Making a Deal with Sexy Pawnshop Customer

Making a Deal with Sexy Pawnshop Customer
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Christmas 1980 It was not a white Christmas, alas, but a gray one. The heavy, bloated clouds in the sky above the village showered the place with rain throughout the day. In the small, detached house down the leafy street, Claire was sitting in her bedroom at her dressing table, looking at her favorite present of the day. It was a make-up kit; not just a cheap one for girlies who wanted to look like mommy, but a proper set up with foundation of all shades, lipstick, brushes, mascara in every color one could imagine, and a couple of small bottles of fine perfume.

Claire was sixteen and pretty enough without make up. Of average height, slim and with long dark hair, Claire had an alert face with big, friendly brown eyes and a pleasing smile. No matter how nice her face was, though, it was her chest that captured the attention of the boys.

Having begun developing in that area when she was eleven, she now wore a 36FF bra, her tits not only big and heavy, but also firm and shapely. A mere glimpse of her cleavage when she wore a slightly low cut top would have boys cumming in their pants.

Not that Claire really made a big deal of it. While she wasn't shy, Claire didn't have anywhere near the confidence and extroversion one would expect of such an attractive and endowed teenage girl. She was happy to hang around with girlfriends, admire posters of her favorite pop-stars and exchange gossip with her sister, Kath.

Three years younger than Claire, Kath was a lot different in appearance and attitude. Though she had the same pretty face, she had blonde hair; her 13-year-old body was small and slim with few curves at the moment.

Chatty and confident, Kath was not talkative in an irritating fashion, but certainly a lot more outgoing than Claire. Despite the differences in personality, the pair were close and got on well for siblings. "Hiya sis," Kath smiled as she sauntered in to her big sister's room. "Hi Kath," Claire replied, busy putting on make up. "Whatcha doing?" "Just trying out this make up mom and dad got me." "Cool. Have you seen this?" Claire looked round; Kath was wearing a pair of jeans but, above her waist, wore nothing but a white trainer bra.

"Mom got it for me," she smiled, proud. "Nice." Claire nodded, "You first bra eh?" "Yeah." "Looks good." "I suppose. I don't really need it though." She looked down at herself glumly. Her breasts were in existence, but only just. "You'll grow into it," Claire reassured her little sister, then took some lipstick. "Hopefully. You look pretty sis," Kath said as she stood behind Claire and watched her sister apply the make up in the mirror.

She'd put on light cream foundation and delicate pink mascara on, and was now applying dark red lipstick to her mouth. While not an expert in making herself up, she'd certainly picked it up quick, and looked pretty glamorous. "Thanks," Claire replied, looking round at her cheerfully curious sister, who smiled back as she stood there in her jeans and bra.

"I wish I'd grow breasts like yours," Kath sighed. "Oh, don't worry about things like that," Claire smiled, "Seriously. You'll grow up. If not, who cares? You're jolly pretty. Not all guys like big breasts anyway." "Yeah, but big breasts are nice though." "Girls?" their mother called from down the stairs, "Girls, me and your dad are going out now, round the Jacksons." "Okay mom!" called Claire, "Have a nice time." "Thanks.

Back in a couple of hours." There was the sound of the door opening, then closing, followed by car starting up. It was driving up the road when Kath and Claire - now in the house alone - grinned at each other. "All alone," Claire smirked, mischievously, "Isn't it great when they go out?" "Sure," Kath responded. "Let's raid the fridge in a minute." "Or do something else." "Like what?" Claire inquired, suddenly detecting a curious tone in her sister's tone.

"Can I see your breasts?" "My breasts?" "Sure. Come on, I wanna see them. I haven't seen another girl's breasts, really, not as big as yours anyway. I just want to see how they should look." "You're weird sis," Claire smiled, and then when she realized Kath was serious, she shrugged and stood up. Casually, Claire unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off.

She stood there, proud of her large breasts and impressive cleavage, when she realized Kath was clearly expecting Claire to remove her bra as well. So, that's what she did, and her huge, perfect breasts were revealed in all their glory. "God, they're lovely," Kath gasped. "Thanks," Claire smiled.

She'd thought that Kath would end up jealous and moaning about her own chest, but instead her little sister was happy to just admire her sister's tits. "Really nice. Can I touch them?" "Hmmm?" "Can I touch them?" Kath repeated, then happily did so anyway, placing her hands over Claire's breasts, unable to come anywhere near taking the whole tit in each of her hands.

"They feel nice," Kath said soothingly, as she began to fondle her sister, gently stroking and squeezing the heavy knockers in her hands. Not hearing anything from Claire, Kath glanced up at her sister's face, worrying that she'd overstepped the mark. Claire's eyes were half-closed and she was looking down, gently sighing. "You like that?" Kath asked. She'd genuinely just wanted to see and feel her sister's large breasts, and her naturally extrovert nature meant that Kath hadn't really thought it over as to whether Claire would be happy.

All she'd wanted to do was to see what a good, proper pair of tits looked like, but now she realized Claire was purring with pleasure as her breasts were played with. What was more, Kath was enjoying it; not just the idea of giving her sister pleasure, but actually getting horny on the feeling of Claire's breasts. "You like that?" she repeated, quietly. "Mmmm" Claire nodded, "Nice." "Good," Kath smiled, "Good." Abruptly, Kath leaned down and began sucking on Claire's left nipple. She didn't know why she'd done it, but she didn't regret it, sucking happily on her sister's tits.

"Oh Kath," Claire gasped, "Ooh.that's.nice. Mmmm." Kath was getting into it now, flicking her tongue over the nipples in turn. Neither girl had had sex before, with a boy or girl, so they were merely following instincts they barely understood. "Lie on the bed," Claire said, and Kath stepped back and did so, lying back on the bed and eyeing her sister enthusiastically. Claire took off her dress, so that she wore just her red panties, which were soon removed also, then knelt next to her sister.

She undid Kath's belt and helped tug off her jeans, then her white panties, Kath slipping out of her bra as well so that they were both naked. They admired each other's bodies. Kath licked her lips as she watched her sister lean over her, the huge breasts swinging and swaying slightly as they hung beneath her. Her cunt was furry with thick brown hair. Claire stroked her sister's body, which was slim and firm.

The tits may have been small, but they were nice with puffy pink nipples, which Claire stroked and sucked. Then she moved down to Kath's cunt, which was bald. "Spread your legs," she whispered, which Kath did. Claire ran her tongue up and down Kath's slit, the girl panting with pleasure, this a totally new experience for both of them. "Oh that's nice Claire," Kath sighed, "that's nice, mmmm." Claire sucked and lapped at her sister's juvenile cunt, then began to gently finger it, delighting in the tight wetness up there.

From her prone position, Kath realized she could reach her sister's cunt, and she enthusiastically reached for it. She felt her fingers against her sister's warm skin between her legs, and groping around, she found a tight little hole. Kath rubbed the hole, thinking it felt a little odd, and just as she was about to push her finger in it, she realized it was Claire's anus. Kath felt a little embarrassed, but strangely excited at her contact with Claire's butt hole.

She moved her hand appropriately, finding the primary target, then started running a finger along the damp entrance to Claire's pussy before inserting two fingers up there. Both girls had frigged themselves before, but to frig another cunt, while one's own cunt was frigged by another's fingers, was an experience both found so incredibly sensual. Passionately, Claire lapped at Kath's cunt until the girl was clamping Claire's head with her thin thighs, moaning and gasping in pleasure as she was rocked by a gentle orgasm.

"Let me lick you," Kath said, and Claire lay down while Kath knelt between her legs and began licking and slurping. Kath was a little clumsy at first, but her enthusiasm was undoubtable, and Claire was soon pulling on her own nipples while sobbing in pleasure, wracked by a powerful orgasm as her sister probed her wet pussy with her tongue.

They carried on for two hours, taking turns to lick each other's cunts, suck on their tits and generally engage in some friendly, mutual masturbation. When they heard their father's car pull up outside, Kath and Claire hurriedly got dressed, looking like innocent girlies when their dad cheerfully came into the room with a box of chocolates their family friends had given them.

"Up to anything girls?" their father asked before he left. "Nothing much," Claire shrugged, and Kath's subsequent giggle was passed off by their dad as just another example of how loveably daft Kath could be. Their father left, beer and turkey on his mind, while Claire and Kath whispered their promise not to tell anyone what they'd did, before agreeing that it was something they should try again. They often sneaked into each other's rooms at night, softly frigging and kissing each other.

They would have night dresses nearby so in the event of their parents getting up - which luckily never happened - they could have thrown the gowns on and pretend they were merely talking. When their mom and dad went out, they were often straight up to Claire's room where they giggled and sighed as they explored each other's bodies.

After a few months, their little sessions grew less frequent as Claire grew up and discovered boys. The two sisters still frigged and sucked passionately from time to time, but soon Claire flew the nest and it was Kath's turn to discover boys.

Both girls thought that their lovely little secret was something to be left behind in their youth. Spring 2000 While their lives may have differed in somewhat over the past twenty-one years, Kath and Claire had wound up in pretty much the same situation. In fact they were both living in the same house, Claire's. After leaving school, Claire had started working at a factory where her administrative skills eventually got her a job as a secretary.

At 21 she was married, and within a year gave birth to a son, Mike. The marriage plodded along, with both Claire and her husband soon realizing they'd made a mistake marrying young.

When Mike had turned 8, his parents divorced. It was a relatively amicable split - they both agreed to go their separate ways, the husband taking the assets and car to start a new life in France, while Claire remained in the neat little cottage in a small, quaintly English village just outside London. Still at the factory, Claire was head of the administration department.

It wasn't terribly exciting, but she got on well with her colleagues and earned her a reasonable amount of money.

Teen BFFs lick the hot basketball coach after training

She'd had a few relationships since the end of her marriage, but nothing significant, and more than a few one-night stands. The only real man in the house was Mike, who was now fourteen. Kath had gone to college at 18, but not necessarily to study. She enjoyed partying, getting drunk and screwing all the handsome guys in her classes.

Having dropped out after a couple of years, she lived in a flat in Manchester with a couple of other girls. Working in an office, Kath lived for the weekends, partying and changing her boyfriends every few days or months, depending on how she felt. She wasn't a slag, or so she claimed - just damn horny all the time. In her mid-twenties, she even slept with a bisexual girl ten years older than her.

They met quite often and fucked away. On a few other occasions, after this relationship died away, Kath slept with girls. Primarily, it was if she was unable to find a man for that night, but it wasn't a complete substitute for men.

It was now May 2000. Kath had been offered a job in near London, and she took it. As well as giving her a pay-raise, the move would bring her closer to her sister, Claire, who she kept in touch with often but rarely had time to meet. Claire was happy at the idea of some companionship, and immediately invited Kath to stay with her in their three-bed roomed house.

Mike trudged home as the sun was beginning to turn red and approach the horizon. He'd been straight round to his friend's house after school, playing computer games and chatting about football, until Mike's growling stomach steered him in the direction of home.

He was a bright kid, reasonably popular, but was as sexually frustrated as any normal 14-year-old. Girls his age were interested in older boys, and Mike was left idly watching the breasts of his Geography teacher or the firm legs of the prettiest girl in class, knowing he'd only get his hands on them in his dreams.

Still, he thought as he entered the house, at least he could jerk off merrily when he got to his bedroom. "Hi Mikey," Kath smiled as she sat in the armchair, a soap opera on TV. "Oh, hi Auntie Kath," Mike said, somewhat internally embarrassed at suddenly encountering his aunt while idly contemplating a bit of self-abuse. "I'll put dinner on," Kath said, getting up, "It'll be about half an hour." "Sure." Mike idly watched as his aunt went to turn the TV off.

He found himself admiring her body more and more these days, even though he figured it was a little bit strange, what with her being his aunt. Kath was 33, with short blonde hair, big blue eyes and a pleasant smile. She was 5'2" and slim, and though her body was not one that would necessarily turn heads as she walked down the street, it was pretty much flawless in the eyes of Mike.

