Ass hole guy gay porn first time These two boycompeers take the

Ass hole guy gay porn first time These two boycompeers take the
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The morning after Tino Sala's dinner party Matthew Ryder rose early, planning to spend the day with newfound mentor Johnny Frio.

He wanted to know as much as possible about the business. The financial incentives notwithstanding, the thrill of being around hidden cameras and covert activity appealed immensely to a seventeen-year old whose horizons were being expanded by the day.

Johnny's office was located at the northern end of the marina, a brisk walk in the cool morning air. As he passed by, Matthew was heartened to see a hive of activity around Ryder Tower so early in the day. The vast plastic cover removed, the orange-brown brickwork shone like a beacon, making an imposing sight.

It would be some landmark in the coming years and not a bad pension plan either! But for now he had other matters to concentrate upon. Only too happy to dedicate time to a young man he'd already developed a paternal instinct towards, Johnny welcomed Matthew into the squat office. He began by explaining the nuts and bolts of the company, disclosing that referrals fell into three main categories. The main work came from insurance companies and lawyers that required video evidence for the purposes of litigation.

This mainly involved shooting film of claimants doing things they shouldn't: what was commonly known as malingering. Likewise, the government used his services to obtain evidence of fraudsters working whilst claiming benefits. The third strand was the private jobs, 'the juicy stuff': husbands seeking proof of their wives having affairs, and vice versa. Matthew nodded thoughtfully to demonstrate that he was absorbing it all.

"Okay, I'm in." Smiling, he went to shake his new partner's hand, only for Johnny to raise his hands before dropping the bombshell.

"Whoa Matthew, you think it that easy?" Matthew's eyes narrowed. "Oh I thought." "Nah, first you have to prove your suitability. Not everyone cut out to do what I do, you know." "Prove my suitability?" "Yah, your initiation test." Matthew rubbed at his chin.

"Test?" "Yah, to show me you make worthy partner." "How do you mean.?'ve never done anything like this before.I'm not sure I." Johnny waved away his prot?'s concerns. "I set you simple task to begin with, yah." "Um, o-okay." "Don't sound so scared, you enjoy this task," Johnny revealed, eyes sparkling. "I want you retrieve the hidden camera." Matthew frowned, more so when Johnny revealed: "It's still attached to Connie's suspender belt." Matthew's jaw dropped and he swallowed hard.

"You're joking?" Johnny issued a grave expression. "No joke. These things no grow on trees, you know." Matthew didn't like the sound of the task one bit, and his face told as much. "You no think you can do it, Matthew no? And you want be surveillance expert like Uncle Johnny?" "Yes, but." "Yes but nothing," the older man countered.

"In twenty-five years in the business this face been punched so many times I lose count, I been chased through fields by gangsters, bitten by vicious dogs, threatened with violence.This no job for a shrinking violet." Though he was apprehensive, Matthew took exception to the challenge to his masculinity, pushing out his chest like a rooster.

"Okay, I'll, um, do it." "Good, good. I done all groundwork, so easy-peasy. Connie, she no go work this morning, drink too much last night and not get home till four in morning. She so drunk she still have same stockings on from last night." Johnny produced the sleek black receiver from the previous evening. Sure enough the camera was still in place on Connie's thigh, trained upon a smooth yet gently sleeping pussy.

The thought of sexual matters cheered Matthew. "Did she spend the rest of the evening at Tino's without her panties on?" Johnny grinned. "She sure did and drunker she get, the more flirtatious she become. If you'd hang around, Matthew, you'd have been well in!" "Really?" Johnny's smile evaporated. "Maybe, maybe not." "Oh?" "Perhaps I shouldn't tell you this." "What?

Oh Johnny, you have to now." Johnny pursed his lips. "Let's just say, after you leave, she not very complimentary about you." "Oh? In what way?" Johnny exhaled. "She say you are like all Englishmen, you have no balls. And she call Heather cheap peasant and say you must be cheap peasant too." "Oh did she now?" "Yes.

Now go bring back my camera." The ploy had worked to perfection and the young apprentice ambled off, mulling over in his mind just where to start.

