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Vazou na net mc jeisse ferrari dan ccedil_ando b ecirc_bada emcima de mesa em festinha particular de
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Preface: The day after bringing Kelly and Lori together, and withholding a precious orgasm from Lori, Teamwork app notifications showed that Kelly and Lori were both following directions. Lori uploaded her first fantasy journal and picture. I've always had the fantasy of having sex in the backseat of a moving vehicle. You know, like my husband driving the car while I'm 69 in the backseat with another woman…or, riding some guys cock, sometimes I want it to be reverse cowgirl, so I can see my husband watching us in the rearview mirror.

But, it doesn't have to be my husband watching, maybe it's a cab driver watching as I fuck my husband. It's just that people might see us, and there's some "danger" in it. Her picture attached was on the edge of the couch, leaning forward and slyly looking up, like she was looking at her watcher. And Kelly uploaded her third fantasy journal and picture. It might be hard to continue to come up with fantasies every day…but…maybe, as Sir gives me new instructions, it will ignite my fantasy life and make me realize there are passions I'd like to experience.

Since being on top of Lori, watching Sir pleasure her, while feeling her lick and play with me, I think that's my fantasy for today. I want to be in Lori's position, on the bottom, with a willy plunging in and out of a puss right in front of my face, I want to see that gaping puss inches from my face, I want to pull that willy into my mouth to give the puss a rest, then, when it's too much, I want the seed oozing out of that puss all over my face while I clean the willy, while I clean the puss.

Her picture attached was laying flat on the bed, this time the picture was across her body. Her head was lifted off the bed, her tongue was out and curled while her other hand was mimicking teasing a pussy right in front of her face. The pickup of dry cleaning isn't a lengthy errand for me this morning. Yet, my thoughts are racing, wondering what might happen with Tina, since Lori and Kelly have already given her some information about our playtime.

Turning into the driveway, out of habit my fingers fly through a text to announce my arrival and Tina immediately responds, "garage open, coat closet just inside, hang there please…will be right there with tip!" The Story Begins: Turning the ignition off and grabbing the hanging bag from the hook in my back seat, it's time to see what today will bring.

Make my way through the garage to the house door within. Knocking loudly without an answer, it's obvious the door is open, so, it's time to walk in and shout, "Tina! It's Jay with your drycleaning!" In the distance, "Yeah…wait right there…I've got your tip…" There are steps in the distance and it sounds like bare feet slapping against the hard flooring on the other side of the kitchen.

There is a slight shuffle before a head peeks around the corner from the interior of the house, "So…Jay…I'm hoping the last two days haven't been too much for you…" Tina steps around the corner, stepping into the kitchen, completely naked. "When Lori and Kelly came to get the kids yesterday, I asked them about the car in her driveway when she and Kelly needed their alone time…she spilled the beans…and said that if there were any errands I needed run, I should take advantage of the opportunity…I hope that's alright?" As my mind attempts to wrap itself around the mid-forties woman standing naked in front of me, her light brown hair cut short, with some style to it, augmenting her long face and neck.

She's taller than both Kelly and Lori, probably 5'8". A statuesque woman with some confidence about her body. As my gaze falls, her breasts hang against her chest, larger than both Lori and Kelly, probably a D-cup, with tan lines where the triangle bikini top she obviously wears covers her when sunbathing. Further down, her stomach was toned and tan, some ripples of loose skin and marks from childbirth, but, still very well maintained.

Finally, there was the darker brown patch of hair, just above her pussy. A well maintained, small triangle of hair.

As my gaze continues to fall down her body, her thighs were thin, but muscular, her calves were toned and her toenails were brightly painted. She shifts her hips as I finish my assessment. "Well, I'm not sure how this works…Kelly just said to be naked and let you do whatever you wanted to me…Lori said to take my time to talk before I give in to your advances…" She shifts again because I haven't spoken a word, and my gaze shifts back to her brown eyes.

"…Well…did I just make a fool of myself?" "Not at all Tina…I wasn't expecting all this…even though I did get a message from Lori telling me they told you about us. They were both told to ask for permission before telling anyone, we may have to have a talk about it…but…I'm very glad they decided to introduce us!" "I don't want to get either of them in trouble…Kelly said you don't like to punish…and Lori said I should watch my mouth, since you didn't really like swearing." My response follows a loud chuckle, "That's not at ALL what I've told them, so, they're either telling you things they think I want to hear, or they're trying to set you up for something specific.

Do you consider yourself submissive to men, or in control of men?" Now she chuckles, "I have had issues with men trying to control me in the past. I don't go for controlling relationships…why, is that all you do, control women?" "Not at all…I empower women…through their submission…" Her face crinkles in a look of misunderstanding and questions, "…for example…Kelly needs to take control of her sex life, of her body, and learn to appreciate the play, to create sensory memories so she can enjoy herself in whatever situation she finds herself…Lori, on the other hand, needed to just get control of herself sexually, to unlearn the manipulative ways she was using to control her partner and to learn how to project the confidence it takes to get someone to submit to her control.

These two women have given themselves to me completely, for whatever I ask of them, wherever I ask them to fulfill my assignment, including anyone I choose, whenever I direct them." "Wait…BOTH of them are under your control?" "Yes, both of them have given themselves to me completely. If I sent them each a text, they would need to comply with that text within an hour. Kelly, I know, will do whatever I ask as soon as she's able…Lori…I'm not sure about her, since yesterday was the first day she gave herself to me." "So…what kinds of things will you tell them to do?" My head shakes as my answer begins, "No…I'm not sharing that kind of information.

Not at this point. Why don't we start with your history of controlling men…help me understand better what you meant by that statement." Tina shifts uneasily in front of me as she starts to share the story. "Well, I had an abusive husband right out of high school.

I was pregnant and ended up losing the baby. He blamed me and took it out on me. It took me too long to realize it was a bad situation…" she's only a few steps away, allowing me to move across the room to her as she continues, "…I finally got some help to get out of there and it took me a few years to find anyone who wasn't just like him…" My right hand finds her left bicep, running it down her forearm, all the way to her fingers before running it back up to her bicep.

"…finally, I took a job where I was around some more professional men and one of them started flirting. He was good for me, treated me like a princess, we married and had a couple of kids…" My right hand moves to her cheek, the back of my hand gently running from near her lips to her earlobe. "…at some point he started with his secretary, but I don't want to fight him over custody, so, I just deal with what I get from him and let him do what he wants…" "So, you've let someone control you again…just like your first relationship?" "I guess you could say that, Jay…" She replies as my right hand cups the back of her head while my left hand traces with my fingertips a line from her stomach to her lower back.

Drawing her body closer to mine as she tries to continue, "…um…I forgot where I was heading with this…" My face is mere inches from hers as she licks her lips, "…so…what happens now?" "Tina…I'm not sure you're ready for anything more than sex…" she licks her lips again, gently biting on her lower lip as she waits in anticipation of my next words.

"…today will be just that…sex…" her eyes focus on my mouth, as she bites a bit harder on her lower lip. "…if I get a feel, and desire more, we'll explore that after…are you okay with that?" Her head nods slowly, "My requirements…" Her eyes grow wider, "…no condoms…" and she smiles, nodding, "…not a word to ANYONE about what we do today, or what we might decide to do in the future, without talking to me first…" she continues to nod, "…you tell me what you like, how you like it, and what you don't like, while we continue to get to know each other…" Tina smiles now as she continues to nod, "…alright then…final requirement…" she stops nodding and her smile disappears as her eyes focus on mine, "…tell me what you want me to do to you today." Without shifting her gaze from mine, she says, "I want whatever the others had…" she swallows and bites her lower lip before continuing.

"It's been a while, for me, I want to be spent, the way Kelly's eyes looked as she told me to let you do whatever you wanted to me…" she bites her lip again, "…THAT is what I want to look like, Jay." "If you want that, you will have to submit to me COMPLETELY, some women view this as controlling and it freaks them out, are you sure that's what you want?" She nods, without breaking her gaze into my eyes, her lower lip again between her teeth. "This would mean following my rules…" she nods again.

"…rule one is that I now control your sex life…COMPLETELY…no sex with your husband, no masturbation, NOTHING…unless I've given you permission and direction in expectations…" she breaks her gaze as she looks toward the ceiling in contemplation. Her eyes return to mine, the gaze intensifying from before as she begins, "Honestly, after hearing the other two talk about you, and about what you've discussed with them, I want it all.

I want to explore myself and broaden my sexual experience, in a controlled way, in a safe way. I really don't know what else to say, except, I want to look like Kelly did when she talked about her outlook on her sexual future!" A sinister smile crosses my face, "…EVERY direction I give you must be obeyed without hesitation…EVERY direction…" She nods, without hesitation or contemplation.

"when I send you a message I expect a response within an hour…" she nods. "…rule two covers you communicating with me…you will download an app called 'Teamwork', enter your phone number and you'll get a code to join the team. Within the app, you will see two journals…the experience journal is meant for you to recount as many details of each sexual encounter you have.

