Blasphemisch Aktionen mit Bruder in law siri Tabu Wichsen

Blasphemisch Aktionen mit Bruder in law  siri Tabu Wichsen
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I awoke at 8A.M that morning with my arms around Nancy. Her breathing was steady and long, meaning she was still asleep. My cock was hard, as we were in the spooning position. I smelt breakfast being made. My father usually cooked breakfast, and with the twins in the house, I'm sure he was poised to make a memorable one. I slowly wiggled my arms free from Nancy, and slowly got up off the couch.

I walked into the kitchen, and sure enough, my father was there cooking pancakes for everyone. I loved his pancakes, and I'm sure the twins would too. Mom was nowhere in sight.

My guess was she didn't want to see me, as she was very frustrated last night, almost to the point of wanting to kill me. "Good morning Jeff." My father said to me. "Morning Dad," I replied. "How'd you sleep?" he asked. I smirked, knowing that after my orgasm I slept like a baby. "Not too well, this whole situation has got me stressed out beyond belief.

I can't believe Mom is kicking me out." I lied. "Well, you know your mother, she tends to overreact to a lot of things, when and if she comes down for breakfast, I'm sure it won't hurt to talk with her." My dad told me.

" Nancy and I were looking at apartments last night Dad." I confessed. "Part of me wants to get out of this house." I continued. "Well Jeff," he paused, "I think you should do what you feel is right for your children, yourself, and these two young ladies." he told me.

My father finished flipping the pancakes and put the spatula on the counter. He walked over to me and said "Jeff. you're my son, I'll be here if you need me, you know that." he said holding onto my shoulders.

"You are a man now though Jeff." he continued. "But every man needs help at some point in his life." He finished. "Thank you so much Dad." I said, with tears swelling up in my eyes. I reached out and gave my father a hug, something I hadn't done in a very long time. "Go wake the girls and the babies up, it's time for then to enjoy my famous pancakes." he said. I walked back into the living room, and toward Nancy. I knelt down toward Nancy, staring at her beautiful sleeping body.

She looked so peaceful.

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I nudged her slightly, and he eyes opened slowly. "Morning sweetie." she said. "Good Morning Nancy, my father made breakfast." I said. "Okay sweetie, I'll wake Selena up in a little bit and feed her." she said, rubbing her eyes. I stood back up, and walked upstairs towards my bedroom where Nina and my son, Kyle, were. I reached the top of the stairs and walked down the hall towards my bedroom. I opened my door, and saw Nina sitting up on my bed, breast feeding Kyle.

"Oh I'm sorry Nina." I said, a bit surprised. "C'mon Jeff, you've seen me naked plenty of times, me breast feeding my child is nothing." Nina said. Her and I shared a laugh. "My father cooked us pancakes for breakfast, and as soon as we're done, we're going to start our apartment search." I said. "Okay, I'll be right down." she said. I walked back downstairs and headed toward the kitchen. I looked at Selena on the couch on my way past the living room.

I decided to lean in on my beautiful daughter. She had her mothers nose, and her fathers hair. I ha never felt myself being more proud than at that wry moment. How did I bring such a beautiful thing into this world? I couldn't stop thinking about it as I stared at my daughter lying on the couch. I walked into the kitchen, and by the time I was ready to go itithe kitchen, Nina and Kyle were coming down the stairs.

My son looked exactly as I did when I was a baby. Nina happened to stop in front of my baby picture that was hanging on the wall behind her, and I noticed it right away. Again, the sense of how I created something so wonderful into this world crossed my mind. "Come on Nina, you're going to love this breakfast, my faster makes amazing pancakes." I sat down at the kitchen table with Nina and Nancy. Nina had Kyle sitting on her lap, and he was starting to whine a little bit, reaching for the pancakes on the table.

Even he knew the pancakes were awesome and we couldn't help but laugh at it. "So girls, tell me about Italy." my father encouraged. "Well, the country is very beautiful and has so many attractions to see for tourists and people studying abroad." Nina said. "Yes they do." Nancy agreed. "So what did you see there girls?" my father asked.

