You're sullying her." "Just like you want to." Sayuri shuddered, her small breasts jiggling. She groaned, her hand sliding through Mitsuko's hair piled up on her head, held in place by an alabaster comb. She didn't answer, but the lust burning on her face showed her true desires.


It made Yoshiko's dick ache even more in the Japanese princess's depths. She reamed into the hot, royal cunt, the friction building the pressure in the depths of her pussy. It swelled up her cock, throbbing to the tip. There it wanted to explode out the busty futanari. Her tits bounced wildly, slapping together as the strokes of her hips grew more and more erratic. She had to cum. Nothing would stop her now. She was too close.

"Oh, yes, Sayuri-chan, I'm going to flood the princess's cunt." "Ōjo-sama," panted Sayuri. "That's right. You're Ōjo-sama. I'm going to cream her. I'm going to baste her cunt with so much jizz. Oh, yes, yes, yes." "Mitsuko-hime!" Sayuri's body thrashed. Her small tits jiggled. Mitsuko's pussy clenched on Yoshiko's thrusting dick, increasing the friction.

The princess gulped and swallowed the shrine maiden's jizz. She moaned her pleasure as she savored her lover's cum. The heat increased in her cunt. Hot flesh spasmed about Yoshiko's girl-dick. The princess came hard with Sayuri.

"Oh, my sweet Ōjo-sama! You're drinking my shameful seed! I'm soiling you! Dishonoring you!" "Yes!" Yoshiko hissed and thrust her dick into the princess's cunt.

It was so hot. Her pussy clenched. And exploded. Waves of delight rippled through the busty futanari's body. The rapture shot down her cock and erupted. Powerful blasts of cum spurted into the princess's hungry cunt, basting her. Yoshiko trembled, her damp hair whipping about her face as she tossed back her head. "Take my cum, princess-slut! Take it! You love it!

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Your hot cunt is milking my dick!" "Ōjo-sama," gasped Sayuri. "I am so sorry." Yoshiko slammed her girl-cock into the princess one final time. Her last eruption shuddered out of her cock. The pleasure shot to her mind, already inundated with waves of rapture.

She savored it as the hot cunt milked out the last drops of her cunt. Then Mitsuko's head popped up. "Oh, Sayuri, a friendly yūrei has deflowered me. Futanari! She has gifted you with something wonderful. Did you summon her?" "You can't see her?" Sayuri asked. Mitsuko looked over her shoulder at Yoshiko, but her eyes didn't focus, instead staring through the busty futanari. "No." Great, now I'm the ghost haunting my ghost. "You're a miko," said Mitsuko. "That must be why, Sayuri-chan." "Yeah," Sayuri nodded, swallowing.

"Oh, she flooded me with her seed. It was so wonderful. I am so sorry she stole the gift of my virginity from you, Sayuri-chan." Mitsuko leaned up and kissed Sayuri hard with cum-stained lips. "Oh, damn, that's hot," Yoshiko moaned, pulling her still hard cock from Mitsuko's deflowered pussy.

Pinkish cream leaked out, drifting through the waters of the hot spring as the pair kissed, Sayuri tasting her own cum. Mitsuko broke the kiss. "But you can still enjoy me." Mitsuko moved away from Sayuri and stretched out on her back on the edge of the hot spring, her legs spread wide. Her black bush, thick and tangled, matted by cum and the water. Her pink pussy gaped open from Yoshiko's cock. "Mitsuko-hime." Sayuri licked her lips, stroking her hard, wet dick. "Go on," Yoshiko smiled.

"Fuck her with that dick. I loved it when you took my virginity with yours." "What?" Sayuri shook her head. "You say strange things, yūrei." "What is that?" "Spirit of the dead. Don't you know you're dead?" Sayuri shook her head. "I can ease you on, if you want. I know the rights. I just need my gohei. Or even a haragushi will work." "I'm not dead, you are." Yoshiko sighed. "You haunted me. I fell asleep and am dreaming your memories.

Why are you showing me this?" Sayuri shook her head. "Oh, stop talking to her and make love to me," pouted Mitsuko, grabbing Sayuri's dick. "Right now." "Yes, Ōjo-sama," gasped Sayuri. "I am so sorry for ignoring you." The princess pulled the ghost between her thighs, bringing the dick to her cum-filled pussy. Yoshiko's girl-cock throbbed as it bobbed in the warm water. Sayuri's ass clenched as she drove her shaft into Mitsuko's depths. Her back arched, her spine so supple. "Oh, it's heavenly to be in you, Ōjo-sama," groaned Sayuri.

