Buruma aoi lovely young japanese sucking

Buruma aoi lovely young japanese sucking
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NOTE: The following short story is pure fantasy. Something amazing happened to me. It might sound awkward to some people, especially those who have some "issues" regarding gay relationships. A friend told me something about the term "gay". He told me "gay" means "happiness". Well.

If that's true, then I wanna tell you a story about the gayest moment of my life. I was 14 years old, in 9th grade. I had long blond hair. Well, I was one heck of a school nerd. I didn't wear glasses, but I had good grades at everything in school. Except math. I was an average kid when it comes to math. My grades weren't so bad, just good enough to get away with it. Before I go any further with this story, I wanna explain some things: First, my school had a few kids considered "Popular kids".

Ya know, kids that can hang out with anybody they want, and that everyone knows who they are. Those kind of kids. Well, they rarely hang out with un-popular kids, they usually hang out with other popular kids, know what I mean? Anyways, I guess I was "invisible" to everyone at school. Nobody noticed me, I could be gone for a week or two, no one would noticed I was gone or even ask me if anything happened.

Well. During class, some kids like to send me some rude comments, for their amusement. Ok, back to the story. It was a regular wednesday, I hated wednesdays, cuz the last class of the day was math.

Ya have no idea how I hate math, specially with a teacher that just likes to talk really loud and yell at whoever says "I didn't understand this exercise" or anything of that sort. Anyways, the only thing I liked about math class, is that it's the only class where I get to see Dylan Matthews, besides recess, except in this class.

He's a lot closer to me. He's a popular kid, and the most handsome boy I've ever seen. He was around my size, dark eyes and really long dark brown hair. What I loved most about his hair was that it was all black indoors and when it's exposed to the Sun, you can see the brown color of his hair perfectly.

Every math class, he sits right behind me, with a couple of friends, also popular kids, next to him.

They spend most of the time making fun of me, for their personal amusement. Well. They do that to every geek in school, nothing new here really. Anyways, this wednesday was different. On my way to the classroom, I saw Dylan and a couple of friends fooling around on their way to the classroom, one of them pushed Dylan and a book fell from his backpack, and he didn't notice that. I quickly grabbed the book, and opened it.

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Yep. It's his book, it has his name written right on the first page. I entered the classroom and saw him on his desk. I placed the book on his desk, I said "You dropped this." and went back to my seat, as if nothing happened.

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I couldn't act like he was a good friend of mine, he barely knows I exist. But his friends know I exist, cuz they make fun of me everyday. During class, I got lucky. The guys decided to pick on another geek in class instead of me. But while they were busy, I felt a hand shaking my right shoulder, as I turned around to see whose hand that was, I heard a whisper: "Thanks for bringing this book to me.

I appreciate it." said Dylan, as he let go of me. I couldn't help but look at him and smile. But I quickly hid that smile away and went back to my math exercises. I couldn't even get the work done, Dylan was in my head the rest of the class.

His words kept echoing in my head. Suddenly, I small ball of paper hit my head. It's obvious who throw it at me. The popular guys. They started making fun of me as usual, for being a geek. But then, a small hand pecked my right shoulder, I looked to my right, so that I could listen to what he was whispering: "Don't listen to them.

They can be a real bunch of morons sometimes." he said. I looked forward again. As soon as the teacher wasn't looking, I looked at Dylan, and replied "I dont give a damn about them." He suddenly smiled at me.

I couldn't believe he was smiling at me! I couldn't help but smile back and looked towards the teacher again. I had that dork smile on my face for the rest of the class. It's that dork smile of mine he seemed to like, cuz otherwise, he would be making fun of it. He left class with his friends, and I went home by myself. For some reason, I felt that I couldn't wait for my next math class.

For some reason, I felt the winds of change around here. The next day, we had math class as well. I had math at wednesday and thursdays when I was in 9th grade. When I got to the classroom, I saw Dylan already on his desk. I placed my backpack on my usual desk, until I heard Dylan speak: "Hey, why don't you sit here next to me?" he asked. "I don't know. Your friends might think it's weird or somethin'." "Nah, just ignore them. C'mon, sit here." he insisted, until another voice interupted, it was the math teacher, telling me to sit down, so she can start her class.

I thought "What the hell!" and placed my backpack next to Dylan and sat right next to him. When I looked at him, he was smiling. I smiled back. Most of the time during class, we were chatting and he asked lotsa stuff about me, 'til he mentioned he was gonna be home alone this weekend: "I have this cool house in the mountains. My parents let me spend the weekend there, if I bring a friend or two along. Wanna come with me?" he asked. What could I say!? I'm in love with this guy!

I had to go with him, or I'd regret it for days! Well, since this story is taking a tidy bit too long, I'll fast forward to when we got to the mountain house.

It was a confortable place, actually. Most of the stuff was made of wood, specially. The whole house. A small living room, a bedroom with a huge bed and a nice bathroom. A soon as we got there, he suggested that I'd take a shower, but I said we should finish homework first so we'd have the rest of the weekend free.