I want you to talk about sensations, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings, thoughts, likes and dislikes…whatever you want. You can tag other team members who also participated, but other than those you tag, I am the only one who sees those…" she nods acceptance, "you'll also see a fantasy journal…I expect to see a daily post talking about a fantasy you've had that hasn't been fulfilled…every team member can see these posts…you will also do a naked selfie imitating a sexual position from that fantasy…" she nods.

"…that's it…however…there will be a significant test of your submission soon…are you sure this is what you want?" "Wow…it's a lot to take in…but…YES!

Hearing you are not a fan of punishment made me feel comfortable enough to take this naked leap…" "I will clarify…I bore of lovers who seek out punishment…but…if you are not following directions, you WILL be punished." "I understand." "Oh, I forgot…from now on, when you're given a direction, you'll either silently comply, or, you'll respond with 'Yes Sir'…do you understand?" "Yes Sir" with a smile on her face.

She wraps her arms around my waist and runs her hands up my back, grabbing the back of my shoulders. Her hands return to the small of my back and rest as she waits for me to continue. "Very good…so…let's begin to test your submission…Tina…I want you to undress me, folding my clothes and neatly placing them on the counter." "Yes Sir" she responds as she gently begins to pull my shirt from inside the waist of my slacks.

As she slides her hands along my sides, under the shirt, lifting it to my shoulders, it is obvious if my arms don't lift above my head she will not be able to get my shirt off, so, my actions let her continue to lift my shirt, her hands sliding up my arms until she stands on her tippy toes and I drop my arms so my shirt is in her hands. "Thank you, Sir, I wasn't sure I would be able to reach if you didn't help." She folds my shirt as she continues, "do I need to help with your shoes, Sir, or can you kick those off on your own?" My feet were already working on kicking my shoes off, smiling, and her hands immediately reach for my belt.

"Sir…are we going to stay in the kitchen?" A shake of my head, "Good. I mean, I've fantasized about having sex in the kitchen, but, it just doesn't feel right." "Tina, by giving me control, you will do whatever I want, wherever I want, whenever I want, including anyone else I direct…from this moment forward…are you grasping this?" She nods, then asks, "Sir, I've never done anything with another woman…not even a kiss…I don't know that I'm missing anything, but, I don't think I'm really turned on by other women.

Is that going to be a problem? I know you've had both Lori and Kelly together. Is that what you're really looking for? A bunch of women to fawn over you?" "Not at all Tina…I wasn't looking for anyone, until Kelly dropped her towel the day before yesterday.

Her dropping the towel was a dare from Lori. I made Lori watch me with Kelly, to see if it would be worth meeting Lori, and it was. Now, the two of them think it would be worth it for me to meet you. There are a couple of options as to why that happened, and I haven't figured it out yet. Hearing you haven't even kissed a girl might minimize the option THEY want to play with you. Looking at your body, I can't completely remove it though. Second option is they want someone else to be a part of playtime with me, either as someone they can play with, or someone else to share the burden they see in my demands for playtime.

Third option is they really just want me to give you a revenge fuck, of sorts. You've just confirmed your husband is banging his secretary and they just want to get a cock inside you. There could also be something else at work, but those three are pretty easy to spot." She smiles as she continues to open my pants. As they fall to my ankles, her hands slip beneath the waistband of my boxer briefs, on the side of my hips.

Her thumbs catch the waistband as she begins to push them down, off my hips. My cock leaps when it is finally released as she continues to push them past my thighs. They fall from her grip at my knees, landing on top of my slacks. She bends forward to retrieve the clothes as my feet step out of the leg of my pants. Folding them and laying them atop the shirt, she turns and looks at me again, "next, Sir?" "Tina, turn around…" she complies.

"…now, bend forward, grabbing your ankles…" she complies. "…now, reach one hand up and touch yourself…" her hand reaches up between her legs and spreads her pussy lips, with a finger dragging between her lips, she lets it slip inside her. My right hand immediately grabs her hand, stopping it right where it is.

"Tina, I said TOUCH yourself, not PLAY with yourself. Words are very important to this arrangement. Will you work harder to listen to what I say?" "Yes Sir, I'm sorry Sir. I was totally caught off guard." "This was a small test, meant to provide a slight punishment.

I expect you to listen, digest what is said, formulate your response and make your response in a clear and understandable manner. Now, Tina, touch yourself…" Her hand returns to her pussy, covering it like a blanket without attempting to pleasure herself.

"…I expect my lovers to create sensory memories. What do I mean by that? If I tell you I want you to cum, you should be able to close your eyes and ignite the sensations you experienced when you were brought to orgasm, and let your body experience them again, to make yourself orgasm…BUT…there will be times I expect you NOT to orgasm, and I expect you to have some sensory memories built that will help you delay orgasm, without shutting down your intimacy…do you understand?" "Yes, Sir." She responded as my hand moves back to her ass, rubbing it gently.

My hand covers hers, our fingers pointing in opposite directions. My hand moves hers away from her pussy to place it between my legs, cupping my balls. "Tina, I expect you to use your hand on me or you, to pleasure yourself and me while I fuck you right now…but…you are not to have an orgasm. When you feel one coming on, you're to tell me. I want you to build the memories of sensations, and how to control them…alright?" Her hand wraps around my cock as she responds, "Yes Sir." My hand slips under her hips so my fingers are spreading her pussy lips, letting a finger slip inside her.

Her pussy squeezes my finger and her knees buckle a bit as she mutters "WOW" under her breath. My finger begins to slip out and her hips rock backwards, as if she doesn't want me to remove my finger, so, a second finger slips inside her pussy and she gasps trying to catch her breath, "Sir…it's been a long time…I don't know if I will be able to control myself." A third finger slips inside her pussy, "Tina…you WILL control yourself…just keep breathing, focus on something to keep you from orgasm, but, stay in the moment and remember the sensations you're experiencing for the future.

Can you do that?" A gasp at my three fingers driving deeper inside her, then, "yes Sir. I will do my best." To test her resolve, my fingers are quickly pulled out of her as both hands grab her hips, pulling them toward mine, "alright, Tina, if you're serious about giving me complete control, guide my cock inside you." "Yes Sir!" as she strokes my cock once again, letting her hand grip my shaft just below my head, guiding it toward her lips, her other hand reaching up to spread her lips a bit as she holds my head at the edge of her pussy.

Then, she reaches back, grabbing my thigh and pulling herself back to take my cock inside her. There is a decided shift in her hips and weakness in her knees as my cock enters her. There is a moan, something I can't even understand muttered between her breaths as she reaches back with her other hand to my other thigh, pulling my hips tighter against hers, pulling my cock deeper into her pussy.

"Sir…this feels so good…almost too much…" "Tina, remember this sensation…the first time you pulled my cock inside you. I know I will remember how this feels…so moist, so tight.

Are you ready to continue?" "Yes Sir." Reaching down to grab her hands away from my thighs, guiding them to the top of her hips, at the small of her back. With one hand, my intention is to lay her forearms across her back.

"Grab your elbows." She complies. "I expect you to keep your arms like this." She grabs her arms, without a word. As my hands grab her hips, pushing her away from me a bit, pulling her hips back with some force, letting our hips slap together. There is something muttered between gasps as my hips rock back and forward again.

Her pussy tightens against my thrust. My hips press against hers, shifting side to side to allow my cock to move within her. Her hips shift in front of me, augmenting my movement inside her. "Sir. Will your decision about my orgasm change if I tell you I am very multi-orgasmic?" "No. You must learn to control yourself." "Yes Sir. Please…give me a minute then." She kegels tight around my cock inside her.

Without moving, it is my intent to wait for her expression of control, instead, her pussy quivers further, her hips buck and her knees almost buckle. "Damn it! I'm sorry Sir, I think I'm going to cum…I don't think I can control it!" Stepping back, yanking my cock out of her pussy and immediately letting my hand fall swiftly against her ass.

"Tina…breathe…count…think of something non-sexual…" "I'm sorry Sir, I think I pushed too far…I didn't control myself completely. But, I didn't let myself fully orgasm either." There is something akin to a sob from her as she continues, "I'm always disappointing people." Immediately, my priority was guiding her to stand and turning her so our faces are right next to each other.

"Tina, you've done nothing to disappoint me. Today is about defining the boundaries, setting expectations, beginning our experience together, and, ultimately, making sure we're going to please each other when we are together. Let's take some time to explore, since I think it's obvious you enjoy my cock inside you." Her look confirmed she appreciated the words. We hug, clinging close together, "You and your husband do not have sex any more?" Her head moves side-to-side against my shoulder.

