Esposa culo horny casa home

Esposa culo horny casa home
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It was in between my freshman and sophomore year of college when I found work at one of the big movie theaters in the area. I must have been one of the luckiest, greatest jobs in the world because every girl that worked there was gorgeous in their own way and made my cock hard just from the site of them. But the absolute best part was the managers. Three very sexy, hot, older ladies that every guy there wanted to fuck. On my third day, I was still in the training with Keith, a high school kid about to graduate who has worked there for over a year.

Keith was a pretty cool guy and always having fun while the bosses weren't looking. "Look man, every summer some wild stuff happens.

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So be prepared," he told me with a grin on his face. "What are you talking about, man?"I asked wondering why he had that silly grin on his face. "Well," he said still grinning from ear to ear. He glanced around making sure no one is around, then pulls something out of his pocket and slapped into my hand. "You are going to need some of these if you are lucky." I look down at my hand and see the bright gold wrapped condom. On instantly seeing the shiny gift, I darted the condom into my pocket.

I blurted out for a moment, caught myself before saying anything and then whispered, "what the hell, are you serious?" "Hell yeah," he said, "every summer these girls, whether they been here for a long time or not, always get horny and are ready to fuck.

So you better be." As my jaw hit the floor in shock at what we were saying, the head manager walked up to us, "Come on guys," he shouted, " get back to work before I actually have to act like your boss." We laughed and headed to the next theater needed to be cleaned.

"What about the boss?" I asked. Keith shrugged his shoulders, " I have no clue, hopefully the reason why he is so cool of a boss is because he is getting a lot of pussy from these cougars." I looked back at the boss and saw him talking to two of the sexy cougars. "Damn." is all I could say.

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Two days later, it was my first night closing and thank god because I got to close with Rochelle. Rochelle is a long, curly hair brunette, tall with very sexy curves. Of course all that is overshadowed by her very big, naturally breast. Just round, perky, and somehow she always shows enough cleavage to not get in trouble but make every guy just stare for hours. She was a junior at one of the high schools and a cheerleader. She was very flirtatious and is always teasing the guys.

She and I were cleaning up one of the last theater's for the night. I was cleaning up the lower rows when suddenly she begins to scream. I run up to her in the last row, "what is it, you alright?" "Who in the hell fucks on a dirty floor of a movie theater?" she yells, "that is so damn disgusting!" I look down and see right in front of her is a used condom and just laugh, "Well when you are horny and adventurous I'm sure people would do it anywhere," I said.

She turned to me and with a sly grin, "really, so any guy and girl would do it on a pile of shit if they were feeling in the mood." We both laugh, I look down and see her breasts bouncing as she laughs and feel my cock starting to stir.

"I'm not so sure about that but I'm sure almost anywhere if the mood is right," I say as my eyes move up and down her body. She leans back a little and places her hand on my chest. "I can't believe you are checking me out right now after finding this," she says with a slight laugh. "I mean you guys can just get rock hard in five seconds." I smile and look right into her eyes, "well with a gorgeous girl standing in front of me, smelling beautiful and looking like a goddess, it is hard as hell to stop the blood from leaving the brain." She grins and leans back, her eyes wandering up and down my body as I move closer and place my hand on her side.

"Whoa big boy," she says as her hand grabs mine from her side, "don't think you are getting some after some smooth words and a glance now." "Well I know I have to do more," I say with a little grin on my face.

I move behind her and place my hands on her shoulder, rubbing deep into them.


" I know I need to make you feel comfortable," I whisper in her ear, "And make you feel like you are the only true woman in the world." I begin to kiss her neck as my hands slowly rub down her back. "Damn," was all she could say before turning around and kissing my softly on my lips My arms wrap around her and pull her close.

Soon we find our tongues merge together, gliding against each other as I let one of my hands slide down her back and grab her round, firm ass tight. She moans into my mouth, as I feel her hands suddenly grab my ass tight. I jump, our lips part as she giggles, " I love me a tight ass as well." I laugh as she places a hand on my chest and pushes me down into the seat.


The music over head is playing some slow R&B, like it knew what was going to happen tonight. She begin to sway her hips with the music, as she slowly untucked her shirt and slowly lifted it over her head. Her breast were snug tight in the sports bra she was wearing, round and just begging to be let loose.

Then she turned around, her ass bouncing with the beat as she let her belt loose and slowly let her pants fall to the floor. Her round ass perfectly formed in the black thong as she bent down. "Holy shit," was all I could say. She continued to dance as she moved closer and pulled me up by my shirt.

"Now I don't think it is fair I am almost nude and you got all this clothes on," she whispered as she lifted my shirt over my head. Her hands glided over my pecs, down my tight abdomen then back up. "You are going to drive me insane aren't you," I said as her hands slowly moved over me. She bit her lip and nodded her head as her hands continued to inspect my upper body. I moved closer and kissed her lips again, her eyes looking into mine as her hands finally dropped to my belt and undid it.

Soon my pants were around my ankles, my boxer briefs barely holding in my hardened member. "No way," she said as she looked down, her hands had just find the prize and soon shock filled her face. "There is no way this is you," she said as she slowly pulled my briefs away from my body. I leaned back, making sure she had a good view.

"God Damn, how big are you?" she asked. I grinned, "Don't know how long, just know how to use it," I said as I kissed her lips. She laughs as she pushed me back down.

