Doctor August Taylor gives a full examination

Doctor August Taylor gives a full examination
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CHAPTER 11: Forty years after Will received the life-changing blessing of inheriting the mansion for the benefit of the extended family, it was time for another from the 'family at large' to take on the considerable responsibility of managing the property for the rest of his life.

Will's was already over, leaving Mandy his wife to house-sit the mansion until the new owner would move in. She was being well taken care of by her dear departed love, who had made very abundant and secure provisions for her once she would have to leave the home. A middle-aged man was approaching a law office with his personal lawyer in tow.

He had received an official notice in the mail of an important appointment at this address for this time on this day. In the letter he had been advised that no excuse would be acceptable for missing this appointment and if that occurred he would lose a considerable advantage that was going to be offered to him.

Ambrose knew of the change-over of the mansion's ownership that was due at the death of his cousin Will. So, he assumed that that what this meeting was about. When he entered the anteroom with the receptionist, he was immediately ushered into the Senior Partner's office, a Mr. Wellington. He and his personal lawyer were then directed to take the two nearest seats to the Senior's desk. After pausing to refamiliarize himself with the parameters of the bequest, he took a drink of cold water from the top of his desk and then after clearing his throat, he addressed the middle age man facing him: "Mr.

Wilson, I presume the gentleman with you is your personal lawyer?" "Yes, sir he is. He is here to help me decipher what this is about and what I should do about it." "Just so. But, he will have to remain silent while I discuss the will and the consequences of its offer. If you need to question him about anything, please excuse yourselves for a few minutes and discuss this out in the anteroom.

But, I will not be allowing long or many interruptions of this matter under discussion. There may be some sensible and serious questions about it, but you two can consider that elsewhere on your own time, please." Ambrose and his lawyer nodded with that. "Okay, now down to business. There are two wills to consider about this matter. The first is the one that set up the unique situation of this mansion and a sizable bequest that accompanies it.

According to its conditions, you will be ac-corded the title of owner of the property in question, so that you can actively manage its needs without undue outside interference. You will also benefit by the success of the financial assets, but will have no active managing of them, nor the ability to sell them either. So, in reality you are the manager of the property for the interests of the family. You will have the responsibility of maintaining the property in pristine condition, using some of the financial productions that you will have access to.

Also, when you pass on, you will not be able to pass it down to any lineal descendant of yours. You will be asked to name a list of five possible relatives to take over its management upon your demise. In the second will, Will the last owner/manager of the property listed you as number one of the prospective next generation candidates to receive this great privilege/ responsibility.

As part of the will, there is a private letter included to go to the one that accepts and qualifies for this bequest. You now have thirty days to consider this offer. I suggest that you listen very carefully to your attorney. I am acquainted with him and he is noted for giving sound advice.

The clock starts on you right now, with that he tapped a button on a clock setting on the top of his desk. As you leave this office you will receive from my receptionist a complete copy of the original will, the current one and a manu in which I have related a number of issues that you will have to note and decide on how to handle.

In the meantime, the widow of the previous owner will be occupying the premises until whoever takes over arrives to take possession.

She is a dear lady and is well taken care of, so that is not your worry. Any questions that you two come up with, can be sent to me for my response, or we can make one more appointment to address them. Now, if that is all, I will allow you to leave and I will turn to other important matters that demand my attentions before I leave on vacation." With that the lawyer rose and guided the stunned couple of gentlemen out to the anteroom to gather up the documents awaiting them there.

And quickly thereafter they left the offices to ponder over this whole thing. A week later, the acceptance of the offer was acknowledged in writing to the Mansion's law firm.

And Ambrose was notified to come and pick up the keys and the letter from Will. Ambrose would have to do nothing else. The income would come to him each month in either a check or direct deposit to his bank account. But, he would be watched by a secret committee from his family and there would definitely be jealousy of his good fortune. The law firm has the final say in matters, though. When he drove to the Mansion and entered it, he met Mandy and was very impressed with her.

He was forty five at the time and she was fifty six. Since she was already in residence, Ambrose notified her that she could stay for the present and perhaps longer depending on how things worked out, since he was determinately single.

This seemed to be a primary criteria for the persons who were chosen for this privilege. During the transition time, he took up one of the guest bedrooms initially.

Adjustments on that would await his becoming more familiar with the house and its responsibilities. But, Mandy offered to move out of the Main Bedroom right away. Ambrose said to put that off for the present. On his first evening in the home, after a fine meal cooked by Mandy, he finally sat down to read the letter to him from Will. It read as follows: TO: Ambrose Wilson RE: Occupation of the Mansion. Dear Ambrose, this letter is intended to help smooth out your transition to being the master of the Mansion.

You will find out that it is a very quirky place to deal with. My beloved Mandy will surely be of assistance during your transition time. But, I have kept many secrets of the home from her. I am not going to open all of the secrets that I was able to decipher during my residence there. That would prevent a considerable amount of fun for you to enjoy. But, a couple of things I will share with you should help you to get off to a good start.

There are at least thirteen secret rooms in the house. I found nine of them, that is the means to enter nine of them. Four I knew where they were but never found the doors to them. One of the found ones is on the first floor, entered from the elevator with the following keying sequence from the elevator punch board. …………&hellip.

It is the main office for the home and security center, so you will need it right away. Also on the main floor is a comprehensive storage room, with the following code on the elevator punch board. (xxxxxxxxxxx) Third is the armory, which is accessed with the following code. (xxxxxxxxx) Finally, a sex romping room is accessible from the outside by tipping a loose brick on the west side chimney. The uses of it will become very obvious to you.

It is entirely possible that descendants of the 'play fem' girls that gave me so much fun will know about this and approach you with their desire to avail themselves of its and your usage. Also, this neighborhood had a plethora of pervs, male and female during my romping time before I settled down to Mandy. Be alert for this, because the ladies here are a particularly lusty lot. In the basement behind the mural and through the wall is a very elaborate and secure 'bomb shelter' for usage during times of danger.

I used it during the famous tornado that came through here years ago. It is behind a very thin cement coating and accessible by using one of the hammers that are hidden all thorough out the house. In the main office are the plans of the house that I produced in my search mode.

They will be handy if you decide to update the house through the years like we previous managers did. Just make sure to run any physical alterations to the building through the lawyer's office that is in charge of the agreement, before starting them. There are also some very vivid records of activities during my stay here bound in journal volumes for your information.

The ones about Family Weeks would be especially helpful, I think. Just a suggestion, if Mandy could be helpful to you as a live-in house manager, you might move her up into the attic studio apartment. I guess that is all, I remember you as a very curious and active five year old during your first visit to the house during the initial year of my stay here.

And your continued visits almost every year thereafter were a prime reason that I suggested you as the next house manager.

Have a lot of fun and please take good care of the old place, Will That night, when he went to bed and had turned out the lights, he saw a shadow cross the room to his bed in one of the guest bedrooms.

A light and warm voice asked if he would enjoy having a 'bed friend' for the night, just to help his transition into this abode. He said, "of course." And Mandy in a fine silken granny gown entered to under the covers and cozied up to him to sleep together for the night. As Ambrose fell asleep, he felt that he had never felt so 'at home' in his life as he felt right then. The next morning when he woke up, she was already gone. But, when he came out of the elevator to the main floor he could smell fresh coffee and break-fast in preparation.

As he passed the kitchen, he acknowledged Mandy and went out to get his paper. For some reason his mailbox and paper box were mounted on a post out by the road. In this neighborhood, he could have them mounted up at his front door. But, perhaps for privacy reasons, this was not done at his home. As he reached in to fetch the morning paper, he learned of another possible reason for this arrangement. The lady across the street waved and came over in her night robe and shook his hand.

"Welcome to the neighborhood, sir. It is good to see a man in the mansion again. By the way my name is Shelly. And my grand-mother (Mary) and your predecessor were very good friends. He used to borrow sugar from her and she borrowed sausages from him." With this she waited expectantly for him to read between the lines of her obliquely salacious assertion.

He got it and answered that he would come over to discuss that in the near future. She smiled up to him and after giving him a very light kiss…and surreptitious cock feel, she turned and returned to her side of the street leaving Ambrose in a dither. When he got back into the house, Mandy greeted him with a smile and acknowledged the meeting of Ambrose and Shelly. She then advised him that his breakfast was ready. As he relished his fried eggs and bacon on buttered toast and some kind of fancy coffee for breakfast while scanning over the paper for articles of interest, Mandy kept herself silent to see what would happen next.

And then Ambrose addressed her, "Mandy, I have a proposition for you. How about you stay on for the near future at least, move up to the studio apartment in the attic for your center of inhabitation and then let me have the master bedroom for mine.

In lieu of rent and board, how about you staying on as House Manager, and I will then hire a lady to do the cooking as often as we want to dele-gate it and also have her do the deep cleaning for us? I find you as very pleasant company. If you seek male companionship, I will delegate one of the rooms at the hotel that I own for your use one day a week, and of course you are welcome in my bed as a nightly 'bed friend' any night that it isn't shared by me with some-one else." "Well, A and W, I think that that would be fine.

I am very used to being here and am well aware of the daily and weekly maintenance issues. Would you like to have me interview for your final decision some ladies to take care of the daily and weekly cleaning issues?" "Yes, that would be very nice of you.

And I like the A and W appellation. I think that I heard that Will drank mostly that or another root beer during his life. I also like them, but also enjoy coffee in its various guises, too." "Will almost never drank anything alcoholic. And it was one reason that we got along so well.

He was very kind and gentle with me. I loved him very much. And miss him." "Will you be okay being with me, then. I don't want to infringe on his mem-ory for you." "That will be no problem for me, A and W.

I live in the present, work on the future and honor the past. He will always be a big part of my heart, but I don't think that he would want me to pass up current or future opportunities for happiness, do you?" "No, I don't. If he was as gracious a man as reported, he would want you to be happy now, just like you were with him in the past." "Very true, and for your information, I am not a jealous woman!!!" "I will take that in to consideration and will try to not needlessly test its limits, my fine lady." With that they each went off to their daily duties.

After a bit of dithering around, A and W decided that he really needed a cup of sugar from Shelly. So, in his casual day wear he crossed the street and knocked on the door. Shelly appeared at the entrance in record time and grabbed him and welcomed him into her home with a full body hug and kiss.

She then guided him into the kitchen where she was in preliminary preparations for her family's evening dinner. It was going to be lasagna, and Ambrose was considering how to get himself invited. But, he didn't want to intrude on their family ambiance. "I can hear the mulling over in you, even in your silence. You are wondering, 'what does this fat broad want?' as she turned to peer at him with a very sensuous smile." "Well, the word fat didn't come to my mind.

What I was thinking was, what a gorgeous hunk of woman there up to the sink. It is true that I usually go for the sporty models, but I am in middle age now and the plusher models are becoming ever so much more attractive to me." "Very nicely put!

Now, I will be caught up in a minute and you will be free to examine this plush sedan's fine upholstery, if you like." "Sounds exciting to me. What about family entanglements?" "Well, sir (A.W. to you.) the guys here are very considerate in those matters.

They want the kids protected from undue influence of the sensuous expressions of their parents, but since the guys have their own outside interests and want no divorces to break up their families, they allow their wives the same as long as it is not stuffed up their noses." "Sounds very practical to me." At this point, she was done at the sink and turned to lay back against it, looking at A.W.

expectantly. So, he rose from his chair and came up to her to engage himself with this gorgeous and plush woman. He took her into his arms and nuzzled himself against her body with his head over her shoulder. With this she opened her legs so that he could rub his still covered cock up against her expectant pussy. With them now rubbing their nether regions together to try and produce some kind of sexual static, She leaned back to address his lips with hers.

They were both in such a sexual frenzy that they didn't even bother much with the usual foreplay. He reached down and pulled her motherly dress up and her panties down. She reciprocated by opening his zipper, loosening his belt and delivering his modest sized cock to her view and usage. By now, she was in full bloom in her pussy and he moved to pollinate it.

His dick found a welcome home inside of her; and she and he then found a rhythm of mutual thrusting to bring them both to a fairly quick mutual climaxing, with his cum pumping up into her vagina.

After that they were in no hurry at all to disengage and so took their time to make up for some of the preliminaries that they had skipped.

His dick just felt so welcome and happy in her love canyon, and she was enjoying the slight movements of it inside of her lubricated by the cum that he had delivered. It occurred to her what this could lead to, but she didn't care as long as it continued and was repeated. When his cum started to leak out of her pussy, she gently pushed him back, so that she could deal with it.

First she knelt down and licked off his cock and then she grabbed a kitchen towel to clean herself and the floor. While she did this, he took his place back on the kitchen chair to get himself back together. When he was finally himself again, she sat close to him and beseeched him to repeat this. "Absolutely," he comforted her and she gently kissed him again.

Just before he left, she notified him that her sixteen year old daughter needed attentions too. She was tall and spindly and ignored by the guys at school. But, that it needed to be kept a pretend secret from her (Shelly) and a real one of her father, so as not to cause any disruption in the family arrangement. Shelly would send her over to mow the lawn for him, and then he could show her the sex rumpus room for his sensual purposes with her.

"Please, just don't hurt her," she begged. And he assured her that he wouldn't. When he arrived back home, Mandy looked up from the kitchen table and addressed him, "A and W, did you get the sugar and deliver the sausage to Mrs.

Shelly?" This said with a warm smile. "Oh yes, Mrs. W. and she was glad to exchange them." Warm smile returned. CHAPTER 12: Mandy slept with A.W. that night again as a 'bed friend.' No sex, just a warm comforting presence at his side while in his slumber.

After another fine breakfast, he and Mandy broke up to meet their challenges for the day. She to find a housekeeper /cook and him to confirm Will's notes about the hidden rooms that he had identified for him.

After he reread the letter, he found it easy to identify and find the rooms from the elevator. And he could barely make out an outline of where the bomb shelter was in the basement. He guessed that there was another door in the basement, and he was guessing that it must be to the left of the entrance for the bomb shelter behind a very sturdy looking bookcase.

But, he couldn't find the release, so he put that off for another day when he had some idle time. It had to be there and should be easy to use, when found. Ambrose had worked as a CPA accountant and bookkeeper for many years before this legacy came his way. He had sold out the business to free himself for whatever the duties that would come his way on this property management. But, with the oversight of the law firm and the professionalism of Mandy on the usual household affairs, he was left with very little to do.

He didn't feel that he should spend ALL of his time tupping the females of the neighborhood, so he decided to ask his lawyer to look into whether he could open a branch or independent accounting/bookkeeping office right here in the mansion.

It sure had lots of room available. And having a small business sign at the front of his sidewalk would help to divert the attentions of his neighbors about the foot traffic that he anticipated. And who knows, maybe it would bring in some intimacy accounts, too. That Saturday Maci, Shelly's daughter, came over to inquire as to the avail-ability of the mowing job.

So, with a smile, A.W. escorted Maci to the yard shed and showed her the mower and instructed her in its usage and care. She had a bit of experience in this already, so she quickly caught on. After finishing the mowing and trimming, she asked if there was anything else that he could use her for, for her to increase her earnings. He tilted his head for a couple of seconds and answered that there possibly was and led her to the loose brick and the 'sexual romper room.' When they entered, Maci looked around and let out a sigh, "Mr.

A.W. is this room for the purpose that it seems to be for?" "Yes, it is. But, if this is offending to you we can leave it and settle up for what you have earned so far." Then he sat in his comfy chair and let the ideas of the room percolate around in the young woman's head.

They evidently made a number of laps in her brain before she could get her head around this. 'You mean that he wants to sexually play with me?' She thought and asked herself, 'He looks very comfortable and confident over there in his chair.

Not at all threatening. And this is all very curious. I sure would like to know what this is all about.' She, still ruminating, looked his way and found interest but no threat in his eyes or body language. 'He actually finds me sexually attractive???? How could this be so, the guys at school sure don't!' "Mr. A.W. this has me a bit flabbergasted, as my Daddy would say. I am okay with myself, but inexperienced in having a man's sexual attention.