"He told you he was fucking his secretary?" Again, her head moves side-to-side against my shoulder. "How do you KNOW he's fucking his secretary?" Through a near sob, she explains, "his secretary sent me a letter. She said she's married as well. She doesn't want to end her marriage, but, has fun with my husband…" She took a deep breath before continuing, "…she asked me to stay married, not to tell her husband, not to confront mine…" "So, now you're being controlled by a mistress?

That's been tough to handle, hasn't it?" Her head nods against my shoulder. "Would you like to take back control of your sex life, Tina?" Another nod against my shoulder. "Would you rather take back your husband's cock, or, become a sexual goddess without him?" She pulls her face from my shoulder, locking her eyes on mine, "why would I want his cock back?

I want to take control of MY life, then, if she changes her mind and wants him, I'm fine with where I'm at!" She had stopped sobbing. She was now smiling. "I think the lightbulb just went on, didn't it?" she nods as her smile broadens.

"Are you ready to begin your journey?" Another nod and continued smile. "To test your submission, I'm going to have to do something different for you…your husband isn't involved with you…you do need to learn some control over orgasm, but, that can wait…I think I have an idea." My fingers begin to swipe across my phone, drafting a message.

"Tina, would your husband be available for a pool party with all the kids tomorrow afternoon?" She nods. "Now, let's get back to some sexual adventure…while I finish this planning, see if you can suck me hard." "Yes Sir" as she eagerly squatted like a catcher in front of me and took my cock in her mouth. She used her lips to wrap tight around my shaft, her tongue flicking right and left across the underside.

She pulls her head back and swings my cock at her cheeks, slapping it against her face before taking it back into her mouth. She looks up at me, still typing on my phone as she again, more fervently, slaps her face with my cock. "Tina, I am enjoying this experience. Don't take my seeming focus on my phone as a lack of pleasure. As you can see, you are getting me aroused…" She smiles as she begins to take my cock into her mouth, pushing her face forward and taking my still stiffening cock fully.

"…damn…have to redo that whole sentence now…" a smile creeping across my face as Tina pulls back, a slight gag and breath before again taking my more fully erect cock down her throat.

Pointing the phone's camera at her, "smile" and, as soon as she looks up, the picture is snapped. She pulls her face away and catches a breath before saying, "pictures, huh?" It's a quick nod down at her before pointing the camera again, catching a smile up at me and her left hand wrapped around my cock, her wedding ring front-and-center in the frame.

Wow, look at this gorgeous goddess…" turning the phone around, showing her the picture, "…I'm not sure what the secretary looks like, but, it's your husband who will be missing out of this perfection from now on!" "She's not ugly, but, she has younger boobs, kidless boobs, younger ass, kidless ass, you know what I mean, right?

Your praise is difficult to accept." "Tina, you're going to hear praises often, from now on…from me and every other person I direct you to suck or fuck…do you understand?" There is an accepting nod before her lips engulf my cock once again, pushing her face toward my hips, she struggles to take me fully.

"Do you trust me?" She nods. My hand reaches down, grabbing the back of her head and pulling it towards my hips, forcing my cock further down her throat. By removing the pressure immediately, she can feel the depth. She nods up at me and my hand grabs her head, pushing it back and pulling it forward as my hips rock forward, driving my cock deeper. Hold her head there, her hands jump to my hips and push against me.

Pulling against her pressure, "trust me…a gentle squeeze will tell me you need a breath…" she gently squeezes, my hand releases the pressure, moving my hand and returning my gaze to my phone as she gags, trying to catch her breath. "Learn to breathe…a goddess will swallow a cock if necessary…" "Yes Sir. What are you doing on your phone?" "I'm arranging a test of submission…for all of you." Tina stops stroking my cock and looks up with a perplexed look, "don't worry, I'm not instructing you to pleasure a woman, or be pleased by a woman.yet.

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"A goddess will bring pleasure to every lover, in every encounter…" She nods acceptance before taking my head in her mouth, stroking my shaft. "Not yet though. First, I'm going to get you a serious revenge fuck. Stand up." She stands next to me, angling my phone so she can see the group conversation posted to Teamwork: Jay: Student, Toy, you both are going to be tested tomorrow.

Lori: What can we do to please you Teacher? Kelly: I would do anything you instruct Sir! Jay: Tina deserves a revenge fuck she'll never forget…and…if secretary or hubby tries to brag about an affair, she can put them both in their place…so…kids pool party at Tina's tomorrow. Send the kids, you four adults go to Kelly's house.

Between now and then, you two will prepare your husbands for a threesome with Tina. She will suck them both, she will suck one while fucking the other (they should be in both positions). Kelly will take pics, Lori oversees video. NEITHER cum inside her pussy…Tina's choice for swallow or cum on her. Any hesitations?

Kelly: Paul will comply - I may have to fuck him afterwards, Sir, just to make sure we're still okay? Lori: WHAT?!?!?! Jay: You will tell them about the cheating, that Tina's husband doesn't know she knows. Tell them you two have thought about it.

You want them to be the ultimate revenge fuck for her. Tell them you have some ideas for pictures and video, and it's a free pass for whatever SHE WANTS to do with them…no questions asked during or after.

Lori: if he chickens out again? Jay: Tell him the thought of him fucking Tina makes you hot, that you want to taste her cum on his cock. Lori: Damn, I'm hot just thinking about that! Jay: if you cannot get them to fuck her, there will be significant punishment.

Lori: Yes Teacher Jay: when you are finished, you will each suck your hubby right there, praising him for doing this for you and for Tina. You will NOT fuck him then or later. Lori: Yes Teacher Kelly: Yes Sir Jay: Making this happen is a punishment for talking to someone without talking to me first, and a test of your submission.

I leave the details of the conversation to the two of you. Lori will start the conversation about what is to happen when Tina arrives. The pool party details will come from Tina. This is a surprise for Tina, she will be heading over to find the adults, who are missing the pool party.Understand? Lori: Yes Teacher Kelly: ANYTHING to please you, Sir! "WOW…you do control them, don't you?" "Yes, and, I now control you as well, don't I?" "Yes Master" "But…are you ready for what is to happen?" "I'm not sure Master…I'm afraid of getting caught, of having it become a neighborhood issue, causing problems with their husbands…" My first finger moves to cover her lips and she stands still.

"You need a fun fuck. I want you to maintain control of the situation. Is your bikini a string?" She nods in response. "Good, do you wear it around the pool?" Another nod response. "Perfect, you should wear that." Another nod acknowledges my direction. "As soon as Lori has introduced the concept to you, play shy. Laugh it off. A goddess knows how to break the ice and make every lover comfortable.

I want you to joke, something like, 'I'm not sure I even remember how to make a man hard'." She smiles at the concept. "Flow with the conversation, see where you can take control, again, and do it. A goddess chooses to control or be controlled, but, control is her default mode." "Yes Master." "I hope you can get to a point where you are near both, between them. When you are close to at least one of them, I want you to put his hand on your breasts, if it's both, one hand from each on your breasts." "Damn…Yes Master" "Hands over your bikini top, keep your hand on top of his and show him how you like them to be massaged.

Bite that lower lip. Move one hand to untie the top of the bikini and see if they let it fall, or keep you covered. If they haven't let your breasts be exposed, take one of their hands and lift it so your bikini top falls away. Help him massage your naked breast…" She grabs my hands, moving them to her naked breasts, showing me how she likes them massaged, she bites her lower lip, ".if the other hasn't let your other breast become exposed, reach around behind and untie the rest, then lift his other hand so your top falls to the floor." She again bites her lower lip as she continues guiding my hands against her breasts.

Now, move your hands from his. If either of them hesitates at all, say, 'Please, aren't I turning you on? Your touch is sending electricity through my body…it's like I'm finally waking up, or maybe dreaming of a man's touch'. Grab one of their hands and move it from your breast to your suit bottom. Guide his fingers to rub your pussy over your suit. Move that hand and untie that side of your bottoms. If he doesn't move his hand to your pussy himself, use your other hand to untie the other side of your bottoms and say 'don't you want to touch me?'…" She moves my hand to her naked pussy, but doesn't let me touch it, looking at me as she shyly says those exact words.

She continues to follow through the instructions, "…intertwine your fingers with his against your pussy. Force his finger inside you with yours.

Fuck his finger, if you have to…" her hips rock forward and back as she fucks my finger. "…now, take your hand to his pants and grab his cock. If he pulls away, at all, say." Before another word can leave my mouth, she looks deep into my eyes and utters the perfect expression, "Please…I just want to feel that dick inside me.

It's been so long since my husband has pleasured me. I'm sick of my vibrator…I want dick, throbbing inside me. Will you just sit back and let me feel you inside me?" "Yes, exactly…I'm impressed…and horny now. So, have you ever been pleased by two men at once?" Her head shakes sheepishly.

"Are you okay with two different men fucking you at the same time?" "Whatever you direct, Master.without question, hesitation, or reservation." She continues to fuck my fingers as her fingers trace a line down my chest, "how do you want me to take them, Master?" "I want you to stay in control…even if they're both totally into it from the beginning…if they are into it and eager, slow them down…tell them you want to take things slow…tell them you want to enjoy it…tell them…" "Its been so long since I've felt wanted…please…let me enjoy myself.

