Beautiful courtney james has her beaver plugged

Beautiful courtney james has her beaver plugged
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This story is a mix of some true incidents and some fiction and it is about gay boys making love with each other. So I suggest if any one has a problem with gay sex or gay love he/she should not read any further.

I was 17 years old and was 5 feet 8 inches tall. I belonged to an Asian country so I was considered very tall as people in Asia are not very tall.

My complexion was as same as any Asian would have but I was always told by every one that I had very good features and most of the girls in the school wanted friend ship with me.

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I had one sister who was older than me and was a medical student. I hated studies and was an average student.

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In my holidays I used to live at my grand mother's house where one of my aunts also lived with her two boys who were 17 and 12. I was always attracted to boys and was gay but I never had the confidence to tell it to any one about my sexual preferences. It was very difficult to do so in the country which I lived in.

It was summer holidays and I went to live at my grand mother's house. My aunt was rich so they had a very big house and had separate rooms for every one in the house.

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I was a very good friend of my aunt's elder son whose name was Ali and the younger son was called baby in the house so I will use the same name for him. Ali was my best friend and I never thought of having any thing with him and I never told him about my sexuality because I did not want to lose him.

Ali always wanted a muscular built so he had started gym but I never liked doing exercise in the gym and he used to go to the gym and then he had friends in the gym as well so he used to hang out with them as well.

He always invited me to go with him to the gym and hang out with his friends but I never went with him instead I stayed at home and played video games with baby.

Baby was a 12 year old boy with very slim hairless body. He had big lovely eyes and light brown hair. I loved him as my younger brother and never before these holidays thought of having some sexual fun with him. One day no one was home except me and both my cousins and we were playing video games. Ali realized that it was time that he should leave for gym.

We were having fun so we tried to stop him but he did not want to leave his gym as he loved it.

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So I was left with baby and we continued playing the games we were playing. It was then when I thought of doing some thing with baby. I had never had this sort of feeling before and I could not resist. I slowly moved my hand and put it on the crotch of baby and grabbed his tiny cock under his pants. Too my surprise baby did not mind it much as he thought that I was teasing him. He was just giggling but his cock started to become stiff and now he panicked a bit.

I did not leave it and leaned forward to kiss him on the lips. He started to hesitate a bit and asked me to stop but I said that all I wanted was just a kiss from him. He kept on refusing and I kept on persuading him.


After a few minutes of yes and no he finally agreed and our lips met with each other. His soft silky lips were too much for me I left his cock and held him in my arms we kissed and kissed and kissed and it felt like hours then I broke the kiss and grabbed his fully erected cock under his pants. He also did the same and mine was very big compared to his so he said that he wanted to see it and I instantly took it out to show it to him.

Then I decided to make another move.


I took his pants down and went down on my knees to suck his tiny dick. He first thought that I was silly but started enjoying it in a moment. I kept on licking his lolly pop and was enjoying every bit of it.

Baby was moaning in pleasure and it was now time for climax. I took his cock out of my mouth and started to jerk him off and in a few seconds he unloaded his boy juice. It wasn't much of it but he enjoyed it a lot.

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I then leaned forward and kissed him on his lips and then moved down on his chest to lick his nipples which were very tiny and then I looked into his eyes and told him that I loved him a lot. He said he also loved me and asked me to cum in front of him and with that I started jerking off and he leaned forward to kiss me on my lips as I did to him which helped me reaching my climax sooner and I shot my load right in front of him.

It wasn't much but more than baby had ever seen. He said that he loved the sight of me jerking in front of him and cumming and I said that he was welcome to see it when ever he wanted to.

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Then we both dressed up because it was time for others to come back and when night arrived I received a text message from baby that he was laying fully naked in his bed and wanted to have some fun. Every one else was asleep and I thought that it was a good chance to make love with him and after recieving his message my cock was erect straight away.

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when i reached the door of his room i also took my clothes off and slowly went to baby's room without any noise and locked the door. Will write part two soon