Blonde BBW masturbates front the webcam

Blonde BBW masturbates front the webcam
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It was just starting to warm up in early spring so I decided to take a hike into the woods. I had been walking for about a half hour and came upon an old shack that I assumed some kids had put together to hang out. It had a lock on it and I couldn't see anything inside since there were no windows. There were some gaps in the boards but since there were no windows, it was dark inside. I continued on my hike for another 15 minutes or so before I decided to head back home, since it was starting to get dark.

As I was heading back I noticed a few teen guys and a girl opening the door of the shack and going inside. Of course, this peaked my curiosity so I waited a few minutes and then approached the shack. I listened but couldn't really hear what they were talking about and searched the gaps to see if I could find a good view inside and be able to hear the conversation.

The teens had a portable light and were sitting around drinking from a flask. I assumed it was some type of alcohol. They were joking and having fun and I thought it was just some innocent fun getting drunk. I was about to head home when I heard one of the guys ask if anyone wanted to watch some porn on his ipad.


I decided that it wasn't yet time to leave and settled back down to see how things played out. The guy brought up some video on the ipad and everyone watched the action on the screen. One of the other guys took out a bag of pot and a bowl and lit up and started to pass the bowl around.

The guys all started to get a bit randy over the action on the screen and started to make suggestions to the lone girl. She laughed it off but still looked a little uncomfortable with the situation. One of the guys asked her if she would show them her tits and she blushed and said no.

They kept watching the porn and the guys kept trying to get the girl to take off her shirt. After a few drinks and a few tokes, it seemed like the girl was getting really relaxed and finally gave in.

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She pulled off her shirt to show off her 34Bs and the guys made a commotion telling her how cute she was and how nice her tits were. As I was listening to the conversation, I found out their names. Jake, Tom, Joey, Frank and Suzy. Suzy seemed to be enjoying the attention she was getting and the talk turned to sex.

The guys told Suzy they were all virgins and asked if they could feel her tits. After a little begging and pleading, she agreed to let them feel her chest. The guys took turns rubbing and squeezing her tits and her nipples looked like rock hard pencil erasers. She told them to stop and that it was enough and they all sat back down.

The guys were all a bit uncomfortable with small tents in their pants after playing with Suzy's tits. Some of the guys were rubbing the bulges in their laps and Suzy took notice.

Joey asked Suzy if he could play with her tits again but she declined. He asked her if she would rub him. She told the guys that she was still a virgin and did not want to have sex, but she agreed to play a little. So Joey sat down next to Suzy and took her hand and put it on his bulge and she started to rub him through his pants.

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Suzy started to feel all tingly in her privates as she rubbed Joey's dick. The other guys just looked on in awe as Joey started to moan as the rubbing got more assertive.

All this was getting me a bit turned on and as it was fairly dark out I pulled out my own cock and started to jerk myself. The other guys were soon begging Suzy to touch them and she did make her way around to all the guys and gave them a hand.

Their pants had stayed on the whole time but Jake decided to take things a bit further and unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and put Suzy's hand around it.

Immediately she ran to the door, out the door with the guys right behind, but she just kept running.

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Immediately the guys noticed me on the side of the shack with my cock in my hand and that's when my life changed in a big way.

The guys told me to get my ass in the shack or there would be trouble. I told them that I would just head home and not say anything about what I saw but they weren't having any of that. They told me that they would go to their parents and the police and tell them that I was jerking off watching them and exposing myself to them. I told them to settle down and that I would give them some money to forget about everything but Tom said he had a better idea.

Tom told me that Suzy had gotten them all worked up and they wanted her to at least jerk them off but she got scared but they all had hardons that needed attention.

I told them that I wasn't gay and that I didn't fool around with guys or with any underage persons. I was given a choice.…I either had to agree to give them handjobs or they would be going home to their parents with a story I did not like.

I thought about the trouble that would happen just from them telling their story and I figured that handjobs weren't that big of a deal or too "gay".

I told them that I would take care of them and they closed the door. Jake came over to me and said that he was first and to take care of him. I reached down and felt the bulge in his pants and actually felt a thrill myself. I thought, my god, what am I doing, I'm not gay.

Jake cleared his throat as if to say, get on with it. I unbuckeled his belt, unzipped his jeans and pulled out a 4.5 inch boner. I started to jack him off slowly and he started to moan and grind against my hand and started to pump his shaft faster in my hand.

