Naked blonde doggy style fucked on cam by man with large penis cheerleader and undressing

Naked blonde doggy style fucked on cam by man with large penis cheerleader and undressing
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Joanne slowly removed her rabbit vibrator from her pussy following her second satisfying orgasm of the morning. The first was induced by her husband who had awakened her about daylight with his hard cock pressing against her bare ass and his hand sliding between her thighs and probing against her vulva. She was surprised by his urgency since they had made love well into the early morning hours the night before.

They had both been as two cats in heat for the past two days after Rick's receipt of an unexpected text at his office on Wednesday. The impact of the message had been disturbing and at the same time unexpectedly stimulating to them both. The day that the message arrived was some seven weeks following their last 'Play Day' when Joanne had responded to her powerful sexual arousal and permitted a strange man to watch and record her as she masturbated inside her car at a public car park.

Her subsequent description of the event to Rick had driven them both into a sexual frenzy the night following the occurrence and their sex life had been thriving off the event over the ensuing weeks. They both were worried about the recording of her public display but over time their concerns faded and their mutual lust drove their behavior. As time passed they figured the voyeur with the Smartphone was simply keeping the images for his own enjoyment.

Then the text message arrived. Rick felt the vibration of his cell while attending a staff meeting on Wednesday afternoon. He didn't check messages until after the meeting ended around 4 PM. The message was from Dave a former coworker who now managed the St. Louis regional office.

They had been friendly but not close. Dave and his wife had visited with he and Joanne a few times and they had gone out for dinner and drinks. The message said. Hi Rick, Hope you and all the crew at headquarters are good. I wanted to share something I ran across with you. Check out the link below. While surfing a porn site I ran across this video and realized how much the woman looked like Joanne.

They could almost pass for twins. Anyway thought you might enjoy. It's a really hot video, got me off a couple of times. Say hello to everyone and take care. Rick Rick was momentarily stunned. Could this be what he thought it was? He jotted down the web address and shut down his phone. He rummaged in his leather satchel for his I Pad, not wanting to risk pulling up porn on the office's proprietary system. He carefully entered the address and up popped a video titled "MILF fucks large cucumber and can't stop cumming".

Rick touched the play icon and immediately Joanne appeared on the screen. She was reclined in the front seat of the car shoving that big cucumber into her vagina, playing and pulling on her clamped outer labia, gasping and uttering small cries as she urged herself toward an orgasm.

The action continued for a minute or so until she opened her eyes and turned toward the passenger window to see the man watching and recording her. Joanne's shock and confusion of her discovery was clearly caught in the recording along with the awkward period which followed when it appeared she might flee the scene.


This was followed by a period of uncertainty and flustered reactions. Then, slowly, you could see the change occurring as her right hand slowly began to rub her clit while staring at the camera. As the video continued to play showing Joanne's re-arousal, the splaying of her leg across the front seat and the insertion of the cucumber back into her pussy, Rick became aware of his own hardness.

He paused the video, closed and locked the office door and extracted his dick as he restarted the action. He proceeded to watch his wife's performance while slowly moving his hand along the shaft of his cock. Rick held his climax in check until Joanne's arousal peaked. As she reached her climax arching her pelvis above the seat, her body shuddered violently, the muscles in her legs and ass quivered and flexed as she was racked by a strong orgasm.

As the scene of his wife's all consuming pleasure played out, Rick's pumping of his dick became rapid and his ejaculate spurted from under his desk with some landing on his slacks. The pace of Rick's stroking slowed and he noted the run time thus far on the video player was just less than 16 minutes. He knew the office staff would soon be leaving for the day so he grabbed a tissue and wiped up the cum from his pants and the carpet as best he could then closed his pad with the video player paused and opened his office door.

He wanted to let Joanne know what had occurred and that her performance had been placed on a porn site. That night after the kids were tucked in bed Rick and Joanne settled in the family room with a glass of wine, Rick took out his I Pad and said to Joanne "There is something you have to see." He pulled up the video and restarted it from the beginning.

Joanne was startled by her initial appearance on the screen. "Oh God, where did you get this?" she ask. Rick paused the video and told Joanne about Dave's text and his own viewing of a portion of the recording including his having masturbated in his office that afternoon. "The description you gave me of that day drove me crazy but actually seeing you was hot beyond belief. Watching this and knowing that you were in a public location naked and displaying yourself to a complete stranger while sexually pleasuring yourself, God, I can't remember being so damned hot." Rick restarted the video and they watched the recording of their "Play Day" with rapt attention.