Kath's breasts were small, but nicely shaped and the nipples frequently poking out at the thin, tight T-shirts she often wore. Her ass was something Mike stared at every opportunity. It was firm looking, round and shapely, and often - as now - was clad in tight, pastel colored trousers.

Mike's eyes shifted with experienced speed from Kath's ass, as she turned round. Kath actually noticed, as always, and smiled internally.

"I'll go and get changed," Mike said. "Okay," Kath responded, and her nephew made his way upstairs. She enjoyed it when Mike admired her body. Not all that many guys her own age were too bothered about her if she was in a bar, and the last time she slept with anyone, a good few months ago, he'd pretty much thought of her as just a reasonable looking woman.and that was it.

It felt so good for a boy to be admiring her body with such desire. She went into the kitchen and put on dinner. Upstairs, on his way to his bedroom, Mikey ran into his mom. "Oh hi honey," she smiled. "Nice day at school?" "The usual," he shrugged. "How was work?" "Okay," Claire said, having just got back ten minutes ago.

"Nothing exciting. I'll help your Aunt with the dinner." Mikey briefly glanced at his mom in a vaguely lustful way he was doing more and more. Claire was 36, a little taller than her sister Kath, with shoulder length dark hair. She had the same sort of face as Kath - nice blue eyes, a cute little nose and pleasing smile - but a different body.

While basically slim, she had an extra few pounds that had settled around her childbearing hips, giving her ass a nice plumpness to it, while still keeping it's rounded shape. Her tits were certainly different from Auntie Kath's - large, heavy and round, stretching the material of the blouse that she wore. The blouse was white and the bra beneath black, and Mikey's eye's lingered there, able to dimly pick out the swirly lace patterns of the brasserie.

Claire walked on past, heading downstairs, and her son looked round at her ass. Claire wore a tight pair of gray trousers, and her every curve of her ass was well visible. Because her legs and waist were slim relative to her fairly plump buttocks, the trousers that fit on everywhere else on her lower body were stretched around her buttocks, and Mikey felt his cock beginning to harden as he glimpsed her panty line.

When Claire had turned and headed down the stairs, Mikey went into his room and closed the door. He changed his clothes while thinking of what had motivated him to gaze at his mom like that.

He figured it was due to Kath - like any fourteen year old boy he was willing to admire the body of almost any female. It didn't seem too freaky to admire his aunt - it wasn't like she was really a relative. Was she? His mother was different. He knew it was a bit odd to look at her that way, but he was quickly getting used to looking at his Aunt sexually that he instinctively looked at his mother in a lustful manner too.

And he had to admit - she had fucking gorgeous ass. Not as good as Kath's pert little posterior, but it was still nice. And of course his mom won hands down in the breast competition.

He noticed he had a huge hard on and, after a couple of nano-seconds of thought, he decided to lie down and jerk himself off. It was the following evening, and while Kath was up in her room going through a few papers from work, Mike and Claire were in the living room; Mike reading a Stephen King novel and his mom watching a drama program based on a Jane Austin novel. The red curtains were open to the back garden, the trees and bushes dark blue silhouettes against the red and orange sunset.

Claire had always liked the privacy afforded by the trees round the back garden, behind which were nothing but fields. Mike usually spent his evenings in sitting around his room playing computer games or watching videos, but tonight he wanted to finish off his book and decided to do so in the cozy living room, in the presence of his mother.

Claire was wearing a long navy-blue dress and a cream colored blouse, her hair still damp from an earlier shower. She tried to concentrate on the TV but the drama was beginning to plod a little, and she regretted having invested an hour in watching the first half. Occasionally, she glanced at her son, who sat along the sofa from her, intently reading the final chapter of his book. Mike was at the perfect age, Claire pondered, between childhood and adulthood.

His shoulders were broadening and his dark brown eyes betrayed a keener intelligence that the Star-Wars-toy collecting kid he'd been a few years ago. Yet he was still so youthful, his smooth pale face both innocent and handsome at the same time.

Smiling inwardly, Claire looked back to the TV. Mike finished the last page in his book and closed it, resting the paperback on the armrest. "Finished that?" his mom inquired.

"Yup," Mike responded, feeling proud at having trekked through the 600-page novel. "Was it any good?" "Yeah, it was okay. I doubt if you'd really like it mom. Too much blood and gore." Claire smiled, "Probably more exciting than this program." "Yeah, " Mike agreed, who began to idly watch the TV, deciding that it'd be nice to stay here with his mom than disappear upstairs. In the program, some young maiden with deep cleavage on show in her low cut, 18th century dress, was pulling out her hair pin and letting her black hair cascade down her back, while being sweet talked by some square jawed, dashing hero.

Mike began to feel a little anxious as the black-haired woman began to undress, the man doing like wise as they began to kiss passionately. The woman soon slipped out of her bra, revealing her impressive, perfect breasts, which the handsome hero fondled while ramming his tongue down the woman's throat. Claire glanced at her son, who watched the TV while blushing a little, undergoing that nightmare for all teenagers - a sex scene being shown while in the company of your mother.

"Too much sex on TV these days," Claire said, and Mike looked at her, a little surprised. "Mmm?" "Too much sex," Claire smiled, "Such a disgrace." She let out a little laugh, and Mike smiled back, Claire having succeeded in ending her son's embarrassment. The couple on the TV were going at it quite passionately now, and Mike watched, the ice having been broken by his mom, thus allowing him to be more able to concentrate on the sex scene. It was fairly explicit for the BBC, even if it was after nine o'clock, and his cock was rapidly hardening.

Claire was also watching the program, but frequently glanced at her son, finding herself fascinated at the boy's keen interest in the sex scene. A few glances at the boy's crotch showed that he was clearly more than just interested. Mike was resting a hand over his lap in an attempt to disguise it, but Claire wasn't fooled, and her eye's lingered on the clear shape of a fair old iron bar in the boy's crotch.

With the sound of kissing and heavy breathing coming from the TV, Mike began to look at his mom through the corner of his eye. She was looking at the TV and seemed lost in thought, and Mike snatched a glimpse of his mother's large breasts, rising and falling a little with her breathing.

The nipples were standing out blatantly beneath the thin cotton blouse, and Mike felt his cock harden even more. It felt weird to have an erection while sitting close to his mother, but it was overridden by the excitement. Mother or not, Claire was a woman, and an attractive one at that, with a pair of big breasts. What teenage boy would bother letting a little thing like her being his mom get in the way? Mike tried to shake himself out of it, and went back to the TV, where the sex scene had now ended.

However, his erection still pounded in his jeans, and he realized that, going by some description of sex he'd actually read in the novel he'd just finished, women's nipples go hard when they're aroused.

He'd felt embarrassed at the sex on the TV, and a little anxious that, sitting next to his mom, he'd ended up in a state of sexual excitement. But he realized his mom had been as well, probably longing for sex as she watched a simulated act of it in the TV program. The whole little scenario had been a little surreal, Mike pondered, then decided to try and think about something else to get his dick to soften, otherwise he'd be unable to walk for fear of poking someone's eye out with it, so horny was he.

"I'll make us some supper honey," Claire abruptly said, "You hungry?" "Sure," Mike smiled. "Okay sweetheart," Claire said as she stood up, "won't be long." She left the living room, and Mike sat and wondered why his mom, usually affectionate anyway, had suddenly been more so. A moment later, Kath came down the stairs and wandered into the living room. She wore a black T-shirt and a wonderfully tight pair of trousers, light beige in color so that, being of a similar shade to her skin, they almost made her look as if she had nothing on from the waist down.

She was carrying a small folder with 'Sales' written on the top. "Hi Mikey," Kath said. "Wotcha doin'?" "Wondering if there's anything better on the other channel," her nephew answered.

"Just this stupid drama thing on." "Boring," Kath heckled at the TV like a petulant schoolgirl, and then giggled, "I hate those sort of programs. Oh, where's my briefcase? Is it in here?" "Yeah, over there," Mike said, pointing at the black case sitting in the far corner of the room on a small cabinet.

"Oh yeah." Kath walked to the case and bent down to open it, her ass pointing directly at Mike, who stared at that lovely butt with as much concentration as a spy trying to memorize a ledger of information in ten seconds flat. Kath's buttocks were superbly sculpted; firm and round, and the tightness of her trousers meant that bending over showed off perfectly her panty line. Mike's cock hardened again almost instantly, and he was licking his lips as he watched his Aunt's ass, while she put her file in the case, then abruptly stood up and turned round.

Mike quickly looked back at the TV, not noticing Kath's knowing smile as she headed towards the door. He believed, incorrectly, that his ass-viewing had not being noticed.

"Where's your mom sweetie?" Kath chirped, "In the kitchen?" "Yeah. Making supper." "I'll go help her." "Mikey certainly has roaming eyes," Kath smiled as she walked into the kitchen, her sister programming the microwave. "Hmmm?" Claire inquired, hitting a button that caused the microwave to start humming. "Well, he's always looking at me.

In a, you know, way that fourteen-year-olds are inclined to look at women." Claire smiled. "I have noticed," she said, "I do fear he is doing the same to me." "Yeah?" Kath gasped. She had in fact noticed Mike looking at Claire in a similar way, but hadn't really given it much thought at first. For some reason it kind of excited her - this young boy so randy he'd eye up not just his aunt but his mom as well. Claire stood next to Kath and they spoke in a friendly but clandestine way.

"He did it to me yesterday evening as well, and a moment ago," Claire said, "He doesn't think I notice but he's not had too much practice at admiring the female body. Eye's flicking all over my breasts." "Come on sis, a boy can't look in your vague direction without his line of sight hitting your breasts." They both giggled.

"He sure loves looking at your ass," Claire commented, "He stares at it whenever you bend over. Methinks you bend over in front of him deliberately sometimes." "Hey you can't talk sis," Kath responded, jokingly, "I've seen you wear that low cut blouse and bend over in front of him." "Boy, he can't get his eyes off my cleavage.

Do you not think it's a bit odd? A boy looking at his mom's tits?" "Only as weird as a woman showing her son her cleavage deliberately." Kath smirked. "Okay, okay. But seriously, is it not a bit pervy? Us showing off our.lovely female assets to our nephew and son.

Ahem.unconsciously, of course" "I guess," Kath shrugged, "Well, I don't think it's weird. I feel good. It's great for such a handsome young man to admire us." Before Claire could respond, Mikey came in. The two women stepped apart. "Is it ready yet?" Mike asked. "Almost," Claire smiled, " Another ten minutes." "Okay.

I'm off to my room." And off he went, Claire and Kath's heads full of thoughts and ideas. Ten o'clock at night, and Mikey was sitting at his computer in his bedroom, playing Doom. There was a quiet knock at the door, and Claire opened it. "Don't be up too late son," she said.

"Sure mom. No worries." "Goodnight." "Night mom." Claire closed the door and went into her room. It was the largest bedroom, with fine oak furniture and a massive bed. The covers were dark red, which matched the crimson carpet. The wallpaper was cream with red-roses, and the main-lights and lamps either side of the bed, combined with the large South facing window ensured it was always well lit. Kath was in there, wearing just a long white T-shirt that reached her knees.

"Hi sis. What's up?" Claire said. She was wearing a red, satin dressing gown that shone in the lamplight. "Just wanted to continue our conversation earlier. About Mikey." Claire closed the door.

"I know you sis," she smiled at Kath. "You sound as if you're planning something." "Well, why not. We both agree he admires our bodies. He likes us.


He doesn't have any shame about looking at his dear auntie and mom in that way." "So what are you suggesting? That we seduce him?" "Sure," Kath shrugged casually, standing up. Claire instinctively thought that the idea was outrageous and ridiculous, but significantly the feeling she didn't have was that of disgust. "Hmmm," she contemplated. "Well.I don't feel as uncomfortable about it as I thought I would." "So it's been in the back of your mind then?" "A little.

