Hot sex of Kanpur medical college students in hotel room

Hot sex of Kanpur medical college students in hotel room
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My name is Alaina and I am 27 years old. I live in Ohio and I stay with some friends of for&hellip.well reasons I don't really like to talk about but lets just say its so I can get well. Maybe I will tell you more about it later but for right now that's all you need to know. Anyways like I said I live with my friends I will not name them because of reasons.

They are husband and wife and kind of help me in getting better. But I also live with another girl who is also "getting better" and her name is Sarah. Me and Sarah have a weird relationship. I don't really like her and she doesn't really like me. But we are civil to each other I guess.

But I just for some reason never liked her. Its almost like it's a competition between me and her. A battle for who has more power. Now when I saw that I don't mean like normal power I mean like affirmation. Like I want to know that a guy wants to have sex with me.

I love having that power knowing a guy wants stick his rock hard cock into my wet V knowing that after I flaunt myself around maybe say a few dirty things that the guy will go home and stroke his cock thinking about me and then cumming makes me feel good.

Its not a romantic thing at all its not like a really really like the guy like that. Its just I know that he wants me. mmm anyways that's where the story starts and that is what got me into this situation. So I should tell you I like this guy his name is Kyle.

He is cool and I really like but I cant be with him right now because again& trying to get well I cant have any distractions.

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But I like him a lot haha. He lives in a house with a couple of his friends and one of the people that he lives with is named Derrick.

Derrick is tall and a sort of tannish dark. He has a beard and he is a pretty good looking guy. Me and Derrick have been friends and I have told Derrick a lot of stuff from my past. Because he works for the place that is trying to help me to get well. He is actually an employee of the place.

But I still consider him a friend a very good. The reason why he knows a lot about me is because he leads a group and I have had to share personal stuff in that group. One of my biggest struggles you guessed it. Power through sex…I should really just say sex in general.

So Derrick has two little girls and when they come to visit him Derrick has to stay at our house because his house is full of guys trying to get well as well. So every other weekend he comes and stays at our house.

This is when the crazy thought happened in my mind. "I could have sex with him if I want I know he wants me". The only evidence I had was because a couple of times I thought he got a little to touchy with me when I didn't think it was needed but oh well I shouldn't read to much into it. Or the fact that I would bend over in front of him in my yoga pants and I would catch him stare especially since I wasn't wearing any underwear.

I quickly got rid of the thought I couldn't do that he is my friend and he is Kyle's friend and I like Kyle. Now for some other back story. The girl in my house Sarah the one I always have trouble with.

A while ago she broke some hefty rules of this place and fooled around with Derrick. Multiple times. This was before he had his job so it was a little different but still none the less they fooled around and she was going around telling the girls about it even though it was like a year and a half ago. But she for sure wanted to tell me. Every single nitty gritty detail because she thought that I wanted him.

So it was the weekend that Derrick was staying at our house. He had his girls and what not which was fun because we all got to hang out and what not. Derrick had to take me to one of my groups which was a quick little drive.

Sarah was already at the place where we do group so she didn't have to ride with us. Thank God. I hated when she would ride with us just the three of us because she always assumed I wanted him. She just needed to get over it and get over him. But anyways we were driving over and Derrick said " man I have been struggling a lot recently".

" with what ?" I asked because I was concerned. "Sex" he said " I just have something pent up in me I just want to have sex". This was a little different for me because since he was in a position of power I didn't think he was aloud to talk like this with me. Which made me feel special like I was different especially from Sarah. " yeah I know what you mean" I said. "Well you already kinda know cause of group but yeah I haven't had sex or anything like that for over a year now!

It kinda sucks!". He said " I know its been almost 2 years for me!" then we both laughed and I looked down and he was wearing loose basketball shorts and I could see the outline of his penis. My heart started to beat fast because I swear I saw it move a little and not from the bumps in the road. I think it was twitching because we were talking about sex. I think his penis was getting hard.

Which my mind had a quick thought&hellip.he wants me. He wants to have sex with me. I felt so energetic and happy when this thought crossed my mind. I didn't want him in a romance kind of way. I just like that he wanted me. So I kept my eyes locked on the outline of his growing member. Then out of nowhere "Shit" He screamed and hit the breaks and he reached out to protect me from going forward and he grabbed one of my boobs.

I didn't think anything of it because I was scared but then we looked at each and he took his hand off my boob. He started laughing and he said " I saved your life just now" as he started laughing. I started laughing and I said "well you already got your payment&hellip.a handle full of boob" we both started laughing and he said " yeah it was good payment…my first boob touch in two years!

Thanks Lay!" that was my nickname from him "Lay". So after that occurred I looked down and I swear his penis was twitching. Was it twitching from him grabbing my boob? My thought said yes which excited me. But who knows. I wanted to tell Sarah this to rub it in her face so bad. But I knew I couldn't cause he said just to keep everything that happened a secret and what we talked about. So later that night we were hanging out back at my house.