The recording was a bit unsteady and frequently the frame shifted about but that seemed to add to the unstaged, amateur reality that was being captured. Here was indeed a beautiful woman being presented to an audience of strangers in a most intimate, personal moment, naked and vulnerable while allowing the camera to capture her raw self gratification.

At the end of the video they sat there in silence for a minute or two before Joanne said. "I thought after this long that this wouldn't happen". "Well, it has. Not much we can do about it at this point." Rick replied.

"What did you tell Dave" Joanne ask. "Haven't replied to him yet." Rick answered. Joanne then tore into Dave, "The conceited prick, I never liked or trusted the guy." "I didn't know you felt that way honey. Why, did something happen or did you hear something?" "It was the 2nd time that Dave and Jess came over for dinner.

I was getting coffee for everyone after dinner and Dave came into the kitchen. He asks if he could help then came up behind me and placed his hand on my ass.

I moved away a bit and continued to ready the coffee. He then placed both hands on my shoulders and began massaging my shoulders and neck. When I tried to move away again his grip tightened and I said "Stop". He laughed and said, "Sorry, just horsing around a little". I handed him two of the coffees and ask him to take them into the family room. He did and that ended the uncomfortable encounter. "Why didn't you say something to me at the time?" Rick asks.

"I knew you two worked closely together and I really liked his wife so I didn't want to cause a stir or foster hard feelings. I just knew I didn't want to be alone with him anymore. He is one of those guys who is so conceited and self centered that he thinks he should hear every woman's panties hit the floor when he walks into a room. I've seen that type before." Rick paused a moment then said, "I think he sent the text because he is pretty sure the video is of you and he wants me and you to know that he knows.

Probably his way of paying you back for not giving it up for him when he made a move on you. I really think the best response we can make is to react very calmly and matter of fact about the video. He has no way of knowing for sure that the woman in the video is indeed you.

In fact that may be our best course of action for anything that may come our way about the video, if anything does. Let's think on it and see if we have other thoughts in the morning.

Rick then picked up the I Pad and brought up the home screen for the porn site again. It indicated that the site was a location for the posting of homemade videos and photographs to be freely shared by open minded adults.

Joanne's video had likely been either uploaded by the man who was with her that day or by someone he might have given a copy to. Rick brought up the image of Joanne's video again. The teaser picture was a screen capture of Joanne pulling on the chain connecting her nipples while inserting the cucumber deep inside her pussy, head thrown back and her mouth open. The date of the video having been posted to the site was some five weeks previous and the count of viewers at that point was over 12,000.

The viewer rating was 100% positive and 439 viewers had posted comments. "Let's see what your audience is saying about you". said Rick and he clicked on the link. They scrolled through every imaginable description of sexual acts and depravity.

Mostly men posted but there were some women and couples. Men often graphically described sex acts they wished to perform on Joanne or wanted her to perform on them. Women wanted have her eat her pussy or have her eat them. Couples wanted to have her join a threesome or group and in a few cases thought she would make a great bondage subject. One dark soul wanted to use power tools on her pussy to make her cum.

There were many expressions of admiration of how multi orgasmic Joanne was in the video. One guy said he had watched this babe four times and had gotten off every time. After scrolling through several pages of the viewer comments, Rick slid the two straps of Joanne's silk Teddy off her shoulders and the garment slid down enough to bare most of her lovely breasts.

Joanne lifted each tit from under the slick fabric exposing her aroused nipples. As Rick caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples Joanne reached to extract Rick's cock and began rubbing it. They joined in a passionate kiss and it was clear that they both needed sexual release now. They moved from the couch onto the carpet. Rick lay Joanne back, spread her legs apart and began kissing and licking her vulva and lower belly.

He separated her outer labia and continued licking up and down her juicy slit from her asshole to her clit repeatedly. Joanne moaned as her passion built. Her first orgasm came quickly as Rick flicked her clit with his tongue and probed her ass with his fingers. As her climax began to subside, Rick turned her over and she raised her ass to him with legs spread and he entered her from behind. His dick plunged into her with deep full strokes as her face lay against the carpet with her right hand feverishly attacking her clit.

After a few minutes of intense stimulation Rick's thrusts rapidly increased and their orgasms erupted at the same time. They collapsed together on the floor sweaty and sated from their sex. The next morning at his office Rick composed a response to Dave. He and Joanne had decided to treat the issues casually acknowledging the similarity in appearance to Joanne. Dave, Wow, that was some hot video you sent! I got off on it too. Showed it to Joanne and she couldn't believe how the woman resembled her.

