Step daughter learning to ride bike grinds in panties

Step daughter learning to ride bike grinds in panties
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My footsteps thudded along the track. I sprinted down the straightaways, my legs burning. I started rounding the curve. "60 seconds!" I heard Coach Travis yell. "Make your second lap faster!" I heard him, but didn't believe that I had enough left in me to even finish the second lap, let alone go faster. However, I tried to forget the searing pain and started sprinting full steam ahead as I approached the last one hundred meters. One last burst of energy and I finished the 800 meters.

"Whoo! 1:53!" I shook my head to recover as the other runners behind me finished accordingly. Coach Travis started walking to me. I started regaining my senses and became conscious of everyone else around me. "That's what I admire about you, Greg." Coach clapped me on the back. "You run practice like it's a race. That time will win you league finals when the season starts." I grinned, soaking in the praise.

I had been dedicating myself to running since I was 12 and was glad to see the work pay off. "Alright, guys," Coach Travis said. "That's it for this practice. Hit the lockers." I picked up my duffel bag and wiped the sweat off my face with a towel. As I went off the track to the lockers, I scanned the football field for my best friend Kenneth. I knew his number, 23, and found him doing drills.

Momentarily, he looked up and made eye contact with me and smiled, before quickly turning back to his own practice. Back at the lockers, I quickly stripped and took a shower. Refreshed and clean, I started dressing back up in my street clothes. As I was putting my jeans on, I noticed Kenneth in the corner, talking to his football friends.

He was sweaty having just gotten out of practice and took his pads off, exposing his glistening six-pack. Taking time to look over his shirtless body, I was overtaken by how defined his abs were and how slim his waist was. His slightly tanned, chiseled body fit perfectly with his short blonde hair and his handsome face.

'Wait, what?' I caught myself. 'Did I just think that Kenneth's face was handsome?' I tried to erase the thought and quickly finished dressing. Walking out of school, I was greeted by my smiling girlfriend, Tiffany, who was 15 years old and a sophomore like me. "Hey babe," she gave me a kiss. "How was practice?" "You know, tiring." "Well," Tiffany whispered.

"I hope you're not too tired. My parents aren't going to be home until nine tonight." My dick twitched a little at the thought of what was to happen later.

I just chuckled and we started walking to her house. Tiffany was a 5'4 brunette, who wasn't exactly skinny but wasn't chubby either. I didn't complain at all because she contained amazing curves, which contributed to her popularity. I was still amazed at how I was able to become her boyfriend.

It wasn't like I was really popular. I was 5'8 and about 130 pounds, pretty skinny but I had some lean muscle. My face wasn't very good-looking but I had been called cute by a few girls.

We arrived at Tiffany's house and she immediately led me to her bedroom. We talked and sat down for a couple of minutes until she got up and walked over to my chair. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a sensual kiss. "I'm so horny right now," she breathed. Tiffany sank down to her knees and unbuckled my pants. Her fingers pulled them down, along with my boxers, down to my knees.

My very excited member popped out. I wasn't very proud of my 5 ½ inch penis, but I knew that its large girth got the job done. Her tongue came past her lips and started licking my head, swirling all along the sensitive spots. She wrapped her lips around my head and then started sucking. Before soon she was bobbing up and down. Tiffany had been practicing deep-throating me and this time, she got all the way down to my base.

Her nose nuzzled my crotch as I was overcome with pleasure and closed my eyes to take all the sensations in.

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When I re-opened them, I was treated to the sight of Patrick, Tiffany's 17 year old brother, leaning against the doorway. He was 6'3 and really buff, even though he didn't do a sport.

Though he was really cool around me, I was scared to think of what he would do in this situation. 'Shit' I thought, 'We forgot to lock the doors'. He was watching his sister give me a blowjob but then looked up at me. I sat there, wondering how he would react. Expecting him to be really mad, I was extremely surprised when he winked at me and walked away to his own room.

Still shaken from having been discovered in the act, I stopped Tiffany, who had obliviously been sucking away on me. "Oh, you want to stop?" she asked. I looked into her eyes for a second then picked her up and tossed her on the bed.

Frantically, I started stripping off my clothes and helped her with hers. I got on top of her and we started making out. My hands squeezed her ample breasts and I rubbed my dick along her pussy, feeling her moistness. "Hmm, babe," Tiffany moaned. "Put it in me." Without argument, I obliged. With one smooth thrust, I sank all the way inside her.


She gasped and clutched my back. Repeatedly, I slid all the way out and back in, holding onto her hips for leverage.


