White lovely hotties for dark man interracial hardcore

White lovely hotties for dark man interracial hardcore
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My name is Chad James. I have a nice business as a home repair specialist. I could fix about anything, or had other specialists who I could contact and I would handle the job.

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I worked in fairly wealthy neighbor hoods. I am 20, single, tall and slim and have sandy blond hair. I have a baby face, and lot's of people think I'm as young as 16. I'm a 'cool' guy to most women and I have no problem getting girlfriends, sometimes to many. I got a call from a woman about her kitchen lighting.

She wanted to move some lights around. Little did I know she wanted to look me over and never mind the lights. I knocked and she answered the door. She was about 5'5", long shiny black pinned up hair and dressed casual, a low cut red sweater and black slacks.

She had a slim hot figure and a beautiful face and skin. She looked like wealth. Her big house had fancy expensive furniture and all the trimmings. I noticed some nice big tits under her sweater. She noticed I noticed too.


I introduced myself and gave her my card. I said: "A&hellip. Mrs. A. Rothman Gains called about some kitchen lighting to be moved?" She look me over and smiled, said…"Well…come on in." --------- The 'Rothman' family was one of the wealthiest in town. I made a mental note of the name 'Rothman' before I got there.

As soon as I saw her I knew who she was. Her last name was now Gains, another wealthy family, but she was the mystery girl, Amy Rothman.

Rumor had it she was the lusty girl in the family, and liked young boys.

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I found out later her family paid her to stay out of trouble, and keep the family reputation all clean. She always had a body guard who kept any venturesome young males away. When she turned 30, she was now free from family trust fund rules, but the money stayed. She just turned 30, 3 days ago I found out later.

Well…this was going to be interesting. She held my arm and walked me to the kitchen and poured 2 cups of coffee.

She got right in my face and half whispered: "Sugar?" I was melting fast. I decided to play her little flirting game with her. I half whispered back and said: "Oh my&hellip. yes…sugar would be so wonderful, I love the feeling of hot coffee, with sugar, warming up my insides." (it was summer) (Ok Amy, your move I thought.) She raised one eyebrow and smiled. I swear I could read her thoughts&hellip.

-------- (Well&hellip. a hot flirting man, just the kind I like. I think I might have to fuck him this afternoon, to keep him coming back.

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If he tests ok, I'll introduce him to my little private lady's club. I think all the lady's just might like to fuck him.) ------------- Oh&hellip. she was up for this hot 'flirting' game, I could tell. Back she came even closer in my face. She had that one eyebrow up and in a soft whisper this time said: ("…one lump or two?") I countered with: ("Oh god, I just love two lumps.") and looked right her big tits.

She paused and then began to giggle. ------------- (Damn, he's good, I didn't see that coming.


I'm fucking him for sure now.) ------------------ She put in the two lumps and handed me the coffee, still a little stunned by me. She said, "Let's go sit on the couch.", and again held my arm as we went into the living room.

---- I felt like a lamb being led to a cougars den. ----- She sat me in the center of the couch, and she sat to my right, resting on the end of the couch with big pillow behind her head.

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She put her legs on my lap and smiled at me. Her hands behind her head, showing off her big tits in that sweater. She looked at me like…('ok Mr. James, your move'.) I smiled at her…damn what beautiful face she had…and proceeded to remove her shoes. I started rubbing her feet softly.

Whoa!…she wasn't expecting that! I watched her eyes go content and her breathing increase strong.

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She tried not to react and just looked at me still smiling, but just a little pink in the face. -------------- ( …he can't know I get all horny when I have my feet rubbed, and&hellip.oh god he's doing it right now. Damn, he's going to fuck me, instead of me fuck him!) -------------- We didn't say a word as I started up her legs with my rubbing.

I saw her eyes blink a few times and then slowly close. She had on black slacks as I worked my hands up inside her pant legs, rubbing them. She smiled with her eyes closed. Now I was up at her upper thighs, inches from her pussy.

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She was sucking air to breathe. (now the fun part) I said: "Well, I have to get going to another lady's house, to fix her problem." Her eyes snapped open and she grabbed my hand. "You're not going anywhere Mr. James, you haven't fixed my little problem yet." I said "Oh?, didn't you get your lights&hellip. 'turned on'&hellip., Mrs. Gains?" She smiled real big and whispered: (".don't get cute Mr. James, now come here.") She pulled me up on top of her and put my hands right on her big tits.

