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This is a gay story featuring two teen males that start out straight!

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Be nice this is my first story! Study Hall 11:45 As I sat down at my desk I quickly look around to see the other high school students sitting behind and infront of me.

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Unfortunately, my best friend Luke wasn't in class. I thought this was strange because I had seen him at school the period before. "oh well" I thought to myself. I took out my textbook and got to work. "Bzzz", the school intercom roared, the secretary came on, "Would Brandon Louis please come to the office immediately." "Oh shit!" I screamed in my head, what does the principal want with me? I packed up my books and made my way down the hall to the office.

The Office 12:05 The secretary saw me as I walked in "Mr. Louis, would you I just got a call from your Dad, he says that there is a family energancy at home. He told me to send you there right away." I swung my backpack behind my back and sped out the front doors of the school. Outside East Side Secondary School 12:10 As I was leaving the school, I heard someone calling my name and giggling uncontrollably. I looked in the bushes and saw my best friend Luke sitting with his cell phone out and surrounded by empty beer cans.

"What the hell?" I asked him. He simply laughed and then replied, "I called the office and pretended to be your Dad! Now you have the whole day off to spend with me!" "Haha! That's awesome man! So are you gonna chug all this beer by yourself?" I questioned, as I tossed a beer can at him.

He handed me a can and then we jogged away from the school. Luke's Basement 1:04 We sat on the couch in Luke's basement, Luke was so lucky that his parents were divorced- he gets anything he wants AND his parents are never home! My head was spinning like crazy since I I've had like 4 beers!

Luke though, was super drunk, he had been drinking last night and now again today he's had like 6 beers!

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"Hey Brandon, is this your first time drinking?" he asked me. I nodded my head.

"Normally I drink alone. And I always Jack off while I drink too. You mind?" he said with a smile as he undid his belt and fly. I didn't respond but the big smile I gave him was apparently answer enough for him. "Im pretty horny too man, have you got any porn or anything?" I asked him, trying to look away from his hardening boner.

He put a VHS in the player. He looked really focused on the porn, so I quietly ripped open my zipper and unleashed my 6.5 inch cock. his looked bigger, like atleast 7 inches. Luke's Basement 1:25 It had been almost twenty minutes and neither of us have cummed yet. My cock was raw and it looked like his Luke's arm was about to fall off. He looked up at me, "Hey bro!

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I'm exhausted do you mind helping me with this a little bit?" a devilish smile slid across his face. (Although I was not gay and neither was he, as far as I knew. I still had to accept, he was smokin' hot, muscular arms, chest, awesome uncut cock and godly dirty blond hair. Plus I was still buzzing from the alcohal ;p). I reached over and clutched his cock like I would a gear shift.

I stroked up and down sliding my hand from the tip of the shaft down to his perfectly rounded balls. Then I felt his hand grab my cock, I looked up at him and he winked at me. It was strange; after that little wink the entire atmosphere between us changed and after that moment the only thing I wanted was to feel his dock in my mouth. We both let go of eachother's cocks at the same time and I asked him, "What do I have to do to get a blow job around here, you drunk slut!" He lunged ontop of me holding my arms and legs down.

Then after I wa pinned he opened his mouth, like a hungry hungry hippo and engulfed my entire erect penis. Although I loved the warmth and saliva in his mouth rubbing against my boner, the thing that made me want to explode was his tongue! It was madness; while my cock was in his mouth his tongue was lapping it like a dog. I started to moan and he realeased my penis from his jaws. I was still being held down by his hot, brilliantly shaped body.

He lurched up my stomach and his mouth landed on my left nipple!

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If I wasn't trying as hard as I could to stop from cumming I would have totally blown a load. His tongue's moisture soaked my nipple and he worked it around in his mouth. "Holy Fuck Luke! I can't take it anymore!

I'm about to cum!" I screamed at him. This warning clearly didn't mean alot to him because instead of stopping he kept licking my nipple and then grabbed my right nipple with his hand!


"Slurp of my cum bitch!" I screamed as I overturned him and sat on his stomach, then I grabbbed my cock and shoved it in his mouth.

"OHHHHH YES!" I moaned as I let loose my creamy semen in his mouth. I removed my cock from down his throat and looked at his face he had the biggest smile I had ever seen! Ibis cheeks were still full with my cum so I brought my face to his ear and whispered, "Dont waste my fucking cum!

Swallow it Luke!" Luke took a huge gulp. "How does it taste?" I asked intently. "Amazing!" he said lickin his lips.


"But dont worry you will find out soon enough bitch!" _______________________________ If you want more; make sure to email me at; [email protected] Comment and rate well please!