Britney amber her big ass fucked in office

Britney amber her big ass fucked in office
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Welcome back faithful readers Charity Jones here again returning to entertain you with more adventures of my misspent youth. My lat recounting detailed certain highpoints in my life as it transpired through the11th grade in my 16th year of life. I introduced you to the complete trinity of my closest friends, Faith and Hope. I also landed myself a highschool sweetheart by the name of Chet, who in turned out to be my personal cuckold.

And of course the trials and tribulations of jut being a high school teen. The school year ended with a whimper and less of a bang, due in great deal to our Nazi Bitch Vice Principal who was weekly punishing us for our tartly ways. I was just happy it was over and even quietly sailed through my 17th birthday just a scant couple weeks before the end of final exams.

Based on my previous accounts you would have thought I was ready to embark on a bacchanal spree of sex and debauchery. It had certainly been my pattern in the year that had just passed. But now I found myself ruminating.I was only now just seventeen, but I felt like I was on the verge of a crisis or an epiphany.

I had been in this relatively small Texas town for exactly a year now. I had stepped off the bus a spoilt rich kid from the East Coast banished here by the humiliation of an incarcerated and completely dishonest father.

Sent to live with a Mother I knew nothing true of, and had been only been spread lies about. I quickly developed an incestuous relationship with her, lost my virginity to a couple of her black lovers. Met up with my soul-sister the trash talking Faith O' Reilly.


Been involved with orgies and foursomes with her and my mother, and ended up in a huge black gangbang with those two and the preachers wife. And that was just last summer. The school year had been more of the same. Adding the goth girl and extreme cumslut Hope to complete our trinity. Tutoring sessions with donkey dicked ubergeek of the school.

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Monthly gangbangs of the three of us by the football team. Cuckolding my boyfriend. Sleeping with my Momma and her boyfriend and his employees. A sex for grades program with teachers topped off with anal punishments for that act by the evil Vice Principal It was crazy!

Was the next year going to be more of the same? Was I always just going to be bubby blonde nympho? My Momma seemed happy being that way, and despite my love for her, there was no way I was going to spend the rest of my life in a trailer park putting out for the nearest monster cock if he just asked. My options were limited it seemed though.

My father had mapped out my entire life for me, from boarding schools to Ivy league universities. I was even content I would end up married to some stuffed shirt and live in a huge house in an upscale Connetticut zip code with 2.5 kids and a dog. But his Ponzi schemes put an end to that horrible illusion. My plans on escaping the double-wide trailer I shared with Momma here was inherently dependent on money. Enough money to get into a decent university in addition to any kind of scholarship or grant I could somehow find.

Momma had been sending me returned letters full of cash since I was young, and initially it was a big pile of money. But many many beer later, in addition to huge new wardrobe, a lot of pot and many blatant luxuries; that mountain was quickly in danger of turning into a molehill. And if I kept up my spending-like-a-sailor habits, it would be gone by January. It was time for the dreaded JOB. It was a couple short days after our grades came out showing us that we had passed with flying colours.

Hope and I with straight A's and Faith with straight B's ( her idea, she thought going from C- minus to A would have raised too many red flags on the drunken home front). We were celebrating by tanning on the roof of the double wide with Momma. It was a good spot for getting an all-body tan as no one could see what we were up to.Momma, Faith and I were as naked as the Lord made us. Hope on the other hand was under a beach umbrella in a black one piece suit slathered with enough industrial sunscreen that a plant would die from not getting sunlight, she was rather proud of her pale as a ghost skin.

We were sharing beers and a couple joints when the topic of conversation eventually turned to the crisis vexing me. " I really do wish I could help you honey pie, " Momma said in her thick Texan drawl, " but I had already started peeling at your age and those were different times" " Yeah, one stripper is enough for a family at a time:.

