Cicciona si masturba e fa sesso in una panchina del bosco

Cicciona si masturba e fa sesso in una panchina del bosco
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I was finally back to the campsite; I had been fishing about a mile and a half away from where the campground was, and lugging my fishing equipment all that way had tired me out. It was humid and hot out; it had been raining earlier in the day and now the air was sticky.

My shirt was drenched and my pants were drenched and I was pretty miserable from the hike. It was around 8:30 by the time I had the fire going and made supper, but by nine I was done getting everything situated. I decided to sit down for a couple beers before I went up to the showers; I figured by 10 it would be empty of anybody still coming back from the beach.

I grabbed up my towel and necessities and headed up to the showers; it was pretty quiet at the campground, especially in the tent area where I had my site. I'd been there for 3 days and rarely was bothered by anyone, the morning park ranger stopped by for a cup of coffee for a while each morning but that was pretty much the extent of my seeing anybody.

The shower area was between the tent sites and the camper area, so it was fairly busy during the day; there were a handful of families on vacation, hitting the beach and the trails and whatnot, so I was happy to wait until later to use the facilities.

The shower was a bit old school; no single stalls like they make them now, just the old locker room style with 4 spouts on one side and 4 on the other, the usual communal shower. I was glad to see the facilities were abandoned as I expected, and got undressed and grabbed 2 of the shower heads and pointed them at me. I was sore and tired, and the water felt wonderful; I just closed my eyes and leaned against the wall and soaked, letting the water soothe my muscles.

I'm not sure how long I stood there before I heard a shower on the other wall start up, and startled I broke out of my trance to see who was in there with me.

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I turned to look, and there was a boy, maybe 12 or 13, rinsing off from a day of swimming. He was still wearing his swimming trunks, which made me feel very odd for some reason. I said hello, and turned back to my shower as he replied hi. I thought if he's just rinsing off then I'll just relax again until he leaves. But the water kept running, so after a couple minutes I looked over my shoulder to see if he was still there; he was washing his hair so I thought, great, I better get cleaned up and get out of here or he'll think I just hang out in the showers.

I began washing my hair about the time he finished with his, and he grabbed his soap to start washing the rest of his body. I truly didn't pay him any mind but was startled when I heard him pull his swim trunks off. I knew it made sense to get the sand and grit and grime off, but I wasn't exactly comfortable with anyone showering with me, much less a young boy.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not interested in boys by any means, but having spent 3 days fishing it didn't take much to arouse me, and being naked in front of anyone was difficult enough without them being naked.

I stared straight ahead, not wanting to look at him, but I was in a catch 22; I could stand there and look like I was just hanging out which didn't seem right, or I could turn around and get my conditioner and keep cleaning up like any other normal person would. I chose normal. Normal is good. So I turned around, and nonchalantly grabbed my conditioner; he was facing away from me thankfully, brushing the sand off of himself.

I couldn't help myself from watching him for a few moments though, intrigued, before squeezing the conditioner onto my hands and beginning to condition my hair. I was still facing him when he bent over to brush the sand off of his legs, and I couldn't help but notice his tiny bottom and little asshole. My penis began to betray me as I started to become aroused.

I saw him peek through his legs just as I was turning around. Shit shit shit I thought to myself; I hope he didn't notice. I faced the shower, rinsing my hair but I continued to harden. Shit shit shit I thought again, now what do I do. By the time I was done rinsing my hair my cock was completely swollen and hard and I was more than a little panicked.

I debated for a few moments before I decided I couldn't just stand there, so I turned to grab my soap and was lucky he was still facing away from me.

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I relaxed just for a moment as I picked up my soap but he turned around, and I knew I wasn't going to be hiding anything anymore. I acted as normal as possible, but my cock was betraying me and I knew he was going to see it as I stood up, so I stayed crouched over, soaping up my legs hoping he would turn around, but he didn't.

I lathered up my legs slowly, hoping, hoping he would turn away but he didn't; I was at the point where I couldn't bend over and keep washing, and I knew when I stood up I was going to see him facing me.


There was nothing for it, I stood up, and kept lathering myself with soap like nothing was amiss. I was washing my arms and chest, facing him unfortunately, my cock hard and pointing at him. I didn't have anything else to look at, and so I looked at him and he smiled at me so I smiled back.

I saw that there was no hair on his cock, and that it was tiny and soft. I kept washing, down my chest to my stomach until all I had left to wash was my cock; he kept watching me and I was uncomfortable enough without his eyes prying. He was young, I thought, maybe he didn't realize it was rude. Regardless, I couldn't stop attempting to act normal, and so I reached down with the soap and began lathering my balls and my cock.

Shit, shit shit I thought, as he looked at my cock. I kept on though, trying my best to act normal. But I saw his tiny pecker begin to stiffen as he watched me.

Now that I didn't expect. I slowed down my washing, spending much too long lathering and stroking my cock as I waited to see if he would get a boner, and just a few moments later he was erect. I smiled, acted like I hadn't noticed him staring at my cock or noticed his erection, turned back to the water and began rinsing off.

