Natural sweetie spreads tight cunt and gets deflorated

Natural sweetie spreads tight cunt and gets deflorated
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Shopping Part Two Electronics Store After Beth had finished in the shoe store we went to the food court to have a drink of something and I knew she was looking for someone to flash her pussy to.


There was no one there so after about ten minutes we resumed our walk around the mall. We came to an electronics store and went inside to look around. We ended up in the camera section and were looking at some cameras when the salesperson came over asking if he could help. His name was Brad and after she introduced herself to him I had no idea where she was going with this one. I wandered away but stayed close enough to hear what was being said.

Brad was in his early twenties and really good looking but was a bit of a nerd who knew everything about electronics, computers and the like but was obviously inexperienced around women. She was acting like a dumb blonde asking questions that she already knew the answers to but he was enjoying answering them and looking at her breasts through her see through top.

Her nipples were hard so the were poking out against her top giving him a great view. She pointed to one of the more expensive cameras and asked "Will this camera make me look fat?" Brad said, "No I don't think any camera can make you look fat, you look great".

"If I were topless, do you think this camera would make my tits look nice?" she said. "From what I can see they already look real nice." Brad said. Beth said, "Brad, you are just being nice or telling me what I want to hear so I will buy the camera, but I do not want to get home and find out when I am topless that the camera does not make my tits look nice.

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You are just being a typical sales person" "No really you have nice tits and the camera will make them look good too". Beth said, "Now Brad how can you be sure of that when you can't really see my tits, even though my top is see through and you have never seen them on camera. I really do not want to get home and find out that they do not look right and have to pack the camera back up and bring it here to the store".

A second later Brad blurted out "I can close the store and we can go in the back where I can take pictures of your tits and show them to you." He was certainly embarrassed of what he had said but when Beth said OK he was stunned that she agreed and she had to coax him to lock the store and then he got the camera and followed her into the back and she told him that "maybe my husband should come back too and make sure things went well" which he readily agreed.

I think he would have agreed to anything at this point just so he could see her tits, so I followed them to the back of the store and found a chair to sit on so I could watch. Beth had Brad start the camera and aim it at her then she slowly started to unbutton and remove her top. Brad had to reach down to his pants with one hand to adjust a rapidly hardening of his cock.

Beth asked him to make sure he got all kinds of different shots and angle so she could really see if he was telling the truth. Brad moved around her zooming in and out to make sure he covered all angles. Beth said, "Brad if someone at home was working the camera, lets say my husband and he were to reach out and start to play with my breasts and nipples would it show that, is that possible?' Brad said "Oh yea no problem doing that." Beth said, "Can you do that Brad so I can see how it is." He did not move so Beth reached over and took one of his hands and placed it on her beast.

He began to fondle her breast and play with her nipple turning her on even more than she was already. His hand moved from one breast and then the other then back again while all the time he was recording it.

She was certainly enjoying this and so she moved a little closer then reached down to press her hand against his pants and feel his hard on.


As she massaged his cock through his pants she apologized to him for causing his hard on and all he could say was "it's OK, it's OK" She rubbed him for a minute longer then she stepped back and asked Brad if he knew Ken down at the shoe store which he answered yes. Then she told him that Ken had sold her the boots she was wearing and asked if he liked them. Instead of moving his head so he could see her boots he panned down with the camera and told her the boots looked great and made her legs look really sexy.

As he panned back up her legs, past her skirt and then back to her breasts she reached down and undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor and then asked him to have another look to make sure the boots really looked good.

He started to pan back down but when he got to where her skirt used to be he just gasped. Her right hand moved up to her nipple and she began to fondle and pinch it while her left hand moved down between her legs. She leaned back on a table that was behind her and spread her legs giving Brad a good shot of her pussy, then she began to play with her clit, all the time Brad was taping it. I could see over Brads shoulder to the monitor Brad was using and he had a perfect shot of Beth playing with her clit and pussy when she asked Brad if her boots still looked god.

All he could say was "Yea". Beth asked, "Brad would you like to touch my clit and pussy and play with them?" He was certainly a man of few words, all he said was "yea". "Hand the camera to my husband so he can video you doing that." She said.

He handed me the camera and then move over to Beth where she took his hand and guided it to her pussy. She then leaned back more on the table bringing her legs up so he could have open access to her. Brad was awkward but Beth told him what to do and soon he was bringing her to an orgasm while playing with her clit and putting his fingers in and out of her pussy. I have to admit that Beth sure looked sexy wearing only those black, lace up boots with stiletto heels and nothing else.

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Beth leaned forward and pulled Brad over and down to where his mouth was right in front of her pussy and then she directed him to use his tongue on her. He gladly moved in on her clit with his tongue.

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He licked and sucked her hard clit while pushing a finger in and out of her tight wet pussy bringing her to another series of orgasms. Then he moved his mouth to her pussy pushing his tongue in and out as far as he could not realizing that he was also tasting the remaining cum that Ken had deposited in her less than an hour ago.

Beth knew it though which just intensified her orgasms even more.

"Brad I can't stop cumming, which feels so good, I need your hard cock in me, I need you to fuck me." Brad stood up and quickly pulled his pants off and moved to her pussy to penetrate her. He was big, at least 8 inches of hard cock which was about to enter Beth's tight wet pussy. I know she had never had a cock as big as this in her but she was too far gone to stop now.

She grabbed hold of his cock and guided it to her pussy allowing him to push deep inside her. He started to pump in and out of her fast but she told him to go slow and make it last. I had perfect video of his long hard cock sliding in and out of her pussy and the sounds of her having multiple orgasms were being recorded as well. Beth was saying "Brad you are so hard, fuck me baby, it's so big I can feel your cock deep inside of me, fuck me baby, cum inside me, I need to feel your hot cum in me." With that Brad sped up and was pounding into Beth's pussy.

Beth was screaming "Fuck me Brad, it feels so fucking good." She was coming in waves as Brad started to cum releasing his sperm deep inside of Beth's pussy.

After they had both cum it took several minutes for both of them to calm down and Brad was still buried inside of her. He began to pull out but Beth stopped him making him slowly move in and out. His cock had started to soften but was now getting hard again and Beth could feel it.

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She wanted more of his 8 inch cock as he started to move in and out again she started to cum. I found shelf to place the camera so it could record all the action then I removed my pants and moved over to Beth. She grabbed hold of me and lay down so I could get my cock in her mouth. She was soon sucking me hard and deep into her mouth while Brad pounded his cock into her pussy.


I could see his cock sliding in an out of her as she sucked on me. This went on for several minutes until I could feel myself getting ready to cum.

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As I was blowing my load into my wife's throat Brad was dropping another load of his sperm into Beth's pussy. This time Brad pulled his softening cock out of her and sat down in a chair.

I got dressed and as Beth was doing the same I had Brad get the memory chip out of the camera for us. Beth then got Brads number with a promise that he would come to our place sometime and bring the camera. She told him she would like some video of both of us fucking her and then she talked him into sending her a video of him masturbating.

They finally decided that they could do this over the internet where they could see each other masturbating. We left the store with Beth saying she thought she had enough for today, but if something popped up she might just jump right on it.