Cum table behandelt von hinten

Cum table behandelt von hinten
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As Brenda entered the shower, her children went into the family room and joked about their mom's appearance. "Damn," Cary offered, "she must have gotten fucked ten times." They both laughed.

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"Well, she needed that." Briana said, "She was so fucking horney, has been ever since this guy started working with her." "Yeah I know," said Cary,"She was even looking at me funny." With that Briana moved toward her brother and caressed the bulge in his shorts. "I loved watching you and Shelly fuck last night." she said. "That was such a fun party." Cary ran his hand down inside the waist band of Bri's running shorts and felt her downy soft pubic mound. His finger flicked across her clit causing her to draw her breath in sharply.

"What's so hot about her is her fucking accent" Cary remarked. "She gets me hard just saying hello." "Bullshit," his sister jabbed, "You get hard when you hear her fart." They both laughed and wrestled until the petting became more intense and Briana was on her knees with her brothers impressive young cock in her mouth.

"We have to be quick," she breathed hoarsely "Mom will be out of the shower soon." with that they sprung toward their rooms and chose Briana's because the bed was larger. They were naked in seconds and Cary had his cock buried deep in Bri's pussy. They pumped wildly, moving toward a much needed orgasm together.

"Oh, Caiiry, foook me tight poosy," Briana mocked Cary's girlfriend Shelly's Scotch accent. "Foook me pooosy." she giggled.

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Cary didn't care what she said, he just kept driving to his release. His cock was in a very hot tight pussy and he liked it. Soon the hard fucking took over Briana's senses and she began pumping hard back against her brothers cock. They came together, something that was not at all uncommon for the two of them.

When they finished they fell apart and lie on their backs next to each other breathing hard and sweating. When he caught his breath, he looked at his naked sister beside him. "You seem to like it when Sean screams that Gaelic gibberish when he's fucking you. I haven't heard you complaining about that." Briana rolled onto her side and kissed her brother on the lips and dipped her tongue into his mouth.

"I was only kidding." she said "I love listening to her begging you to fuck her while I fuck her brother across the room, that's just perfect. I love it that we are like foreign ambassadors." and with that she doubled over in laughter.

They heard their mother open the bathroom door down the hall, and Cary quickly went into his room through the adjoining bathroom.


Briana hopped into the shower and lathered up her hair. In half an hour they were all once again assembled in the kitchen. "What's on the agenda for you all today?" their mother asked. "I'm going to the mall with Alyssa." Briana offered, Cary said he was going to stay home and watch football.

A look of disappointment passed over Brenda's face. "Oh, I thought maybe you all would be meeting your friends or something." "Why, do you have plans for us to be out of the house?" Cary asked.

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"Oh no." she lied "I was just going to call Chuck and ask if he would like to come over here and watch football or something." she said. Briana's eyebrow raised as she said "There was just about enough of that 'or something' last night, young lady." Brenda threw a croissant across the kitchen at her impudent daughter. "I'll have all of that 'or something' I want thank you very much" she shot back at her giggling child.

Briana grabbed Cary by the arm, "Come on little Bro, you can hang out with Alyssa and me, you know you like her." "Do not!" Cary shot back as they walked out of the kitchen toward the front door. As they walked down the front hall Briana whispered "Come on, Mom needs all the fucking she can get, I don't know how long this guy is going to be in town," she pushed him out the door toward her Mini-Cooper.

They piled in and drove away. Brenda was already calling Chuck on his cell phone. "Oh, please let him be free to see me today," she intoned "I really want to continue where we left off." "Chuck Blue" the pleasant voice answered the phone. "To whom am I speaking." he said mockingly, having already checked his caller ID and seeing that it was Brenda.

Brenda just breathed heavily into the mouthpiece and began to moan as if she were cumming. "Shirley, is that you?" Chuck said jokingly to get a rise out of his lover. "If it is I'll rip her tits off." Brenda growled into the phone causing Chuck to roar with laughter.

"Get over here, the kids are gone and I need that big cock for the rest of the afternoon." Brenda purred.

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"On my way, boss lady." Chuck answered "Are we going to work, should I bring the files with me?" "Very funny, Stupid Fuck, get your ass over here." and with that command Chuck quickly left the hotel and sped toward her house.

