Nasty ladyboy offered her ass for a fuck

Nasty ladyboy offered her ass for a fuck
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UNCLE LUCAS AND VIKKI—PART 1 OF 3 On my eighteenth birthday, Uncle Lucas buys me panties. I find it strange, especially that he gives them to me just as I am walking out of the toilet. "Hi there, cutie," he calls me. "Come closer, will you? Uncle Lucas got something to show you&hellip.something wonderful, yeah." I move closer. I don't suspect anything. In fact, I am not afraid of anything. I have known him since I was young. I trust him a lot.

"What do you have to show me, uncle?" I ask with a curious smile. My heart is jumping up and down. I feel like it is going to move out of my chest. When I reach him, he holds my shoulder carefully and pulls me closer to some corner. His hands are powerful. They are the kind of hands I see on TV on men like The Incredible Hulk, or Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator.

I am starting to question if Uncle Lucas lifts heavy stuff at the gym or something. "You know something? You are a very cute girl. I like you, I swear. I bought this for you, just for you, baby girl." He hands me the package. It is wrapped in thick plastic. I want to unwrap it here and then.

"No, girlie—not yet. You will do that in your bedroom when you are alone." He then leans towards me carefully. "Would you like me to give you another wonderful gift, in the toilet I mean?" Huh? A gift in the toilet—wonderful and extraordinary? Absolutely! "Yes, Uncle Luca," I murmur happily. "I would like to receive this gift of yours." He pulls me into the small toile immediately, hitting my ass behind.

I smile at him suspiciously. I think I know the gift he is talking about. I am curious to receive it. I have a crush on him too. He is a beautiful young man, 26. My younger sisters confessed to me they would have dated him were we not related. Stupid girls. I am going to get fucked by him now, while they were too shy to do anything about him. I felt pity for them. Before shutting the door, Lucas looks around and locks it at seeing no one. "Now, baby girl. You don't have to scream or make any noise.

Do you hear that?" He tells me in a whisper. I nod to him gleefully. "I promise I won't scream or yell or do anything silly, Uncle Lucas." "Good girl," he tells me, "Very good girl. Don't worry. I won't hurt you badly. I am not frighteningly big. One more thing, Lacey. Whenever we are alone like this, you don't have to call me Uncle Luca or Lucas, do you hear that?" I nod in agreement, not saying a word.

"Good girl, let me take your panties off, will you?" I nodded quietly. Steadily, he reaches for my skirt, pulling it down and kissing my lips. It is my first time getting fucked.

Yes, I am a virgin; one who is about to get abused by her dad's younger brother. I don't mind. I am not going to say anything about it. Not to anyone. Having pulled my skirt down, Lucas hits my ass again. It dances deliciously. I shut my eyes to swallow the bliss.

Then it is suddenly gone. "Baby Victoria, you got a fine ass, girl." He hits it again&hellip.and again. "Damn, you are making me cum. Bend over and give it to me. Do it, my sweet, good girl." I obey. I turn towards the shit chamber, then bow down and lift my ass up the air. My dress falls down on the floor. I step out of it, remaining in just pink panties. Uncle Lucas groans delightfully at seeing my pinkies. He is like, "Baby girl, I am going to fuck you hard.

Just wait and you'll see. Get up on the toilet pot, will you?" I obey. I step up on the shitting pot, having sealed it. My ass shifts further high in the air. Uncle Lucas tugs away my panties with his hand, sniffing them and then jabbing a finger into my ass. Ouch! That doesn't hurt.

It is electrifying. He is fingering my ass—my round, soft ass. I shut my eyes again. He pulls his thumb out and licks my shit. Damn! I had just left the toilet when he pulled me back in, not having used the tissue one hundred per cent correct.

Well, if he had told me he was going to fuck my ass, I would have washed my ass a million times in the first place. He puts his thumb before me, teasing me to take a lick of my own poop. Damn him! I lick it with my eyes closed. It doesn't taste that awful. "Yeah. That is your bitter punishment, baby Vikki, for not cleaning your poop out of your ass correctly." He smacks my ass with his hands again, smiling to himself happily.