I promise, you'll both finish…" "Tina, you're going to be an AMAZING addition. I cannot wait to see your full conversion to goddess!" "Master, you keep saying that…goddess…what does it mean for me?" "Time will tell.

Now, I want inside that pussy again." "How would you like to take me, Master?" "Treat me like you would a shy husband. Guide me to please you. Keep me as long as you'd like, tell me when you want my cum, orgasm as you want.

We will begin training control after we get you worn out a bit.

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My only advice…pay attention to each of your lovers…make sure each one enjoys himself. He will stay hard longer and give you more powerful orgasms, as well as have stronger orgasms himself." "Yes Master…let's take things to the bedroom…" my hand stops her as my head shakes disapproval. "Oh, okay?" "For tomorrow, that would be fine.but…for me, let's take it to the living room?" "Yes Master, will you have a seat?" Once on the couch, she drops to her catcher's stance and looks up at me, "it's okay, I just want to suck you to see if I can make you hard…" her lips wrap around my shaft as her fingers curl at the base, "…mmmmm…to feel a dick in my mouth again…" and eagerly begins bobbing her head up and down along my cock, getting me harder with every movement.

"…guess I can get a man hard still…lay back a bit for me, I'd like to see how this feels inside me…" It is easy to comply with her request as she climbs onto the couch, a foot on either side of my hips.

She's now in a catcher stance over my hips, one hand on my chest, the other reaching down to my cock, rubbing it between her pussy lips.

She places the head at her threshold, without letting me enter her. "At this point, I think I'll say something like, 'I don't know how willing you were to be here.thank you for letting me have this little piece of revenge…I hope you enjoy yourself'" as soon as she finished her speech, she lowered her hips, taking a bit of my cock inside her. "Holy SHIT this feels good! You're much larger than Kyle is.

Master, you did say I could cum as I pleased tonight, and tomorrow, right?" My head nods. "Good…with your size, combined with my lack of action lately…I'm not sure I would be able to control myself right now!" She slides her hips down a portion of my shaft before lifting her hips back up, letting my cock leave her pussy completely, her left hand still wrapped around the base, rubbing it between her lips and circling her clit before slipping my head back inside her pussy, lowering her hips further down my shaft.

After a couple more attempts, her hips finally rest against mine. Both her hands moved to my chest as she lifts and drops her hips once, twice, then…picks up the pace just a bit.

Her breath turns to a pant, a slow moan escapes her lips. She brings her face to mine and kisses my lips. As soon as I suck her lower lip into my mouth her pussy tightens around my shaft. My hands lightly brush along her arms, to her face, cupping her cheeks and holding her face close to mine. Now, her pussy quivers against my cock. Her fingers dig into my chest a bit as her entire body begins to shake.

Her hips slap down against mine. She pulls her face back, "Jay…Master…THANK YOU! I haven't been this full in forever…" Her body collapses against my chest and she lifts her face to kiss me again.

She pulls her body away from mine, dropping her chin to her chest and reached for my hands and brought them to her breasts. "Please…" as she massaged her breasts over my hands…her hips lifted and lowered again down my cock, now easily sliding along my shaft, "…yes…" she lifted her hips again, letting just my head remain inside her, kegeling against my cock, "…ohmiGOD…yes…I missed this…" her eyes open and she leans forward, kissing me passionately as her hips fall toward mine again.

Her pleasured moans are felt throughout my body as she continues to kiss me, kegeling against the shaft of my cock. She pulls her face from mine and continues, a bit of a tear in her eye, "Master…I have missed sex…the fact you've already made me cum, more than once, and not finished yourself makes me want you more…and…I cannot wait to transform into the goddess you speak of…" Putting some distance between our faces, "Tina, the goddess I speak of is right in front of me.

It is my role to awaken her and help her realize her potential." There is a kegel against my cock inside her, with an instinctive flex to acknowledge her actions. We kiss again, deeply, exchanging kegel and flex until our faces tip away from each other and she appears a bit teary-eyed. "Tina, are you alright?" She nods, kegeling to demonstrate her approval.

"Tomorrow, do not show this weakness…be in charge…take them…fuck each of them…use their cocks for your pleasure…orgasm often…remember, my only rule for tomorrow…they do not cum inside your pussy.

You can swallow their load, or, have it all over your body." "Yes Master…but, how will I look at them next time they're at my house and I'm in my bikini? How will I look at Lori and Kelly? How will those two look at me?" "A goddess leaves every lover wanting more, and every observer comfortable she is not looking for more than she has received." She nods. "Tina, YOU are the sexual goddess. Lori longs to be a controller, like me. Kelly doesn't even know what she needs, except to learn to control herself and her body.

YOU are going to be my masterpiece. Neither of them will understand their own power the way you will…I'm simply helping you open up to your reality." There are tears again dripping from her face. Guiding her to her back across the length of the couch, keeping my cock inside her, "Tina, it's time for me to fuck you, to prepare your pussy for you to fuck them. What is the goddess going to do tomorrow?" "I'm going to maintain control, I'm going to use their dicks for my pleasure, I'm going to keep their cum out of my pussy, but, let the girls take pictures and video of me with their husbands.

I'm going to forget about anything that might happen in the future between me and the four of them, savoring the moment even though I know the girls are doing this because of your instructions and being punished for talking to me before talking to you. I cannot wait for our next time, this is one of the most intense orgasms I've had in forever!" With another flex of my cock inside her while leaning forward, we kiss passionately. Drawing my hips back and pushing forward, flexing again, driving almost my full length inside her.

She responds to my kiss and flex with a kegel and wraps her legs around my waist, pulling my hips tighter against hers as her arms wrap around my back, her fingers drawing lines from my shoulders to my lower back. "A goddess knows when to get emotional and when to let passion rule." Again, pulling my hips back and thrusting them forward, her body lurches along the length of the couch. Her legs squeeze my waist as her fingers draw lines down the center of my back and her kegel squeezes against me inside her.

My hips pull back and thrust forward again. My focus is on her face, her smile up at me before she tips her head back toward the arm of the couch. Leaning forward to kiss her neck, my hips pump back and forward again. My lips move from her neck to her nipples, already sliding up and down her chest. "A goddess knows how to make her lover feel like the center of her universe, safe from everything and free to release at his leisure…" She pulls herself up, lifting her shoulders off the couch as she whispers, "I need to feel my Master fill me.

It is the only thing that will make me cum right now…and I need to cum, right NOW…" The heat of her panting breath against my cheek, the sound of our hips slapping against each other, the smell of our sweat and musk, the feel of her pussy tightening around my every thrust. It became too much for me to handle. My hips lurched forward, my cock heaved inside her.

Her hips buck upward as she screamed, "YES…FILL ME!" Her pussy clenched tight around my cock, her arms pulled herself up against me and her legs quivering with the strain of holding me deep inside her as wave after wave of cum filled her.


"THANK YOU MASTER!" As the final throes of orgasm leave my hips, Tina collapses from holding her arms and legs around me. Although, she does hold her hips against mine, keeping me deep inside her. "Sir, it has been way too long. Please tell me you can reach your phone.

While you want me to have pictures and video of tomorrow, I want video of your cum-covered dick as you pull it out of me. I want to know the precise moment my life shifted from being controlled to taking control." She continues to kegel against my cock, holding tight as she continues, "I hope you have many assignments for me to explore myself and become the goddess you see." When she finally releases her grip on my cock, there is enough opportunity for me to reach my phone.

His allows me to and smile, sitting up without pulling out. Taking aim with the phone's camera, recording begins as my hips move back, exposing more of my shaft. Tina says, "the goddess' first cum-covered dick". She moves her left hand to cover her patch of hair, her wedding ring center frame, pulling her lips tight as my head is finally exposed. By pulling her pussy tight, the head of my cock was mostly cleaned of cum. "The goddess knows to perform when she needs to…" She presses on her pubic patch and a glob of my cum escapes her pussy.

"Thank you Master. A goddess also knows to clean her lover's dick…" motioning for me to continue recording and let her clean my cock. As she licks and sucks me clean she continued, "…my Master approves of the goddess' actions?" She sees my nod from behind the phone's lens. "Pleasing my Master is the only thing the goddess desires…whenever my Master directs, whatever my Master directs, wherever my Master directs, who ever my Master desires…the goddess shall please the Master without hesitation, question, or reservation." Her smile tells me it's time to stop recording.

"By the end of tomorrow night, I expect to have a notification of a journal entry in the Teamwork app recounting every detail of your encounter.