She thought the woman in the video was thinner and had smaller tits though. I thought the tits were smaller too. All the old gang is doing great here. Let's have a drink next time you are at HQ.

Rick Rick hoped that the casual approach might create doubt in Dave's mind and that the reference to differences in size might reinforce the doubt since Joanne had given birth to two children. The last time that Dave saw her she was still carrying more weight following her second pregnancy. Rick also hoped that Dave hadn't shared the video with more of the local staff. No way to know. Over the following three weeks both Rick and Joanne were kept busy by the end of school.

Chauffeuring kids to summer day camps and Rick having his busy annual reporting meetings to prepare for dominated their schedules. They continued to enjoy an abundant amount of sex both together and alone with both of them occasionally watching Joanne's video or scrolling over new comments made by site viewers. The existence of the video had also provoked much thought and discussion about the impact of the events of the last "Play Day" and how the aftermath had seriously elevated their sexual appetites.

They both expressed amazement at how aroused it made them thinking of Joanne's recorded performance being used by others for their sex fantasies and as motivation for their own sexual pleasure. There had been no other contact from anyone acknowledging the existence of the video online. As time passed the relative number of views decreased daily although ratings remained at 100% and the viewership count had now reached over 21,000.

One evening as they sat on the patio with a glass of wine and the kids in bed, Joanne said to Rick "I've had something on my mind that I want to share with you." "Sure." Rick responded. "I've given a lot of thought to the possible consequences of allowing myself to be watched and recorded and the very real possibility that someone would see the video online and recognize me for certain or try to exploit us over the video.

But, I can't say that I feel guilty or embarrassed or cheap about the whole thing. I love the feelings that I had and the sexual energy that has remained. I love the sex we have had following that day and I don't want to change any of the result. I don't want to cause any embarrassment for us or the kids and certainly not for you at work. If you want us to behave differently that's ok because I love you and our family and I want to make sure we are all fine.

I do want us to continue with our sex life, to be who we are and to do what we enjoy and to enjoy the sex play and the intimacy that we share. So I'm not going to hang my head or pretend to be someone that I'm not and I don't want you to do that either. I love us the way we are and I'm not ashamed that we do some things others may not approve of in our sex life. I need to know that you feel the same." "I know" replied Rick. I've had some doubts and worries too but I don't want anything to change with us either.

"I feel that you should be and do what you want to do and what you are comfortable with. You know that I love you without reservation. I'm the one who pushed you to be more sexual, more daring in public and you know that my knowing that other men find you desirable gives me pleasure. It's all very arousing to me. Nothing in all this has changed my mind on that. Yes, we know that there are potential risks inherent in some of our behavior.

If what we get in return makes us happy and we don't get too careless it's our business. I love you and I'm very happy with our relationship." Joanne leaned over and kissed Rick. "Thank you my love" she said.

"I thought you would feel that way but I had to say to you what I've been feeling." They went to sleep in a good place.


As the end of June approached they both looked forward to a week long beach vacation they had planned. Joanne did some shopping for new swimsuits and sunscreen for the kids. Rick confirmed the rental arrangements with the agent and purchased some favorite wines to take along on the trip.

They had rented a beach house two rows back from the ocean front with a small pool for the kids, a separate hot tub on the second story sun deck and a short walk to the beach. The family outing would be a treat for the entire family. The week would also bear some unanticipated consequences for the happy couple. The night before their departure for the coast, Joanne wanted to show Rick the new beachwear she had purchased.

While the kids watched TV downstairs, the couple went to their bedroom and Joanne pushed Rick into a bedside chair and said make yourself comfortable and I'll give you a little fashion show. Her first appearance was in a traditional bikini top with a very low cut bottom which crossed her little belly low on her hips and just slightly above her pubic bone.

The material was challenged to cover her full rounded ass. It wasn't a thong but due to her bubble butt much of both cheeks were bared as well as a goodly portion of her upper ass crack. "Quite an attention getter" Rick acknowledged. "I thought this would work for taking the kids to the beach" Joanne said.

Yes, Rick thought, for the very sexy young mother with a body that should be displayed, it's just perfect. She retreated back into the bath and emerged a few minutes later wearing a bright yellow thong bikini with thin string ties holding it in place. Her breasts were somewhat covered by two small triangles of cloth and her fleshy mound was hidden by another small trianglular patch which easily showed the beginning of a noticeable camel toe within the thin cloth cover.

