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This is the diary of Billy Bob McTavish, a teen boy, about he and his young girl cousin growing up, having a family and a wide variety of sexual adventures, some quite bizarre. It has ten chapters: (1) Becoming a Man; (2) Marriage; (3) House Guest; (4) Satisfying Our Guest; (5) Helping a Psychologist; (6) More Sex Therapy; (7) Mutual Therapy; (8) Our Daughter; (9) Our Daughter is 13; (10) Conclusion Billy Bob Chapter 1 (Becoming A Man) When I was in the eighth grade my folks had gone to the Dew Drop Inn on a Saturday night to mix with folks their age, do a little drinking and a lot of dancing.

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On the way home their car busted through the railing over the Chattahoochee River, and just that quick I was an orphan. Ma's sister, Hagar, was my blood relative and she took me in. Her husband Abraham was pretty strict, but I worked hard for him and we got along OK. They had a little girl, Leah, who was four years younger than me. When I turned fifteen Abraham had a long talk with me I thought it was going to be about the birds and bees, but it turned out to be a lot more than that.

He said that when our great-great-grandparents came over from Scotland they brought some family traditions with them that were a little different. One was that when a boy turned 15 one of the older women in the extended family would take him for three days and teach him the responsibilities and the joys of sex.

He might then visit with two other older women, again for three days each. From then on the boy was considered to be a man. My Ma's older sister Sarah had volunteered to be the first and I was to take the bus up into the mountains to be with her that weekend. Then, when I came back, Aunt Hagar would teach me some more of the things that I needed to know.

There weren't any other female relatives, so that would be the end of my training. Aunt Sarah was in her early fifties but her face looked older than that.

We were alone on her little farm and there was a lot of work to keeping it up. I helped all I could and that didn't leave much time for the teaching.

Aunt Sarah taught me how to be considerate of a woman's feelings and how to make love to her so that she would be pleasured and reach an orgasm. She had me gently fondle her breasts, kiss them, and use my tongue to play with her nipples.

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Her breasts were quite young looking and when I remarked on that she said that all of the hard farm work kept her young. On the second day she showed me her "privates," the slit that lay behind all of that hair, and where her "clit" was. I learned how to use my fingers to give her pleasure and where to lick to bring her off. I did get an erection several times, but I was too grossed out by the fishy odor to take it to completion.

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Surprising to me, as elderly as she was, she actually responded to the caresses and fondling that she told me how to do, and reached a climax of pleasure at least once each of the first two days and three times on the third day. It was the third day that I got to stick my prick into her slick hot hole and that really felt good. It didn't feel old, just smooth and deep and it kind of sucked and squeezed on me. The first several times I spurted thick semen after only a few strokes, but she quickly sucked on my cock to keep it hard and had me keep trying so that she was satisfied too.

Since she was so old, I took the teaching just like I was in a classroom and tried hard to remember all that she told and showed me. When I was leaving, she said that Hagar would be different.

She was still young and would help me to learn how to enjoy myself, but I was always to remember to make the experience good for my partner too. Aunt Hagar was 27 and looked like a teenager. I had noticed what a great body she had when I first went to live with them and had sometimes jerked off just thinking about her. On my first day back home from Aunt Sarah's she got Abraham off to work and Leah to school and then pulled me into their bedroom, saying she couldn't wait any longer for the lessons to begin.

She pulled her dress up over her head and stood there nude (she probably forgot to put any underwear on that morning).

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I could not speak, I was frozen. I instantly had an erection because she was beautiful, just like a pinup in Playboy. Firm high breasts with small nipples the size of pencil erasers, an hour-glass figure, and a bush of thick curly glossy black hair in a triangle just above her crotch.

She then quickly undressed me, got down on her knees and took my penis in her mouth, pumping her head back and forth, and in no time flat I erupted into her mouth. She kept on pumping me, letting her teeth sometimes drag on the underside of my dick, but always having her lips tight around me. I just stayed fully hard all the time.

It was heaven! She must have been doing me for more than two hours when she said she would have to stop for a while because her jaws were tired and her mouth was sore. For the rest of that day, until it was nearly time for Leah to come home, she showed me all of the different positions for intercourse and I practiced each one until she said that I'd gotten the hang of it.