Aw heck, a lot. I mean he is nice looking, isn't he?" "Gorgeous," Kath agreed. "And an athletic body." "And I bet has a good firm cock." "Jeez Kath!" Claire gasped, and then laughed. "Well, maybe you're right." "The boy's fourteen. He'll be able to hump all day. Come on, we both know he doesn't just look at us in a casual way; I'm sure he wants to fuck us. I want to fuck him. You do. Let's do it." "You want to do this?" "Utterly. It'll be like when we were know.all that time ago?

Except there'll be three of us." Kath reached out and casually parted the top part of Claire's dressing gown, exposing her big, luscious breasts. "Which boy can resist these?" she asked, "Hell, I can't." She bent her head and took one of her sister's big, dark nipples into her mouth and sucked gently.

"Oh Kath," Claire gasped. "Mmmm.that feels good." Kath sucked for a moment on the nipple, then sucked on the other. She then raised her head and placed her hands on her sister's huge breasts.

She fondled them gently while leaning forward, kissing Claire on the lips. Claire reacted slowly, but soon got into it, kissing her sister on the mouth with passion and lust. There tongues were soon involved, slipping into each other's mouths. Kath fondled Claire's tits harder, her fingers pulling on the hard nipples. Eventually, there lips parted.

Claire instinctively slipped off her gown, standing stark naked. They hadn't seen each other nude as adults, and Kath admired her sister's voluptuous body. "Lay down," she whispered, and Claire did so, lying on her back on the bed. Kath slipped off her T-shirt, and Claire watched her sister's small, firm and lithe body as she clambered onto the bed.

Her tits were small and pert, he ass shapely and firm. Kneeling between Claire's legs, Kath bent down and began licking her sister's cunt.

She darted her tongue in and out of the wet slit, then nuzzled her face into the bush of black pubic hair while slipping two fingers in and out of Claire's cunt. Claire sighed; her eye's closed, her hands rubbing her own tits.

Kath kept on licking, at first delicately, then passionately, driving her face into her sister's pussy, lapping at the juices. "Oh yes," Claire whispered, aware that she may alert her son. "Oh, oh yes, lick me. Lick my cunt." Kath raised her head, juice slathered across her chin.

She slipped three fingers up Claire's sopping pussy, and with the other hand rubbed at her clit. Claire gasped and started raising her ass of the bed, humping her sister's hands. "Fuck me," she moaned, quietly.

"Imagine this as Mike," Kath whispered. "Imagine your son's cock fucking into your cunt. You slut, you want it." "I want it," Claire gasped. "I want his cock. Ugh ugh, fuck me, ugh.Oh fuck, Mikey. Uh uh uuuuh!" Her body jerked as she felt a slow but strong orgasm ripple through her body, and she was left panting for breath while Kath went down to lap at the juices her sister's cunt had poured out.

Kath then lay on her back, and without having to be asked, Claire got between her sister's legs and sucked hard on her cunt. She tongued Kath's wet slit hard. While Kath had a bit more experience with women, Claire hadn't fucked another woman apart from Kath, so her efforts were a bit amateurish.

She more than made up for it in terms of passion, and soon Kath was sighing, her face flushed, as she was hit by a gentle, long orgasm. When they finished, they lay next to each other for a few moments. Kath was suddenly worried that Claire's dedication to the plan was only due to passion, which was now ebbing away in their pre-coital panting. "You still want to do it?" she asked her sister.

"You still want to get Mikey in here with us?" "Oh definitely!" Claire gasped. "Oh god, imagine how good it will be. Me, you and him, humping away. Oh God, I want to get him in here now and get him to fuck us silly." "Me too.

God, I bet he's jerking off now thinking about screwing women, probably us specifically. I reckon he'd be overjoyed if we strolled in nude and begged him to fuck us." "He may be asleep though," Claire pointed out. "Well, we'd best wait. Do it when he's back from school, so we can teach him all we know in our own time." "When will we do it?" Claire asked impatiently. "Tomorrow. When he gets back from school. He won't be able to resist us, I'm sure. We'll fuck him silly.

Tomorrow?" "Agreed." They lay next to each other for a moment longer, and then Kath kissed Claire and slipped off the bed. "Goodnight," she whispered to her sister, and turned the door handle.

Mikey had heard his mother and auntie talking softly in the room down the hall. He hadn't heard anything of what they were saying or doing, but he was naturally curious. There was a lock on his door, with a keyhole, and when he heard movement down the hallway, he felt an impulse to look through the keyhole. The door at the end of the hallway opened and there was Kath - nude.

She carried a T-shirt she usually slept in, but was otherwise stark naked. She looked shifty as she walked up the hall in the direction of Mikey's room. His admiration of Kath's pert little titties and her sparsely haired cunt meant that Mikey was suddenly shocked when he thought his aunt was coming to his door.

Instead, she stopped and turned to the door to her own room. After opening it, Kath looked at Mikey's door. She didn't know her randy nephew was looking through the keyhole; she just looked at the door in a purposeful kind of way. Then she entered her room and closed her door. Mikey stripped and started to jerk off.

He was so randy at seeing his aunt's naked body that it wasn't until he'd shot his load that he actually bothered to wonder why Kath had been emerging naked from his mom's room., he had no real idea. Either way, if it were anything interesting he'd soon find out. He flicked off the light and went to sleep, having to jack off once more before doing so.

Mike was just leaving school at four o'clock. He was feeling horny, his cock stiff in his trousers as he thought back to last night when he saw his aunt in the nude. He couldn't wait to get home and jack off. Meanwhile, Kath and Claire had both left their workplaces early and were at home, getting ready in their respective rooms.

Kath decided to forego any panties, and instead just put on a pair of white denim cut-offs that ran up her ass crack with tightness. Continuing the younger look, she put on a pair of white ankle length socks, which emphasized, along with the shorts, the bareness of her legs. Being short, Kath couldn't necessarily be described as 'leggy', but certainly her legs were nice; firm thighs, shapely calves and smooth skin. She put a tight yellow T-shirt, the lack of bra causing her nipples - which had been stiff all day - to poke out.

Happy with her appearance, she strolled into Claire's room. Her elder sister was wearing a pair of tight, gray trousers and a red top. The top was very low cut, the neck lines running straight down almost to her nipples, before turning at right angles to meet in the middle of her ample chest. The result was a display of a good five inches of her deep cleavage, and a fair amount of flesh from her breasts.

"Wow!" Kath smiled. "Hubba hubba!" "Don't think I'm overdoing it do you?" Claire asked, uncertainly, looking down at her near-exposed tits. "It looks very unsubtle," Kath nodded. "Yeah. Maybe I'll wear something different." "No, don't Claire.

Keep it on." "But I don't want to look as if I'm overdoing it." "But we are. This is OTT, seducing your son and my nephew. Remember, no matter how much he may seem to lust after us, he's not going to seduce us. We've only got the courage to do so as we've got each other; we outnumber the poor, randy lad.

We're not waiting until he can't resist us and pounce on us, cock in hand; we're going to ask him to fuck us. It doesn't matter if you look blatantly sexy. It'll just show how serious we are." "You're right," Claire agreed, "This'll do. You don't think.that this is wrong in some way?" "Nope," Kath replied without hesitation, "It's going to be fun. Besides, we're not forcing him to do anything; we're not deceiving him.

If he doesn't want to join in, or he does it once then regrets it, so what? He'll be okay. If he turns us down tonight he'll probably change his mind next time he fancies jacking off. It'll be okay. Now, dear sis, what do you think our chances are?" "Well, Kath you look.fucking stunning." "Does my ass look good?" Kath asked, doing a twirl. "Sure does. No boy could resist it. And what about my tits? Do you think a 14-year-old boy, son or no son, would feel a little horny looking at them?" "Jeez, I'm just worried he'll come in his pants when he sees your cleavage and leaves nothing for us.

Those are luscious tits. He'll go potty." Their confidence bolstered, they sat on the bed next to each other, idly making last minute adjustments to their appearances. The door opened downstairs, and closed. The sound of Mikey trudging in. "Here he is." Kath whispered. "Excellent," Claire smiled.

She'd felt a little anxious, but now, with the operation at hand, she felt confident. They had planned what to do before hand, and Kath went to the door when she heard footsteps up the stairs.

Mikey appeared at the top of the steps and looked up to see his aunt standing in the doorway of his mother's room. "Hi Kath," he smiled, eyes unable to resist flicking down to his auntie's legs and the nipples that stood prominent under the tight cotton T-shirt.

"Hiya Mikey," his aunt smiled, "Could you come in here a mo?" "Sure." Kath turned and entered the room, Mike's cock beginning to harden at the glimpse of his aunt's ass in those tight shorts. When he entered the room, he saw his mother casually sitting on the bed, and unsurprisingly his eyes lingered at her massive cleavage. "Hi mom," he said. He idly wondered what was going on, and then suddenly realized it must have had something to do with last night, when he saw Kath exit mom's room naked.

"Mikey, honey," Claire said. "Could you sit here a minute?" She patted the edge of the bed next to her, and Mike obeyed. Kath sat next to him, so Mike was in between both women.

"What's up mom?" he asked. He didn't detect anything sinister, just that something mildly interesting and curious was going on. He just wanted it to finish so he could go and pull his cock all evening while summoning up the memory of his mom's cleavage. Claire turned to her son, and his eyes flicked down to her tits once more.

"You see son," she began, "that's what this is about. You looking at me and Kath in.well, a rather lustful manner." Mike suddenly felt embarrassed, even more so when he found himself unintentionally - sort of - looking back down to his mom's breasts. Then he realized there was no annoyance in his mom's voice, and the next logical leap he made was that his mom, oh-so upset at her son looking at her tits, was wearing this low cut top she never wore before.

"Sorry mom," he shrugged. "It's okay," Claire said, and stroked Mike's hair softly, "I'm quite complimented. So is Kath." "Absolutely," Kath confirmed.

"In fact," Claire continued, "I think that if you like our bodies a lot, you should get a better look at them. See if they're up to the standards of your.fantasies." Claire casually gripped the hem of her top and lifted it up and off, slinging it to the floor. Her big breasts stood exposed, massive melons of soft flesh topped by stiff red nipples.

Mike's eyes bulged. "I." he began, and then couldn't think of anything to say. "It's okay," Claire said softly. "You don't have to say anything.

Just feel them." Slowly, Mike raised his hands and placed them over his mother's tits. He felt the softness under his touch; hardly able to believe he was actually touching real tits. He fondled them, stroked the skin and pulled gently on the nipples. "Suck on them," Claire asked, and lay back, propped up on her elbows. Mike adopted a similar position, one elbow on the bed as his head hovered over Claire's tits.

He licked his lips, and then started to suck on the left nipple. It felt gorgeous, and he began flicking his tongue over the nipple to get it even harder, then sucked on it once more. Claire sighed and moaned in pleasure. She loved the way Mikey was clearly having the time of his life, yet what they were doing was nothing compared to what they could do.

What they would do. Kath reached over to Mike's groin and gripped the hard cock that lay beneath the material of her nephew's trousers. Mike's sucking stopped briefly, and then resumed once he felt himself comfortable with the alien feeling of a woman unzipping his fly and reaching in for his cock. Kath gasped as she pulled Mike's cock from his fly. It seemed big in her hand, and after a few strokes, it stood fully erect. It was at least eight inches, and under her delicate, skillful masturbation, throbbed itself to a hardness equal to granite.

Kath planted her mouth over the bulbous end of her nephew's dick and sucked gently on it. Mike was moaning now, getting the first blowjob of his life and thoroughly enjoying it. He continued to fondle his mom's tits, occasionally slurping on the nipples, all the while his cock sticking in Kath's wet mouth. "Sit up son," his mother asked sweetly, and Mike did so. Claire slipped to the floor, as did Kath, and they both helped Mike get out of his trousers and boxer shorts.

He tugged off his shirt and thus sat naked in front of his mother and aunt. Both women fussed over the big, erect cock in front of them, taking turns in sucking on the end, licking the shaft and stroking the balls. "What a lovely cock my son has," Claire whispered. "So big and hard." She started sucking on it, lowering her head and deep-throating the erect prick. "Fuck," Mike muttered, in ecstasy. "That feels good. It's good mom!