The boys just ignore me, though they like me. And you want to have sex with me???" "Yes, my dear that is so. And I don't feel bound by what a bunch of juvenile boys think is appropriate. I am a man and can decide for myself. And I think that you are very attractive and attracting to me.

It is entirely up to you as to whether this will happen, though. But, if you decide yes, be prepared to go all the way and beyond in stages. Progressing over a period of time. And it will be kept a secret between you and me, even from your mother." "May I keep the mowing job for now and think on this for a bit?" "You bet, just let me know if you decide yes. And you can continue the mowing job for at least the rest of this season." "Thank you, sir.

I will." Later that day, Mandy let A.W. know that she had identified three ladies that could qualify to be the part-time house worker.

And each had indicated that they would not be beyond expanding their attentions to him, also. He was glad to hear that, but wondered if that had somehow become a regular feature of home work in these days.

The next morning the ladies would be coming by individually to audition for this job. That evening he got a phone call from his lawyer indicating that there seems to be no hindrance to him opening a part-time accounting office in his home as long as it didn't generate a lot of traffic in the neighborhood.

And consequently the sign should be alright, too. So A.W. decided to use the same mode as Will had done for that, too. He would hire a contractor from at least a hundred miles away to do the remodeling. But, it wouldn't have to be hidden, since he would be putting up a sign anyway. That night Mandy occupied the place next to him as they slept again. He found that he really liked this, even if it never would result in intimacies between them. In the morning before having breakfast, when he went to get his paper again, Shelly again showed up at the same time.

So, he decided to offer her some sausage again and she smiled and invited him over for a very brief encounter. With her hips leaning back against the kitchen sink and his cock up in her pussy, the subject of Maci came up. He related the conversation that he had with her.

Shelly said that she could move this along, but A and W asked that she just let things develop with Maci as she would desire herself. So, as Shelly came to her climax, she agreed to let things lie with Maci as they were for now.

After breakfast, the household worker candidates were scheduled to arrive for one hour increments, two hours apart. And Mandy just got things cleaned up from breakfast when the first one arrived. Her name was Miranda and she was a part-Japanese Native American mother of three children. She was very nice looking and showed herself to have a lot of energy in her manner.

She had very fine references and was happy to work only part-time because of her children. They were all three of them of school age, so she would be available for four hours a day, from about nine thirty to about one thirty in the afternoon. Mandy nodded that this would be very workable for the household work to be done. As she rose to leave, she patted A.W. on the arm as she passed him by, evidently letting him know that the other secret duties would be acceptable, too.

The next lady was named Estelle and was somewhat older and seemed rather stoical in nature compared to Miranda's warmness. She also had very fine qualifications and in her own way indicated that she would also be ready to at-tend to his 'other' requirements.

She was a very fine looking lady, also. The last lady was named Rosie and was an A.A. lady, rotund and very enthusiastic in nature. But, she let it be known that she had several other opportunities at hand and really would rather work full time. So, Ambrose gave her a very friendly hug and sent her on her way to get one of the full time positions that would work out better for her. So, Miranda won out, and Mandy was delegated to call her and Estelle as to his decision.

They each took it very well, especially Miranda. She would start the next day at the appointed time of nine thirty in the morning.

That afternoon, Maci showed up again to mow the lawn since the grass was growing very profusely at this time of the year. After she had finished, she asked Ambrose to meet with her to have a private discussion. So, they moved into the 'sex romper room' and each settled down to discuss what was on her mind. He in his comfy chair and her in one of the others that he moved into a more convenient position for their discussion.

After gathering her wits and thoughts around herself, she began the discussion "Mr. Wilson, I want to first let you know the immense honor that you rendered to me when you indicated that you would be interested in an intimate relationship with me.

No other male had ever indicated an interest in that so far in my life. Of course my Daddy loves his little girl, but there had never been any-thing of that nature with him, either.

But, I am just not ready for that type of thing yet. I find you charming and very attractive and if and when I might desire that kind of relationship, you will be a prime candidate to begin that part of my life with.

Just not yet. However, I am acquainted with at least three girls in the neighborhood that might very well enjoy that kind of attentions from you right now. They are of the ages fourteen through seventeen and each is very pretty. I understand that they each have some experience in intimacies already, and enjoy them very much. Each of them could use a bit of monetary help in their lives, too. Since they live in this area, they are not destitute, but you know that almost everything that a school age girl buys for herself is usually expensive and fathers are notorious for underestimating the monetary requirements to maintain a physical presence suitable for their peer group.

Lacy, is fifteen and red headed. She is slim as all of these girls are and very cute and funny. She is a gymnast and so is very physically fit. She is bi-sexual and enjoys intimacies very much. It so happens that she is a grand-daughter of one of the girls that Will was playing with years ago, Ramona.

Brenda is seventeen, A.A. absolutely gorgeous and some-what of a sober face. But, she is reportedly very affectionate when receiving attentions and probably more in need of monetary help than the other two.

She likes anal if that interests you and has no boyfriends and so would probably be available to you very regularly and on short notice, too. Heidi is fourteen, the youngest of the bunch and just the sweetest little girl that you could imagine. Her father is absent from her life and so she makes up for that in her treatment of her male lovers.

She just gave up her virginity lately and so is still in the discovery stage of intimacies, it is reported though that she is very adventuresome in these matters. She is also a grand-daughter of one of Will's 'play fems' named Alice. She was a true sex psycho and a lot of fun it has been reported. This has seemed to have been passed on to Heidi in modest amounts.

To protect you, since I may be interested in you in the future, too; I have personally checked these girls out and I am confident that they will very much please you and should be no danger to you at all.

If you can find some in-house work to augment my income with the yard work, I think that I would recruit these girls to serve you and my income from that effort could be hidden in my indoor wages. I understand that you have consider-able financial resources, and with a small office here for your accounting, money should be no problem for you. So, what do you think about that?" "Maci, you have thought this out well, but, I just hired an inside girl today to help Mandy with the inside work." He sat and thought things through for a few moments and then, "But, since it is summer now, you could be accounted a trainee under Miranda and then when school starts out, I could use you on the week-ends, since Miranda only works weekdays.

How does that work out for you?" "Yes, that would be fine. Only four hours a day though on weekends and in the afternoon, if possible." "Yes, that would be fine." She sat again thoughtfully and then asked, "When would you like to meet the first girl?" So, he gave her his security cell number and told her to call him when one of them was available and he would text back 'yeah' or 'nay' on the date.

She agreed that that would be fine.

And then she arose and left to go home. Because of Will's journals and its accounts of the activities in the mansion during his years of leadership, he was familiar with Manny and his part in the maintenance and construction on the mansion.

Ambrose decided to try to get ahold of him to see if he could recommend a fine builder to help with the change-over of the downstairs library which was underused into an efficient office for himself. He figured that Manny must be in his eighties by now, but could still be alive. He searched on Google and found a site that still was identified by his name. When he called the very nice receptionist said that she would pass on his request for Manny to get back to him, since in his retirement he only came in for two afternoons a week.

Ambrose said that he would gladly wait for the return call. The next morning, Miranda showed up in a very cute French Maid outfit appropriate to doing the cleaning and the teasing of him. She conferred with Mandy as to what things needed to be done and then got busy doing them. After 30 minutes Maci showed up to act as Miranda's understudy. She showed considerable interest in Miranda's professional outfit, probably wondering what all Miranda would be doing in her professional capacity and also what she, Maci, would be required to do.

Ambrose happened to be in the upstairs non-private office and Miranda came by doing her duties upstairs in the nude. (While Maci was busy downstairs.) A.W. stopped what he was working on to admire the view, and Miranda noticed. So, she came into his office and closed the door and busied herself in playing like she was cleaning the office up. When she got to his desk, he reached out and guided her to sitting on his lap in his office chair. She smiled and threw her arms around his neck to begin serious kissing of him.

He didn't even have a chance to react, yet. She then opened his shirt to rub her breasts on his chest, while he was now very actively kissing her in return. His hands moved up to her delightfully small and pert titties and played with the pronounced nipples there.

With that her pussy started to leak out onto his pant legs, wetting them through. So, he shoved aside the papers on his desk and seated her there for his oral attentions to her pussy. With this she began sighing and murmuring at his experienced attentions to her very sensitive and delicate tissues. When she felt that she was more than adequately tuned up, she shouted to him," Now master, take me now!" So, he opened his zipper and guided his dick up into her awaiting pussy hole.

With this and the resultant pulsing probings up into her body's interior, she began a loud shrieking in time with his plunging into her.

She leaned forward and grabbed an ear and licked and sucked on it vigorously, causing A.W. to quickly dump his cum right up into her belly.

With this, she pulled him forward again to her chest with him still installed in her and gently kissed his lips in response to the very gentle and effective use of her body. Then she smiled and wiped herself off right in front of him. Licked off his dick and guided it back into his pants. Twirled around and left the office with him in an open mouth gape. Maci downstairs heard and nodded to herself, as what the outfit was intended to do as at the time it had become apparent.

Not that she intended to copy that service at the current time. He was just getting himself back under control when he got the return call from Mannie. "Manny, here." "Yes, sir. I am Ambrose the new inhabitant of the Mansion that you worked so often on. I realize that at your age, you are probably not actively pursuing your profession.

But, I was wondering if you could recommend someone to do a light job for me as soon as possible?" "Yes, I can do that, and we can prepare the plans for it, also; to assuage the city's planner's office. The person that I will recommend is my son Sully. I know that he is good, since I trained him myself. He is in his early thirties, about the same age as I was when I worked for Will.

By the way, sorry to hear of his demise. He was a very good man to me." "Yes, he was, to me too. I was a very young boy when I first met him on one of the Family Weekends. I was so impressed that I made every one of those nights that I could over the years. Probably one reason that he passed the responsibility for the Mansion on to me.

How is Gloria, by the way? Will was effusive in his praise of her and his happiness that she found a permanent place with you." "Gloria passed away several months ago, but left me with a lifetime's worth of terrific memories and a fine son, that she gave me in her later years.

He is like me in his work habits and evidently like her 'crazy' in his love life. We both loved our son very dearly." "I bet you did.

Well, things are still very crazy around here, so he should fit in really well. Let me know when he can come and make his measurements for the plans, please." CHAPTER 13: In the evening as he was cuddled up to Mandy to watch the news and await the start of the latest episode of America's Got Talent, he got a text message from Maci. All it said was: 'Heidi, eleven am tomorrow.' He returned the text with: "Yeah." And then settled back to enjoy a quiet evening with his favorite Household Manager with snacks.

That evening when Mandy joined him in bed, she surprisingly doffed her nightgown and joined him nude under the covers. He was unaware of this change in conditions at first, but feeling a warm belly and breast against his back, got the message over to him.

Mandy was alerting him to another of his house-hold duties. And he warmed up to the idea very quickly. She began the opportuning first with her body up to his back and her kisses to the back of his neck and her hands seeking his interesting parts actively under his jammies. It didn't take any time at all for his penis to come to attention and with that, he turned to her, removed his offending jammies and reversed himself to come up to her expectant pussy with his member up to her mouth.

She moaned at this and then busied herself with his desires for her attentions to his dick. She first kissed the engorged head, with light touches of her lips and sneaky and gentle nips with her teeth.

He jumped with the first nip and then settled in to let his cock receive its worship from its female admirer. In only a couple of minutes it came to be in the warmest and slickest mouth that it had ever encountered. And it and he simply fell in love with the generated sensations. In response to this loving attention, he dedicated himself to generating similar sensations for Mandy. At this point age and other considerations were simply forgotten and only a beautiful and reactive love vessel that was in front of him counted for anything in his universe.

He started slowly, licking and lightly kissing the skin of her inside thighs. This and the area between the vaginal open-ing and anal opening which next came under his oral attentions are often over-looked by male lovers, though almost never by lesbian ones. When he saw that her vaginal opening was in full bloom, he began to center his attentions on it and the two sets of lips surrounding it.

His very slow licking and light probings into her interior were causing her to moan and gently squirm on his face. When the love liquids became manifest he moved his attention to her fully inflated clit.

She then began to shriek in low tones at the feelings that were generated there. She soon, lightly slapped his butt and he took the clue and reversed himself again. She rolled over on to her back and he moved to the opening between her legs. She guided the engorged member into her also engorged love tunnel and the settled into a light and gentle pumping action. With her seemingly melting into the bed, she did raise her legs up to his shoulders and he moistened his finger to probe up her anal channel.

With all of this very gentle and continued ministrations to her welcoming body, she simply exploded into a climax that shook and vibrated her whole body. He came very soon afterwards and then since they couldn't even conceive of separating themselves from each other, they fell asleep still welded together in a pool of cum from both of them and caring not at all about it. In the morning when she arose to start her daily responsibilities, she care-fully disengaged themselves and gave him a very affectionate kiss on the cheek.

She was also very attentive during breakfast, fussing over him until he looked up from his paper and smilingly asserted, "That is enough Mandy, I got your message.

It was wonderful! Now let's meet the day, if you will allow it." She generously laughed and nodded to him in response. He then went upstairs to prepare to meet with Heidi to determine her de-sires for him.

At ten thirty he excused himself from Mandy's presence and moved to take up residence in the 'Love Chamber.' He left the door ajar for his guest to avail herself of its secrets and adventures.

She showed up right on time at eleven and with-out any hesitation, entered and closed the door behind herself. As she looked about the room, with him sitting relaxed in his comfort chair, he took the time to admire the very young girl who looked even younger. She was about four foot six and maybe seventy five pounds. Evidently her father had been Asian as she had that look about her.

She moved in graceful motions and seemed very intelligent in manner. After her circling the room and studying the furnishings, spending some time looking at the very large bed and the stocks planted on the floor next to it; and then the various apparatuses mounted on the surrounding walls, she gathered up one of the loose chairs and moved it up close to Ambrose and set her attentions on him. "My name is Heidi, and I was advised of this opportunity by my friend Maci.

I see that you are patient, and in my recent and brief entering into the sensual world, this has come to my attention as very important. You are also attractive in appearance and manner. What would you like of me and what are you offering that a young girl would treasure?" "Hmmmmmmm.

My name is Ambrose, but I welcome the appellation, A.W. By the very nature of this room, I think that a lovely and intelligent female can deduce what I would like to share with her here. And I will reward you in proportion to what you agree and follow through with me here. What kinds of things do you like to share in that would be appropriate to this room?" "Probably anything that you could think of. And though I am not into animal depictions a much as my grandmother, April; I would like to try one of them with you.

Perhaps, with me with a wool serape over my nude body, and me imitating a sheep to be tupped. Then on other dates here we could investigate the usage of some of the other sexy things that I observe here." "Interesting! You should know that you are expected to immediately re-move your clothing when you enter here and if you want to wear anything, you can choose among the offerings in the bureau over there by the bed.

If you would like to do the 'sheep' thing today, you should avail yourself of one of the butt plugs in the top drawer. One that has an appropriate tail attached to it." With that she removed her clothing after moving the chair back into its place.

Then moved her tiny body over to the bureau and pulled out a butt plug that looked far too big for her, but easily fit in up her ass with the fluffy tail sticking out behind her. She grabbed the gray throw rug off of the floor and with her bent over, threw it over her back. With this he laid her head into his lap as she bent over his body and he patted her behind and back with tender pats. As she nuzzled up to him, he arose and after installing a collar and rope on her neck, led her over to the couch to kneel up on it on her all fours and then lowered himself to avail himself of her fully shaved pussy for his oral attentions.

When this became very pronounced for her and resulted in her offering very shy 'Baaaas' he came up to her head and stroked it in affection and then returned to her rear end, lowered his pants and fed his cock up into her sheep-like pussy. With that she acted a little skittish at first and then settled in for an unexpected mating with a very strange looking sheep.

