Intensive masturbation of a hawt gay

Intensive masturbation of a hawt gay
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You can probably guess that after earning £10 so easily when before that I'd had to work pretty hard just for 10p or maybe 50p, this wasn't the last time I did little jobs for Uncle Bill. In fact I can honestly say it changed my life.

Whether for the better or not is probably too soon to say. What I do now for money has its downside, but it pays the bills. After my initiation by Uncle Bill, I soon spent the £10 I'd earned and it wasn't long before I wanted some more. It was just too easy. I actually thought about what I now know is blackmail, but even then it somehow didn't seem right.

But I did need another £10, so what to do? Uncle Bill provided the answer, though in a roundabout sort of way. A couple of weeks after the zoo trip which I told you about earlier, he phoned me after school when he knew my parents would be out and asked whether I'd like to earn a bit more money. The conversation started in an odd sort of way, though at the time I just thought he was showing an interest in me. "Hello Suzi. Done your homework? Were you sitting outside in the sunshine?

Bet you've been out there getting a nice tan, haven't you?" As it happened I hadn't I'd been inside writing my diary, and I told him so. "You always were a clever writer Suzi one day you'll be able to publish your diary, I bet [I still might I've kept a diary for years and always had it half in mind to publish it if I can find a publisher]. Aren't you too warm inside its too hot for me. But then, maybe you wear cooler clothes than I do? What have you got on now Suzi?

Is it a nice summer dress?" I hadn't been home that long, and hadn't had time to change out of my school uniform, so I told him what I was wearing, not thinking anything of it. I should have realised from the persistent questioning that this wasn't normal, but I was naïve then.

"No Uncle just got back from school and haven't had time to change yet. Still got my old school stuff on. I'm going to get a shower now and change into something cooler." I could hear a rustling noise at the other end of the line, and although I had no idea at the time I now know that he was getting his penis out to play with it.

The questions went on. Obviously I knew what he was like, but I didn't realise at that point that just talking about what I was wearing would turn him on. "Tell me about your skirt Suzi. Is it a grey one or a black one, and is it plain or pleated?

And what about your blouse? What colour is that? I'm just curious about how smart you look when you go to school." "It's a dark grey skirt Uncle, with pleats, and I'm wearing a blue blouse and my school tie. Why do you ask?" I heard a sort of intake of breath at the other end, and started to twig what was going on in his head. "Uncle, why do you really want to know? Is this turning you on?" He admitted that it was, and it didn't take more than a few seconds then for me to realise that he was starting to masturbate himself, thinking about me in my uniform.

I didn't really have any idea then how strong the image of a schoolgirl uniform is in a lot of men's' minds, but I know now! "Do you want to earn some more pocket money Suzi? You've got me really going again now and you have to help me finish myself off. Do you know how to talk dirty to a man?" To be honest, I didn't then, though I do now of course, but there was the offer of some more easy money and I wasn't about to turn it down.

I decided to try.

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"Well not really Uncle, but I'm a good learner and I'll have a go. I'm lying on my bed at the moment with my diary, and I can feel the breeze from my window blowing gently up my skirt, keeping my hot little pussy cool. As I open my legs, the breeze feels cooler, and it's blowing my little skirt up as well. Maybe I should start to undo my blouse to let my titties get some air too?" There was a sort of slurpy rubbing noise down the line.

"Uncle is it good? What are you doing?" In a strangled voice: "Masturbating, Suzi rubbing my cock with Aunty's hand cream to make it hard and spunky. Go on. Rub your titties and tell me about your panties." I opened my blouse and started rubbing my tits for him. "I'm rubbing my tits for you, and its making my nipples hard! My panties? They're yellow ones this time, with little red hearts on. They're made of cotton and there's a bigger heart just over my cunt saying 'Love me'.

Do you like that?" He obviously did there was an urgency in his voice: "Suzi, yes I do! Push your panties inside your cunt and make them all wet with your cunt juices.

Then push your fingers in too, and lick them clean." I did as I was told and he wanked himself off at the other end of the phone. I didn't mind I sometimes masturbate that way anyway (apart from the finger licking) and the thought of him whacking himself off actually made me quite horny for some reason. So I carried on pushing my panties into my cunt, making them really really wet, and finished of with a couple of fingers.