Suck it. Suck my cock." Ecstatic that the boy was clearly enthusiastic about this, Claire sucked harder on her son. Meanwhile, Kath stood up and slipped her top off.

Mike stared at her lovely body, at her pert little tits. Kath then removed her shorts, and sat back on the bed, next to her nephew. She planted her lips on his, and Mike enjoyed a lovely, passionate kiss with his lovely aunt while his mother continued to suck his cock, making smacking and drooling noises. Eventually, both women disengaged from the boy. Claire stood and slipped off her trousers and panties, so that all three were now naked.

The two women climbed onto the bed and lay parallel to each other. Mike was horny enough looking at the two naked women, but his cock felt like exploding when they began kissing. Kath was moaning and driving her tongue down Claire's throat, all the while fondling her tits. Soon her hand crept down, stroking her sister's belly in circles, before getting to her hairy pussy.

She fingered Claire, thrusting two fingers in and out of her cunt while kissing her hard. Then Kath took her mouth from her sister's and smiled at Mike. "Come on," she urged him. "Join in. You don't have to, but we want you to." "What'll" Mike asked.

He was still a little confused. His mom and aunt had deliberately got it on together to help turn the boy on, but he wondered if they'd just been teasing him somehow. He wasn't sure what he could get away with, out of all the desires he had, the build up of all those masturbatory fantasies.

Kath understood this and sat up, reached over and gripped Mike's cock. She stroked his expertly. "Whatever you want," she whispered.

"We want you to fuck us as much as you, I'm sure, want to fuck us. Time to lose your cherry Mikey." She sat back and Mike looked down at his mom, who spread her legs further. "Fuck your mother," Claire said with a mischievous grin. "Plant that stiff cock in me." Mike climbed on top of Claire, adopting the missionary position he'd seen in a few soft porn flicks on late night cable.

His mom had to reach down to help guide Mike's cock into her pussy. It sank in slowly, and she gasped. "Ooooh, Mikey! Oh, yes, your big cock feels gooood!" Mike soon lay firmly on top of his mom, his dick wedged in her slick, hot cunt.

"Fuck, it feels good!" he gasped, enjoying the liberal feeling of swearing like that in front of his mom. He grew confident as he began fucking her, thrusting his cock in and out of Claire's cunt. "Fuck me," his mom gasped. "Oh fuck me son. Oh yes, I need this! I need your cock! I've wanted it for so long." "Uh uh uh!" Mike grunted, his chin buried in his mom's shoulder, "Uh yeah, oh oh, your cunt is so good. Oh yeah, I love fucking you!" "Say it again love," Claire sighed. "I love fucking you.

I've wanted to fuck you for so long, and I want to fuck you again and again. Uh, uh yeah!" "Oh son, fuck me! Faster! That's it, faster! Yeah yeah!!" Mike was pounding harder now, his ass rising and falling rapidly between his mom's spread legs.

"Oh god it's good!" he cried out. "Oh yes!" He looked and saw Aunt Kath kneeling nearby, watching intently, and fingering her pussy. "Oh, I'm going to fuck you next!" he promised her. "Oh Kath, I'm gonna fuck you just as hard." Kath smiled, feeling so overjoyed at how Mikey was as keen to get into this sordid little scenario as she and Claire were.

"Uh mom, oh mom, I'm almost cumming!" "Pull out son!" Claire said. "Pull out and give it to Kath." It took a lot of willpower, but Mike was able to stop his thrusting and get off his mom, his cock slipping out of her slick pussy. Kath lay down, spreading her legs. While Claire's pussy was topped with thick, black hair, Kath's pink slit was adorned with only a small amount of light blonde hair. It was just as tempting, and Mike, operating on instincts, bent down and sucked on that lovely cunt.

"Oh yeah!" Kath cried. "Oh Claire, oh fuck what a boy you have. Uh uh, yeah, lick my cunt! Mmmmm!" It was now Claire's turn to kneel and frig her pussy as she watched her son lick out her sister's cunt. Finally unable to resist any longer, Mike knelt up, his cock throbbing in the air, veins standing out along the shaft. He lay on top of Kath and slid his prick up her cunt. "Uuhhhhnnn!" Kath groaned as the thick member buried itself in her pussy to the hilt.

"Oh fuck yeah, it feels big! Uh uh, uhhhhhn!" Feeling wholly confident and not at all disorientated, as he had been, Mike began slamming into his auntie's pussy hard. "Fuck, your cunt is good!" he whispered in Kath's ear. "Oh fuck I want to fuck you all night. And mom. I want to fuck you both forever." "Keep fucking me!" Kath ordered. "Harder, yeah! Faster, faster, uh uh uh uh uuuhhh!!!" Mike pounded her good and hard until he once again felt his sperm rising.

He pulled out of Kath, leaving her writhing on the bed, fingering her pussy, eager for more. But it was Claire's turn once again. "Lay back," Claire said, and Mike did so, laying on his back while his mom mounted him, lowering her hot cunt onto her son's powerful tool.

"MMmmmmm!" she sighed as began riding slowly. "God yeah, your cock is good! Mmm! Uh uh uhh!" "God mom you're good!" Mike said, "And I love your tits.

Oh these tits!" He reached up and fondled his mother's massive breasts, while thrusting his cock up to meet his mom's cunt, as she began to ride him faster. Kath knelt to the side of them, clamping her mouth to Claire's, the sister's kissing while Claire was soundly fucked from underneath by her son. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" Mike gasped. Claire rode him faster, still kissing Kath.

Mike slammed up to meet his mom hard and fast, and felt his cock practically erupt. "Oh fuuuuuck!" he cried, "Uh uh, yeah, mom! Ohhhh!" His cock erupted like a mini-volcano, spewing forth a massive eruption of sperm into his mother's cunt. Claire kept on riding until Mike was spent, his hands dropping to his side. His mom slowed down, and then disengaged from Kath, who bent down and kissed her nephew in a seemingly innocent way on the cheek.

"Was that good?" Kath asked Mike quietly. "Fantastic. Oh God, this is great." Claire dismounted her son, Mike's cock slapping to his stomach. It was still semi-hard, and Claire began to softly frig it back to hardness. "What exactly are we doing though?" Mike asked. "I mean, isn't this illegal or something? Incest?" "Sure," Claire shrugged. "But only if we get caught.

I don't see why we shouldn't do it." "Me neither," Mike quickly said, not wanting this to be the last session.

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"It's fun. Just a little.odd." "Yeah, but as long as it's fun," Kath said. "Me and your mom noticed you looking at us, at our tits and asses. We think you're handsome, we wanted to fuck you.

You presumably wanted to fuck us. So, if we all have a hard humping session, we're all happy. No one is forcing you to do anything." "You don't have to," Mike said.

"God that was brilliant. I can't believe I lost my virginity. I never imagined sex was so good." "You think we're finished?" Claire smiled, still jerking her son's dick. "We're going to fuck all evening. So long as you're happy to do so, you're going to fuck us tomorrow.

And the next evening. We might as well spend all weekend in bed." "Looks like the randy little sod is ready for some more." Kath smiled, and indeed, Mike's cock was stiff and proud in his mother's fist. Kath eagerly mounted Mike, and rode him as passionately as Claire had done earlier, all the while Claire leaning over Mike so he could suck hard on her tits.

Then Mike was back on top, shafting his mom in the missionary position, then Kath. He sucked at both women's pussies for a while, and they sucked on his dick. Eventually, Mike was fucking his mother doggie style while kissing his Aunt Kath when his second orgasm arose. His hands gripping Claire's lovely big buttocks, he slammed into her pussy while flooding it with semen, groaning in pleasure into Kath's mouth.

Feeling drained, Mike slumped back, both women laying either side of him. They lay getting their breath back for a while before Claire got up and put on a dressing gown. She went downstairs and came up with a snack, which they ate on Claire's bed while the TV in the corner was turned on.

They rested and watched TV for a while, until Mike began to stroke his cock until it was erect once more. The fucking commenced again, Mike shafting both women alternately.

It occurred to him that his mother's cunt had claimed both of his loads so far, so this time he shot his spunk into Kath's pussy, while sucking on his mother's big titties. They showered in turn and went about their normal business. Mike did his homework, Claire tidied up the house and Kath sorted through a few bits for work.

At nine, they retired to Claire's bed, where they humped away. They were hot and sweaty by the time Mike felt his balls ready to erupt.

He was humping Kath doggy style when he felt it. "I'm cumming," he announced. "Uh, yeah! Fuck!" "Pull out," Kath gasped, "I want you to give me a facial." Mike slid his cock from his Aunt's gripping cunt, and watched as she eagerly turned and sat in front of him.

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Kneeling, Mike frantically jacked himself off. Kath closed her eyes and opened her mouth. "Drown her in spunk," Claire smiled, watching intently. "Flood her sluttish face." "Uh uh uh!" Mike gasped, "Oh yeah, it's cumming! UUUH!!" He let a powerful jet of sperm splash over his auntie's left cheek, followed by another spray into her mouth. Kath eagerly swallowed, all the while fresh streams of cum splashing into her face, over her hair, stray drops hitting her shoulders.

When Mike's sperm flow died down, Kath sucked on the boy's bell end, sucking out the remaining cum while sperm hung from her chin and ran down from her forehead, past her nose. More strings of cum were slashed across her hair. "Oh fuck that's lovely," Kath moaned, and slumped back, the sperm on her face glistening in the lamplight. Claire lay next to her and began licked the semen off, sometimes swallowing, sometimes scooping the cum up on her tongue and French kissing her sister.

Mike was soon hard again, watching the wonderfully sluttish display. He spent a further hour fucking both women, their cries of ecstasy ringing throughout the room, along with sound of flesh slapping against flesh, and the sucking and slurping noises of the two women's cunts being alternately fucked. Mike shot his load up his mother's pussy, and they all clambered under the cover, rapidly falling into a deep, peaceful sleep.

When they woke up they had time for a quick shag before the randy trio clambered out of bed. They got ready as normal, ate breakfast at the table and chatted about their day ahead like a normal son, mother and aunt. And then, finally, they went their separate ways, all feeling so excited at the prospects of what they could get up to that evening. Mike was sitting in Biology after lunch, his head propped up on the palm of his hand while the teacher, Miss Kennedy, droned on about photosynthesis or something.

Mike was not the only one who found the whole thing somewhat boring and meaningless. Unsurprisingly, his thoughts were of his mother and aunt, and the joy they had last night. He felt no guilt about what he'd done, not in the slightest bit bothered about the incestuous nature of the sex sessions. He began to look forward to that night, knowing that it would continue. When Miss Kennedy asked everyone to turn to a certain page in their textbooks, Mike found his book opening up at the chapter on reproductive systems, the favorite chapter of all the teenage boys before him.

The page contained a colored drawing of a naked woman, with text-arrows pointing at her breasts and vagina. It was a picture Mike was familiar with, having used it as a substitute for the porn mags he wasn't able to buy. He smiled as he turned to the correct page, thinking of how much he'd looked at that mere drawing of a naked woman, fantasizing about fucking her, how it would feel. Then he glanced up at Miss Kennedy who, while not a tremendously attractive 40 year old, did have reasonable sized tits.

No more fantasizing about illustrations of women, Mike thought, or imagining what his teacher's tits looked like. He had two horny women at home, not only willing to fuck him but desperate to. His cock began to harden, but always mindful of the need to study, he turned his thoughts to the lesson. Save himself for that night. When he arrived home, Claire and Kath were not there, as usual - they'd only been there when he arrived home yesterday because they'd come back early.

Mike made himself a sandwich and sat himself down on the sofa, switching the TV on to some silly cartoons while he watched the clock crawl round to five o'clock, when the two women would arrive home - Kath picking up her sister in her car on the way back.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the sound of the front door opening sounded down the hallway, and Kath and Claire were chatting about work as they entered. The door shut, footsteps, and then the two women came into the living room, dressed in their smart work suits. "Hiya honey," Claire smiled, and leaned over to give Mike a simple peck on the cheek.