But, at least his member felt very good up in her and he seemed to know how to use it. Maybe I'II get lambs to care for, she thought and with that she began to lift her hips up to his thrusting. He finally emptied his faux lamb makings into her baby port and then withdrew from her body to a somewhat disappointment on her part. With that he returned to his chair and Heidi after cleaning up in front of Ambrose, returned herself to a more publically acceptable mode to leave.

She gathered up the envelope that he offered to her and remarked to him as she left, "No lambs, I have been fixed!" and with a smile left for her other interests and adventures. The next two days were the usual, except Maci showed up in a French Maid costume too. She said that she hated to be left out of the fun and considered it part of her training in this upscale housework.

Ambrose just nodded and went about his business. He got a text message a few minutes after noon, and a work truck pulled up into his parking area. A very handsome and hearty looking young man came up to the door and after Ambrose opened the door, he introduced himself as Sully, the son of Manny and Gloria.

A.W. welcomed him in and immediately took him to the basement to determine what needed to be done to modify it to be an in- home office for him. Turned out to not be very much at all, since no walls needed to be rearranged and they even salvaged the snack bar to remain in the same place. It would be conveniently in arm's length from A.W's sitting position at his desk.

Cool! When they returned to the main floor, up the elevator, Maci happened to wander through in her costume and Sully froze in his steps at the sight. Ambrose recognized the situation and introduced the two together. And if it ever is true, this was one of the times that 'love at first sight' was true.

They just stood staring at each other in frozen time with silly grins on their faces. Ambrose and Miranda, both being present to see the standoff, each took one of them and guided them together and then withdrew from the room to let nature take its course.

Ambrose could see the whole scene later in his office from the hidden cam-eras hid around the house. Over his computer terminal he saw two young people at first so very shy, then looking up and finally both of them stepped forward and grabbed the other in a powerful hug and enjoyed their first kisses together. After a very short time, they came to their senses and Sully reluctantly left to go home and get ready for the job here.

He did turn around just before leaving thru the door and warmly waved at Maci on the way out the door. She then turned, shrugged her shoulders and went back to her duties but with a very large smile on her face.

Ambrose couldn't help but say to himself, "See, I told you! You are a very lovely and desirable young woman. Now get ready to enjoy that fact!!!" That night with Ambrose feeling very smug about himself, he was all smiles at bedtime. When Mandy asked about it, he told her what had happened. She remarked, "Young love, isn't it just so perfect?" A.W. returned to her, "Mature love is pretty damn wonderful too, my dear!" So, she decided to reward this revelation on his part and told him to pre-pare for something 'damn' wonderful from her that night.

And when they entered under the covers, she backed her bottom up to his front, raised the upper leg and then worked his cock up into her rectum. He melted against her, came quickly and savored her bottom as they slept soundly all of that night. The next morning Shelly inquired at the getting of the morning newspapers as to what was up with the previous day. So, he invited himself over for coffee and explained the situation.

He even offered to send a video of the main event. Shelly deferred on that and said that she would accept Ambrose's analysis of the situation. So, he remarked that Sully seemed to be a really nice and responsible beau for Maci, and if it was up to him, he would leave this strictly alone.

"But this was all designed to get her into your bed to learn from an experienced man how to enjoy her body and a man's. What about you?" "Who am I to get in the way of sparking young love? If we leave it alone, it might flame out and leave me an opening to comfort her. But, if it doesn't you might be getting a very prime son-in-law sometime in the future. I don't see how you can lose in this!" "I see your point, now.

Okay, but please monitor the situation so that Maci is not hurt in all of this." "Who do you know that is immune to being hurt over matters of the heart? She will have to take her chances just like anyone else. But, I will guard against her being used against her will or physically injured as much as I can." "Thank you A and W.

That is enough for me. Now get up against the sink so that I can reward you for your display of common good sense. In uncommon good sense, too!" Her fabulous fat lips serviced him very well, and he left to return home with the regular smile on his face. That afternoon A.W.

was at his desk in the upstairs office and was about his business, one thing being to send a message to Sully to just come early and stay over in one of the guest bedrooms while finishing the office down stairs; when Miranda came through in all of her glorious nudity. She approached A.W. as he was intent at his desk work and came up behind and laid her body against his back and reached around to stroke his chest.

A.W. rose up from the sudden attentions and almost got her face hit with his head, but she ducked and then he pulled her around to sit on the desk in front of him. He smiled and his heart just melted as she smiled back and then spread her legs apart for him to feast his eyes on her heart melting intimacies.

Tears came to his eyes and he leaned forward and lightly licked up her pussy crack. With that she leaned back and shifted her bottom forward to make more of her pussy area available for him. He then shifted off of the chair, moved down to his knees and placed his two hands to cup her soft and firm bottom halves. He then looked up to her and moved his face forward to engage her clit with light lickings, kisses and tonguing's.

As the love juices from her V.J. came to be present he moved on to then sucking her clit like it was a very small penis and she simply exploded into shrieks, belly vibrations and profuse cum dumping.

He took it all in and when she finally relaxed, he rose and took her into his arms and with hands brushing her hair eased her back to some kind of semblance of normality. He then shrugged off her offer to do him and then sent her on her way to finish her work. She left the room with a gigantic smile. A very happy employee, for sure. He then got busy to finish the message to Sully and in several minutes got a confirmation back on the overnight stay and the okay to start the construction by the city planning department.

Just before dinner time, A.W. got a text message from Marci about Brenda, the seventeen year old A.A. being ready to see him the next day. A.W. texted back that it would have to wait a week, since Sully was coming the next day to start the remodeling which would take a couple of days. Maci texted back, "OK" and took note of this important piece of information.

She would have to adjust to that, if she wanted Sully to continue to notice her. That night A.W. rested comfortably with his 'Mandy Comforter' plastered up to his back. He just felt so very secure and appreciated by having this affectionate mature woman watching over his sleeping form. No fun that night, just a warm cozying. With a very restful night's sleep, both Mandy and A and W woke early to have breakfast and be ready for Sully's arrival.

Someone else was getting ready for that, also. And when A.W. went out to get the morning paper, Shelly nodded and winked at him. He read the message, just fine. Sully arrived at eight am and began moving his equipment down to the basement library. He was still moving equipment and materials down, when first Miranda and then Maci arrived.

Miranda had her usual sexy French Maid's outfit on, but Maci instead had a very handsome and formfitting pair of slacks on with a fine looking and modest blouse also.

She wore stylish flats and her hair up in a French bun. She looked mature and elegant for sure. The sexy stuff like the lacy panties and silky fancy bra were underneath all of this finery, but ready to appear if the opportunity presented itself. Everyone nodded to themselves and smiled behind lifted hands. When Sully came up the elevator for one of his last round trips before actually starting the work, he noticed Maci in the living room, vacuuming.

She looked up at his traversing the hallway to the door and their eyes met again. He stopped for a moment and nodded to her and then resumed his way back to his work truck. When lunch time came, both Miranda and Maci were invited to join in and share it with A.W. and Sully. Mandy held back and did the preparations and serving for this time. She also got the fun of watching the machinations among the couples as they partook of the fine lunch that she had pre-pared.

This was more social observation fun than she had had in many years. And she didn't want to miss a minute of it. Thank goodness Miranda had put on her clothes before coming to the table, Mandy smiled at. And it was fun watching Sully and Maci endeavoring to not touch each other, when touching was the least that they seemed to want to do.

It was all so delicious fun for……&hellip.Mandy. Late in the afternoon when Maci would normally go home, A.W. asked if she could spend the evening entertaining Sully and to balance the social order, since Miranda would be gone and that would leave Sully, Mandy and A.W.

only, if she left. So, Maci called home and Shelly said fine, that she could even spend the night in one of A.W.'s guest bedrooms if it got too late to walk across the street when Sully wanted to go to bed.

With that sentence, Maci knew exactly what was up!!! But, she wanted to play along with it. After all, her mom hadn't said which bedroom that she could stay in for the night, had she?? So, after 'take out' was delivered, the four of them gathered on the couch to eat and watch the news. The guys in the middle and the ladies on the outside of them. After the news and a local general news program, the repeat of the America's Got Talent Show came on for the next two hours.

The auditions had been very good and very bad that week, and the judges had argued over several of them. But, a little thirteen year old girl singer, an Argentine Tango Dance Group and a Jewish comedian had highlighted the show and were well worth watching again.

Nobody wanted another dose of disturbing and violent news, so they mutually excused themselves to move to their beds for the night. A.W. had suggested guest room number one for Sully and five for Maci, but suspected that they would both end up in the same one. And he had no problem with that. Sully and Maci entered the elevator first for their trip to their bedrooms. When they got up to the hallway, it appeared that they would spend the night in separate bedrooms after all.

But, at the last moment, Maci hurried down to engage Sully before he entered his room and gathered him into her arms. That quickly led to them entering his bedroom hugging each other. As they backed off for a moment she asked him, "Sully can we just cuddle and sleep together to-night.

I would like to spend it with you, but I am a virgin and would like to stay so for some time. If that would be a burden for you, just let me know and I will with-draw to another bedroom and leave you alone." Sully looked down to her expectant eyes and told her, "I would love to have you here under those circumstances.

I am intrigued with you, but I can be patient with you." At that she leaned up and kissed him soundly and then Sully got to see the intimate pretties as they gathered each up in their arms under the covers to sleep the night away. CHAPTER 14: Ambrose is sitting in his living room comfort chair while Sully is busy in the basement. He had been down there an hour ago for some concerns that Sully had over what should have been a very simple remodel.

He had seen the scratch marks on the parquet floor by the bookcase left of the mural on the wall. They followed a curved path indicating that the bookcase was built to open up.

He then accidently found the opening button under the veneer and showed it to A.W. Then he noted that A.W. had added the desire for a single bed to be hid behind a screen in the corner of the room. For rests between exhausting CPA audits, he smarmily guessed. So, he had noted to A.W. that this would extend the effort to finish the office, but were doable. A.W. said to go ahead then. Then in addition, I asked him if he knew of a tech. wiz to help me on a computer/electronic concern. And Sully said that he did and that he was located even farther from the Mansion than he was.

He went by the handle: Black Whiz and was a genius as all tech savvy personages dub themselves. But, Sully testified that none the less the guy was very good. He doesn't welcome uninvited professional calls, but Sully would sound him out as to whether A.W. could contact him. So, as A.W. was resting in his chair from the fatigue of having a resting day, an AMBER ALERT came over his cell phone. It asserted that a young girl of about fourteen years old had gone missing in his very neighborhood.

The picture and name didn't ring a bell with A.W. though, so he mostly ignored it. An hour later a man in an ill-fitting suit, possibly L.E. rang the doorbell. A.W. knew about this not only from the sound, but from the security center display in his hidden office.

So, he allowed Mandy to answer the door and progressed to move to that vicinity, also. "Ma'am, I am Detective Marsdon with the city police department.' He showed the badge and allowed Mandy to examine it. 'I would like to come in and discuss with your Mr. Wilson about the current AMBER ALERT of Misty McMoran from your neighborhood. Would you please let me in and alert the master of the house?" "I can imagine why you are concerned about the disappearance of a young girl, but why would you want to bother the master of the house and also to enter a private home that doesn't welcome uninvited guests?

Even though he has a business office in residence, no one comes in unless they are invited." "Well, I would appreciate your cooperation in this investigation. I could get a court order to enter if that would be necessary to get your compliance!" "Even an important law enforcement agent as you would need probable cause. So, try that and see how it works out for you detective.

Now, I need to move to my duties for the house, so good bye and have a nice day." That was accompanied by a solidly closed door, to the amazement of the detective on the porch. He stood there for a couple of moments and then left the premises. A.W. immediately called the law office of Mr. Wellington, the attorney that administers the mansion's legacy, and then they told him to report this to the State Police on his cell phone directly at this number and if the locals forced their way in, stand out of the way.

After A.W. hung up, Jack Wellington called the City Chief of Police. Who happened to be his brother. "Yes, Jack, what is up?" "Well Bro, one of your detectives is hassling one of my clients, a very important one.

Except for being a major perv, he is completely innocent of any offenses against the law and public order. The detective tried to force his way vocally into my client's home in regard to the AMBER ALERT. I am asking you to call him off and ask him to send a questionnaire to be filled out with any pertinent information in regard to the investigation." Okay Jack, I will look into it. But, I will have to tread carefully on this, since Amber Alerts are considered high profile and high priority investigations with considerable latitude allowed in them.

What is the detective's name?" "His name is Marsdon." "Okay, I will talk to him about this." "Thank you, John. By the way are you going to make the family picnic this year?" "Planning on it, thank you for reminding me. Talk to you later." Then, "Dispatch, please notify Detective Marsdon, that I will be awaiting his presence in my office before I leave at five this afternoon." "Yes, Chief." At four forty-five sharp, a knock was heard at the Chief's office door.

And a humbled detective entered into the Chief's hallowed premises. He noticed the pictures on the walls of famous persons that the Chief evidently knew including local sports and entertainment individuals, like Mort Monford. The pictures were all signed. "Yes, Chief, what would you like to know?" "I am concerned about the AMBER ALERT investigation. How is that going?" "It is going rather poorly at the present.

Few clues. I do have Detective Pepper Hanson doing a background check on the mother, though. CPS had provided a rather scathing report on her. I have been doing interviews in the neighborhood, and have received nothing but sympathy for the missing girl in return. I did try to interview a Mr.

Wilson of the famous Mansion, but the lady answering the door turned me away with the obligatory sympathy for the missing girl. I am thinking of getting a court order to search the premises because of allegations of sexual misconduct on his part with minor girls of the neighborhood. This could relate him to the missing girl, who was known to be very loose in her conduct." "Thank you Detective for the summary.

I appreciate your work on this very important case. Keep up the good work. But, in the matter of the 'search warrant,' you need to be very careful. You will need very solid evidence to tie him to the girl before I will order it.

This matter I will be keeping at my call. Please advise me of any further developments in this regard!" "Yes sir, I will do that. May I have a couple of more detectives and uniformed officers to help on this?" "Not at this time, but if you get any solid leads, let me know and I will authorize that, immediately." "Thank you Chief." As Marsdon left the office, he ruminated on the fact that he had gotten the underlining message: LEAVE WILSON ALONE UNLESS HE GOT UNBREAKABLE EVI-DENCE THAT HE WAS SEEN RAPING AND MURDERING THE GIRL!

Well, he would keep his ears open, but he would not transgress on the Chief's concerns in this matter. He would like to serve until his planned retirement in five years, after all.

In the meantime, Jack called A.W. and advised him to assume a much lower profile in the neighborhood for the present. A.W. acknowledged the advice.

The next day when Sully was moving his remaining supplies and tools back out to his truck, the same detective approached him and inquired as to who he was and what he was doing at the residence. Sully, being the cooperative sort, handed over his driver's license and awaited the detective's finishing his examination of it. I see that you are from out of town. This was followed by silence from Sully, no need to confirm the obvious.

Then, "I am waiting for an explanation for your presence here." "Well, detective, that should be obvious, I am a builder and have just finished a small remodel project for the owner of the house I am loading up to return to my home and out of town business. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go." "Sir, I would like to go into more detail on the matters of this house and household, if you would please." "I am not prepared to do that, but if you ask me one proper question, I promise to answer it.

After that we would have to await my attorney and I believe that he would advise me to say nothing at all." "Okay, have you seen anything in this premises to tie into the missing girl's AMBER ALERT?" "No, nothing at all. And that is the end of our conversation, detective." "I may try to contact you again as to this investigation, young man." "You can try!!!" And with that Sully moved to his truck and drove away.

The detective moved on to other possibilities for information on this case. For that day, A.W. confined himself to hugs from Maci, a brief B.J. from Miranda and a slow and gentle fuck with Mandy that night. The next day he received the first response to his brand new business sign outside at the beginning of his walkway and the public sidewalk. On it says that only prearranged appointments by phone would be welcome. "Hello, Mr. Wilson. This is Brenda Kumala. I understand that Maci has mentioned me to you about some services that I might supply you.