"All this big ass, it is mine tonight.

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I am going to fuck you, and fuck you, until you don't want to be fucked anymore, girl." He bends himself down and bites my ass with his teeth playfully. That feels so divine, I swear. I almost giggled. Suddenly, he places both hands on my ass and begins playing them like a drum. He hits this side, then that side, and that other.

He is making noise by doing that. I scold him, "Stop doing that. Someone might hear us." He doesn't stop. It seems he is enjoying the feat. His hands kept drumming my ass, making it vibrate and judder helplessly.

It is like I am being fucked painlessly. At that moment, Mom calls out from the corridor, "Lacey, are you still there in the loo? Come on, baby. I need to shit there as well. What's that noise I am hearing? I mean whom are you talking to? I have been standing here for a minute now, and it seems that you talking to someone." What? I jump down the toilet seat in panic.

Mom is out there? What was I going to do? If someone won't come and take her away, she is going to stand there until I am out of the toilet.

She doesn't have to see Uncle Lucas here with me. What do I do now? "Mom, is that you, well I have a little diarrhea, but I will be out anyway," it is all I can barely say. Damn. Lucas places his hand on my mouth and tells me, "Shhh, baby girl. You don't have to say all that stuff. Don't you think it's a little bit embarrassing. Stop making a monkey out of yourself." Oh no.

I need this advise from him? He doesn't know mom from A to Z; that is why he is talking like this.

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"Leave that to me," I tell him quietly, "I will handle it." "You have diarrhea, baby. That is so awful. I will be back. Let me get you something from the kitchen. I kept some pills there." Having said this, Mom walks away. I can hear her feet trump away until there is no longer any slight sound.

I breathe out in relief. That was so close. Uncle Lucas looks at me in surprise. He is amazed. "You are a genius, baby. I didn't think you could do something like that easily. I am quite impressed, I must confess. Well, I must go out now. You just know what to tell Mommy. One more thing: I will be out in my car. When you have the time, you just sneak out and come to me. I can hardly wait to fuck you, I swear." With this, he kisses my lips for a minute, and hurriedly goes away.

I breathe out in relief. Mom didn't catch us. I honestly don't know what I would have done if she had. By the time she is back, she finds me dressed neatly and waiting for her to show up in the corridor. "You are out now, baby. How do you feel? Is your stomach hurting?" I even pretend that I am not feeling well. "Yes, mom. I was thinking to go and sleep in my room this minute." She hands me a glass of cold water, and pills.

"Take this first. It will see you through the night. Too bad you have become sick on your birthday, sweetie. I wish you a painless night anyway. Take care." I drink the pills quickly and then hand her back the cup once I am through.

Then I tell her, "Please let not anyone disturb me, I beg." She nods at me quietly. With this made clear, I go straight into my room, lock the door, and slip out through my window. My room is on the second floor. I don't have dangerous jumping to do. Once I am down, I quietly sneak my way to Lucas' car.

It is parked on some dark spot on the street. Our faces are inches apart. It is poorly-lit inside the car. I am aware of every breath he puffs out. It storms into my face coolly. I take a seat on his lap—calmly summing each pulse that his heart is begetting.

He stirs after me slowly, his erection stroking my thigh. I can't hold back the fires of lust from blowing me up. "What are you doing to me, Victoria?" Lucas queries kindly. I suck in his scent, sloping closer to him. He rests his hands on my butt, caressing it in silence.

I want to slam shut my eyes. Something stops me from doing that. "Will you please stop finding fault in everything I do? Make love to me instead. I don't want us to breathe new life to our perished quarrels.

I won't keep fighting with you, Lucas. Make love to me—now." Pulling my panties away, he pinpoints my clit using his finger. I can't fight the urge to shut my eyes. I do it gradually, breathing out as an injection of pleasure rapidly swims into my blood.

