Hot Blonde Andrea Models Topless in Panties

Hot Blonde Andrea Models Topless in Panties
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Chapter One: Monday morning. The alarm is blaring at me once again; I knock several empty beer cans over trying to silence the incessant bleeping. I know I need to get up; I have a lecture to present to another new group of bored young adults.

None of them want to be there, it makes me wonder why I bother turning up. I drag myself out of bed and into a cold shower; I eat a bowl of cornflakes, dress and drive to work. The only thing motivating me was the hope of getting laid that night. It'd been unbearably long since my last fuck, I'd just got out of a long since dead almost sexless relationship.

Perhaps in this new class I could find myself some young pussy.

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I was delivering my lecture when this one girl caught my eye, a pretty little thing. Her tits were the first thing I noticed, in her pink vest top they hung so nicely. She was clearly not wearing a bra. Her ankle length wrap around skirt exposing a little of her thigh, I wondered if her bra was the only underwear she didn't bother with…I could see the way she was looking at me too, what was it about girls with young men in suits?

Half the female population of the auditorium seemed to be looking at me in the way you aren't supposed to look at your professor.

Not that that was a bad thing, there was a definite potential here, but even I couldn't have predicted the outcome. Anyway I'm getting distracted. As I continued my lecture on "Wuthering Heights" I began discussing the way the male protagonist asserts his dominance and revelled in the pleasure of watching the faces of the girls blush. The girl I had my eye on, who I later discovered was called Jessica, turned a gorgeous shade of pink.

I couldn't help my mind wondering if her ass would turn the same colour with a good spanking. I maintained eye contact with her whilst talking about all the sexual elements and enjoyed watching her squirm. I found a reason to call her back to talk to me after the lecture.

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"Is there a problem sir?" She asked timidly, she seemed nervous around me, unlike the girl I watched play around with her friends. "On the contrary" I replied, hearing the door out of the auditorium close after the last students left. "Your summer homework was exemplary." "Really?" she answered, a strange expression settling on her face, she crossed her arms involuntarily pushing up her free, large breasts.

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I had no idea what her name was at the time, or whether the work she'd submitted was any good, I didn't care. I knew she couldn't leave until I dismissed her. "Yes, good form." I noted. Hoping she'd realise I wasn't talking about her writing format.

"My boyfriend helped with it." She said pointedly, moving away from me a little. She lowered her head but I saw he eyes flick over my abdomen. This wouldn't be tricky, I thought. "And where is your boyfriend these days?" I asked, my fingers brushing over her knuckles encouraging her to drop her arms. She didn't resist, as I soon came to learn was rather typical of her. I took her firmly by the wrist and pulled her towards me. "He's abroad" She stammered, gently nibbling the inside of her cheek.

She looked as desperate as I felt. "That's not fair of him; a girl has needs, who is taking care of those?" "I don't know what you're talking about sir." "Let me show you, come here." She moved closer to me hesitantly.

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I placed one hand behind her neck, firmly. I used to other to gently massage her breast as I kissed and licked down her neck. Her legs quivered a little as I knew she got a little wet. I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and then moved it into my mouth.


She moaned delicately then suddenly throatily as I bit down. "oww, sir, we shouldn't do this" she protested "You love it, it will be between us, ok, sit up on the table for me" She did as she was told; I pushed her legs apart and instantly got hard looking at her drenched white cotton panties. I pushed the gusset to one side and began to massage her clit with my tongue. She tasted so good. Like water after miles of desert.

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"What if someone comes in?" She asked between moans I spanked her once firmly, and grabbed her face tightly. "DON'T FUCKING INTERUPT ME" I returned to my task, licking and massaging as I fucked her with two fingers. She had such a tight little pussy.

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It was so hot to feel it moisten around my hand. "S-ssorry sir, Thank you sir, it's so good." It didn't take her long to reach orgasm; no one had clearly touched her like that before.


I had her eating out of the palm of my hand. She arched her back and spasmed as she let out a high pitched yelp followed by a sigh, she almost looked possessed. I picked her up as she struggled to compose herself. I bent her over the desk she had been sitting on and took my rock solid cock out of my trousers, my balls were aching. I needed to cum. I rammed my dick into her soaked pussy, still feeling her clench around me with a powerful orgasm.

I began mercilessly slamming my dick in and out of her as she lay still like a good girl for me only occasionally thanking me for the generous gift I had given her.

I increased in pace as she moaned more intently hurtling towards a second orgasm. I spanked her ass as she moaned louder. I left a beautiful pink handprint behind. I could feel myself getting closer.I grabbed her by the hair, forcing her back to arch up so I could grope her breast with the other hand as I continued to plough her. Her breath rasped and a fresh load of warm pussy juice flooded around my dick. Seconds later I finally orgasmed, my dick erupting as I shot my load into her womb.

What felt like gallons of my thick white cum doused her, it immediately flooded on to the table as I pulled out of her, her pussy still clenching and unclenching, pushing the cum out of her. I put my dick back in my trousers, picked up my coffee, and spanked her ass on the way past, releasing more cum. "Don't forget tomorrow's assignment needs doing." And then walked out of the auditorium leaving her naked, orgasmic body dripping my cum out onto the desk… To be continued&hellip.