If it is convenient, I would like to meet with you this afternoon to audition for a receptionist position with your new Accounting Agency at your home." "Well Brenda, I am not sure if I am even going to have a receptionist, but you are welcome to come and audition for whatever else I might have for you.

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Come to the front door and introduce yourself to Mandy who will open for you and direct you to the elevator that will bring you down to my office in the basement." At two pm Brenda appeared at the Mansion's front door and was admitted by Mandy. As she was guided to the elevator she noticed Maci in a cute French Maid outfit and nodded to her, as they were vague acquaintances from school.

Maci nodded and smiled back and then Brenda entered the elevator for the trip down. When she left the elevator, A. W. was there to greet her. As she moved to a seat moved in position for her in front of the desk, he admired her lovely girly form. Tall (5'10"), lanky, short molded hairdo, slinky dress, medium height spikes and a very sensual manner of movement. When she turned to take the seat, she noticed his attention and smiled in return to it.

"Thank you for coming Miss Kumala. My day has been drab so far. You have definitely brightened it up for me. You are very finely adorned for this inter-view." "Thank you, sir. I am serious about the job, but am open to other services that I might render you, also. I am saving for advanced schooling that my parents aren't in the ability of giving me much aid on. You see there are eleven children in the home, nine of them females. So, you can see the challenges that they have.

Other than that they are great parents and people, too. I love them very much. And they leave a great amount of trust in me, which I hope I have earned. I don't expect them to show any curiosity about whatever works out between us at all, especially if I share some of what I earn doing it." "Miss Kumala, that is the best oral 'letter of introduction,' that I have ever heard.

And your voice and manner are excellent for the position that you are showing an interest in. That is the business one. But, as the office is brand new and I have no clients yet, it would be premature to hire you yet." "I thought of that on the way over and have a proposition for you.

How about I train with you for the receptionist's job for no salary at first, and you can recompense me for whatever intimate favors I accord you under the guise of a training salary. And then when you get to the point where having a receptionist would be viable, I could be paid for that, too." "Well, since things are a bit 'hot' in the neighborhood over the AMBER ALERT in respect to the missing girl, Misty McMoran, that would be an almost perfect cover story for us meeting.

You do know that I only pay for that once a week, and will be rotating among several girls for those dates, don't you?" "Yes, Maci advised me of all of this. But, I feel that after you have played with me, that I will get the lion's share of the intimate dates.

And I feel that I will serve you very well in the office, too." "Wow, with confidence like that, you will probably be correct about both of those statements." "I see a bed behind the privacy screen over there. Could we do the second part of the interview now?" "Sure enough!" With that she stood up and began to undo her dress on the way over to the bed. As the garments came off, her total bodily beauty came into ready view.

A.W. was amazed at the sight that she produced and his attention became riveted on her. By the time she got to the bed, she was totally naked and leaning over the bed with her rump up in the air.

"We don't have a lot of time this afternoon, so please just take me up the ass for a proper introduction." So, A.W.

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dropped his slacks and briefs and moved his cock up to her mouth on her lowered head. She took him in and proceeded to tongue and suck it up into proper form. Then he moved to behind her and with a hand bottle of thick lube, he anointed her anus and his cock for the imminent plunge into her dark regions.

He couldn't help it, he just had to briefly lick up and kiss her pussy and anal rosette before the plunge, and she showed her appreciation for this with shimmies, moans and words of affection. Then he carefully entered her and gently worked his way up into her colon. When there he let things rest against the penetration and adjust to his presence up there. Just as he could tell that she was ready for pounding, she advised him to proceed. So, he did starting slowly and then working up the frequency of the plunges and withdrawals.

She obviously was enjoying this by her reactions and so A.W. continued on until he shot a load up into her ass. With this she got at least a slight climax of her own in reaction to his. After he relaxed and backed out of her rectum, she turned around and sat down to clean him off and suck out the remaining semen from his cock.

He just about melted to the floor with this totally unexpected service to him. And when he came to himself, he reached down and guided her up to his waiting arms. He held her very firmly in his arms and very gently kissed her lips and face. When he released her to redress, she remarked in the process, "I perceive that you are a very gentle and generous lover, I think that we will get along very well." "I PERCEIVE that you are a wondrous woman and look forward to a long collaboration with you, young woman.

You can start tomorrow. Be here when you can for now." "Yes sir," And she graciously accepted the envelope that wasn't even requested as she moved to the elevator to leave and go home. CHAPTER 15: When Maci came to work the next day, she immediately sought out A.W.

who happened to be upstairs in his public Household office. She closed the door behind herself and moved over to the chair facing his. As he looked up at her from the work he was pouring over, she addressed him about a perceived problem. "Mr.

A.W. I need to let you know that the girls that want to see you are chaffing over not being able to do so as often as they would like. As cute as you are, it is not just for that reason that they are seeing you. They really need the funds that you so graciously share with them." "Maci, with the AMBER ALERT, I have to be a lot more careful than in the past.

The police detective is trying to ride my ass over it and even interviewing visitors to my home, like Sully. Sully didn't throw me under the bus when he left here after finishing the new Accounting office in the basement.

But, he did let out more than he should have. He should have said nothing at all and referred all inquiries to his lawyer. If the detective turned out to be a jerk and arrested him, he would have been sprung in the morning, with a censure from the court for such untoward actions." "I should have known that there was a reason for your resistance lately on the sex dates. And as for the AMBER ALERT, there is a lot of talk among the girls who knew her.

Evidently they feel that more attention should be given to the mother. They understand that she is a real harridan and was a danger to her daughter." "Maci, if the girls know anything that the police should know about or where they should look for her they should notify them on the special phone line for anonymous tips.

Just have them use a public phone with gloves on and dis-guise their voice and when done with the call, leave the area immediately without drawing any attention to themselves. That would help me, the police and hope-fully Misty in the end." "Okay, A.W. I will pass that on." That night on the local evening T.V.

news there was a sound bite that some anonymous tips had just come in that promised to break the case of Misty McMoran wide open. And the call was put out for anyone else that knew anything helpful, to phone it in, too.

One of the good things to come out of this was that Detective Marsdon disappeared out of the neighborhood, evidently following up the clues that had newly been supplied.

Man shares his wife with best friend on cam

The next day he got an email from the Black Whiz about the work that A.W. wanted done. So A.W. replied with a deion of the job. That is to have the Punch Board on the elevator disabled remotely, so that the police or anyone else couldn't manipulate it while A.W.

was unaware. And to do it so that if the police removed the cover plate, they would not recognize the security feature. "Piece of cake," was the response. With an inquiry of when he would like the work done. "A.S.A.P." was the response sent back. "TTYL," was the last email sent at that time by Black Whiz. Three days later Black Whiz showed up to take care of my hidden doors access concerns. He found that the control of this was with my server in the hidden office.

So he installed a modem that could receive cell calls and installed a hidden app on my cell phone that would be accessed by a ten digit random number sequence (which I amazingly quickly memorized) so that I could open and shut down the accessing of the hidden doors from the Elevator Button plate as I wished.

It was a very good improvement over control of the security of the Mansion. It didn't turn out to be as important as previously thought, because the police acting on a series of tips recorded on their anonymous tip line were led right back to Misty's mom. And when they returned to question her again in her home, they could smell a very foul odor in the home which they tracked down to her basement. It was very sad when they discovered Misty's decaying body hidden in a large cardboard box there.

Her mom was immediately arrested and charged with her murder. It turned out that the mother had been the cause of a lot of the turmoil in the neighborhood. At least things calmed down a lot, so that the male and female pervs could go about their business again, without any hindrances at all. The group of three caught wind of this and so Lacy the grand-daughter of Ramona, the last one that he hadn't seen began pressing him for a date.

And the other two were hinting at repeat dates for them, too. He had to remind Maci to re-mind them that he would see one a week, with the exception of Brenda, who would be working in his office and available to him more often. There was going to be a lot of anal fun in his future. It also came to Ambrose's attention that Maci was losing patience with Sully. He lived a hundred miles away and was making little effort to stay in contact with her. It was true that he adored her, but since she wasn't ready to give it up to him, he was losing immediate interest, because he as a handsome and successful business man had several very sexy ladies ready to attend to his intimate needs.

Maci saw the writing on the wall and so was preparing herself to just let it go. When Lacy came by, she met him in the Sexual Romper Room and because of hearing about this, immediately moved to the bureau and doffed her clothing and put on the most slutty outfit she could dream up to tantalize A.W.

as he again watched the proceedings from his comfort chair. She was into just mostly regular sex. And like her grandmother, she loved to have her pussy penetrated and pumped full of cum.

So, she sauntered over to A.W. in his chair and took him by the hand and led him to the giant bed with all of the mirrors. She helped him to strip down and then moved him to his back to receive her considerable oral skills.

To his mouth, to his nipples, to his anus and finally to his cock. By the time she got to that, he was sexually red hot. So they together joined into some side by side 69, with him very energetically working over her pussy. She was sighing, whimpering and crying due to the intense sensations that he was generating in her nether regions. And his cock was about to explode, so she rolled them over and reversed them, so that he could go to business on her V.J.

When he entered her, he found her to have the tightest pussy that he had ever entered, but it didn't stop her and him from cumming after only a few minutes. Perhaps, it caused it. But, with this happening, she wasn't near satisfied yet. So she had him roll onto his back and rode him cowgirl to full penetration and then laid forward on to his chest and with her face up to his ear, kissed and whispered into his ear for the next full hour while rubbing body to body.

She came twice more during this. Things had settled down now. Mandy was happy to manage the household affairs and sleep with him most nights. Miranda and Maci took care of the deep cleaning, with Maci mostly on the first floor and Miranda on all of those above it.

Miranda regularly gave him kinky afternoon sexual adventures. Maci also was still doing the mowing. The trio of young lovelies were rotating their dates with him and he would get an extra one each week for anal with Brenda.

Shelly across the street was still once in a while trading her cup of sugar for his linked sausages, so to speak. He was a little worried about Maci though. Sully had let her down, not cruelly, just absent mindedly. Maci didn't seem concerned about it that much, though.

She enjoyed taking care of the yard and doing her share in the house. She was especially getting in to the wearing of the little French Maid costume and had in fact traded out the very sexy black panties that went with it for another pair of black ones with a slit open crotch.

It made for very interesting viewing when she moved past during her chores. Ambrose wondered when the next disruption in his well-ordered life would manifest itself, and what it would be. He like a lot of the rest of us knows that nature hates a well ordered existence. That is what the chaos factor was intended to disrupt, wasn't it?

That is why there is erosion, rust, sun bleaching, flooding, wind storms and such. They are to evidently tear down the works of man. And should our personal balances in our lives avoid all of this?

We could only wish. As the summer weeks progressed towards the coming school year there began to be some adjustments with it in mind. Lacy and Heidi decided to scale back their sexual entanglement with A.W. so that they could sharpen their sexual abilities with boys of their own age. Brenda received notice from the school district that she could continue to work for A.W. in his home office for two and a half hours per school day and get educational credit towards her business classes for it.

Maci had now adjusted to working only on weekends, with her training time over. And Miranda decided to reduce her hours to three days a week to be more involved in her children's lives.

Her husband had little involvement with them and also seemed to care very little about her sexual involvement with A.W. Mandy seemed to be satisfied with the current arrangement for her. A.W. got an email from Manny who was now about seventy-five, asking if he could stay overnight at the Mansion to discuss something with A.W.? He was very welcome to do so for all that he had done to help with the home. When he arrived as a still robust man, but with the age showing, too; they gathered up to enjoy a festive meal prepared by Miranda and Mandy.

There was some very lively banter bringing all them up to the events of the last forty years for Manny and the first few months of A.W. Manny shared some very heartfelt remembrances of Gloria and their lives together. It was easy to see that he missed her terribly. After dinner, the ladies excused themselves so that the two men could confer in private about whatever Manny had in mind. And as they settled in the living room with the T.V.

on to partially mask their very private conversation, the central issue of Manny's concern soon came up. He was concerned about aging alone. His children were great, but very busy in their own lives.

He very much missed the care and personal interplay he had with Gloria. And so, with deep respect he asked of the status of Mandy in the household. After A.W. came down from his shocked mental state, he carefully mused on this for several minutes while not able at this point of meeting Manny's eyes. Manny had already appropriated Gloria from his predecessor Will for his comfort and fun.

There is no record that Will had ever resented that. But, Will had left very evident evidence of missing Gloria very much. And it was probably a key factor in his taking up and eventually marrying Mandy afterwards. And that had actually worked out fine for him and Manny. What about Mandy? He found that he was depending on her to a very great degree, and very much enjoyed their nights sleeping together. Could he take the high road for her, like Will did for Gloria?

And would Mandy even be interested in leaving to be with Manny? And who then would take her place in the household? This all with the deeply felt knowledge that if a person does what is kind and generous for those in his care, things do tend to work out for the good and sometimes even for the best. With this resolve in his mind, he reengaged with Manny who was very nervously wondering on the couch as to whether he had gone too far this time.

"Manny, this takes me very much by surprise. Mandy has been a dear member of my household and I had no desire for her personal and professional presence here to end. But, she is no prisoner here also. So, I release you to present your concerns and offers to her and let her make up her mind about it. You may stay a few days to pursue this matter. And thank you for being open about this. Perhaps someday, I will face the same issues." Manny looked over to him in the comfort chair and with tears in his eyes thanked A.W.

profusely for letting this matter develop as it would. A.W. released Mandy from any duties for the household for the next few days. He reassigned them to Brenda, who was very excited to engage them. She saw it as another avenue of engagement for her with A.W. And the sex got even wilder between them over the next few days. Miranda and Maci who were fulminating with their own ideas and plans, just in case of what might happen for their benefits, carefully observed the events as they manifested themselves.

After the first night of Manny's visit, Mandy didn't sleep in A and W's bed so that her heart wouldn't be confused as she entertained Manny's courting of her. On the third night, she slept with Manny and found out for herself about his very special attractions in bed.

He was a generous lover with a very innocent manner that was very attracting to her as it must have been to the previous 'wild child' in his life, Gloria.

After the third night, Manny excused himself to return home and to let Mandy decide on any future for them without any pressure by him. And A.W. gave her a great deal of room for that decision process, too. Finally on the third day after Manny's leaving, she came to A.W.'s bedroom that night to discuss this with him. "A.W., I so appreciate how you have treated me since your taking hold of the reins of this home.

And I have also enjoyed our sleeping together. Would it be tragic for you if I avail myself of the opportunity to spend the remaining days of my life taking care of Manny? I think that he needs it very much. For his heart even more than his health." "Mandy, I will always treasure you as my dear friend.

And you have been invaluable to me for several reasons during my stay here. Not the least is your very warm hearted sense of humor.

But, I have several ladies to care for me, Manny has none. So, if you can be happy with him, I release you to do so. If things should not work out, please contact me and we can see how things could go from there. But, I don't expect there to be any problems with Manny. He was very kind and gentle with Gloria, and respectful of her finances, too.

I wouldn't think that he would be any less with you." "Thank you, A.W. this is the kindest of all of the kind things that you have ever done for me!" "You deserve no less that the best, Mandy. No wonder that Will loved you so much. I do too." After that a long telephone conversation simmered between Mandy and Manny with a lot of tears of gratitude on each end.

The very next day, Manny sent Sully back with a van to get her things and with that precipitous exit, Mandy left his active life for good. No indication of any reconciliation of Sully and Maci with his presence was noticed. No tension between them, either. Just an air of polite civility between them. With Mandy's exit, Brenda now assumed full household business management duties for the household.

The school was notified and a lesson plan was generated to include this and further credits and fuller daytime presence was authorized for her. With the domino effect in full evidence other adjustments to the previous orderly household program became evident.