I want to know your perception of the guys…the guys' level of participation, shyness, willingness…I want to know how the women handled themselves…I want to know what you felt, smelled, tasted…every detail should be documented…a goddess keeps copious notes about her lovers, in case she encounters them again. Her favorite lovers' preferences are committed to memory." "Master, I hope that is alright, Sir doesn't feel right for us." "Notice, I hadn't corrected you…I like it as well, for us…again, very different than the other two." Her left hand is still pulling her pussy closed.

"Tina, why are you holding yourself closed?" She smiles as she says, "I want some of your cum inside me…no other lover gets to leave his cum inside me…my Master's cum stays inside me, unless he wants to see it ooze from me…does Master want his cum to finish oozing from me?" I shake my head and she continues, "Good…feeling my Master's cum inside me helps me know my Master has been pleased…my Master will never see his cum ooze from me, unless he commands me to let it loose.

A lover can get off and fill me, my Master must be pleased, his cum must be cherished." "A goddess knows how to read her lover's deepest desires…and she will cater to them in her preferred method." She smiles at my comment.

"Do you feel you need to further prepare for your revenge fuck tomorrow?" "No Master…a goddess is always prepared to please a lover." She sees my smile and continues, "I want my Master to know how much I look forward to our future encounters." It is now time for me to leave.

I dress, while she continues to hold her pussy closed, naked and laying on the couch. Followup: Later that evening, a notification on my phone and see it is the Teamwork app…updates from Tina.

Her Experience Journal entry is as follows: I was only told to be naked when he arrived, and to watch my mouth, since he doesn't like cursing. I was pleasantly surprised by the courtesy and compassion shown during our meeting.

I wasn't sure what would happen, if anything would happen. And, I certainly didn't expect to feel like I was taking control of myself by giving control over my body to another person. I was impressed at how comfortable I was made to feel throughout the encounter. I'm even comfortable calling him "Master" instead of "Sir" as he requested. I'm amazed he is calling me 'goddess' and says I will be revealing my true power and sexual prowess as we continue.

I don't understand, but, everything he has done has made me feel like a goddess, so, I'm not going to complain. When he kissed me it sent chills through my body. When he touched me, I could barely contain myself. Then, FINALLY, he asks me to get him undressed. It's been a little while since I've seen even Kyle's, but, Master is going to hurt!

So much girth, and great length, with a slight left lean. He certainly choked me when I was oral, but, helped me understand how to let him know I needed some time to recover. Then, when I finally felt his dick inside me, it took me over the edge! One of the most powerful orgasms I can remember, but, there haven't been that many recently. When he finally gave me his cum…the most overpowering orgasm took over my body…his cum filling me completely and leaving me wanting him more.

Now, I have to prepare to play innocent when I'm told that Kelly and Lori want their husbands to fuck me, together. Two men fucking me…never would have dreamed this would happen, but, now I can't wait for it! The next day, notifications from all three of the women with their fantasies and photos Tina's first Fantasy Journal: When my Master told me to treat him like a shy husband, it ignited something inside me…I think, as my first fantasy, I want to share some control.

I think I want to not CONTROL, I just want to direct. I want to direct activities between people during playtime. To tell a man how to fuck a woman, to tell a woman how to fuck a woman. Again, not getting them to surrender to me, the way I have, to Master, I just want to direct the way they play, almost like directing a movie. Maybe today's playtime will give me a bit of a feeling for this, since I get to control how playtime happens, but, we shall see. Her picture is a mirror selfie, naked, pointing directions behind the phone, like it is her camera and she's recording the action in front of her.

Lori's second Fantasy Journal: After being told by Teacher to give my husband to Tina, I'm fantasizing about giving him to women. About controlling him with other women. I want to see him following my instructions, fucking someone else, exactly how I say, where I say, when I say. Then, I want to clean his cock and clean her pussy. I want to see the pleasure on his face as he pounds her. Her picture is of her with one knee on the ground the other raised, an arm as if wrapped around the back of someone, looking down as if she were watching the action in front of her.

Kelly's fourth Fantasy Journal: After Sir told me to give my husband to Tina, it's awakened an old fantasy of mine. I've always wanted to be the focus of attention for a group of guys, to have a line of guys waiting for me to suck them, for their turn to do me.

To be covered in seed and totally spent. I have never felt safe enough to have this be more than a very brief dream in my sexual life. I believe Sir would make me feel safe enough to make this happen. Her picture had her on her knees, leaning forward, her back arched so her stomach was nearly touching the floor, her head up, her mouth open as if sucking a cock, her other hand to the side, as if holding a cock in waiting.

Finally, just before bed, there is another notification from the Teamwork app, it was the Experience Journal updates. While these were reserved for those who participated, there were three updates. Kelly's Experience Journal: The conversation last night with Paul wasn't exactly an easy one. I told him just what Sir told me to.

I told him Lori and I had discussed, after hearing about Kyle, that Tina needed a revenge fuck to end all revenge fucks. That, after the kids go to the pool party, Lori and Mike would be coming over here, we would be getting things ready for Tina to come and look for us because we didn't head over for the party.

When Tina got here, Lori would tell Tina what we were going to do. I told him I would be there the entire time, taking pictures while the three of them played. He was skeptical, but, said he would play along, if Tina was into it, he wasn't going to push her.

So, when the kids left, I gave him another pep talk, making sure he was still ready for it. He seemed to be ready, so, we waited for Lori and Mike to arrive. It wasn't even a minute or two later and the doorbell rang.

Lori was smiling from ear-to-ear when they walked in, Mike, on the other hand, seemed to be a little focused in expression. He walked directly over to Paul and asked what Paul thought about this scenario happening. Paul said, "I wasn't sure, until Kelly said she'd be there with us, taking pictures.

At that point, I figured, what the hell. I mean, these two tried swapping us, so, maybe this is a bit easier to handle as a first step?" Mike said something about Lori recording everything and agreed about this being a better possible first step than the swap attempt.

The guys parked it on either end of the couch, and I grabbed us each a beer, waiting for Tina to arrive. It was about 5 minutes.

When she knocked on the door, I went to open it. Walked her into the living room and Lori introduced the concept. Tina stopped, like she didn't know what to do. Lori continued, detailing our involvement with pictures and video. Tina still didn't move a lot, but made her way to the couch, sitting between the guys. As Lori took a deep breath, trying to find some more words, Tina spoke, "I appreciate the offer, really…but…it's been so long since Kyle and I were intimate, I'm not even sure I remember how to turn a man on anymore." Mike was the first to respond, with a story about her bikini being nearly unbearable for him, about her kids' friend's fantasies about her.

Paul supported the statement, "Tina, I know I'm often uncomfortable when you're wearing the bikini." Tina responded by laying a hand on each of the guys' legs. She looked at Lori first, then me as she said, "you two are serious? You're both willing to give me your husband, and record the event?" We both looked at each other, then to her and nodded.

She turned to Paul first and said, "you're cool with her watching you and I have sex?" He looked to me, then back to her and nodded.

She turned to Mike and asked the same question. He looked to Lori, then back to her and nodded. Tina said, "I didn't realize I had the 'here's my husband' type neighbors…I'm a bit surprised…but, if I'm going to do this, I need to know what the rules are…can I kiss the guys?" We both nod to her.

"Can I suck their dick?" We both nod. "Can they lick my pussy?" We both nod to her. "There is no problem with either of them sticking their dick in my pussy, or my ass?" We both look at each other, shrug our shoulders and nod back to her. The guys were fixated, the entire time, moving their eyes back and forth between her and his wife. She finally asked, "Any limit on where they cum?" We both look at each other and Lori responds, "not in your pussy," Tina looks at me and I nod agreement as I say, "not in your pussy." She slides her hands up each guy's thigh as she says, "you boys hear that, no cum in my pussy…did that surprise either of you?" They have such a distant look as they both shrug.

Tina said, "Well then…how about the two of you get things started by getting naked?" They both looked at her, then their wife, then back to her. Tina stands up and says, "Well, if we don't get naked, we can't get anything started, can we?" She reaches a hand over the back of her head and pulls on the string at the back of her neck, the two triangles covering her breasts fall away.

She bends forward and grabs a hand from each of the guys, moving them to her now naked breasts, her hand covers them there and begins to massage her breasts over their hands. She moans a bit at the pleasure she's getting from the hand on each breast. Mike is the first to stand, pulling his hand away from Tina's breast and lifting himself off the couch. He kisses her cheek, she turns toward him and kisses his lips, her right hand dropping to his shorts, cupping his crotch, squeezing his willy over his shorts.

She pulls her face away from him and says, "looks like I've got at least one guy I can turn on still." He turns a shade of red, she continues, "are you going to get undressed now?" "yes ma'am" Mike responds.

Tina grabbed his crotch again, aggressively, "yeah, I'm not your ma'am…you can call me Tina, or you can call me…Goddess…got it?" "Yes Goddess". He started dropping his pants immediately. This is the first time I've seen Mike naked. He's bigger than Paul. He seems to be about as long as Sir, but, not as thick. Just seeing his willy is getting me wet. That's when I notice Paul stood up at this point, he used his hand to lift his body off the couch as well.

