A sexy blonde babe takes a big cock with her brunette friend

A sexy blonde babe takes a big cock with her brunette friend
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When I was younger I had this babysitter called Vicky who was 19 years old and she was really pretty and the coolest grown-up I knew. I wanted to be just like her. One time, when my parents wouldn't be home till almost midnight, Vicky made me got to bed early.

We were playing and she was tickling me into hysterics, but then she got this phone call. She sounded all excited and I thought I heard the voice of a man on the other end. Whoever it was, when it ended she told me I had to go to bed.

She saw to it that I brushed my teeth and changed into my nightdress and she tucked me in and kissed me on the forehead and said "nighty-night".

For what could have been an hour I lay there without falling asleep. Then I realised I left my teddy bear downstairs, and I can't sleep without hugging my teddy.

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I slipped out of my bed and crept out of my bedroom. When I got to the top of the stairs I heard some heavy sighs coming from downstairs. I tiptoed down each step till I reached the bottom which is when I could see into the front room.

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I saw Vicky and this man on the couch. The man seemed to be quite a bit older than her.

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She was sitting on his lap, facing him, and she seemed to be bouncing up and down on him. I stared at them awhile, as if transfixed, until Vicky saw me and gasped.

She jumped off the man, and he turned around.


His harsh features softened when he saw that I wasn't one of my parents. He smiled, and beckoned me over. I shyly made little steps towards them, and played with my hair nervously. "Come on," he said. "Don't worry. I'm not going to bite." "Why are you up?" asked Vicky. She looked annoyed.


"I lost my teddy," I said. "Oh no," he said, "She's lost her teddy." He motioned for me to come up on the couch. "Hop on up.

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I've got something you can play with." Vicky laughed, which made me feel more comfortable. I climbed up and immediately saw his erection. I gasped, having never seen one standing up stiff like that.

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I saw my brother's and my Daddy's but they were limp and smaller. It was curved like a banana, and except for its bluish-purple veins seemed smooth. Vicky tried to stifle her giggles by putting her hand over her mouth.

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With one hand he stroked his member and with the other hand he stroked my hair. "Aren't you a pretty girl?" This made me feel all warm inside and I blushed what I assumed was a deep red. He thought I was pretty, maybe even as pretty as Vicky. "So," he said, referring to his cock, "Do you want to play with this?" I nodded. Vicky had just been playing with it, and now I'd get to play with it also. "Good girl," he said, and hooked his fingers into the collar of my nightdress to pull me towards him.

My face was inches away from massive hard-on. The smell was intoxicating. "Now, I want you to kiss it." Without thinking, I pressed my lips against his warm rigid flesh.

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I looked up to see Vicky give the man a naughty look and she gave him a playful punch on the arm. He grinned back at her. I started to giggle. He looked back at me. "No sweetie, don't stop. Keep kissing it. If you lick it and nibble on it and suck it you might get a treat. Tentatively, I drew my tongue out, and started to run it up his cock.

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He started to make the same noises as when Vicky was bouncing up and down on him. This encouraged me, and I parted my lips over the tip of his cock and nibbled and sucked on it, relishing his moans as they grew louder and louder.

Grabbing me by the hair, he pulled me up a moment. "Okay," he said to me, "Now watch this." He grabbed the back of Vicky's head, pushing it down onto his cock, so that his entire length was inside her mouth, making her gag. He held her there for about 10 seconds, and then pulled her up. She was shocked; obviously she hadn't expected him to do that. "I want you to do the same." He pushed my head down, so that his cock entered my mouth again. My jaw was stretched, and I was just about able to fit the mushroomy head of his cock inside of my mouth.


"Come on," he groaned, "You can go deeper." "Her mouth's too small!" said Vicky. He slid two fingers in to hook onto the back of my bottom front teeth and the same two fingers of his other hand to hook onto the back of my top front teeth, and he stretched my mouth open wide till my jaw ached, and then he pulled me down so that his cock pushed up against the back of my mouth.

He pulled my head up and down, using my wet mouth to jerk off his cock. I gagged, and felt tears welling up in my eyes. My drool trickled down to his balls, giving them a glistening coat. Vicky then used both hands to push my head down; forcing his cock past my tonsils, and it squeezed itself little by little into my tight throat. Now, almost half his length was inside my mouth, choking me. "Fuck," He gasped, "Oh, fuck." Both he and Vicky released their grip, and my head sprang back as I spluttered and gasped for air.

He knelt over me and tugged on his cock violently. Spurts of hot semen landed on my face. He sat back down, clearly spent. Vicky lent over him and began to wipe at my face with one finger. When she accrued enough come she sucked the finger dry. Then she did it again, only this time she offered the come to me. I sucked at her finger, and the bitter and salty taste and slick texture almost made me retch, but I downed it.

She looked genuinely proud of me, and so ended our first game.