Initiative was needed to succeed. He recalled the table talk from the previous evening and gradually pieced together a plan. Connie lived close to the marina, perhaps no more than five minutes away. All he needed was a plausible way to get inside.

Ah yes, he still had her phone number. Subtlety would get him nowhere, that much was certain. It was time to be brave. No balls indeed. He'd show her. Removing the mobile phone from his pocket, Matthew made the call. Connie sounded groggy, cheering perceptively when she learned who it was.

"Um, it's just that I'm in the area," Matthew revealed. "I could, um, use a cup of tea and it sounds like you could too." He awaited her response, heart pounding and scarcely able to believe he was going through with this. But she appeared receptive to the idea and, having gained directions, the wannabe investigator headed to her apartment. On the way he passed Joe the Shammy, Manila's most famous window cleaner, the pair exchanging a hearty greeting.

An intercom system meant that Connie didn't need to leave the comfort of her bed. "Hello?" he called out, creeping up the hallway and onto the stairs, a bedroom door slightly ajar with soft music and a bluish light seeping out. Drawn like a moth to a flame, Matthew pushed open the door and stepped inside the partly lit bedroom.

Lying atop the bed in the sulphur-like glow and clad in just stockings and suspenders, Connie made no effort whatsoever to cover up. Dark straggly tentacles of hair spilled on the pillow and her pert breasts were brazenly on display. His eyes lowered to fix upon the top of a crack that was just visible between her legs.

"So, how do you like your tea?" he enquired. "Like my men," she revealed. Matthew raised his eyebows after which Connie elucidated: "Hot, sweet and white." Matthew swallowed hard. "But forget the tea, yah Matthew. Get over here and fuck me now." The teenager's eyes expanded. Honest to goodness he'd never intended for this to happen - at least not this quick. Given what she'd allegedly said about him at the dinner party and basking in the warmth of his fledgling relationship with Heather, his only feelings for Connie at that moment were of disdain.

But she was like a rabid bitch on heat, foaming at the mouth, and - surprise surprise - he was horny as hell. As he dithered by the side of the bed, Connie seized control, reaching up to loosen the tie and unbutton the shirt in one eager movement.

Swooning at the strong chest beneath, she ran her talons through the light thatch of hair at its centre. At the same time, Matthew wrestled down his trousers and boxers, kicking them off to kneel naked before her on the bed.

Her breasts were little raised mounds sitting proudly upon her chest and topped off with attentive brown nipples that craved attention. Matthew wasted no further time with misgivings, surrendering to lust. The left teat fitted snugly in his pursed lips, treated to a good hard suck until it swelled and felt ready to explode in his mouth.

Baring his teeth, Matthew nibbled around the aureola, tongue lapping at the nipple's underside. Connie groaned with lust, eyes sparkling at having bagged this prize so easily. There was more to Matthew than perhaps she'd given him credit for.

What she didn't realise was how much more. He moved across to the right breast, leaving a thick trail of saliva between the pair, before doing the same to the other, only more forcefully and with more bite, causing Connie to squeal and scrape her nails over his scalp.

Hands moving back behind her head, she took a firm grip on the upright metal bars of the bedstead. Matthew adjusted so that he towered over her, knees between hers.

Leaning down so that their stomachs brushed, his arms fitted across hers, big hands covering the little clenched fists that gripped so tight to the bedstead as if she was scared to let go. Their bodies rolled together, both manoeuvring to gain optimum position, his cock scraping up the left inner thigh to nestle at the waiting pussy entrance. But just as he was about to plunge in, Matthew stopped sharp.

Reaching aside, his hand fell upon the discarded tie. "Oh Matthew, you no going to tie me up like naughty little girl, are you?" she breathed, eyes twinkling. Matthew smiled wickedly. He'd adjudged her a kinky little bitch from the very first moment they met and was pleased to see the hunch was right. How could Johnny ever have doubted his judgement? He was going to make a great investigator, blessed with cunning, intuition and guile. He slipped the silken neckpiece around her wrists, securing them to the bedstead, her hands wiggling above.