He was greeted with a turn of Tina's face to his, pulling his face to hers for a deep kiss. She slid her hand down his stomach to his shorts, pulling away from the kiss with a "well then, two for two…guess I'm the lucky girl tonight, huh?" As she turned back, Paul was lifting his shirt off, his pants already kicked toward the couch, with his boxers and flip-flops.

She went into a squat, wrapping her right hand around Mike's willy and pulling his hips toward her face. She reached across her body to help Paul finish getting his shorts off. With both men naked and standing in front of her, she slid her right hand up Mike's inner thigh, her left hand up Mike's. Looking up at each man as her hand reached his willy. There was a decent difference in size between Mike and Paul, but, Tina didn't seem to mind, or express any preference. I moved around to behind the guys, between the guys, and took a picture of Tina's face, the guy's thighs framing the picture.

I saw her face move to Paul's willy, and shifted over to the side to get a picture where I could see her lips wrapped around him, with her hand wrapped around Mike's willy in the background. What I didn't see was that her right hand had slipped around to her back and untied the other part of her top, that the top had fallen into her lap.

I did glance down to see her naked breasts and her right hand untying the side of her bikini bottom. Then, I saw the hand return to Paul's willy and her face shift to Mike, I also saw her reach down and untie the left side of her bottom, letting it fall to the floor under her.

She also pushed her top into a pile on top of her bottom before letting her hand return to Mike's willy, now stroking both men, looking up at them again, smiling at their facial expressions down at her, "probably the luckiest girl tonight, huh!" She stood up, keeping hold of their willys, kissing Paul first, then Mike. She took her hands off their willys, grabbing their outside hands and moving toward the couch.

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The guys turned at her direction. She looked down and said, "I think I'd like to start with Paul inside me…is that alright, boys?" Almost in unison, they both said, "Yes Goddess". It was like she had them under her control, without even trying. I see the confidence she had with them and I would have done ANYTHING she said as well.

I WOULD do ANYTHING she said. She couldn't replace Sir, but, I would LOVE to have her as MY Goddess, alongside Sir! As she guides Paul to the edge of the couch, she turns around, her back to Paul, she guides Mike to the side. With her left hand, she guides Paul's willy to her puss, licking her fingers, stroking his willy, before slipping it inside her. She used her right hand to stroke Mike's willy before wrapping her lips around it. It was difficult to remember to take pictures, since I was so hot watching her take Mike's willy.

Her hips slipped down Paul's length, her hips resting on his quickly, but, her hands grabbed Mike's hips and pulled them to her face, her lips were against his stomach, nearly swallowing him. My picture clearly showed her with a willy in her puss and a willy in her mouth, and all I wanted was to be her! She begins to lift her hips and lower them, just like she pushes and pulls Mike's hips taking more and less of him in her mouth.

I see Paul getting a bit twitchy and I say, "remember, no seed inside her puss Paul" "yes dear…Tina…I'm gonna finish if you keep this up…" She lifts her hips off him and turns as she says, "can you cum more than once Paul, or is this going to be a useless dick when you're done?" "I don't know…this is unchartered territory for me Goddess" "Then I can't take my chances, if I'm going to make this the revenge fuck of my life, right?" "Yes Goddess".

She looks up at Mike and asks about his stamina and recovery time.

He responds about having stamina, but, no recovery. Tina looked at the two of us and said, "thank you for the use of your husbands…I hope I don't seem too ungrateful with my comments." I look over at Lori, she's got her mouth hanging open as she turns to me and we both look at her and say, "it's your revenge fuck Tina…whatever you want".

In response, she guides Mike to the couch as she pulls on Paul's arm to lift him from his position, "maybe a change of position and activity would help prolong things?" Both men nod as they follow her guidance.

She guides Mike to sit, staying close to the edge. She keeps Paul standing near as she climbs across Mike. She looks down at his willy and licks her fingers, rubbing her puss. She grabs him and rubs him between her lips, letting his head dip inside her before rubbing it around her clit again.

She finally slips Mike inside her puss and rests her hands on his thighs. It takes her at least four dips of her hips to take him fully inside her. Through each dip, her breath caught in her chest, before she even got him fully inside her it was obvious she had a Big-O. With her chin dropping to her chest, her breathing labored and her legs shaking, she finally continued.

When she has her hips against Mike, she turns to Paul's willy and looks up at him, "I expect you'll warm me before you cum, I really want this willy inside me again, and I don't think you want to disappoint me…do you?" "No Goddess, I will warn you the best I can" "Do not disappoint me" "No Goddess". She sucks and strokes Paul, but, stops when Paul's hand reaches for hers. She smiles up at him and poses for more pictures by me as her hips rise and fall against Mike's.

She begins to moan and pant as she continues, a hand reaching down to her puss and rubbing her clit, spreading her lips apart to take more of Mike. She has what I think is her second orgasm as her fingers work her clit, when Mike pulls her face to his and whispers in her ear.

She stops and pulls herself off him, revealing a glistening willy standing at attention, covered in her orgasmic discharge. As she stands up in front of the couch, "Alright…let's get a couple more positions done so I can have documented my positional playtime…then, maybe we can see if either of them can recover for a second round." "Whatever you want Tina," I find myself stating as a reaction to her comment.

She looks back at Mike, with a comment I can't quite hear, then looks at Paul and says, "when you're ready…I'll be riding him and leaning forward…I want you in my ass then." Both men, "Yes Goddess".

Tina looks over at me and smiles, with a wink. When Mike says something, she smiles and helps him lay along the length of the couch, climbing on right after him, straddling his hips.

"Paul, when I lean forward and reach back, to spread my ass, I expect you'll be ready to join the party?" "Yes Goddess." She guides Mike's willy to enter her again. As she slides down to meet his hips, it is obvious she's enjoying Mike's length inside her. Sir, I hope I get to do it with Mike. While he's not a wide as Sir, I think his length will be just as fun for me! Finally, she leans forward, reaching back to spread her cheeks as Paul steps across the couch and tugs on his willy before pressing it against her rear.

I found a position where I could get a picture of both of them inside her as Paul rocks forward, pushing his willy further in her backdoor. She gasps, her back bucks, as she screams, "FUCK…YES…THIS is a REVENGE FUCK!

I wish I could feel your cum in me…YES…FUCK ME!" Paul says, "Can I cum in your ass Goddess?" She responds, "FUCK…Is my ass my pussy?" "No Goddess" "Then fuck my ass and fill my ass" His hips immediately rock back and forward as he lurches against her.

Mike says something to Tina which elicits a slap of the face and her screaming at him to "manage his shit!" As soon as Paul finished, Tina looked down at Mike and said, "now it's your turn" and she slid down the couch, pulling his willy into her mouth and sucking him. From my view, I could see Paul's seed oozing from her rear, all along her lips, I took pictures of it.

I wanted, SO MUCH, to lick her pussy and ass clean. Then, I hear Mike say something about losing control soon. She just kept sucking until his hips jumped upwards. Her lips stayed wrapped tight around him until his hips stopped jumping upwards. When he was finished, she pulled her face away and smiled at Mike and Paul, each in turn, "Thank you for the revenge fuck to end all revenge fucks!" moving her gaze to me and Lori, "I hope you two got enough pictures and video to make sure Kyle will begrudge the day he tries to throw that secretary in my face?" We both look at each other and back at her to nod.

"Now, can we get dressed and head over to the pool before Kyle wonders what the hell is happening?" She leans forward and grabs her bikini, looping the pieces between her legs, tying each side in turn. Knowing Paul's seed was oozing from her rear and into the bottoms is driving me crazy, but, knowing Paul had given himself completely to her so easily makes me want to obey Sir's EVERY direction. I move to Paul, taking a picture of his seed-covered willy before dropping to my knees and sucking him clean, looking up at him and smiling before I hand him his suit trunks, telling him I'm proud of what he did for me, and for Tina.

Then, the five of us walk out the door. When we arrive at the pool party, Tina even replies to Kyles question with an amazing admission! Something like, "I had to help them finish what they were sharing…took a little longer than I thought, but, I think it was worth it!" It was like Kyle didn't hear her, or didn't care.

Lori's Experience Journal entry: The conversation with Mike wasn't as difficult as I expected. When I told him Tina had been contacted by Kyle's secretary about their affair, asking her to let them continue to play and not confront him or her husband.

Then, I told him Kelly and I had talked and decided to get the two of them to give her a threesome as a revenge fuck, where Kelly and I would be taking pictures and video so she could throw the experience in Kyle's face if he decided to brag about his secretary, he just nodded at me.

When I asked him what that meant, he said, "I'm not going to lie…it's difficult to head over there for pool parties, with her amazing tits in that bikini…and that ass…but I'd never have said that, or done anything with her without something like this." So, I guess he wasn't the one who was making things awkward during the failed swinging attempt?