"Hi mom," Mike said, as Claire took off her jacket and hung it on a coat stand in the corner. "Good day at school?" Kath asked, similarly taking off her jacket. "Yeah," Mike muttered. "Nothing really exciting. Just more emphasis on revising for exams this summer." "Only a few weeks away yes?" Kath inquired. "Yup. Three weeks. Never mind. Should be easy." "Mike always does well in exams." Claire said, proud. "Always works hard." "Thanks mom.

What was work like?" "Crap. Well, it wasn't too bad really, the time just dragged a lot." "Me too," Kath added. Mike nodded a little, idly wondering whether both women had casually decided to call it off, whether yesterday was just a dream. "Anyway, much homework tonight?" Kath said, plonking herself down on the sofa. "Hmmm." Mike shrugged, non-committed, "A little. Doesn't have to be done until Monday though." "Excellent," Claire smiled, sitting on the other side of Mike, "That means you're all ours tonight." She let out a girly giggle as she casually unzipped her son's flies and reached in, pulling out Mike's cock, which was rapidly growing, in his mother's grasp.

Claire frigged the impressive cock to hardness, and then leaned over, slipping it into her mouth. She sucked slowly, making smacking noises as she slobbered on the hard phallus. After licking her lips, Kath placed her hand on Mike's opposite shoulder and kissed him passionately on the mouth, kissing him hard while he was fellated by Claire. Slowly, Kath parted her lips from Mike's and knelt down on the floor. She took over sucking her nephew's cock while Claire undid her blouse, slipping it off followed by her bra.

On her knees on the sofa, she pushed her big wobbling breasts into her son's face, and Mike eagerly sucked on the nipples in turn, his hands gently stroking though his auntie Kath's hair while her head bobbed up and down between his legs.

Briefly taking his mother's tits out of his mouth, Mike uttered, "I want to suck your cunt." "You're more than welcome," Claire smiled. They all got up, stripping off their remaining clothes hurriedly, and then Claire sat back down on the sofa with her legs spread, her dripping pussy exposed. On his knees, Mike started to lap at his mother's hot cunt, tonguing it passionately while Kath sat next to her sister and kissed her hard on the mouth.

She fondled Claire's heavy breasts while drinking up her elder sister's sighs of pleasure as Mike's tongue probed her cunt. Then Kath moved away and began sucking on Claire's nipples, flicking her tongue over the hard stubs. While he was sucking and licking away, Mike was tugging at his erect dick, and was soon unable to bear it any more. He knelt up and guided his cock into Claire's pussy.

"Ooooh Mikey!" Claire sighed as she felt the lovely cock sink completely into her hot cunt. "Oh my lovely son, fuck me. Fuck your whore mother. Oh Kath, keep sucking. Suck my tits you slut. Uh uh!" "God what a lovely cunt," Mike sighed as he worked himself into a good, steady pace of thrusting. "Fuck it's good. Ooooh yeah! Yeah, mom, uh!" He fucked away, enjoying the sight of Kath sucking on his mom's tits lustfully.

"Oh mom," he cried, "Oh yeah.fuck, I want to fuck you all evening." "Don't forget Kath," his mom pointed out between gasps of pleasure. "Fuck her too." "Yeah, that slut. I'll fuck her cunt raw." Her passion aroused even further, Kath sat up and kissed her lovely nephew on the mouth, rubbing his chest with her hands as she exchanged saliva with the randy 14-year-old.

"Fuck your mother," Kath sighed as she looked down and lightly pinched the boy's nipples. "Fuck her till she screams. Fuck that slut until she can't take it any more, then fuck me." "I'm going to do just that," Mike smiled, dreamily, still pumping away.

"Oh yeah, oh this cunt is luscious. Uh uh, yeah, oh.oh.shit." "Don't come," Claire panted. "Don't come in me yet." "Okay." Mike spluttered, and slipped his heavy prick from Claire's sopping pussy.

"Your turn sis," Claire said, getting her breath back and sliding up the other side of the sofa. She gently fingered her cunt while Kath sat down on the sofa in front of Mike, who lapped at her cunt before easing his prick in.

"Mmmmm," Kath crooned, "Ooooh yeah, God I needed this. I need this prick in me. It's all I've thought about all day, yeah, uh uh! Fuck me!" "Slut," Mike panted. "You love it, you love my cock." "It's my God," Kath cried, and her body arched as she was quickly hit by an orgasm. "Oh yeah, oh fuck! Yeah, harder, ooooh!" Spurred on by the pleasure his prick was giving his aunt, Mike started fucking harder, extending Kath's orgasm so that she was soon crying out almost deliriously, her head tossing from side to side.

Claire moved in, sucking on her sister's rock hard nipples. "Suck me," Kath moaned. "Ooooh, suck me. Suck and fuck me, both of you, oh oh oh oh!" Mike continued to pant and gasp as he fucked his aunt hard, only slowing down after five minutes when his orgasm began to rumble on the horizon. He slowly slipped his cock out and Claire quickly went to it, slurping hers and Kath's juices from it.

Claire replaced her sister on the couch once more, and again Mike fucked her hard. "Oh fuck I'm cumming!" he gasped. Kath was kneeling next to her sister, rubbing her tits, and she smiled at Mike at this announcement.

"Cum on her," she said, "Spray her with cum. Make her sticky!" "Too right, my mother needs a shower." "Oh fuck, yeah," Claire gasped, "Fuck me, do it, uh uh." At the last moment, Mike swiped his cock from Claire's pussy and jacked off quickly, his cock exploding sperm at a terrific velocity.

The first long jet reached all the way to his mother's face, the cum streaking across from her chin to above her right eye. The next explosions reached her tits, smearing them in thick juice. Finally, while Mike still pumped his cock with his fist, the remaining gouts of hot sperm spewed onto Claire's stomach, the cum glistening as her belly rose and fell with her frantic breathing.

Mike idly wiped his spunk coated bell-end around Claire's cunt lips, while Kath slowly rubbed the sperm into Claire's sweaty skin, smearing the cum over her till her whole torso glistened with juice.

Mike sat on the armchair and masturbated his prick until it was soon hard again, watching as his mom and aunt snogged on the sofa, Kath lapping at the sperm across her sister's body. "The horny little guy is ready for more." Kath observed as she spotted Mike's hard dick.

"Let's go upstairs," Mike smiled, standing up. They all trooped up the stairs to Claire's room, clambering naked onto the king sized bed.

"Let us do the work for a while." Kath urged, getting Mike to lie on his back. She mounted him, sighing as she impaled her pussy onto the boy's cock. Claire was content to watch as she frigged her cunt, Kath riding her nephew's dick. "Oh God give it to me Mikey!" she cried. "Oh fuck me. Oh oh oh, this cock.uh uh." Mike gripped his aunt by her slim waist and thrust up to meet her, driving his cock hard into her cunt.

"Oh don't stop," he moaned. "Fuck me. Oh Aunty Kath, oh god I love you. I love your cunt." Kath leaned over and started kissing him while grinding her cunt hard onto his dick. They kissed and fucked for ten minutes until Kath finally dismounted, slumping back on the bed out of breath. In a flash, Claire was clambering onto her son, eagerly taking his prick into her cunt, and she rode him just as passionately as her sister had. When she was out of breath, Claire slumped back, Kath resuming her position on top of Mike.

"Keep fucking me," Mike cried eventually. "Oh ride me Kath, God I'm going to cum. Uh uh uh!" "Yeah Mikey," Kath gasped as she bounced. "Give it to me. Flood my pussy. Yeaaaah! Mmmm!" Mike began to shoot his load, pumping his hips up as he shot squirt after squirt of his sticky load into his Aunt Kath's tight cunt. "Ooooooh fuck!" he panted once the orgasm had subsided. "God yeah!" Kath kissed the boy, and then simply fell off him, out of breath. They all lay gasping, fulfilled and happy, Mike even drifting off for a brief nap.

After half-an-hour, it was time for dinner and the usual chores. It was left unsaid what was going to happen later and, indeed, at nine o'clock they went to Claire's bedroom again.

It was midnight by the time they fell asleep, the duvet messily sprawled across their sweaty, entwined bodies, both women with a fresh load of spunk in their cunts.

The next day, Thursday, was the same. They awoke early and fucked for an hour before leaving for work and school. Once they were all home, they screwed for an hour in the living room, Claire at one point having her son cum in her mouth.

After dinner and a bit of TV, giving them time to recover, they resumed their activities in bed, Kath, inspired by Claire, bringing the evening to a climax by sucking hard on Mike's dick and drinking every drop of spunk he shot into her mouth.

Friday afternoon - Mike was at home, just finishing off a snack as he watched TV. Kath and Claire arrived home at five, and after an exchange of small talk about their day, Claire simply said, "Come on. Let's go upstairs." In Claire's room, they undressed, the novelty of fucking still high, but not so that they found anything odd anymore about stripping in front of each other. They clambered onto the bed. "Time for something a little different," Kath smirked, gripping Mike's cock and frigging him gently, "Might as well teach you everything, especially your good Auntie's little vice." "Sounds exciting," Mike smiled.

"It is," Kath replied, and went down to suck on the boy's cock, keeping him in suspense a little longer before slipping the cock from her mouth. "I want you to fuck my ass." "Your ass?" Mike asked, a little taken aback.

"Yeah," Kath said, "You know, a little ass fucking. Anal. You have heard of it yes?" "Sure. I always just thought it was stuff guys did with, you know, each other." "Perfectly normal for guys and gals though," Claire said.

"I'm sure you've seen it in some hard core porn mags, the sort your friends show you," Kath said. "I guess. I was never aware women really liked it, you know, in real life. Outside of pornos." "Yeah, but real life can be like a porno movie at times," Kath grinned. "Do you want to do it?" Mike felt a little bit of anxiety, as if it was perhaps a little too kinky. It wasn't something he'd thought about, but then again, what the hell. "Try anything once," he said. "Excellent," Kath responded, "I had a boyfriend years ago who introduced me to it, and I loved it.

Loved it as much as normal fucking. Since then only a few guys I've slept with did it, but without much enthusiasm. Oh fuck I've got to get this prick up my ass." Kath turned and got on her hands and knees, her ass pointing in the air.

It occurred to Mike that it was probably rather logical that he end up fucking her ass - after all, it was what he'd admired so much when he only ever saw her dressed. "We'll need some lube," Claire said, and reached into a drawer in the bedside cabinet.

"Vegetable oil?" Mike said, eyes on the bottle his mother held. "Sure," Kath replied, looking round, "Much better than Vaseline. Come on Mike, grease up my asshole." Claire handed the bottle to her son, and Mike poured some onto his fingers and knelt behind his Aunt. Kath's lovely butt cheeks were smooth and firm, pale and white blending into pink near the rose bud of her asshole.

It was a lovely, dark pink ring, and as Mike placed his finger up to the anus, it occurred to him how nice and simple her sphincter appeared compared to the lips and clit of her juice pussy.

This was just a nice, bald little ring of muscle that relaxed as Mike began to slather the oil around her butt-ring. "Push your finger in," Claire urged her son, and Mike did so, slipping his finger up Kath's rectum. "Ooooh!" Kath sighed. "Oh fuck yeah. I haven't had a prick or man's finger up there for a year. More than a year. Mmmmm, it's good." Mike pushed his finger back and forth, enjoying the heat of his aunt's narrow rectal passage, the membranous walls of her rectum feeling soft and slick as he pushed up further.

Removing his finger, Mike poured more oil onto it, then fingered Kath's anus once more, making her sigh and moan. Finally, Mike greased up his cock and put the bottle aside, kneeling behind Kath. Any hesitation he'd had had vanished, and his cock was raging hard. Claire watched carefully as he got ready to bugger Kath. "Mmmm!" Kath groaned as she felt the lovely feeling of a hard cock wobbling between her butt cheeks, the hard, bulbous end then pressing against her anus, "Fuck me.

Fuck it up there Mikey. Mmmmmm." Trusting his Aunt's urgings, Mike pushed his cock forth. He seemed to make little progress at first, his dick moving forward in millimeters. "Shove it up me," Kath sighed, impatiently, then pushed her butt back while her nephew was simultaneously easing forward.