I rinsed off my chest, then my stomach and cock, and bent over to rub the soap off of my legs. I could see him staring at my ass and my balls dangling from between my legs, and I could see that he was still hard. I slowed my rinsing, staying bent over for several moments as he watched. I figured him watching me was no harm. When I was done I stood up and relaxed in the water, getting ready to get out of the fine pickle I had found myself in.

I was ready for a cold beer and a smoke by the fire to get control of myself, but then I heard him ask from behind me, "may I borrow your soap?

I forgot mine." Shit shit shit I thought. I was so close to escaping my dilemma and now this. I turned and reached down for the soap, extending it out to him. My cock was raging hard by now, and his was too. I figured he was hard because he was young and in a new situation, but I was hard because I was horny and every time I looked away I had visions of him bent over. Here you go I said as I handed it to him. I didn't turn away though, I was horny and exposed and I was loosing my resolve.

I watched him lather himself the same way I had, and when he began lathering his cock he actually looked at me and then looked away quickly, but he stroked his cock the same way I had; too much for it to be clean, but not too much for it not to be innocent. Then he turned as I had, and he rinsed off slowly. I was a mess of desire by the time he bent over and my resolve snapped as his tight asshole came into view.

I grabbed my cock and began stroking myself, staring at his little ass wondering what it would feel like. He looked back through his legs and saw me masturbating, but didn't say anything… he actually lingered, bent over in front of me for several moments; when he finally stood back up I turned away, embarrassed.

A couple moments later though, I heard the telltale rhythmic sounds of masturbation. I looked back to see him pumping on his cock just as I had been. I watched him for a moment and smiled at him, and I began to masturbate with him. After a bit I smiled again and turned away from him, backing up a bit closer to him, I bent over in front of him and spread my ass apart so he could see my asshole. If it wasn't for the white drops of semen I saw on the floor I wouldn't have known he had come; he was so quiet during his orgasm.

I stood back up and he was beet red, grabbing his stuff and shuffling out of the showers before I knew it. Shit shit shit, I thought, I'm going to hell right after I visit prison. That night no cops came though, and the next day the fishing was great. I got back around the same time, but waited to hit the showers an hour later than I had the night before.

They were empty thank heavens, but they didn't stay empty; I was showering and relaxing when I saw the same boy from the night before come in through the doorway to the showers. He waved at me and I couldn't help but wave back. The biggest shock came next, as then he turned around and pulled his pants down, spreading his ass apart the same way I had the night before.

I instantly became hard, but I was not going to be drawn into this again. I said "no, don't do that." He turned to me and I saw his penis was hard, "But I want to," he said. "I liked last night and I waited for you to come shower so I could do what you did for me last night. I want you to do what I did." And with that he turned back around and spread his ass open again.

My cock and my brain were arguing when I went over to him and softly put my hands on his hips. Shit shit shit, I thought as I touched him; now I'm done for. I kneeled down behind him and started to lick his asshole. He giggled, saying that it felt good but that it tickled.

I giggled back. I slid one of my hands up the inside of his leg until I found his little balls and rubbed them gently before I fondled his cock. With my tongue burrowing in his ass I felt him come into my hand in tiny spurts; knowing how he reacted to coming the night before I withdrew immediately, and like the night before he blushed pulling his pants up quickly.

This time though, he didn't leave. He shuffled a bit before he asked if he could do that to me. My resolve was long gone, "I'd like that," I said, and turned and bent over. It took a moment for him to get up the nerve, but soon I felt his tongue against my asshole and a moment later I felt his tiny hand touching my cock.

He did the very same things I did until he asked why I wasn't coming like he did. "I'm older" I told him, "it takes more to make men come than boys." "Like what?" he asked. "Well," I said, "sometimes men come during blowjobs or intercourse or hand jobs like what I gave you, but usually during intercourse," and I explained all of those things to him.

He said "well lets have intercourse then, so that you can come like I did." I told him that was impossible but he turned around and pulled his pants down, pointing at his bottom and saying you can do it in here. I laughed out loud. I said, "no I can't, it would hurt you too much." He whined that he wanted to have intercourse like older people, and I explained why it wasn't the same.

Then he asked if he could penetrate me! The thought hadn't crossed my mind, in fact none of the events happening had crossed my mind, but he had a point. I said ok, if he really wanted to.

For some reason I felt better that he was doing it to me rather than the other way around, but that was just my cock thinking. Regardless, I bent over for him as he pulled his pants down, his young cock hard again already. I told him that he needed to put it in slowly, but when I felt the tip of his tiny cock against my ass I wanted him to shove it in as deep and hard as he could, but I tried to be patient.

He slid in easily and I asked him how it felt, but I didn't get the question out before I felt him coming inside my ass.

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I sighed. Shit shit shit, I thought, not only is this so very wrong but I'm going to never come myself. He pulled out of me, but he wasn't blushing and he wasn't beet red, instead he hugged me and said thank you before he pulled his pants up and scurried out of the shower facility.