Faith joked I punched her in the arm. Momma leaned up on her side, her huge and heavy breasts sloping over as well. She was in her late 30's but her " money makers" as she called them were still a sight to behold in all the 36F glory. Her and I resembled each other strongly. She kept her hair somewhat cured while mine was straight but both were the same corn field blonde. AS were the matching eyes of sky blue.

I was smaller on the bust size being a 32DD, at least I was until about a month back, the beer had been catching up to me and I was now a 34DD. And I swore to god the twin sisters on my chest were getting bigger. " Shush now Faith O' Reilly" said Momma to my BFF Faith just softly laughed and lit up a joint. Faith was the opposite of me. She was taller than me, I stood at 5' 4" and she was 5' 9" and would be 5' 10" when she graduated. She was slim and athletic with a runner's body.

She had fire engine red hair and emerald green eyes which seemed to glow when she was plotting something devious. She typically kept her hair in pigtails or a ponytail.

She was always obsessed with my boobs, pawing at them in pubic if no one was looking being borderline flat at 32B herself. When we fooled around togetherher lips would always be planted on one of my nipples. " I'm just saying Busty McGee here needs to go out and do some hard work for once and get her fingers dirty" " Busty McGee the Younger", I burst in trying to sound snobbily posh.

" Excuse me your High Titty-ness", Faith said pinching a nipple. " She could always branch into your clearly save labour camp conditions pharmacuetical industry,", Hope quietly chimed in Hope Jenkins was always an odd one. She was a punk rock brainiac.

By today's standards she would have been called a Goth, but late 80's Texas simply didn't have those. She stood in the middle of out heights at 5'6" and while I was all American blonde and Faith was Irish red; Hope was dark as night. This thick THICK black hair which she kept tied in a ponytail, but when unravelled was a thick lustrous dark cape that reached to her ass. She was a top heavy girl to, at 34D and her eyes were the most chilling ice blue.

She was a curvy girl, not fat just " thick" as they call it now with creamy white skin. Faith was the tomboy, I was the popular cheerleaderand Hope was the introspective geek. There was no way the three of us should have normally been friends in a normal high school caste structure. But our debauchery bound us in ways no one could know. Pus we found we had other secrets about each other that we shared that made us ignore " the system".

" You're talking about my pot business arent you smarty-pants", Faith asked " Yes, you certainly do exhaust yourself with it", Hope said sarcastically " Hey, that took 3 years to build and someone has to pay the bills at home" Hope looked like she was going to add something smartass again to her friendly rival Faith.

Momma and I quickly shot her a glare that silenced her and she went back to reading Dante's Il Purgato ( in italian no less). Faith's home life was a nightmare. She lived in a beat down trailer jut across from Momma and I which she shared with her drunk ass dad.

He was a falling down mean drunk who somehow barely kept a job at the town brewery. He would drink himself into a rage and a stupor every night and engage in long fights with Faith.

The mother had left years ago, leaving Faith trapped in her wake. Sometimes these fights had turned physical and Faith would sneak into my bedroom window crying with a blackened eye or split lip and cry herself to sleep with me.

Faith all but lived with us now, spending half the week here at a time, only going back to pay the powercable and buy groceries for her old man. Momma and I were always pressing her to lay charges, but Faith never would and the local police were foolsalways siding with the good ole boy rather then the chick connected to pot dealing.

He would always be nicer to her when she returned home after 3 or 4 nights with us, but then the fight would start up again and Faith would be camping with us. Thank God he had never touched her sexually, that much we had squeezed out of her.

" I know ya gotta do what ya gotta do Faith, " Momma drawled out, " but there ain't no way I'm letting my baby girl sling pot.even if it' that fine ass Canadian shit you're bogarting right now" " Fair enough, " Faith smiled and handed the joint over.

" No pot dealing, no titty shaking, glad that clears up those lucrative career paths for a high school girl", I snorted " You're too young to start the Xaviera Hollander route", Hope said taking a sip of her beer.