When she turned her glorious ass was naked except for the short length of string extending from her waist to disappear between her tanned ass cheeks. "Wow honey, this will sure get some attention. You are simply a knockout in it!" Rick said. "This one I bought for you and I or just for me." she replied. Rick couldn't help but reach over and caress her ass and run his hand into her crotch while she stood in front of him. Joanne started to respond to his touch.

Then said, "Wait, there is one more I have to show you." As she went back to the bath to change yet again Rick wondered what could possibly top the last one. In a few minutes she returned wearing a micro bikini that literally left her virtually naked. What there was of it was white thin string ties that ran over her shoulders across her tits and down to and under her crotch disappeared up her ass crack then reemerged running up her back to tie at the shoulder.

There was also a waist tie which joined the vertical ties securely around her waist and bound the strings more closely to her body. Her nipples were barely covered by a small patch of sheer white material as were her outer labia and clitoral hood. Much of her smooth mound and vulva were bared to view. In short the abbreviated suit made a minimal effort to somewhat conceal her nipples and vaginal opening.

Joanne was blushing as she turned before Rick. "O my God", he exclaimed. "That is unbelievable!" "I know" replied Joanne, "You and I will likely be the only ones to ever see me in this." "I don't know.

In the right situation it could be one hell of a turn-on." "Too much?" she asks. "No, no honey, I love them all". Later that night they made love with Joanne wearing the micro bikini, at least until Rick's fingers became totally entwined among the strings around her body.

The four hour drive to the coast the next day was uneventful and as soon as they got into the rental they unloaded bags for the kids and Joanne since the kids were all pumped to go down to the beach as soon as they arrived. Joanne and the kids changed into swimwear and headed for the oceanfront while Rick unloaded everything and got the house somewhat setup.

When they checked in the rental agent told them that the pool was unsafe to use due to a faulty pump. The pump was scheduled to be replaced and the pool serviced on Tuesday and should be fine for them to use by Wednesday. She also gave us a $200 discount off our price due to the pool not being available.

The kids were disappointed but still excited to be at the beach. Rick brought in the remainder of the luggage then grabbed a beer from a cooler and went out on the deck to survey the outside. Down below was the pool an area with several lounge chairs two patio tables with umbrellas and an outdoor shower. Rick walked down to the pool and sat in one of the lounge chairs enjoying my beer. "Hi there", came a male voice from behind him.

Rick looked back to see a man near the side of the yard. "Oh, hello" Rick replied and walked back to where the man was standing.

"I'm your current neighbor, name is Larry" he said. "My name is Rick and we just arrived for the week. My wife and kids went down to the beach and I was having a beer, can I offer you one?" "Sure, sounds good" Larry replied. Rick went in to get another beer and upon returning they shared a little about themselves and family. Rick learned from Larry that he owned a propane gas business and was taking some time off during the slower summer months.

He had rented his place for a month with the intent that his daughter and grandkids would spend a couple of weeks with him at the beach they were supposed to be with him now but something had come up with the daughter's work which prevented them from arriving until the following Saturday. Larry was divorced and had been single for the past 11 years. Larry was a big guy, about 6'2'' and perhaps a fit 260 lbs probably in his mid to late 50's with a shaved head. Joanne and the kids arrived a short time later and Rick introduced everyone.

The kids were whining about using the pool and when Larry learned that theirs was not usable for a few days he graciously offered for them to use his anytime until repairs were made. That made the kid"s day and they rushed next door to take advantage of the offer.

Rick went to the house to get a glass of wine for Joanne and another beer for Larry while they walked over to Larry's yard to be near the kids in the pool. Joanne and Larry were seated at a table near the pool when Rick returned with the drinks. Joanne had worn the most conservative of her new swim suits to the beach and over it a short shirt length cover-up. She had now unbuttoned the shirt front revealing the tops of her attractive tanned breasts under the little bikini top.

There was ample cleavage and side boob on display as we chatted. Suddenly our youngest began calling out "Mommy, Mommy!' from the pool and Joanne got up to check on the problem. As Joanne bent over beside the pool to check on the emergency her skimpy bottom revealed much of her lovely ass cheeks as her bikini was drawn upward and into her crack. This enticing sight didn't go unnoticed by either I or Larry as we watched from the table.

Joanne calmed the upset and returned to the table saying that it was just another of the many sibling disputes that erupt in the course of a typical day. They chatted for awhile longer then Joanne said "Well we better get something for dinner underway." Rick suggested that we order pizza and salads with some sort of treat for the kids since we had not brought much with us and had not had time to shop yet.