Oh man did they feel good!…whew! She grabbed my face and kissed me like Romeo must have kissed Juliet. Those beautiful lips, all wet and soft and her tongue dancing in my mouth.

My boner was growing right on her pussy. ---------------- Amy thought&hellip. (Oh damn! (gasp) He's perfect! I may just have to keep him all to myself&hellip.but now he must hear me out, I'll put a smile on his face 24/7 and he'll get paid for it handsomely!) ---------------- She held my head and told me about her little 'private lady's club' and how their were several 'lady's' in it. All lonely housewife's who's husbands married them by contract, or just were never home for months at a time, doing their big business in Europe and all over.

The secret 'Lady's Club' was them, and Amy basically was a glorified 'pimp' finding discreet men for them. She said they paid big time for the men to 'service' them, and explained the details. First though, she had to test me out. (she lied, she just wanted to fuck me.) I had a lot to think about. A $1000 to $5000 dollars a visit! These weren't old ugly women, they were all in their 20's and 30's! Well, there wasn't much to think about, now was there. We slowly undressed each other right there on the couch.

She had one beautiful body. I kissed her face, neck and kept going lower. She squirmed and moaned. I sucked her wonderful nipples and rolled them with my fingers, she'd never had that done to her before, and she felt her first nipple cum.

Her face was red with excitement. I dropped down, kissing all the way. She held my head at times, she couldn't take the tingles. I licked her pubic hair and my tongue found her clit. She jumped and squirmed.

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She was almost crying with pleasure. I licked her pussy, (she'd never had her pussy licked, ever.) she became a wild woman.

She moaned and pulled my hair, slammed her legs around me, pushed her pussy into me and squirmed, shooked and moaned loud! Her whole body trembled and wouldn't stop. I thought we'd pass out from lack of air. She screamed her climax as I shot a super hot load in her tight pussy, over and over. She lay there exhausted and trembling. She moaned to me she had never had such good sex in her whole life.

Little did I know it was her first full sex. ----------------- Amy's exhausted thoughts&hellip. (I can't think…(gasp) he's twisted my mind with those climaxes. I must have more of him. He knows just how to turn me on!, I almost passed out several times&hellip.I'm so weak now… I can hardly move&hellip.damn I feel so wonderful.I've never ever felt this good in my whole life…I must rest, but I don't want to let him go… I'm dizzy…so peaceful…so nice to feel this way.

------------------------- In her past, her family would pick out guys for her, but they never fucked her!&hellip.ooooo…can't do that with out family consent, they were told, and there was always that body guard. She was 30 yrs old and had only had sex once. It was a 'quickie' she snuck with their gardeners son.

She was 25 and he was 14 and he was so afraid he couldn't even cum. I woke up around 2 am in her big bed and she was sucking my dick so nice. I started in again licking, feeling and kissing those big wonderful tits, we fucked all night, in all different ways. She was a noisy woman, moaning and like to talk dirty as she climaxed. 'Fuck me good boy!' She like to call me 'boy', and loved it if I held her down by the wrists.

She would say: ".take me, boy, take me!", She couldn't get enough. I slept at home all the next day to get some rest. I put my business on hold. Amy called. (Damn, she had a voice that makes my dick tingle!) "Mr.

James, come over at 1pm today, I want you to meet a 'Lady', and she wants to meet you. I'll need your bank account number to set up a 'trust fund' for you." She said. My knees went weak. I slapped my face to see if I was dreaming. At 1pm I arrived and Amy was dressed in a black full length robe and nothing else, (I found out later.) We kissed and she escorted me to the big couch in her den.

She said that a 'Lady' would be here soon that needs 'attention'.

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If you make her happy, your new 'trust fund' will grow. These 'Lady's' had code names. The girl coming was 'Delta'. Amy gave me the full rundown on this woman, What she liked, didn't like and all the little details. I was to have no memory for any of the women. No questions, they just wanted a good fuck from a man. Each woman had their little desires, and Amy would fill me in on them.

I would be known as Mr. James, business consultant. This 'Delta' woman, had me wear a blindfold, so I couldn't see her. Amy placed it on me and felt my boner. She whispered: ("If she doesn't fuck you, I will, Mr.