When through gritted teeth Connie prompted him to tie it harder, Mhthewe pulled the knot extra tight, then looped another, eliciting a whimper. She tugged, testing the knot and causing the metal grille to rattle noisily, wrists secured fast. Her big black eyes were as wide and wondrous as a child's on Christmas Day as Matthew rubbed his hands with glee. "You're my helpless little slut," he mouthed.

Connie groaned. He didn't imagine she wanted to be made love to. No, the filthy Filipina whore wanted it rough and uncompromising, no holds barred. And he was happy to oblige, only too happy. With little regard for her as a person, his feelings comprised lust for her tidy body and revulsion for what she'd said about him and Heather.

No foreplay or preamble, he placed his hands beneath her arse and pawed roughly, kneading a pair of strong fingers into the plump flesh and elevating her pussy in readiness. Connie whimpered at the show of forceful authority, already dripping wet at the prospect of being treated roughly. Matthew's cock nudged between her legs in readiness, desperate to get inside that delicious little cunt.

Connie's eyes expanded upon seeing and then feeling its imperious girth, arching to lift her wanton pussy toward the rapidly descending knob. Matthew aimed straight and true, embedding the bulbous head in soft moist crack in one easy motion and impaling half the shaft before it stuck fast. Connie squealed in a mix of pleasure and pain, evacuating her lungs of air. "Oh fuck Matthew, yesssssss," she mouthed hoarsely, cunt walls stretched wider than she'd imagined was possible.

Yet frustratingly he remained only half in and, despite heaving and pushing, the tiny vagina steadfastly refused to accept any more shaft.

Despite being a decade older, unbelievably she was tighter than Amy. Shifting the angle of attack, he lifted beneath her knees, shuffling forward and trying to work deeper into the snug crevice. Connie did her best to relax, but the simple fact was that she'd never had a guy before with a cock as thick as Matthew's. Nor one as determined! A retraction of the buttocks and a huge intake of air, he literally hammered his cock forward.

Some give, accompanied by an ear-piercing wail, an extra inch disappeared. The legal executive thrashed about, begging clemency, Ignoring the protests, Matthew stabbed repeatedly until just the uppermost inch of shaft remained exposed. Anchored by her wrists wrapped tight around the bedstead, Connie was at his complete mercy as he mauled at her tits, nibbled her neck and moved his cock in and out in an attempt to create sufficient lushness to bury the entire shaft. A painful procedure on both parties' behalfs, it was Connie that bore the brunt, crying out and tossing her head from side to side as her sweet sex came under ever increasing attack.

Yet annoyingly, Matthew remained unable to get the last inch embedded. Stealing another breath, he elevated his buttocks, cock trying to retreat. Yet Connie's snug pussy walls held tight as if not wanting to let it free and he had to really pull hard to work free.

"This not such a good idea, you too big," Connie finally admitted. Paying no heed and with a steely determination, Matthew adopted a new position, lifting her ankles onto his shoulders and taking a firm grip on the cold metal bedstead in order to gain added leverage.

He jabbed purposefully, forcing all but that final inch inside. Fearful that he might split her open, Connie spread her thighs as wide as they'd go to enable the deeper penetration Matthew craved.

Finally, after half a dozen huge thrusts, the mean pussy yielded and the rock hard appendage totally immersed itself in tight wet cunt. Both gasped till their lungs hurt. But boy did it feel good. Matthew adored the small Filipina vagina that gripped as tightly as a swimming sock. He could happily have remained inside her like this all morning, cock being gently stimulated by the little electric pulses from the enveloping walls.

Yet an all-consuming lust put paid to that whimsical notion. As he drew back in readiness like a marksman taking aim, Connie held her breath, eyes bulging, the pain upon exit almost as severe as going in.

Thrashing about, her fingernails dug the palms of her clenched hands until they very nearly drew blood. Yet the pain would turn soon enough to liquid delight as the eager young stud began a slow and steady rhythm, building like an overture.

Much as he'd liked to have taught her a good lesson, anything harder or faster was rendered impossible by the tight vagina.