After he'd cum himself, he came back on the line with a proposal. Not of marriage, no, but a financial one which interested me a lot.


He had, he said, a number of friends who would pay a lot of money for what he described as 'special' photos. That was why he'd been phoning me, until I'd 'upset' him by telling him about my school uniform! He knew I'd seen the photos of other girls at school, but what he was looking for was something really 'special' he kept using the word, and I had no idea what he meant.

It wasn't something he wanted to talk about in detail on the phone, so we agreed to meet in a local coffee shop the next Saturday. It was there that he outlined his plan, and I was shocked no, really really shocked.

The fact that I'd chosen to have my first sex with my Uncle excited him, and he told me that he had some very special friends who would pay big money for a video involving real incest.

I knew the word, but I had never really thought of what I did with Uncle as incest just a sort of silly game. The really big money, though, wasn't for uncle/niece stuff, but brother/sister or father/daughter. And it had to be real it was always obvious when it was faked, he said. I knew somehow where this was leading, and it scared me. But he was talking about £250, split between me and 'whoever in the family I wanted to fuck'.

He knew right well that was a very limited field. My parents weren't going to do it (though we've always been an extremely sexually liberated family), were they, so that just left my brother, who's a year younger than me. I desperately wanted all that cash, but there was one small problem my brother. Firstly, I had to have sex with him, which I wasn't sure about, and secondly I had to tell him about the plan and that Uncle Bill would be videoing us doing it. I thought about it a lot over the next few days, and decided to go for it.

It was a lot of money, and we'd already mucked about a bit together, so full sex was just a step forward from that. My brother (Lee) is a dirty little bugger with a bedroom full of porn, partly due to the encouragement of my parents, and I knew he used to peep through the bathroom keyhole when I was getting washed. My Dad sometimes did it as well, and I suppose I encouraged them by deliberately washing between my legs whenever I heard them out on the landing.

There was a particular floorboard creak that gave the game away every time. Anyway, I figured that if I caught him in the act he'd be so embarrassed that he'd do anything I wanted him to just to keep me from telling his friends.

So the next time I heard him out there, one day after we'd both got back from school, I put on a real display for him. I still had my school uniform on, but I started by lifting my skirt up, taking my panties off, and using my Dad's razor to make my pussy completely and utterly smooth. Then I sat on the edge of the bath with my legs wide open fingering my pussy and inserting the handle of my toothbrush (I always liked that) into my vagina.

I made it look as if I was about to cum, then suddenly got off the bath and opened the bathroom door. Lee almost fell through the now open door, and his trousers were undone where he'd been rubbing his cock. You wouldn't believe how red he went. "You dirty little pervert! I knew you were standing there rubbing your pathetic little penis.

How dare you? You wait till I tell your friends." I knew there was little point threatening to tell my Mum or my Dad because they'd probably have just laughed. "I'm sorry Suzi. I couldn't help it. I've never done it before and I just heard you in the bathroom and wondered what you looked like with no clothes on. Please don't tell anyone." I made it very clear to him that I knew he'd been doing it for ages and ages, and then a thought struck me. "OK you dirty little sod, I'll give you something to think about.

Just follow me." I led him into my bedroom and made him sit at the end of my bed. My parents were both out so there was no risk of being caught. I took the vibrator that my mother had bought me out of my drawer and made him put the end of it in his mouth. "Lick it you dirty little beast, lick it. It's been inside my cunt so I know you'll like it." He licked the vibrator, which I hadn't washed since last using it, and I could see it was turning him even further on than he was already.

His penis was struggling to free itself from the confines of his underpants. "Now switch it on and put it in me, slowly." He switched it on. "You're joking, surely?" "No I'll show you something you'll never forget, and you'll never spy on me again." I knew it wasn't going to achieve that, but that wasn't the plan.

I was going to get him so hot for me that he'd do anything to fuck me even have Uncle Bill film it. And I was going to keep the whole £250 too and not have to share it with him.