" The who's route?", I asked raising an eyebrow " The Happy Hooker"Hope said with a smirk " Bitch". I said with a laugh smacking her leg. " She is getting a lot of practice though" Faith said " Hey!" "She's almost caught up with me, and I've got nearly twenty years on her", Momma chortled " HEY!" Momma just rolled onto her front and faced Faith who rolled over too so that they were face to face and sharing a joint much closer.

" There are plenty of summer jobs out there, you just gotta apply yourself." Momma said taking a toke " Wish I could help but the Bijoux isn't hiring right now", Hope said not sarcastically, she worked every summer at the town movie theatre, " but I do have an idea." " This better not involve some kind of joke about me being on my back", I said finishing off my beer ' I'm hurt, really, to the bottom of my black soul" " Spill it freak girl" Faith had taken a huge drag and had pushed her lips to Momma's to share the toke.

It was a kiss fest after wards as I could see their tongues dart out in half breaths, into each others mouths. I was getting horned up watching, damnit, I hate when they're right.

" Babysitting", Hope said picking a can of Bud out from the cooler It was a good idea actually. Very conventional too, and with incredibly low odds of leading to nookie I thought.

Hope had two significantly younger brothers, and she had done this in the past It didn't sound half bad for a starter job. Kudos to Hope " Unless you want to give 10 dollar blowjobs behind the Zebra Club" she stuck her tongue out at me.

" Hardy har har" Hope leaned forward out of her shaded pot and placed the cold beer can right between Faiths buttcheeks. The slim redhead shrieked and almost flew straight up in the air. She cursed obscenities at Hope till she was red in the face too. She sat uptook a breath, opened the beer can and then thanked Hope for the beer.

" I think it's brilliant, you already babysit your Momma when I come home plastered", Momma said with a smile " Just one suggestion for you when it comes to handling kids, my dear Charity", Hope intoned. " And that is?", I asked back " Don't fuck the children." I threw my empty beer can at her.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Babysitting then was a little different than it is now. There no websites I could post on about it, the internet being noisy dial up to BB sites and what not. You actually had to go out looking and it wasn't exactly initially easy for me. The only parents I knew were Hope's and she already was the built-in babysitter Or Mr Parsons the preachers wife, but based on all my run-ins with herthe babysitting would end with one of her boyfriend's black cocks up my ass Luckily our Church had a huge bulletin board so I had a small stroke of genius I took a picture of myself, taped it to a piece of paper and my qualifications and phone number and photocopied it and pasted it on the bulletin board.

" Charity Jones. Honour Roll Student. Assistant Captain of Cougars Cheer-squad GO COUGARS! Attends Sunday service weekly. Available for babysitting. Rates negotiable. Call me at 555 -2868", Faith read it out loud " What do you think?" I asked holding my breath " Assistant Captain?", Faith asked, " does that even exist?" " I am slated for Captain when the school year starts, it's just stretching it&hellip.

a bit" " Tell you what Big Tits, even I'm gonna get a job" " Really?" " Yeah, the police are sniffing around again, I'd rather not spend Grad night in juvie" Bolstered by the support that even Faith was beginning the job hunt, I posted diligently on the bulletin board. The calls came relatively quickly, in a couple day actually. Half of them were crank calls, teen boys and younger wanting to comment on my tits.

We would lie and tell them we were tracking their call and they would hang up in fear, this was before call display too.

Boys are stupid. My first job came about two days after putting it up. Mr John and Jane Smith wanted help with John Jr. when they went out for dinner. Yes, those are the fakiest fake names I've used yet, but you'll find out why as the story progresses.

Let's just say these two never want to be discovered. They were a lovely couple and their son was 6 years old of complete joy. John Sr was tall with next door good looks and a dark brown buzz cut you could grate cheese with. Jane was a dirty blonde with an average build and a sweet as pie disposition. They were so wholesome I almost felt as if I were developing diabetes.