Connie was totally overwhelmed as her teen lover took control, astounding her with his power and athleticism. Her cunt ached, yet it ached so good, as he moved in and out as rapidly as he could. And such a talented lover, she swooned, his hands were everywhere, beguiling her. One moment they were busy kneading her arse cheeks, the next squeezing her breasts. She could barely keep up with what he was doing to her body and the sensations he created. Generous with his mouth too, licking and nibbling around the upper torso and sucking the nipples, occasionally he'd reward her with a tender kiss on the lips before breaking away teasingly.

Connie's head was swimming and very soon her cunt was too. It took a good deal of toing and froing but eventually, no longer restricted by the initial tightness, iMatthew was able to move freely in and out. Indeed, it was if as if her cunt had been tailored to his exact requirements, the fluid motion akin to a well-oiled machine.

As their bodies melted together, he found a higher gear, pounding in and out with complete abandon, battering her cunt senseless. The bed creaked painfully, matching the urgent strokes as up and down his buttocks pumped, firing his cock into the far reaches of the Filipina's awesome little hole. Their bodies pressed tightly, Connie spread her knees wider until they were laid almost flat, allowing yet deeper access. Gripping so tight on the head rail his knuckles turned white, Matthew inflicted an unerring series of long deep thrusts before stopping momentarily to gather up Connie's ankles once more.

He lifted and pushed them back until they touched the horizontal metal rail, her pussy gaping. Resting his bodyweight against the backs of her legs, his hands gripping the bar, he slotted the bloated cock head back inside a now almost welcoming cunt, pushing until his balls brushed Connie's perineum.

"Fuck meeeeeee!" she pleaded through the gap in her legs, eyes clamped shut. Matthew didn't need asking twice. In fact, he'd rarely felt as much lust in a brief sexual history. It seemed to be exacerbated by the fact that he didn't actually care for her greatly as a person. That added a somewhat thrilling edge. As a detached object of sexual desire, she took some beating.

Mmm, beating now there was an idea for later. And he felt sure as hell she'd oblige. Bang, bang, bang went his thick prick, the frenzied pounding that bringing both quickly to the verge of orgasm. Her feet up by Matthew's ears, cunt being rammed unerringly, Connie came first. Her pretty little face wrinkled and she screamed unashamedly as her clit thronged. Feeling her body lapse into uncontrollable spasms and the bedstead rattle, Matthew's balls began to ache and he wasn't too far behind.

Plunging down with a final meaningful thrust that felt like it might bust through her womb wall and impale her to the bed, he came with such a forceful spurt that Connie felt sure her internal organs jolted upwards.

Matthew continued to pump incessantly, ejaculating three additional loads of seed into the girl's wanton womb.

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And still it came and came. Even as he pulled clear, a silvery snail-like trail coated her lower tummy as the girl's legs clapped back down on the bed. Far from being finished, wriggling up to straddle her belly, the teenager squeezed out a ring of cum around each nipple like a chef icing buns.

Shuffling higher up her body on his knees, he eked out the last line of spunk across the top lip, painting on a freakish-looking moustache. Connie was so overwhelmed, chest heaving, breath speeding, that she had little appreciation of what was happening to her. With that, remembering the purpose of the visit, Matthew brushed a hand up an inner thigh to free the micro spy camera. It slipped off into his palm, mission accomplished. Well almost. As a final measure, with Connie helpless, he reached into the discarded suit trousers and removed the mobile phone, holding it to an eye and closing the other.

"Smile for the camera," he teased Coming around, Connie felt the seed above her lips. Tethered, she could only lie and watch as the cameraphone flashed, capturing her cum-coated body. "Now," he hissed, pushing back up close and regarding her with disdain.

"You don't breathe a word of this to anyone, okay particularly Heather.

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This stays between us." Heather nodded silently and not a little scared of the cold serial killer look that had taken up residence in Matthew's normally serene eyes. The true fact of the matter was that he was frightened to death of Heather finding out about this sordid episode. At the same time, it surprised him how nasty he'd just been and could be.