I lost count of the number of times that I shot a huge load into her vagina or across her tits. I liked missionary best because Hagar is an enthusiastic kisser, very wet with lots of tongue exploration, and I could nibble on her breasts to my heart's content. Side-ways I guess would be good if the woman was too fat, or so Hagar said. Doggy style was the most fun, leaning over her and playing with her tits and fingering her clit; when she came in this position her vagina clamped down on me a lot harder, stimulating me to a second or even a third climax.

By then I was having climaxes but not ejaculating more than a few drops. Doing it between her breasts was good too, but she preferred being on top. She was really energetic when she was in control.

She bounced really fast up and down the whole length of my cock but was able to keep me in her all the time. She apparently could not decide whether it was better to ride me facing forward or backward because she kept changing directions.

I liked that because my prick leans toward my head and the change resulted in friction on different sides. The rotation was like electricity wrapping around my dong as she didn't pause but swung around while still bouncing. Uncle Abraham commented at dinner that night that Aunt Hagar looked a little tired. Eleven year-old Leah wanted to know what we did all day and her mom just said that she had done laundry and I had studied in my room. The next day she could hardly wait to get started and had me review each of the positions with her, asking what parts of me were stimulated and what felt really good, and then had me choose the one that was the most fun for me.

Remembering Aunt Sarah's advice, I said I liked to have her on top and leaning over so that I could play with and suck on her breasts. I knew that she liked that best and that is all that we did all morning long. With her perky tits being high on her chest it was easy to keep one in my mouth as much as I liked, alternating between them, and tonguing a nipple or sucking it.

Well, maybe not all the time because Hagar was doing things to my meat that distracted me. After a long series of strenuous bounces she would pause with my cock penetrating clear up to her womb and pulse her vaginal muscles strongly, clutching my penis in a rhythm that drove me wild.

I must have shot many cups of cum that morning but Hagar said, as she again wrapped her lips around my exploding cock, that my balls would keep supplying the luscious stuff. That afternoon she said that it was time for me to show her what I had learned from her sister Sarah. I started out just kissing her and fondling her breasts and went on to licking and kissing down her stomach into that triangle of curly black hair. Thank God that Aunt Hagar did not have an unpleasant odor there, in fact it smelled like woman's hand lotion.

I opened her lips with two fingers and slipped my tongue inside, slowly running it up and down from one end of her slit to the other, taking care to tease her clit on each pass. This turned her on a lot more than it did for Aunt Sarah, and she started humping my face to get harder contact. She pulled my head into her crotch and screamed for me to "do my clit do my clit." Then she had one orgasm right after another as I sucked, stroked my rough tongue over, and nibbled on her clit.

Finally she asked me to stop as she was completely wrung out and couldn't take any more. She thanked me over and over for the best cunnilingus (a new word for my expanding vocabulary) that she had ever had. After we relaxed, and maybe even napped for a few minutes, she climbed on top of me and repeated the same wonderful sex that we'd had all that morning. I wanted to try some more "oral sex" so persuaded her to stop fucking me and let me show her what else Aunt Sarah taught me.

I licked her slit some more, extending the saliva trail back to her anus, and then up to her clit. She wasn't too sure about the tongue in her ass so I concentrated on that for a while, finally getting the tip into her dark canal. That did arouse her some more and she suggested that I fuck her there. I still had other things in mind so continued eating her snatch but put one finger all the way into her ass hole and started manipulating it in a circular motion. I brought my other hand up and, starting with just one finger, frigged her pussy while I very gently swirled my tongue around her clitoris.

As she became more loose I added another finger and then a third, first in her pussy and then in her ass, occasionally bringing one or two fingers from each had together, rubbing on the thin membrane between them.

By now she was so galvanized that I could hardly hold on to her so I took pity on her and rolled over putting her on top and just said "Do it." She was, by then, a wildly excited woman and we both quickly had a series of mind-blowing orgasms.


On the following day she said that this was graduation day, but only after we had reviewed all of the things that Sarah and she had taught me. Again she quickly yanked her dress over her head and had me fondle and make love to her beautiful body while she undressed me.