"Not too much," Nancy said. "Why not?" he asked. "Well, with the pregnancies we couldn't do too much." Nancy said. "Ahh I see, what was the best thing you experienced than?" he asked.

"The food." the twins said together. I laughed, because my father didn't know how many times while the twins and I fucked the said something together. "Ahh." my father gave in with the conversation. We continued to eat our amazing breakfast, and as we were about to finish, Selena started to cry in the living room. "Aww Mommy is coming Selena." Nancy said. In My head I couldn't stop laughing, because of how many times I had heard that last might and all those previous sexual incounters with the twins.

Nancy got up and made her way to the living. In no time, she returned with my daughter. "Shes beautiful son." my father patted me on the back. "Thank you pops." I said. Nina and Nancy put the babies in the middle of the kitchen on the tile floor. The babies had two toys, one each, and they shared. I wanted the best for my children when the twins told me they only had one toy each.

I was determined to have the best for my children and the twins.

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In order to do that, I would need to find an apartment suitable for the five of us. I knew this would be a challenge, but I knew my father would be there to help. It was now 11 A.M and the twins, my children and I were ready to go apartment hunting. The twins, my children and I got in my car and went to the first apartment, which was across town. It wasn't too far away from m parents home, and it was in a good area. The school district was the same as the one the twins an I had gone too.

The apartment itself was on the fourth story of a six story building and had two bedrooms, a living room and one bathroom with a shower. Our apartment hunting had started off on a great foot, but the rent was two thousand eight hundred dollars a month. Way out of the price range the girls and I were looking for. With the girls and I quitting school, and me starting to work full time at the gym I worked at, there was no where near enough money for us to afford it.

The second apartment we looked at was a bit far from where we wanted to be. The rent was reasonable, especially with two bedrooms and one bathroom. The twins and I were now conversing with the landlord and trying to figure out which one we should go with. "Jeff, both apartments are good for us, but I want to be close to home." Nancy said.

I wanted to do anything for Nancy, I knew I loved her, but I couldn't bring myself to tell her. "Nancy, I want the best for our family." I said.

The girls and I went back to the first apartment we had saw. I infringe the landlord, and told him, we will take the available apartment.

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"Great!" he replied, "You can move in tomorrow!" he said excitedly. The landlords name was Mr. Kantiso. He was a short man, of Asian descent.

He didn't seem like the average landlord, always on your back about the apartments, and begging for his rent. "Nina, Nancy, we found our home, but how are we going to afford it?" I said to them as we were getting back into my car to pack our things up at our parent homes. "I'll get a job, and Nancy can stay home an watch the babies." Nina suggested. "That doesn't sound to bad of an idea, but in this terrible economy, the possibility of you finding a job now is hard." We arrived at the twins parents house.

They got out of the car, went into the house and about ten minutes later, came outside with a suitcase each. No one was home to watch the twins leave the house for good.

It was actually kind of sad. The babies at in the back of my car, making the usual baby spitting noises and laughing. "Alright, we're out of here." Nancy said. In no time, the twins and I were on our way to my house to pick up the things I had packed up. We arrived at my house. I walked in and was greeted by my father. "So son, did you find an apartment?" he asked. "Yes, we did." I said.

I looked at my mother, who was sitting in her chair, giving me a glaring look that I thought wa piercing my skin. "Where at?" My faster asked. " Just across town, in the apartment complex on Houston Road." I said. "Ahhh. Well Jeff, I'm proud of you, and now you're on your way to becoming a man out on your own." he said. My mother said nothing, as I walked upstairs.

I came back down with my suitcase. "Good luck Jeffrey, I'm sure we will see you soon." she said to me as I stepped out the door. The twins, my children and I arrived at the apartment and started settling in to our new home. I set up the babies cribs in one room side by side. The twins and I would obviously sleep together in the same room.