They were the wholesome I pretended and still pretend to be. The night went incredibly smoothly and I got 50 bucks out of it. 50 bucks for watching kids movies, paying Snakes and Ladders, feeding him a snack, tucking him in and reading him a Curious George story. I also found out I adore kids. They were a bit tipsy when they came in and while Jane was paying me and asking me how my night was, John Sr was blatantly staring at my tit's the entire time.

I'm used to flaunting them off but it was still a bit weird in front of his wife. She just excused him saying that boys were boys. She then had John Sr drive me home. I had to keep a straight face on the way back to avoid bursting out laughing. You see he started asking me the weirdest inane questions. About school, About my shirt. About music. Wondering if I get back pains. About family. About how my mother and I shared the same figure. About how good it is too see me in Church.

About how he loves the tops my mother and I wear to church. He was talking about my tits, whist trying to avoid talking about my tits. I answered him the best I could with a straightface. When he dropped me off, I gave him a peck on the cheek for a thanks for driving me and ran off inside. As soon as he drove away I burst into gales of laughter that went on so long that naked Momma and naked Marcus came out of the bedroom ( him sporting his foot long black dong glistening from my Momma's pussy juices) to see if everything was okay.

I told them what happened and then joined them in bed for the rest of the night. I got a call the next night from Jane Smith asking if I was free both Friday and Saturday evening. They were both so impressed and completely secure with me already. They wanted to go for dinner Friday and dancing Saturday.

I readily agreed. Friday night came and I headed over, to be a tease I dressed in a blouse and left a few buttons undone.

Jane loved my top and thought I was just so pretty. She even asked John if he thought my top was pretty, he just flushed quickly red and stammered something out while getting his coat on.

The night was yet another breeze entertaining John Jr and passed again without another hitch. Mom and Dad came home, tipsy again and Jane insisted on John driving me home.

This time I decided to drive the guy a little crazy and see how far he would go. It was normally a 20 minute drive, so about 5 minutes in I decided to work my mojo on him He was going on again about how normally cheerleaders were a lot more waif like than I, and if my figure ever presented a problem in practice, if the cheerleader top was too snug " Do you want to see them?", I casually asked them He stammered and gulped, " ummmm, see …see what?" So cute.

" Do you want to see my tits?" He all but swerved off the road at this, but gathered his wits quickly and continued driving on ahead, albeit somewhat slower this time. " I don't think that would be appropriate Charity", he said fixing his eyes on the road I started unbuttoning my top as when I looked him up and down, I could plainly see his hard on tenting in his pant " Don't be coy, you've been staring at my big tits since you first saw me" " Charity!", a half swerve as he glanced over at me freeing my prisoners, " I'm twice your age" My top was now completely off and I was unclasping my bra in the middle.

"And your cock is twice the size it was when you got in the car" " Charity!", he said sweating, " I'm a happily married man" " And I'm a horny girl" With that I swooped down into his lap. My lips were cock-guided systems and I start kissing his dick through his pants.

He was definitely very hard, and my mouth on him through his slacks was making him harder. He swerved again but gained control. " Charity", he said attempting to push my head away " Shush, " I softly said and started undoing his fly.

His cock jumped free from his slakcs and brushed up against my face. I kissed it all over to his deighted moans.

John probably hadn't had a different woman on his dick since before he got married, and maybe not even then. In either case he certainly was enjoying my attentions.

So I went back to work kissing his dick I started licking at him like a cat, fast darts then slow long wet drags from base to tip. I wrapped my lips around his cockhead and started sucking on it like a nipple, milking it with my mouth, teasing his peehole with the tip of my tongue. His groans were a sign he loved it. He pulled over to the side of the road and reclined his chair a bit. This allowed me more room to manevour and I took advantage of it.

I pulled his pants down so I could access to hi entire length. He was average sized, being a size queen I was disappointed but not ever guy I going to be a monster. I tongued his balls and rolled them around in my mouth. I started deep throating him with ease, that was one of the perks he had not being a monster. I could have him all the way down my throat without gagging and sputtering for air.