Her anus yawned open and Mike's cock sank in halfway. "Oooooh!" Kath gasped. "Oh fuck it's there. Oh, oh ooooh, yeah. Oh God.God.fuck!" "Are you okay?" Mike asked. "Fuck yeah," Kath spluttered. "Fuck, oh, fuck, shove it all the way in! Get it all up my ass, it's hungry for cock." Mike obeyed; easing the remaining few inches of his cock until all eight inches of his member was lodged in his aunt's rectum. Kath was gripping the duvet and gasping out in ecstasy, begging Mike to fuck her ass hard, which is what he did.

"Fuck this is good," he stammered as he pumped away. "Oh God, I didn't think fucking you could be any better but, uh uh, yeah.oh.yeah this is good. Oh, I love your ass.yeah.uh uh uh." "You like her ass?" his mother crooned as she frigged her pussy nearby. "You like your auntie's lovely butt?" "Fuck it's great!" Mike said. "Oh yeah, oh Kath I want to fuck your ass everyday." "Promise you will.!" Kath cried, looking over her shoulder, her face contorted with ecstasy.

"Oh fuck me, oh God yeah, yeah.fuck my ass.fuck it!" She was so glad her nephew liked her butt. "You like it up the ass?" Claire asked, "You slut, you like it up your butt, sis?" "Oh it's better than in the pussy!" Kath replied. "Oh fuck yeah, God, yeah.oh." she looked round back at Mike.

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"Fuck my ass. Nnnnnng!" Mike was slamming hard, fucking Kath up the shitter with all his might, causing the elder woman to squirm underneath his pounding prick. His balls were bouncing off his aunt's cunt, his hands clasped to her lovely ass cheeks as he speared her bowels. "You like it up the butt mom?" "Never tried it," Claire replied. "No?" "Never. I fantasized it about occasionally but never had the nerve to ask the few men I've slept with to try it. But I tell you this, my lovely son, I'm not going to bed tonight without your prick having been up my ass." Mike smiled, this being just what he wanted to hear.

He eventually eased his slippery cock from Kath's butt, making a wet-popping noise as he exited. He looked down at his aunt's asshole, curious that the previously pink little puckered hole was now slick and hanging open a little. Claire was quickly in the position, hands and knees, her ass in the air. Her butt was a little plumper than Kath's; the cheek's broad and mouthwateringly shapely.

Her anus, like her sister's, was pink and tight looking. Kath took charge of the lubrication, rubbing the vegetable oil over her sister's asshole and fingering it, letting Mike take over. Then, Mike began to ease his way in. "Oooh, slowly," his mom urged. "Slowly, but surely. That's it." "It's going in," Mike sighed. "Oh's slipping up there." His cock began to sink forward a little, then a bit more.

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"Ooooh, son, oh oh!" Finally, Claire's butthole let in the hard dick. "Oh fuck!" she cried out, "Oh god it's so big!" She felt initial discomfort, which quickly turned to ecstasy as her anus got used to being stretched open like this.

Mike pushed forth and soon had his dick buried in his mom's asshole to the hilt. "God it's hot. Oh it's so hot and tight," Mike gasped, and began to fuck his mother's ass hard. It felt just as good and tight as his auntie's rectum. "God mom your ass is so fucking hot. Oh, I'm going to fuck it raw!" Kath smiled as she fingered her butthole and watched the action. Claire was in such as sluttish position, on hands and knees like a whore. Her face was lying to one side on the bed, eyes closed, mouth open and sighing with intense pleasure.

The big breasts beneath her swung back and forth as her son slammed away, Claire's anus swallowing the big cock fed to her. After a good quarter of an hour of buggery, Mike slowly eased his cock out from his mom. Claire slumped forth, her anus burning with electric sensuality, not believing the pleasure she'd felt. Kath gripped Mike's cock and sucked hard on it, enjoying the taste of her own ass and Claire's on the dick. She wasn't necessarily a coprophile or anything, but any distaste for the slight traces of shit were completely negated by her lust as she slobbered on the dick.

"Fuck my ass again," she begged, turning round and assuming the position. Mike got behind her and pushed his prick up her butt. "Mmmmm!" Kath groaned. "Oh fuck my ass. Yeah, mmmm!" Mike sodimized his aunt slowly this time, pushing forward and pulling back in Kath's butt-hole in long, slow strokes.

"Did you like your ass fuck mom?" he asked. "Sure," Claire smiled, slumped on the bed. "It was great. Felt so good." "You prefer it up your ass?" Kath inquired. "Well." Claire shrugged. "Not necessarily. I'm not an anal fanatic like you clearly are sis.

I still like my cunt fucked thoroughly. But it still feels good up the ass. Much better than I ever imagined." "You want to do it often?" Mike asked, humping away. "Sure," his mother smiled. "Everyday. Give my asshole as much attention as my cunt, if you please son.

However, I fear your Auntie Kath will want to get it up the ass all the time or thereabouts." "Oh, absolutely," Kath cried, enthusiastically.

"Cunt fucking is nice but it's nothing compared to this, to getting fucked up the ass. Oh God, Mmmm. I want you to bugger me as often as possible." "You got it, you anal slut." Mike grinned, then began pick up the pace, pumping back and forth quickly while gripping his auntie by the waist, pulling her ass onto his cock as he thrust forth. "Oh fuck me!" she moaned. "Fuck me!" "I'm cumming!" Mike shouted. "Oh fuck I'm coming! Fuck!

Uh uh uh!" "Fuck my ass full of cum!" Kath cried back over her shoulder, her hair stuck to her sweaty forehead. "Fuck it.oh! OH! OH! OH! NGGGG!" Mike kept on slamming back and forth as the eruption started, his cock gushing forth what seemed like half a pint of cum into Kath's rectum. Finally, he slowed down, his softening cock hanging in his aunt's asshole.

Then Kath slumped forward, out of breath, and Mike joined her and Claire in sprawling across the bed. After they'd rested for a short while, Mike felt his cock begin to reharden as it lay across his belly. He eagerly sat up and looked at Kath, who lay on her stomach, legs slightly apart, eyes closed. Gently, he began to stroke her buttocks, causing his auntie to sigh pleasurably, his fingers rubbing over her ass cheeks.

Then, he knelt over Kath's legs and parted her cheeks, exposing her slick asshole.

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Mike leaned over and began to tongue the little hole, lapping the surrounding ring in between slipping his tongue up into his aunt's rectum, causing her to gently urge him on with breathy moans. Any distaste he may have anticipated during this process was negated by how arousing he found it, licking away at Kath's' lovely butt-hole. When Mike shuffled back, Kath anticipated her nephew's intentions and got up on hands and knees, back arched, head turned.

"Fuck my ass again," she begged. "Fuck me Mikey." Not having needed to be told, Mike guided his fat cock up to Kath's bumhole and eased forward, Kath gasping out as she felt the teenage prick slide into her ass. "Ooooh God!" she moaned.


"Oh feels good. Get it all up there!" Once he was all the way in, Mike pumped back and forth at a reasonable pace, enjoying the sight of his cock wedged in Kath's butthole as much as he delighted in the feeling. "Your ass is the best!" Mike complimented Kath, "So lovely and tight. Yeah!" "What about me!" Claire said in mock-despair as she lay on her side, watching her sister's sodimization. "Yours is the best too," Mike assured his mom. "I love both your asses.

Oh fuck, this is so gooood!" "Fuck me harder Mikey," Kath cried as she felt ripples of pleasure pulsing out radially from her speared asshole, "Pump my ass, fuck it, oh oh oh oh!" Mike increased his pace, fucking his aunt's ass harder, plowing his meaty dick forcefully into Kath's gripping rectal passage. "Oh God!" she began crying. "Oh God, fuck me Mike! Oh yes! Nnnngg, yes, oh!" She continued to stammer out obscenities and urges as her knuckles turned white, fists gripping the duvet.

Her nephew was fucking her hard now, and soon Kath was practically yelping in joy as she felt an bolt of orgasmic pleasure from her bowels as Mike's thick member slammed repeatedly into it's hot, tight depths.

Once Kath had calmed down a little, Mike slowed and eventually pulled out. "Turn over mom," he said to Claire as he shuffled over to her, his erect cock wobbling in the air stiffly, slick with pre-cum and a few brown streaks. "I'm gonna bugger your ass just as hard." "Oh son, you're such a filthy little boy." Claire smirked, and gladly got her hands and knees.

"Come on, fuck my ass with that lovely big shit-streaked dick." Her son got in behind and slowly eased his way into her anus. "You like that mom?" he asked as his cock head pushed it's way through Claire's tight but elastic bum-ring. "You like my dick in your asshole?" "Ooooh son, oh it's good. Keep pushing, I can take it!" Finally buried to the hilt in his mother's ass, Mike began fucking her hard, hands splayed on his mom's rump. "Your ass was made for fucking," he gasped as he thrust away.

"Yours and Kath's asses feel so good. Oh yeah, yeah. Work with me mom; push back when I'm slamming in. That's it, that's it, yeah." "Oh God son!" Claire spluttered as she looked round, obeying his instructions to meet his thrusts. "Oh fuck I can feel it right up me! Uh uh uh! Oooooh! It's so goood! Aaaah!" She felt herself gripped by what she could only think of as an anal-orgasm, pleasurable sensations sparking up in all the nerves of her slippery rectal walls as they were rubbed repeatedly by the invading cock.

"Fuck me Mikey! Oh yeah!" "Uh uh uh uh!" Mike grunted passionately as he shoved his cock as far up his mother's tight, greasy rectal canal as he could. "Oh mom, oh mom I'm cumming! Uh uh uh! God, yeah!!" When the orgasm hit him, it almost made Mike collapse, his whole body wracked with orgasmic pleasure as his cock began spewing forth semen into his mother's guts.

He buried his dick in Claire's asshole to the hilt and supported himself by gripping her shoulders. Slowly grinding his hips, he pumped his thick, slimy spunk into Claire's rectum, his mother letting out long moans of pleasure as she felt the liquid fill her ass, feeling relatively cool compared to the heat of her bowels.

When Mike vacated Claire's ass and sat back, Kath eagerly came up and slobbered on his cock, then turned and pushed her face to her sister's butt, lapping at the slick asshole. Claire pushed, as if she were taking a shit, flexing and squeezing her rectum and a long dribble of her son's sperm dribbled out from her yawning anus, which Kath quickly lapped up. "God I love the taste of spunk." Kath sighed. "Lovely. I love the taste of Claire's ass too. Mmmmm!" She plunged her tongue up into her sister's rectum and lapped the cum off the slippery walls of Claire's rectal canal.

Despite his exhaustion, Mike knelt behind Kath and worked two fingers up his aunt's rectum to the knuckle. "Time for dinner," Claire smiled once they'd fully finished, and they all got up, dressed and showered together, and continued with an evening as innocent as any normal household's. With no work or school for any of them the next day, the Friday night session lasted long into the early hours of Saturday morning. Mike couldn't get enough of fucking Claire and Kath's asses, and both women - especially Kath - were well into it, taking it in turns to wave their rumps in Mike's direction so that he could plunge into their twitching anal rings with his ever-solid cock.

The weekend was spent fucking, mostly anally, and little else. They'd all agreed that it would be best to keep up normality in the rest of their lives, and indeed they managed to. Kath and Claire hosted innocent coffee mornings on their days off, went out occasionally with mutual friends from work. Mike continued to hang around with his friends, getting up to the usual antics one would expect from teenage boys.

Their work and school received plenty of attention. However, there was no doubting that their lustful sessions were dominant in their schedules, which none of the three figured was a bad thing. The convenience of the whole set up is what pleased them all the most.

Neither Kath, Claire nor Mike regarded what they did as lovemaking; it was merely fucking. Mike was still occasionally prone to sulking when his mother nagged him to get ready for school. Claire still adjusted Mike's school tie in the morning, telling him he must look smart, while Kath was, as always, heavily into her work and always the cheerful Auntie.

