Porn hot pants

Porn hot pants
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Vengeance 27 I woke up first that Sunday morning and stared at the bed canopy for a few minutes. Ellie lay on her side next to me, her nose resting up against my neck. Finals week was upon me. Ellie had finished her exam the previous week. Exam, lucky, I thought.

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They don't give many finals to liberal arts majors, only final projects. Her breasts shuddered with each long low breath of hers. Ellie slept naked. At first it had been at my…insistence wasn't quite the right word.

Forcefulness was better. Now it was she who insisted upon it. Her left hand which usually either held mine or rested on my rock hard abs (kidding, but only slightly) drifted downward towards my awakening dick.

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Undoubtedly she too was awake. I could feel her smile against my neck as her fingers traced the defining lines of my now fully hard manhood. The cool contrast of the ring against her warm fingers caused me to jump slightly.

She turned and grabbed a spare pillow, tossing it on the floor by my desk. "What was that for?" I asked.


"You," she said, hand clasping my shaft, "should probably start studying. And I," she slowly stroked, "am going to keep you relaxed." I looked at the clock. Two PM, shit, she was right, with exams beginning tomorrow, I didn't have a whole to of time to spare. "How are you going to do that?" I asked her.


"I'm going to get on my hands and knees beneath your desk, facing your chair. You're going to tie my wrists to the legs of your chair, and my ankles and knees to the legs of your desk. And I am going to keep you very relaxed and very happy," she grinned still slowly stroking me. "You know topping from the bottom is frowned upon in the BDSM world?" She countered.

"You know you'd love nothing more than my lips wrapped around your cock all…day…long." I got up, grabbed my books and put them on my bed which was now located directly behind my desk chair.

Ellie repositioned the pillow so that it was in front of the chair, and knelt on it patiently. She then grabbed a couple towels and placed them on the floor. While I may not have a porn star's dick, or even a porn star's body (or moustache), my loads make even various cumshot legends look like nine year old girl scouts. One of the things Ellie loved about me was when she did things right, I gave her gallons.

I moved Ellie closer to the chair and went to work. Rather than binding any part of her to the desk, I tied each knee to the front legs of the chair, holding her spread. I then tied each wrist to the arms of the chair.

This allowed her a little freer range of movement, but still let her get low enough to lick my balls in between blowjobs.

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Sitting down, I grabbed a hair tie, and put Ellie's curly dark hair into a ponytail. The perfect handle. I held her lips a few inches from my dick. She reached out her tongue and flicked at my tip. I obliged her desires, and slowly pushed her head down. Her tongue bathed my cock as her lips slowly slid further and further. When the last inch of my dick disappeared, she stared obediently back at my with those wide brown eyes, waiting patiently for when I would let her up.

If I would let her up. She smiled with her eyes letting me know she was enjoying every minute of it. Her tongue continued to soak every inch of me that she could reach. I slid her head up, taking a full ten seconds to send her from fully deepthroating me, to having her lips wrapped just around my head, and back down again.

Relinquishing my grip, she continued at that agonizingly, and yet tantalizingly and deliciously slow pace.

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I called up the online course reserves and went to work. For forty minutes, I sat there with the ever present smooth motion of Ellie's blowjob constantly relaxing me. I felt an orgasm not far away.

Ellie noticed too, and without instruction began to speed up ever so slightly. I took a break to watch her service me. She stared back, eyes glittering like always, lips sliding hypnotically up and down my now wet cock. She moaned at the thought of what was only minutes away. She continued to look into my eyes as the cum shot out into her throat. Moving so that her mouth covered only my head, she moaned with approval as stream after stream landed on her tongue.

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Finally she slowly slid her head off, taking with her a few last drops. She sat there for a moment, enjoying the warm taste. "Let some slide down your chin," I commanded. She drooled sending a river of white dripping on her breasts and stomach.

"Mmm, sexy." She swallowed the rest, and I ran a hand through her hair, and down her cheek, thanking her for her work. She smiled, and started to lick my balls as I continued working. Her skilled tongue worked hard while her cute, cold nose brushed my cock. After a time my dick began to harden, and she started sucking me off once more. Five hours later she was finishing up her fourth blowjob swallowing the last of what was by now a rather small load of cum.

Her chin, breasts and stomach glistened with drool and my seed. Jaw a little stiff, and arms a little tired, she was still smiling. "Having fun down there?" The smile grew wider still and she nodded. "Let's get you cleaned off." I loosened her bonds and pulled her to her feet. Grabbing the rope again, I tied her wrists together in front of her with a short leash. "If I see you cover yourself at all, I'm tying you naked in the hall," I warned. I let go of the leash, and my little exhibitionist put her hands behind her head as we walked down the hall to the showers.

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Disappointingly, no one caught a glimpse of the cum covered Ellie. I walked into the shower with her and tied the leash to the curtain bar so that her hands were held loosely above her head. I used a finger to scrape what cum I could off her tan body, and offered it to her. She took it deep in her mouth, licking all of the delicious liquid off.

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I ran my fingers down, and shoved my right middle and ring fingers into her pussy. They curled around and quickly found her g-spot. She let out a gasp as I slowly massaged it.


I turned on the water, and a warm spray hit her producing another gasp. I alternated between fingering her g-spot and teasing her clit for several minutes until her eyes were clamped shit. Then I decided to pay more attention to her clit, kneeling down and licking it softly. At this, her body shuddered, and she opened her eyes and looked down. I stared at her as I methodically ran my tongue up and down her entire pussy.

Each time I passed her clit she twitched and her eyes fluttered a bit. Soon I was ready to give it my full attention roughly licking and sucking on it. She began to pant, her breath coming out in ragged gasps, moaning with every movement of my tongue. I stuck a finger into her pussy, and could already feel it tightening.

I tickled her g-spot some more and sucked hard. Without warning her vaginal muscles spasmed. She softly called out my name over and over as she had a long, wet climax. After her orgasm, she stood there loosely swaying in the shower. I slowly washed the remnants of my cum off her body, cleansed myself and dried the two of us off. She had come back to earth a little bit by now. "A reward for a job well done…well, four jobs well done." She gave a puzzled smile. I handed her the towel, she wrapped herself in it, and I grabbed my things.

With her covered and me naked, and hard once more we trekked back to my room.