I lifted up my skirt and opened my legs again, pulling my lips back to expose my pink hole I knew the sight of my open cunt and my clit would really turn him on. I was right. "Jesus, Sis! That's awesome! We shouldn't be doing this, though. What if we get caught?" "It's your fault little Bro you started it by watching me in the bathroom through the keyhole. If you're scared, just run away to your bedroom and play with your toys." I knew that would get him.

"Who's scared? Not me! You're scareder than I am and you'll be the one who gets in trouble cos you're older than me." "No I won't. I'm a girl and you're a boy they're bound to blame you. I'll just tell them you were trying to rape me.

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Anyway, they don't need to know at all. Do you wanna put my little plastic friend inside me or not? It's all the same to me." He was physically shaking with excitement. He desperately wanted to do it, but was frightened to because I'm his sister. The little buzzy motor was still running and he held the vibrator gingerly towards my open vagina, which by now was starting to get very wet with my sex juice. This was really starting to get me going myself now, and I was afraid I was actually going to wet myself.

He made his mind up. He was going to do it I could tell immediately from the look in his eyes. I was excited, there was no denying it my own little brother was about to stick my vibrator inside my cunt, and he'd just licked it clean too!

My vibrator, that is, not my cunt (although I did wonder if that might happen at some point as well). I laid back and relaxed, my skirt pulled right back to give him a view that would live with him all his life. He slipped it into me slowly, and I felt the buzzing pink flesh enter me. "Sis, is that right? Am I doing it right? How far do I push it in?" I was barely able to reply.

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I just opened my legs even wider and moaned something about putting it in as far as it would go. He pushed it in further and looked shocked at just how much of the shaft fitted inside me. "Keep going Lee you won't hurt me. It's really really nice, and I want you to keep on fucking me with that nice pink cock until I cum.

Just keep it sliding in and out of big sister's little cunt nice and slowly, like you were really fucking me." "But I've never fucked anyone before I don't know how fast to go." "I'll show you.

Let me hold your cock." He leaned forward and I pulled his erect penis free from his underpants. It was enormous, and he was embarrassed though I couldn't see why. I held his cock. It was throbbing and the end of it was all dribbly with his pre-cum.

"Rub it, Suzi, rub my cock, make it squirt please?" He sounded desperate, and I knew he was putty in my hands.

Very hard putty, but putty all the same! With my vibrator still sticking half in and half out of my cunt, I started to rub his penis. "Sis, use some soap or some cream or something. It hurts if you do it dry like that." I got him to pass me a tube of my hand cream and squeezed some on his cock and some in my hand.

I smoothed it over his cock and cupped my hand to form a tube for his cock to slide into. Slowly moving my hand backwards and forwards over his penis, I guided his hand back to the vibrator again. "This is how you do it to a girl. Not too fast, but not too slow either. Slip it in and out of me in time with the way my hand moves over your cock. Then we'll cum at the same time." I wanted to make him cum, but I also needed badly to cum myself as well.

I also had to make sure I could keep him under my control for what I planned later. He did exactly as he was told, sliding my vibrator in and out of my vagina exactly in line with the strokes of my hand round his cock. We started slowly, and I guided his hand so that the shaft of the vibrator slid along my clit as it went in and out of me.

I knew this wasn't going to take long, I was that far gone, and I also knew he wasn't too far from coming himself that was pretty obvious! It was an odd feeling, wanking off your little brother, hearing him making the sort of sex noises you really oughtn't be hearing from your brother when he's masturbating you as well!

It was at the same time intensely erotic though, and like nothing I'd ever felt before.

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I was well used to using my vibrator, but the very fact that it was being slipped in and out of my cunt by my brother was really turning me on. And I had complete control over it too. If I wanted him to speed up I speeded up the movement of my hand over his cock, and if I wanted him to slow down I slowed my hand down.

He knew no better than to follow what I was doing. At least, that's the way it started. I was still enjoying the feel of the vibrator, even beginning to imagine it was his cock, when Lee's cock started to jerk. He wasn't actually cumming yet, but he was obviously on the point of it and whispered to me urgently to 'do it quicker'.

He was still leaning forward over me, as I lay back with my legs wide open, and staring intently at my cunt as he moved the vibrator in and out of me.