For the humiliating ordeal wasn't over for Connie yet. And if his calculations were correct. At that moment a csraping sound at the front of the house alerted the pair. Matthew moved to the window, tugging up his trousers and pulling on the drawstring of the blind. It elevated, flooding the room in unfamiliar daylight. "Oh crap, it looks like your window cleaner has arrived," he observed. "Quick! The blind!" Connie screeched in a panic, her face completely draining of its colour.

Matthew regarded her with a dumb look. "Matthew, close blind quick." He pulled at the string as the top of the ladder planted on the outer brickwork and scratched its way across the outer wall into position, coming to rest just below the glass. "It's okay, looks like he's doing the bottom ones first," Matthew commentated as, down below, Joe the Shammy stopped five rungs up and the lower panes of glass began to squeak under the sponge and soapy water.

"Matthew, please," she pleaded as his salty cum began to trickle down onto her tongue. "Damn, it's stuck," he replied, tugging earnestly at the drawstring. As he fought in vain, Connie screamed at him to close it, yanking so hard at the bed that she threatened to snap her wrists.

Yet it was genuinely stuck fast, his honest endeavours coming to nothing. "Okay Matthew, forget that, come here, untie me. Quick!" she begged, the spunk reaching her chin as it trickled in an orderly procession. Matthew moved back across the room, straddling Connie's belly once more and wrestling with the knot above her head. It was secured tighter than he'd imagined, added to which Connie's struggling only made it worse.

He couldn't untie her even if he'd wanted to, fumbling in vain, a glance across to the exposed middle window, the bitter light of morning flooding in accusingly. The faraway cleaning suddenly stopped and a foot on a rung and the shake of a bucket could clearly be heard. Joe was ascending. "Quick!" Connie commanded like a broken record as, rung by rung, he climbed nearer.

"Nope, it's stuck tight," Matthew revealed, jumping from the bed. As the sweaty top of the window cleaner's bald head appeared in the pane, Matthew decided to make himself scarce, heading for the door amid a hollow-sounding apology. Her pussy on full display, Connie tried moving onto her side in a vain attempt to cover up.

But that merely revealed her gorgeous rump and pulled her wrists so tight that it was sheer hell. Attaining the most comfortable position possible, which was on her back, she could at least cross her stockinged legs to hide her pussy, but could do nothing about her tits, exposed and glistening with Matthew's dewy seed.

The window cleaner's moonshaped face appeared in view just as Matthew exited. The guilty-ish young man watched through the crack in the bedroom door as Connie moaned, cringed and hyperventilated. A slow-motion moment elapsed before the balding window cleaner realised what he'd stumbled upon, eyes almost popping out of his head.


He must have thought all his birthdays had come at once as the helpless legal executive lay there naked with cum making rivulets down her chin and ribcage.

The incredible thing was that, like a true professional, the window cleaner went about his business as if nothing was amiss. Though his eyes did furtively dart back and forth intermittently. Five minutes of squelching wet shammy on glass added to Connie's aching humiliation before Joe climbed back down with a little smile. He'd have plenty to tell his mates at the Cockleshell Club that evening. Matthew contemplated leaving her there for the day, or calling the fire brigade, but that would be plain cruel.

He had made his point. Returning from the bathroom with a pair of scissors, he cut free the poor girl, fleeing before she could inflict violent retribution.

"I'll see myself out," he cried in mid flight. He headed back to the marina to be greeted by a grinning Johnny. It was only then that Matthew realised it might have been wiser to remove the camera sooner rather than later. Johnny had witnessed it all. Ah well, he was still new to the game and learning the ropes, so to speak.

Johnny sniggered as the hidden camera was returned to his safe keeping. "I think you'll fit in here just fine, Matthew." "Mmm, me too." "Though I warn you, not all assignments as thrilling as this one. You have to take rough with smooth." Both laughed uncontrollably. The mentor spent a further hour or so familiarising his charge with the systems and procedures before lunchtime arrived and his date with Heather.

He called into reception and whisked her off to the floating restaurant in Manila Bay where he'd reserved the best table. A first for the simple and uncomplicated girl, she was overwhelmed among the high flyers and well heeled.

"Ah Matthew, you spoil me," she observed with a smile. "You deserve to be spoiled," he countered with pride, trying to put Connie out of mind. After a wonderful lunch of fried chicken and salad and some fine conversation, he walked her back to the office, enquiring a little reticently if she'd care to see him again that evening.

