Wichsen ist geil

Wichsen ist geil
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The day of the wedding Trish and Christine met Steven at the county courthouse to sign the marriage license. Judge Clifford Brown who performed the ceremony was a tall, slim man with short brown and a goatee who wore glasses that rested on his nose.

Christine and Steven exchanged vows and rings. Judge Clifford then pronounced them man and wife and told Steven he could kiss his bride.

Steven nodded and gave Christine a quick peck on the cheek. Christine gave him a surprised look as did the judge. He shrugged and took Christine's hand. "Let's get going." Trish followed them out the door to the parking lot. "What was that Steven?" Christine asked Steven. He sent her a puzzled look. "What was what?" "The kiss you gave me after we exchanged vows. Are you shy about showing your affections?" "Something like that," he replied. "Well then. I just hope you're not shy with me in the bedroom," she said in a low voice as she looped her arm through his.

Trish overheard her and made a face.

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Ugh, just the thought of Steven touching her mother repulsed her. She hoped she wouldn't be hearing anything coming from their bedroom. She secretly wished Steven didn't have to fuck her mom at all and could find a way to avoid it.

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"Christine, we can talk about that when we're home behind closed doors." "Alright." Steven removed her arm from around his and retrieved his keys from his pants pocket.

He hit unlock button on the remote to his SUV and they all climbed in. "Trish, will you be staying over at your friend Sabrina's this evening?" her mother said, a pushy expecting tone in her voice. "Yes. I just have to pack a bag when we get home.

Steven, could you drive me?" "Sure, sweetie. That's in case your mom doesn't mind." He glanced over at Christine. "I don't mind it at all. It will give me time to get your surprise ready." She slid her hand over on to his thigh.

Trish made another face. When they arrived, Trish went straight to her bedroom to pack the things and clothes she would need for the weekend. A knock sounded on her open door and she turned around to find Steven standing in the doorway. "Hey kiddo, packing for your sleep over at Sabrina's house I see." Trish grinned. She loved it when he called her that.

Steven stepped inside her room and walked towards her till he stood in front of her. Reaching out with both of his hands, he took her face in his and kissed her sensually on the mouth, caressing her lips with his and sliding his tongue in and out of her mouth.

"I'm going to miss you and wishing I was with you instead of her." Steven sighed and brushed her blonde hair back. "I know, baby. Don't worry though.

I have a plan." Trish raised an eyebrow.

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"What? Are you going to slip her a tranquilizer into her glass of wine?" Steven chuckled, the sound was deep as rumbled through his chest. "That's an idea alright, but no. I will just tell her I'm impotent and if she wants my money more than she wants me, she's not going to pack up and leave." "You don't know my mom, Steven.

I think you better think of something else.


She will be doing everything she can to get her hands on your dick." "Oh ye of little faith. I have something for that too. Trust me." She nodded. "Okay." "Okay. Go ahead and pack your bag." He kissed her again and then went downstairs. She sighed and resumed packing her bag. Once she was done, she went downstairs and found her mom and Steven in the living room.

Her mom was drinking a glass of wine and Steven was on the other couch looking at his Blackberry. "Ready to go already, kiddo?" he asked looking over at her. Trish held up her pink duffel bag. "All packed." Her mother smiled. "Have a good weekend at Sabrina's, darling." Trish felt her stomach roll.

Her mother only called her darling when she was planning something. Steven rose from the couch.

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"Okay, let's go then. I will be back soon, Christine." "I can't wait," she called out to them as they walked out the front door. Outside, Trish said, "I really hate that bitch." Steven laughed as they climbed inside his SUV.

"You're not the only one, sweetheart," he said. Steven cranked up the engine and pulled out of the driveway. Trish noticed when Steven missed the turn onto Sabrina's street and turned to drive downtown. "Where are we going?" she asked. "I will tell your mom you wanted something to eat and that you need to go by the store for some shampoo and things." "She's going to be pissed." "Let her be. She can use that vibrator of hers I bought as a wedding present if she's so horny.

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I'm going to have a good time with you." Trish smiled. They pulled into the mall parking lot and went in. Steven took her hand and pulled her into the department store of Victoria's secret. "Are you crazy?" she asked pulling back. Steven turned to face her. "I'm just shopping with my stepdaughter to buy something pretty for my wife." Trish laughed.

"Ok. Let's go have some fun." When they entered the store, a saleswoman noticed them as they came in and started to go through the sexy lingerie and baby doll chemises.

She thought the pair seemed awfully close for an older man and younger girl. But the girl looked old enough to date whoever she wanted so she decided it was none of her business and went back to doing what was. Steven picked out a lacey red teddy, a pink baby doll, and a leopard print lingerie push up bra and panties. Trish went inside a dressing room to change into the outfits and let him in after she had one on to let him see it.

They left the store with all three. At the food court, Steven bought some barbeque for himself with an iced tea and a strawberry milkshake for Trish along with a burger and they sat down to eat their food. "How do you plan on getting out of your predicament?" she asked taking the straw out of her milkshake and sucking on it.

Steven watched as she licked her lips. "Well since you asked, first I'm going to a motel with you for an hour and fucking your sweet little ass.

Then I'm going home to your mother with a limp dick." "How do you plan on getting your dick to stay limp?" Trish planted her straw back into her shake and took a sip.

