Ariella ferrera brotherly betrayal part one

Ariella ferrera brotherly betrayal part one
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This is a true story that happened over 20 years ago, when my wife and I were dating. You might be asking yourself how a story can be categorized as consensual sex, reluctance, and rape? Well, some readers might categorize this story as consensual sex, while others might think it was rape.

If you want, read the story and let me know how you would label my actions. First, just a little background information for you. At the time of the story, my wife was 5'8" tall, 120 pounds, B cup bra size, long sexy legs and a great ass. She also has brown hair and blue eyes.

I would classify my wife as athletic, but definitely not rippling with muscles. I was 6 feet tall, 165 pounds and also have an athletic build. For this story, I will give my wife the fictitious name of Joyce. My wife and I had been dating for over a year. Joyce was fairly quiet and reserved.

I suspected that she was a virgin, and later found out that indeed, she was. When we started dating, I feared that if I were too aggressive sexually, that Joyce would leave me.

It took me a long time before I had the nerve to feel Joyce's breasts. One day I was telling Joyce about an incident that had once happened to me at work. I was in an elevator with a male and female coworker, Sue and Dave. Dave asked Sue if she wanted to see my cock, and Sue replied that she'd like that. Suddenly Dave grabbed me from behind, and Sue quickly had her hands on my pants buckle. If Sue had been in the elevator with me alone, I probably would have let her do anything she wanted, I really thought she was hot.

Being grabbed by Dave brought out the fight reflex in me. Without thinking, I freed my right arm and placed my hand right on Sue's breasts and shoved her as hard as I could. Sue fell backwards with my shove and her back hit the elevator wall.


I knew that I shouldn't have shoved Sue the way I did. After I shoved her, Dave released me from his bear hug, and the three of us finished riding the elevator without saying another word. When I told my story to Joyce, I put my hand on her breasts when I got to the part about shoving Sue. I told Joyce, "I pushed Sue like this." After I had my hand on Joyce's breasts, she made no protest, so I kept my hands on her breasts and squeezed them.

Joyce let me squeeze her breasts as I kissed. I pulled her button-less top over her head and then popped her bra over her perky breasts.

Joyce made no protest and I loved sucking on her perky nipples. For several weeks, I sucked and played with Joyce's breasts frequently, but I was still not courageous enough to pull her pants off of her sexy ass.

I loved her breasts, but what I really craved was a little lower. A few weeks after I started exploring Joyce's breasts, we went to a municipal fireworks display, it was July 4th.

After the fireworks were over, I took Joyce back to her four unit apartment. At Joyce's apartment, there were two units in the upper floor and two basement apartments.


There also was a furnace/laundry room in the basement. Mrs. W's bedroom was right below Joyce's living room. Joyce and I were in her living room and I soon had her top off.

While playing with Joyce's breasts, I was contemplating how I could check out the rest of her sexy body, but fear paralyzed me. Finally I just told Joyce, "I'm tempted to rip off your pants and panties." Joyce's reply totally surprised me, she said, " you can try if you want, but you'll never be able to do it." Joyce's reply was confident sounding, even bordering on arrogance.

I thought to myself, I'm bigger and stronger than her.

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I thought, if I really attacked her and tried to rip her pants off that I'd quickly have her naked. I didn't tell Joyce this, but I thought she was foolish if she thought that I couldn't rip her pants off. I replied to Joyce, "you don't think I can do it!" Joyce confidently told me that she knew that I couldn't do it. Joyce and I bantered back and forth a couple of times. I was convinced that Joyce truly believed that I couldn't rip her pants off, and I was positive that I could do it.

I wanted to rip Joyce's pants off, and I think Joyce wanted me to try. I think she wanted to prove to me that I couldn't get it done. There was only one way to find out who was right, and I tackled Joyce and grabbed the buckle of her blue jeans. It wasn't easy to unbuckle her jeans, and pull her zipper down but it didn't take me long to get that far. I grabbed Joyce's waist band and pulled with all my might. I had her jeans almost down to her knees, and I could see her light brown pubic patch.