To his joy, she accepted and they agreed on his place which was more private, they agreed. In readiness for her arrival, he tidied around as best he could to try to make as presentable as possible. He really did need to find a housekeeper fast.

That evening they watched a DVD chosen by Heather from his vast library, quickly discovering a shared passion for gangster movies. Both inherently shy, at first they kept a safe distance on the couch and it was only as the credits on the first Godfather film rolled up the screen that finally Heather returned the intimacy Matthew craved, sliding up alongside. He turned his head and their noses brushed tentatively. Heather smiled and tilted her head, allowing closer access, an invitation Matthew was quick to accept.

As their lips engaged and his hand brushed her hip she issued a little whimper. His other hand moved across also, stroking a waist that was so slender he could get his hands around it. The sleight body lifted easily into his lap, her back to his chest, legs overhanging like a child. It meant he could play with her whilst she could still watch the TV, which just so happened to have found its way onto a late night soft porn flick. Coincidentally, the couple in the movie were seated in a similar position to the couple watching, the key difference being that the actress was Heather's opposite: a blonde with humungous tits.

As the actor nibbled his co-star's neck, Matthew did likewise. Heather sighed lovingly, tilting her head. As the actor's hands moved to cup the heaving orbs, Matthew copied the move, a groan escaping his lover's lips. As she relaxed back into him, he caught a glimpse of her smiling reflection on the screen.

As the actor firmly palmed his partner's tits through a tight blouse, Matthew did the same through Heather's t-shirt. Small but perfectly formed, they were two lovely apple sized breasts. Heather whispered over her shoulder: "You prefer girls with bigger breasts, yah?" "No, not all," Matthew countered. "Yours are gorgeous." "She very attractive though, you no think?" Matthew made no response, instead issuing a light kiss of reassurance to the girl's neck.

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As the actress lifted her arms, Heather mimicked the action, allowing him to hoist clear the t-shirt. Both stared at the woman's exposed cleavage, held compactly in a silken and virtually see-through bra. "She is attractive, yeah," Matthew admitted finally. "But not half as attractive as you," he added, awaiting further instruction from the TV. Heather smiled, allowing his warm hands to cover her little boobs through a sexy black lace bra.

She too seemed anxious to discover what happened next in the movie. The actor reached around to paw, lifting and separating the fleshy orbs. The oversized breasts jiggled and, as he upped the tempo, one spilled out of its cup. Heather's more modest assets needed a prompt, so Matthew pushed his hand in the side and helped the corresponding breast out, resting it over the lace top.

Heather might not have the cup size but the nipple at its centre was a work of art, ripe and chocolate brown and sprouting a good half an inch. As the actress in the film lifted an arm, her partner ducked his head beneath, locking his lips around the teat and gazing up into her eyes in lust.

Heather did likewise, elevating an arm and allowing Matthew to mimic the move. Taking the erect nipple between his lips he sucked with purpose. Overjoyed at this sizzling turn of events, the thing that made Matthew even happier was witnessing the way Heather seemed to enjoy watching the other couple.

After all the amazing things he'd experienced in England, nothing less than a broadminded girl with similar voyeuristic tendencies would do for Matthew. And Heather might just be it. As the actor leaned around and kissed all the way down the blonde's ribcage, Matthew mirrored the move, keeping one eye on the screen for instruction. A hand slipped inside the actress' skirt, accommodated as her thighs widened to allow the roving fingers access. Heather purred in delight and anticipation, knees sliding apart and Matthew was quick to act, hand moving inside to cup a panty-covered crotch and feel the heat radiating from a pussy burning with desire.

His fingers slipped and squelched as they pressed. He loved the feel and evidently Heather was enjoying herself too. As the actress placed a tiny hand on top of her screen lover's for guidance, Heather did likewise, angling Matthew's fingertips up the inside of the cotton and into the soft moist slit. The cunt puckered to allow entrance, so soft and moist, before sealing tight around the knuckle.