I started hungrily slurping and alternating deep throating his dick. He was loving this, I bet Jane could never throat him. I also reached under my skirt to play with my self while I was entertaining him, he probably didn't have a cue what to do with another woman, so this was a good way to not be dissapointed. I love cock sucking, so I was already ripe and juicy for my fingers.

" Move up the chair", I told him He did so wondering what I was up to, all it was so that I could craw between his legs. He was sitting awkwardly looking down hi head almost mushed into the hood of car. I ay up against his him, his crotch against my chest, and I pushed my tits together wrapping his cock thickly inside them.

" This is what you wanted, my hot young big teen tits", I smiled wickedly " Yes, Charity, oh yes", he was already sweating I released his throbbing boner for a couple moments to lube his stick up with spit. I then pushed my its together enveloping his dickmeat between my huge boobs once more. I could fee slightly thrust between them when they were firmly entrapped. " That's it Mr Smith, fuck my its" He then started to do so, slowly at first.

The delicious friction between his oft skinned hard cock and my boobs was just delightful. I had him trapped there and all he could do was enjoy. He groaned and started pushing his hips up and down. " Yeah, you love these big tits, don't you?" I asked, egging him on He groaned " Yes" and started fucking my tit even more I egged him on more, and soon he was gripping my shoulders and plunging himself up against me. The friction turning hot and his body trembilng.

He was seriously fucking my tits now, and I had to thrust my chest back into him to keep him from bucking free. It was hot, but more so for him. We were both sweating as he pounded away at my fun bags.

" Oh God, I'm gonnaI'm gonna…" he started gasping out and getting still and shaking I spit between my tits for more lube and then squeezed them together with both hands and started bouncing my chest up and down on his crotch. Now I was titfucking him " Cum for me. Shoot your load between my tits" "Oh god" " Cum for me.

Cum for me" " Oh god" " Cum. Cum. Cummmmmmmm" " Fuck…agggh!" And then he spurt, a big load he must have been saving for weeks, it shot up between my tits and coated the underside of my chin. As he kept spurting I kept milking his dick with my double D's. He spurted three more times coating my collarbone and my the top of my tits. I eased up and felt one more small spurt nestle itself between my cleavage. He jerked and spasmed for a coupe more minutes as I let go of his cock from my tit-trap.

I nestled hy head and licked his cock clean from al the cum on it. I then wiped the cum off my chin and slurped that up too. I rubbed the rest of his cum into my tit. " I've heard it helps them get bigger", I said with a wink. I put my bra and blouse back on and he pulled up hi pants and started driving. It was a quiet drive back. Me with a shit eating grin and him not knowing what to say. When we pulled up to the double wide in the trailer park he nervously he fished out another 50 bucks in addition to the 50 I got for babysitting from his wife.

It was due to taking care of both boys tonight he claimed. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and went inside. The next night came and I was back to the Smith household. They were dressed to the nines for a night of dancing and looked great. Jane asked is John was handsome in his suit, I told her that he was good enough to eat. He just flushed and hurried to the car. It was a night of Disney movies followed by more Curious George before bedtime for Junior. John and Jane pulled in around midnight, both tipsy again.

John offered to pay a cab for me home, but Jane would have nothing of it and insisted on him driving me home. I told her I loved our rides together. We were just puling out of the driveway when my hand was in his lap again. He was instantly hard. I liked getting a hundred bucks for fun with kids and a titfuck. By the time we were less then half a block away, I was already deep throating him. He had to pull over right there Thi time I had guided his hands to my melons and was bobbing up and down my lips on his fuck stick.

He was clearly getting into it and there was zero protestations from him at all this time around. I was really getting into some hardcore slurping when all hell broke loose. Suddenly behind the passenger door wings open and a hand grips me by the hair from behind and wrenches me violently back and out the car door " You little slut!!" Oh shit. It was Jane. She loomed above me with unmitigated rage in her eyes. Steam was all but coming out of her ears she was that mad.

