Filthy chick gets wild copher ride

Filthy chick gets wild copher ride
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You coming home from school an come in the door. Im waiting behind the door on you. I grab you an pull your hands behind you and ziptie your hands together. You scream and try to get away! You still dont know its me. I put a ball gag in your mouth and blind fold you an then I push you over to the couch an lay you over it!

You have a sun dress an no bra! You went to school that way and Im real jelious !!! Im going to show you how Whores are treated! I dont say a word! and I tie your feet together! Now I put u over the arm of the couch an lift up your dress. reveling your bare ass! You such a whore you didnt wear panties!!

Im so hot right now! I start to whoop you r ass with my bare hand !! I spank and I leave it there for a minute to feel the heat an your fine ass! I whip you till you cry out Im sorry Daddy! So I get my flog and began to whip your ass more! I have it so red and ready to take a cock in your ass! My dick is so hard I cant stand it! I tell you the your my Whore now a you will dress like this only for me!

You say yes Daddy through your gag! I put my hand up where slobber is coming out from your gag! I get it wet an I move back to your ass I start to finger your ass hole !

with 2 fingers an tell you the a good slut will take whatever I give you!! I fuck your tight ass hard ! spitting on your ass to lub it up for more. I spank your ass as I finger fuck your ass. I slide 3 finger in your ass and you tightening your sweet ass up! I force it in. I fuck you harder an harder. Do you like being a Whore now! I Pull my fingers out an put them in your mouth an tell you to suck them ! you try but the gag is in the way! I remove your gag. I pull my dick out an grab your hair an force your mouth down my dick!

I force it all the way to my balls. You gag but I hold you there! I pull your hair up and You gasp for air! I then force you back down my hard cock!


You cant see because your still blind folded. I face fuck you and I spank your ass at the sametime. You Daddys Whore you little slut!

I cant take it and I cum deep down your throat! I hold it in your throat till you have it all. then I pull out an tell you to suck my cock clean! You do aggressively. I pick you up and throw you over my shoulder! You big tits fall out of your yellow sundress!

I take you over to a rope i have on the ceiling. and put you down. I then tie the rope to your hands behind your back an pull your hands up high till you cant take any more. You are on your tip toes to take some off your arms. Your tits are hanging out of your dress now! I rip the dress open more, to revile more of your awesome breast!

So you like showing your breast off ! Ill have to show you how I play with them! I get a cloth pen an pinch your nipple a pit the cloths pen on it! I put some all around your breast on the side and under them. I shake you around so the bounce around. You scream. I put the gag back in your mouth. Your bent over and your ass is bare so I bet my flog and whip your ass more. I smack it hard you scream and try to stay balanced.

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I began to flog you breast but just the cloths pens you move around more! I keep on till I get the one off your nipple! Then I Start to poop the rest off! Your breast are red and you have slobber all over the floor. I slap your nipples an tell you ill tend to them again later. I slap your ass.

an move to your pussy! I put a finger just on the pussy lips. You are so wet! I look down a see the pussy juice dripping from your pussy.

I slap your ass.I ask you does this turn you on you little whore! You shake your head an mumble yes! You feel me playing with your ass again I lub it up and I put a butt plug in your tight ass! I pop it in and out. Its about as big as my dick! I fuck your ass with it for a while!

I have it good and wet! Now its time for your pussy! I flog your pussy an ass.


I cut your feet free and tell you to spread your legs so I can whip your pussy good! I slap it with my hand first and pussy juice goes everywhere!

I slap your clit. You put your legs together. I flog your ass an tell you to hold your legs apart! You do and i began to flog your pussy good! I get it all red all around it! I stop and slap your sweet ass and the butt plug in your ass. I drop to my knees and spread your ass cheeks apart a pull the butt plug out of your ass! I then lick your sweet ass!

I tongue your ass good! I move to your pussy. You start to work your pussy on my tongue. Fucking my tongue! I slap your ass!

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an lick your pussy ! You taste so sweet!

I suck on your clit as soon as i clean your pussy up! Im Licking an sucking on your pussy. Then I stick a finger in your pussy and began to finger fuck you! Im finger fucking you with 3 fingers!

Your trying to get them deeper in you so I push 4 finger in your pussy and Just rub your clit with my other hand! Im fucking you hard and you try to fuck me hard back !Like the whore you are! You cum Hard spraying your cum all over my fingers!

I keep fucking you! Till you just go limp on the rope! I slap your ass a tell you we have just bagan! I let you down off the rope and cut your hands free.

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You stretch them trying to get the feeling back in them! I take your blind fold off and tell you to Look at me! You do an I tell ask You What have you learned! You say Im your Whore Daddy! Thats right Now come here and suck my dick again!

You hurry over a drop to your knees and suck my cock just like I like it! You suck an then swallow and then gag an hold it deep! Thats rite You are my Whore! Now let get this party started! get in the chair and put your legs up over your head! You do and I rip your dress open to see all of you. I get a box down from the closet . Its a pussy pump. I put it in your face an tell you to lick the rim of the pump! You stick out your tongue and I run it around it! I stick the cup over your pussy and start to pump it up in the cup!

Your pussy swells to fill the cup. then I relieve the suck shun. It goes back down. I pump it again! I pump it all the way in the cup an I can see your pussy juice start to fill it! I get another cup an put on your nipples I pump them good in the cups You felling the pressure Of the cups! Now Daddys going to fuck your ass!

It will be real tight with the cup on your pussy! Plus I lite a candle! I Put my hand down your throat and gag you and I take that an jack my hard cock, to lub it up for your ass!

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Its so tight Its hard to get in! I push the head in an work it around. I pick up the stroke a get more in . I force it all the way in! I fuck your ass slow and easy to get the lub all around it!

I start to fuck it harder and harder! You feel the cup on your pussy pulling on it. Its red a n swollen! I slow down an take the candle and start to pour way on your tits! You jump an moan! I pour some just about your clit. Im still fuckin your tight ass. I have wax all over your tits an your clit! I put the candle down and put my hand around your throat an choke you. While I fuck your ass! I choke you till your about to pass out and I let you go! Im just about to cum so I pull out and jump up on the chair a stick my cock on your mouth and facefuck you.

I cum all in your mouth again. Clean your ass off my dick you slut .I fixing to fuck your swollen pussy! You do just as I say! You clean up every drop. Now get on your all fours! You do, Your ass is sticking out. and your breast are hanging with the cups on them. I slap them a pull the cup off your left breast. Then I pinch your nipple. I do the same to the right! I tell you to suck on them. You do. I whip your ass with my cattle whip the one with the rod in it and the flapper on the end.

I whip your cup on your pussy. and your asshole. I take my finger an pop the suction on the cup! I take the cup off your swollen pussy. Its all red an swollen an about a inch higher from where it goes.

I stick my finger in your swollen pussy its so tight and wet! I pinch it together. I get up an whip your pussy again with my whip! You move up and I spank your ass. till you move back. I pop your tits too. I get behind you an try to force my hard cock in your tight pussy!


Its so swollen Its hard to get in! I finely get it in you and I grab your long hair and start to ride you like an whore you are! Im fuck you so hard and deep. You can feel me as my balls hit your swollen pussy! You cant take it an cum. You fuck me harder! I slap your ass a tell you that you better not stop till daddy cums!

We are fucking each other so hard. and fast the we both cum at the sametime! I cum deep in your pussy. ! Then I collapse on top of you.

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I kiss your neck and tell you that your the best and I love you Babygirl!