Heather wiggled and pushed until the tip located her swollen love button. The girl on Matthew's lap was so wet it kept eluding his touch, squirming around like a tadpole in spawn. As Matthew waggled his fingers frenziedly, Heather's pussy started drip-dripping on his thigh, coating it with a wondrous elixir. Onscreen, the love scene reached a foreshortened and unsatisfactory climax, courtesy of the Filipino censor. That was the signal for the real-life lovers to improvise.

It was evident that Heather craved an orgasm so badly, she started bouncing up and down aimatedly on Matthew's fingers. All he had to do was hold still as she plunged and scraped the sensitive nub against his fingernails. Quickly attaining a shattering climax, she squealed and came hard, shaking with glee. "Oh Matthew, that felt wonderful," she gushed. After a moment's respite, craning upwards she gave him a light peck on the jowl before receding and melting into his arms like a child.

Nursing a raging hard-on, it was Matthew's turn to crave attention, yet he was to be left disappointed. "I no want rush things, Matthew," she mouthed dreamily, eyes bulging at the sight of the concealed bulge. Within seconds, she was snoozing in his arms like a baby, leaving Matthew to content himself with the rest of the movie.

He didn't mind unduly, in fact he found it all quite endearing. Being forced to wait for sex was part of the chase.

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Heather awoke an hour later and climbed from his lap saying she really must go. At that moment a thought came to mind, a lightbulb moment in her head. "Hey Matthew, maybe I help you. Or one of my sisters, maybe help you," she clarified. Matthew looked back guiltily, shifting to cover an erection in his feans that felt like a lightsaber. "Sorry? Run that past me again." "My sisters, they can both do cleaning and both in need of job." "Oh I see," he said, relieved.

And yes, despite his best endeavours, the house was in need of a professional touch. On reflection, it made sense. "Well I could certainly use the help. And if things with Johnny work out, I'll be spending a lot of time out and about. But how do I choose which one?" Heather shrugged.

"Perhaps you give them both trial, see which you prefer?" Matthew rubbed his chin. "Okay, I tell you what: send them both over and I'll take on the best." "Oh would you Matthew? Thank you, thank you, Matthew, thank you," Heather enthused, each of her thank yous accompanied by a kiss.

A huge hug and he walked the girl to her car, a decrepit Mazda. He made a mental note to buy her something newer when finances allowed.

A final lingering kiss and a promise to see each other soon, and she disappeared in a grey fog into the cool Manila night. Matthew traipsed back inside thoughtfully, securing the latch. In the interim, a message had been recorded on the answerphone.

He pressed play and sat back to listen. "Matthew, it Connie." He swallowed hard, a little guilty still. Presumably having recovered from the morning's ordeal, she had some scathing words to impart.


Having just watched The Godfather, he hoped she didn't know any hitmen, for undoubtedly he deserved it. "Matthew, what you do to me this morning very wrong." Connie's voiced echoed. Lips pursed contritely, he nodded at the telephone, wanting to apologise. "Wrong, but it turn me on so much," her message continued. "I can't stop thinking about it all day long. I keep needing to take care of myself." Matthew exhaled forcefully.

Now that was a turn-up for the books. "Call me soon yah. We have lots more fun." The erection that had subsided in the wake of Heather's departure was raging once more. Just thinking about Connie and her lack of inhibition was a major turn on.

But, at close to midnight, he had no intention of being at Connie's beck and call. In fact, he might just tease her mercilessly for a few days with a little aloofness, until she begged him. She'd be putty in his hands, he reckoned. Yeah, he liked that idea. Yet that didn't serve his immediate need. Switching on the laptop, he went in search of instantaneous and much needed relief. Thankfully, the webcam in England was in operation and, as if by some strange telepathic connection, right at that moment a family member came into view with a similar thought in mind.

Matthew was overjoyed to discover it was his mother, the first time they'd spoken since his return. Clad in just an airy scarlet bathrobe, her blonde hair was damp from the bath. She oozed sex appeal as only a middle-aged woman could, large breasts clearly outlined in the robe, nipples in a state of supreme arousal. As equally pleased to see her son, she blew a smoochy kiss at the cam.