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I guess parking within eyeline of the house was not one of John' smartest ideas. The married women I had met all seemed to be more discreet. My point stands, boys are stupid " And YOU!" Jane the Unforgiving growled pointing a finger at John, " you bastard! How could you?" " Please Jane, it's not what it seems", he tried getting out " You had your cock in this whore's mouth, THAT'S NOT OPEN TO A LOT OF INTERPRETATION!!!", the formerly demure Jane howled Meanwhile I tried sneaking away on all fours, praying I would get out of here before the police arrived.

If this was going to be a homicide I had no intention on being the corpse next to John's bullet ridden body. " Where the FUCK do you think you're going?" she twirled her head to me I could have sworn it spun all the way around her neck like Linda Blair in The Exorcist, but it was dark so I couldn't be certain.

If that was the case, I was hoping she wasn't going to spit pea soup on me. " Nowhere ma'am", I squeaked out " Damn right you aren't", she twisted her head back to John, " You get dressed… asshole." We straightened up and she pulled the John bodily out of the car. She took us by the ears and dragged us off. I knew I was biting my lips to stop from screaming in pain as she dragged us back to their home. She al but kicked the door open and then dragged up upstairs into their master bedroom.

She threw me down to the floor and dragged John in front of me. " On your knees bitch!" she hissed at me I meekly got to my kneeswincing hoping she wasn't going to smack me in the face. " What does this little slut do that I don't?" " Honey it's not like that", John aid " Bullshit!

Look at her and her big fucking tits" Jane hissed again Without aplomb she gripped by shirt and proceeded to rip it right open, buttons popping everywhere. I had come " commando" tonight so as to get down to the titfucking for a tip quicker and now my tits bounced out for the world to see. I gasped so she covered my mouth with a hand. Jane knelt down behind me with a hand firmly over my mouth. With her other hand she grabbed one of my tits rather firmly.

She even twisted a nipple. " Look at these fucking tits, I bet you just wanted to suck them al night, you prick" " I haven't sucked her nipples honey", John pleaded " Bullshit, what kind of man turns down tits" I couldnt say anything so I just shook my head "no" in an effort to confirm his story.

She released her hand from my mouth. " Then what has he been doing with you and your teenage tits" " Just a blowjob and titfuck, that' all ma'am", I said demurely " Oh that's all, " she said with a sneer, " Is she all impressed with you dick in your mouth?" " I don't know, I guess", John said trembling " You guess? How about you my little slutbag, are you impressed with this grown man's dick, " she said gripping me now my the neck and giving my nipple another hard twist, " and you better me honest if you know what' good for you" " I've had bigger", I gasped under her neck squeeze Jane laughed and laughed then said, " You know what, so have I" She had my neck in a vice like grip and was threatening to cut off my air supply but I just submissively took the punishment.

It was something I had learned from the Nazi Bitch, you struggle and these Domme's will just make it worse. " Oh stop whining John, I sucked and fucked a lot of cocks before yours came along, " she growled, " Yours was just the first that didn't treat me like meat" She let go of my inflamed nipple and gripped me by the hair and pushed me into face first into John's crotch.

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I could actually feel his hardness through the pant. Great, just my luck, he's a cuckold now too. " Show me what you do that's so much different", she hissed in my ear, " Feed her your cock John" John unzipped and did exactly thathe pushed his dick against my lips. He moved his hand down to guide my head but Jane just brushed him aside with a growl. She gripped me firmly and pushed my head down his cock.

Due to her half choking me already, I was already beginning to gag when even only half his cock was in me. That just determined Jane on more. She started fucking John dick with my face, gripping me she showed my head up and down on his dick over and over again until I was sputtering.

Saliva dripped freely down my chin at this debasing. The worst part of it was, some part of me thought this was pretty damn hot. The rest of me wanted to get out here alive.

