Erika Sarai recibiendo de ladito

Erika Sarai recibiendo de ladito
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The Academic and the Nymphomaniac Chapter Two. REPOST REWRIGHT (Author's Note.) Due to a request for details, and the fact that if I do not build a little bit of a back story, this will turn into a very bad stroke story it is necessary.

The feline race that David belongs to are the Ledred. There native planet (Rigel Seven) is called Ledra, I have described it to you somewhat in chapter 1. Ledra's orbital period is 983.35 rotations of the planet and the rotation period is 25.2 of our hours.

One cycle (Year) on Ledra equals 2.826… years on Earth. The distance from Rigel and the fact that the ozone layer is very heavy reduces the cellular damage to the planets inhabitants and prolongs the life span of all living things on the planet.

The Ledred evolved from an adaptable predator with a highly developed brain. Their main food source were large grazing animals too large for one Pride to hunt or consume, they were very hard to kill which caused the need for the use of tools and fire, and interpride cooperation.

The Ledred had a very similar evolution to ours, Hunter-gatherer to Agrarian (Farming-herding) to Cosmopolitan (Manufacturing). Where the Ledred evolution diverged from ours was their Technology. The Ledred have a spoken and written language as well as highly advanced math skills but due to the fact that many live births consisted of two to five genetically identical siblings (Bonded Littermates) and Pride Bonding they developed and evolved a high level of psychic ability.

I won't go into it any further (A whole volume could be devoted to this subject alone.) however they gained the ability to directly affect the dimensional planes. This combined with an advanced technology base has given them a great advantage in the universe. Much of it is as a result of their ability to create a dimensional folding. This affects everything from travel, to storage, communication, and manipulation of matter. They do not use space craft or ground vehicles, they use portal technology.

Their energy production is based on Zero Point Field Theory. They also have the ability to affect genetic material on a sub molecular level. Remember kiddies that any sufficiently advanced technology looks like magic to more primitive life forms. Now back to the story. Chapter Two. When I came to I was completely disoriented and confused, all I knew was that something wonderful was happening.

I could not think coherently as my cock was in a warm, wet and wonderful place. I opened my eyes and looked down my body at a head of copper red hair going up and down at my pelvis and stars bursting in my brain. Then it came to me through the fog, Vicky!


She looked up at me as she pulled her mouth up to the end of my cock and cleared her hair out of her face.

With a loud smack she pulled off of my cock and crawled up my body like a predator ready to feed. For just a second I thought she might consume me for nourishment, and I was willing to let her. I could not understand what was happening with this beautiful woman. She was acting like one of my mates in season, and just as demanding.

(Our females are very aggressive.) I could not help it but this woman was making me lose control. I did not think any more because Vicky had reached my face and was staring into my eyes. My whole world twisted as I felt a bonding connection to Vicky. Vicky said "David I am sorry that I attacked you like that, I just could not help myself. When you were in my office today as soon as I got within five feet of you I got excited, very wet, and I really wanted you to pet my pussy." I laughed and said "Vicky I do not know what is going on but you being this close almost renders me incapable of thought.

"I'm sorry David but I have to explain a few things to you. I a nymphomaniac, although I am normally able to keep it under control I don't know what happened but I completely lost it.

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You started this so you better get ready for the ride of your life." (Wait a sec; didn't she jump me in the shower?) She put her lips on mine and began kissing me again; I felt it all the way down to my toes and back up again. I ran my hands through her mane of hair and then rolled on top of her.

I pulled back and looked into those green eyes of hers and then down at her breasts. Her nipples were like two solders standing at attention. I could not help myself; I licked her left nipple and then flicked it rapidly with the tip of my tongue. It looked like her nipple expanded, and hardened like a rock.

I began to rake it with my teeth. Vicky moaned and said "My right nipple is feeling very neglected right now, you had better start showing it some attention or you might live to regret it." I believed right then and there that she could throw me around the room and make me beg for more. I started alternating back and forth and Vicky began to moan and vibrate, I nipped at her nipples and she started into an orgasm that looked like she was having convulsions.

I had never seen a woman come from having her nipples stimulated before, but it excited me to see it. Vicky moaned and shoved my head down off her breasts, I kept on licking, flicking, and nibbling down her beautiful body. She screamed and exploded again, so I kept on doing what I was doing and held her on the crest of her orgasm for at least five minutes.