James.") I waited in the den. I heard the door open and close. I smelled a wonderful perfume and felt someone sit down beside me. A woman's voice said softly: "Can you handle a woman's needs Mr.

James?" I started in. "Well&hellip.oh my…Delta, your perfume is making me dizzy, you have a sensual and sexy voice&hellip.(gasp)… its giving me chills. I can just feel your beauty in the air, without even seeing you&hellip.wow." I hear her breathing pick up fast.

I feel movement on the couch. I feel her sitting on my lap and her arms go around my neck. She whispers in my ear: (&hellip."how dare you make me wet in the middle of the afternoon. (giggle) I need a man to play with, and him to play with me.") I felt her take my hand and put it under her blouse. No bra and a I feel a warm set of big tits. She continues…("I have to leave for now, but I'm sure making an appointment with you.

I'll want you to undress me slowly and kiss every inch of my body.") I felt her gasping breath on my lips. She teased my lips with her tongue. I feel her hand feeling my boner. I hear her shudder and gasp a little. I squeezed her soft tits and fingered her nipples. I felt the heat from her hot breath. Then…I feel her stand up and hear her take a big deep breath. I hear the door open and close.

I wait. I hear some talking about 'he's just 16, but he's a lover'… then the door opens and Amy comes over and takes my blindfold off, smiling at me. Damn, Amy is one beautiful woman. She says, with a big smile: "Delta is out there gasping for breath, what did you do to her?"(giggle) I just smiled. Amy pushed me down on the couch and sat on top of me, her hot legs a stride me. She stared at me with this devilish smile.

* What I didn't know yet, was that she had a 'thing' for teenage boys, and I was filling that 'thing' just perfect. She told me later when she was about 13, she masturbated while thinking about having a young boy who would come in her room and secretly fuck her. Now those dreams of young boy fucking older girl were being fulfilled by me. I watched her slowly drop her robe off her shoulders, she let it slide down exposing her big tits.

I reached up and felt a beautiful set of bare tits as she took her robe clear off. I closed my eyes. I felt her unbuttoning my shirt. I didn't even have to move as she took it off carefully. I felt her remove my shoes, socks, and slowly undo my belt, button and zipper. She carefully took my pants off and my underwear. That velvet couch was big and I felt her very warm beautiful body come down on top of mine.

She reached down and put my dick between her warm legs and hot pussy, and clamped them tight around my dick. She started calling me by my first name, and softly whispered: (&hellip."Chad, I noticed you looking at me at school. Were you wishing you could be with me alone? I'm not married or anything and you could come over and come up to my room and talk.

I have some things you'd like."&hellip.) --- Amy thought&hellip. (.'now I'm getting what I want, a young man who has to have me. Tell me Chad, how bad you want me&hellip.oh god… tell me over and over&hellip.do I excite you?…do you love my body?&hellip.you love my tits, I sure know that.

You want to fuck me till I cum for you…say it…your mine right now, I'm taking what I want young Chad…make Amy finally happy.) --- She was fantasizing that I was about 15 or so. She ran her fingers thru my hair over and over. She had her pussy on top of my dick, and was moving back and forth on it. She laid her head beside mine and whispered in my ear. (&hellip."please come over tonight, and I'll let you play with my body, Ok?"&hellip.) This beautiful woman had been good to me, and I knew what she wanted.

I just had to fulfill her fantasy. I rubbed her body and took the clasp from her hair, and let it flow down her back. I whispered breathlessly: (&hellip."I admit it Amy,&hellip. I have been watching you at school, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen…(breath)… I get a big erections and have to hide it, but I just have to stare at you&hellip.god&hellip.your so hot and beautiful you make me want you so bad. I've dreamed of being naked with you so many times.

Of course I'll come by tonight&hellip. and I want to feel your body, kiss you and lick you all night long." &hellip.) I felt her pussy juice running over my dick.

By now she was squirming and hyper. She was gasping hard as she moaned. I could feel her heart pounding. Her hands trembled as she reached down and put my dick in her wet pussy. She said out of breath: "…Oh god Chad…(gasp)&hellip.please fuck me now!"&hellip. .I need to go no further.I'm rich now.life is good.