Matthew blew one back. Some brief small talk later, both seemed to read one another's minds. Reaching into the pocket of the gown, Hannah produced a mammoth flesh-coloured dildo.

"My new toy," she revealed, before adding: "I've christened it Matthew." "Oh mum," he sighed longingly, unzipping immediately to produce its twin, the real thing. "Press it deep inside you and imagine that's my lovely cock." "Oh yesssssss," Hannah growled. With that she eased the silken belt through the hip hooks, causing the gown to part down the middle and a pair of udder-like breasts to plunge and hang free.

"Tell me what to do, Matthew," she said with a purr. Matthew knew exactly. "Suck one of those gorgeous nipples for me, mum." Hannah smiled and cupped a hand beneath the left orb, elevating the fleshy globe to her lips. Out came her tongue to lick all around, spittle glazing the aureola. Her pouted lips took the teat and she slurped and slobbered. "Oh that feels so good," she clamoured. On the other side of the world, Matthew's hand wrapped firmly around his rock hard cock and he began a gentle stroking motion.

"That's it baby boy," she enthused. "Wank that monster for your mummy." Stretching out, she let the nipple fall from her mouth and the breast heave back into place. Thighs parting she placed the rubber 'Matthew' to the blonde mound. The soft pink lips pursed, allowing the bulbous plastic head to work its way inside the slit.

"Ohhhhhhh fuck, Matthew," Hannah moaned, biting her bottom lip. "That feels sooooooo good." "Push it right up and keep imagining that's me," Matthew directed, increasing the tempo on the real cock in his fist. "Fantasise about me laying on top of you and shoving my hard cock up your juicy pussy." "Oh Jesus Matthew, yesssssss." As the toy disappeared inside her hot spread cunt, Hannah wiggled her hips and issued a huge moan of appreciation.

"Oh Matthew, so big inside mummy." Matthew loosened his grip, trying to make his palm as soft as that gorgeous cunt that filled the computer screen. In his mind he was there with her in England, making passionate love. Oh how he desired to lie on top, thrusting away with complete abandon. "Oh mum, I want you so badly," he hissed. "Me too," she echoed. "What next darling?" "Take it out and suck the dildo for me," he suggested.

"Tell me what you taste like." Contracting her pussy muscles, Hannah eased the rubber cock back out without neding to use her hands. It was dripping with cunt juice. She did as requested, gathering up the toy and pressing it seductively to her lips.

All holes of girl nailed

The horny MILF licked longingly. "Oh I taste divine," she cooed, lips glossed with cunt honey. "Now frig yourself hard till you cum for me," Matthew commanded. Reaching back between her legs with 'Matthew' in hand, Hannah started to pump with purpose. Eyes locked on her handsome son stroking his lovely cock, the intensely aroused woman's spare hand homed in on her clit, fingers starting to drum at it.

She moaned as Matthew upped the tempo, purple bloated cockhead glazed with precum as it leaked alarmingly. The scene was so damn hot that neither was able to hold back for long.

As Matthew felt the orgasm range in, he angled his cock to his belly. "Cum for me baby boy," screeched Hannah at the screen. And he did, producing a spurt so overwhelming it hit his nose. A second wave left a long thick trail down the centre of his stomach. Witnessing her son cum so hard, Hannah was propelled over the edge immediately, the dildo ejected forcibly amid a squirt of pussy juice. The air was heavy with pained breathing on both sides of the world as each lay back and gasped.

It was Hannah that sat up first, forcing a smile. "I have to go now, Matthew. Come home soon, yeah?" she mouthed, dewy-eyed, before ending the connection. Matthew sniffed, mopped his belly with three Kleenex and headed to bed. So much going on in his life, one question above all played heavily on his mind: Stay in Manila or return to England?

Thanks to Ryder Tower, Johnny, Heather and perhaps even Connie, just when he thought the riddle was solved, something like that with his mother came along to remind him just what he was missing back in England.

He didn't suppose the impending visit of Heather's sixteen-year old twin sisters would help to make matters any clearer either.

It was one dilemma after another for the poor unfortunate boy! The penultimate episode will follow soon.