Maci had taken up the nude manner of cleaning the upstairs rooms on the weekends and was becoming more sensually engaged with A.W. She was now allowing him handsie access to her and light kisses to publicly visual parts of her body. Then Miranda came in one weekday that she was normally off and asked to have a private meeting with him. So, he invited her up to the upstairs public household office and after settling her into a comfortable chair. (He had both comfortable and very uncomfortable chairs available throughout the house to depend on the welcomeness of the conversations.) With that, the waterfall of tears began.

A.W. patiently and sympathetically awaited for her to get a hold of her emotions to lay her heart out before him. "My Master, (funny how women often use that appellation when they want something very badly) I am in a quandary over the status of myself and my children. My husband has decided to return to Japan to assume the family's business interests and to pursue one of the female high officials within that organization. He is offering me a not very generous divorce offer, and I have little choice but to accept it because of a prenuptial agreement and the fact that almost all of his resources are secured overseas.

He has already left the home. The children don't seem to miss him at all. They barely knew him. But, he did promise in writing, enforceable even in his homeland, that he would fully fund their advanced educations. This situation leaves me with much reduced resources and a desperate heart to deal with them. I was wondering if I and my children might avail ourselves of one of your hotel rooms during the transition to another mode of life.

If possible, I would like to increase my working time and load here in the household and you could deduct from my pay from that for the room." "I tell you what Miranda, I will do as you ask about the hotel room, but I will not charge you for it. And since I have lost the services of Mandy as household manager, I will rehire you for the previous duties and times and add the active household duties and appropriate time for them to your employment.

The monetary and budgetary duties are being assumed by Brenda as part of her education and will remain with her at least until she graduates this coming spring. Maci will take care of the household duties on the weekends, freeing you to take that time to be with your children all day. Oh, and you will be preparing the meals for the household on weekdays, unless I make other plans. Will this work out for you?" Miranda rose off from her chair and threw herself into the chair with A.W., before the surprise had worn off, she had his shirt off and her lips welded to his with her tongue exploding into his mouth.

She pulled up her skirt and aside her panties and after releasing his cock, firmly planted it into her waiting vagina. She then went into a frenzy of rubbing her exposed breasts and wetted pussy against his accepting body. All too soon, under this sensual assault, he let loose with his load of cum up into her precious body. A place that her now absent husband hadn't addressed in a long time. There was no climax for her at this point. This wasn't about her for the present. At least not sexually.

It was about her deeply felt thankfulness for his sympathetic and very generous spirit towards her and her children. There was absolutely nothing that she wouldn't do for him at that moment.

And he was totally satisfied with what she had gifted him." A new balance was now found in the household with all needs again addressed. And he anticipated an adventure with Heidi the next day, too.

CHAPTER 16: As Ambrose was lounging in his comfy living room chair, the current state of household affairs ran through his mind. His infrequent dates with Lacy and Heidi were great fun. Brenda was working out just fine in the office and with the household financial affairs. Miranda had taken good charge of the weekday cooking and cleaning. And Maci was seemingly loosening up as to her intimate relationship with A.W.

Also, Shelly across the street was getting wilder and wilder in her play with him when he availed himself of it. Like fucking him on her younger daughter's bed and leaving something for the girl to ponder over.

The situation with Miranda deserved more thought, though. She was pretty, energetic and a lovely 'playmate.' But, he wasn't sure to what extent he wanted the relationship to go with her.

She was an obvious candidate to become a permanent and substantial partner to him. And with her husband out of the relationship, she would be obviously looking for another situation to help her take care of her children. But evidently, Asian women have the reputation of being very controlling of other attentions, and also very driven to force their men in their lives to care financially for their parents. This might not manifest itself at all until after the marriage or other relationship commitment.

And it is said that they lose much of their sexual inclinations after the birth of their last desired child. So, he needed to be very careful as to what he promised to her.

And he needed to pay particular attention to her attitude about his other sex relationships, perhaps even discussing it with her. Her living in the hotel with her children would serve things well for the present. But, for holidays and the summer, something needed to be done about their times away from their mother. Perhaps he could help in this in some way, taking a weight off of her shoulders and making things more fun for them, too.

So, the next day he took a notebook and started accessing the Button Plate in the elevator with random button combination. After an half an hour of nothings, he got a hit on a room on the third floor. When he entered he found it sizable, well lit from a window at the end and a little bit scary with the two heavy iron rings mounted on the wall. So, he called Sully again to ask if he would come and look at it and decide if he could design a children's playroom, for several ages of child with a cell phone accessible nanny cam so that Miranda could keep track of them while she was busy.

Sully, perhaps thinking of the possibility of encountering Maci, told A.W. to just send some pictures, measurements and notations about the room and he would consult with a planner that he knew for suggestions on a design. In the meantime, A.W. kept the whole process secret from Miranda. He was excited about what she would do to him, when it became a reality.

While the design of the kid's room was fulminating, concerns about Maci came up. On one of her weekday shifts, Miranda had to miss work because of some health concerns of her mother's. She was very apologetic about it and promised do to make it up to him.

He told her to take care of her mother and then get back to work as soon as possible, things would work out. It turned out that Maci was free that day and so took up the responsibilities that Miranda would normally care for.

Including planning on and preparing dinner for the two of them. When Maci got to doing the upstairs, she adopted the standard of clothing that Miranda normally did for the upstairs. She was completely nude. And as she entered A.W.'s public office, she fussed around him a bit, trying to get him to notice, he guessed.

He noticed her alright, even with tiny titties, she was a bomb in female flesh. So, to get her off the hook, he took her onto his lap in his desk chair and hugged her up a little and kissed her a lot.

She was very appreciative of the male attentions and the comfort that it brought her. After a bit she settled in to sitting on his lap, with one arm stretched around the back of his neck, the other reaching across his chest and anchored to his opposite shoulder and her head nuzzled up to his ear.

She began then to share with him, her deepest most thoughts and concerns. One of such was what she could do about Sully, who was evidently shy about even coming to the house because of the tensions between him and her.

"What can I do about this, A.W.?" "My dear little one, you are very precious, as every woman can be. And it is your decision as to when you cross the line and open Pandora's Box of sexuality in your life.

But, when you open that 'box' you can't close it. It is open from then on for you and you will have to live with it for the rest of your life. You see, Sully has already opened that 'box' and he has to live and cope with its influence in his life. He has about a sixteen year head start on this. And has been active for a number of them already. He is at a ripe sexuality age and fine-tuned to seek and share in it. He showed outstanding patience with you when he slept with you, didn't he?

(She verbally nods to that in his ear.) Why should he seek to have to show that patience again with a young woman he wants so very much? Why open himself to a series of such stand-offs?

He lives a hundred miles away. It is no small thing for him to come and see you, even if he has business with me. But, you my dear have the final say in this. Just don't expect him to stand around waiting for you to accept what could be the inevitable relationship between you both." "I see, that makes sense. It is alright for me to stall my entrance into that world, but I shouldn't expect others to hold their breath's while I do.

Is that it?" "Exactly!" "And I know that you want me, too. But, knowing you, I know that you wouldn't hold me back from going to Sully if it would make me happy, even if we shared in each other in the meantime." "That is so, little one. In the end, I want you to be happy. I have given up others over that issue in the past. It always hurt somewhat, but I have to live with myself and I always want to do the best that I can within my own parameters." "All the girls you are involved with know that about you, and besides the fun of 'playing with you' that is your most notable characteristic." "Glad that you all notice!" He felt her smile over that comment.

And he got another strong hug to emphasize it. "Maybe, my master, we could deal with both 'aches' at the same time. If I became active with you, you could teach me the things that I would have to know to make Sully happy. I would never reveal that to him; that with you is where I learned of these things, after all a girl never has to tell that…… the guy should just be grateful that she does know how to please him." "That's the spirit!

Serve your lover's needs, but save some of the privacy and decisions for yourself, to keep secure your own feelings about yourself." "When could you give me my first lesson?" "Tonight, if you want to go all the way and not balk at things.

You could let your parents know that you have some other household responsibilities, and so will be sleeping over in one of my guest bedrooms to start on them early in the morning." "I will do that." That evening after a nice and 'eatable' dinner prepared by Maci, simple but tasty, Maci settled in with him to cuddle and listen to the news and America's Got Talent reruns.

Its reruns were better than most anything else on T.V. She nestled up to him and they held hands and stopped their attentions on the T.V. to share in kissing that started light but progressed as time went on. He let his hands lightly brush against her chest area and lap area in rotation. Nothing aggressive, just letting her know that he realized that he had an attractive female with him and that he was acknowledging some of the things that made her attractive to him.

When the shortened version of AGT was finishing up, he accelerated the attentions to her and he could tell that she was definitely getting turned on by it. So he excused her to move up to her bedroom for the night and advised that he would be up to tuck her in in about fifteen minutes. She smiled at that and momentarily felt a missing for her long time loved teddy bear.

Somehow that inspiration passed over unsaid to A.W. and he moved to the shelf on his bedroom book case and picked up the teddy that had been his in his youth. And then he moved to the guest bedroom occupied by the sweet and sexy Maci to put on a show with her. As he entered the room, he saw that she was already in bed, so he approached and sat on the side of the bed and looked her in her slightly scared eyes.

"Oh honey, you are so beautiful to a Daddy's eyes my sweet one. You for-got your teddy in the library, so I brought it to you to help comfort you through the night." And with that he handed it to her grateful arms. Since she picked up on the scene that A.W. was setting, she decided to play along with him, "Oh Daddy, you think of everything. I am having a hard time settling down to sleeping, would you come in and cuddle with me for a while?" "Sure, my little girl, I would love to do that for you." And as he opened the coverlet to enter the bed with the pretty young teen, he noticed that she was in bed with nothing but a cute pair of girlish panties on." "You look so fetching in there my sweet!

Someday, some man is going to fall in love with you and steal your heart away from me." "Until he does, you are the only man in my life, my Daddy." "As it should be, little one." So he settled in with him on one side and cuddled up to her back and her clutching the teddy with both arms on the other side of her body.

After a couple of minutes, he began to caress and rub her arms and back. "Oh, Daddy that feels so good, please don't stop." "Yes, my dear." But, after only ten minutes of not stopping, he moved his caresses down to her butt cheeks and legs, giving particular attention to the softest skin in the world between her legs and upper thighs.

After an initial cringing at the contact, she soon relaxed to enjoy the feelings that her 'Daddy' was producing in her body. Another ten minutes went by and 'Daddy' indicated for her to roll over onto her back so that he could help her front side 'relax' too.

With the caresses and rubbing though, it was doing anything but relaxing her. And she began to notice responses in her groin to what her Daddy was doing elsewhere. He then gently gathered up the teddy from her and anointed its paws with some intimacy lube. He then whispered to her, "Teddy wants to comfort you too." Her eyes rolled over to see what teddy was going to do.

And Daddy used the teddy as a surrogate to light up the sensitivities of first Maci's breast buds, that surprisingly to her, enthusiastically welcomed the attentions and responded to them by elevating her nipples to full erection. With that Daddy used his lips and tongue to further stimulate the wee little titties and Maci was very much enjoying the feelings that that was producing in here. Then Daddy moved the teddy down to her groin area, which opened to his touch and then using the teddy began to caress her pussy zone.

At this Maci was getting super reactive and vocal, with whoops and moans and shouts to her Dad-dy (A.W.) to not stop it. He, of course, had no intention to do so. At this time Mr. Bartholin's glands in her vagina began to release the girlish cum that they are worthily famous for. They started to pour out of her love hole in to the sight of A.W. portraying himself as her 'Daddy' in their little sex drama.

At this Daddy moved to the lower part of the bed and lifted Maci's butt up and balanced her middle back up on two stacked pillows. He then took her legs and lifted them up to be stationed on his shoulders behind her knees.

Then he lifted her pussy zone up to his lowered lips and began a very light licking of the closed lips. As he looked down at her face he could see her eyes frozen wide open and her mouth making noises and motions of her being totally stunned by what was happening to her.

He busied himself now licking in her now parted lips and sucking up all of the girl cum that he could get to. With this, Maci began to implore him to get into her 'NOW!'" So, he lowered her to be flat on her back, kneeled in position up to her pussy zone, rubbed his dick up and down the vaginal slit and then slowly but firmly installed his penis into the young girl's love port.

In and stall, in a little and stall, in a little bit more and then stall, and then up to the hymen, a look in her eyes, a nod "Yes!!!" by her, and then the plunge through the barrier, to her explosive shriek and then with him totally implanted in her, a brief rest for her body to catch up on the situation. After a few minutes for the shock and sharp pain to lessen to background noise, she mumbled for him to proceed in the fucking of her.

So, he began with a very gentle pumping action and as he read her eyes, he upped the ante over several minutes. As he could see that she was really getting into it, he began to finger her anus and the unexpected sensations of this sent her on to her inaugural sexual climax with her filthy expressions of lust ringing in his ears. Her climax and explosive cumming, caused him to also climax and shoot his cum up into the farthest reaches of her newly penetrated vagina, right up next to her cervix and into her womb.

With this he repeated his pumping into her and brought them both to climax again, and then with both of them finally exhausted they settled back into each other's arms with him still in her and fell into a deep sleep together for the night. In the morning there was a brief replay of the late elements of the previous night's adventure and then a shower together to get ready for their regular responsibilities of the day.

As they dried off, he inquired as to her anti-pregnancy standing and she said that she didn't have one, so he provided a day after pill and asked her to see to that A.S.A.P. to prepare for further instructions of the sexual type.

He averred to her that she was just beginning on the adventure of revelation as to intimate matters. And there were many more activities to learn to enjoy. But it looked very promising for her after her notable reactions the previous night.

That day Miranda showed up for work again, with the news that her mother was going to be alright after all. Not a false alarm, but an exaggerated one, it seemed. She got right to work and commended Maci on the job that she had done the day before in her absence. Miranda did all of her work naked this day, because no one was due to arrive and she was getting very used to that manner of dress for her work and her boss. About noon, A.W. got a personal phone call from Sully.

After the initial greetings, A.W. asked how Manny and Mandy were doing. He could hear the excitement at the other end of the line, "They are doing great A.W.! They get along so well and Dad is like he has been resurrected.

Jessica Rizzo milf double penetrated on bed by two young boys

I haven't seen him this vibrant and happy since Mom (Gloria) died. I am so happy for them. And I owe you big time for your sacrifice in this situation. If I can ever find a way to repay you in some way, I will." "You owe me mothing Sully, it was a pleasure to make two such fine people happy and only one just slightly sad. If only all of the efforts of our lives could work out so well." "I know that you would never deem us as owing you anything.

You and Will have been absolutely the best customers that we have ever had. We both treasure you so much. And despite what you say, I will find something to do and surprise you with it just as a token of all that you and Will have meant to us" "Well, if I can't escape such a friendly assertion, I will enjoy the surprise whenever it happens.

You can bet on it! "Just so!" "Now the purpose of my call is to advise you that I will be coming to make a survey of the site after all. Your pictures and notes have been invaluable, but the creative fires of the planner have been sent up in a flame over the challenges of this assignment.

He has never had one like this before and he thinks that it could lead to others of the type if this works out. So he needs much more structural information, especially about the two horrid rings in the wall. He is already thinking of how he could incorporate them into the overall design. If you don't mind I will head down in two days to do the survey and probably stay overnight, this time hopefully without a certain Detective's interest." "Sadly that situation is over with the finding of the body of the girl right in her mother's home.

Just so sad! And you are welcome to come anytime you want!" "Okay, see you in two." "Check." When the phone call was over, Miranda wandered into the public office upstairs and nominally dusted around the already spic and span room.

When she worked her way to A.W.'s desk, she took his chair and moved it back. She then moved to her knees and after opening his fly, pulled his beloved flesh out to the light of day. She admired and praised it and then worship-fully moved her mouth over it. A serious sucking, licking and probing began with him quickly raising up and letting loose the precum. No removal for the washing away of the precum, it went down her throat, just like the main event would.