The next day was my last day of camping, and that night I waited 2 full hours later than usual to use the showers. I showered, alone thankfully. Cleaned up, and left the facility without so much as a fly intruding on me. I thought thankfully, that my last night would be a normal night even if it was a later night than usual. I made my way back to the camp, threw on some wood and drank a few beers before I decided it was time to sleep.

I unzipped my tent and to get in and stopped, shocked at what I saw in the dim light coming towards me. There was the boy from the shower, being carried by what had to be his father, curled up and softly crying on his shoulder. I started to back away but the man spoke first "ah, sorry to barge in on you but it got late and my son was throwing a fit cause he wanted to see you and its our last night here and he said he knew you; Say's you're quite the fisherman.

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I apologize but you know what it's like trying to console a distraught child." I was dumbstruck and speechless. The man noticed, continuing slowly "So… does he know you or is he just playing me for the fool and having me bother you for no reason," adding an uncomfortable chuckle.

I gave in and plopped down in my chair and offered him a seat at the picnic table. I grabbed a beer, tossed him one (which he caught even with his son in his arms,) and waited for him to kick my ass. His boy started to rouse, only half awake in his pajamas, but began explaining (for me more than his father) that I met him while he was swimming near to where I was fishing. I was more than willing to play along; his story was better than me being pummeled by his father. Besides, what was I going to say, your boy fucked me last night, and I jerked him off the night before, but I haven't come in over a week so it's all ok.

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No. Not so much. The boy came over then, though, and sat on my lap and I thought shit shit shit, I'm dead as soon as his father can reach me, but his dad didn't say anything or even react.

Well then it's all true, his dad said; I wanted to make sure he hadn't been making up stories, but sure enough you're where he said you'd be and everything, I would just appreciate you giving me a call when you're done fishing so we can come get him, we're setting off around 9. I was in shock; fishing… with the boy… call them?… Pick him up?&hellip. What the fuck was going on I wondered, but he gave me his number and we had a few more beers, all the while his son was curled up on my lap with my hard cock pressing against his bottom.

I was being manipulated by a little boy, but I was also willing to go along with anything to keep from being murdered at that moment. As the man got up to leave I asked what time the little guy would be ready to go fishing and made an effort to pass the boy to him, but he stopped me, saying his camper was just on the other side of the shower facility, and that if I needed anything to holler, but that he wouldn't be up as early as us when we went to go fishing.

Uh-huh I said, and away he went. I didn't know what to think; I was in shock and awe and all I knew for sure was that my erection had found its way out of the flap in my shorts, and from the boy's squirming was pressing firmly against his asshole. I didn't even know if he was awake at that point, but the only thing keeping me from impaling him on my cock was the very thin layer of pajamas, and the longer he stayed on my lap, the more my cock pulsed, and the more my cock pulsed the more that thin layer of cotton gave way.

I sighed loudly, asking if he was awake, but got no response. Instead he shifted, curling his head into my neck; that bit of wiggling put the head of my cock deeper against his asshole, and I could tell there wasn't much of his pajamas left to hold it back. I knew that my pre-come wasn't helping either, the wetness against the cloth was making them stretch, and before long I knew something was going to give.

I snatched up my beer and slammed it, then grabbed a cigarette and lit it, hoping to get my erection down, but it didn't work. I felt the boy's warm breath on my neck every time he breathed, and I wasn't going to lose my boner while I felt that. I decided I would pick him up, put him in the tent, and sleep on the picnic table, but I was too late. The boy shifted in my lap, and his pajamas tore slightly, the very tip of my cock entering his ass. I was stuck. If I moved at all I was going to enter him, and I didn't know what the consequences of that would be.

I certainly didn't want to hurt him, and for crying out loud I think he was asleep. I didn't know how to move him, and again I paused, lit a cigarette and hoped my boner would die down, but it wouldn't and it was getting chilly and I could tell the boy was getting cold. He nuzzled closer and with his movement the head of my cock entered him.

I was beside myself and panicked and was about to lift him off of me when he whispered that it felt good, but that he was really sleepy and how sorry he was, snuggling back against me he fell back to sleep. Shit shit shit I thought.


None of this was good; I was entranced by a little boy sleeping on my lap, and it was getting worse the longer he stayed there, but my cock was raging and I was losing my resolve to fight it.

When I lost the fight, finally, I relaxed the way I was holding the boy on my lap, and let his weight settle down onto me.

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My cock slowly entered him as he settled onto my lap and his head came up, wide eyed and a bit frightened… "it's too big" he said, but didn't move to get away. And he was right; I was much too big for him, even just a couple inches in. he leaned into me and hugged my neck and said but it feels good too. I held him tight as he descended onto my shaft. He whispered into my neck that he was coming and I smiled. I could feel his asshole clamp down on my cock each time his come spurted, milking my cock with his orgasm, and as his final spurts made his ass tighten on me I began to fill him with my own orgasm.

I whispered I am too.