"Images of fat women and STDs infected cocks and pussies?" Steven smiled. "Gross. No. I have a natural supplement that I drink that keeps my sex drive down for twenty-four hours." Trish almost choked on her shake. "There's something that can do that?" Steven nodded.

"Yep. Just like there's an aphrodisiac to get your pussy going, there's also something to kill it." Trish lifted her eyebrows in surprise. "Wow. How clever." "You'll find out how much more clever I am when we're alone in that hotel together." "But what if Mom calls Sabrina's mom and asked where I am?" "Oh, don't worry about that. I paid Sabrina to cover for you and tell her mom we met at the mall when we were getting your things and you drove home with her and hanged out with Dana." Trish frowned.

"Where is Sabrina now?" "She happens to be fucking her boyfriend Henry at Motel 8 right now," he said holding up his Blackberry. A video of Sabrina's tits bouncing up and down came on the screen as she rode Henry's cock.

"Thank you, Mr. Burkle!" she moaned.

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"Oh fuck yes!" Trish laughed. "Well let's get out of here then and join them," she joked. "Oh no, I want your sexy ass all to myself." They both smiled as Steven picked up their bags and they headed out to the SUV. Trish waited as Steven unlocked the car with the remote and climbed inside beside him.

"Wait. What if Mom comes looking for us?" "I got that covered." Trish looked at him expectantly as he put on his seatbelt and turned the car on. "How exactly do you have her covered?" Steven smiled as he drove the car out of the mall parking lot and turned it on to a street going up town. "She's got a thing for my best friend Tim. So I asked him to come over and keep her occupied for a few hours." "What a friend you have." They both laughed.

Steven drove them to a motel where he already had a suite booked. Trish sighed as they entered the room and looked around. The room was spacious with a king size bed and fresh crisp white sheets. A bottle of champagne sat in ice bucket on a nearby table.

Trish sat her bags down and took off her coat.

Steven came up behind her and slid his hands around her waist then slid them down to her hips and then to the hem of her dress.

His fingers slipped under it and he slid his hand up and down and around her thigh feeling the muscle in it. "I love your thighs," he told her. She smiled. "You do?" He nodded and kissed the side of her neck. "They're so…open to me." She laughed. He turned her around and brought his lips down to hers, kissing her upper lip, then her bottom one.

He deepened the kiss sliding his tongue between her lips, gliding it along hers. She started grinding herself against his cock, hard and erect. He groaned at the sensation. His hands dove under her jean skirt, sliding over her thighs, her hips, and he slid them down to grip her firm ass in his hands, massaging the cheeks in his palms. She was panting for air as she broke the kiss and quickly undid the buttons on his dress shirt.

With the last one button undone, she slid it off his shoulders so her hands were free to trail over his chest, nipples, and hard abdomen. Trish drank in the sight of him. What a body the man had! She pressed her lips to one of his nipples and gently nipped at it. Trailing her fingers all over his abdomen, she quickly undid his fly and shoved them down his hips, her hands surrounded his cock, rubbing and stroking the shaft.

His cock felt like burning hot velvet in her palms. He lifted her up by her ass, her legs wrapping around his waist, as he walked to the bed, laying them down on it. Kicking off his shoes and pants, he reached for her, yanking down her cotton panties and slid them off her ankles.

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She spread her thighs for him. He shoved the waist band up along her slim stomach so he could see her glistening folds. Opening her pussy lips with his thumbs, he knelt on the bed, dipping his head between her thighs, lapping at the succulent juices with his tongue.

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She gasped, moaned, and writhed as exquisite pleasure shot through her with every touch of his tongue. When he licked and sucked her clit, she thought she would die from the sensations shooting through her.

When he started thrusting his tongue in her pussy, her thighs dropped opened, her hips jerked, and she clutched at his head. In seconds, her juices flooded his lips and tongue once more. Eagerly, he lapped them up. She lay panting on the bed. She glanced up as he planted himself between her thighs and gave a gasp of surprise when he thrust into her.

His cock hadn't deflated a bit and was harder than ever. He smiled at her expression and laughed. "Turning you on turns me on too, baby," he said before kissing her. Lifting her in his arms, he laid on his back with her atop. He tugged off her t-shirt and unlatched her bra. He molded her warm full tits in the palms of his hands and rolled her nipples between his fingers. He licked and sucked at each one, giving them special individual attention.

She moaned and bucked her hips against his causing his cock to slide upwards into her. She moved her hips again, liking the feeling. "Here, let me show you," he said. He lifted her hips up just an inch and started thrusting his cock steadily into her pussy. "Oh! God! Yes! Oh! Steven! My God! Oh! Oh! Oh!" "Oh, baby, fuck yeah! You like that, don't you?


Oh shit, oh shit, yeah! Fuck, I'm going to come!" She started to reply but her words ended on a scream as she came hard. Her orgasm plowed through her entire body, making every nerve in her body tingle. Steven groaned as he came flooding her pussy with hot sticky gooey cum.

She sighed softly, collapsing against him. "Wow." He smiled. "So how did you like the surprise, honey?" "The room or the orgasm you just gave me?" He laughed. "There's plenty more where that came from." She laughed with him at his dirty joke.