"Sis, I'm going to cum rub me harder! Can I lick your cunt while you do it?" "No way you little fucker…&'re supposed to be doing me with my dildo!

I'll wank you off but keep up the speed yourself or I'll stop." I started rubbing him harder and quicker, and he speeded up his shafting of my cunt as well.

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I thought there was a chance we might actually get to cum together that would be really nice. His cock got harder and harder and started to dribble even more slimy stuff out of the end.

I started to cum, and grabbed hold of the vibrator from him, pushing it deep inside me. I was so wet inside I thought there'd be a flood into my bedclothes, and I knew it was starting to leak out of me. "Sis you've wet the bed!" "No I haven't it's just my special cunt juice.

It will stop me getting pregnant. You can squirt on me with your cock juice and when your spunk gets mixed with my special cunt juice it makes anti-baby paste so I don't have your baby." "Is it OK to cum in your cunt then Suzi?

I thought it'd be safer over the edge of the bed and on the floor. Can I really cum inside your cunt? Can I really fuck you? That would be really cool, and if it won't make you have babies…………" "No way, Lee, you keep your cock out of my cunt. But I don't mind if you cum on my pussy I'd like that. It's a real brother and sister thing to do." He took hold of his cock with both hands, masturbating hard and with his eyes fixed on my cunt.

I threw the vibrator on the floor and decided to finish myself off with my fingers the best way I know. As I rubbed my clit with one finger I slipped another inside my vagina and finger-fucked myself until I was on the point of climax. Lee watched and wanked, wanked and watched, rubbing his cock with slimy hands smeared in my own hand cream.

As I started to climax, he started to cum too, which I really loved. This was the ultimate gift any sister could give to her little brother. His cock was glistening with my hand cream, but suddenly he stopped the fast rubbing and concentrated on the bit at the end.

I watched in fascination as he rubbed the head of his penis between his fingers and his thumb, roughly stimulating himself as he prepared for the big moment. Then, suddenly, he was there. A single jet of really thick creamy fluid shot from the now enlarged hole at the end of his cock towards my cunt. My bathroom tidy-up had left me so very ready to receive the jet in a proper sisterly way.

"Oh Sis, I'm coming. I'm coming so big. I'm coming now.


I'm going to cover that sweet smooth little cunt with cum. I'm going to spurt my cum over you NOW!!!" It was like in slow motion.

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I saw the cum jet out of his cock, and it seemed to spurt slowly across from his penis to my vagina. I could see the jet in mid-air as it travelled towards my pussy, and I came, it seemed, in the split second before it hit me, though it was such an immense orgasm it couldn't have been that way. It landed with a splash just above my clit and dripped down my smooth silky soft skin into my vagina.

He screamed in ecstasy as if he'd never ejaculated before. Jet number two spurted out of his angry-red cock as Lee milked it roughly with his fingers. It hit me full in the face this time, and I blinked just in time to avoid getting an eyeful. It dripped down my face and into my mouth. I couldn't believe I was actually tasting my little brother's semen.

After the second jet of Lee's spunk, I lost count. It's just that I remember the first and second jets in every detail, maybe because it was such a powerful experience for me at that age. I do remember though that he continued squirting powerful jets of sperm at me for a few seconds and I was drenched with the stuff. Some hit me in the mouth and my hair directly, but he aimed most of it at my cunt because he was so fascinated with seeing it so close up (though he'd seen it many times before through the keyhole I guess).

My own orgasm was intensified by watching him cum the first of many times I saw him do it. And his own orgasm was intensified by watching me cum too and also, he told me later, by the sight of his own sperm dripping all over me. My face was covered in the stuff, it got in my hair as well, and because I was clean down below he got a great view of his stuff landing on my hairless cunt and dripping into my slit.

He told me afterwards that he'd also loved seeing it dripping out of my slit and into my bumhole. That was the first time my brother and I went anything like that far, though we had of course had a few experiments before that.

What he didn't realize, though, (and I kind of forgot because I enjoyed what we did so much) that this was just part one in my game plan. This was all about getting the £250 from my uncle for the incest sex video, but that's another story.