It was shaping up to be a crammed apartment. We had an air conditioning, and with it being the middle of summer it was the first thing I had made sure worked properly among the appliances in the apartment. There was a knock at the door when I was finished setting up the babies cribs. It was Mr. Kantiso, and he spoke up with his Asian accent. "How are you doing Jeffrey? Is everything setting up okay?" "Yessir we are settling in very nicely." I said.

"Come downstairs for a little while, I want you to meet a few people in the building." He said. I turned to the twins, who were listening to our conversation. "Girls, I'm heading out with Mr.

Kantiso for a little while." I said and walked out the door. Mr. Kantiso and I walked down to his level of the apartment, where when we entered there were multiple men sitting around a table with cards, a beer in their hands, and cigars in their mouth. "Sit down boy." An older man huffed. I sat in the open seat at the table. "So, Jeffrey, how did you wind up with not one.

But Two! Beautiful girls to live with you?" Mr. Kantiso asked. "Well I don't know if I should be telling you this. This is our first day meeting each other." I said. "Ahhh yes, but who controls your rent?" he rebuttled. "Good point." I was defeated. I told the whole story, from start to finish and all the men around the table were in shock. I chuckled at the sight, because part of me was blessed, and the other was cursed.

The more and more I thought about it, I had either made a great first impression, or there were a few angry and jealous men who were going to be my neighbors.

After a beer or two with my new neighbors, I went bak to my family. The cribs were set up and the babies were asleep. Silence with my two angels Nina and Nancy. "So how was your time with Mr. Kantiso?" Nancy asked. "Pretty good, he showed me around a little bit and had me meet a few of our neighbors.


I think we will like it here girls." I said. "Good." Nina said. "Hey Jeff." Nina said grabbing my attention. "How about we christen this place and make it our own now?" Nina suggested. I laughed and stood up from the couch in the small living room. I walked toward the bedroom and turned around to the girls. "Well? Are you guys coming?" I asked. "I hope we're about to." Nancy said laughing.

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The girls stood up and jogged toward the bedroom. Nina and Nancy stripped their t-shirts off so fast. The girls were wearing short booty shorts, which reminded me of the ones they use to use in cheer leading practice. I had a sudden flashback of a time we were under the bleachers during a football game and they had the exact same shorts on under their short cheer skirts. "Whew.

It's about to get real hot in here." Nina said. I took my t-shirt off and beads of sweat started to roll down my chest. Nancy snapped her bra off and put her hands on me. Our lips locked and our bodies stuck together from the sticky summer heat.

Nina rubbed my cock with her hand through my shorts, and snapped her bra off.

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My breathing for heavier and I was losing concentration on Nancy's lips. I decided to lie back on our bed. The twins lowered their heads down to my groin and tickled above my waistline. I chuckled and than started to motion for the girls to start sucking my dick.

The girls slid my shorts off with the sexiest smiles ever. I wasn't fully hard when the girls slid my boxers and shorts off. Nina and Nancy started licking my cock and balls like so many times before. Nina was starting to talk dirty. " Jeff your cock better be hard as hell when your fucking me." "I need you to stuff me full of your cum and shaft." Nancy crawled up to me at the headboard of the bed.

We made out intensely as Nina started to suck my dick. Nina rolled my balls in her hands and suck the head of my cock so gently but just enough for me to tingle up my spine. "Ahhh" I moaned through Nancy and my lips.

Nina sucked hard as her head bobbed up and down. I stopped kissing Nancy as the pleasure was getting very unbearable. This was easily the best head Nina had ever given me. Her mouth made the familiar popping noise as she slide off of me. Nancy swung her legs over my face and the routine of me eating her out had began. I was still so distracted by Nina and the fact that she was being relentless with her hands and deepthroating skills. Nancy moaned softly but Nina was about to mount my cock.

"You better fuck me hard Jeff." Nina said. "No, me first." Nancy interrupted. "Fine, I need him to eat me out though." Nina said. Nancy and Nina swapped positions, and I was now eating out Nina. her pussy was extremely wet and there was cum already oozing out of we beautiful pussy lips. Nancy grabbed my shaft and slid it in her tight slit.