"Your cauldron is so hot already." "The yūrei stirred me to such a frothy delight." Mitsuko shuddered, her thighs wrapping about Sayuri's legs. "But you're my miko.

My Sayuri-chan. I love you so much." Yoshiko smiled at the display of love, savoring the sounds of the two girls kissing. But the sight of Sayuri's cute, pale-olive ass clenching as she pumped away at Mitsuko's cunt throbbed lust through the busty futanari's dick.

Her blue eyes stared with lusty intensity. I have to fuck that ass. After all, she took my anal cherry. Only fair. Yoshiko moved to Sayuri, grasping her ass. The tip of the busty futanari's dick prodded Sayuri's butt-cheeks, dipping between them and finding a puckered sphincter. Delight rippled up Yoshiko's dick to her pussy. The shrine maiden's asshole felt like such a delight. She rubbed her cock's crown on it, savoring the wrinkled delight, smearing her precum along it.

Then she pushed. The sphincter resisted. Sayuri gasped, throwing a look over her shoulder, slanted eyes wide. "Yūrei-chan! What are you doing?" "Buggering you." Yoshiko smiled. "After all, you buggered me when I was fucking my friend, Lori. You rather enjoyed my ass. Don't you remember?" Sayuri shook her head and then groaned again as Yoshiko pushed against the resisting asshole.

"What's she doing?" Mitsuko moaned, her face appearing over Sayuri's shoulder. "She's putting her dick in butt-hole, Ōjo-sama." "Oh, that's wicked," gasped Mitsuko "My maids have whispered about anal." Then she kissed Sayuri hard, holding her black hair. Yoshiko groaned, pressing on the resisting asshole. It spread, stretching, the tip of her dick working past it and into hot, tight bowels. A shudder ran through her body as she humped, working her cock in with short stabs, each one taking her deeper and deeper into the ghost's asshole.

It was so hot. Tight and velvety. This was a true cherry asshole, not like Lori's who had lost her anal cherry, and her real one, to her boyfriend Chris's cock. Yoshiko's eyes fluttered as she stabbed deeper and deeper into the shrine maiden's virgin bowels.

"Oh, you're so good, Sayuri-chan So tight and hot. Oh, yes. This is what you did to me. You have to remember. The bathroom where you took my virginity. You thought I was Mitsuko-hime as you fucked me. It was wonderful." Sayuri's bowels clenched about Yoshiko's dick, her lips busy with Mitsuko's.

"First you licked my pussy. You ate me to orgasm, slowly appearing more and more solid to me. And then you rammed your dick into my pussy. You ripped through my cherry." Yoshiko shivered, her large tits bouncing, beads of water flicking from her hard, brown nipples. "You have to remember." Her crotch slapped into Sayuri's ass with wet slaps, those cute buns jiggling. Yoshiko licked her lips as she slammed her cock harder and harder, the shrine maiden moving beneath her, fucking Mitsuko.

Yoshiko trembled, her cock in heave as she reamed Sayuri's asshole. The busty futanari licked her lips, loving the sight of Mitsuko's hands sliding up and down Sayuri's back in obvious passion as the two girls shared their love, kissing hot and heavily, moaning and sighing.

They have what Chris and Lori have. I fucked her this afternoon, but she doesn't love me. Yoshiko picked up the strokes. She had to reach through to Sayuri. "You have to remember following me home and licking my pussy and dick.

You tongued my asshole then fucked it as I fucked my friend Lori. She had hair like fire." Sayuri's head snapped up. For a moment, the hot springs vanished. Instead, there was a Japanese shrine on fire, the flames bursting through the tiled roof, consuming the walls.

In a shower of sparks, the roof collapsed. "NO!" Sayuri screamed. The burning shrine vanished, and they were back in the hot springs, Sayuri's bowels clenching hard on Yoshiko's dick. "What was that?" Yoshiko gasped. She stopped her pumping, dick buried in Sayuri's bowels. "Sayuri-chan, what was that?" "Nothing." She reached down, kissing Mitsuko, her hips pumping away.

The shrine maiden's asshole slid up and down Yoshiko's dick. The sudden pleasure shot up Yoshiko's shaft. It made her tremble and groan. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Such heat rippled out of her dick. It was magnificent. A wonderful delight that stabbed through her mind, almost erasing the question.

The ache in her hips propelled her to keep fucking Sayuri while hope throbbed through her. She had reached through the shrine maiden. She had touched another memory. She gripped Sayuri's hips, reaming her hard, slamming into her hot bowels. "Oh, yes, Sayuri-chan," moaned Mitsuko "You're so wonderful. I am so glad I took your virginity. I love you." "I love you, Mitsuko!" Sayuri's bowels clenched and writhed about Yoshiko's dick. "Yes, yes fill me with your seed!