I am miles away from reaching an orgasm.if he keeps on caressing me like this, I swear, I am going to climax. "I don't want to fight with you too, baby," he politely adds. His voice tolls like sweet music into my ears. I am lured to dance to its sugar-like rhythm. "I just want to fuck you. Doing it hard, I mean. We love each other, don't we?" Having said this, he pushes himself up—aiming for my lips.

I lick him back, fruitfully keeping myself from blowing out. Delightfully, he digs his fingers down my clit, wetting me all the more and getting me ready for a satisfying round of solid sex.

I am going to fuck him soon. Non-stop until there is not an ounce of strength remaining in me. I lay my hand down, fondling my clit. I must give him a helping hand. While we aggressively kiss, I press my fingers into my clit. They immediately collide with his.

My head wheels in pleasure, steering to every height imaginable. His fingers crashing with mine, the friction mounts up—higher, faster. In a couple of minutes, I win my first round of orgasm. "I love you, Victoria. Nothing in this world is going to separate you from me." I love these words.

They make me want to fuck him harder than I would have had—had he not said anything. I pour out pussy cum, drenching not only his hands, but mine as well. "I love you too, Uncle Lucas." He pulls his cum-soaked fingers out of me, sniffing them.

His eyes balloon with excitement. I don't see anything funny about that. He laughs at me all of a sudden. I burn with desire, longing to ask what it is that he sees ridiculous about me cumming. He slips his fingers into my mouth, making me lick my own cum.

It is yummy. I am going make tea out of it, I swear. Next, he unties the buttons on my shirt, squeezing my breasts with his two hands. I grind my teeth, feeling my nipples tickle eerily. The sensation tastes delicious. It flows all over my blood, penetrating every organ.


I have never felt anything like this before. "That is surely breathtaking, Lucas," I tell him with a content grin. "Can you please do it again?" He smirks at me coldly. "You mean to say you enjoyed it?" His erection keeps growing hard. I feel it pound when I accidentally knock my thigh on it. No, he has not unclothed himself yet. My legs are fast turning into jelly. I am going to perish from too much pleasure, it seems.

"Do it once more, Uncle Lucas," I plead him. I wind myself down so I can lick his lips. He sticks two fingers into my clit, repeating the punch. It is not my wish to keep my eyes fastened. He surprisingly pulls back from licking my mouth, proceeding to suck my nipples. Gosh!

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I feel like I am being electrocuted.with sugar mixed with tickles. I want to giggle, at the top of my voice. I want to weep as a matter of fact. I cannot do it. What is he doing to me? I don't feel myself anymore. With this finished, he switches his hands to my breasts and nips them the second time.

He does it with force, like I am a lifeless patient lying down on a hospital bed, where he—the doctor—is scheming to awaken me by means of smacking my chest with that&hellip.thing. I have forgotten its name already.

What do they call it? His fingers toy with my nipples. He tweaks them with his rough nails, gnawing them with his jagged teeth. I back away from him without warning. He snatches me to himself, in haste. "You are not running away from me, Victoria," he warns me. "Tonight, I am going to fuck the desire out of you until you don't want to be fucked anymore." What?

What have I just heard? His tongue laps my breasts. It is like kerosene being poured on my skin. In a slice of time, flames of sexual desire are roused to life.

Beginning with my breasts, I go up in flames. I moan, loud enough. No one hears me. Lucas hastily jabs his thumb into my ass to silence me. "If you scream again, I will not forgive your cute ass this time. Be quiet—if you don't want me messing with your sweet ass, sugar." I am terrified. I don't know what to do. I keep my mouth shut.

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He licks my breasts, like a dog sipping milk. I toss my hand down, aiming for my pussy. Once I have located it, I start massaging it nicely. Lucas snatches it away. He does not want me doing that. Scowling at me, he tells me: "Are you attempting to disturb me?