I was half way there already, it wouldn't be but a few more seconds and I'd be victorious. At least that's what I thought. When I started, I thought, it was going to be a battle of my arm strength versus Joyce's. I hadn't thought about Joyce using her legs to stop me. As soon as I had her pants down to her knees Joyce wedged her lower legs, and the pants wouldn't go any farther.

The strength of Joyce's death grip on her waist band truly amazed me. The power in Joyce's legs and arms were an equal match for my arms. The apartment was not air conditioned, and it was still uncomfortably warm. I began to perspire as I struggled to get Joyce's pants off. A few seconds turned into minutes of frantic struggling over Joyce's pants. I'm sure that Mrs. W in her basement apartment had an ear full of what we were doing, but she never once mentioned it to us. Still, I'll bet we sounded like a herd of elephants.

A couple of times, I tried to change my strategy, and every time I did that it back fired on me. In the few seconds that I took changing positions, Joyce would have her pants pulled back up. A few times, she even got them zipped and buckled, then I'd have to restart using my new strategy. Several times I got Joyce turned upside down, her head near the floor and her feet near my head. When I had Joyce in this position we both had a firm grip on her waist band.

I would lift and bounce Joyce up and down, trying to shake her from her pants. I had a great view of what I always wanted to explore, but there was no way to get a hand free and explore, not even for a second or two. I curled my arms and bounced Joyce furiously, but her pants wouldn't budge past her knees.

I'm sure that Joyce and I had been wrestling with each other for at least half an hour. My confidence was beginning to wain, but my desire was just as strong as ever.

I was now sweating profusely, but there was no way that I was going to quit. I was so close, I had to get those pants and panties off her ass. There was nothing in this world that I wanted to do more than to get my hands and lips on her sweet pussy. The thought crossed my mind that the only way that I was going to get her pants off was to beat her into submission. I've never hurt Joyce, and never will, so that idea was a total impossibility. In this moment of reflection the solution to my problem popped into my mind.

I thought to myself that I had been trying to get both legs out of her pants at the same time. I realized that if I got one of her pants legs off, it would effectively be just as good as having both of them off. It only took me a few seconds to try out my new idea. I had Joyce on the living room carpet, and she was laying on her back. I had her pants down to her knees like I'd done a dozen times earlier that night.

Now, I tried something different. With my hands near Joyce's knees, I quickly pulled Joyce's right knee up close to her breast. This action raised her right foot almost as high as her left knee.

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Joyce's pant leg accordioned down her leg and was bunched up near her foot. A couple of seconds later I popped her right foot out or her pants leg. Then, I jerked her pants to the side and had a perfect view of her pussy. I think my new attack took Joyce completely by surprise.

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When I had Joyce's pants off of her right leg, she panicked a little. Now, Joyce finally made a tactical error of her own. In her panic, she tried crawling away from me, a second later I had her buck naked.

I threw the pants to the far corner of the room and grabbed Joyce.

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I knew if Joyce got her hands on her pants again, she'd quickly have them back on, and I would have to start over again. I'd never surprise her again with the leg folding trick. Joyce panicked and there was fear in her voice when she blurted, "YOU CAN'T GET ME PREGNANT!" Well, I didn't want to get her pregnant, but I did want to check her out, thoroughly.

I gave Joyce a reassuring hug, kissed her and whispered, "I won't, I promise." Once again, Joyce surprised me. A confidence returned to Joyce's voice and she boldly stated, "WELL, IF I HAVE TO HAVE MY PANTS OFF, YOU DO TOO!" I thought Joyce's demand was fair, and quickly took my pants off. Joyce got her first view of my thick throbbing cock. Then, we laid down on the living-room floor. I had my head near Joyce's crotch and her head was near my throbbing cock.

Joyce reached out and squeezed my cock as I spread her legs and lightly ran my fingers over her inner thighs and her vulva. Joyce continued to squeeze and pull on my cock as my lips moved to her soft silky thighs.