So, after he being arisen, she mounted up on him with her legs splayed and her facing away from him and grabbing hold of the desk proceeded to pound her pussy down on him. When she deduced that he was ready to cum, she again lowered herself took the cock in her mouth and then proceeded to pound it into her mouth with super strong suction. It only took seconds and A.W. emptied right down into her stomach. After she cleansed him with her mouth, she arose to sit on his lap and give him very energetic kissing to close things off.

"Thank you very much for your return Miranda," was all he was able to get out in the aftermath. Miranda left the room with a very noticeable smug expression on her face and A.W. took notice of that, too. A.W. then left a text message with Maci. Letting her know of Sully's return in two days. She texted back that she would think up some kind of excuse to again spend that night with him. CHAPTER 17: With Sully coming day after tomorrow, Maci explained to her parents that A.W.

needed a thorough cleaning of the found room that was going to be remodeled into a fun room for Miranda's children aged six thru ten. Since both of her parents were suckers for little kids, and since her mother was secretly behind her sexual education by A.W. they bought in to it hook, line and sinker. Not because either of them actually believed it, but because her explanation provided a plausible excuse that they could buy into.

Her father actually also had some ideas about her that would work out better if someone else initiated her first. So, that evening after dinner, she came over to be with A.W. for the night and to advance her knowledge of sexuality for when Sully got there.

The little role play that they had enjoyed before was abandoned for this lesson. They were going to take a more traditional manner of loving, so that she would be familiar with how things would likely work out for her with Sully, if anything worked out at all.

If nothing did, she still liked the interplay with A.W. very much. They went to bed and Maci wore regular night clothes to retire in. A.W. then joined her in bed and took her into his arms to start the loving process. He hugged her and told her in her ear how very lovely she was and how much he wanted to share his love with her. She replied to him that she loved him too and wanted to gift him with her loving lust for the night.

So, he then let her take the lead for a bit. And she moved to be on top of him, laying her body on his and actively kissing and tonguing him.

Her hands cradled his face and her body actively caressed his with her feet anchoring on his legs. She then moved down to briefly suck and kiss his nipples, giving each of them very gentle bites.

And then with her lips and tongue dragging on his belly, she moved down to work on his cock She moved right past the preliminaries of the hands-on stimulation and kissing and took him right into her mouth for the generating of his 'stiffy' to be of use to plow into her 'wetty.' It didn't take long, either.

And then when he was erected enough, she rolled over and laid with her legs splayed out and her cheeks up on a pillow for easier entrance by his cock. He moved to enter her and worked himself totally in with just a few thrusts. At this she moaned and hissed in response to the feelings that it generated in her lower belly.

She then reached back to put her hands on his butt cheeks and began to time his thrusts to help her achieve her first climax of the night. And he rode with her guidance until her cum began to roll out of her love hole and she began to shimmy and return his thrusts to her first pronounced cum of the evening.

As they rested and came back down, they discussed what they had just done for her benefit. "How did I do, A.W.? I want so badly to be a good lover for Sully, not to mention you, too.

Since he will be so far away for the time being, you will have to maintain me in the mean-time. Besides you are a wonderful lover." "Maci, it is not hard to please a woman, if you really love women and have a modest amount of knowledge and practice on what to do.

But, as to your responses just now, I feel that you have a very fine beginner's touch with the use of your body and also with recognizing the man's needs. You probably shouldn't show any more ability for now with Sully than you just did with me. He could easily account it as knowledge that you gained over the internet.

And as to the missing hymen, he could account that as having been done accidentally in some kind of athletic exercise. Just act innocent except in bed and ignore any attempts of his to inquire about those matters. Just smile and tell him how much you love him, and the question box is likely to cease in operation." "Thank you for all of that, A.W.

It really helps and I will follow your suggestions. After all, if a woman has no mysteries about her, she loses some of her attractiveness, huh?" "Very true!" "Now to you getting your cookies, how would you like to do that?" "Oh, how about 'doggie,' we haven't experimented with that, yet?" "Good idea! And we will have to try anal sometime in the future, but not now yet." "Good plan. You don't want to come across as too advanced yet." With that he positioned her and finished himself off into her pussy, which had a female condom installed for that purpose.

She was due to see a female gynecologist the next morning, so would have an I.U.D. installed before Sully arrived to try out her pussy. They then fell asleep in each other's arms for the night. When Miranda arrived for work the next morning to prepare breakfast, she saw Maci leaving from the bedroom area with A.W.

arm in arm. She was worried at that, since she had her eyes set upon a more substantial arrangement with him. He was such a fun lover, had some financial means and evidently loved kids in the traditional way, too. But, she didn't want to force things or do anything to short circuit her plans for him. One thing that he wouldn't accept would be interference with his other female lovers, so she would have to make sure that she showed no resentment about that at all.

If a relation-ship ever worked out, she would have to address that again, but with some tolerance for his 'hobby' even then. A positive and respectful attitude would go a long way to getting at least some of her plans to work out, too. And she knew that Will the previous owner of the Mansion had eventually fallen in love with Mandy and pretty much given all of the other girls up for her. It is likely that some semblance of that could happen for her and A.W., too.

If he really does fall in love with her, marriage or not. Speaking of other girls, at the time that she often played with him in his public office, he was today in his sexual romper room with now fifteen year old Heidi, the tiny sex imp. She was only four foot six and about seventy five pounds. But, her sexuality wasn't small at all. In fact, if she could have seen into the room, she would have seen her hanging from some rings hanging from above, that allowed her pussy to be suspended right over his mouth as she dripped her girly cum down into it.

And then after playing in that mode for several minutes, she would have seen Heidi having her tiny body twirled around slowly on his cock while he was on his back by his using her legs as rotational levers.

She would have heard the glee that Heidi was expressing at that fun, too. And then she would have seen, the tiny girl accepting A.W.s modest cock right up into her tiny ass for him to empty his manly cum right up into her rectum. Of course, she couldn't see any of that, but she could imagine it.

And with her future in mind, she wondered how she could ever compete with those kinds of girls doing those kinds of things with him. The next day, which was a Saturday, Sully showed up early in the morning before Maci came on duty for the household at nine am.

He and A.W. immediately went up to the room in question and Sully used a hammer, a stud finder and some other equipment that A.W. didn't recognize to analyze the make-up of the walls, floor and ceiling in the room for structural strength. He found that the room was very structurally sound and would probably take any load put on it to facilitate the planner's design for it.

He also found out that the ugly rings on the wall were connected to iron beams in the walls and that they were capable of taking a terrific load in their own right. Nobody could get any kind of handle on what their previous purpose was, though. Especially since there was another room with the same rings in the same position in it.

It was very creepy to think of what their purpose might have been. He ignored those thoughts and emailed the info to the planner, to await whatever the planner could think of what he could do to move the project along while he was still here. The planner first of all indicated that he would like the rings welded into place on their supports in a certain orientation to work for his plans for them.

So, Sully got his arc welder out and took care of that. Then the planner suggested that he skim coat the walls and ceiling of the room and use plywood to smooth out the floor. So, Sully went to the local hardware box store and brought those supplies home. It took the rest of the day to finish off those projects and Maci contained herself to wearing a more modest outfit for the day with Sully in residence.

She bypassed the fun with A.W., too for this day. She did prepare a nice lunch for A.W.

Attractive peach is flaunting her spread spread fuckbox in close up

and Sully, though and they both showed their appreciation for it. But, Sully's included a very chaste kiss on the cheek. A.W. didn't get to give one. Maci also promised to hang around and serve dinner for them. Since everyone there loved lasagna, she ordered takeout from one of the best Italian restaurants in town. With a fine little salad for each and plenty of garlic bread.

They used up some of the root beer that A.W. had on hand to keep everyone sober, you would think. And after awaiting Maci's actions to the garlic bread, Sully decided to chomp into them, too. Since Sully was going to stay overnight, Maci again asked her parents to allow her to stay over for the sizeable cleanup for in the morning.

As she awaited their responses, they dis-cussed this in some depth with them knowing that Sully was going to be there, too. And for what that was likely to lead to. Shelly of course had no problem with this at all.

Sully had a really good reputation as a business man and was good looking too. Her father offered that if she was going to give it up to anyone, Sully was a great prospect for those and other reasons, like that he was single. So, Shelly called back and gave both of their permissions. A.W. called Miranda to come over to play cards. She said that her mother could watch the kids for the night and so accepted. She thought that this invitation was a very good sign. She didn't know of the little drama involving Sully and Maci that was percolating that night.

But, she was probably right anyway. So, to break the ice, so to speak, they watched some reruns of AGT on the T.V. and then with some more warmed up lasagna and root beer, the settled in to playing four handed, single deck, passing pinochle. It was the boys against the girls and they were very evenly matched. It came down to the very last cards of the last hand and the ladies won this time. The guys took it very well with the knowledge of what consoling consolations were in store for them.

After that, they excused each other and made no pretense that they weren't each couple going to spend the night intimately together. That night, Sully finally got the pussy of Maci that he had wanted for so long (like a couple of months—a lifetime under the circumstances.) She put on an innocence pretense with him, but cooperated with his advances in a way that indicated that she had some knowledge of what this was all about.

In any case, he was totally smitten with her now and was thinking of a possible future with this young woman who had just turned seventeen this day and would graduate in the late spring from high school. She could always do her advanced schooling in his town, if they married and she wanted such, he mused. Many of the same thoughts were bouncing around in her head, too.

Especially when she climaxed in his strong arms and he filled her pussy with his abundant cum. Another drama was working out in A.W.'s bedroom. He had not anticipated Miranda staying over with him. But, he definitely liked the idea. She had planned on this all along. In long talks with her mother, the thought had been introduced to her that it wasn't so much what a woman did with her man, though that was important, too; but it was how she treated him during and afterward that was the turning point in a man's attitude of any future for them.

If she became demanding or insulting about his intimate interests that would be a major turnoff for him. But, if she shared abundantly in his interests including sex and also showed him honor in doing so, she could seal the deal with him, if he was interested at all. So, for this night, she tuned down the kink and instead competed on a level that would address her interest in him in a way that she could outshine the young bitches. So, she came to bed with a very fine looking, but modest nightgown.

With big girl panties underneath. She opened the bed for both of them and let him guide her into her side. After they settled in together, she reached over and gently caressed his face and told him how much she admired and respected him. (Music to his ears.) And when he responded with loving words back, she blushed and took his hands into hers and pulled him up to cradle her in his arms.

'Boy was this working out,' she mused to herself. 'Mom-ma knows best after all.' And she stayed the course with him. With them laid up to and holding each other languidly in a strong sense of male/female fellowship, she let him initiate the next phase of their adult level lovemaking. So, he reading the signs that the way was wide open for him, started out very lightly in his moving things forward.

He lightly caressed her arms and then her back as he held her close up to him. After a bit, his hands moved down to engage her rear end and she sighed and nuzzled his neck with this. No outlandish displays on her part, just honest seeming reactions to his slow developing movements on her. When he guided her onto her back to sample her breasts, she guided him to lower her gown without damaging it.

It was pure silk in material. He was delighted in this muted response to his initiation and so showed particularly gentle attentions to them. He then moved to show his appreciation for her lovely tummy with its pretty 'button'. With this Miranda started to turn up the heat in her bodily and vocal responses, but still kept it muted like an honored wife would do, a situation that she aspired to.

When he moved down to her intimate area for attentions to her she shyly lowered her panties, and she politely asked that they 69 so that he would get his attentions, too. He gladly complied with this and they in a state of grand sensations found a great enjoyment of each other in this, too. Then when they were well prepared, she guided him to his knees and she pulled him up to enter her love tunnel with her hands on his butt cheeks. His heart was just melting as he entered her and she guided him up to the deepest depths of her vagina.

She then smiled up to him and he emptied himself into her and then she got her prize, too. She then guided him down to laying in the bed and moving his cock to up between her legs in her pussy slit, lulled and sang him to being asleep.

Mission accomplished she surmised as she also fell asleep. After a quick shower for both of the couples in the morning, Miranda and Maci conspired together to put out a breakfast for the four of them. Sully had to return home for other jobs, but on his way out of the house took Maci into his strong arms and left no doubt at all to his intentions in regard to her.

He did politely request that he and A.W. have a pinochle rematch with the girls and they readily agreed to that. Maci then returned to her family's home with stars in her eyes. Her mother saw a handsome man coming into the family, her father saw an expensive dress in his future. Not for him, though.

It would look much better on his beloved daughter. Hey, maybe he would get a grandson to go fishing with, he thought. And Miranda after cleaning up the mess in the kitchen with Maci gone on to dream her dreams, left to be with her children knowing then that she could compete with the young bitches just fine.

Kink in the afternoons with A.W. and then grand lovemaking at night, that was the ticket. And to top it off, when she accidently encountered A.W.

fucking Brenda up the ass in his accounting office in the basement, she apologized for the intrusion and ignored the sight. And never mentioned it to him again. She was playing her cards perfectly from this time on. CHAPTER 18: Within a couple of days, Sully notified A.W. of the necessity to return and do some preparatory work for the installation of the prebuilt furnishings for the children's play room.

A.W. notified him to just come when he needed to. He would always be welcome. The coming of Sully was passed on to Maci by Miranda, who had been naked and fucking A.W. as he received the phone call. Sully was amused by the fact that A.W. sounded out of breath as he tried to carry on a conversation over the phone.

Sully had good reason to know what that was all about. He just hoped that Maci wasn't the one giving him the business.

That night when Maci went to bed in her own room at home, her father came in to talk with her about the state of matters. "Honey, I am getting vibes that things are getting serious between you and Sully. How do things stand with the two of you now?" As Maci looked up to her father to address him, he doffed his bathrobe and joined her under the covers. "Daddy, he is a very nice guy, but he hasn't declared his intentions about me yet." As he now caressed the back and legs of his daughter, "Do you expect him to declare himself, soon?" Maci, who was now beginning to get turned on, since she was afraid of calling her Dad on what he was doing, "I have no way of knowing about that Daddy.

He is significantly older than me and a successful business man. He can have almost any girl that he wants." With his hands now massaging her barely felt titties, "Well, you are a prime target for a successful young man, Darling. You are very pretty, intelligent and just a very nice girl." Now that his hands had moved to her intimate area, "Well, Daddy, I try to be. Daddy, what are you going to do with me now?" "I am going to enjoy my beautiful young girl for probably the last time in her life, I think that he will declare himself soon!" "Daddy," as his fingers were stroking in her pussy, "should you be doing that with your daughter?" As he felt her cum becoming present, "How does it feel for you my darling child?" "It feels so good, Daddy.

Please, don't stop now. I need to get off to be able to sleep!" As he moved up between her now splayed legs, "Yes my darling Girl, I will deliver you to your needed rest." With that he pushed his dick up into his seventeen year old girl's pussy and began to pump it to her. Her breath quickened and she came off, dumping a load of girl cum onto his belly. He soon after with a moan and groan, dumped a big load into his little girl's tight pussy.

A dream of his finally satisfied. And with that he being still erected, he steered her over on to her belly and then with her laying flat with her rear slightly up, he entered her again for some really serious pussy fucking from behind. She got lit up again and he finally emptied himself for the final time that night.

He then rolled her over and gathered her up into his arms to kiss her goodnight. She kissed him enthusiastically back and then rolled over to sleep the rest of the night away. When he got to his bedroom, Shelly was still awake. He looked up to him and asked quietly, "Did you finally get your dream with Maci?" He nodded to her as he moved to being under the covers with her.

"Well, then move over here and do me for tonight too. And so he did." In the early morning, Maci skipped the school bus and entered the Mansion with A.W. asleep and Miranda not present yet. She rode up the elevator and entered A.W.'s room.