Her breathing quickened and her vagina started clenching, signaling me to her release. She screamed in pleasure as she came. The walls of her pussy clenching my dick was too much as I pulled out and unloaded my cum onto her boobs.

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It was lunchtime the day after Tiffany's brother, Patrick, had caught her giving me a blowjob. When I had gone home and relived the incident, I was startled to find that I got excited from it.

That night, I had jacked off thinking about it and came in record time. I was sitting at the cafeteria with Kenneth and the group of friends that we hung out with. Though Tiffany was my girlfriend, she usually sat with her own friends. I found her in the lunch line talking to her friends and she saw me.


I smiled and waved. She gave me a flirty look and blew me a kiss. "You're lucky, man." I turned my head and realized Kenneth had said something to me.

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"Huh?" "I'm jealous of you. Having Tiffany as your girlfriend." He laughed, a really sweet laugh that made my insides melt every time I heard it. I jolted myself. 'What are you thinking about, Greg' I told myself, 'he's your best friend'.

I started eating the school lunch, a sorry excuse for chili macaroni, and gazing around the cafeteria while my friends were talking. My gaze accidently fell upon Patrick, who was already looking at me. He was a senior, so he was sitting at the senior tables. Even though the cafeteria was packed with bustling teenagers, the way Patrick's eyes burned into me made it feel like no one else was around.

For what seemed like an eternity, we stared at each other. Finally, he cracked a mischievous smile and turned back to his friends. I got myself out of the daze, wondering what that was all about. On Saturday, I jogged over to Tiffany's house.

Since I was a track athlete, I did daily jogs during the weekends and Tiffany wanted to join in to tone out her figure. I had assumed that she was going to run with me and arrived at her place around 10:30 am.

I rang the doorbell and waited.

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Instead of Tiffany opening the door, I was greeted to the sight of Patrick in a tank top and boxers. He looked like he had just woken up. "Oh hey Greg," he yawned drowsily. "I think Tiffany went out to buy groceries since our parents are out for the weekend." "Do you know when she'll be back?" I asked. "It'll probably be another half hour. Hey come in and just wait til she gets back." "Thanks." I followed him in and sat down on their couch. He came around and sat right next to me.

"Hey, do you want to watch something?" he asked. I replied, "No, I'm cool." He nodded and turned on the TV. A news channel came on. Patrick turned to me and once again had that grin of his. He flipped the channel until he came to a porno.

There was a busty woman getting mouth-fucked by a bald man with a huge dick. She was gagging, but didn't resist. I looked over at Patrick and he was sporting a HUGE boner poking through his boxers. He saw me looking at it and said, "Big, huh." "Want to come suck on it like that chick?" I shook my head, speechless. He pulled down his boxers, exposing a penis that was upwards of 10 inches.

My eyes nearly popped out of my head at the size of it. "C'mon," he urged. "You know you want to." I hesitated. Truth was, he was right. There was nothing more I wanted to do right then than to get down and suck on his huge piece of meat. He gently grabbed my shoulder and started easing between his legs. I didn't resist and soon his dick was right in front of my face. Not knowing how to go on, I reached out and held it in my hand.

Patrick let loose a sensual groan. "Oh yeah, that's it.

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Lick it." I was putty in his hands by then. I dove right in and started licking his bulb like it was a lollipop. I was surprised by the taste.

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Though it didn't taste that good, I loved it and attacked it with a vigor. "Now suck it," he commanded. "Suck it like my sister sucked you." Of course, I obeyed him. I widened my mouth and started lowering my head on his dick. It filled up the inside of my mouth until I couldn't go any further. I began to move back up, but felt his hand rest on the back of my head.

He placed pressure and forced to go down more. I continued an up-and-down motion, fitting more of his dick with each successive round. I finally got 7 inches down and could not go any further. Patrick started to tense up and he warned me, "I'm going to cum." When I heard this, I thought to move my mouth off his member.

However, he had different ideas and stopped me with his hand again. "Please, just let me cum in your mouth," he panted. "Swallow it." Without having many choices, I rested myself and waited for the incoming sperm. To speed the process, I licked his dick while it was in my mouth. He couldn't take anymore and came with a fury.

"I'm cumminnng!" Suddenly, I felt a stream of liquid hit the back of my throat. Then another, and another. He spurted at least five times before stopping.

I lifted my head up and looked in his eyes as I swallowed. That caused him to smile once again and I felt so happy to pleasure him. At that moment, I heard the sound of keys dangling and the front doorknob being turned. "Oh shit!" Patrick shouted. "Tiffany's back!"