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An evil grin comes across her face as she begins to move her hips and dance again. Slowly and seductively, her hands moving up and down her body as she caresses herself.

She slowly moves her sports bra, lifting them up and over her head, releasing her breast. My jaw hit the floor amazed at how big they really are, perky and round with very perky small nipples at the end of them. "You're not the only one with big surprises," as she turned around again and slowly glided her thong of her ass. She spread her legs wide, showing me a perfectly shaven, dripping wet pussy. "I see you have had more than cleaning on your mind tonight," I say with a smirk on my face.

She blushed a little, "Don't get cocky now," she said as she turned back around and knelt down in front of me. She licked her lips as she slide my briefs off, my hard cock springing forth, thanking her for its release. "Oh fuck," she whispered as she wrapped her hand around it. She looked at my cock in wonder as her hand slowly slid up and down it, then she moved her lips over it and let some of her spit slowly fall onto my head, rubbing it in to make to get my cock nice and slick.

Then she looked right into my eyes as her tongue emerged from her mouth and licked the under shaft of it. Her lips softly kissing up and down my long, hard shaft, caressing it with her long tongue. My eyes roll into the back of my head as I feel her hands and tongue massage my cock. She kisses down and sucks on each of my balls, taking one into her mouth and sucking it deep before letting go.

Finally she lifts her head up and takes the head of my cock into her mouth, moving slowly at first as her hand works the base. Her eyes locked on mine as she pushed down further on my cock, moving a little faster and deeper each time. "God Damn, never had a girl take my cock so easily," I mutter, barely getting it out as the sensation from her lips left me barely able to speak. She lifted up, caught her breath and smiled, then wrapped her lips around it again going deeper than before.

Next thing I know she is gagging on my cock, feeling her tonsils hitting my head. She gasps as she lets go, "I think that is the first time I haven't been able to take a cock all the way down." I smiled, then stood up and pulled her up with me.

I kiss her lips, "let me return the favor," I say as I kneel down and lift on of her legs on top of the row of chairs behind us. "Well damn, been awhile since I had a guy willing to eat me out," she said as she caught her breath.

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Her pussy was shaven clean, a slight pink hue in the light we had, and was covered with her sweet nectar. I kissed her inner thighs, hand rubbing her leg as I kissed closer to sweet mound.

I glided my tongue between her wet lips, hearing her moan as I spread her wet lips and flick my tongue over her clit. Her hand grabs my hair tight, pushing me closer towards as my lips surround her wet pussy. My tongue moving up and down, all around her swollen clit.

"Fuck," she hisses as my tongue works faster and faster over her clit. I feel her legs begin to shake as her hand lets my hair go. I look up and see her rubbing her nipples, pinching them as she looks down at me. Suddenly, she pulls me up and kiss my lips deeply, "Fuck me now," she commanded as she bent over the chairs spreading her legs for me. I take hold of my cock, guiding it to her wet, sweet pussy. Slowly pushing, she moans and lets her head fall as she braces herself.

I leaned forward and kissed her back as I pushed deeper, going slow and letting her tight walls massage my hard shaft. "OH FUCK!" she screams as I feel a gush of fluid push my cock out, her body shaking as wave of orgasm hits her body. Her knees shook, but she gained her stability quick. "God damn, never squirted so fast before, " she says as she looks back. "Don't stop," she demands. I smile and push my cock back inside her. We both moan as I feel her pussy walls squeeze tight on my cock. Moving slowly at first, letting her get use to me, then moving a little faster as I feel her walls loosen up.

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My hands spreading her ass wide, letting a little spit fall on her asshole, rubbing it in with my fingers and I begin to move faster and faster. She laughs, "No way we are doing that tonight, but be patient darling." She winks at me as her head falls again and begins to moan even louder. I begin to move faster and faster, one hand on her hip as my other finds her long hair and pulls it back.

I see her eyes begin to roll into the back of her head as I being to pound harder and harder. I feel her juices running down my shaft, dripping onto my balls I begin to fuck her harder, faster.

"Oh god, don't stop baby. Keep fucking me," she moans as I focused on pleasing this goddess in front of me. "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!" she screams as her body tightens then aggressively shakes.


Her pussy juices flooding my cock and balls as she orgasms. "Don't stop, Don't Stop," she begs as I feel her walls pulsing over and over again against my cock.

The wave hits me hard, I feel my own cock pulse harder and harder, "Going to fucking cum," I moan. She pushes off me, grabs my cock and shoves it down her throat, massaging it with her tongue. "SHIT!!" I scream as a flood of cum shoots out right down her throat. She begins to slow down as the final drops leave, looking up at me as she closes her mouth and swallows the whole load. I fall back into the chair, looking down at her as she enjoys the sweetness I just gave her. "MM, finally some good tasting cum," she says as she licks her lips clean.

I catch my breath, "We got to do this again, but next time somewhere we can stretch out a little more." She bit her lip, moved over and kissed my lips, "Oh you better be well rested next time, cause I am going to make you unable to walk when I am done." We smiled at each other and kissed again. "Damn, better get dressed before the boss sees us," I say as I stand up.

Rochelle just sat down, smacked my ass, then picked up her clothes and got dressed. "I am missing that cock already," she said as we left the theater.