My two friends, Derrick, Derricks kids and Sarah. We were having a good time Sarah was mean mugging me cause she thought I was flirting with Derrick. It was all fun though. But I couldn't stop thinking about seeing his penis twitch through his shorts. It had been actually over a year since I had even seen a penis.

It was just I don't know different. I kinda wanted to see how big it was. But I shook the thought out of my head. Later on everyone went to bed. Derrick put his kids to bed which the guest bedroom was right beside my bedroom. So he comes back out and we are talking in the dining room. Our talk shortly went back to our sexual struggles. " I am sorry I brought up that I wanted to have sex so bad, its just that I trust you and you're my friend so I wanted to tell you" he said." its no problem at all I think we should share things like that" I said back.

Then we got on the subject of when him and Sarah were fooling around. He said "she wasn't even that good, when she gave me head she didn't even swallow"." She didn't swallow!" I said back " why would you not swallow that is pretty much the point of giving head" I said. We talked and laughed about it for a while and then we stopped laughing and just stared for a second and then he leaned in and kissed me. His lips were warm and very inviting.

But then I pulled away and said " well I better go to bed I am tired". So I went back to my room and I couldn't believe what had just happened. So many thoughts went through my head I wanted to keep going. I could feel it in my bones almost.

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I was so close to having sex again. I wanted him to pull his dick out and I wanted to suck it till he nutted in mouth. I wanted to feel his hot cum in my mouth I wanted to taste it. I could feel my pussy getting wet. I then changed into my pajamas then I heard a quiet knock at the door.

He peaked his head in and said "can we talk?" I said "yeah". He came in a sat on my bed and started to apologize. " I am so sorry I just…its just been so long since I have touched or kissed a woman, you know that and I just was having a good time with you and just realized how pretty you are Lay".

He thought I was pretty!? " awe Derrick" I said. "its okay I didn't care that much it just took me by surprise". He started to laugh and he said" well you should know you're a good kisser even if you haven't done it in a while".

I said "thanks" and we started laughing and then we stopped and he moved in again and we started kissing. But now more intensely.


Our tongues were rolling with each other and began to touch my body with his hands. My heart was pounding and my adrenaline was pumping. I wanted him to want me and he did want me. He didn't want Sarah&hellip.I was better than her! I moved my hands down his chest as we still continued to kiss. My hands went down until I felt the outline of his dick through his basketball shorts. It was so big and it wasn't even hard yet! As I began to rub his dick through his shorts he let out a little grunt.

It began to get harder and harder and I looked down as he kissed my neck and his dick was fully hard. I could even see a little pre cum stain on his shorts. This proves he wanted me. So I continued to rub it and he stopped kissing my neck and said " would you mind giving me head" and he smiled.

" I said "mhhm" and smiled back at him and then brushed my hair with his hand and kissed me he said "thanks Lay". He kept his hand on my head, we were both sitting on my bed fully clothed. Then he pulled down his basket ball shorts and out popped his dick& had to be 7 or 8 inches long! I said "wow" and he laughed and said "thanks" I looked in his eyes again and I could feel his hand push my head a little it was kinda his way of saying "hey I want you to suck my dick now".

So I started to go down staring at his dick my mouth started gathering spit cause I was nervous and excited I hadn't sucked a dick in over a year! I could see the pre cum shining on the tip of his dick. Then I grabbed his dick with my hand and it was throbbing…waiting to be in my mouth. Derrick brushed my hair again. I looked into his eyes and put the head of his dick in my mouth.

The saltiness of his pre cum was so made my heart pound. I slowly slid my mouth down his penis. He groaned a little more and whispered "yes Lay yes".

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I began to bob my head up and down a little faster. His throbbing cock going in and out of my wet mouth. Both his hands now on the back of my head. He was moaning and groaning and he kept repeating "suck it baby suck it". I could tasted more pre cum oozing out of his dick as I was sucking. He was so horny. I took his dick out of my mouth and began to stroke it. " Does it feel good?" I asked "yeah" he said." Do you like your dick in my warm wet mouth" I asked smiling at him he said " I love it please don't stop please" he was begging which made me laugh.

So I put his dick back in my mouth and began to suck his dick again he moaned quietly and I sucked and sucked his hot cock. I pulled it out again and asked " do you want to cum in my pretty little mouth" he said with a labored breath "hell yeah Lay" and he smiled. So I stuck his dick back in my mouth and was like a woman on a mission.

I wasn't going to stop sucking his cock until cum was shooting out his dick into my mouth. I began to rub my pussy through my pajama bottoms. As I could feel his cock throbbing more and more. I knew he was close to cumming. Then out of nowhere the door opens and standing in the door way was one of his daughters.

"Daddy" she said. My heart sank she just walked in right when I had her dads penis in my mouth. Lucky when she walked in I sat up. Thank God we didn't get completely naked or she would have really wondered what we were doing. "What are you and Alaina doing daddy" she asked.