He was still deeply asleep in the morning coolness so he was unaware of her. She undressed and got under the blankets with him in the nude. She gathered herself up to him, bellying up to his back. She then wasted no time in beginning to awaken his lusts for her usage. When he finally became aware of her, his body already having done so, he asked over his shoulder, "What do you want with me, dear Maci?" "Something happened this night and I want one final lesson, in anal, so that I can throw myself at Sully and try to get him to declare himself for me and take me under his wing and permanently in to his bed." With that she moved down to take A.W.

into her mouth. "Alright dear, you are proceeding in the correct way to initiate this." He then wrestled her to be on top of him in a '69' so that he could wake her nether region also.

She followed him into being excited in short order. With that he asked her to move to the bottom of the bed and elevate her hips up with two stacked pillows while on her stomach with her legs down on the floor. She rushed to do this. And then he used some of her girly cum and some of his thick lube and prepared his cock and her anus for the main event. He was very gentle and deliberate as he worked himself up into her, only a momentary pain was felt by her as the head of his dick passed through her sphincter.

Then it at first felt okay and quickly accelerated to really good. With that he mounted up and began some very serious pounding of her ass. She rode with it and began to push back on him, as he pushed down on her, causing him to probe even deeper into her. Very quickly after that, A.W.'s body rose upright with his dick still firmly implanted and pumping and he with a hysterical cry let loose with his cum shot into the depths of her young girlish body.

After that he pulled her up onto the bed and snuggled with her, still implanted and fell asleep with her gathered into his arms. Miranda arrived at her usual time and after checking on A.W. in his bed-room and seeing him evidently implanted into Maci in his bed, withdrew silently and went about her business preparing breakfast. Soon after he and Maci, come to the breakfast table and thee three of them ate in silence with he and the girl showing no indications of guilt whatsoever.

Miranda knew that this was another unplanned test of her attitude towards him, with their futures at stake, so kept her counsel and never said a word about it. A.W. was happy about that, since he would probably never have Maci again, and that his real future could maybe with Miranda. That afternoon, Sully showed up with buckets of paint and proceeded to put on the primer over all of the walls and the ceiling.

He then began preparing the floor for tiling that would be done after the painting was finished. When that was done, he after six hours of primer drying rolled on the base coat for the room. Then he was done for the day. Maci, who had been late to school but made it, with a lame but accepted excuse came back for the evening.

She didn't even call her home to ask permission. She felt that her father's actions the night before cancelled any real authority that he had over her. She didn't plan on taking any action over it, but she didn't want it repeated either. Since her mother had been instrumental in driving her towards A.W., she didn't think that she would cause any trouble over it, either. She would always honor all that her father had done for her in her life, but from now on at arm's length.

She would never let him into her arms again. That night, she slept with Sully again and he realized that he wanted this little girl as his from then on. In the morning, he asked if she would like to come and be with him, finish school in his town and then they could marry after her graduation.

She could live with Manny and Mandy in the meantime and since she was seventeen, she could choose where she wanted to live, with at least one of her parent's written permission. Before her father came home from work, she crossed the street to try to get this written permission, and immediately got it from Shelly.

She gathered up a couple of suitcases of clothing and incidentals, along with her teddy and taking the letter of permission of her mother moved on to the rest of her life. Shelly promised that she would get a letter from her father, too.

And with a gentle reminder of his marital deflections including with his daughter, he came through with a minimum of fuss. The rest of the day entailed Sully taping and then painting in the accents to the wall and ceiling surfaces and then the installation of the tiles to finish the room for the coming arrival of the prebuilt furnishings for the room.

Even up to this time, Miranda had no idea of what this was about, since she didn't normally have access to any of the hidden rooms. After lunch, Miranda decided to emphatically emphasize her priority in A.W.'s life by an animated kinky scene in his office, with her giving up her ass for his pleasure. It was the first time with him that she could remember and not nearly as traumatic as she had feared. In fact it was a very practical matter, since she could give this up to him anytime he wanted without the hated condoms or the risky anti-pregnancy efforts.

She anticipated this to become one of the centerpieces of their love life from then on. After dinner, Sully and Maci left for their new lives and with Miranda's parents looking after her kids, she stayed with A.W. to give him another of her grand lady evenings of muted lust. He was even further intertwined in to her heart after that night. The next day was rather quiet for A.W. except for some anal fun with Brenda, she insisting on it as part of her professional duties.

She also absolutely adored it too. Miranda knew better than to come near to the basement office for that time. That night, Brenda for the first time stayed over in A.W.'s bed for the night. Miranda was up in the attic studio apartment with her kids, trying out that area as a possible place to move to. With Maci gone and none of his little lovers in the house they were alone. All of a sudden, a smell of smoke penetrated into the master bedroom. And the fire alarms started to go off.

Brenda, without even dressing over her panties rushed to the elevator on a near suicidal dash to get up to Miranda and the kids in the attic. She just made it out before the elevator shaft began to act as a chimney. She moved to their room and woke them all up. She bashed open the window to ventilate the room and moved the kids and helped Miranda to the little balcony built for an escape in just such a case by Sully.

She quickly with Miranda's help lowered the kids down to the ground with a pulley system and then prepared to jump to the ground themselves as flames began shooting out the broken window. In the meantime, A.W. had gotten out on a veranda off of his master bedroom and gotten to the ground. With home generated sirens going off, the neighbors were rallying to his aid with garden hoses and a couple of canvas spreads that they centered under the third floor balcony to receive the falling Miranda and then Brenda.

Miranda made it down with nothing but rug burns on her body from the canvas and Brenda only had a few superficial burns on her near nude body and a sprained ankle. They and the kids were all taken to the hospital for further examinations. All that A.W. and the neighbors could do was to watch his life go down in flames and use the water hoses to try to stop it from spreading to the other houses in the neighborhood.

All of the neighbors woke each other up and they all moved to their roofs to wet them down to prevent that. When the fire department got to the mansion only fifteen minutes after the fire's start, they just augmented the efforts of the neighbors to prevent the fire from spreading. It was no use to use any water on the searing hot inferno, they determined.

Even with the collapse of the building and the continued fire on the ground level, they just let it burn itself out. Nothing would be left to burn when it was done, and then the reclamation could start.

Since the internal fire temperature got probably to over a thousand degrees, nothing useable was left of the house. Only a slag heap of melted metals, the only things that survived the inferno above the basement.

Interestingly, since the fire burned up, the basement and the office in it was only slightly singed by the inferno above it. So, the records of his office were safe and would be accessible after the mess above it was removed. Of course that bomb shelter was protected by the wall and the dirt around it and was still fully functional. As A.W. sat in a lawn chair watching his world melt down and burn, a group of claim adjusters showed up in less than an hour.

Each of them was pressuring him to sign off on an offer sheet. Evidently they were free-lancers trying to get him to sign for a very inferior offers, for them to get their cut of the savings. The lowest of them was for a hundred thousand dollars, total. A.W. knew that the final settlement would be more in the million dollar range. But it didn't matter anyway, since the law office in charge of the will's legacy had the final say on this matter, not him. He didn't even know what the insurance coverage was.

So, he just referred these sharks to the office's number and let them to try to work their magic on a team of diligent and hardened lawyers. Good luck with that. As the afternoon moved on then and the heat from the smoldering heap continued, Shelly came over and scrunching down on the grass behind A.W.

gathered him up into her arms and ample bosom to comfort him in his depression. It helped, too. Pretty soon, Brenda and Miranda and the kids got back to survey the damage. Brenda and Miranda were arm in arm recognizing Brenda's heroism that saved four lives. Miranda would never feel any jealousy towards her in the future, not that she had so far anyway.

But, she would always have a very special place in Miranda's heart from that time on. So, as the kids ran at a safe distance around the smoldering fire, three women gathered around a smoldering A.W.

and actively comforted him as they gazed together upon the great loss. Then as darkness took over, he moved to the hotel to take up temporary residence, Miranda moved to her room with her kids and Brenda returned home to her very much relieved family. It was a joyous dinner with parents and kids surrounding their dear older sister, relatively unhurt in the disaster. Thus the night fell and then tomorrow would be some kind of revelation over the matters.

In the morning he got a phone call from the lawyers with a request that he come in for an extended conference about the fire. They questioned him about any pertinent facts and suggested the ones that needed to be controlled (make that obfuscated) for the legal authorities. There was already a preliminary assertion of arson, because of combustibles being found on all four sides of the building concurrent with the fire.

And it seemed that the fire also started on all four sides at the same time. They asked if he had any comment on that. But, he angrily asserted that he had absolutely nothing to gain by burning the mansion down. They controlled the ownership and many of the purse strings in regard to it. They apologized for seeming to be trying to pin the blame on him.

They were just trying to prepare him for even more striking questions from the police and fire department arson investigators. And so with that A.W. calmed down and listening closer they proceeded through with the simulated interviews.

Sully called shortly after he left the lawyer's office and gave his condolences. His main remark was, "Well, we will rebuild your home, A.W. You can count on it." With that A.W. referred him to the lawyers who would have the final say even over the insurance companies in that regard.

And the insurance companies were in negotiations with the lawyer's office. In 'good faith' it appeared, too. Sully got the rebuild contract without even having to compete for the bid because of his past very efficient works along with his father's and the very reasonable prices that he charged to do them.

I found out later that he had tapped in to a group of Jehovah's Witnesses from the local community who were known for their excellent work in the building trades and their amazingly quick results in building Kingdom Halls and other buildings.

They were glad to share their methods with Sully who was not a member of their faith, but was a very highly regarded nephew of one. And Sully promised to use as many of them as he could to augment his steady crew, to their delight.

One of them was a very able structural planner as well as a construction operation's planner and was connected to a well know architect in the state. So everything was in place to proceed as soon as the funds were released. In the meantime, the insurance company wanted the guilt of the perpetrators established before proceeding with the rebuilding, though continued negotiations were continuing on the nature of the replacing building. And since A.W. had firsthand knowledge of the house, he was invited to share in the proceedings.

During one of the meetings something was said that reminded A.W. of the security system in place in the mansion and the server that had stored up much of that information for further study. The in-house server and all of the equipment were now part of the melted slag on the lot where a group of back hoes were removing it. But, Will had thought to include a satellite memory unit in a small storage unit somewhere on the outskirts of town.

He knew where it was and so moved to it to see what could be gleaned from it. And boy did he get a surprise. The whole scene was right before his eyes as he saw and identified the four per-sons who had conspired and acted to burn his house down.

The house had had security cameras relayed to the secret office with big screens to show the views constantly while a person was seated in it. All of the data had been stored on the server and then sent on for storage to this site.

But, there were also things that he wouldn't want any investigators to find too, so he contacted Back Whiz to see if he could come and help him with that problem. He came right away, even from a hundred miles away and first asked him if he had another storage place that he used infrequently in town. And A.W. said yes.

So, they purchased underground a used server of several years of age and set it up in the other site and edited the data to only show what they wanted to be shown and covered their tracks in such a manner as to make it virtually impossible to determine that the data had been edited. Then A.W. called the arson investigator and informed him that he had remembered a satellite memory unit from the security system from the house.

He had made a preliminary search in its data and felt that the arson investigators would be glad to see what he had seen in the stored data. They rushed to meet him at the storage site and then entered to access the data on the terminal located there.

As they reviewed the scenes shown on the morning in question, they printed out very recognizable pictures of the perpetrators. And with that information, they contacted the arson unit at the city police to have them picked up for questioning They were three boys, brothers of the latest teen sex bombs in A.W's life and Maci's father.

There would be trouble over this for A.W., but not as much as for the arsonists. In the end, the arsonists couldn't prove their assertions about Will and A.W. and besides all of the girls were of the age of fourteen or over and so legal to share in sex if they wanted to as the age of consent was fourteen in this state. It was a limited right, but well within A.W.'s rights. There was no evidence of coercion nor prostitution payments on A.W.'s part. And the girls were very careful of what they admitted of, since they wanted to contain any stain on their reputations, too.

When the dust settled, Maci's dad and the older boys went to prison for years, because they almost killed three minor children in their acts. The youngest was sent to juvenile for three years.

Ambrose got off with a tongue lashing by the judge, but nothing else. Sully and his crew of stalwarts and augmented by a crew of Witnesses performed a modern day miracle right before the city's news cameras. The building went up in breathtaking speed and even the city's building inspectors had never seen a better built building in years despite the amazing speed at which it rose. Other builders came to watch the show to try to decipher some of the secrets of this amazing show.

But, the only real secrets were the beautifully coordinated building plan of action and the energy of the workers as the process moved on. That would be difficult for many companies to duplicate. The replacement mansion was finished and ready for occupation in only three months. A job that would usually take a year or more to accomplish.

Many other persons and businesses were taking account of this and it appeared that Sully and his Witness cohorts would be busy building together for years to come, if not permanently. Only slowed down for their three yearly assemblies, which provided a propitious time for the other workers to vacation, too. CHAPTER 19: After three months of feverish building efforts, the mansion was done and ready for habitation again.

On the day before the big move in, he wandered through the brand spanking new building on his own. He had Miranda to join him later in the day for a joint tour. Starting at the top floor, the third one, he noticed the small laundry room and the spate of guest bedrooms, six in all. There was no attic apartment anymore because that had never been authorized by the lawyer team, and thus was not included in the insurance settlement.

On the second floor was the master suite, to be occupied by Miranda and himself, with a generously large bedroom right next door for the children.

There was another laundry room, and separate special get-away rooms for Miranda and A.W. each. To help each to keep their sanities in the face of life's dramas. A.W's included his public office. On the main floor, the arrangement was much as had been in the original, except the previous 'Sex Romper Room" was now configured as the new child play area.

Sully was able to use all of the furnishings that he had arranged for in the previous home and adapted them to this space.

It had a regular outside entrance that was easy to exit from and very difficult to enter. And had a separate entrance within the house close to the kitchen area. It had the nanny cams to be accessible by an app on Miranda's I-Phone as she went about her daily house-hold duties.

And a speaker system for her to address errant behavior if she detected in in her viewing. Truth told, the kids were basically very good and she rarely had to bring them up short for their behavior. The main floor also had a laundry room so that none of the things that would need to be laundered on each floor had to be transported from that floor. The basement was now abandoned except for the 'bomb shelter' which was no longer hidden behind a wall since everyone in the neighborhood knew about it now.

The tunnel continued to exist behind a newly installed shelving unit that was arranged to not leave telling scratches on the tile floor. And the tunnel still stretched to the newly refurbished yard and garden shack. Inside the shack was now a small riding mower, that Heidi who had replaced the now moved Maci was running.

The whole neighborhood would be regaled to her shrieks and laughter as she set about mowing the lawn. Not one person ever complained about this, it probably produced a lot of smiles among the families around him.

The thirteen plus hidden rooms were now replaced by only three (plus the bomb shelter and the tunnel). They were accessed through the elevator like before and they were also still on the main floor. One was like the secret office and security center in the original house and the other was a storage room for things not to be discarded, but of no immediate use. It also had hidden off of it another small room for unspecified usage by A.W.

The floors and hidden rooms were accessed from the elevator. And a back-up four story stairway was include for obvious reasons. When the return to residence was announced to the family and friends, Sully and Maci; Manny and Mandy; Brenda; Shelly from across the street; Heidi and Ashley the original in-home companion of Will all asked to spend the first weekend together in the house.

Since the kids insisted that Brenda sleep with them that left one room empty. So he invited Mr. Wellington and his wife, the lawyers in charge of the mansion bequest to join them and they enthusiastically accepted. For the three days before occupation, A group of churches in the town joined together to help with the preparations.

All of the appliances were installed, but many still had plastic covers on them and none had been tested out. And there was the new furniture and household supplies, stored in on site storage units, to be moved in and put away. So, the Mormons, Baptists and Catholics to not be outdone by the excellent reputation that the Witnesses had gotten during construction, joined together in Christian good will to help with the preparations for the family's occupation.

This made the local and national news also. And more than one news commentator remarked that the work of the Witnesses and these other churches represented the very best of the good influences that they could have in their neighborhoods. On the last day of preparations, the family members moved their personal belongings in from the last on-site storage unit and stored away their clothing and valuables in the appropriate places in the house.