Nancy started riding immediately and was moaning softly. Nancy was grabbing her hair holding it back from bouncing in front of her face. Her arms swung around her and held her up as she bounced. "Im so fucking tired Jeff," Nancy said breathing heavy now. As I was still eating Nina out her pussy was oozing cum even more. It tasted amazing. I was lost in her pussy and how sexy she sounded as I slid my fingers across her clit. As Nancy bounced up and down on my hips, her skin stuck to me.

Her moans were getting louder " Ahhhh. Mmmmm." She repeated so many times. Her pussy was starting to grab my cock and I knew she was close. I started to pump up and down with her. " Oh.My. Faster Jeff. Faster and harder!!!!" Nancy yelled. "Make me cummmm. Ahhhh uhhhh." Nancy started to weaken. Nancy's vaginal muscles grabbed onto my cock and started to milk it. I didn't cum, but Nancy stopped riding me and fell onto my stomach and chest. Nancy got off my cock and rolled onto the bed.

She was tired and was now satisfied with her orgasm. "Your turn baby." I said looking into Nina's eyes. "I'm going to make you cum soo much sexy." Nina whispered in my ear. Nina wasted to time into prepping her pussy. She made sure she was nice an wet for the easy slide in. Nina mounted my cock and slid my dick into her pussy. "Ahhhh." Nina hissed. "Oooo." She moaned. "Give it to me hard honey." she demanded. Nina started riding me like the whore she had become.

Ever since motherhood, Nina had become somewhat of a sex addict. She was nice and wet. I could barely feel this inside if her pussy, it reminded me of a pool.

Nina started her motions. Up.down.Up.down. The look of pleasure on her face was so beautiful. "Nina." I said. "You need to be pleased. Get on bottom." I told her. We changed positions and got into missionary. I looked into her eyes as I fucked her. I starred into her beautiful brown eyes and saw her soul and her thoughts. I kissed her furiously. This was the first time I felt really in love with Nina. Not because she was a sex freak, but because she had wanted attention for so long from me.

She genuinely cared about me. As I continued to pump her pussy with my rock hard dick. "Jeff!! Oh my Godd!!! " Nina was screaming. "That feels so Goddam good. Fuck me." Nina said through her heavy breathing. I stood up at the foot of the bed, and pulled her down to my position.

I grabbed her legs and lifted her hips up towards my dick. I fucked her hard, with no remorse for any pain I was causing. My cock slid in and out of her easily and she moaned as her orgasm was getting closer. "Yessss." she said repeatedly. Nancy had fell asleep on the bed. "Let not wake Nancy up." I said starting to hold back my cum. I grabbed Nina around her waist and lifted her up.


My cock slid out of her wet pussy. I spun her around so her legs were facing the ceiling. "Standing 69 huh Jeff?" Nina asked. "You bet." I said. Nina bobbed her head up and down as I ate her pussy upside down.

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"Jeff, I can't breath like this." Nina said. "Okay, I just thought we'd try something new." I said. I spun her back around so her face was even with mine. She grabbed my cock and put it back into her pussy. I was fucking her furiously again. Nina looked up to the ceiling, the familiar face of pleasure filled her face, and the smile that went with it was so sexy. Nina moaned a her orgasm was starting. "Cum inside me Jeff. Just let it happen." Nina said. Her pussy tightened up around my cock.

I felt my load start to shoot. "Aggghhhhh" I moaned. I began shooting my load deep into her cunt. Her pussy milked my cock, in between every shot. "Yessss. That's it!!. Oh it's so hot, deep in that pussy. Yeaaaaa." Nina said in triumph. "Damn Nina. That was our first real mutual orgasm." I said. "Yes it was hun." Nina said. "With plenty more to come." Nina finished as we laid down on our bed. The twins and I were now one hundred percent free to do things on our own.

All three of us fell asleep in the bedroom naked. Cum was dripping out of Nina's amazing pussy. I felt like a king now. Two beautiful women to myself and house where I could live my own life now.