Aunt Hagar asked me to use my expert tongue to bring her to as fantastic a climax as she had yesterday, which I was happy to do. She almost passed out in ecstasy as I not only licked and sucked on her clit, but also had my whole hand up her vagina. After she recovered, we then tried several different positions and some variations. Today I liked the spoon and its reverse, missionary and doggie style, really enjoyed the 69, but finally decided that my favorite was having Aunt Hagar on top.

Maybe that was because she was very athletic and generated a lot of wonderful sensations as she bounced up and down. Her vagina had little ribbons and nubbins and creases inside that my cock could feel as they caressed it. After lunch she said that since I particularly enjoyed having her on top, she would show me a secret technique that her father had shown to her.

She took me out to the garage and had me lie on a mattress on the floor under a basket that was hanging by a series of ropes from a pulley attached to a roof beam. [Note: The basket was made from a well-worn old blacksmith's apron, the leather as soft as a glove. Someone had cut off the bib and sewn it to the legs and around to the sides, making a big sack or basket.] When she sat in the basket it folded up around her so that she was doubled up with her head and feet up in the air and her sexy ass and pubic hair were sticking out the bottom through a hole in the bottom of the basket.

She pulled on the dangling rope from the pulley and lifted herself up into the air and had me position myself under her. She let herself down until she impaled herself on my stiff rod. Then she slowly pulled the rope up and down so that her vagina slipped up and down on me.

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With the set of multiple pulleys she had to pull the rope a good foot to get an inch of movement on my prick. Boy that really felt good.


She was in such an unusual position that she really clamped tight around my prick and at an angle a little off from vertical. After a while she began to jerk the rope faster. Having nothing better to do, I tried twirling the basket, a quarter turn at first and then more because that really increased the good feelings.

Aunt Hagar liked it too and she stopped jerking the rope and let the basket sit just above my groin, not quite touching. Then I spun the basket, first several turns to the right then a few more to the left.

Aunt Hagar immediately had an orgasm and was purring like a kitten. I was on the verge of coming too so I increased the number of turns to five and let the twisting ropes stop the twirl and start it in the other direction. When the ropes twisted they also raised the basket almost an inch so I had an up and down motion too. All I had to do was add a little impetus to the basket to keep it going up to five full turns the other way.

We both hit climaxes but kept going. Then I just laid back and spun the basket. One continuous orgasm. And spun the basket. Aunt Hagar was having one orgasm after another and I unloaded a huge load of sperm into her, but remained hard as a rock.

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Hagar howled or moaned or screamed, depending on whether the basket was rising slightly or dropping as the ropes twisted. And spun the basket.

She was crying for me to stop, but I couldn't. I had never felt anything like this before or since that time. Every muscle in my body was electric, tense, on fire, and vibrating. And spun the basket.

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My brain was fried, the only thing I wanted was one more spin. More cumming!!! Hagar has passed out. I'm not sure that I would have ever stopped, but we were interrupted when Leah came home from school early and wondered what all the noise in the garage was about. She apparently watched us for a little while and then removed her clothes, came over to us and shook her mother and asked if she could join in doing what looked like fun.

It took a while for her to wake up but then Aunt Hagar freaked. Her eleven year old daughter had just caught her naked and fucking the boy who was like a brother to her, and in a very bizarre (but wonderful) situation. Leah had laid down to see what was under the basket that her mother was in and reached under to grab my prick. Hagar yelled at her to stop that and to push the basket over and tip it so she could get out. She climbed out of the leather sack and shoved Leah back into the house, telling her that she wasn't to tell her father what she saw just now and that she was too young to even talk about it.

By this time I was completely limp so I put the basket and rope away and sneaked into the house, avoiding them, got dressed and stayed in my room. Aunt Hagar told me the next day that I was never to discuss "that damn contraption" with Uncle Abraham and certainly nothing, about what we had done, with Leah. She said that she had explained enough to Leah to satisfy her curiosity and to have her keep it a secret. This is the diary of Billy Bob McTavish, a teen boy, about he and his young girl cousin growing up, having a family and a wide variety of sexual adventures, some quite bizarre.

It has ten chapters: (1) Becoming a Man; (2) Marriage; (3) House Guest; (4) Satisfying Our Guest; (5) Helping a Psychologist; (6) More Sex Therapy; (7) Mutual Therapy; (8) Our Daughter; (9) Our Daughter is 13; (10) Conclusion