Joanne said "Great, Larry why don't you just eat with us tonight since your family didn't make it you can prep for your grandkids arrival by tolerating our two through dinner. Larry agreed and offered for all of us to eat on his patio.

He would get everything set up while we ordered the food and got the kids showered. The evening was very enjoyable, Larry was a gracious host. It made a welcoming first night of vacation.

We ended our dinner visit about 9:30 pm and took the kids back for bedtime. Later that evening the couple got into the hot tub with a nightcap. "Larry was very nice to offer his pool and to host our makeshift dinner tonight.

Too bad his family couldn't make it this week our kids might have had some playmates." Joanne said. "Yeah, he was easy to get acquainted with and seems pretty nice." Rick replied. "He is a real physical presence, reminds me a bit of a friendly version of Tony Soprano with a southern accent" Joanne continued. "He has a way of making me feel warm when he looks at me too".

"Oh, how do you mean warm my dear? Do you mean between your legs?" "Well, no, but just his physical presence can be sort of intimidating and arousing, in a way." "Do you think you want him to fuck you?" "No!" she sharply replied.

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"I don't know it's just a different feeling than I normally get from most other men. The feeling sort of makes me feel childlike." "You know that we have talked and fantasized about sharing." He said. "No, we've talked about would I like to fuck another man or do I ever think about being fucked by a stranger or someone I know. We don't talk about mutual sharing. You just seem to get off on me being the one getting shared." "Well, sorry, but that's what I find arousing, I haven't had urges to do another woman.

I am Just being honest with my feelings. You know that I love you madly and I worship you but I also enjoy you being a sexy, desirable woman that enjoys the attention she deserves and derives pleasure from her sexuality. I can't say how I will actually feel if you ever do fuck another but I won't blame you or be angry with you if you are acting out of your natural urges and need to derive sexual pleasure from what you do." Joanne moved closer, looked into my eyes and said "I love you.

Now let's get that dick up and fuck." She began fondling his cock beneath the warm water quickly causing an erection. She straddled him in the hot tub and lowered her pussy onto his shaft while presenting her pert breasts just at face level. They moved together urgently as their lovemaking became the center of their existence and the warm welcoming hungry pussy was the center of their universe.

The next morning the family went out for breakfast then stopped at a grocery to stock in some food. Following our return back to our beach house we took the kids to the beach for a morning outing.

After lunch Rick had promised to take the kids to see the summer's popular Pixar feature at a multiplex in a nearby town. Joanne had planned some time at the beach alone while we were away. Rick left with the kids about 1:00 pm. The movie was enjoyable and they stopped to get some salt water taffy on the way back. They got back to the beach about 4:15 pm and found the house empty. Rick walked out on the deck and saw that Joanne was sitting on a reclining lounge chair with Larry beside his pool.

Joanne's chair was facing Larry's with her upper torso slightly elevated while her lower body lay flat.

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Larry had an excellent view of Joanne's front with her legs slightly spread before him. She was wearing her new yellow thong bikini which only partially covered her tits and stretched tauntingly over her pronounced vulva allowing the outline of her sex to be clearly seen. She was one erotic sight. They didn't see him come out of the house initially so he yelled across "We're back".

Larry waved and said, "Bring the kids on over for some pool time". Rick passed word to the kids that the pool was available and they rushed to don their suits. Rick walked over and Larry pulled over a chair and offered a beer. He and Joanne already had a beverage in hand. The kids came rushing by and splashed into the pool. "Larry offered us a steak dinner tonight" said Joanne. "Yeah, you can help me with some steaks I bought thinking family would be here this week." Larry added.

"Sounds good to me", Rick replied. "We might want to maybe feed the kids before we eat since they won't do steak. I can pick up some chicken strips and fries for them and they can have their video game or some TV time while we eat. Probably best if we eat at our place so we can be near the kids.

Ok?" Larry agreed and said that he would grill the steaks at his place along with some potatoes and Joanne said she would make a fresh green salad and open some wine. They agreed to pool everything for dinner about 8:00 pm. The trio chatted for awhile and when Joanne finished her glass of wine she said "I'm going to go shower and change.

Thanks for the relaxing afternoon Larry I'll see you at dinner." As she walked away from us we were both fixated on her exposed ass which seductively undulated with each step she took while her hips swayed seductively. "Jesus! She is a lovely woman." Larry observed. "Yes, I am a really fortunate man." Rick responded. "I love the natural way that she presents herself and is willing to let her beauty be seen. My first wife was somewhat like that.