" oh honey we were just talking" he said back to his daughter. "lets go back to bed honey" he said to his daughter as he stood up from the bed. He fixed his boner that was making his basketball shorts look like a pitched tent.

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It was a little funny but I was to freaked out to laugh. He then lead her back to bed and closed the door on the way out. I layed down in my bed and played through thoughts of what had just happened. I actually think I could still taste his penis in my mouth just from replaying the thoughts of his dick going in and out of mouth. I kept thinking about me looking up as I was sucking him and his face looking like pur ecstasy just from me blowing his cock. Thinking about this made my pussy start to get wet again.

I started to rub myself through my pajamas and then finally put my hand down my pajama bottoms and rubbed my wet pussy thinking about Derricks hard cock in my mouth. It was at that moment that the door began to open again. I pulled my hand quickly out of my pajama bottoms and sat up.

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It was Derrick. "hey whats up? I thought you were going to bed". "no she is asleep, they are both asleep so I don't think they will wake up again"." Oh well that's good. That scared the crap out of me you don't think she saw anything do you?' I asked. " no I don't think so" he said. Then he walked over and sat down on the bed and brushed my hair with his hand and leaned in and kissed me.

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Then he said " now where were we" as he smiled. " do you really want to continue this" I chuckled a little. " yeah I do I was about five minutes away from cumming I don't want to get blue balls" he laughed. "I just cant believe that you are still in the mood after that" I said. He then said " yeah im still in the mood how can I not be that was amazing". I laughed and said "okay" and leaned in and kissed him. Then I pulled his cock out of his basketball shorts and began to stroke him. As I stroked him we were kissing and he began to explore my body.

Grabbing my boobs through my shirt then moving to groping my ass. I loved him touching me as I stroked his hot long cock. He then whispered "suck me Lay". I couldn't resist I went down and stuck his cock in my wet mouth and began to suck. He moaned as he kept one hand on my head and the other groping my ass. "That feels so good" he whispered. His cock was so hard in my mouth and began to throb and ooze pre cum.

I could taste it. He was getting close to busting.


I was so ready for him to bust in my mouth. He started to move his hips against my bobbing motion. It was kinda like he was having sex with my mouth. It turned me on. He wanted me so bad. He wanted my mouth on his dick so bad. He then moved his hand into my pajama bottoms and his hand was on my bare ass. He began to grope my bare ass cheeks.

That made me suck his cock harder and faster. It turned me on so bad. Then pulled his hands out of my pants and sucked on his middle finger and put his hand back down my pants.

I then felt his fingers go between my butt cheeks and his wet middle finger went into my ass hole. I stopped sucking for a second because pleasure shot through me. I pushed my ass against his finger as he began to finger my tight asshole. I started to suck his cock and again and moan. It was pure ecstasy.

He then said "this sweet asshole is mine Lay you got that?" as he fingered my ass faster and harder. My pussy was so wet I was about to explode. "yes this is your ass derrick" I moaned in pleasure. My legs began to shake as I came and I moaned.

He laughed and pulled his finger out of my ass and smelled it. "mmm smells so good" he said then he stuck his finger in his mouth to taste my ass he said " your ass tastes so good Lay". He then stuck his hands back down my pants and started fingering my ass again. I continued to suck his cock trying to get him closer to busting. Then his hand started pushing on my head to go deeper and faster. He started to breath heavier&hellip.oh my gosh he is about to nut I thought to myself.

I sucked harder and faster and he finally said the magic words "I am about to bust". So I kept sucking his hard cock with my mouth ready for him to shoot his load in my mouth.

I looked up and my eyes met his eyes. His hand was on my head and his cock in my mouth he then moaned a little louder and said " im gonna shoot it in your mouth ugh! Keep sucking ohh! Keep sucking you little slut im gonna shoot my hot cum in your fucking mouth". I never took my eyes off of his eyes. He then took his other hand out of my pants and put it on my head.

Then came the moment I was waiting for his eyes twitched and his hips convulsed. At that moment he moaned and said "fuck oh I'm cumming! His balls slapped my chin as he thrusted his cock into my mouth with every spurt of cum. " he then said "swallow it baby swallow my load Alaina". He shot about nine or ten spurts of hot cum in my mouth. I had almost forgotten what cum was like. It was so satisfying to know I just made this cock cum for me. Then took his hands off my head and I slowly slid my mouth off his cock and looked him in the eye and swallowed his load.

He laughed and said "wow that was amazing good job Lay" and I laughed and said "yeah that was fun hopefully we didn't wake Sarah up". He said "its okay if we did I don't care". Then he said "maybe I will return the favor or maybe we can actually do something more next time?" I just said "maybe" in a seductive voice.

He kissed me on the forehead goodnight and I layed down with my pussy wet and a little dribble of cum on my lips. What a interesting night.