Indian wife fuck by driver at bedroom

Indian wife fuck by driver at bedroom
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Chapter 2 As usual when I awoke in the morning I was alone in bed.

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I wished she would have still been there. I sniffed of my finger. The scent was gone. I began to play with my dick as I again wondered how I was going to get to lick my sister's pussy.

I decided that the next time she comes to my bed I'd just tell her I am going to lick her. She wanted it so she would let me. Summer on the farm could be busy for everyone.


Mother liked summer so she had more good days than bad days in the summer. She always had chores for sis to do and when dad did not have something for me to do, I had to help sis. This day we were assigned to clear the shelves in the fruit cellar in preparation of the newly canned fruit and vegetables that mother would be putting up in the coming weeks.

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The moment we were alone I said, "Liz, I'll lick your pussy the next time you come to my room." "Where did you hear that word?" she demanded.

"What word?" I asked. "Pussy!" "Isn't that what they call it? You know…where you pee," I stated. "Who told you that it is called a pussy?" "I overheard George and Jerry talking." George is our 21 year old cousin who sometimes comes by to work for dad and Jerry is the young hired hand that dad had recently put on.

I added the question, "Am I right to call it a pussy?" "Yes, little brother," she said with her back to me as she moved the remaining jars of last years canned fruit and dusted the shelves. "Well can I?" I asked. "Can you what?" she asked. "Can I lick you pussy?" "No, just forget it," she said emphatically. "But you want me to and…" She turned on me and I saw anger in her eyes, "Now listen, little brother, what we say in bed stays there. You understand.

Anything we say in your bed is not to be repeated to anyone, not even me. That's the rules do you hear me." These were the rules that she had insisted upon from years before.

"Yes, yes I understand," I said as I realized I had crossed a line. As we continued to work, I thought about the next time sis would come to visit me in my room. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted with a start when my mom asked, "How are you two doing?" Sis jumped like there had been a thunderclap but was able to calmly say, "Just fine mom…almost done." "Good…come in the house as soon as you are done," mom said and turned to leave.

"We will mom," Liz called after her. Liz then went up the stairs to the door and watched as mother returned to the house. She then came down the stairs and grabbed me by my shirt, nearly lifting me off the ground. Her voice was filled with anger as she spoke barely above a whisper, "Mom could have heard what you said before. Do you see why we don't talk about those thing outside of you bed?" I agreed that I understood and promised to never repeat what was said in my bed.

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She released me and we returned to our chore. It was more than three weeks till our parents had another loud argument. This one started before I had fallen asleep so I turned my light on and sat up in bed waiting for my sister to tap on my door. I did not have to wait long. When I said softly, "Come in," Liz opened the door and stepped in, closing the door quietly behind her.

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Nothing was said. I flipped the blanket up, Liz slid in beside of me, and covered up. I turned out the light and Liz said, "Hold me but no talk." She laid her head on my chest and I put my arm around her.

Mom was shouting quite loudly this night but I could not distinguish what she was saying. Dad's voice was more calm than usual.

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"What are they yelling about?" I whispered. "I said no talk," sis hissed. "But I want to know what they are yelling about." "Same old shit…be quiet." Sis usually avoided any hint of swear words so her use of the word "shit" told me she had reached her limit of patience with me. I lay there for an interminable length of time, unable to think of anything but to ask if I could lick her pussy. I suspected I daren't say a word so I kept my silence. Sis's breathing did not deepen, indicating she still had not fallen asleep.

The argument between our parents quieted down. We could still hear voices but there was no more yelling.

This was an unusual situation. I could feel Liz relax in my arms but her breathing did not change. At last I could no longer keep my silence, "They've stopped arguing." "No, they just stopped yelling," sis responded in a whisper. At that moment mom screamed, "Get out!" Dad responded with something like, "You can't tell me to get out of my house!" Something hit the wall and I heard dad say, "To hell with it!" But there was no slam of the door, only a long eerie silence.

I whispered, "What's going on?" "I don't know," sis said. Then after a few moments she added, "This has never happened before." I could hear mom's voice but there was no response from dad. She did not sound angry anymore. She just kept talking as though she were talking to herself. Liz's breathing deepened and I was sure she was falling to sleep.

Silence descended on the house and all I could hear was my sister's deep breathing. I placed a hand on one of her small breasts and gave it a gentle squeeze. She dreamily mumbled, "Huh uh." I removed my hand and slipped her over onto my pillow and moved slowly down in bed. She shifted and turned away from me.

I slid my hand around her waist to her belly and found the top of her panties.

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I slid my hand down to her bush and then on down to her slit. She was not wet like she had been the last time I was startled when she asked, "What do you think you are doing?" I jerked my hand back and threw myself back against the wall next to my bed.


The noise I made seemed quite loud. I was speechless. I felt as though my heart had stopped.


Then she asked, "Do I have to stay awake to protect myself?" I found my voice but all I could say was, "I, I, I…" "Look Tim, I come in here because I feel lonely. I feel more comfortable in your arms. Normally I would put up with a little touching but not tonight, okay?" "I, I'm sorry sis," I stammered.

"Lay back down here and put your arm around me." She was still facing away so I spooned behind her and when I put my arm over her I unintentionally touched her breast. I moved my hand away but she caught it with her hand and brought it back to her breast.

As I felt her breast under her tee shirt she whispered, "A little…not a lot." A few moments later her breathing indicated she was asleep but I had lost faith in her breathing being an indicator of deep sleep. I soon fell asleep myself and again like all other times when I awoke she was gone.