She screamed one more time and pushed me away. I lay there looking up at this woman with my chin pressing on her pelvic bone and clit. She looked down at me with tears in her eyes and said. "You are an evil, evil man." I smiled back up at her and asked. "What do you want me to do?" She grabbed the hair on the back of my head and shoved my face into her pussy and said.

"Eat me dam it and don't stop until I tell you!" Well who am I to disappoint a lady? I dove right in and went to the races. I heard her moaning and making little sobbing noises so I looked up and asked her, "Do you need me to stop?" She slapped me hard on the top of my head and said," Get back to work or I will toss you off the balcony." I started swirling the tip of my tongue around her clit and then I went down on it like it was a cock.

I sucked and pulled on it with my lips and by the time I was done it was almost ¾ of an inch long and as big around as the tip of my little finger. This did not put her over the edge, she dove off the cliff! She was shaking, babbling, and smashing my face into her pussy so hard all I could do was keep sucking her clit and hope I did not suffocate.

She almost crushed my head like a grape with her thighs. She shoved me off her and the bed screaming "Stop oh God please stop." I climbed back up on the bed with her and lay there looking at her, I could not get enough of her beauty. I swear that if you look up glowing and freshly fucked there is a picture of Vicky's face. She rolled up onto her side and looked at me with this look of hunger and contentment combined.

After a little rest and without saying a word she pushed me onto my back and straddled my hips and impaled herself on my still hard cock. (If I had died rite then the mortician would have taken a week to get the smile off of my face.) Vicky lay down with my head in her hands; those lovely breasts pressed onto my chest, and started to lick her fluids off of my face while she rocked gently and slowly back and forth. She worked on bringing me to as state of arousal so profound that when we finally reached our orgasm it felt like I was having multiple and prolonged orgasm's forever.

Vicky snuggled down and nuzzled my neck whispering "We never made it to dinner." I looked at her with a smile and said "Room service!" I ordered a nice locally caught seafood dinner and a bottle of chardonnay from room service as Vicky tossed me a robe out of the bathroom took a shower.


I lay back on the bed and thought about the day. I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth as humans say but something was not right about this. My assignment from the institute was not to learn the mating habits of these humans but to study and make an evaluation about first contact.

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Then it hit me, could Vicky be reacting to my pheromones and could I be reacting to hers? I had to shelve these questions as there was a knock on the door and I let room service in.

While the waiter was setting out the meal Vicky came walking out of the bath in all her natural glory! The poor room service waiter was obviously just a youngster and he almost had a heart attack. Vicky walked up to him and asked him if there was something wrong?

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I took the check from, signed it with a good tip and ushered him out the door before I had to call the paramedics.

I looked at Vicky and said, "And you called me evil?" She replied with, "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger." I almost fell on to the floor laughing. I threw a robe over her shoulders and seated her at the table. Then I nibbled on her earlobe as I placed her napkin in her lap. She shivered and smiled up at me while I poured her a glass of wine.

The meal was better than I had expected and while we were sipping our wine Vicky looked at me with this strange look in her eyes.

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And she began to speak. "David I do not know what came over me or why I did what I did, don't get me wrong I love sex. Not only that I have a psychological condition that drives me to have sex, I am a Nymphomaniac. I am also a bit of a Dom and I have two beautiful sub boys at home who worship me, and quite a number of friends with benefits who help me keep my desires at bay. I am a successful career woman who does not seduce her clients. You are the first person outside my circle who knows about my condition.

However if you are going to be in Monterey for any length of time I will have to make room on my dance card, I think I am addicted to you." "You have my card if you need me call me and I will clear my schedule." I watched this beautiful woman get dressed.

As I walked her to the door she shook her head and said. "I forgot to call my boys; they are probably out of their minds worrying about me." I gave her a light kiss on the cheek and told her that if I was going to be in town long I would call and let her know, or I would call and say goodbye. This was not rite, I am a scientist and an observer, and I don't do these things. I am a devoted alpha male and father in my pride; it is not in my species makeup to go outside the pride for sex.

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I am just one portal away from the common room in our dwelling at home. Here I want to take this human home and make her my alpha mate; Sharrli would literally rip both Vicky and myself to shreds and feed us to the Larch. (Roughly equivalent to a Terran opossum.) I took a swab from Vicky's glass and sent it by portal to our lab facilities on the moon. I needed to start with a DNA analysis to figure out just what the hell was going on.

I called it a day and lay down to sleep.