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I loved it" Larry mused. "I hope you aren't offended by anything I'm saying. I certainly don't intend any disrespect to Joanne or you, just sharing my observations." "No problem here." I answered. "Frankly I enjoy knowing that she is appreciated by others and I enjoy her sense of sexuality and willingness to be somewhat free with her body." The conversation moved to other less intense topics as the beers were finished.

We had a great dinner that evening with a couple of bottles of fine red wine. Rick went to get the kids tucked into bed and read a bedtime story to the youngest. Joanne and Larry cleaned up dinner and did the dishes. When he returned to the kitchen Larry was gathering his dishes to go. Joanne said, "Oh, it's too early yet why not stay and have an after dinner drink?" Larry agreed to have a drink but went to take his dishes home and said he would return in a few minutes.

When they were alone Rick pulled Joanne to him and ran his hands under her top to caress and squeeze her breasts which had been pouting for attention through her thin cotton top all evening. "You were incredibly hot in your little yellow swimsuit today" he said. "Larry even mentioned how remarkably comfortable your appear when exposing your body. You now have another devoted admirer my dear". Joanne pulled away to look at him and said "He did seem to enjoy the view.

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I've been feeling somewhat adventurous today. Guess you are just going to have to put up with your dirty girl." They kissed passionately only separating when they heard Larry coming up the stairs. Rick went to make drinks and Joanne took Larry outside to the deck area.

They sat on the deck having drinks in the nighttime quiet for awhile. Joanne arose and said I think it's time for a relaxing soak in the hot tub.

She walked a few steps to where the hot tub was located. Some light filtered onto the deck from the bedroom dimly illuminating the area where the tub was located. Joanne sat her glass on the edge of the tub, lifted her shirt up her torso and over her head then tossed it aside with her back turned toward the men. She then inserted her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and slowly slid them to the floor exposing her glorious ass in the dim light.

She stepped out of her shorts and turned to us saying "Anyone going to join me?" She then stepped up on the edge and down into the hot tub. Neither Larry nor Rick said anything at first. Then Rick decided to follow Joanne's lead. He got up and removed his clothes and said to Larry, "Come on, you heard the invitation." Larry warily questioned "Are you sure about this?" Joanne said, "Oh, come on in.

It feels wonderful." Larry then slowly undressed and joined them in the Hot Tub. Joanne sat in between the two men and all three chatted nervously for the first few minutes. Joanne had positioned her left thigh against Rick's and after a few minutes she began squeezing and rubbing his dick beneath the bubbling water.

Rick wondered if Larry and she were touching underneath the water. He had become very aroused by the unexpected situation and Joanne was now pumping his erection slowly. Rick placed his right hand on her inner thigh and moved up toward her pussy. Instead of touching her familiar folds he encountered Larry's hand smothering and rubbing her pussy and Joanne's legs were spread inviting his probing fingers.

Larry ignored the touch of Rick's hand and continued his stimulation of Joanne's sex. Rick guessed that she was stroking his cock with her right hand as she did his with her left. The situation was so erotic, the lovely wife allowing a much older and very large man that they had just met to feel and play with her body and they both seemed to be lost in the moment.

Rick turned and grasps Joanne's tender breasts and covered her mouth with a deep kiss.

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She moaned softly. Rick very much wanted her to know that he was with her on this new journey. The group play continued with Joanne the center of attention. Larry's probing of Joanne's pussy was becoming more aggressive. Rick could now feel her thigh pressing against his leg as she spread her legs wider and arched her pelvis into Larry's hand.

Joanne then said, "Let's go inside." Without a word, we separated. Larry stepped out of the tub and extended a hand to Joanne.

As she took his hand and stepped up on the tub's decking, Larry swept her off her feet and lifted her into his arms like a child. Rick watched from behind as the large, burly man carried his aroused wife across the deck and into the bedroom. As they entered Larry laid Joanne across the bed still dripping water from the hot tub. Rick quickly slipped through the room and walked down the hall to make sure the kids were sleeping.

He pulled shut the doors of their bedrooms then returned to their room to find Joanne still lying across the bed with her eyes closed, her feet resting on the edge of the bed with her knees bent and thighs spread and open and Larry's face buried in her pussy.

His head moved steadily as he licked her wet crack and tongued her clitoris. His large hands were pressing her thighs back toward her body as he forced her sex open to his oral attack.

Rick closed and locked the bedroom door and continued to watch transfixed by the sight before him. Joanne was now squirming on the bed and grinding her pelvis into Larry's face.