This went on for a few minutes, gagging and throatfucking, all the whilst Jane was commenting. " Look at the little slut gag on your dick.


I thought the whore was better at this. You jut love throat fucking little sluts, don't you" It went on and on.

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Eventually Jane grew tired of this and wrenched my head back. I took a deep gasp of air as I fully free to breathe without a cock in my throat. She then dragged me on the bed by the air and laid me down on the edge on my back.

She lay down behind me and pulled me against her, she locked her arms around my shoulders so that my arms were wide from my body. " Now get in there and fuck that sluts cunt" " I don't think that'…", John began " I don't CARE what you think, now fuck this whore's cunt!" " Yes Jane", he responded John knelt between my legs and tentatively pushed his cockhead against my already wet gash.

I was turned on, but terrified by her. He seemed reluctant to do much more, but slowly eased his cockhead into me. " Damn it John! I said FUCK HER CUNT!" she almost yelled He complied instantly, he gripped my thighs and slammed his entire length into me. I gaped out loud as he did so. So much for foreplay. And then he began just pounding into me. " Look at the slut's tits bounce!", Jane cackled. I certainly was as John thrust away into me without a care.

He certainly had a nice cock, but it was not stretching me wide like my preferred ones do. He just sent waves of pleasure through me instead. I had a bit more stimulation when he would slam up against my clit, but it was driving me mad " I think the slut likes it, don't you slut?" Jane hissed at me " Yes ma'am", I said groaning through the pounding. She released my arms and scooted out from under me. I dared not to move my arms or pull John in close like I yearned to let Jane enter another phase of the flip out.

She got undressed at the side of the bed. She was wearing black lingerie under her dress, clearly hoping for a romantic night before I got involved. Black lace bra, stockings and a garter. Her freshly trimmed pussy was bare to see having worn no underwear, she was gorgeous. " Like what you see slut?", Jane said noticing my eyes all over her " Yes ma'am" I said my tit bouncing from the fucking I was getting.

" Good, because I'm going to do something I haven't done since college", Jane said with a subtly angry smile.

She crawled up on the bed and straddled my face, she then lowered her self right onto my lip. She absolutely grinded her pussy into my face. " Eat my cunt, slut.", Jane commanded. I eagerly did so, I went to town on that twat. I slipped my tongue all the way up her slit and she trembled at it. This wasn't new to her apparently, but she hadn't been with a woman in a long time based on that sign. I gripped her by her ass and started hungrily lapping up her quickly moistening honey pot.

" Shit the slut has a talented mouth honey, so much better than yours", Jane sighed grinding her pussy into my face.

" Yes Jane", John said sweating as he fucked me This went off for some time, John slowing down a bit now and then to catch his breath and not cum. Jane grinding against my face, slickening me from chin to nose in her juices. She came a few times all over my face, and when I reached up she guided my hands to her perky breast and had me tweak her nipples. John was getting close and Jane noticed that and pushed him bodily off me.

She just laughed and told him to watch as she could show him how to properly please a woman. She then leaned over and knestled her head between my thighs. She then began lapping away at my pussy as I was with hers. In moments the two of us were in a torrid 69, her licking at my pussy like a woman thirsty for water in the desert. With more room to move my head I started now eagerly sucking on her clit and she went crazy for it.

It must have been all of three seconds before she started shaking and cumming hard from what I was doing. She trembed and shrieked into my pussy to muffle the sound. As she caught her breath, I wrestled my hands into proper position and started a curling a finger into her.

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As soon as I was stroking her g-spot with my index finger I could feel her squeezing around me. She was cumming again. She wanted to show her husband how a woman got pleasured, I just don't think she thought she was the one that was really going to learn the lesson I had another finger in her when she started bucking wildly on me, the contractions started and she was heaving.