If that is what you are seeking to do, stop it now. I must concentrate on getting this phase finished before I move on to something. Do you hear me?" I nod silently. I don't want to offend Uncle Lucas. I can't risk him walking out on him. I am enjoying so much here. The thought of him abandon our fuck is horror, which I am willing to avoid by all means.

Pushing myself up, I let him stick his tongue into my pussy. Wow! That feels extremely delicious. He laps into me, slowly but carefully. I shut my eyes and take merry in the enjoyment. Mom knows that I am sick.

I told her I don't want to be disturbed. Besides, I locked my door, so even if someone tries to get into my room, he or she will be met with great failure. In case anyone knocks a million times and pick up that I am not answering, mom will know what to explain.

"Uncle Lucas, you licking my pussy real good. I must come clean that I like it." He taps his hand into my cunt. I swim in the sea of pleasure with my eyes shut.

He slaps my ass behind, pushing his thumb into my asshole to intensify the pleasure that I am already enjoying. "Oh, uncles, you such a good fucker, aren't you? I love fucking you like this." "That's my girl, beautiful and horny. Uncle Lucas is gonna stick his big dick into your little cunt and ass. He is gonna cum all around you." I don't know. Can it be true that I have a small cunt?

He said 'little cunt.' I am processing that in my mind. They say that size matters. I think my vagina is big, and not small. "Uncle Luca, are you certain I gotta a little cunt? I have always believed my cunt to be big." He spits into it, and licks his saliva promptly.

His fingers expertly press the lips of my vagina. He is rubbing them, slowly but with care. He spits again and laps the spit into his mouth. It is like he is eating something sweet. I am tempted to think that I was in his shoes and doing the exact thing he is doing. "You want to know the truth, Victoria?" I nod my head quietly at him. He moves closer to my face, telling me to open my mouth.

I do just that and he spits happily into my face. With his tongue, he brushes into my mouth, gently and pleasurably. I am flying again, up&hellip.up…higher, I must specify. "Your pussy is the sweetest thing I have tasted. I have done bitches, moms, little girls like you. You just taste so different, girl. I can't resist the feel of my dick stroking the interior of your cunt. Damn, you sweet like chocolate, Vikki." I feel flattered. I smile happily at him.

"You taste like sugar too, Uncle." He pokes my pussy with his fingers again, releasing them to stick them into his mouth. He licks them gradually, and then sticks them into my mouth. I lick them joyfully. Mmmm…Uncle Luka fucks great, doesn't he?

He sure does. "Now, you must suck my cock, little bitch. I want to make one thing clear before we go ahead. There is no more calling me Uncle Lucas, Luca, Luka&hellip.whatever. Do you hear me clearly?" I nod my head quietly, agreeing to what he is saying. "I want you to call me sweet words—titles like baby, sugar, honey.

Is that clear, Vikki?" I nod the third time. "Good. Now undress me and suck my hard cock." I reach for his pants and start to undo his belt. His erection brushes my hand. It seems big, and tasty too. I am not even done when he shoots cum to drench his boxers. "Good bitch," he tells me. "Keep undressing Uncle Lucas.

Your big baby can hardly wait to hammer you." Goodness! His erection is so big. I have watched porn before. I love to masturbate while watching it. This…is definitely impressive. Uncle Lucas deserves to be a porn star.

He is well-packaged than most porn kings I see on the internet. Mandigo is my favorite. I am white, he is black. Uncle Lucas is black too just like him. My dad is half African-American, and half Russian.

My mom is from Ireland, so I look European like 80%. Damn. I imagine myself acting in a porn movie with Mandigo. I stretch my legs delightfully. My vagina is melting with desire.

Very soon, I am going to receive that giant cock into my small cunt&hellip.Uncle Lucas said I have a tiny pussy, didn't he?

The title of our porn move suits to be titled Big Lucas Versus Small Vicki.

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I hold Uncle Lucas' cock in my hands. It feels delightful to hold. Would he mind if I spit on it? I throw out saliva on its head. He grins at me in wicked pleasure. He is leaned down against the dashboard, his head propped on the window. I take a lick of his cock's head. He sighs out in perfect pleasure. I lick again and again, faring deeper and deeper as I go on.