Joanne began to whimper and thrust her pussy against Larry more urgently. He watched as her first orgasm swept over her. Joanne's back arched, her hands sought Larry's head as she pulled his face hard against her open, wet sex and quivered as her wetness coated his face and mouth. As the first climax of the night waned, Larry stood up with Joanne still lying open and exposed before him.

Her sex seeped a steady flow of wetness as some vaginal contractions continued. Standing there Larry appeared even larger than when dressed. His legs were massive, he was barrel chested with an ample but still firm stomach.

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His hands were very large and his fully erect dick was remarkable in its girth, the length was not extraordinary but his thickness was. The very large shaft was crowned by a wide flat engorged head.

Rick wondered if its invasion of Joanne would be painful. He was soon to find out. Larry stood there and slowly stroked his erect cock looking at Joanne's vulnerable body before him.

He looked at me and said, "Do you want to have her pussy first?" I was so shocked by the question that I could only shake my head. Larry then reached for Joanne's arms and pulled her upright toward him. Her feet slipped to the floor with a leg on either side of Larry. Her face was now confronted with Larry's large dick. She took the shaft in her right hand and began licking up and down the thick shaft and around the head. She tongued her way down to his balls and sucked one then the other into her mouth.

Larry placed his hands to the side of her head and guided her mouth to the head of his dick. She opened her mouth to accept him sucking and licking around the wide crown of purple flesh.

The gentle mouth play began to give way to Larry slowly thrusting into Joanne's mouth. He grasp her hair with his hands and began more deeply thrusting into her throat.

Rick had never been so demanding in their oral sex play usually letting Joanne take the lead and use her mouth on me as she desired. As Larry's plunged his dick toward Joanne's throat she began to gag and gasp for air. Her saliva leaked from her mouth along his shaft as he alternately thrust in and out.

In spite of her difficulty in accommodating him she allowed the assault to continue. The wetness from her mouth and tears leaking from her eyes streaked her face and ran onto her neck and chest. Larry's pace began to increase.

The sounds of his rapid breathing and those of Joanne's gagging and gasping for air seemed to combine into a surreal rhythm of sex as the building crescendo approached. Larry now reached his end. His dick slammed into Joanne's mouth and his strong hands held her face flush against his lush growth of pubic hair and he emptied into her throat.

Joanne was held there against him until she became desperate for more air and began to struggle. Larry released her head and allowed his dick to slip from her well used mouth. Joanne coughed and took some deep breaths as a combination of Larry's cum and her own saliva ran from her open mouth and a strand of his cum leaked from her nostril and onto her chest and stomach.

Larry stepped away from the bed and toward the side. The scene had left Rick unbelievably aroused. He walked around the bed and in front of Joanne still sitting on the edge.

He pushed her back onto the bed and repositioned her as he lay down beside her. Rick felt for her pussy as Joanne willingly spread herself to his probing fingers. He moved between her legs and they meshed in urgent lovemaking. The two bodies worked against each other in a natural flow of familiarity and harmony. Joanne's body began another orgasm and she fucked urgently beneath Rick which set off his own climax.

Rick's seed was emptied into her warm vagina. The couple lay together through a few lovely aftershocks of pleasure. As they separated Rick became aware of Larry seated behind them his recovery evidenced by another full erection which he was stroking. Joanne rolled out of bed to empty her bladder. Larry and Rick sat there saying nothing. Joanne came back into the room and Rick left also for a bathroom break.

As he returned, Larry told Joanne to come over to where he was seated. She stood in front of him as he began to fondle her between her legs, probing between her ass cheeks, and pulling and pinching her nipples. Watching his large hands work over his wife's body began to get Rick aroused again.

Joanne willingly spread her legs to provide access to Larry's large hand and probing fingers. The sloppy sounds of his hand probing against her wetness punctuated the group's heavy breathing. Larry said, "You are something else little lady." Larry got up and turned Joanne facing toward the bed. "Get your ass up in the air for us." he demanded.

Joanne crawled onto the bed, lowered her head on a pillow with her ass facing us. Larry had her reposition so that her ass was elevated directly in front of both of us seated at the foot of the bed. Larry pulled his chair closer to the bed and motioned for me to do the same. He then began rubbing Joanne's pussy, spreading her labia wide and tracing his finger along her crack to her asshole. "What a beautiful sight" Larry observed "That bare pudgy, pouting pussy and that little puckered asshole just inviting you to tear into them." Larry clasp Joanne's cheeks and spread them widely and began tonguing and licking her ass and pussy, probing her with his tongue.