I wondered if she would be repulsed if I started kissing her sweet pussy. There was only one way to find out. My kisses moved from her thighs, to her vulva. Her pussy blossomed under my soft kisses, and soon I could see her glistening slit begin to open. I tentatively dipped my tongue into her nectar and she spread her legs a little bit more. Soon, I had my hands wrapped around her sweet ass while I licked, sucked and flicked Joyce with an animal like passion.

Joyce began to moan, and soon released my cock from her hand. She turned on to her back and spread her legs. I moved between her legs and buried my lips on her sweet pink petals. I grabbed her ass and lifted it off the carpet as I buried my tongue in her soft sweet wetness. As I moaned and groaned, I told how I wished my tongue were six inches long so that I could savor every inch of her pussy.

I thought her pussy was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen, and I told her about it. Joyce began to buck her hips in the air, and her back began to slide across the carpet. As Joyce moaned softly, and kept arching her back, she slowly moved across the carpet.

I began to concentrate solely on her swollen button. Joyce kept arching and creeping away from me. Soon we were in the narrow hallway.

We slithered down the hall and after a long time were just a few feet from the kitchen. Finally, Joyce made me stop, she had enough. My cock was dripping and it was time for me to go. When I got home, I couldn't go to sleep.

I jacked off time after time, thinking about what it would be like to shoot my load in Joyce's sweet pussy. Before that night I wondered if Joyce had strong sexual desires, and if she'd appreciate my passion for licking pussy.

After that night, I knew that Joyce would be a wonderful lover, and I couldn't wait to fulfill my remaining fantasies. It took several more months before I finally got my cock into Joyce's hot wet pussy, but I guarantee it was worth the wait. Before I got to fuck Joyce, I ripped her pants off dozens of times. It was always a struggle to get them off, but never an epic struggle like it was that hot and steamy Fourth of July.

After that night, whenever I tried to rip her pants off, it only took two or three minutes to get them down. Whenever I got them off, I always threw them as far as I could before I started my oral assault on her pussy. Joyce squirmed her ass down the hall dozens of times, as my eager lips followed her every wiggle.

It may have taken me a couple of months to get my cock in Joyce's hot pussy, but it didn't take long to get a finger or two in her silky tunnel.

She still loves it when I finger fuck her and lick her swollen clit.

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Joyce claims that is her absolute favorite. I love it too. I always get a great fuck as a reward. I still love sucking and licking on my wife's pussy. Sometimes she pretends that she doesn't want sex, when she really does. She grabs my cock and works me up, and when I try to make an advance, she quickly says, "no, no, its too late, I have to get some sleep, etc., etc." I'll roll over and pretend I'm trying to go to sleep. Then Joyce grabs my cock and starts jacking me.

As soon as I start my assault Joyce immediately quits her cock massage. This goes on back and forth until I finally warn her to cut it out, or I'm going to attack you, and you'll be sorry. Of course, she pushes her luck too far, and I turn into a relentless sex addict. When I start licking Joyce, she tries to crawl away. I let Joyce crawl till she almost escapes, then at the perfect time I'll trap her.

She will have her torso off of the bed, her head down near the floor. I pin Joyce's legs spread eagled with her ass teetering on the edge of the mattress.

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I'll kiss and lick her pussy and tickle her asshole with the tip of my nose. After a few minutes her pussy drips and her ass squirms. Then, I'll drag her back onto the mattress and flip her on her back. I love pinning her tummy with my chest as I finger fuck her and lick her clit. It isn't very hard to dip a finger in her slot and lightly rub her g-spot as I lick her clit.

I love it, and she loves it too! Whenever Joyce plays the I don't want to do it game, I know that her pussy will be literally dripping and the fucking will be hot and wet. It still makes me throb thinking about doing that. So, readers, was it consensual sex on that 4th of July, or, was it rape? Personally, I don't think it was true rape, but it was as close to raping anybody that I've ever experienced.

All I know, is thinking about that 4th of July is a fond memory. I wish that I could spend a few weeks back in that apartment, making love to my wife, morning, noon and night. I hope you enjoyed the story, and would love hearing from you if you did. Thank you!