He shuts his eyes, swallowing the taste of sweetness. I am his whore tonight. "Yes, baby girl. The way you do this—it is like you have slept with some guy before. Goodness, I don't know what to think of you. From the look of it, you are still a virgin.

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Don't worry, I am going to break that thing in your cunt. By the time this night ends, you will be bleeding—not painfully, but in sweet pleasure. Uncle Lucas has fucked virgins like you before, you know?" How come he is scolding me for calling him Uncle Luka, yet he is calling himself by that title. I don't understand it. I must concentrate on finishing this blowjob. He seems to enjoy it, very much I must point out.

When he is close to cumming, Uncle Lucas tells me, "Open your mouth wide, baby girl. I am about to cum now. Yeah& that." I stretch my mouth as widely as I can. He takes his big cock in his own hand, and points its head towards my mouth. While rubbing it steadily, he closes his eyes and fires straight into me. I feel wonderful. The first load hits my tongue.

I have no time to lick it up. I just let it ooze down to the end of my mouth, and then down my throat. "That's my Vikki; a good, impressive bitch. Here I come again. Prepare to receive my cum." He fires out again and then the third time, hitting my tongue with his sugar-like cum. "Now lick me dick again, baby girl," he says confidently. I drawn near him, hold his cock, and stick it inside my mouth.

Without shutting my eyes, I lick it gently, holding his butt with one hand and caressing it nicely. "My balls too, Vikki," he directs me.

I pull back from sucking his cock and aim for his balls. They taste absolutely delicious in my mouth. I lap them up patiently. He is groaning out loud, caressing my breasts and messing my hair wonderfully. "Good bitch, Vikki. Uncle Lucas got another present for you. You definitely will like it." He stands erect and wheels himself around, placing his foot on the dash board. Bowing towards me, he offers me his ass and then tells me to lick his balls from behind.

His balls are fairly huge, as much impressive as his cock is. I move closer to his ass, sniffing his asshole first. It smells nice, like he sprayed it with perfume or something. Then I take his balls with my teeth, playfully. "Whoa!" He screams out.

Not loudly, just a bit loud for the two of us to hear. "That is being genius of you, baby girl. Uncle Lucas gotta fuck you like bad after this. Lick my balls, will you. Lick them now—they're all yours." He has given them to me for free. There is no way I am going to resist them. I lap them up with my tongue, hurriedly. He is groaning again. His ass is starting to juggle. Without warning, he farts into my ass. Damn him, cause that smells incredibly nice too. The sweet but reeking smell is not going to stop me from finishing this blowjob.

I breathe it in happily, licking harder and more faster. Suddenly, my phone starts ringing. I am fool! How could I forget that I had brought it with me? I stare it at it and see I have a text message from Dad. He writes: Why are you not opening the door for me in your room? If I come from downstairs and I find that you have not still done anything about it, I swear I am going to tear it down. You have five minutes to unlock your door, Vikki. Five minutes—not more, not less. Damn! I must dress up quickly and sneak back into my room.

I can't risk Dad learning about this. "Shit," I murmur, quickly getting myself ready to sneak back into my room. Lucas turns towards me curiously, wondering why I have suddenly stopped licking his ass. The air is still heavy with his farting scent. He looks at me curiously and asks if anything is wrong, questioning if his abrupt farting has got anything to do with this.

"No, I am not offended by that, Uncle Lucas—I mean, baby. That turns me on. It is one of the sexiest things you have ever done to me." "Then why do you want to leave me, baby girl. Like you are aware, I haven't begun fucking you in your pussy yet. Perhaps you don't want me to fuck you?" He sounds worried while asking this. He has gotten it totally wrong. Having dressed up, I stroke his dick with my hand and kiss his lips calmly. "It is not that, baby. Dad just texted me.