After several minutes of orally stimulating her Larry stopped and said "Joanne we are going to work over your pussy and ass until you cum for us, would you like that?" "Yes" Joanne responded softly. Larry slowly began probing one finger into Joanne's slick vagina while Rick began to rub around her sensitive ass.

Joanne responded by further spreading her legs and thrusting her hindquarters back toward us. She completely opened herself to our probing fingers. As Larry played with Joanne's pussy he gradually inserted more fingers into her. Rick now had two fingers fully inserted inside her asshole and she was grinding her pelvis in rhythm with their movements.

"Isn't that a beautiful sight?" Larry ask, "Just look at her pussy and ass work and move, how her cunt plays with you and makes those wonderful juicy sounds as her flesh responds and squeezes inside." As Larry talked, Joanne became more aroused. Rick knew she would reach another peak soon. Larry sensed Joanne's building eruption too and said "Slap that beautiful ass of hers." Rick gave her right cheek a slap and Joanne's pace of pelvic thrusting increased.

"Whip that hot ass". Larry harshly said and I began alternately smacking each of Joanne's round cheeks as she bucked urgently against our probing hands. "Do you squirt little lady?" Larry ask. "Sometimes", Joanne gasps out a response.

"You are going to squirt for us now so let it go." he directed. Larry began to rapidly slam his four fingers and open hand into Joanne's gaping pussy. Rick extracted his fingers from her ass giving her up to Larry's assault. Larry abruptly rotated his hand inside of Joanne and was now roughly, rapidly thrusting and pulling his fingers against the front of her vagina and over her g-spot.

She was squirming and thrusting with the pace of his movements and she let out a small cry with each breath. Larry then put his free hand underneath her belly and lifted upward against her pubic mound while very rapidly thrusting into Joanne's pussy then extracting his probing fingers. Joanne cried out against the pillow as several streams of liquid squirted from her red swollen sex and onto the bed and floor.


Joanne then collapsed onto her stomach in front of us to recover. Larry waited only a couple of minutes before rising, slapping Joanne on the butt, grasping her hips and lifted her ass back into the air his hard cock poised at her swollen stretched pussy. Rick watched as he positioned the head against her opening and thrust into her with one smooth stroke. After the workout she had just had with his large hand stretching her vaginal opening and internal walls she accepted his large dick with east and began pushing back against his thrusting inside her.

Larry looked at Rick and said get your dick in her mouth while I fuck her cunt. I crawled onto the bead and positioned myself in front of Joanne and took her head in my lap as she was pushed toward me by Larry's thrusting.

Joanne opened her mouth and licked my hard shaft with her tongue and her lips played with the head. Larry placed his hands on Joanne shoulders and pulled her back to meet his penetration and said get that dick in your mouth little lady, let's see some good dick sucking while you fuck.

He grabbed her behind the neck with one of his large hands and guided her mouth over and onto my cock pushing her face downward until she began to gag and choke. His pace of fucking her increased as he grabbed both sides of her head and pushed her face up and down briskly onto my dick. She now regularly was gagging and gasping for air as her face was pressed into my stomach and Larry's large dick plunged at her insides.

First her thighs began to quiver uncontrollably then her entire body began to convulse and shake as another orgasm racked her. I heard Larry grunt loudly as he pulled her hips back forcefully toward him and held her as he again emptied his cum into her. Watching their combined sexual releases caused Rick's dick to explode another stream of sperm into Joanne's mouth. He then watched as Larry slipped out of her well used and still contracting pussy.

Larry then squeezed the last few drops of semen from his cock letting it spill over Joanne's pink inflamed ass. Joanne and Rick lay together exhausted among damp cum stained bedding as Larry slumped back in the chair at the foot of the bed. Lying there in the now still bedroom with Joanne quietly breathing beside him, Rick dropped off to sleep. Sometime later Rick was awakened by sounds of Joanne gagging. He turned to see Larry standing over Joanne's body.

She was lying face up with her head hanging off the bedside as he fucked her mouth yet again. His hands held her head in position as he drove his cock into her throat as her nose was pressed against his scrotum. She choked and struggled under the rough face fucking he was giving her.

As Rick sat up, Larry extracted his dick and another stream of semen was released into Joanne's mouth and onto her face. Cum trickled down her inverted head and ran over her closed eyelids, forehead and into her hair. His ejaculation spent Larry opened the sliding door and left our bedroom to return to his house leaving Joanne's head hanging grotesquely off the bed.

Rick groggily eased Joanne's head back onto the bed, placed his arm around her and pulled her to him as they both sought escape in slumber.