My delicious futanari! I love you so much! You'll be my husband! I don't care about your rank!" "Yes!" Sayuri's head snapped back. Her pleasure screamed out of her voice. Her bowels ached and spasmed on Yoshiko's girl-dick. The busty futanari slammed harder and harder into the hot bowels, her tits heaving, slapping together. The water splashed about her hips. The massaging bowels rippled delight up Yoshiko's dick. She snapped back her head. Her body trembled. Her pussy clenched.

Her dick unloaded. Hot spurts of cum flooded the shrine maiden's ass. "Oh, god!" panted Yoshiko. "Your ass is so hot, Sayuri-chan!" Before her orgasm could stop. The world flickered. She was suddenly standing out of the hot spring, watching from the bushes, her dick spurting cum across the plants. She shuddered as her orgasm burned hot through her. Sayuri sat on the edge of the hot spring, and Mitsuko stood in the middle, her hands behind her back.

"Look what my maids procured for me," Mitsuko said with a husky purr, a wicked smile on her lips. "What, Mitsuko-hime?" asked Sayuri. "Why are you showing me this again?" Yoshiko demanded, rushing forward. "It came all the way from the province of Hiko," Mitsuko said as she revealed the fibrous dildo from behind her back. Yoshiko seized Sayuri's shoulders and turned her head. "What are you doing, Sayuri-chan?" "Who are you?" Sayuri gasped. Her eyes widened. "You're a kami!" Yoshiko groaned, her irritation flaring.

"Is this your happiest memory? Are you afraid of the fire? Is that how you died?" Horror flashed across Sayuri's face. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chris, who used to be a boy but was gender-swapped into a girl, shuddered as her orgasm rippled through her body.

She sat impaled on her girlfriend's dick, the thick shaft so deep in her. Lori, a gorgeous redhead, didn't used to have a dick, just like Chris didn't used to be a busty, blonde hottie. But they were both changed today thanks to their encounters with ghosts.

Only Lori's ghost sounded a lot less mean than Chris's. Lori's girl-cum spurted into Chris. It made her shudder and gasp. She shivered, her hips shaking as she ground on her girlfriend. An ache throbbed her clit. It ground into Lori's flesh, rubbing against her and adding a delight of pleasure to the gender-swapped blonde's delight. They were in the backseat of Lori's mom's car, a blue Prius, parked at a remote lookout.

It was a scenic view of San Fransisco, the Bay, and Oakland, but not a lot of people came up here in the middle of the week. It was here that Chris had taken Lori's virginity a few months ago, the two nineteen-year-olds heaving in the backseat of the Prius.

Just like now. "Oh, my god, that was hot," Lori moaned, her green eyes flashing, her cheek rubbing on Chris's large, pillowy mounds streaked with cum. "Oh, I am so jealous of these tits, Chris." "I'm jealous of that dick," Chris giggled, her clit throbbing so hard against Lori's stomach, trapped between them as they shifted. "It's so much bigger than mine had been." Lori shuddered.

"Yours had been." She looked at Chris. "You almost sound like you like being a girl." "Well." Chris shuddered. She couldn't deny the orgasms were amazing. And there was something thrilling about a cock buried in her pussy she just couldn't explain.

"I guess. But I want to go back to being a guy. I mean, how the fuck do I explain it?" "Yeah. I have a cock now. I mean, I love it." Lori giggled. "Mmm, I do love it, but. I don't know. It's all so fucked up now. Yoshiko loves it. I think she doesn't want to give it up. But." "But?" "Well, I want things to be great between us.

If you go back to being a guy, would you want your girlfriend having a cock bigger than yours?" Chris giggled. "Probably not. So you would.give it up?" "Well, yeah. I like being a girl. I like making love to you when you're a guy.

You were so strong, your muscles so hard. You were a sexy guy." Lori's hands squeezed Chris's ass. "Not to say you aren't sexy as a girl." Chris sighed. "Well, I don't know how we're going back. Not with that psycho ghost after me." "Well, Miyu can exorcise her. She's a shrine maiden." Chris winced. Lori frowned up at the gender-swapped blonde.

"What?" "Well. The ghost possessed Miyu. And then." Chris swallowed. "I think Phil's dead. The ghost got to him and turned him into a girl. Then she was strangling him like she tried to do to me. Miyu saved my life the first time, but when she tried to fight the ghost again, she was possessed." "The ghost killed Phil!" Lori's eyes widened. "Holy fucking shit! That can't be Sayuri-chan. She's so nice." "No, this ghost was looking for Sayuri-chan.

