Skater twink gets a rimjob before taking a cock in the ass

Skater twink gets a rimjob before taking a cock in the ass
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I was running into my second week in hospital, on enforced bed rest due to a teared tendon when the days got a lot more interesting.

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I was laying in my bed, watching a downloaded porno on my headphones, as I had private room, enjoying the feel of my hard cock in my hand, the sensation breaking my boredom. Suddenly I heard a gasp.

Looking up I saw that the cleaner had walked in, and i had not heard her knock. I quickly put my cock back in my pants, but the blush on her face showed that she had obviously gotten a good eyeful of my manhood! In an awkward silence, she quickly mopped the floor, and hormones still coursing through me I appraised this woman. She was young. About 20, 25 I'd say to my 30. A very pretty woman, with straight brown hair, a slightly up turned nose and big eyes, I was unable to guess the rest of her figure due to her god awful uniform that she had to wear.

I felt the silence get heavier and I realised she had notice my wandering eyes. With a little squeak she grabbed her cart and left the room.

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Chuckling to myself, I put the porno back on, this time keeping one headphone out. The next one might bot be so. intriguing! The rest of the day passed with out incidents until the nurse came round for lights out. This is when I usually got my wanking marathon in. Tonight though I was shocked by a knock at the external door in my room. Grabbing my crutches I limped to the door and pulled aside the curtains.

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Much to my shock, outside stood the cleaner in a long dark raincoat. Raising an eyebrow, I unlocked the door and limped back to bed. "What are." i started to say, but she put a hand over my mouth. Sitting on my bed she leaned in and whispered "You have to talk really quietly or they will hear us!" I nodded an reached to gently pull her hand from my mouth.

"What are you doing here?" I whispered to her. In response she leaned in closer, her soft lips brushing mine. Her hands wrapped around my head pulling me into a more and more frantic kiss. I responded in kind, parting her lips, our tongues touching and dancing together. Breaking the kiss we both gasped for air, gulping down the oxygen for a minute or two.

A finger to her lips, she stood and slowly, teasingly she undid her coat belt before letting it drop before.

I finally saw her glorious young body as she stood there in a sexy set of lingerie. Cliché I know but her there, in that black skimpy bra, panties and stockings certainly made my cock stir a lot more.


Beckoning her over she slid into my arms, our lips meeting again, this time our hands exploring each others bodies, desperately trying to keep quiet. They frown sex in hospital here! Lifting my t-shirt, she slid a hand up my chest, and I was quickly gasping quietly as she touched my nipples, always a sweet spot for me. The electricity course through my body, straight to my cock. Rolling on the narrow bed I pulled her on top of me, both my hands squeezing her small tight ass cheeks. "mmm" she moaned under her breath, her crotch rubbing against my growing bulge.

Sitting up she reached behind, her taut belly rippling as she undid her bra. The material fell away, and I saw her beautiful grapefruit sized tits, each topped with tiny, cute nipple.

Bending up I took one in my mouth, her hand weaving into my hair, pulling me to her breast. "uh uh uh" she moaned quietly, grinding harder as I nibbled on her nipple gently. Squeezing the other breast I knew I wanted more. In one fluid motion I flipped her over, and lay there, my hard cock bulging my boxers onto her small lacy panties.

Shuffling down the bed, I ran my hand down her long pale legs to her firm shapely calves. I ran my hand back up the inside of her thigh to grab her panties.


Gasping she met my eye and nodded. I slowly pulled that material cover down to see the treasures that was her pussy. It was mostly shaven except a landing strip of dark pubic hair no wider than my thumb.

Bending my head to her womanhood I gently kissed each in thigh, eliciting small moans, before teasingly kissing around her slit.

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Reaching down she pushed my face into her lovebox and I eagerly ate her up, my tongue flitting between her clit and her hole, probing in before making little circles on her nubbins. Her wetness was intoxicating and I hungrily lapped at her womanly juices.

I heard a rustling and peeking up I saw she had put a pillow over her face. Smiling I ate her out for a bit longer before sliding back up her body to kiss her deeply, looking into her beautiful green eyes. Guiding her hand to where my bulge rested against her now uncovered honeypot, I raised a questioning eyebrow. With certainty in her eyes she tugged my cock free of its cotton prison and guided me to her hole. I heard her gasp as I slipped into her little tight snatch "uh.

So big. Missed this" she muttered as my cock made its journey to be at the hilt. We rested there for a while, both just enjoying me being in her.

Slowly, lovingly we fucked, her legs wrapped around me, the feeling of stockings on my skin so erotic.

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Moving slowly we enjoyed the pleasures of coitus until I felt her begin to return my thrusts more vigorously. Taking her cue I began to fuck her harder, building towards my own orgasm. She was making little squeaks with each thrust, desperately trying to be quiet.

As my momentum build towards cumming I lent down and whispered "We have no condom". She didn't respond, but wrapped her legs more tightly in me, her wishes made clear. Kissing her deeply to mufgle her increasingly louder moans, I thrust in to her a few last times, and came into her sweet young pussy, her muscles gripping and milking me. Laying beside her after I whispered "did you cum" "Yes, several times" before kissing me deeply again "thank you" I smiled.

"and thank you. wait I don't know your name!" Sitting up she started to collect her clothes.

"Anna. My name is Anna". Once she was dressed back in her undies I threw her my shirt. "Might make your more comfortable" I explained. Doing up her coat she leaned down and whispered "Can I see you again?" I lent up and kissed her breathing.

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