This was all going to be accomplished in time for the annual Family Weeks visits, too. This was coming in a few weeks and the current guests would be a grand audition for those crazy weeks to come. As Miranda moved her belongings into A.W.'s master bedroom, everyone including the children noticed. No one said a word, though, to not spoil the spontaneity and optimism of the process. They all hoped that this would work out, just like Will's loving years with Mandy.

Since Mandy was a part of those happy years, she hoped so for A.W. too. During the three months of construction, A.W. had opened up a small CPA office in a local strip mall. And installed Brenda there as a permanent associate in the business. She was taking an online course that would qualify her to be a staff accountant as well as bookkeeper and if that worked out, he would send her to college to qualify to take the CPA exam. She was doing really well in the office, and the anal with her was great, too.

She enjoyed both very much. Her parents were so very proud of her, and the high school used her as a prime example on how young ones can reach out to their futures even while still working on their secondary education.

The office had a little resting room in the back for their fun. While Ambrose and Miranda were living in the hotel for the three months of the construction they had had several discussions about the possibility of a future together. She let him know that she was very much favor of it, because it was the best possible avenue for a good future for her and her kids. But, though she was not going to make trouble for him over his little lovers, she wanted the primary focus to be on her and for him to not recruit any more when any of the present ones moved on and went beyond him in their lives.

He told her that if she kept her word in that, and continued to give him kinky sex a couple of afternoons a week, which he thought that that was rather workable.

He told her how much he truly respected and enjoyed her. He was careful with the 'love' word for the present. She was indispensable in the house hold matters now. And he very much enjoyed their love play, both the kink in the afternoons and the grand lovemaking at bedtimes. But he had two worries about a future with her. He didn't want to come across as stingy or uncaring, but he didn't want to be obligated to support her parents either.

Or any other relatives of hers. And he would not welcome any of them appearing on his door steps and insisting in moving in with them. He also, put it to her that he was very much afraid that after her becoming a permanent partner and especially if they married, that she might start to give him a very bad time over his other love partners, and make it even worse by also losing interest in him sexually, too.

With a heart welded to her and no or little sex, it would just about destroy him. She thought those things over very carefully for a week and then in another private discussion laid her thoughts out. She couldn't ignore her parents or some others of her relatives, since in the lands where they lived they depend on their children to help subsidize their retirements because they have no social security.

But, with the other younger ones helping out, the cost per supporter was small and she would supply it out of her private funds.

As to the sexual issues, she promised to never turn her back on her intimate duties to him. The kinky sex in the afternoon would continue and the grand lovemaking at night was secure as long as he lived.

As to his other lovers, all she insisted on was they not be replaced as they found new avenues in life without him. He said that he could not absolutely promise that, but he would make that the main avenue of his life. She said that she could accept that as long as he kept it hidden from the children. With that he asked her to establish herself as his live-in partner, occupying his master bedroom and bed with him from then on.

She with tears in her eyes hugged him and said an emphatic yes. She understood that if things worked out between them over some time, that they would get married in the future. He was not sure of that, but was open to the idea. On the weekend of the move-in, all of the invitees showed up and the catered dinner went off without a hitch.

While they arrived they could hear and see Heidi riding the mower in wild abandon with her trademark shrieks and laughter to set the tone for the whole weekend, which turned out to be some of the best times that any of them had ever had. And the nights were very active among the couples as they inaugurated the new premises with outpourings of love and cum. On Monday, Ambrose went to the office to touch base with Brenda and to see how things stood. They were very well taken care of as usual.

So, after him making a cursory examinations of the books and assignment's log books, she took him by the hand and led him to the little resting room for the fluffing up of his anal desires. She removed her clothing to reveal her lovely ebony body to him. The few burns were healing with little evidence seen. And with that he took her in his arms and proceeded to do a trip of oral discovery over her whole body. She loved this kind of thing, especially as he now moved on to massaging her back and butt cheeks.

She was just purring with this, and then having moved her over to her back, he gave her the same treatment over her front, with special attention to her beautiful full breasts. He had this very secret desire to impregnate this totally beautiful woman and nurse on her with the baby, one on one side and the other on the other side. Brenda read this desire of his by his manner of treating her when they played this time sexually. He was outstandingly gentle and generous to her in her desires.

She right then decided to satisfy this desire of his in the near future. She would be very fecund in just ten days and that would be an opportune time. And she would have the resultant baby after her high school graduation at midterm. She could give up attending the graduation ceremonies in the spring, if her baby would be any issue to the school. And she knew that her parents would accept any baby that she had by Ambrose, because of his outstanding generosity to her.

With that thought firmly in her mind, she moved him to fuck her up the pussy this time. And though he really loved anal, this was special because of its rarity with her. He then had her on her back and she encouraged him to pound away on her wonderfully full woman's body. He just completely lost himself in the effort and with her massively responsive motions in support of his fucking, he came profusely into her baby chamber, to her thorough delight and vibrant climax.

She reached up with their simultaneous climaxing and kissed him like he was the universal lover to her. Then she rose up and hugged him until it almost hurt followed by a sweet atmosphere of friendship as they resumed their normal stations in life and attire to go with them. Brenda knew that she would have to take a long lunch on Tuesday and Thursday to allow him to enjoy his kink with Miranda, as usual.

That is when they didn't do this play at home during her maid services. She smiled at the thought of that and how much she would like to have Ambrose totally for her own. Life is strange, so a lot of things were possible. CHAPTER 20: The weeks went by and the Family Weeks came and went.

With Miranda implanted in his bedroom, the anticipated maneuverings by the expectant mothers didn't occur. But, the relatives seemed very happy with the new version of the Mansion.

One thing of note, though was the identifying of a likely candidate for being the next resident owner in the future when A.W. passed on. He was about five years old, lively, curious and respectful, very much like A.W. had been reported to be when he first came to Will's attention. There were other candidates identified, too. And some of them were female, which would be an interesting twist, if they turned out to be as sexually driven as the guys had turned out to be.

In looking over the records of the previous owners, they pretty much all seemed to take over the mansion when they were in their mid-forties, all were sexually proactive and very responsible in their occupation of the home. Since, the law firm had the final say in all of these choices, it would seem that this was all by design of the original will's mandate.

Things were progressing so well with the Accounting Office, that they were thinking of opening up some satellite offices, in the current town first and then in other towns. Brenda had the idea of trying to identify high school senior girls who were much like her to man them. And then the main work would still be all done in the home office.

But, the satellite offices would handle the more mundane ac-counts and give more exposure to the business. And probably make A.W.'s day as he trained the young women in the business and also in the beds.

Miranda wasn't in on that factor in the planning. A couple of months after the Family Weeks, the kids were back in school. On one day, Heidi skipped school to play with A.W. as Miranda was supposed to be visiting her relatives on the other side of town.

But, that was a ploy for her to see how A.W. would react to a bit of freedom for the day. When she sneaked in to the house to see what was up, she got a real eyeful, when she found the two of them in flagrant activity in one of the guest rooms. She followed the noises down the hallway and then looking through the half opened door, saw a wild eyed Heidi flat on her back and legs up in the air with A.W. soundly pounding into her pussy. With shrieks and crying on her part, she looked up to see Miranda at the door and motioned for her to come in and join them.

Miranda liked Heidi, but had no interest in sharing Ambrose in that way and so she turned away from the scene. Neither Heidi, nor Miranda ever brought up that scene to each other, nor her presence to see it to A.W. A couple of days later, she stopped at the offices to pass on some kind of message to A.W. as to what they were to do that weekend, and she walked in again to see, A.W.

now fucking Brenda, not up the ass but in the pussy. And it appeared as if Brenda might be blooming out. She was shocked at this. Brenda pregnant with A.W.'s child. What next? So on her way back to the mansion she rashly decided that she had had enough. She dearly loved A.W. but she felt that this was just too much. Despite Ambrose's stated desire to honor Miranda's place in his life, he was evidently not going to change much at all.

And he was going to hide what he was doing from her. So, when she got home, she took five big suitcases and filled them with all of the clothes and belongings of herself and her kids that she could fit into them.

She then looted the house money from the cash box of the $3000 in it. After that she called a taxi van to come and pick them up just minutes after the kids got home from school.

Thank goodness, A.W. was gone and busy with other matters when she loaded up the confused children into the taxi van and rode off to the bus station. They boarded the next bus going to any distant town, and never looked back. When A.W. got home later that evening, he couldn't help but notice the disappearance of his new family. He found that the money was missing, that the children were gone and that her dresser and closet were mostly empty in the master bedroom.

He knew what this probably meant, but knew that in the off chance that there was some kidnapping or other foul play involved, that he had to notify the police. When the officer arrived, he had him in and showed him the evidence of the departure that concerned him. He also gave the officer the cell number used by Miranda, which she wasn't answering to his calls. The officer took some pictures, his statement and lacking any evidence of a criminal struggle notified him that they would have to wait 24 hours to file a missing person's report on this.

Then the officer noted the very sad expression on Ambrose's face and left to report in to the station. The next day, the police station of Ambrose's town received a phone call from Miranda to explain the situation and to clear Ambrose of any misbehavior on his part or the need for charges against him.

She reported to them that there had just been an unexpected breakup of their family unit. No bad actions on anyone's part. After verifying that the call was coming from another police department's phones, the case was closed. And then they called Ambrose with the bad news. They wouldn't tell him what city she was in either, since they had not been married yet. A.W. called into the office and left a message for Brenda who wasn't there as to the events of the day.

The message was passed on to Brenda's cell and after thinking things over, she texted Heidi to go and look in on A.W. because of the expected serious depression that would likely overcome him immediately. They all knew how much he had loved Miranda, though he hadn't declared that yet. They didn't feel any guilt over their relationships with him, but were sad to see her take them so badly as to abandon him.

When Heidi got to the Mansion, she used the hidden key to enter and locked the door behind herself. Brenda had her own key, so she would be able to get in later without the one that Heidi had. She moved up to his bedroom in the elevator and when she entered the darkened room, she took off all of her clothes except for her panties and climbed her tiny girlish body to be under the sheets to comfort the grieving man who was in a fitful sleep at that moment.

She laid up to him laying one leg over his and one arm over his chest and then with her face and lips up to his cheek and ear, she then braced herself there with a pillow and settled in to let him sleep in her arms.

In an hour or so, he roused somewhat, so Heidi took the opportunity to move up to his belly and ride her pussy on his 'night wood.' No climax for either, but it did seem to settle him down to an even deeper sleep. When Brenda arrived after notifying her parents of where she would be and why, she moved up to the bedroom and tapped Heidi on the shoulder. Heidi then left the bed and hugged Brenda firmly and then gave way to the bigger black girl to take over the comforting duties.

Then Brenda assumed the same sleeping position that Heidi had had and settled in for the night with the grieving man. He rested through the night with only a few open groans and tears, evidently grateful for the big, soft female teddy bear that was comforting him through the night.

In the morning, he rose with Brenda still asleep and after taking a quick shower, rejoined her in the bed. He didn't feel sexually motivated at the time, just outrageously lonely.

And this young woman was being a mighty affectionate support to him at that time. With that thought, he fell back asleep with his hands caressing her generous and firm behind. When Brenda woke up a little time later, she also took a brief shower and donned some clothes that Miranda had left behind that almost fit her and then moved down to the kitchen to prepare a breakfast for the two of them. She nibbled on her part and loaded up his on a tray and brought it up to him with a mug of hot cocoa.

He rose in the bed to share this loving meal with his dear friend and lover. And then she bid him farewell for the day to go and mind the business. After eating, he again fell asleep and at Brenda's request, Shelly from across the street came over to put in her shift of comforting Ambrose through the day. She was relieved by Heidi when she got out of school. At lunch Brenda called her mother and had a long talk with her. Brenda was of a mind to move in with Ambrose without even asking and taking over the care and responsibility of him, especially in his very fragile emotional state.

Her mom asked her how she actually felt about the man. Yes, mom knew that Brenda had a lot to be thankful about the man, but this would go beyond friendship, fun play and a business relationship. This would be LIFE in capital letters, and was she prepared to tackle the challenges of that with him?

Brenda thought for a moment and then said 'yes' she was. So her mother told her, "Go and get your life with him, then girl! You are not likely to find a better one." "I hope not mom, since I am already carrying his child!" Then her mom cried and said, "I am so proud of you child, go and take care of your man." "Okay mom, I will" And then she hung up. When, Brenda showed up with a couple of suitcases that evening, Ambrose wasn't even surprised and in a private talk with Heidi, she asked if she would be willing to help with the care of A.W.

for some time. Heidi was enthusiastic about that and reported to her, that despite the fact that she was now still only fifteen, that her mother was on board with this since she had no man to help her and still had the three other children to be cared for. So, she was sending Heidi to move in also with Ambrose with a couple of suitcases, too and her blessing. She only insisted that Heidi keep up her schooling, so she and Brenda arranged with Shelly to manage things during the week days.

And thus the new balance in the household was born. So, Ambrose lost some of his personal drive over this, he pretty much confined his love making to the three of these ladies and an occasional initiation of a new teenage satellite office girl. All of these girls were not only brief extra lovers to him, but also expected to keep up on their studies and he added to them the same internet courses that Brenda had taken.

And Brenda took it upon herself to monitor their compliance. The school decided to let the obviously pregnant Brenda share in the graduation exercises after all, since she was by then married to A.W. and was such a great example of making a professional life for herself.

The other girls smarmily but in a kindly manner wondered if this kind of success would mean a pregnancy for each of them too. Maybe so, if they also went to work for Brenda and Ambrose. Heidi had herself fixed so that she would never have babies because of her tiny size that showed no signs of expanding in any direction. So, when Brenda's babies started to arrive in the household, she took over the active managing of the house and the children. It was a lot of fun for her, since the kids adored her as she was more their size and very energetic like them.

And the grand playroom didn't hurt either. Ambrose, did take part of the playroom, 300 square feet of it and had Sully build a privacy room for her there, like a tiny studio apartment with a bed and shower and snack bar. It was all that she needed there since she often slept with Brenda and Ambrose at night and was so very busy with the kids during the days.

She never left the household and felt more than adequately loved there and fulfilled with her place within the family's life. Brenda had decided to copy her mother's family size and thus over the years had ten babies, four boys and six girls to round out the family group in much better circumstances that her mother had had to work with, with her substantial brood.

Heidi in their bed play had the honor of helping in a few of the initiations of pregnancy in Brenda. And she took over much of the anal fun for A.W. This was so that his energy was otherwise dedicated to Brenda's pussy. And Brenda never thickened up like some women do from repeated child births. She made sure that she stayed in fine shape by enlisting in an exercise regime at a locally convenient gym. Even after several babies, she got regularly hit upon there, but she let it be known that she had a firm dick ready and willing for her at home and was devoted to it.

The guys and gals could disappointingly understand that and only slightly teased her about what she was missing out on with them. The years went by, and the three of them got older. These kids progressively grew up and left home to fulfill their own destinies.

Several of them in the many offices of the expanding Accounting firm. And they had their happinesses and sexual heartaches too. Several years after leaving Ambrose, Miranda phoned Shelly to see how things were with him. Shelly shared just a few facts about the situation, mainly that Ambrose was happy and well taken care of. Miranda mentioned that she was okay, but did regret the way she left him those years ago. 'Too late for that,' Shelly thought. She mentioned that she had never found a guy up to A.W.'s standards since.

"Not many of them around," Shelly retorted. "Yes, I know that now," Miranda sighed. So, Miranda hung up and returned to her much drabber life, to cope with a man who was much less than the one that she had abandoned. When A.W. passed on, Brenda and the children along with Heidi were well provided for. They found another house in the same neighborhood and established their firm presence there for the rest of their lives.

And the little boy that Ambrose had identified at the very first Family Weeks affair just after the mansion rebuild, took his place as the next Master of the Mansion.

He was then forty five years old.