Black Inside My Little Girl

Black Inside My Little Girl
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My mom is the best in the whole world. Ever since dad died, weeks after I was born, she took good care of me. In my early childhood, people tend to laugh at me, the fatherless kid. But mom told me it's ok. She said I shouldn't take what those pricks said into account. She said I have faced sorrow they never dreamed of, which makes me stronger.

Here's a bit about me.


My name is Ryan Summers. 18 this year, and as the only child, I'm the only family mom has, vice-versa. I'm fairly muscular, been hitting the gym regularly for 3 years. I'm something people call handsome, not superstar handsome, but handsome.

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I hit puberty at an early age, standing 5'10" and a nice 9" dick which I'm pretty proud off. My mom, Alice Summers works as a senior officer in the government, associating with the Brits. Her salary for a month can buy me at least 5 PS3's and a few closets full of Armani suits. Although we were rich, she never acted like it. I was taught to be modest, too. At 18, I already have a car, a Porsche. I never thought mom would buy me a Porshe as my first car.

I knew she loves me, but this is going to spoil me. So much for teaching me to be modest. But then, I drove the Porsche seldomly. Instead, I drove that old truck dad left mom before he died. To be honest, I hated my dad.

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Why did he have to leave us so early? Why did he have to go? My mom had me when she was 17. Dad being at the same age. Mom said dad died during his trip to Egypt, she told me dad loved the desert and wouldn't mind dying there. Sometimes I'm wondering is he really dead?

Or did he actually built a home with those Egyptian girls sucking his dick every other day? *** It's a hot day. And mom just got home from work. She took a long shower, while I watched tv. It's a replay of American Idol. And I was shocked, Colton Dixon got eliminated! He was supposed to win! The same tragedy that happened to Daughtry, but that's show biz.

I closed the television, thinking what is wrong with Americans these days, they can't vote for a good singer, there is sure to be a problem in either their ears or their brains, if they have one. Frustrated, I walked up the stairs, heading to my room.

Still mad about my idol's elimination, I turned the doorknob, and kicked the door open.


Mom was there. Startled, and was turning around as she screamed. She was in her underwear, slipping on her top. Shit, I got lost in thought I headed to the wrong room. "Fuck, I. I. Sorry." I said, rushing to my room, and locking the door behind me. My mom was half naked in front of my eyes. That was the first time I thought of my mom that way. The hot, sexual way.

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In her bra, her breast didn't seem to sag, it's not even a push-up bra. It is a sweet 34CC that would bounce up and down furiously when she rides a dick. Her ass was one to grab, it's round, and big. I never did really checked her ass before. But the incident 5 minutes ago changed everything, she was one to fuck. I threw myself on my bed, trying to keep mom out of my head.

But the more I think of it, the more I wanted her. To feel her soft breasts and full ass against my body, grinding furiously. That was it, my boner was struggling in my pants. I have to settle the lust, before I rape my own mom. So I unzipped my pants, and pulled my dick out. 9" of meat went out making contact with fresh air. The raunchy smell of pre-cum is filling my room.

I was touching the tip, fantasizing mom was licking it. In my mind, she was teasing the cum-hole. A minute later she was taking in inches and inches of my dick into her mouth. It took time for her to let my full length enter her mouth, I can feel the tip hitting her throat. She gives head like a pro. She stopped all of a sudden, and went for my balls. She sucked on the testicles as like a baby sucking milk out of a woman's chest, her hand stroking my dick. My hand was furiously pumping my dick until the ecstasy hit me.

I shot my load, 3 full waves of it. One hitting my chest, another on my abs, the last below my navel. There's more leaking from the tip, oozing out until the last drop was out. Mom reappeared, licking off all the cum. Lastly she kissed me, sharing the load. But I had to clean this mess. I can't fantasize about mom, it's wrong. I mean, she gave birth to me. I went to get a shower, to get a clear head, and to wash the, well… you know.

But what's worse is the smell. I hit the showers, and enjoyed myself. Little did I know mom was outside my room, with her hands in her panties, which was very wet.

When she was done, she took off her panties to wipe off the stains she dripped on the floor, outside my room. Then she went to her room. Doing God-knows-what in her room.

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As I finished my shower, I went to get my clothes washed. I put the clothes in the washing machine, and left it there, knowing mom would handle the rest.

But when I went back upstairs, I passed mom's room. I heard moans, very sensual moans. It's pretty obvious she was masturbating. But as she did, she screamed someone's name, Tyson. This had me thinking, WHO IS TYSON?

A friend? A co-worker? Is he in there fucking mom? These thoughts got me angry, and jealous. But then this made my boner rise, guess I got turned on thinking about mom having sex.


I went back to my room, and called Bonnie, one of my best friends. Saying I needed her help, and invited her over. What she didn't know is I'm gonna let all my lust out on her. To Be Continued…

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