Their relationships seem to stay perfectly normal and steady, even though they usually spent four hours every weekday and about six to eight hours each weekend day fucking. Claire and Kath had previously been walking around with sex as merely something other women did, their own thoughts of their respective sexual exploits - which for Claire had been minimal - always thought of as in the past tense.

Like any 14 year old boy, Mike was constantly horny but had taken it for granted that he'd be lucky to get his end away in less than two or three years, and even then it'd probably just be a quick grope and a shag in the back seat of a car.

Now, they were always willing to satisfy themselves and each other. They nearly always slept in Claire's bed together, and would awake up to an hour earlier than they had to on weekday mornings, screwing happily until it was time for breakfast then school/work.

As soon as the two girls arrived home, they'd go straight to Claire's room where Mike would usually be lying naked on the bed, watching TV, discussing his day at school while his mother and aunt casually undressed and clambered onto the bed, the world outside the room seeming to be so irrelevant as to not exist as the two women got at least a couple of orgasms from the horny teenager.

Dinner would follow, then any chores, homework, TV viewing, the usual. Then it's be to bed for a good couple of hours screwing, Mike's addiction to his mom and auntie's assholes growing with each sweaty sodomy session. The weekends were little more than non-stop orgies, broken up by little aspects of normality - shopping, seeing friends, etc.

None of them could imagine being happier. It was a hot Sunday afternoon, so Kath had gone to the grocery store in a thin pink T-shirt and a pair of white tennis shorts that hugged her ass closely. She wore a pair of white ankle-length socks and white sneakers, and while most 33-year-old women would have looked a little daft dressed like that, Kath's small stature and pretty face meant she could get away with it.

In fact, she looked almost ten years younger, Mike thought as he walked alongside her. Kath also wasn't wearing anything underneath her T-shirt, so her nipples were visible poking out under the bright pink cotton, though her breasts were too small for the casual observer to notice that she wore no bra.

Claire was at home, having been left doing some gardening, and Mike had agreed to help his Auntie to the weekly shopping. Kath pushed the basket ahead of her as they entered the penultimate aisle in the large store, idly looking through the different brands of fruit juice.

Mike had his hands in the pockets of his jeans as he trudged alongside his Aunt. "Any particular drink you want?" Kath asked. "Er." Mike pondered as he looked through the various bottles on the shelves, "not too bothered. Grapefruit is always nice." Kath took a couple of the appropriate bottles from the shelf. "I'll get some wine next," she said. "Excellent. I love wine," Mike grinned.


"You've never had it kiddo." "I had a glass last Christmas. It wasn't too bad really." "Well, you're too young. But then again, a glass or two occasionally wouldn't hurt." "It'll get me in the mood," Mike snickered, lewdly.

"It'll give you the droop," Kath laughed, "If you have too much anyway. Sex or alcohol, which is it to be?" "Easy. I'm tee-total from now on." "Hey Mike," came a boys voice from nearby.

Mike turned and saw Derek, his friend from school. "Alright there?" "Yeah, not bad," Derek responded as he walked up to Mike. "Just stuck with helping my parents shopping." Kath decided to tactfully move on. Derek glanced briefly at Kath's ass. Not bad, he thought. "That your mom?" he asked. "Nah, my aunt. I'm stuck with shopping with her. Never mind." "My parents are somewhere behind, trying to pick out which brand of fries to buy." "You revised for this test tomorrow?" asked Mike.

"Geography? Not yet. I'll have to do it tonight." "Me too. Or tomorrow morning." "Fuckin' right. It should be easy enough." "Yeah." Derek's parents came round the corner into the aisle he and Mike were chatting in. "Derek? We're heading to the checkout now," Derek's mom called.

She was tall, slim and had deep brown hair cascading down to her waist. "That your mom yeah?" asked Mike, casually thinking that he'd like to fuck his friend's mother, and actually able to imagine what it'd be like based on his own secret experiences.

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"Sure, I've got to go," Derek responded. "I'll see you tomorrow." "No bother. See you friend." Derek went off and headed to the checkouts with his mom. Mike turned and walked towards Kath, who was studying the label on a bottle of Chardonnay.

He looked at his aunt's ass, snugly held in those tight white shorts, and when he reached her he whispered conspiratorially in her ear. "Let's go home and fuck." Kath turned and smiled cheekily at her nephew.

"Were we ever going to plan on doing otherwise?" she responded, and gave Mike a quick peck on the cheek. "Kath!" whined Mike, glancing round. He was worried that Derek may have seen him. "Don't worry," Kath laughed. "Your friend's long gone." She thought it funny that Mike was worried about retaining respect from his peers by not being seen shopping with his aunt and - shock horror - being kissed on the cheek by her, bearing in mind what they got up to elsewhere.

"We almost finished?" Mike asked. "Sure. Another bottle or two of wine and we'll head off." After going through the checkouts, they loaded up the car trunk and began the journey home. As Kath drove along, Mike looked out the side window as they cruised down a long, quiet country road.

He was casually planning how he'd fuck Kath, and his mom, once they got home. His cock began to stiffen, and he almost went to instinctively hide it by placing his arms over his lap, and then decided he need not bother. Then he decided, just for the hell of it, to unzip himself and begin stroking his erect cock. "My my," Kath said, "aren't we excited?" "Sure am," Mike responded, an element of pride in his voice.

"As soon as we get home we'll grab mom and get straight into bed." "I can't really wait." Kath commented, and began to slow the car. She turned and drove off the road, down a small dirt track that lead through a field. The rich green grass on either side of the track was home to a few sheep, who paid no attention as the car headed towards a wooded area.

"Where are we heading?" Mike asked. "Dunno," his auntie responded, "just looking for somewhere quiet." They entered the woods, and the track abruptly turned. Up ahead a padlocked gate blocked access the remainder of the track, which snaked off into the distance. "This'll do," Kath announced, and stopped the car, and got out. Mike did likewise. "We shouldn't be seen here," Kath said, walking round towards Mike. "I hope not," Mike responded, his cock still jutting out of his flies, throbbing hard.

The road was about two hundred yards away, most blocked by the trees. If anyone came down the track in either direction, they'd be easy to spot in advance. Kath got on her knees on the grass at the side of the track, in front of her nephew, and began sucking greedily on his cock. Mike pushed his hips back and forth a little, gently fucking his randy aunt's hot, wet mouth. Then, Kath stood up and slipped out of her shorts, flinging them to the grass, her panties soon joining them.

She went to the car and bent over the hood, spreading her legs. "God you look sexy like that," Mike said as he sauntered over, and guided his cock into Kath's hot cunt. "Fuck me Mikey," she panted. "Fuck my cunt hard. Then my ass!" Mike did so with pleasure, holding Kath by her narrow waist while he fucked her pussy in long, powerful strokes, his aunt gasping.

Occasionally Mike looked about, just to make sure they weren't being seen, but it was clear no one would stumble upon them. After a few moments, Mike pulled his cock out of Kath, and guided it between her butt cheeks. He was slick with pussy juice, and with Kath keeping her anus relaxed, Mike was able to slowly slide his cock into her asshole. "Oh, fuck it up there," sighed Kath, looking at her reflection in the polished hood of the car.

Mike fucked Kath's ass hard, gripping his aunt by her shoulders while slamming his dick eagerly into her bowels. Neither of them were particularly exhibitionistic, but it was pretty exciting fucking here, in the open and the sound of the traffic in the distance.

Kath liked the feeling of the gentle summer breeze on her bare legs, contrasting with the sharp, intense feeling of her ass being soundly fucked.

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When his orgasm began to rise from his balls, Mike leaned forward, his head alongside his aunt's. He muttered profanity littered compliments about Kath's ass in her ear while his sperm rose and sprayed out, his thick juice sloshing out into Kath's rectum while Mike continued to pump his hips.

"Oh God Mikey," Kath cried, "God, yeah.fuck me." When Mike's orgasm finished, he slid his slick cock from his aunt's butt, and Kath eagerly turned round and sucked it clean. "That was fun," she smiled. "Sure was," Mike agreed.

"Let's get home." "Sure thing. Mom'll be getting lonely, and I'll be ready to go again when we get back." Kath put her panties and shorts on, while Mike zipped himself up, and they clambered back into the car. When they arrived home, aunt and nephew unloaded the shopping and packed it away in the kitchen.

"All done," Mike announced when the last thing had been placed in the fridge. "Let's go find your mom," Kath said. "She's not in the living room." "Must be upstairs," said Mike, and the two of them headed up to Claire's bedroom. "You in sis?" Kath called as they reached the door.

"Sure," Claire replied, from inside. Kath opened the door and she and Mike went in, seeing Claire lying on the bed naked, idly frigging herself. On the TV was a hard-core porn movie, showing a Chinese woman being fucked in the cunt, ass and mouth simultaneously.

The curtains were open, the sky outside clear and blue and the fiery sun high in the sky. The high trees in the back garden ensured privacy. "Just watching a vid," Claire smiled. "All the shopping is done," said Kath. Mike began to strip, as did his aunt.

Claire watched eagerly as her sister and son began discarding their clothes, knowing that there were no more chores to be done that Sunday and that they could just spend nearly all of the rest of the day merrily humping. Mike slung aside his boxer shorts and hopped onto the bed, clambering onto his mother, and sinking his fat cock into her sopping pussy. "God that's good," crooned Claire, placing her hands round Mike, who looked into her eyes. "You'll never grow tired of fucking me and Kath will you?" "Course not," replied Mike, "I'll never grow tired of sex and I think you and Kath are the sexiest women alive.

I'll never stop wanting to fuck you two." He kissed his mother affectionately on the cheek, and rested his chin against her shoulder, closed his eyes and began to shaft her. Claire sighed and panted into her son's ear, pumping her ass off the bed to meet Mike's thrusts. Kath sat on the bed next to them, watching while gently fingering herself. "Oh God I'm cumming," Claire was soon crying, "Oh yes, son, fuck me! Fuck me!" She wrapped her legs around Mike's hips and panted lustfully while her son fucked her hard, bringing her to a throbbing climax.

When Mike eventually slid out of his mom, Kath lay on her back and almost giggled in excitement as her nephew moved over to her, easing into her pussy. He pumped her hard, Kath squirming underneath him and sighing as her pussy was screwed thoroughly. "Fuck me hard Mikey," she sighed. "Fuck me." Next to them, Claire took a small bottle of cooking oil and poured a little on to her fingers, which she then rubbed round her asshole as she lay on her back, legs raised and spread.

She eased two fingers into her butt, then three. Mike hovered just below the orgasm threshold, skillfully holding back while still humping his aunt's cunt. He slowed the pace down a little, and then let out a long, satisfied sigh. "Have you cum?" asked Kath, almost worried, when Mike pulled out of her. "Of course not," he replied, proudly stroking his big, hard dick. "I should hope not," Claire said as she got on her knees and elbows, her wide ass raised in the air.

"We've only just reached the main course. Come on son, climb aboard. Stick that lovely big cock up mommy's ass!" "With pleasure," Mike said, and got up behind Claire, easing his dick into his mom's greased up ass. "Ooh son," she cried, "Oh yes, fuck mommy's asshole. Fuck me!" The porn movie was still on in the background, but little attention was paid to it, the grunts of pleasure on the TV drowned out by those in the bedroom.

Sweat dripped down Mike's face after a little while, as he furiously fucked his mother in the ass, his cock drilling deep into her rectum. Quarter of an hour later, Mike slid out of his mother's butt, and Claire rolled to one side. Her place was quickly taken by Kath. With his aunt's sphincter still loose from their session in the woods, Mike was easily able to slip his cock into her rectal passage. Grabbing Kath by the waist, Mike sodomized his aunt for as long and as hard as he'd sodomized his mom.

As soon as Mike pulled his cock from of out of Kath's butt, Claire gripped it in her fist and eagerly sucked on it, before running her tongue up and down the shaft, tasting the lovely mixture of cooking oil, saliva, pre-cum, and juices from both her and her sister's cunts and assholes. Sucking a cock was wonderfully liberating for the previously inexperienced Claire, but sucking a cock that carried the earthy odor of shit made her feel like an absolute slut.