Then a hot wet flow burst from her and she squirted al over my face. I lapped up what juices I could but there was a lot. She squealed like a pig as she came again and again and again. She was just catching her breath, having abandoned trying to eat me, so I gently scooted from under her. I stepped back to admire my handiwork. Jane was shaking from her cums on the bed and laying on her side. "Now it's your turn…&hellip.slut", I said looking down at her. " Wha…what? " she groggily looked over at me.

I gripped her by the hips and pulled her up to her hands and knees. " John, get over and fuck this slut " I commanded I got in front of her as John knelt behind her.

She looked up at me " Whatwhat are you doing?" she said just coming down from her sex high " Less taking, more licking bitch"I ordered her I lay down before her again the head board and grabbed her by the back of her head and pushed it into my steaming twat. Just then John pushed his dick into his wife from behind. She groaned through my pussy as her hubby began to slam into her box " I said, lick my clit slut", I ordered her looking down at her She had this entirely subservient look on her face now and obediently obeyed my orders.

Just to be safe I kept one hand firmly in her hair with her face pushed into my gash if she tried getting away.

Jane was clumsy about it, but the sudden role reversal way way too hot for me and I was going to get off on it. We kept at this for awhile, every now and then I would instruct John to slap her ass. That always elicited a squeal from her. After a few instructions John got the hang of it, and started spanking her more frequently. And now just soft ones, but firm hand print kind of spanks. This kind of punishment just made her lick my pussy more. She eventually started fingering my twat, but she didn't know how to do it propery, but the stretching was enough to send me off into a climax.

Just then John did the same grunting and thrusting deep into hi wife's pussy. I grabbed Jane firmly by the head and shoved her more into my twat as I came After I stopped cumming, I eased back on Jane's hair and had her role onto her back.

" Clean his dick, " I ordered Jane John stepped up and stuck his cock in his wife's mouth and she lovingly started slurping his juices from his wilting shaft.

As a reward to her for being such a good bitch, I clambered down between her thighs and ate her creampie clean and sucked her clit hard to another cum. I started getting dressed and Jane started thanking me profusely for such a wonderful night, she had John get her purse and handed me 200 bucks. I just smiled and thanked her and said I'd be available again for babysitting services.

I couldn't believe we hadn't waked Jr, guess he sleeps like a log. As I walked down the hall away from the bedroom they were already fighting again, she was bitching about how he just did anything a slut tod him and bah blah blah.

Jesus, we just had an intensely hot threeway less then 3 minutes ago and already she's bitching. The funny thing I, I got a call from them next week for more babysitting.

And guess what, the night ended with her dominating me then switching to being my sub in another blistering threeway. And guess what, 200 bucks and 3 minutes later they were fighting again. The next night, another babysitting session, another threeway… more bitching and fighting after. I had to call it quits after that. I was costing them a lot of money, which didn't seem right, plus this was just fucking crazy. Why anyone would want that drama was beyond me, plus I was getting the feeing they were inventing reasons to hire me.


I was beginning to feel like the whore she called me in bed, and I wanted no part of it. I had to explain this to Jane who understood, but I think she also gained a little girl crush on me. She would call me just to chat, ask me questions about sex between women and bitch about her husband, whom she swore was cheating on her She'd also randomly take me for lunches or shopping, but always returned to the sex question and her conspiracies about her husband fucking every woman in town.

I eventually had enough of that too, and during the end of summer when I managed to get access to the Zebra Club's VIP members room I smuggled her in so that she could meet some ladies in a similar situation.

It was total bullshit, but when she came down a few hours later; her make up smeared, her dress cum stained, her hair a mess, dried spunk on her facea wobbly walk and a grin on her face I thought I had made my point. She never complained about her hubby again, but became a regular at the Zebra Cub.

So that's why I didn't give anything remotely resembling their names or occupation or anything. Fucking crazy. She's a lot of fun to fuck, but she's also the type to boil your bunny, and even years ater I don't want her finding out to hunt me down and kill me. My two week babysitting career was now over, It was time to buckle down and start handing out resume's with Faith And that's where we'll pick up in Part 2 See you then, and safe driving