When the kids left for Tina's place, we told the kids we were heading over to Kelly & Paul's place first, to make sure we had everything we needed before hitting the pool. When we arrived at Kelly's, Mike went immediately over to Paul, almost confronting him with "Where are you on all this happening?" and Paul said he was fine, "as long as Tina was into it." Kelly got us all beers and we waited for Tina to arrive.

When Tina walked in she was in her bikini, so I knew, now, that Mike was already hard as a rock. I don't even remember what I said, other than, "we decided we would give you the ultimate revenge fuck by having a threesome with the husbands…with Kelly and I providing pictures and video for her to remember the event and be ready for anything her husband or the secretary tried to throw at her." She tried to act all shy and nonchalant with the proposition, just sitting on the couch between them.

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She asked us questions, she asked the guys questions. We all responded to let her know we were on board, and the only limitation was the guys could NOT cum inside her pussy. I trained my phone on the couch as I saw her move a hand on each guy's thigh, then, said she wasn't even sure she could make a guy hard anymore. Both guys told her it was difficult to even be at their pool when she's wearing that bikini, and she would be their kid's friend's favorite fantasy, for sure.

She smiled and announced that they might as well get naked, since nothing could happen if their clothes were still on. She stands up and again asks them to get naked. She grabs a hand from each of them and places them on her breasts, massaging her breasts with their hand.

Mike was the first to stand. He moved to kiss her cheek and Tina made him kiss her lips, passionately, before her hand fell to his shorts and cupped his cock, saying, "well, I guess I can turn at least one man on still.

Are you going to get undressed now?" He said, "Yes ma'am" and she grabbed his cock through his shorts, stopping him in his tracks. She looked at him, stared at him, then said, "I am NOT your ma'am…you may call me Tina, or you may call me…" she paused, just a moment, searching, "…Goddess". Mike replied, "Yes, Goddess" and I'm not sure Mike could get out of his shorts any quicker than he did, kicking everything toward the couch. While Mike was doing that, Paul scrambled to his feet and Tina kissed him as well, reaching down to cup his cock as she said, "two for two…guess I'm the lucky girl tonight, huh?" Paul mumbled, "yes Goddess" as he got his shorts off.

Paul's cock is shorter and thinner than Mike's. He already appears to be fully hard, where Mike still looks like he could use some work. Tina dropped into a catcher's stance and started sucking Mike off, her hand getting to Paul's cock as soon as he was naked. Her face moved to Paul's cock for a bit, but, then pulled back as she said, "I think I'd like Paul's cock first, is that alright, guys?" Both of them, in unison, looking down at her as they said, "Yes, Goddess". Teacher, I want this kind of control.

I can't believe she has them so taken and at her will. I am a bit worried she could simply snap her fingers and have Mike's cock whenever and however she wants, but, I think Teacher is still in control of Tina. Now, she guides Paul to the couch and Mike next to her.

As she turns her back to Paul's lap, she licks her fingers and guides Paul's cock to her pussy. Her face smiles as she rubs his head between her lips and slips it inside her.

She gasps a bit, but pulls Mike's hips toward her face, her lips encircling the head of his cock, she reaches around and pulls his hips toward her further, taking more of his cock in her mouth, until her nose is resting against his hips.

I can see Mike try to pull away a bit, but, Tina holds him against her face, nearly gagging on him. When she finally lets his hips go, he pulls away quickly and looks down to make sure she was okay.

She smiles up at him and nods, pulling his hips back toward her face. She's doing all this while she lifts and lowers her hips down Paul's cock. She's SO in control of the situation. I'm jealous of her control.

It is my hope Teacher can get me to this level of trust and control with others. I hear Kelly say, "no cum in her pussy hun…" Paul responds he knows and when he tells Tina he's not sure he can continue she asked him if he could cum multiple times. He wasn't confident he could, so she lifted herself off his cock and said something like, "How about you, big guy…are you a multiple man?" looking up at Mike.

When he told her he was one-and-done, she looked at Kelly and me and said, "Thanks for the use of your husbands. I hope my comments aren't too difficult to take?" We both shook our heads toward her and she started guiding Mike to the edge of the couch.

She licks her fingers and grabs his cock, stroking it a couple of times as she climbs across his hips, this time facing him. As she rubs Mike's cock between her pussy lips and slips him inside her, she lowers her hips and catches her breath.

She stops before she takes all of him inside her and lifts her hips, leaving just his head inside her before lowering herself down again, reaching between her legs and spreading her pussy lips, letting her fingers linger there to tease her clit. She looks at Paul and reaches with a hand toward his cock, as she pulls his cock toward her mouth, her gaze meets his and she says something about warning her about his orgasm.

Tina continues to grind her hips against Mike's, I can hear her moaning as she strokes Paul's cock, deciding when to take it into her mouth. She sucks it into her mouth and strokes it as her lips wrap tightly around him. She reaches down to Mike's hands and lifts them to her breasts, coaxing him to massage as her hips begin to rock forward and back, letting his cock rock around inside her. Mike pulls her face to his and whispers something in her ear. She stands, letting Mike's cock leap toward his stomach when it is released from her pussy.

She looks down at Mike, "Why don't you lay along the edge of the couch" then looks at Paul, "When you think you're ready to continue, let me know…I will lean forward and spread my cheeks…I expect you to fuck my ass…are you ready for that?" "Yes Goddess" was all Paul could muster, mumbled at that.

She climbs across Mike's hips and slips him back inside her. It takes just two movements to take him fully, but she rests against his hips and leans forward, kissing his chest, neck and lips as she waits. When Paul nods to Tina, she leans forward, kissing Mike as her hands reach back and pull her cheeks apart. Paul steps one leg across the couch and spits onto his hand, rubbing a circle around his head before placing his head at her asshole. As he leans forward, pushing himself into her ass, I hear her scream, "FUCK…YES…get in my ass Paul…THIS is a revenge FUCK, isn't it boys?" "Yes Goddess" in unison as Paul rocks back and forth, his cock driving into her ass.

My view is still on the side, as Kelly is at the end of the couch, taking pictures of both cocks filling her. My angle shows Kelly's pleasure at the sight, she looks at me and smiles, her eyes bright with pleasure.

"Goddess, I'm not sure I can continue much longer…" from Paul again, "Fill my ass with your cum then, Paul" "Goddess?" "Paul, my ass is not my pussy, is it?" "No Goddess" "Then fuck me and fill my ass with your cum Paul…NOW!" Paul's hips heave forward and you can tell he is barely able to control himself as his cum begins to wash into her ass. "Goddess, your pleasure is pushing me too far…" from Mike. She actually slapped his face and said, "Mike, you are NOT to cum inside me…get your shit together and control yourself…got it?" "Yes Goddess" As Paul finishes and pulls his cock out of her ass, Tina kisses Mike and says, "Now it's your turn" and she moves herself down the couch, taking his cock in her mouth, stroking his shaft before driving her face to his hips, burying his cock down her throat.

She gags as she comes up for a breath, stroking him fast before looking up and saying, "give me your cum Mike…I want to swallow it down, every fucking drop…" Her lips wrap around his head once again and her face drops and lifts a couple of times before Mike's hips leap upward and his hands go to her head, holding it as each heave upward means more cum down her throat.

When his hips finally stop heaving upward, she pulls her face away from his cock and began with looks to Paul and then to Mike, "thank you both for the revenge fuck to end all revenge fucks!" then, to Kelly and me as she continued, "thank you both for the use of your husbands…I hope you both don't think anything different of me for what happened today?" We both look at each other and shake our heads at her.

"Now, can we get dressed and get back to the pool party, before Kyle wonders what the hell is going on?" I press stop on the phone and drop to my knees at the edge of the couch, my face diving to Mike's cock, I wanted to taste his cum and her juices on his cock. I looked up at Mike and he was smiling, grabbing my head gently as I continued to suck him. I saw Kelly had finished cleaning Paul, so I grabbed Mike's shorts and stood up, helping him get dressed as the five of us adjust our clothing and head over to the pool party.

I hold Mike's hand and see Kelly holding Paul's hand as we cross the street and walk into the backyard at Tina and Kyle's house. When we get to the pool, Tina says, "They were all over at Kelly and Paul's house, something about a photography project they needed to finish…I did everything I could to get them to finish quick so we could all cum together." Kyle looks across the pool and replies, "glad you could help them out then" and moves to the grill.

I can't believe she was so blatant with her statement, and that he was so nonchalant about the response. It makes me sad for her everyday life, but happy we introduced her to Teacher so she could take control of her sex life once again. Tina's Fantasy Journal: I was already wet just thinking of the guys focused on me, anxious all day…when the kids showed up, I said, "Where are your parents" in that mockingly disciplinarian tone.

Lori's kids replied, "my folks were heading over to Mrs. Kelly's and Mr. Paul's place to grab a few things they had forgotten Mrs. Tina" "Thanks, hun, I'll walk over and see what's going on, maybe I can help…I'll be back with the others Kyle" "Okay" he responded.