She loved it! Claire then swung round and her son re-fucked her tight, hungry asshole. Meanwhile, Kath occupied herself by ramming her tongue down her nephew's throat, kissing him hard while Mike reached down with one hand and stroked his aunt's pert little tits and her flat belly, then felt round and cupped her firm ass-cheeks.

All three randy fuckers were slick with sweat, the room full of the musky odor of their body heat. The writhing limbs, heaving breasts and ecstatic faces were all wet and shiny in the sunlight that streamed through the open curtains.

Glimpsing through the window while he buggered his mom, Mike thought it mildly amusing that outside it was just another Sunday. Bright and warm, the birds singing, the sound of a tractor plowing a field far in the distance and the other residents of the town probably mowing the lawn, washing the car or down at the pub. And here he was, the luckiest boy around, merrily shagging away the afternoon with two hot women. He abruptly pulled out of his mom's asshole and slid his dick into her pussy, which he proceeded to shaft, Kath now sitting back and frigging her sopping cunt as she enjoyed the show.

Mike enjoyed the way his mom clearly preferred it up the ass these days, given that her pleasurable reaction to being penetrated vaginally was intense, but not as intense as when it was her back door being impaled.

The teenage boy pulled out and wedged his cock back into Claire's shit tunnel, sweeping it back and forth in long strokes. "That's it!" his mom cried, looking over her shoulder. "Fuck my ass son, oh GOD!!" She buried her face back into the bed cover and panted hard, Mike increasing the pace a little. After a few moments he transferred his cock to Kath's ass once more, giving the horny woman a screaming orgasm with his powerful thrusts.

Finally, Mike was back buggering his mom, reducing her to a delirious fit of spluttering obscenities and taut cries as she felt a powerful fire of pleasure from her impaled ass. With his orgasm rising in his balls, Mike exited his mom and asked her to turn over. Figuring what was going to happen, Claire eagerly did so, propped up on her elbows. Mike knelt astride her chest and frigged himself, his balls bouncing off her tits. Kath watched with excitement as Mike cried out and began to squirt his hot seed over his mom's face.

Claire gulped down the semen she caught in her mouth, while the rest of the sticky juice covered her face. Mike kept jerking off, splashing more sperm onto his mom's face, until his orgasm finally subsided. There was a long drool of cum hanging from his sticky cock-end, and he squeezed his dick until it fell right onto his mom's forehead.

Claire looked downwards, so that the sperm ran down her face, hanging off her chin, a feeling she enjoyed so much. Mike was also able to wipe his cock in Claire's hair, knowing how much she - and Kath for that matter - enjoyed having cum in their hair as well as all over their faces.

Finally, Mike clambered off, and he idly played with his mother's tits while Kath kissed Claire hard on the mouth, the two women exchanging saliva and cum. It was a Wednesday afternoon, and Mike was sitting at his computer in his bedroom doing his homework. He was almost finished when he heard someone enter the house, which began to cause his cock to harden as he anticipated what would happen. Having walked upstairs, Claire opened her son's bedroom door.

"Hi Mikey," she smiled. "Hi mom. Good day at work?" "Sure. Whatcha doin'?" "Homework," Mike sighed, "Almost finished though." Claire walked into the room. She wore a knee-length black skirt and thin, yellow blouse, a few buttons having been undone, as she'd walked up the stairs, showing a glimpse of cleavage.

"Where's Auntie Kath?" Mike asked. "She's got a meeting or something for work," Claire replied, sitting on the edge of the bed behind Mike, who continued to type away.

"She'll be back in while. Just you and me for now son." She reached out and gently stroked Mike's hair with her hand, enjoying the idea that - as much fun as it was when Kath was there as well - she had her lovely son all to herself for a while.

"Just about finished this," Mike announced, cock hardening. "Do you want to fuck mommy dearest?" "What do you think," Claire smiled. "I want your cock son. I want it up my ass." "You've been corrupted by Kath," Mike laughed. "This growing obsession with being sodimized." "It wasn't Kath," his mother purred.

"It was that lovely cock of yours. It not only feels physically wonderful, but it makes me feel so downright horny. I mean, no other guy has fucked my ass. Most sex with your dad and a few boyfriends before and after him was missionary position stuff, usually with the lights out. I can't really remember doing it doggy-style. I don't reckon any other guy - even those who've seen me naked and screwed me - have laid eyes on my asshole.

It's my private little orifice. "Thus," Claire continued, "what could be more horny than not just being fucked by my beautiful son, but bending over like an anal-slut and getting his fat cock up my shitter." "I agree," Mike replied, unzipping his flies and stroking his erect dick. "I love the way you're my nice, normal mommy during normal hours, but then turn into a wonderful slut who just wants her butt fucking all night.

And, of course, it just feels so good to have my cock up your ass." Claire smiled, warmly, watching her son jerk off. The fact that Mike, Kath and herself all had sex-drives and sex-tastes that matched so well added to the heavenly enjoyment of what they got up to. "Too true son. It's hard to believe that a few weeks ago I'd never taken it up the bum, and that I'd barely even thought about it." "Hey, I was a complete virgin a few weeks ago." "Mmmm." Claire smiled.

"Not now though. You fuck like a master. And I want you to fuck my tight asshole." Mike finished his typing and hit the 'save' button. Claire stood and undid her blouse, slipping it off, followed by her bra. Eyeing his mother's lovely big breasts - never getting tired of admiring them - Mike began undressing too. After removing the remainder of her clothes, Claire got on her son's bed on her hands and knees.

It was rare for them to fuck outside Claire's room or the lounge, and Claire looked around at her son's room - the football posters, computer games, school books - and felt all warm and horny at the idea of getting fucked in here, actually by her teenage son. Mike was now naked also, and he knelt behind his mother's ass, placing his hands on her smooth rump, which he stroked and admired.

Slowly lowering his head, he ran his tongue up Claire's ass-crack several times, enjoying the warm taste of her butt. Then he swirled his tongue round her puckered anus, drooling over it as he slobbered her ring-piece, eventually easing his finger up into his mother's butt, lightly fucking it with his digit, Claire sighing in pleasure.

After a good ten minutes of tonguing, licking and fingering his mom's asshole, Mike went round and fed his cock to Claire, letting her suck and drool on his throbbing member. Back on the other end of the bed, Mike nudged his solid, erect cock up against his mother's anus and began pushing.

"Oooooh Mikey," Claire crooned. "Oh yes, keep pushing. Oh, oh it's entering. Nnnng.this was the bit.I never used to like. Now it's probably uh uuuuuuuuh!" Mike's cock sank into his mother's asshole; the thick, hard shaft burrowing it's way into Claire's hot, clammy rectum.

"God I love your ass," Mike panted, "Fuck it's gorgeous. Oh yeah, you like it don't you. You like it when I do this - " he jammed the remaining inches of his dick into Claire's asshole.

"- don't you? You slut." "Oh I love it," Claire cried, "Oh yes, oh God, fuck my ass. Fuck mommy's hot anus.

Oh yeah, yeah, nnng!" Gripping his mother by the waist, Mike pumped Claire's butt with long, steady strokes, Claire matching her son's tempo as she bucked her ass up against Mike's groin, the pair of them working in lustful, sweaty unison to get Mike's cock as far into Claire's tight rectum with every hump. "Oh son," she cried, head to one side and crushed into the pillow, fists gripping the duvet.

"Oh Mikey baby, fuck my ass! Oh God, yes, yes, this is too good to be true. Oh son, oh, do you like my ass?" "Abso-fucking-lutley," Mike grinned as he fucked away without pausing. Claire was thrusting her ass back into Mike with almost the force he was thrusting into it, a slight masochistic streak urging Claire to seek and find the wonderful feeling of pleasurable discomfort from having her son's throbbing cockhead force it's way deep, deep into her hot, greasy guts.

"Oh Mikey," she continued to pant, almost delirious from the constant assault of thunderous ripples and bursts of pleasure from her stretched asshole.

"Oh God yes. I love it. I love it up my butt sooo much better than in the cunt. I love it up my fucking ass, oooh I love it! Oh, oh do you love it Mikey, you randy little motherfucker? Do you love ramming your cock up your mommy's shit tunnel? Do you love it? Do you think mommy is a dirty whore? Nnnng.that's good.oh! Am I a slut cause my ass is used more for fucking than shitting?" "Yes to everything mom." Mike gasped, "God it's so hot and tight up there.

I love your ass mom, I'm going to fuck it full of cum. Uh, uh, God, your ass was made for fucking mom, and my cock was made for fucking your ass!" He picked up the pace, fucking his mother in the ass harder and quicker, Claire's sweaty, voluptuous body squirming with pleasure underneath his powerful thrusts.

With every pump, there was a dull smack as Mike's pelvis slapped up against Claire's butt cheeks, a slight ripple emanating from the point of contact through her fleshy buttocks. The bedsprings were squeaking rapidly and Claire felt her heavy tits swinging so hard beneath her that they began smacking her in the chin while drool hung from her open, panting mouth.

"Fuck my ass!" she began crying as a lustful mantra. "Fuck my ass, oh, Mikey. Uh uh, Mikey.son.fuck mommy's asshole!

Ooooooh God!" Claire pushed her head back into the pillow and simple panted "uh uh uh" as she felt herself overwhelmed by pleasure, Mike similarly less vocal as he concentrated on keeping up the hard tempo of his fucking. It was a good quarter of an hour when Mike finally began to tire.

He decelerated his thrusting until he was just working his cock back and forth in long, slow strokes while he stroked his hands over his mother's back. Both their bodies were slick with sweat. Claire was panting for breath as she finally got a break. After a few minutes, Mike leaned forward a little and gripped his mother's shoulders, and started up again, buggering Claire hard, the pair of them panting and grunting once more.

"Oh God I'm cumming!" Mike announced. "Oh God, I'm gonna cum in your ass mom! Uh uh uh!" "Fuck me," Claire begged. "Fuck my ass!" Her body bucked and writhed as Mike cried out in ecstasy, his cock beginning to pulsate madly. "Oh fuck!!" he shouted as the first thick load spewed forth from his cock, and he bravely continued to thrust hard and fast as his dick spat forth hot gouts of spunk into Claire's rectum. When his orgasm finally subsided, Mike eased out of Claire's asshole and the pair lay next to each other, gasping for breath.

It was a good ten minutes before Claire finally sat up and began to stroke her son's soiled dick, gently sucking on it as she felt it come back to life. She felt so wonderfully sluttish as she moaned in pleasure while sucking hard, tasting the salty sperm and musky ass-juices that coated the stiffening member. "Sounds like your aunt Kath," She said when she heard the front door opening. "Take a good look at your lovely big dick. You won't see much of it this weekend cause it's going be up my rectum half the time and up Kath's the other half." "I guess she'll want a buggering right now," Mike grinned.

"Oh, it's such a hard life." "Anyone home?" Kath cheerfully called as closed the door and began walking up the stairs. "In here!" Claire replied, briefly taking her son's freshly erect dick from out of her mouth. "I've got an asshole-e-e!" Kath sang in a silly voice, her childish demeanor being what made her such fun to fuck, in Mike's eyes.

"I've got an asshole-e-e, yes I ha-a-ve, and it needs to be fucked!" She reached the top of the stairs and sauntered towards her nephew's room. "My super powers of perception detect a hard willy in there, and I want it up my bottom in the next sixty seconds." "You can't come in until you've undressed though sis," Claire warned, matching her sister's daft mood, "No nakedness, no ass-fucking." "Who said I was dressed?" Kath laughed, tugging clothes off quickly as she walked up the hallway, then merrily barged into Mike's room, nude.

"Such a hard life," Mike grinned at his mom, who grinned back and got off the bed to make way for her randy sister. Kath walked over, licking her lips as she eyed Mikes stiff prick, her anus beginning to prickle with impatience.

It was going to be a nice long evening. THE END