I pumped his little shaft faster and faster until he finally blew a small load of cum onto the shack floor. Immediately Joey had his pants down around his ankles looking at me in anticipation. I took his 5 inch member in my fingers and gave him the same treatment.

I then jacked off Frank's 4 inch cock and then Tom stepped up. As I reached for his belt, Tom said he wanted something else.


I asked what he meant and he said he wanted me to suck his dick. I told him that wasn't going to happen and that I wasn't gay. He told me I better get down on my knees or they will go home and tell their parents I touched them inappropriately. I told them it was their word against mine hoping they would be intimidated and let me just go on my way.

Tom then said something that felt like a punch to the gut. He told me that their parents and the police might be interested in the pictures they took with the ipad of me jacking them off!

I knew I was screwed at that point and surrendered to the fact that these teens had me by the balls and I would have to do whatever they wanted. Tom again told me what he wanted and I slowly got down on my knees and started to open his pants. Tom had the biggest dick of the four teens at about 5.5 inches. I started to stroke him and the other guys were all directing their attention to what was about to happen.

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Tom told me that he never had a blowjob, so I should make it really good and I needed to do it to completion. I told him again that I wasnt gay and did not want to swallow cum but he told me that I either do as I'm told or face the consequences. I slowly inched my face closer to his dick and he smelled of Irish Spring soap.

I took the tip of his cock in my mouth and it felt really strange.…soft and hard at the same time. I licked around the head like my girlfriends had done and slowly took the length into my mouth. The three other guys started to cheer me on telling me to suck his dick real good. I used my mouth to stroke him faster and faster while using my tongue on the underside of his dick.

He started to moan saying that he was getting close and finally let go 4 or 5 shots into my mouth. I swallowed it all down and actually thought it didn't taste that bad. I also realized that I was really turned on as I was hard as a rock. I thought to myself, am I gay? I didn't have much time to think as the other 3 had their dicks out waiting for my services. The 3 other teens stood around me and I jacked off two as I was sucking the other. I alternated between sucking all three for the next 20 minutes or so.

At that point, all three were just about at the breaking point and they told me not to jack them because they wanted to cum down my throat. So I finished each one of them off with my mouth and got three more bellyfulls of cum.

I told them that I took care of them and I was going but Jake stopped me. He told me to sit down for a bit as they wanted to have some more fun. I didn't even argue and took a seat. They handed me the flask and I took a gulp.

I also took a few hits of the bowl so I was feeling pretty good. After about another 20 minutes, Tom says that he wants to lose his virginity and fuck someone. I just looked at him and asked if he had any lube. He said there wasn't lube so I told him to let me suck his dick and get it nice and wet. None of the guys were thick so I was hoping the spit would be enough lube so it wouldn't hurt too much. So Tom presented me with a half hard dick and I started to suck.

Within a few minutes he was at full mast and I made sure to let a lot of saliva drool onto him. They had me bend over a chair and Tom came up behind me aiming his dick at my hole. I felt him trying to jab it in but he was having no luck.

I spit onto my fingers and massaged the spit onto my hole. I put my finger in trying to loosen it up and started to get really turned on. When I was ready, I grabbed Tom's dick and started rubbing it against my sphincter. I pushed it against me and it popped in. Tom let out a big groan and slowly pushed himself all the way in. I felt very full and it was a bit uncomfortable but it wasn't painful. Once Tom got his bearings he started to slide his dick out and then back in.

As he got more excited and more comfortable, he began to piston his dick in and out faster and faster.


I was going into sensory overload and shot a load without even touching my dick. He kept fucking me for another 5 minutes and started to shoot warm cum into my bowels. Just as soon as he pulled out, Jake slid his dick into my ass and Frank shoved his dick in my mouth.

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I was getting fucked at both ends and realized I was loving it!. Both guys pounded my ass and mouth until they both shot their seed into me. Joey had been jacking himself while watching the action and plunged his dick in my ass as soon as it was available. It only took him several thrusts before he was filling me again. I was hard again and the guys told me to jack off and eat my own cum.

So I took things in hand and started to pleasure myself. It took a few minutes but I finally shot my load into my hand and licked the whole thing down. The guys thanked me for a great time and said that they were looking forward to the next time.

I told them that I was too and that they didn't need to use the pics to blackmail me since I enjoyed everything that happened.