I had to forcefully think about WALKING to the house, since I was so anxious to see how this would play out. I knock on the door and Kelly answers, we exchange a smile and she leads me into the living room. Lori is standing there and winks at me as she announces, maybe a little too loud, "Tina, we told the guys about Kyle and his secretary.

We are going to give you the revenge fuck to end all revenge fucks…these two will BOTH fuck you, right now, while Kelly and I record the event, so you will have evidence, just in case Kyle or the secretary think they've got something over you." I played coy and moved to the couch, sitting between the guys. It was too easy Master, it was setup just like you wanted me to be able to control things. I said, "I'm not sure I can even turn a guy on anymore" and both men tell me it is difficult for them when they're at the pool with me in the bikini…how my kid's friends are probably already fantasizing about me.

I'm getting more wet, thinking about these two with hardons every time they visit the pool. I went around the room, asking if everyone was okay with things, if there were limits.

Master, you'd be proud, both of the girls told the boys they were NOT to cum inside my pussy. I told them they needed to get naked if they wanted to make anything happen. They hesitated a bit, so I untied the top of my bikini top and grabbed a hand from each of them, placing them on my breasts and showing them how to massage me.

Mike was the first to stand, we kissed deeply, my hand roaming to find he was already getting hard in his shorts. I made a comment about still being able to get a man hard, but, needing him to be naked for anything more. He said "Yes ma'am" and it just set me OFF.

I grabbed his cock and held him in place as I dressed him down for this comment. I'm sorry Master, I used your name for me…I said, "I am NOT your ma'am…I am Tina, or I am Goddess." He instantly said, "Yes Goddess". I can't believe he jumped that quickly to Goddess! Master, is this the feeling you're trying to give Lori, when someone so quickly gives themselves to you? This was AMAZING! He started stripping his clothes and Paul jumped up next to me.

I kissed him just as passionately, my hand wandering down to his shorts, confirming he was hard already as well and proclaiming me as the most lucky girl for the night. As Paul began to strip his clothes, I dropped to take Mike into my mouth. He was a perfect size for me to take deep in my mouth and not choke me out, he filled my throat, without being uncomfortable.

I looked up and he was smiling already as his cock flexed against my throat. I was stroking Paul's cock as I was sucking Mike. I reached down and untied the back of my top, letting it fall to my lap. I then reached down to untie the side of my bottom.

The strings fell, but it wasn't enough to move the entire bikini to the floor, so, I moved my face from Mike's cock to Paul's, letting my right hand stroke Mike as I moved my face down Paul's shaft. He is smaller thank Mike, about what I remembered as Kyle's length, but, more girth than Kyle.

The biggest issue, I fear he will be quick to cum. My left hand drops to my suit and unties the bottom so it falls to the floor. I push the top between my legs to the floor and make the decision it will be Paul inside my pussy first. A flash of a fantasy hits me. A cock in my pussy and a cock in my ass…yeah, I'm going to get them to do that tonight. I stand up and say, "I think I'll start with Paul's cock inside me, is that alright?" "Yes Goddess" from BOTH of them!

Master, I can't express how amazing it was to hear them, in unison, say "Yes Goddess". So, I helped Paul sit on the couch, guiding Mike next to me at the same time. I licked my fingers and rubbed Paul's head, rubbing it between my pussy lips, already dripping wet. When I slid myself down his cock he was already twitching inside me. I was afraid if I kegeled against him he'd explode inside me.

But, he felt decent inside me, and, I was now confident he could comfortably fuck my ass, so, I was already getting hot at the thought. I then turned my attention to Mike's cock and getting it into my mouth.

He is long enough to gag me, but not so long to choke me out. I buried my face against his hips, basically swallowing him, and he was so sweet to try to pull away from me. He didn't realize I was enjoying his cock that deep, so I pulled back and smiled up at him, stroking him purposefully. He nodded and I went back to sucking him, letting my face take more and less of him before settling down against his hips again.

That's when I remember I've got Paul in my pussy and I've been sliding up and down his shaft. I hear him say he's struggling to control himself, so, I stopped moving my hips and just held him inside me as I decide to call him out about it, "So, can you cum again, or are you a one-and-done kinda guy?" He said this was all very new to him, so he wasn't sure.


I then looked up at Mike and asked him if he had any endurance, and if he was going to be a useless cock after he finished. He said he's got endurance, but pretty useless after he finishes. I look at the girls and thank them for the use of their husbands and asked they don't take offense to my choice of words while we were together. They look at each other and say, "it's your revenge fuck, so have fun!" As I climb off Paul, I guide Mike to the edge of the couch, "maybe a change of position will help everyone…now, Paul, when you think you're ready for more, I want your cock inside me again, okay?" He mumbles something as I take his cock in my mouth…I lick my fingers again, circling Mike's head before rubbing it between my lips and slipping down his shaft.

Even with as wet as I am, Mike is long enough, it takes me three trips up and down to get him fully inside me. As soon as our hips meet, I kegel around his cock and his hips lurch upwards against me. I was afraid his idea of stamina and mine was very different…but…he was just adjusting to the feeling of my pussy contracting around him.

Feeling him deep inside me sends me over the edge and I have an orgasm. Nothing like yesterday, but, enough I think Mike knows he's made me cum. As I take Paul into my mouth and suck him, stroke him, I feel Mike's lips on my back, just below my shoulders as he says, "I think I need a minute, Goddess".

As I climb off his cock I immediately direct him to lay along the edge of the couch. I tell him I'm going to want his cock inside me again soon, to let me know when he's ready. I look up Paul and say, "when you're ready, I'm going to lean forward and spread my cheeks…I want you to fuck my ass while Mike is buried in my pussy…" I change my look to Mike and back to Paul, "both of you good with that?" Again, I hear, in unison, "Yes, Goddess". Master, I almost had an orgasm at the sound…but…I controlled myself.

I helped Mike lay along the front edge of the couch before I positioned myself at his hips. As I situated myself comfortably with Mike buried in my pussy, I moved Mike's hands to my breasts as I started shifting my hips up and down along Mike's length. Finally, Paul said, "Goddess, I'm ready" so, I laid down against Mike's chest and reached my hands back to spread my cheeks.

I could feel the shift in the couch as Paul stepped across and placed his cock at my asshole. It's been since college for me to have a man fuck my ass, but I SO needed this Master. As he pressed his cock in my ass, I lost control of my words…I know my pussy started to convulse against Mike and I could feel his cock fighting against my convulsions.

I know I screamed something about being the best revenge fuck ever, but, right in the middle of my orgasm, Paul said he was struggling to control himself. I know I screamed at him to fill my ass with his cum…that he questioned my command and I asked if he was in my pussy…he said no, so, I told him, again to fill my ass with his cum. I looked down at Mike who was starting to say something and I just blew up at him with something like, "don't cum in my pussy, handle your shit and wait your turn".

He stopped any movement as Paul finished and pulled out of my ass. I looked down at Mike and said, "now it's your turn…I want your cum down my throat…" when I slid down and swallowed his cock again he was quick to finish, his cum washing straight down my throat.

I could feel Paul's cum dribbling down my thighs and saw Kelly licking him clean as I stand and say, "thank you for the best revenge fuck I could imagine, I hope you girls got good evidence for me…" Lori was now on her knees at the side of the couch licking Mike clean. I grabbed my suit and ran it up my thighs, between my legs, collecting Paul's cum into the bottoms before tying the sides.


The boys got dressed and I kissed each of them, before we headed down the street to my house. When we got there Kyle asked what took so long, and I was pretty proud of my retort, "I did all I could do to help them finish what they were sharing…took a little longer than I expected, but, when we all finished…it was well worth it!" the girl's jaws were at their chests as I gave them a wink.

Nothing else happened all night. The next morning, there are multiple Teamwork alerts: Kelly's fifth fantasy journal was anal sex. While she had never done it before, watching the pleasure Tina experienced made her curious to see what it would do to her, she wondered if Tina choosing Paul to be anal was about size, expressing some concern over taking Sir's size in her ass. Her picture was on all fours, her back arched down so her ass was lifted toward the sky. Lori's fantasy journal was having sex on a swingset.

She told a story of sucking her high school boyfriend off as he sat on a swing. Of her desire to try to balance as a guy drives deep inside her.

Her picture was a timer shot of her on the ottoman, her legs spread wide, her arms in the air, as if she was hanging onto the chains of the swing. Tina's fantasy journal was having a group of men at her disposal. Hearing "Yes Goddess" at her every direction. She enjoyed the directing with the two boys, now, she wanted to see if she could handle herself with more guys. Her picture was squatting like a catcher, leaning forward a bit, her hand gripping a fantasy cock near her face, her tongue in her cheek like a cock already in her mouth and her eyes looking back at the fantasy guy in her ass.