He is about to break my door and get into my room. I can't let him see that I am not in there, especially after I lied to Mom that I have diarrhea. That is the reason I have to leave now.


I have got only five minutes, so goodbye. We shall pick it up where we left it. Later on, it will be." With these final words, I climb out of the car and hurry to my room. Of course, I have grabbed my phone with me. I have not left it in the car.

Carefully, I climb up the sewer pipe the exact way I jumped down, and struggle back into my room. Once I am finally here, I look anxiously at the door. Dad has not tore it open yet. I smile to myself happily. At leas he didn't suspect anything. I walk towards it, unlock it, and then leave it open. By the time he returns, he finds me lying down on my bed.

I pretend to be ill, crumpling my forehead and rubbing my eyes red. I put some vinegar in them so that they swell and have me crying nonstop. No, I am not weeping loud. I am just shedding tears in silence. "Sweetie, what happened to you?" Dad asks worriedly.

He walks over to me and seats quietly by the edge of the bed. I look up at him with difficulty. Hmnn&hellip.I didn't know I could be a good actor. I deserve an Oscar Award for this performance. He puts his hand on my cheek to measure my temperature. I mean he is not a thermometer, so there is no way he will be measuring my temperature that way. He is just checking to see if I have fever as an addition to my feigned diarrhea or something. "Hmnn, your temperature is so high." It was hot inside Uncle Lucas' car.

That is why my temperature is like this. Inside here, it is a bit cold. It is like I have been shut in a refrigerator. I can't help but shiver. "Your temperature is high, and yet you keep shivering. Are you feeling cold, sweetie?" I nod at him quietly.

He buys that as a sign that I am really sick. I am not. As we are talking, the door squeals open and Uncle Lucas marches in. "Hey, bro," he tells my dad and then looks suddenly at me. "What is happening to my little princess? I mean why is she bed this early?" I almost laugh. I pull the blankets over my mouth so that Dad doesn't see it I am grinning. "Our princess is not feeling well, Lucas, worse more on her eighteenth birthday.

Just imagine? I wish her the quickest recovery possible." Lucas comes closer and seat besides Dad.


He looks at me sympathetically. He is also a good actor. Another Oscar Award should be reserved for him. "Too bad, sweetie. Let me go and entertain the guests. Lucas—you look after my little princess until she falls asleep." That said, Dad rises up and walks away, shutting closet the door behind him. I am left alone with Lucas, my hot baby. I quickly pull the blankets off me and beg him, "Can we finish fucking now, Uncle Lucas—I mean, baby." He looks at me in a scolding way.

"I can't risk being caught in bed with you, Vikki. We will do that some time. I mean we have all the time in the world. For now, I just want you to sleep. I won't forget tonight.

It was truly wonderful." I smile at him quietly. He holds my cheek and caresses it gently. "I didn't know you are so sweet than most bitches found out there, Vikki." I feel something seep down my legs. I pull them away so I can see. Damn! I am bleeding, yet it does not hurt a little. That thing down there in my pussy must have burst.

Shit! I am no longer a virgin. Wait a second. He has not yet shoved his cock into me, has he? Definitely not. I am still a virgin. My virginity will cease the minute he will stick his dick inside me.

I breathe out and cover my mess quickly. Lucas does not look surprised. Yes, he has also laid eyes on it. "What do you think?" I ask him, chewing my lip. He flutters his eyes widely at me. "I want to fuck you so bad, Vikki. The sad thing is that I can't do it here." "Where then would you like us to do it?" I am thinking. I can visit his place. No one would suspect. I don't really know. I must first here what he has to say to me. "How about you come to my place tomorrow?" The idea sounds very tempting.

Yes. I will be there without fail. "At what time, Uncle Lucas—my baby man." "At 4 in the afternoon. Will you manage?" "Yes," I nod while saying this. He smiles at me joyously, "I will be expecting you then." He kisses me goodnight on my forehead and I happily plunge into sleep.

I can hardly wait for tomorrow to come.