Like she was pissed at her or something. I think she turned me into a I would be her—Sayuri. She first.fucked my cock." Chris flushed. "Maybe that's why she first thought I was Sayuri." "Because Sayuri is a futanari." Lori frowned.

"Is your ghost Mitsuko? The princess Sayuri thought Yoshiko was? But why would she be angry at Sayuri?" "I don't know," Chris groaned, her clit throbbing so hard against Lori's belly. "But I don't know what will happen if the ghost finds me. How can we stop her without a shrine maiden?" Lori's eyes widened. "Sayuri is a shrine maiden. Her ghost. Maybe she can help us!" "Yes," Chris said and kissed her girlfriend hard on the lips, their breasts mashing together, her clit throbbing even harder on Lori's belly.

Lori frowned, breaking the kiss. "Chris.what is that pressing on my stomach?" "Hmm? My clit." "Clits aren't that big." Chris's eyes widened. She glanced down. There was a cock thrusting out of her blonde curls, throbbing on Lori's stomach. "I have a dick again." "And it's huge," Lori groaned, voice thick with lust.

"Oh, you got a big futanari-cock, Chris. I guess I change girls, too. Not just Yoshiko's dick." Her hand stroked it and Chris groaned, pussy clenching on Lori's girl-dick.

I have a pussy and a cock. Holy shit, this is amazing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The world flickered about Yoshiko as she shook Sayuri. The ghost vanished. The burning shrine returned. Dangling charms hanging from the porch's rafters blazed as they danced in the air racing towards the inferno.

Great smoke rose into the night, crossing the face of a half-full moon hanging above it.

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"Otōsan!" shouted Sayuri. She ran down the path to the shrine, dressed like a miko in red hakama and a white haori. Something tented her crotch. You're a futanari when this happened? How did you become one?

"Otōsan!" she shouted again, falling to the ground. There was a still form in the dark, head twisted around to face the wrong way.

"No, no. How much time passed? Hangetsu, what did you do?" The world flickered. Yoshiko shuddered, shaking her head. Sayuri, tears streaming down her face, gripped a wand in one hand. Yoshiko didn't know what it was called, but she had seen it in Anime. It was a rod of wood with two chains of zigzagging diamonds dangling from it. Sayuri was still dressed as a shrine maiden as she marched through a stone structure. Men and women in fine kimonos, fear on their face, watched her as she marched towards a rice paper door.

"Pussy," a male voice groaned through the door. "Bring me more pussy." Mitsuko appeared, falling to her knees before Sayuri. The princess's face was painted white like a geisha, lips bright red while her black hair was gathered in an intricate bun and held in place by an alabaster comb. "You have to save my father, Sayuri-chan." The deep voice laughed.

Shadows moved beyond the door. They looked like undulating tentacles. A woman moaned out in throaty passion. The world flickered.

Yoshiko gasped. She was in a dark forest. The trees looked evil as they rose around her. Their branches seemed to reach for her like thousands of long, skinny fingers. The forest floor was dead. There were no animals sounds. Ghostly moonlight drifted through the canopy, making shadows even deeper.

Red and white flashed. Sayuri ran sobbing through the woods. "Mitsuko-hime," Sayuri screamed as she raced through the woods. "Please, Mitsuko-hime, don't do this. I'm sorry." Yoshiko swallowed, following. The shouting Sayuri led Yoshiko to a tree that looked so familiar. A Japanese red pine loomed over Sayuri. From the branches, a body dangled naked from the tree, her face painted white just like she had been at the castle begging for Sayuri's help. "Oh, Sayuri-chan," Yoshiko whispered as the shrine maiden fell to her knees before the hung corpse of her princess.

"No," Sayuri keened. "No, Ōjo-sama!" The world flickered. The hot spring reappeared. Sayuri sat at the edge, Mitsuko was in the center, hands behind her back, a naughty smile on her lips.

Yoshiko fell to her knees beside Sayuri, understanding. "This is your happiest memory. The day you and your lover took each other's virginities." The ghost didn't answer. She just repeated the same words as last time. "I can help you," whispered Yoshiko. "Maybe. That's what you need from me. That tree where she hung from. It looked so much like the one at our school." Last night, lightning had struck it.

It must have freed Sayuri. "Maybe. Maybe she's free, too?

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Maybe I can help you? But I need you to cooperate, Sayuri-chan." The shrine maiden looked at Yoshiko. Tears beaded in Sayuri's eyes. Yoshiko woke up with a gasp. To be continued.