I couldn't help but stare at him while we were working on the hw. After I was finished, he was just halfway done. I rested my head on the table, looking at him while he was finishing his homework.

It was a beautiful sight for me. I suddenly felt a hand rubbing my hair gently, and a voice calling my name.

I fell asleep, he was right next to me, it was his hand on my hair.

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He said he was done and I could take a shower now. I didn't want him to let go of my hair, it felt great!

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Then, out of nowhere, I just moved my head towards him and kissed him. On the lips. I thought he was gonna freak out cuz of that, but he still kept his hand on my hair, and continued rubbing it. He suddenly started smiling. While I stood up, he placed his arms around my waist, and I hugged him right away.

My head was on his right shoulder, my nose and mouth touching his neck. While I hugged him, I could feel his lips and his tongue playing on my neck. After a while, he let go of me and grabbed my arm: "Come with me" he said.

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"Huh.?" he ran to the bedroom, dragging me along with him. He pushed me, making me fall on the bed.


I stayed lying down, looking at himw ithout moving an inch unless I had to. He took off his shirt and his shoes. All he had on was his blue jeans and his underwear. He climbed on top of me and started kissing me on the lips, desperate to wrestle my tongue with his.

It was a passionate kiss, it felt like it lasted for hours. After around 3 minutes or so, he broke the kiss and stayed on his knees on top of me, looking down at me. I knew what he wanted, so I sat down, with him still on top of me, I took off my shirt and started kissing his beautiful chest and sucking his nipples, with my hands around him.

I could hear him moan, louder as I suck his nipples harder. He started unzipping his pants, and pushed his cock out in front of me.

I started kissing his cock and rub it, I played with my tongue around his cock, and he continued moaning. Suddenly, he pushed me away, making me lie on my back, I bent over and kissed me on the lips a lot harder than last time. Now, he pressed his body on me, like he wants to squash me with his body. He starts going lower, kissing my neck and sqeezing my nipples. I closed my eyes and moaned really loud, since this was my first time and I was enjoying every bit of it.

He took off my pants and my underwear right away, leaving me totally nude on the bed and took off the rest of his clothes. He went back to kissing me and pressed his entire body on me. I could feel his hard 6 inches tall hard cock on my own cock. I hugged him as hard as I could, and enjoyed his hard and passionate kisses.

He made me roll over, on my stomach, and didn't waste any time to press his dick on my ass. I could feel his entire body touching my back and my ass.

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He whispered on my ear: "Relax. You're gonna love this." and he suddenly inserted his cock right into my ass slowly.

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I screamed so loud, as he continued inserting it, until it was all inside me. Then, he pushed his cock back out, until only his head was inside. I screamed really loud, but I enjoyed it. He kept going down and up, faster and faster, and my screams soon turned into moans of pure pleasure. He hugged me as hard as he could, sqeezing on eof my nipples with one of his hands, and rested his head on mine, fucking me harder and faster.

I could feel him breathing on my ear, he was breathing heavily and really fast and moaning so quietly, I could barely hear him. I knew he was enjoying this, so I pushed my ass up and make him go as deep as he could. He started whispering something, but due to the excitement, I couldn't hear him well. He said he was going to cum, and he did. I let out a huge scream, and he moaned a bit louder. He shot a lot of sperm into me, and after he was done, he rolled me on my back, and kissed me on the lips, gently this time.

I could feel his entire body on me, I hugged him and rubbed his back and ass with my hands, as he rubbed my hair and kissed me passionately.

I fell asleep, the fuck I got from him got the best of me. I woke up in the middle of the night, and saw some sheets covering my naked body. Dylan was nowhere to be seen. I could see a light, it was coming from the bathroom. I went to the bathroom door and peeked, and saw him cleaning himself up. He took a shower while I was asleep.

I went behind him and placed my arms around his waist. There was a mirror in front of us, he saw me and smiled. He placed his hands on my arms and closed his eyes, and I started exploring his body, covered by a towel. I couldn't resist and grabbed his cock with one of my hands and started rubbing it up and down, and Dylan started opening his mouth and letting out a moan. I took his towel off and started kissing his neck. I whispered on his ear: "Now it's my turn." and I turned him around, grabbed his waist and started kissing him as hard as I could, he rested his arms around my neck and smiled everytime I broke the kiss to look at him.

I started sucking his nipples and heard him moan, now playing with my hair with both his hands. He closed his eyes as I got closer to his dick, and immediately started sucking it.

I didn't waste any time and sucked him hard and fast. He grabbed me by my hair and forced his dick into my mouth as deep as he could. After a while, he came in my mouth.


I swallowed the huge ammount of sperm that he threw at me: "This is gonna be one hell of a weekend!" said Dylan, as I stood up and looked at him in the eyes. I started kissing him passionately, and broke the kiss. "You're the most beautiful boy I ever seen." I said, and hugged him as hard as I could. "Thanks, buddy." he whispered and he took me back to bed.

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We were lying next to each other really close. I rested my head on his chest, hugging him and using his chest as my pillow. He just rubbed my hair and my back gently and we both drift off to sleep slowly, resting up for more that is to come at what was the greatest weekend of my life. The End