Playgirl captivates a long phallus with explicit saddling

Playgirl captivates a long phallus with explicit saddling
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It was the middle of the summer. Miguel had just woken up and thought no one was home. He woke up with a huge boner and figured he could just walk around with it thinking no one was home.

Miguel is 15 6'0 and has a pretty normal teen body. He goes to the gym almost everyday and takes a spin class at the gym. He has black hair and brown eyes. He has been living at his aunt and uncle's house for the past year he never got along with his family so he moved there he stays in the basement. He got up and went up stairs.

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He walked into the kitchen, got a glass of water and went into the living room. His uncle mike was sitting on the couch in just his underwear as well.

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" Uh good morning Mike" " Good morning Miguel " Miguel had begun to walk away from embarrassment, when his uncle said, " Ah don't be embarrassed, I get them every morning as you do. Since your aunt isn't here this week, I have to deal with them." Still embarrassed Miguel said, " well I'm going to go down stairs now ill see you a little later." Miguel began to walk down stairs and he paused as his uncle got up and Miguel saw his uncle's had a big cock as it was stuffed into his white briefs.


Miguel began to get really horny from watching his uncle's huge cock and huge balls and imagined being with his uncle. His own cock grew as he was seeing this and ran downstairs.

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Later on he changed his underwear into briefs as well. As he pulled down his boxers his cock and balls sprung out and at attention. Miguel's cock was 6.5 inches.

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He pulled up the briefs and stuffed his cock inside. He walked back upstairs to the bathroom when he heard some noises from his uncle's room. He took a peak and saw his uncle jerking off with lube.

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Miguel was so horny at this point that his cock was ready to explode. He knocked on the door and his uncle said come in. Miguel was very surprised at this and walked in. His uncle made no effort to cover up rather stared at Miguel's huge package and got even harder.

Now his uncle's cock was huge. It was 10 inches and 3 inches thick. " Hello Miguel, what do you need?" " Well mike I was gonna ask you for some lube or something cause I'm really fucking hard." " I have enough here if you would like to join me. I know you've jerked off with some friends and I admit it I've had gay experiences; jerking off with other guys fucking other guys." By than Miguel almost came right there and pulled down his briefs and hopped on the bed.

" Wow Miguel, I see you take after your uncle hung like a bull. Its really nice." " Thanks mike you too" Miguel had grabbed the lube poured some on his cock and they were both beating off now. His uncle's hand moved to Miguel's cock and beat him off and Miguel did the same for his uncle.

They were both moaning like crazy. " UGH Mike this feels so good. Not good enough Mike I want you to fuck me!" " What?!" " Yeah Mike fuck me fuck me like theirs no tomorrow pound my hole fill me with your hot sweet cum." Mike flipped him on his stomach and grabbed his two ass cheeks.

He spread them apart and starting eating out his ass.

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He plunged his tongue deep into Miguel's ass making him moan and groan. He stuck 2 fingers into Miguel's ass and started finger fucking it. Mike was so fucking horny and hard now. He told Miguel doggy style and Miguel got on his knees.

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Mike got up, applied more lube and slowly shoved his cock inside Miguel's ass. " MIKE FUCK ME HARDER AND FASTER" As on command, dad thrusted his hips and shoved his cock deep and hard. He was pounded Miguel's asshole and his balls slapped against Miguel's balls. Miguel was moaning like crazy. He pounded and pounded Miguel until he was screaming of pleasure and was ready to cum when he said, " oh yeah Miguel im gonna cum.

Where do you want it." Miguel answered," Deep inside me'' Mike unleashed and blew his load about 9 cum shots all in Miguel and Mike was almost screaming from pleasure. They laid down but Miguel was still hard and Mike told him he would take care of him and starting giving him a blowjob. He came instantly shooting stream after stream onto Mike's face.


"Fuck, Mike I feel great" " Well your aunt leaves again for Colorado next week and I will be free than as well" " I wont make any plans than." They both laughed and fell asleep as cum seeped out of Miguel's ass.

The next morning Miguel woke up in his own bed but nude. His ass was sore from that pounding but man did it feel great. He walked down stairs with no underwear on and sat on the couch with his legs spread apart.


He and his uncle stared at each other. " I'm going to go to the gym Miguel would you like to come?" " Sure Mike, let me get my clothes and my gym bag. And Mike make sure to bring a certain bottle with you" " Don't worry Miguel I wont" At the gym. After they finished working out they went into the locker room and stripped down to shower. They could see that both of them were really hard. They pulled down their briefs and Mike grabbed the lube and walked nude through the locker room to the showers.

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The showers had curtains on them which was perfect. They got into the shower turned it and began to jerk each other off. Miguel just wanted to get fucked so he told dad enough and took the lube and lubed his fathers cock up. He told him no matter how much noise it makes fuck me hard. He pounded away at his son for a good 20 minutes and Miguel said " I wanna swallow you hot cum Mike" Miguel got down on his knees and Mike shoved his hot rock hard cock in his mouth and face fucked him until hot streams of cum went down Miguel's throat.

They showered and walked to their locker and got dressed and went home.