"Would you fuck Alyssa?" Briana asked her brother as they drove toward the mall "Fuck yes" he answered, "She has some awesome tits." Briana smiled at her younger brother "That she does, I love sucking them myself." she said. "Baby Bro, are you sorry that I started sucking your cock when you were ten?" Cary looked at his sister with disbelief "Hell, NO!" he said emphatically, "I have loved every time you have blown me, every time." adding the last every time with emphasis.

"You are my best friend, and I am so glad that you have taught me to eat pussy and to fuck as good as I do.


You have taught me everything. I get invited to parties because of what you taught me." Briana swelled with pride. "I am glad that we started, I love sucking your cock." Cary kissed his sister on her cheek, "Well, you've done it everyday since I was ten, everyday, and you have never refused to let me do anything I asked.

Remember when we first started and I would piss instead of cum?" Briana was lost in thought as she remembered her brother pissing in her face the first time she sucked his cock.

He was too young to cum, but that didn't stop her, she continued to give him oral sex every day, either in the morning on weekends or at night when they studied together.

During the summers she would do it several times a day, she had an oral fixation that her brother helped satisfy. They graduated into coitus during the first year. She allowed him to insert his then boy cock into her love canal the first time about three weeks after she came to his room and sucked him for the first time. From then on, they had had some form of sex everyday. She was fascinated at how much his cock had matured and grown.

She liked to think that her sucking had caused his dick to get larger than nature would have provided without it. She reached over and squeezed his cock through his pants. The smile on her face was one of love, and pride, and contentment. Chuck rang the front door bell. The door swung open and there stood a completely naked Brenda with a drink in her hand. "Well, all right." Chuck chortled "Hurry, the game is just coming on." "Fuck the game, Stupid Fuck, you have business to attend to." Brenda shot back as she drug him into the mancave and threw him back onto the couch.

In seconds she was on top of him sliding his rampant cock into her very sore, very wet pussy. "Oh fuck, I'm so sore," she laughed as she slid his dick in and out. "But it hurts so good." She pounded down onto his cock until her initial orgasm shook her to her soul, she collapsed onto his chest, relieved. "Oh no you don't Boss Lady," Chuck muttered as he rolled her under him and began to slam fuck her to get his release.

His cock was raging inside her and he intended to make delivery of a hot load of jism. Brenda was screaming with joy and pain as he relentlessly pounded his cock into her already sore cunt. His body tensed and he let out a roar as his balls emptied into her swollen lips. "OMG, you have maimed me." Brenda said as Chuck lifted himself off her naked body. "File an incident report with the safety professional." Chuck mocked her.

"If you can't stand the meat, get out of the kitchen." Brenda punched him hard on his arm. They lay in each other's arms for a long time, kissing, and sucking on each others bodies.

Chuck spent a lot of time nibbling her nipples, and kissing her throat and shoulders. She was totally in his zone. They caressed each other and then would begin fucking in earnest until one or both would cum, and then it started all over again.

They finally broke their embrace and walked naked into the kitchen.

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"Where are the kids?" Chuck asked. "I don't know and I don't care." was Brenda's joking answer. " I just texted Briana to STAY AWAY" she laughed "I want them to leave us alone for as long as they can. I suggested that they meet nice people, get married and move to another state." her laughter translated to the gleam in her eyes. "You know you don't mean that." Chuck admonished her.

"The Hell I don't" she giggled "I am in love and I don't want to be disturbed." They both stopped laughing and looked intently at one another. There, she had said it, that taboo phrase, that little word that changed the game plan dramatically. Of all the four letter words out there that one was a real game changer. Chuck took her into his arms. "Did you mean to say that?" he asked her looking deeply into her eyes. Brenda stuttered for a moment, she pondered the impact of her next words, she thought about the gravity of that step.

She pulled away from him and moved across the kitchen into the mancave to get her robe. She didn't know how to respond to that question. She knew that she was happier now than at any other time of her life, but this was big.

This was commitment that went beyond the boss-employee level. "Let me think about it," she finally broke the silence "I know that I am as happy as I have ever been, and I think it is more than just the sex, but you are, by your own admission a stupid fuck." and with that the tension dissolved into laughter and casual banter that led to another very hot sex session, just before the kids pulled up in the drive.

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Chuck stayed for dinner, which was ordered-in pizza and hot wings from the local pizzeria. They told the kids to go pick it up, jokingly inferrring that they wanted to be alone, to which Briana scolded them for lacking self control. The kids actually liked Chuck a lot. They hadn't seen their Mom this happy in many years. To Be Continued: See Chuck's Chicago Assignment III